did you guys know that narnia was like one of my first loves



Crushing On My Manager (Fluff): When EXO gets a new female manager and Xiumin develops a crush: [Part 1] [Part 2]

Missed Calls (Angst): When you’re scared of walking home alone and he doesn’t answer his phone: [x]


Coming Down With Something (Fluff): When he stays home to take care of a sick you: [x]

Shopping (Fluff): Going food shopping with Junmyeon: [x]


Cool Move (Fluff): When Yixing tries to show off to his wife and son but things end up being bad for him: [x]

Tease Me (Smut): Daddy Yixing can get you so worked up sometimes: [x]


Clean It Up (Angst): When a spill sets off an argument: [x]

Song For You (Angst/Fluff): Getting into a fight with Baekhyun and he does something special to apologize: [x]

Feel Better (Smut): Having an argument with Chanyeol and going to Baekhyun’s place to cool off: [x]

Not Bad of A Choice (Angst/Fluff/Smut): An arranged marriage with Baekhyun, who didn’t want it just as much as you did: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Final]

Saving Water (Smut): Fluffy shower smut with Baekhyun: [x]


Hot Damn (Smut): When Chen gets turned on while watching you clean: [x]

You’re My Boyfriend Now (Fluff): Meeting Jongdae at a University campus: [x]

Private Daddy (Smut): Jongdae is low-key daddy: [x]


Bully (Angst): When he’s your bully: [Part 1][Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

Our Little Princess (Fluff): When he finds out you’re giving birth during his concert: [x]

I’m Not Looking (Smut): He lies to see you shower: [x]

I’m Sorry (Angst): When he forgets your anniversary and an argument breaks out: [x]

Too Close to Her (Angst): When you’re jealous of him being close with Moon Gayoung: [x]

He’s Rude (Angst): When you’re partnered up so he can help you as a trainee: [x]

Didn’t Make It (Angst): When you go through a miscarriage: [x]

You’re His, What? (Fluff): When Chanyeol introduced his girlfriend to the members, not knowing one of them is your brother: [x]

Jealous (Angst/Fluff): When you’re Suho’s best friend and Chanyeol gets jealous because you two are close: [x]

Your Dare (Fluff): When you’re dating and you do a dare with another member and he gets jealous: [x]

Jungle Buddies (Fluff): When you two are on the same team on Law of the Jungle: [x]

Come Over (Smut): When wanting to surprise him turns into him surprising you: [x]

Chills (Fluff): Autumn walks and hot chocolate with Chanyeol: [x]

Save Her (Pathcode AU): Chanyeol saving you from the bad guys that froze you: [x]

Was He Better Than Me? (Smut): When you gotta kiss Sehun for a drama and Chanyeol gets angry: [x]

More Than That (Smut): When you think he’ll kick you out after being a one night stand but he begs to differ: [x]

Punishment (Smut): Daddy Chanyeol. Enough said: [x]

Seeing Green (Angst): Chanyeol getting jealous of the texts that you’ve been receiving: [x]

Against the Desk (Smut): Daddy Chanyeol scenario #2. Lots of oral: [x]

Different Light (Angst/Fluff): When you develop feelings for your childhood friend, Chanyeol, but he has different feelings: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Final]

• Her Again (Fluff): You meet the high school popular boy, Chanyeol, again after 10 years: [x]


Make Him Mad (Fluff/Smut): When teasing him ends up with sex: [Part 1] [Part 2]

Explain To Me (Fluff): When he asks you to explain to him what everyday objects are in English: [x]

Best Of Winter (Fluff): Winter with Kyungsoo: [x]

First (Smut): Kyungsoo giving you your first oral: [x]

Strike Three (Smut): Daddy Kyungsoo, need I go on?: [x]

Through the Screen (Fluff): Kyungsoo proposing onstage: [x]

Match (Angst/Fluff): Kyungsoo says some crucial things to you: [x]

Little Do You Know (Angst/Fluff): Song-fic based on the song Little Do You Know by Alex and Sierra: [x]

Surprise! (Fluff): Kyungsoo surprising you at your college: [x]

Only Me (Smut): Kyungsoo getting jealous, but cute smut: [x]


What’s Her Name? (Fluff): Trying to figure a name for your baby: [x]

Cookies n’ Cream (Fluff): When you’re pregnant and get attacked by sasaengs while out shopping: [x]

Popsicle (Smut): When you unknowingly provoke him with a popsicle: [x]

