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I’m working from home today, which is nice, since it meant I could rest and not worry about having clothes to wear to work (though I did find some work-appropriate clothing). But we really need two screens to do our job with any kind of efficacy, rather than one tiny laptop screen, plus one of our databases is just dying for me today, so I’m mostly minding email and unboxing. 

Counting suitcases and other not-quite-box-shaped containers, I have 50 boxes exactly left to unpack. They fall into the general area of “Clothing/linens”  “Craft/tools”,  “books”,  “kitchen”,  and “somehow you managed to mix up all four of those in one box”. 

But I got two clocks hung, unpacked some of the linens, and made a game plan for the rest of the boxes, what I should open first, etc. 

All of the boxes are sequentially marked as I packed them, so I know which ones were packed latest and thus hold stuff I need soonest. But I think pretty soon I’m going to unpack the books, because I definitely have a place for all of those to go and won’t need to think too much about it. 

Feeling much better than I was last night, thank goodness. Still tired and a bit sad but much more capable of coping with all of it. 

Just as well since it’s back to real work tomorrow…

Do you know of any fics that deal with Peter and webs? Like him sleeping in one or just compulsively making them all over the place. If that makes any sense to the people who aren’t in my own mind. Also I was wondering about Spidey’s webs are they organic or mechanical? Like is the web shooting part of his “mutation” or did he make the web shooters through science to go with all the other spider-like abilities he gained. You don’t have to answer that part I was sort of just wondering.

Weaver of Silk and Dreams  by  a_stands_for                

Spider Spidey    by  riventhorn

Sticky Situations   by stuckybarnes

Cheaper by The Three Dozen by bexorz, Vixen13                

Sperm Web by DucdOrleans           

Weak Spots by ImpassionedWriter    

Beg by li_izumi                                        

Aw, Sugar, You Make My Teeth Rot  by RoanOaks       

As for your question about webshooters, here is a video about it :

(Tl;Dw : his webshooters are mechanicals, he made them when he got his powers, but when he had Venom he could produce organic webbing, and he also briefly had organic webbing after being kissed  by Adriana Soria and being impregnated and died and gave birth to himself -it’s a weird life-

The fluid is a nylon based adhesive, pressurized in cartridges, that solidifies when it comes in contact with air and dissolves in an hour. The mechanical bracelets allow Peter to release the fluid in different forms)

CSLB Artist Spotlight: princesse-swan

Today’s featured Captain Swan Little Bang artist is @princesse-swan!

How long have you been making artwork for the OUAT fandom? What sorts of artwork (original or fan art) did you make before joining the OUAT fandom?

I’ve started giffing like 5 months ago, i did a few image sets before but never posted any.

What sort of artwork do you like to make, either in terms of style, medium, or subject matter?

I like colorful edits, and I just do whatever comes to mind. 

Whose your favorite subject for artwork: Emma or Killian? Or do you prefer both together? Why?

I love doing both together as well as separately. They’re the most precious.

If this is your first time participating in a Big or Little Bang, what made you decide to sign up? What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to getting to know some people, and creating art work for someone’s fic seems fun. 

Featured Artwork: Emma Swan Edit

I liked playing around with the coloring and discovering some ps options.

Check out @princesse-swan on Tumblr!

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Did you hear that Daron Nefcy apparently said at a CalArts panel that although censors are cracking down hard on trans Marco and making it hard to make it canon, she loves the idea of it, the crew keeps it in mind when they're writing episodes, and she's going to make sure that no matter what the censors do she's going to make sure it's never contradicted by any canon content??? Like I don't have a source other than word of mouth but if true, even THE CREATOR OF THE SHOW loves trans Marco <3

I mean I’m pretty plenty of the star vs crew love trans marco theory, and even plenty of them draw fanart of marco as a trans girl, but the big problem than the episode of Turdina is …. uh so bad …. because is was basically marco said to all the princess “I’m a boy” and probably will never see Turdina again but at the same time we see how Marco have moons in her face when she use star’s wand and only women in star family can controle magic. To my understanding the last Turdina ep was made before when trans marco theory was done and become popular, so we still can have hope.

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Since Dylan was depressed, and Sue did not allow any firearms in the house. Do you think if she had kept firearms in the house Dylan would of killed himself early on? (Wayyyy Before NBK was even a thought in their minds!!) or do you think Dylan wouldn’t have? Why/why not?

He might’ve worked up the nerve to just cut to the chase and end his life while in a particularly dark and desperate mood.  After all, he did ask his mom to buy him a gun as a Christmas present (though not at all really expecting she’d say yes). It’s hard to say if he was hoping to have that gifted gun to commit suicide or rather as a solution to obtain firearms for NBK with Eric.  We do know that he held on to the guns he purchased specifically for NBK and it seems as though he had committed to the plans with Eric- even though he was personally still suffering infinitely (as evinced in his writings). So, he appeared to hold out and not use his weapons on himself but rather to wait to commit suicide with his best friend at the proper place and time they designated. I think pre NBK planning (prior to ‘98), had his family kept firearms in the house, Dylan might’ve toyed with cutting his life short. We just don’t know whether he would’ve worked up the courage to do it on his own at an earlier point in time. I think Dylan sort of devolved and deteriorated from sophomore to senior year through various circumstances and he finally reached a point where he’d fully prepared himself to be super desperate enough to leave this place -  but NBK was the way to trap himself within the school so he could never back out of it.  Killing himself alongside his close friend would make it a much easier thing to do. 

