did you hear a strange sound of someone falling


Title: Midas

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice

Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov

Words: 1060

Tags: Psychological Trauma, Blood and Gore, Alternate universe - Mafia, nothing makes sense, somebody once said: kill your darlings, I kinda did

Rated: Mature

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Viktor Nikiforov confronts a ghost in a graveyard he created.

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Silence Is All It Takes

Request: Could you do a Draco x Reader where the reader slips on something in the hallway on the way to class and she goes unconscious and Draco carries her to her room and sits there, waiting for her to wake up and kisses her before saying “Filthy mudblood” in a soft tone and a small smile before kissing her forehead and leaving? Thank you!! C:

This day has not been treating you kindly at all. With all of the ‘quick’ homework assignments teachers kept piling on, and the amount of stress you’ve been piling under, you were surprised you didn’t fly off on your broom yet.

You came out of your final class, absolutely exhausted. You didn’t know if you wanted to rush to your room to get a head start on your work, or if you wanted to walk slower than a snail and postpone the inevitable hours of studying. 

You decided to take a longer, less traveled way of getting to your common room. You stiffened as you saw an infamous Slytherin girl, known to be rude to people like you, but forced yourself to relax. Whatever she threw at you, you could handle. 

What you didn’t expect was for her to walk past you, sneering, but then sticking out the end of her perfectly polished shoe, making you trip and bang your head against the wall. The last thing you heard was the click click click of her footsteps proudly marching away.

You didn’t completely wake up until the morning after, but that didn’t mean you didn’t see bits of a certain someone, and hear him softly talk to you while you were in a daze. 

“You really took a hard fall there, Y/N L/N,” Someone sighed and leaned back in his chair. His hair was a bit ruffled out of the ordinary, and you certainly had no idea what Draco Malfoy was doing in your…room of all places.

“H-how did you get in here?” You tried to say, but it came out in strange mumbles and a groan when you tried to sit up.

“Settle down there, I just said you took a hard fall,” Draco tried to sound angry, but lightly and gently nudged you to go back to sleep. 

“Why are you helping me?” You wanted to ask him. Yet again, you didn’t seem to be able to get out any words.

“I’m just helping because I took pity on someone weak like you, that’s all,” He mumbled. Though you couldn’t properly talk or move, you were quite sure he said that to reassure himself more than to ease your worries of him being…nice.

The both of you remained silent after that. You pretended to sleep, not like you could even open your eyes fully anyway, and he just sat there. Sometimes he’d look at you, other times he’d be reading one of your books. 

On the chance that you managed to doze off, you’d wake up to him brushing back your hair, or whispering things under his breath. 

“She’s just like those awful Muggles…” 

“People like her could never be allowed…”

“This is insane…”

Yet, every time he spoke the words, they began to sound less and less sincere, and more like an excuse. You didn’t know why he was helping you. You didn’t know why he stuck around to take care of you or why he didn’t just hex you or leave you be, but you strangely found his company…tolerable. 

The next time you woke up, you knew that you could actually move. You let out a tiny cough that startled Draco up from his chair. You blinked a few times to try and regain your full eyesight and drank from a glass of water next to you. 

“H-Hi…” Was all you could say. Draco stiffened, and it was clear that he didn’t know what to do now that you were actually aware of his being. You leaned back and closed your eyes, trying to think of something to ask him. 

All thoughts were cleared from your head when he pressed his lips to your forehead. “Be careful next time,” He whispered. You felt him place his hand atop yours. Out of nowhere, the old Draco snapped back into place. 

“W-watch where you go next time, Filthy Mudblood,” He adds the last part quietly. He gathered all of his things and swiftly left before you even realized he was gone.

A bit of you felt offended still at his words, but you couldn’t get mad. You knew he didn’t mean it.

Say Something (Kai)

You rose from the bed with exhaustion and confusion in your eyes. Where were you? You looked around groggily and spotted Kai sleeping peacefully beside you. That’s right. He called you last night and told you to come over. You smiled at his sleeping figure and climbed out of bed. It was a routine. He’d call you over and you’d leave just before morning, as if you were never there. It pained you every time you arrived at his doorstep. You knew this wasn’t healthy, but you were head over heels for him. Meanwhile, he probably thought you were convenient. You sighed, knowing you’d never stop this cycle, and gathered your things.

The next day you went to work, as usual, wanting to claw your eyes out from looking at too many spreadsheets. You leaned back in your chair and looked around aimlessly, hoping to find something to distract you for the next three hours. You spun around in your chair when your office phone rang. You quickly stopped yourself, nearly flying out of your seat from the sudden stop, and answered it. 

“This is the office of Adam and Smith Inc. How can I help you?”

“Hey, it’s me.” Me? You paused for a moment before letting out a long, drawn out ‘ah’. You look around cautiously.

“I can’t take personal calls during work,” you whispered nervously, hoping this call wasn’t being monitored. 

“That’s why I called your work phone.”

“I can’t come over now, I’m working." 

"Duh… I called to ask if you got to work safely." 

"Huh? Oh, yeah… Same as usual." 

"That’s good.”

“Yeah.” There was a long, awkward silence before Kai spoke up. 

“Why did you leave so early this morning?" 