Protect You (Pathcode AU): When he risks his life to save you: [x]

That’s My Shirt (Smut): When he catches you dancing in one of his shirts: [x]

Not Good Enough (Angst/Fluff): When you’re insecure of him hanging out with idols: [x]

Ache (Angst): Kai getting too into the fame and his work that you feel neglected, an argument breaks out: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Final]


Co-Workers (Angst): When you two work together and he’s a jerk: [x]

She Cheated (Angst): When you’re acting cold to him and he finds out you’re cheating on him: [x]

Mister Cold Guy (Angst/Fluff): When he, the school’s heartthrob, is cold to you: [x]

Maknae’s Argument (Angst): When he gets into an argument with you: [x]

Body Weight (Angst/Fluff): When he comments on you stomach: [x]

You Can’t (Fluff): Watching a movie with a shirtless scene with Sehun: [x]

She’s Skilled (Fluff): Sehun falling for you during your SMTown performance: [x]


[x] When you’re sassy as Sehun

[x] When someone walks in on you and another member doing the do ;)

[x] When their small girlfriend attempts to be the big spoon

[x] EXO in the Hunger Games

[x] When they find out one of the members bully you

[x] When you fall asleep on the couch waiting for them

[x] When you tell them they give you butterflies

[x] When you come from the closet saying you’re back from Narnia

[x] EXO embarrassing you when they pick you up from school

[x] When they meet you vs. when you’re comfortable around them

[x] When you fall asleep while talking to them

[x] When their child runs out on stage during a performance

[x] When you’re nibbling silently on a chocolate bar

[x] Seeing your new lingerie sat ;)

[x] Seeing you flinch because of bad past experience

[x] Flirting with you and them finding out that you’re a BTS member’s girlfriend

[x] Finding you wrapped up like a burrito watching Stranger Things

[x] You surprise them at their concert after not seeing each other in a long time

[x] You cancelling a date because of horrible cramps.

[x] You not wanting to cuddle after a shitty day

[x] Watching you do your make up

[x] Seeing your sick dance moves

[x] You cooking your home country food for them

[x] You being a teacher

[x] Your curvy body

[x] You teasing them in public

[x] Their little cousin telling saying they’ll marry you

[x] You roasting one of the members

[x] Their little kid protecting you during an argument

[x] You calling them to declare your love


12x20 - Holy Narrative Mirrors Batman!

In the middle of taking ages to write another hand meta (yes I’m back to that guys) this episode aired and therefore I am here to bring you my review of 12x20 and all the emotions that brought to the table.

Firstly, important things to address: I am PISSED that two POC women were killed this episode. I don’t really care that Alesha was brought back as a Twig puppet monster (my nickname for those creatures) because it was still two violent POC deaths shown on screen. Must we really keep seeing this on this show? After Billy? I know that SPN needs to keep its death count high and I would NOT want them to kill off Max when he is our only canon recurring queer character on the show atm either (not including Dean still hidden away in Narnia) but I’m still pissed off about it. I also didn’t like the fact that they showed the old witch’s immediate dislike of Tasha being a racist thing either. Yes I know she’s an evil witch but really spn? Racism and then have that same racist old hag KILL the poc lady? Nice going.

Anyway, that is my rant on that. So ya’ll know it pissed me off. This is a just fandom blog and I wanna keep it positive bearing in mind I actually loved this episode but it needed to be addressed.

I did love this episode, even if I am getting a meta headache over all the narrative mirrors they showed us and went to extensive lengths to portray. I feel I need to outline them all clearly so without further rambling here they are:

Max is Dean and Alesha is Sam

This one is pretty obvious. They went to great lengths to show this including adding a blast from the far past in the ‘THEN’ section by showing us the Pilot episodes baby dean (how high and young his voice was!) saying the classic phrase “Dad’s on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home in a few days”. To say that the Banes’ story then mirrors the first two seasons of the show would be highly accurate.

Max is shown to be the loud, flirtatious, overly confident sibling with his boisterous attitude and charisma. Unlike Dean however he is ‘out and proud’… Oh Dean… please find your way out of Narnia this season.

Alesha is the sibling who rolls her eyes over her brothers antics, and feels more like an outsider in the family, based on this conversation with Sam:

“He always thinks he knows mum better, because they’re both natural witches, it’s who they are”

“When I was growing up Dean and my dad had the same thing with hunting, that bond”.