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I hate to be that one necromancer Anon bringing ideas back from the dead, but have you abandoned the Actual AH/OW AU? I rediscovered the AU by accident recently, and it still seems like a pretty interesting idea. if you have abandoned it, do you know of any other blogs that have a similar idea?

I don’t mind necromancer Anons.
And no, I haven’t really abandoned it but maybe I forgot it for a while. I do have a bunch of stuff sketched out and I did plan out all of the abilities and ultimates as well. Did I even plan out plausible cooldowns for the abilities? Yes. 

I would post those plans out now that you’ve asked about this AU but unfortunately they’re on a computer which I don’t have access to at the moment. But if you ask again in about a month, I’ll post those plans.

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hello! before 2017 ended i cut off my toxic friends (which was my whole friend group). it’s my last semester and i’m a senior. i don’t mind being alone at school but it would be nice to talk to people and find a small group of people to vibe with until the year ends. i am really shy and ahhh i dunno how to talk to people!! do u have any tips that would help?

first of all: I am so proud of you for getting rid of those toxic friends. from experience I know how difficult that is and how weird of a situation it can be and I’m just, so happy that you did that. kudos to you.

& hmm, a good thing for finding friends particularly in high school is looking for people with common interests! so if you like sports or books or whatever it is, try and gravitate towards people that enjoy the same things; I feel like once the first few conversations are out of the way, talking to new people becomes a lot easier. since it’s the middle of the year this may be tough, but are there any clubs or events you could go to? because if so that’s definitely an option to meeting new people! & if you have a means of traveling around your town, don’t be afraid to check out events going on near you that are unconnected to your school! I’ve found some really nice people at book readings and such :)

& don’t be afraid to call up people that you’d consider an acquaintance to do stuff or hang out – you never know if they could turn into a good friend, you know?

just be yourself, and you’ll find people as long as you’re getting out there and not shutting yourself away from everything. again, I am so. so proud of you. you’re going to do great things.

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i would love to take up witchcraft but i have no clue where to start- i tried last year but i was so confused. do you have any tips?

So, first of all, fear not, my friend, as you’re not alone: I’m honestly a new witch, too! I’m still testing the waters with this practice, so all of this is going according to what I did to get into it.

I recommend to first check out main blogs of other experienced witches (I recommend @witchmums and @will-o-the-witch, hope you guys don’t mind me mentioning you!) and to check out both my witchcraft tag (#Samia’s Witchy Ways) and the general witchcraft tag on Tumblr. They probably have a lot of amazing beginner’s guides and master-posts of all sorts of spells you can test out. I’m sure there are Discord servers out there for witches as well.

Honestly, I don’t have a solid understanding of witchcraft yet, and am just going according to what feels right to me and what I feel like I can ‘trust’, so to speak, so if any other fellow witches want to add onto this post, absolutely feel free to. I really don’t want to end up giving someone the wrong advice on these types of things! 

Trophies from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe were banned in the U.S. Trump just reversed that.
The Trump administration is reversing a rule that banned the import of trophies from elephants legally hunted in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
By https://www.facebook.com/eilperin

I’m …I’m just curious.  For all those who voted in a way meant to “tear the system down”, is this the kind of thing you had in mind? Did you imagine this relentless gutting and destruction of things that have caused no one any harm? 

Nikola Tesla was asked what would an engineer have to do to the wireless systems of today in order to produce very little radiation of electromagnetic waves and produce a large amount of earth currents? What changes would he have to make in the system?

“He would have to construct and operate the apparatus described in my patents and in my lectures.

“It is just like this: In an enterprise of this kind, you have to start with certain fundamental propositions. If you are to build a commercial plant, the question comes up how much money is it to cost. Now, you go to specify before your capitalists the various parts of the plant, and you will find that your machinery and the aerial structure will cost so much. If your capitalists are willing to go deep into their pockets, you can put up a tremendous antenna because, as you know, as I pointed out in 1893, that the effects will be proportionate to the capital invested in that part; but you will find great limits there.

“I designed a plant [Wardenclyffe, referring to Fig. 1 & Fig. 2] years ago with a large capacity and put it before certain architects. They figured that the antenna would cost $450,000 and I had to modify my plans. As you see, you are limited by cost as to the size of the antenna; that is, you are limited as to the capacity and, furthermore, you have selected the frequency. In order to lower the frequency so that there would be no wasteful radiation of energy, you have to employ a large inductance. You have to employ a capacity as large as permissible, and you must use a large inductance in order that you may reach the low frequency which is economical.

[Fig. 1]. Wardenclyffe Tower

[Fig. 2]. Improved transmitter described in U.S. Patent No. 1,119,732 of December 1, 1914. Application filed January 18, 1902.

“In a patent which appeared in April 1905, the application of which was filed on May 15, 1900 [Fig. 3], I have enunciated the law of propagation, which I have explained, and have stated that the frequencies should not be more than 30,000 or 35,000 cycles at most, in order to operate economically.