"I always leave that early.”

“Really? I never noticed.” His words stung. Never noticed, huh? “Well, I just wanted to make sure you got to work. You seemed really tired when you fell asleep last night." 

"And who’s fault is that?” He chuckled. 

“Couldn’t help it. Anyways, get back to work before your boss comes to scold you. Bye.” He hung up before you could give a response and you reluctantly placed the phone back in its place. What was that all about? He never called you unless he wanted you to come over. You looked tired? You looked like a sleep-deprived mess all the time. Nevermind, you shook your head and turned back to your spreadsheets. 

Four weeks. It seemed like forever since you had received that strange phone call from Kai and, after that, he never called you again. You were disappointed. Had he had enough of you? Did he find someone else? Would this finally be the end of your unhealthy relationship? No. That’s what you wanted, anyways. As if to keep you from falling into insanity, your phone rang.

“Hello?” Perhaps you sounded too eager, but you had longed to hear his voice for weeks; even if what he wanted from you every time was not what you hoped for. 

“Are you busy?" 

"On a Saturday night? Psh, of course not,” you replied sarcastically. You could picture him smiling on the other end.

“So, you can come over then?” You hesitated. You wanted to, you didn’t want to. You didn’t actually know what you wanted anymore. “If you’re actually busy, I understand. I’ll just call–" 

"No! I’m not.” You mentally scold yourself. Have some self-worth! He doesn’t care if you’re busy or not! He was about to call someone else.

“Then I’ll see you in a little bit.” He hung up and you fell to the couch with a defeated look on your face. Now you were certain of what you wanted. Tonight, you’d end this tonight. Even if he calls other girls before you, even if you never see him again, you didn’t want to go through this anymore. The constant reminder that you’re not the only one, that you’re replaceable, that you meant little more than the dust on his counters, it was no longer worth it. 

You arrived in front of his door, hesitating to knock, when you heard footsteps behind you. You spun around and greeted Kai with a half-hearted smile.

“Have you been waiting a long time?" 

"No, I just got here.” Lies, you had been standing here for at least half an hour, losing all the determination you had after seeing his smiling face.

“Good, I was hoping I’d make it back before you got here." 

"Where’d you go?” You asked, following him into the house, staring at the curious brown paper bag he was holding.

“To get dinner,” he raises the bag slightly. 

“You should have told me, I would have come later.” No! You shouldn’t have come at all.

“That’d defeat the purpose of having dinner together, right?" 


"It’s gets lonely eating by yourself every night. I thought you were busy so I was going to call my college buddies.”

“That’s why you called?" 

"Yeah? Isn’t it normal to call a friend over for dinner?" 

"I guess… But we’re not exactly friends,” you muttered to yourself.

“Friends with benefits, it’s in the title right?” He heard you? You wanted to die, but now you were sure of your relationship status with him.

“About that…" 

"It can wait, the food’s going to get cold.” You sighed, and sat down at the table.

You sat on the couch, stiff and unmoving, beside Kai as he watched TV. Was this it? Was this the only reason he called you over? To have a night as… Friends? No. No, you had drawn this out long enough. You had to put an end to this. He glanced over at you and frowned.

“What’s with that face? Do you not like this show? You should have said something.”

“I need to tell you something.” He sat up straight.

“That’s what I’m saying. You need to tell me if something–" 

"Not about the damn TV!” You stood up abruptly, “I’m going home. Don’t call me anymore. I won’t come.” Kai stands up and blocks you from leaving. 

“What is this all about?" 

"You said it yourself, we’re friends with benefits and that’s not what I want from this relationship or any relationship. I’m not some teenager who doesn’t mind that she’s caught up in the moment. I want someone to love me and care about me, not call me up because it’s convenient. I’m not that kind of girl and the fact that I’ve allowed this continue for so long is–” You were cut off by Kai’s sudden kiss. At first it was forceful, but it progressed into a soft passionate kiss. You could feel yourself falling for him once again. You parted lips and Kai gently cupped your face in his hands. 

“I know you’re not that kind of girl." 

"Then why–" 

"I’ve never been in a stable relationship, let alone with a good girl like yourself. I’ve corrupted you and it feels terrible. Every time I hang up on you, I know what it’s doing to you but it’s the only way I know how to keep in touch. I don’t want you to slip away when you’re so close." 

"Then you should have said something! Do you know how long I’ve been wasting away, hoping that maybe you’d return my feelings.”

“I told you, I don’t usually do this. I don’t usually fall for the girl I’m sleeping with. That’s the point of friends with–" 

"Don’t even say it. I feel dirty,” your tears started to flow and there was no stopping them now. Kai gently pulled you into his arm and you cried against his chest for what seemed like an eternity. 

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never wanted you to feel that way. If you’ll have me, I’ll make you the happiest girl from now on. It won’t be perfect, you have to know that… But I’ll do whatever it takes to make it as close to perfect.” You looked up at him, teary-eyed. 


"Yes, really. Let’s just agree now that if something like this ever happens again we’ll just say something.” He wiped the tears from your face and you flinched. “It’d save us a lot of time and your precious tears. I’m not going to hurt you anymore, so please stop crying.” He presses his lips gingerly to yours and in that instant, you felt like everything would be alright.


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