This pretty much drums the mirror home, but later we are shown just how similar Dean and Max are by how Max takes the deal and brings his sister back (though perhaps not quite in the same way) and sells his soul for her, because like Dean, he is unable to go on without his sibling.

This is the main narrative mirror in place, with the siblings shown to be kinda co-dependent and willing to sacrifice for each other. It also really helps our bi!dean reading that he is yet again being mirrored with a queer man. Yay for Steve Yokey really pushing that parallel.

more under the cut…

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justanotherbiblixphile  asked:

Hello Bella. First things first, I love your blog. You are an amazing writer and seem super fun. I was wondering if you could write a story where the gang all go out and do something like laser tag. And like Betty could push Juggy into a corner kiss him and then shoot him or something like that. Thanks!

AU: The gang is currently in grade 7, and Betty has a major crush on Jughead. Jug is completely oblivious to her feelings though. Also, Kevin is still in the closet, and the only person who knows is Betty.

The gang walked into the old arcade, breathing in the scent of popcorn and corndogs. Betty and Jughead were walking behind Archie and Veronica, who were currently holding hands, arms swinging between them. Kevin was walking behind them, munching on cotton candy.

Betty turned around and giggled, looking at one of her best friends munching on the sweet floss. “How did you get that so fast? We literally just walked in.” Betty said, smile on her face.

“I have my ways.” the boy said. He was still in the closet to everyone except Betty, but they all had their suspicions. He was the only guy who was allowed in Betty’s bedroom alone.

They all walked up to the counter, getting their passes to allow them to play a round of laser tag. They all decided their nicknames for the game. Veronica was ‘pearls’, Archie was ‘winner’, Kevin was ‘KK’, Betty was ‘pretty in pink’, and Jughead was ‘Burgers’. Betty laughed at the name Jughead chose, blushing when he laughed along with her.

After a few minutes of playing a few arcade games, their team was called in to learn the rules of laser tag. Betty stood in the dark room in between Kevin and Jughead, with Veronica and Archie still in front of them holding hands.

Jughead and Betty leaned in and laughed when they saw Archie attempt to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but failing miserably. Jughead leaned over and started to whisper into Betty’s ear, “I don’t know why I’m here. I am amazing at laser tag and already know all the rules.” he said, leaning his back against the wall in the dark room.

Betty blushed when he realized his lips were very, very close to her face. “I bet I could beat you.” she said, turning her head to look at the tall boy.

“I doubt it,” he said, turning his head to look at her, “But, let’s make it interesting. How about a bet?” he asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

Betty was grateful that the room they were in was dark, or else he would definitely see how red her face and chest was becoming. She smiled and nodded. “Deal. What happens if I win?” she asked, crossing her arms against her chest, mimicking his position.

“Probably won’t happen, but if it does I will buy you a burger, milkshake and fries at Pop’s.” he said, while changing his position from leaning his back on the wall, to leaning his shoulder on the wall.

She nodded along with him, looking at the crescent shaped scars on her hands. “Ok, and if you win?” she said, looking up from her scarred hands.

“Then you buy me the burger, shake and fries from Pop’s.” he said, looking at her green eyes.

Betty nodded and said, “Deal.” before turning and following the rest of the group into the large room where they all got their guns and vests.

Betty and Jughead reached grabbed a gun and started it up, logging in their nicknames so they would be able to see who won at the end of it. While they were waiting for everyone else to get set up, they waited at the entrance to the course, side by side. Betty was gripping her gun so hard, her knuckles were turning white. Jughead noticed, and looked at her hands for a while. “Hey Betty, are you okay?”

Betty turned to him and loosened her grip on her gun. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m just pretty competitive. Don’t like losing. You’re on Jones.” she said, a hint of a smirk forming on her heart shaped lips.

He was about to answer her, but the horn went off indicating the game was starting, and she was gone in a flash. He started to run, but decided to run the different direction. She went left and up, while he went right and down.

It was about ten minutes into the game. Ten minutes of running from each other, dodging each others guns, and trying to hit each other from the opposite sides of the course. At this time, Betty was beating Jughead by more then 450 points.

Betty was walking backwards into the corner and bumped into something that felt warm… it was definitely not a wall. She slowly turned around, gun lifted, hand on the trigger. The first thing she noticed was the giant grey S on the persons shirt. She gave a sigh of relief but never dropped her gun.