[Fig. 3]. Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Medium. Patent No. 787,412, dated April 18, 1905.

“The currents are proportionate to the potentials which are developed under otherwise equal conditions. If you have an antenna of a certain capacity charged to 100,000 volts, you will get a certain current; charged to 200,000 volts, twice the current. When I spoke of these enormous potentials, I was describing an industrial plant on a large scale because that was the most important application of these principles, but I have also pointed out in my patents that the same principles can be applied to telegraphy and other purposes. That is simply a question of how much power you want to transmit.

“In Colorado I used the so-called Tesla transformer [Fig. 4]. I did not have the high frequency machine with me which I could develop as much energy for the experiments, but with my transformer I could get any amount of energy I needed. That is why I used the transformer.

[Fig. 4]. Tesla Patent 593,138 Electrical Transformer.

"The D P [in Fig. 2] is a curved plate. The plate has a large radius of curvature. You see, it is to be borne in mind that, in a general way, electricity will accumulate in the same way as the curvature of the surface has a smaller radius. This is an old truth which has been recognized 200 years ago. The design contemplates an arrangement whereby nowhere is electricity accumulated in excess. I am at a substantially uniform distribution of electricity in this structure, not only in the structure, but along the whole circuit where there is a high potential. This, of course, is simply to illustrate the principles. If you design a machine like that [referring to Fig. 2], it will be very much superior to those now in existence, but I have since that time introduced refinements and can produce very much better results than it would be possible with just exactly that construction.

"I had a 550-volt current with which I charged the condensers. These condensers I discharged through a primary in the form of an arc, sometimes I also introduced in this arc a mechanical break of several thousand per second. And I obtained a perfectly continuous train of waves as has been described in my patents. The reason why I show the condenser here [Fig. 2] is that that is synonymous with undamped waves. If I had shown the whole apparatus as arranged there, then I might still have damped waves; but whether I use an alternator or some other way of getting energy to that condenser, the condenser is usually there. For instance, if I use an alternator, I shunt its terminals with a condenser in order to magnify the current in the primary. I then tune this circuit to the alternator, and magnify the current in the primary in the ratio of the inductance to the resistance. Therefore, this condenser here stands for either method, and simply means that in this system, as is obvious from the description in the patent, the waves are undamped because high rises of potential would not be obtained otherwise. Whenever I wanted to obtain a high potential, I had to observe these rules in order to force the potential up to that value.”

–Nikola Tesla

***In a pre-hearing interview with his legal counsel in 1916 to protect his radio patents from the Guglielmo Marconi and the Marconi Company***

“Nikola Tesla On His Works With Alternating Currents and Their Application to Wireless Telegraphy, and Transmission of Power.” Twenty First Century Books, Breckenridge, Colorado, 2002.

nothing holding me back // sweet pea imagine 🥀🐍

request: Hi! Could you do a sweet pea imagine where the reader is a north sider and she tells pea that Reggie won’t stop flirting with her and the night of the fight (serpents vs bulldogs) he confronts Reggie about it?

I hope this is what you had in mind…sorta. There wasn’t really any confronting and talking, but I’m sure that’s how Sweet Pea handles things usually lol. 

A/N: I literally did not have any idea for the title, so please bear with me. Also, I know Ronnie stayed at home first, but I changed it up a little. Also, I LOVE REGGIE. I’m not painting him as the bad person here, just the cocky little shit he is. 

Title: nothing holding me back

Summary: You tell Sweet Pea some jock has been hitting on you and he seemingly takes it well. 

“Pea, I beg you not to freak out.“

You could feel the rage and jealousy radiating off of him as his eyes went dark, and his mouth turned into a straight line as he looked ahead of him, staring at his chocolate milkshake. You put your small hands on his lap in hope it would soothe the raven-haired boy sitting next to you.
He craned his neck towards you, his eyes hard.

“So you’re telling me that some stupid Northside boy has been flirting with you non stop and you didn’t tell me until now?!“ he spat, venom lacing his every word, his eyes looking at you accusingly. You let out a frustrated sigh, not liking the way he was pinning everything on you like you actually enjoyed the attention of the Bulldog.

“Reggie is just… stupid. He is messing around – he doesn’t actually like me. Flirting is his form of communication, really.“ You removed your hand from his lap and gripped your strawberry milkshake, sucking at the straw forcefully and awaiting his reaction. 

He sneered and from the corner of your eye, you could see his fists were balled on the table. You rolled your eyes. He had always been dramatic. He was ill-tempered and infuriated, not knowing how he should handle the feeling of another boy setting sights on his girl, on you, as if you could not protect yourself from the wrath of horny, teenage boys.
“So, you’re saying I should just accept some jock flirting with my girl while I’m not there?“ he seethed, looking you in the eyes. You rose your eyebrow as you crossed your legs and arms.

“I’m saying“, you emphasized, „that there is no need for you to worry. I have my eyes set on you, snake. I just wanted to tell you because I felt bad if I didn’t. Also, I have Reggie under control. Like you said, he’s just some jock. He might be handsome“, he narrowed his eyes at you, his jaw tightened, “but I prefer leather jackets.“ You smirked slightly as you scooted closer to him and leaned against his broad shoulder which seemed to relax instantly at your gentle touch. He wrapped his left arm around you, hugging you close as if he was scared you’d vanish. You smiled at this moment of bliss the two of you shared at Pop’s, blending out the voices and the noise around you. 

“Baby, I gotta go somewhere. I’ll be at your house at 11?“ You sighed in defeat, not wanting to let him go and not wanting to know what mess he would get himself into now. You scooted out of the booth, holding his hand as he loomed over your small frame. A boyish smirk crossed over his features as he said, “Don’t worry about me, baby. Get that frown out of your face.” He put one hand on the left side of your face and the other small of your back, holding you. He brushed one lock of your brown hair out of your face that had been annoying you all evening. He placed a gentle kiss on your cheek, sending shivers down your spine before he found his way to your mouth, strawberry and chocolate mixing, becoming one. You pulled away breathlessly and scanned his face.
“Come back to me in one piece, got it?”


As soon as you had gotten home, you ran yourself a bath and lit up some scented candles. You stripped your clothes off and stepped into the bath. The hot water relaxed your muscles instantly and you could let go of all the worries that had been plaguing your mind all day.
You took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of apples lingering in the air until you dove down.
The ringing of your phone cut through the air. You let out an annoyed huff and grabbed your phone. Ronnie was written over the screen. Confused, you accepted the call, wondering why she was calling this late. 

„Whaddup, girl?“
„Your serpent boyfriend turned up. Serpents vs. Bulldogs. I’ll text you the directions, I know where they went. Archie wanted me to stay home but apparently, he doesn’t know me very well. Come now!“ The Lodge girl hung up, leaving you in a state of anxiety as you quickly got out of the bath and blew out the candles. 

You bolted into your room, putting on some fresh clothes as you grabbed the coat sprawled across your bed, checking if your car keys were still in the pockets. You took one glance in the mirror, putting your wet hair into a ponytail as you rushed out of your house, hoping not to wake your parents.
The fresh, cold air hit you as you marched towards your black car, small raindrops hitting you. You looked up at the cloudy night sky, hoping it wasn’t going to pour later.
You quickly turned on the engine and took off, the loud screech of tires cutting through the sleeping neighborhood.
You kept cursing at Sweet Pea at Archie and it suddenly dawned on you that Reggie was most likely going to be there too. You shut your eyes, trying to calm your nerves, hoping hell wasn’t breaking loose. You gripped the steering wheel tighter, hoping it would somehow make your car go faster. As you drove, the rain started to get heavier.

From afar, you started spotting cars and an array of motorcycles parked. You swerved to the side and quickly cut the engine off. The fight hadn’t started just yet. No words were being exchanged, just angry, despiteful glances.
The tension that had been built between the Serpents and the Bulldogs could be cut with a knife. You spotted Veronica, marching towards her.
What the fuck is going on here, Ronnie?” you screeched, darting your eyes to the crowd as you finally spotted your boyfriend amongst them. He didn’t seem to have noticed you, no one had as they were too preoccupied glaring each other to death.
“As I’ve told you over the phone, your boyfriend came to Archie’s house. Basically, all these boys must prove who’s the strongest. It’s foolish, but he wasn’t going to leave. So, I made one rule: no weapons,” she explained, her tone somewhat accusingly. 

Besides Jughead and Cheryl, Veronica had been the first one to know about your relationship with the tall, brooding serpent. Obviously, she hadn’t been exhilarated, constantly reminding you he was a gang member after all as if you didn’t know already.
But she was your best friend and she had to accept your decision, even if this meant lying to her boyfriend and the rest of your friends for now.
“So we’re just going to let them fight? That seems like a stupid idea to me, Ronnie. No offense.”

“None taken. Maybe you should keep your snake on a leash”, she remarked snidely, her deep brown eyes challenging you as she crossed her arms over her chest. You scoffed and shook your head, saying, “I’m not here to discuss my relationship with you, Ronnie.” You stalked towards the boys, the heavy rain pouring on you. Sweet Pea looked up, squinting his eyes at you until recognition dawned on his face. You stood in between the two groups, your hands resting on both sides of your hips.
“What are you doing here, babe?” he asked, jaw still tight and trying to keep his voice void of any emotion, not wanting to show any weakness in front of the others. You gritted your teeth, opening your mouth to say something, but were cut off by Archie and Reggie.

Babe?!” they exclaimed incredulously, Archie’s voice laced with anger and disappointment, while Reggie seemed more than amused. You turned around to look at the boys, shaking your head at Reggie as a troubling smirk crossed his face. He crossed his arms over his chest and took a step towards you.
“So this is why we haven’t made out yet, really?” Your eyes widened at his remark, wanting nothing more than to slap the grin out of his face. You heard a low growl behind you, craning your neck you saw the look of anger passing on Sweet Pea’s face. You turned to reach out to him, but he pushed past you.
“So you’re the infamous Reggie that can’t keep his hands off my girl?” he seethed through gritted teeth, looking the Bulldog up and down. 