“Hey Cooper.” he said, gun by his side.

Betty’s face turned scarlet and pressed her gun against his chest. “Jones.” she said, starting to walk towards him, pushing him backwards, making his back press against the wall of the course.

“Betty, what are you doing?” he asked, looking down at the end of her laser tag gun that was pressed against his chest.

“I’m winning.” she said, looking into his deep ocean eyes.

He gave her a puzzled look as she dropped her gun to the side, taking a step towards his scuffed converse. She placed one hand on his shoulder, pushing his upper back against the wall as well.

She leaned up and pressed her soft strawberry lips against his chapped ones. He melted into the kiss, and was completely unaware that she picked her gun back up, pulling the trigger against his chest. The small screen on his gun told him that he was just shot 7 times by ‘Pretty in Pink’.

His mouth was open as he saw the end of her blonde ponytail turn around a corner, and heard her faint giggle from his corner.

“Oh, it’s on Betty Cooper.”

Love this prompt! I hope you enjoy! And also, Thank you so much!!! I know your my best friend but still I LOVE YOU BBY!!!! (If you like Harry Potter, or Narnia go follow this chicka because I love her so muchhh)

Freedom [EdmundxF!Reader] [One-Shot] [Request]

As stated before (thanks to my old phone dying), I don’t have the exact requests anymore, but this One-Shot combines two of them that asked for:

1.) Edmund and the reader meeting on the Dawn Treader, falling in love rather quickly and lots of fluff (already gonna say sorry if it’s not fluffy enough ^^’)

2.) Caspian finding out that Edmund and the reader are dating 

To whoever requested this, sorry this took so long and I hope you like it! :3

[If you enjoy my writing, feel free to request something when requests are open! ^^] 


Fic Summary: One always had the freedom to choose who they wanted to be with, but sometimes, who they fell in love with was beyond their control.

Word Count: 4,7k

Warnings: None

(y/n) leaned against the railing, watching the last of the sun’s rays reflect off the water and letting a cool ocean breeze blow her hair back. Ever since she was little, she’d loved being at sea, almost being able to sail before she could walk. With the direction her life was headed in now, she had to wonder if she’d still have the freedom to travel the vast blue like she was oh so used to, or if her adventures on the Dawn Treader would be her last journey. 

“Is everything alright?” a voice from behind her asked, making her jump a little.

A moment later, Caspian joined her. 

“Y-Yes, I’m fine.” she quickly answered avoiding his inquisitive gaze. 

“Let me guess: This is about our… arrangement?” he questioned.

She didn’t answer, but simply shrugged.

“I know this isn’t easy for either of us, but don’t you think it’s what’s best for our countries?”

“Maybe. Maybe it is…” she mused, more to herself than him, while turning the silver diamond ring on her left hand thoughtfully.

It’s not like she hadn’t proposed a simple business relationship, but her country’s views were rather… antique and backwards. For a woman to achieve anything in the government of any country, she had to marry a good and wealthy man. It was out of the question that Caspian was a good man and a great king. And in the time she’d spent with him, she’d come to consider him a very good friend. But could he ever become a romantic partner or a lover to her? Would she maybe learn to love him in time?

A week later and she was certain she wouldn’t be falling for Caspian any time soon. The reason: She found herself falling head over heels for someone else. His name was Edmund, one of the kings of the Golden Age of Narnia. She’d heard the story of how him and his siblings had helped Caspian claim the throne from his uncle, but she’d never expected to meet any of them. Nonetheless, the castaways they’d fished out of the sea, were none other than the Just King and the Valiant Queen. 

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Peter Oneshot

(A/N: Hey guys! So today I’m doing a soulmates AU! I know, I know, it’s cliche but I think this spin on it is pretty interesting! Remember to eat something, drink some water and take your meds! Love you!)

Oneshot: Y/N doesn’t have any words on her wrist

       Y/N didn’t like wearing short sleeved shirts, but today it was way too hot to wear a jacket.

       She sat in the coffee shop, her laptop opened in front of her along with several textbooks and stationery tools scattered around the table. The shop was cool, but the walk there would have given her heat stroke if she were wearing more layers.

       Every time someone walked past her, whether she saw a ring on their finger or the words written on their wrist were visible, her eyes wandered to her wrist, where there were no words. Not a single word.

       She had heard of people like this, ones who didn’t have their soulmate’s first words on their wrist. They were very rare, and few were brave enough to share their stories, resulting in little information on the matter. Y/N had grown up being taught to hide the fact that she was different, to be ashamed of it.