You swallowed, fiddling with the ring on your finger. You took another step forward, putting a hand on Sweet Pea’s shoulder, hoping he would simmer down. Archie looked at the two of them, realizing the situation might even get messier than it already was. He looked over at Reggie, telling him to shut up.
“Oh, so she talks about me a lot? Probably thinks about me too at night then, huh?
It happened fast. Within a few seconds, Sweet Pea had punched Reggie square across the jaw, signaling the fight had officially begun.
You heard Veronica calling your name distinctly and you ran to her into the safe zone, not knowing what to do. You closed your eyes, trying to fade out the sickening sounds of fists hitting jaws, legs kicking stomachs and people groaning in pain. You could hear Sweet Pea screaming threats at Reggie, not being able to make out what they were as you a gunshot rang through the silent air of the rainy night. 

You winced at the loud noise and turned to see Veronica her holding a gun high up in the air, stopping the war immediately. You gave her a thankful look, nodding at her and making your way towards your car. You sat in the driver’s seat, punching the steering wheel furiously, several curse words escaping your mouths. Your hands went to your hair and gripped it tightly. This is exactly what you had signed up for, entering this star-crossed relationship. Sweet Pea had warned you about how violent things could get, wanting you to understand what you would get yourself into. He was also quick to make sure you knew he wasn’t going to leave the Serpents because of you.  
You started the engine and drove off into the night.


You knew it was only a matter of time until Sweet Pea would be climbing through your window. You had already rummaged through your messy bathroom cabinet, having found a disinfectant, some plasters, and band-aids, ready to nurse him. A pack of ice was sitting on your night-stand, waiting to be used. You had been pacing around your room for a good twenty minutes now, checking your phone constantly and calling Sweet Pea, only for him not to pick up. 

You could hear a loud engine roar and a harsh clash of gears until the sound faded into silence. As Sweet Pea made his way through your window and stood in front of you, your eyes quickly went to scan his face and spotted the bruise that adorned his left eye. You sighed in relief, happy it was just a bruise. His face was void of any expression, probably waiting for you to scold him, scream at him and tell him how stupid the fight had been. Right now, however, you were tired and couldn’t find the nerve to put up a fight now. You just were happy he was here, with you. 

You wrapped your hands around his waist, burying your head into his chest, inhaling the smell of his cologne and the distinct smell of rain. He embraced you.
“I know this is what you do”, you mumbled lowly, “doesn’t mean I like it.” A low chuckle erupted from his chest, causing you to roll your eyes but smile nonetheless. You looked up at him.
“I know you don’t. But that’s me. That’s the cost of being with a serpent, princess.”
“I know. It’s just… complicated. Archie’s been my friend since I was in diapers. And you hate each other. It’s just… hard. It sucks so much. Everything sucks.” He let out a scoff as you mentioned the Andrews boy, not liking that you two were close and saw each other every day.
You slowly removed your arms from his frame, motioning for him to sit on your bed. You went over to your nightstand and grabbed the pack of ice, accidentally knocking over the picture of you and Cheryl the both of you had taken after cheer-practice a few months ago.

Sweet Pea gave you half smile. “We literally could not be any more different,“ he said, motioning to the picture of you and the red-haired beauty,“ but that, baby, keeps things exciting.” You threw the ice pack at him and he caught it with ease. He put it on his eye and winced at the pain. 

“You’ll have to meet Cheryl anyways. She’s been insisting on it. And she’s slowly starting to scare me.” The fiery redhead had always been your most persistent friend. After all, she was Cheryl Blossom and got what she wanted when she wanted it. She wasn’t thrilled, just like Veronica. She had mocked you, telling you he probably wasn’t good enough for her favorite River vixen anyways. She had even dismissed you with a wave when you told her that you thought you loved him. 

You knew it was Cheryl’s twisted way of protecting you from getting hurt. That day in the locker room, you had told Cheryl to back off, resulting in her smiling at you with her bright, red lips and saying she loved the recently found fire in you and wanting to meet the “Southside Romeo” that stole your heart. Her words, not yours. 

He sneered at you, “I think I’ve had enough of your Northsider friends for today, babe. Though, I have to admit it was amazing to beat up that jock.”
“Reggie is… Reggie. He had it coming, even though I don’t appreciate you handling this in a violent way. You could just.. talk next time,” you explained, sitting on your bed and grabbing one of your floral patterned pillows. He just rose his eyebrow at your request, slowly shaking his head and shrugging.
“I think I got my point across, sweetheart.” You playfully rolled your eyes at him, hurling the cushion at him. 

You crawled over to him, seating yourself on his sprawled out legs, removing the ice pack from his hand. He leaned back against your headboard, finding a comfortable position. You gazed into his deep eyes, leaning forward and tangling your small hands in his tousled, black hair. His hands cupped your face, holding you in place as his fingertips gently rubbed over your delicate skin, longing to touch you. He let out a content sigh, letting his eyes wander over your face to your body, treasuring the moment with you. Sweet Pea had never told you he loved you, but the way he treasured every moment with you, caressing you, and kissing you like your lives depended on it, he didn’t have to. 