       Y/N really didn’t need everyone else telling her to feel bad about it. As she grew and began to really understand the concept of soul mates, the fact that she didn’t have one started to hurt more and more. She had become obsessive over the fact that there really wasn’t anyone out there for her, that the universe was just telling her, ‘Nope, sorry kid. No one’s going to love you that much. Soz.’

       That had been years ago. Y/N learned to bury her pain, to distract herself from it. She was at a place where she nearly resented the idea of having someone to hold her down, to have to be devoted to. She was focused on herself, on bettering herself through school and self love and taking care of her body. She had time to give to those things, because she wasn’t worrying about some other person. Sometimes it did creep up in the back of her head, the voice that reminded of what she didn’t have, what she could never have; a family, someone to love.  

       Now, she was trying to finish a paper for her AP biology class so that she could have time to go to her cousin’s birthday party this weekend. She’d been working for hours, and had wasted her productivity ages ago.

       Y/N stood up, grabbed her coffee and walked to the trashcan to throw it away, already planning on asking the barista for something stronger this time.

       When she arrived at the register, she noticed that the woman who had taken her order earlier wasn’t there. She had been replaced by a man with blond hair, who was taller than her by a mile. He looked well built, but his motions were timid and calculated. When she glanced briefly, she saw that he had words on his arm, but they were mainly covered up by a few bracelets he was wearing.

       “Are you new here?” She asked him. “I’ve been coming here pretty consistently for the past few months and I’ve never seen you.”

       She was too sleep deprived and stressed to care if her words were a bit too forward.

       The man’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. He clamped a hand around his wrist.

       “Are you alright?” She spoke to him again, not understanding his lack of communication or his response to her question.

       He didn’t say anything, instead nearly ripping the bracelets on his arm off. He thrust his wrist into her line of sight.

       Are you new here? In a dark bold print, identical to her handwriting, the words contrasted starkly on his lightly tanned skin.

       “I’m afraid there must be some mistake,” she said, not letting her guard down. She knew she didn’t want a soul mate. She didn’t. “I don’t have a soul mate, see?” She showed him her own wrist, bare.

       The man’s face lit up as he hastily dug a piece of paper out of his pocket, its edges worn, showing he probably had kept it with him and folded it and unfolded it thousands of times. He unfolded it, his hands shaking which he had most likely hoped to hide from the girl.

       Inside the paper were the words I, My name is Peter. I’m mute.


Edmund Pevensie x Reader

Warnings: none

A/N: Ah, it’s good to be writing again. If you have any requests be sure to send them in! There’s a list of fandoms I make content for here, as well as a masterlist of everything I’ve made here. Enjoy!

Originally posted by aslansblessings

Living next door to Eustace Scrubb was… interesting, to put it lightly. He wasn’t the most joyous person to be around but his parents payed you good money to tutor him after school, help him keep his already envious grades.
Everything changed the day he revealed to you that two of his cousins were coming to stay with him (“a real burden in his opinion”). The very next day you watched through your bedroom window as two children, both around your age, one girl and one boy, unpacked their (very few) belongings from a taxicab. The boy let his sister enter the house first as he trailed behind with all of their things. He stopped in front of the doorway to readjust his hold on the box he was carrying when he caught your gaze. You considered closing the curtain, pretending it didn’t happen or you weren’t actually there, but instead you gave a shy smile, one which he returned before he was called into the house. He looked back up at you one last time before going inside.
Since that day, you’ve become close friends with Edmund and Lucy and hell, even Eustace became more tolerable. You knew about Narnia, though you had never been there yourself. You were skeptical at first, who wouldn’t be, but the way they told their stories, the way they were able to describe everything with such detail, it was too real to not be. So you believed them. You often spent afternoons with the three and you and Eustace listened fervently as Lucy and Edmund told stories from when they ruled over Narnia, sometimes Eustace joined in with them and told you of their quest together. It fascinated you to learn all about the fairy tale-like land.
You especially grew close with Edmund. He often couldn’t sleep at night due to homesickness (whether or not he meant from his home in England or in Narnia you weren’t sure) and all it took was a quick flash of his flashlight and you were over in his yard where he was already waiting for you. You would lie on the ground and look at the stars, you would ask about Narnia and he would ask about your childhood. Though, your stories weren’t nearly as good as his so sometimes you would just make things up as you went until you had to hush each other’s laughter so that you wouldn’t wake your families up. Once or twice you’ve fallen asleep in the backyard, being woken up the next morning to teasing from Lucy was a bit embarrassing but those nights were always your best memories.
Currently you were in said backyard with Edmund, waiting for Lucy to get back from the store and Eustace from some after school thing he had. Moments alone with Edmund were always the best, you seemed to bring out a more childish side of him that he tried to keep to himself when the four of you together (him being the oldest, he insisted that he had to be the adult of the group). You guys had a lot of fun playing silly games. Speaking of-
“Polo!” You jumped sideways to avoid Edmund, who was lunging towards the spot you had been just a moment before.
“Marco,” he repeated as he had failed to get a hold of you, but you could see him just barely peeking one eye open and, again, lunging at you before you could barely get your response out.
You both erupted into a laughing fit as Edmund locked his arms around your waist from behind. You squirmed around, trying to break free from his grip.
“That’s not fair,” you squealed, “you cheated!”
“You have no proof,” he responded before he finally let you go. You were both slightly out of breath but still laughing, and if you were looking hard enough you would have seen the strange way he was looking at you. To anyone who didn’t know you they would have thought you had been together for years, completely and utterly in love with each other. The second part wasn’t too far off, from the first day Edmund had moved in with the Scrubbs and had seen you in the window he knew there was something about you that would mess him up completely, in a good way of course, and you knew there was something about him too. Of course this knowledge had never been shared between the two of you, it’s pretty hard to admit to someone that you’re completely and utterly in love with them when you’re seventeen years old, but it’s also hard to keep those feelings to yourself.
“My turn,” you said cheerfully after you got your breath back. Edmund simply nodded as you scrunched your eyes closed, chuckling at how adorable you looked.
“Marco!” you said. He waited a moment before calling out the correct response.
“Polo.” He dodged out of your reach quite easily.
Edmund hesitated.
He took a careful step so that he was standing in front of you, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at his lack of response.
Edmund pressed his lips against yours with just the right amount of pressure, the kiss lasting no more than three seconds.
“Polo,” he mumbled, his heart beating practically out of his chest as he stepped back and waited for a reaction.
You stood there, eyes closed and a dazed look on your face, not saying anything for what felt like forever.
“Edmund? Are you home?” The sound of Lucy’s voice pulled you back down to earth as the both of you looked back towards the house.
“Yeah, we’ll be there in a minute!” Edmund called back. “We should uh… we should probably go inside,” he said quietly as he started making his way past you.
You grabbed his arm and turned him back around in order to place your lips back on his. Your grip on his arm tightened as one of his came up to cup your face.
You were the one to pull back this time just before Lucy walked out.
“There you guys- oh,” Edmund glanced up at his sister and dropped his hand from your face, “am I interrupting something?”
“No,” you said, fiddling with your shirt and avoiding eye contact, even though you knew that she knew that she was in fact interrupting something, a huge something.
“I should get home, I have homework,” you gave Edmund one last glance before you made your way back to your own yard and inside your house.
“Well?” Lucy asked excitedly as you disappeared from sight.
“Well what?” Edmund replied, walking into his own house. His sister rolled her eyes.
“You kissed her, right? Please tell me you did.”
“I don’t see how it’s any of your business,” Edmund stated before making his way upstairs.
“Oh, like I didn’t know already,” Lucy said to herself, shaking her head.

A-Z Book Challenge

I decided to take on the A-Z Book Challenge by @macrolit 

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe- Benjamin Alire Saenz; this is definitely high on my list of favorite books!

Butcher Boy- Patrick McCabe; I read this for Eng. class and the narrator is a young Irish boy and he’s a really unreliable narrator. He has some form of mental illness, it’s not said explicitly in the book because we see his POV but I believe it’s schizophrenia and it’s a really sad poignant read. 

Crooked Kingdom- Leigh Bardugo. Currently reading so jury is out on it so far!

Duchess of Malfi, The- Christopher Marlowe. This is just gas, and really everyone doing a drama course or English lit course should know it.

Everything Leads To You- Nina Lacour; this is honestly one of the most beautiful books i’ve ever read and it means a lot to me. Lacour has a really soft, honest way of writing that I appreciate a lot.

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell; I like this as a light fluffy YA read. 

Good Omens- Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman; I mean everyone loves this. C’mon.