“Kiss me,” you said softly, starting to lean in. And he did, without hesitation. His soft lips covered yours, devouring your mouth, a flock of butterflies erupting in your stomach. His kisses were like no others you had experienced before. Now, that you had tasted him, you didn’t know if you could ever stop yearning for him.
His hands were discovering your body, getting lost in it. You arched your back, enjoying the closeness between your bodies. His lips brushed against your collarbone, leaving you breathless as he slowly started tracing kisses up your neck.

“Toxic” by Britney Spears rang through the air. You let out a defeated sigh as you moved over to your nightstand to pick up your phone. Sweet Pea rolled his eyes as he saw the contact name popping up on the bright screen. You picked it up, bracing yourself for the worst.
“You. Me. That toy boy of yours. Tomorrow. Sweet dreams, little dove.”

Lowest of Lows | Steve Harrington

Summary; Steve Harrington is a sweetheart (as per usual) after the events in Season 2. Minor spoilers.

Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

A/N; Yes, another Henderson!Reader Steve fic…I love the idea what can I say 🤷‍♀️… I’ll mix it up soon but for this idea it had to be done.

The fact that your cat, Mews died, didn’t really set in until a week following the events in the Upsidedown. You were still on edge, constantly in fear that things weren’t actually over. That Will wasn’t actually okay, and that he, or any of you really, could be taken at any second.

In your head there were much more important things to worry about.

When your mom got the cat a few years back you were sceptical to say the least. She got him as a coping mechanism for your dad leaving, at least that’s what you thought.

You weren’t big on animals, cats especially. You contemplated pretending that you were allergic, but your mom needed it.

Eventually the little fur ball wormed his way into your heart. You did have one, afterall, and he was freaking adorable. Your only complaint was the ample amounts of orange fur that you would always find all over your black clothes.

The loss of your feline friend didn’t even really take its toll on you, until all of a sudden on Friday night you were struggling to breathe from sobbing so hard.

Your nose was raw from rubbing it, and your eyes were practically swollen shut. To conclude; you were an utter mess.

Luckily for you, you were home alone. Dustin was sleeping over at Mike’s with the boys, and your mother was off doing who knows what. The fact that you didn’t have Mews to cuddle up to when you got lonely really took its tole.

Steve knew you were home alone, and from experience he knew how lonely it got. He wanted to provide company for you, even if it was just in the form of a phone call.

You, however, were too busy sobbing to pick up the phone. And that worried Steve. His mind couldn’t help but go back to the previous weeks and the danger that everyone was in. You especially.

So he did what any concerned friend would do, at least that’s what Steve told his self, and drove over to your house.

By the time he got there it was past 10 and pitch black out side. You were probably just asleep. He tried to reassure himself. Yet he hopped out of his BMW anyways and knocked on your door.

When you didn’t respond after a few seconds Steve decided to knock again, putting his ear against the door to listen in. He could hear your sobs and hiccups. Relief filled the man. At least he knew you were alive now, granted you were crying which still wasn’t the ideal circumstance.

“Y/N/N? Is everything okay in there?” He questioned from the other side of the door, his hand gripping the brass doornob tightly.

“Steve?” You questioned softly, not believing your ears. You were probably dehydrated from all of the crying. There was no way in hell Steve would drive all the way to your house just ‘cause you didn’t pick up the phone.

“Yeah, it’s me. Could you let me in?”

“Just go home, Steve. I’m okay. I’ll be okay.” You responded, pulling the fluffy blanket tighter under your chin.

“Now that doesn’t sound like a very good idea at all. I can’t leave when my best girl is down.” Steve grinned.

Even though you couldn’t see Steve’s face, you could imagine his expression. His eyes were probably soft as he watched the door for movement, a sympathetic smile painted on his lips.

“If you don’t answer the door I’ll find another way in. I’m a ninja, remember? I could do it.” He warned, taking a few steps back from the door.

“Have it your way.” He mumbled softly to himself, ready to kick the door down if necessary.

You stood up slowly, a small smile finding its way onto your lips at the theatric boy’s antics. Leave it to Steve Harrington to cheer you up in less then 200 words. Even in your lowest state.

You wiped your raw nose with a discarded tissue and threw it into the trash can, dragging the blanket behind you like a cape. Hesitantly you placed your hand on the door nob, unlocking the door slowly.

You pulled the door wide open to reveal Steve Harrington, looking a bit disheveled but of course still handsome. Even after his face was bashed in by Billy Hargrove he managed to look handsome.

“Were you about to try and kick down the door?” You questioned in disbelief, staring at the sheepish boy with wide eyes.

“I-I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He replied with a light blush. “And obviously you aren’t. What the hell happened to you?”

You scoffed. “Way to kick a girl when she’s down.” You walked back into the livingroom, plopping yourself back down onto the brown loveseat.

Steve followed closely behind, taking the seat by your side. “You know that’s not what I meant. You could have two black eyes and be missing your front teeth and I’d still find you fucking gorgeous.” Steve reassured, linking your hand with his.

“You’re gonna think it’s stupid.” You pouted, disconnecting your hands.

“Nothing that has you this worked up is stupid.” He reassured, placing a gentle hand on your cheek.

“Mews is dead.” Your eyes watered just thinking about it so you closed them, hoping to stop anymore tears from falling.

“Hey, hey, hey.” Steve whispered, pulling you into his chest.

You gripped his blue shirt tightly between your fists, trying to hold your sobs in. “I miss him so much.” You cried shakily.

“I know you do.” Steve ran his fingers through your messy hair. “It’ll get better. I promise.”

The next morning you were even more exhausted. Steve had left a few hours after your miniature breakdown. Your eyes were practically swollen shut, and your voice was almost gone.

When you left your bedroom you were greeted by the smell of pancakes, which admittedly made your stomach turn a bit. Your mother was an awful chef.

“Woah, you look like shit.” Dustin yelled, scaring you slightly. You hadn’t even known he was home yet. How late was it?

“Gee thanks.” You smiled sarcastically, flipping the boy off and walking in the other direction.

“I’m just being honest.” He shrugged as if he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Screw you, asshat.” You yelled back in response, slamming the bathroom door shut. You could use a hot shower for sure.

You were snapped out of your hot-water induced haze by your mom screaming your name. “Y/N/N! You have a visitor!”

“I’ll be right out mom!”

When you imerged from your bedroom, fully dressed in the most comfy pajamas you owned, you were met with your mother and brother crowded around Steve Harrington on the couch.

“I thought you said I had a visitor.” You questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t be jealous sweet cheeks, Dustin and your mom were just keeping me company while I waited.

You grinned at the brunette boy, ignoring your brothers groan in disgust. “Gross.”

“Oh, this one is a keeper, Y/N/N.” Your mom declared dreamily. You know that she knew you weren’t dating.

“I keep trying the tell her that.” Steve winked at your mom.

“For Christs sake, I’m sitting right here!” Dusting gagged, “Screw this.” He sighed, hoping up from his spot on the couch and running off to his bedroom.

You rolled your eyes at the boys antics. Your mother followed behind him except she went off back into the kitchen. Something about meatloaf (which you hated).

“Why don’t you come take a seat.” Steve grinned, patting the seat next to him softly.

You didn’t trust it at all. “What the hell is going on?”

You noticed that Steve was blocking something from your view as you sat down. He looked up at you with soft eyes and an even softer smile. One thing was for sure. He looked proud as hell of himself (though what was new).

“Close your eyes.”

You hesitantly agreed, tensing when you felt something light being placed into your lap.

“Okay, open them.”

Your gaze was met with that of the cutest kitten you had ever seen in your entire life. He was small enough to hold in one hand and had a soft black coat.

Yours began to water as you looked up at Steve. He had a pink blush on his cheeks and was watching you wide wide eyes.

“You-you did this for me?” You questioned shakily, a tear falling from your eye onto your cheek.

Steve nodded, reaching over to pet the kitten on his little head. “His name is Dart.” Steve winked.

“Dark.” You laughed, petting the tiny animal’s cheek.

“Do you-do you like him?” Steve asked you in a small voice.

“I love him Steve. Seriously. This is the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me. Thank you.” You smiled, leaning over to embrace the man. He held you tight against his chest, neither of you wanting to let go.

You placed a soft peck of thanks on his cheek once you pulled away. You smiled at how warm the skin was from all of his blushing.

“I think you missed.” Was all Steve said as he leaned in again, this time tilting his head so he could properly lay his lips over yours.


Greetings everyone! In the hopes of having a better year than 2017 was, I’m planning to start doing a daily journal in my blog as I did two years ago. I believe that experience helped me to understand myself better and to keep my mind sane. That’s why I decided to prepare these 365 writing prompts to get inspired during this 2018. I’m sharing them here in case any of my followers would like to try this journey either in their blogs or in their personal diaries. 


-Charlie :)

1.    January 1: Do you believe in New Year resolutions? If so what are your resolutions for this year?

2.    January 2: Review of 2017. Include your best memory of the year.

3.    January 3: What are you most grateful for?

4.    January 4: How content are you with your life at the moment? Grade it on the scale of 1 to 10. 1 being completely dissatisfied and 10 being completely content.

5.    January 5: What does “happiness” mean to you?

6.    January 6: You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room.

7.    January 7: If you could do anything professionally, what would it be?

8.    January 8: Can people change?

9.    January 9: What never fails to make you smile?

10.   January 10: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

11.   January 11: What’s the hardest thing you’re dealing with?

12.   January 12: I wish I had more…

13.   January 13: When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

14.   January 14: What are you looking for in life?

15.   January 15: Who are the last people to tell you they loved you?

16.   January 16: If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

17.   January 17: What’s the last thing you apologized for?

18.   January 18: On a scale of 1-10, how is your health?

19.   January 19: What mood were you in today?

20.   January 20: Write your own eulogy.

21.   January 21: What role does music play in your life?

22.   January 22: Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

23.   January 23: Whose life do you think you’ve made a difference in?

24.   January 24: What is your superpower?

25.   January 25: What is annoying you?

26.   January 26: What would make a day perfect to you?

27.   January 27: What stresses you?

28.   January 28: What’s your relationship status and how do you feel about it?

29.   January 29: Where would you like to be in ten years?

30.   January 30: What are your views on drugs and alcohol?

31.   January 31: What is your zodiac sign? Does it fit your personality?

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Love is a Conspiracy

So, I wanted to do two things with this. One was to answer this anon, and another was to acknowledge the things @staganddragon says. Because they are well thought out and they make me smile. At first, I was thinking I could gift her the drabble. But that wouldn’t be fair to anon. So, I did the next best thing. Shh it’s a surprise. 