Harry Potter- J.K Rowling; I think that POA, GOF and OOTP all tie as like my favorite but also I really love PS and COS because nostalgia <3 fun fact, I bought my Deathly Hallows in an airport in Hong Kong and it’s my only hardback of my series. 

I’ll Give You The Sun- Jandy Nelson; this is a change-your-life kinda book and everyone should read it.

Jerusalem- Jez Butterworth; this is actually a play and I hope to direct it in the future so keep your fingers crossed for me! It’s dark and fascinating and you should all read this too actually. 

Kings of Clonmel, The- John Flanagan; this is book 8 in the Ranger’s Apprentice series which I read when I lived in Australia but never got to finish and they’re too expensive to get over here so they’re my ultimate goal to finish reading!

Les Miserables- Victor Hugo; Confession; I haven’t read this fully, only the first like 500 pages or so. But I plan to finish it!

Midsummer Night’s Dream, A- William Shakespeare. We got to fuq with this in a module in semester 1 and you haven’t seen AMND until you’ve seen it done as an acid trip or a hipster poetry recital. We also saw Lyric Hammersmith’s production and it was groundbreaking. Breathtaking. Flawless. Hysterical. Crazy. Just… so, so good. 

Narnia, Chronicles of- C.S. Lewis; did y’all think i’d choose one?

Oedipus Rex- Sophocles; I do 3 subjects in college. I’ve studied this in 4 subjects in college. Yeah you read that right. 

Perks of Being a Wallflower, The- Stephen Chbosky; will hurt you in a good way.

Queen of Shadows- Sarah J. Maas; honestly i’ve become a bit disenchanted with Maas’s writing but this was the only Q book I could think of. 

Raven Cycle, The- Maggie Stiefvater; This definitely isn’t cheating shh. I love these books so much I reread them the most frequent of what’s on my shelf and i’m going to annotate them the next time I read them!

Secret History, The- Donna Tartt; This was so good when I read it first that I just have to reread it this summer c:

The Time Traveller’s Wife- Audrey Niffenegger; this is so so so so so good like I know people brush it off as airport reading or whatever but honestly! so good and it can be found literally everywhere for so cheap!

Upside of Unrequited, The- Becky Albertalli; this is on my to-read, I can’t afford it right now though.

Vicious- V.E Schwab; on my TBR.

Wonder- R.J. Palacio; kids in first year of my old high school read this and I think it’s a very good lesson to have at a young age. I’ll always be bitter I have the blue copy and not the red one, I love the red one’s cover illustration.

Xylophone… no really im stuck sorry

You mightnt believe it but im stuck on this one too!

Zen colouring books lol (Also stuck)

Guys this  was fun and really difficult everyone should do it! I’m gonna tag @bookishbae, don’t feel obligated though!

He’s the King [Peter Pevensie]

Summary: At a festival in a town near Cair Paravel, your boyfriend Peter helps you fight off some strangers. Prompt #48, “Let her go!” Requested by @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories

Word Count: 1,428

Note: Thank you for being so patient with me. I apologize for how long this took to write. Hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Being hit on by a stranger.

It is dark out. Night has fallen just an hour ago. You take your dark cloak off its hook and drape it over yourself, covering the unusually plain clothes you are wearing.

Making sure the cloak is fastened securely, you open the door to your room and peek out. You are safe. Nobody is in this hallway of Cair Paravel. Slipping out the room, you quietly shut the door behind you.

As you travel through the halls, sticking to the shadows, you listen attentively for voices. You reach the courtyard without being spotted, though a pair of guards nearly caught you a few hallways ago.

“Peter?” you call softly into the darkness. A few torches burn brightly but there are many shadows that prevent you from seeing all of the courtyard.

Shadows move in one corner and a figure steps out, cloaked in dark fabric as well.

“Here. Let’s go,” the King says, gesturing to you.

Picking up your pace, you walk along side Peter. His fingers brush against yours and then he takes your hand, warm and slightly calloused from swordfighting.

When you pass by the guards at the gate, Peter lifts his hood off his face for a few moments, enough for the centaurs to recognize him. He then puts his hood back on and walks out of the castle with you by his side.

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SPN Prompt Challenge | hunterangelkisses
January 2017 (Emotions)
Prompt: Patience
Pairing: Destiel
Word Count: 4,596
Tags: fluff, angst for like a second, brief and mild smut, alternate universe, strangers to friends to lovers, first kiss, 5+1 things, time skips, wedding, adoption



“C’mon, Charlie, I’ll race ya!”