             The rain hitting the window was comforting in a way. Despite the harsh storm and cold castle, Draco felt at ease. Even the weather was temperamental. It showed that even in nature, sometimes it was okay to not be bright and cheerful. It was normal to experience bouts of moods that didn’t fit what everyone else was experiencing.

               More than the weather was accumulating to his comfort. Potter was nestled into his side, fast asleep. It was strange that the boy who-he-once-detested was the boy who-saved-his-spirit. When he came back to Hogwarts, he never thought that Harry would become his friend. Not only that but his best friend. But life is strange, beautiful and chaotic. It brought in change to everything. Harry was the perfect description for that and Draco wouldn’t change a single thing.

               “Look at them. They are so obvious. I just wish they wouldn’t pretend.”

               The sound of someone gossiping about them had Draco sighing heavily. For some unknown reason, it was strange for two people to be friends and nothing more. Not that that thought hadn’t crossed his mind before. But there was nothing to it. Harry wasn’t interested and that was fine. Gut punching, stomach twisting fine.

               Denial isn’t harmful, right?

               A slight mewl brought Draco’s attention to bleary green eyes blinking up at him. The sight took his breath away, but his mind painfully forced it to return. Even his anatomy was smitten. Perfect. Bloody perfect.

               “How long was I out?” There was a slight rasp to his tone and Draco tried to find it revolting but unfortunately, it was horribly endearing.

               “Not long. Close to twenty minutes.”

               As Harry sat up, Draco knew that this is what the clouds must feel like when the wind takes them away from the sun. He could feel the chill of the castle. Only now, without his own sun, the rain hitting the windows wasn’t comforting. Cold. Draco felt cold all over, as if it had become so tangible that he felt it saturate his skin and enter his body.

               But unrequited love felt the same.


               “Potter quit!” Draco laughed loudly, trying to evade the spoon full of food the brash Gryffindor was attempting to force feed him.

               “No.” The smug counter was the last thing Draco heard before he closed his mouth tightly, not allowing the pudding entrance.

               “You prat.” Draco whispered, licking the stray dessert off his lips. “I’m not hungry.”

               There was an odd silence that followed his statement, it had Draco peering up in time to see Harry swallow heavily.                

               “Are you alright?”

               Harry wouldn’t meet his eyes as he dropped the cutlery into his bowl with a clang. “I’m not hungry either.”


               “I think it’s sweet that they finally found love. I knew they were pining after each other for years.” Emily whispered to Luna, not understanding how some people still didn’t believe that Draco and Harry were together. It was just so obvious.  

               “Winged Parstilios block the truth from reaching the light.”          

               Emily nodded distractedly, eyes on Harry excitedly showing Draco that he could find the Slytherins namesake among the stars.

               “But sometimes, they show what others believe to be there.” Luna finished, staring up at the sky with a slight smile.


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anonymous asked:

Animating clothes floating with the Wind is reaaaaally hard to animate x,) ... Do you have any tips ? ^^ You animate it so well *w*!

haha yea those ARE really hard to do :)
But pretty easy once you understand how it works!

That’s a quick thing i did but I am not so good in explaining haha
It always depends what is happening with you cloth, as it has no mind on it’s own. It only follows a lead and it gets a bit more complex if you add outside sources of force like wind.
For example the flag here is bound to a pole. As the pole is static, the cloth would not move. But if there comes wind, you have to know from which direction it comes. The first part of the chain would still be moving, but not as much as the last part as it is closer to it’s source it is boud to.
Basically it gives the lead on how everything else in the chain after it will follow.
It musn’t always be depending on the postition of an object. In this example it’s mostly the rotation if you think about it in a 3d space.

The middle part would follow the first part with a bit more movement and might, depending on it’s width be the thing that catches most of the wind force.

The last part will only follow what the part before it did. Sometimes stronger and create more “noise” in the animation. This noise will make it seem more lively as long as it still “follows” it’s origin :)

In the line only example underneath you can see how i spaced the line and you can see, the first circle isn’t moving, so the second circle would get all of the winds force and become the new lead for what follows after it.
But it will still be bound to the first circle.

If you’d have cloth on a character, it would simple just follow the characters actions and movements and then settle slowly back when it’s standing still.
Remeber! Cloth has no mind of it’s own. It will only move as much as the character would move, ofc always depending on the cloth. Thick heavy wool would move different then soft thin satin.
Same goes for hair !

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so i got asked to do a 2nd part to this fic, where eddie thinks his dorm-mate richie is homophobic but ohhh boy is he wrong

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and here it is, part 2 which is the whole fiasco from richie’s POV!

this turned out way longer than i expected it would and now my fingers are cramping so i hope y’all like it 

warnings; cursing, mentions of nsfw stuff, homophobia (and the f-slur) 

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