Dean took off from his front porch as soon as his mom had placed a quick kiss to the top of his head, running through their yard toward the street corner as fast as he could. He was almost there when he turned to see if Charlie Bradbury, his next-door neighbor and best friend since they were toddlers, was catching up. She was one of the fastest runners in their grade and even with his head start, she wouldn’t have much trouble beating him. Charlie was still several feet behind him though, and Dean had just turned forward again when he hit something – hard.

Dean fell to the ground with a thump, wincing at the sharp pain in his backside. He heard his mom call to him, asking if he was okay, but he was distracted by what he’d run into – or rather, who. Because there, splayed out on the ground in front of him, was a dark-haired boy he’d never seen before, wiping grass off his hands and reaching over to pick up the book he’d apparently dropped.

“Who are you?” Dean asked curiously.

The boy turned his gaze to Dean, who was distracted for a second by his eyes – which were brilliantly, brightly blue. “I’m Castiel,” the boy said, climbing to his feet. He held out a hand to pull Dean up just as Charlie, Dean’s mom, and another woman Dean had never seen before reached them.

“Are you two all right?” Mary asked the boys, swiping a bit of dirt from Dean’s arm.

“We’re fine,” Dean said, picking up his backpack from where it had fallen behind him. “Sorry I ran into you,” he said to Castiel, who gave him an easy smile back.

“It’s okay,” he said. “I wasn’t looking anyway.”

“This is why you shouldn’t read while you walk, Castiel,” the other woman admonished, but her tone was more amused than anything.

“And you, Dean,” Mary said, “need to remember that not everything is a race.”

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Clingy - Part 1 (Edmund x Reader)

Part 2 / Part 3

Word Count: 1318.

Warning: Angst and feels.

Request: No.

Summary: The reader spends a lot of time with Edmund. Oneday she went to the Pevensie’s house just to hang out as usual, when she heard Peter and Lucy teasing Edmund. Then she heard her name.

The Story:

“Mom I’m leaving! Will be back by an hour!” Y/n yelled as she got out of her house.

It was not much of a big deal to meet up so often as they are together now. No, hold on, together in the sense of ‘living in the same neighbourhood’ together.

Y/n usually didn’t talk with the Pevensives much. But when she started going to the Saint Finbar’s boarding school, she quickly became friends with Lucy and Susan Pevensie. The girls introduced her to the boys–Edmund and Peter Pevensie. Things would have been the same until the incident–when they were catching train oneday and got teleported to a place named 'Narnia’.

Being the head of the knights was hard and Y/N didn’t expect to be trained this hard. Edmund being the best swordsmen, started personally training her.

Slowly, awkward talking changed to comfortable silence and opening up to each other. She found herself to be slowly getting attached to him. Not the see-eachother-everyday attachment but the other ones. The ones where he looked at her and her heart beat fastened, where whenever he gave her that precious smile she felt butterflies in her stomach, where he looks at her in the eyes and holds her hand, she feels out of this world. The only reason why she likes to be around him so much.

Y/n tried. She really tried to tell this to him about a hundred times. She rehearsed this over and over again in her mind but never got the courage to tell him the truth. The truth about her feelings. The fear of Edmund not liking her back stopped her everytime.

And so here she was. Once again, visiting her friends in the hope that he would feel the same way she does. Just a few glances, having a laugh and some touches here and there made her happy and she was content with that love. But the hope..the greed to get some more love, never went away.

Y/n crossed the street and started walking towards the Pevensie’s house. She noticed at the corner of the street Dean was turning back his bicycle. He was a nice guy. A good neighbour to be honest. His family was always there during the times of distress for her.

“Hey Y/n!”

“Hey ya Dean.”

“Hmm..let me guess…here to see Ed again?”

“Oh shut up you..you don’t know anything!” Y/n blushed.

“Atleast I am not blind to see your love for him.” He laughed.

“If you have some other things to tell, you can.” She rolled her eyes.

“Yes. Care to join me on a bicycle ride tomorrow afternoon? We can go to different areas you know. It will be fun.”

The Pevensives invited her to a picnic tomorrow. She couldn’t cancel that. But Dean was a dear friend too. Maybe she can adjust some time for him.

“Uhh…not sure but I’ll inform you if I do.”

“Okay, good. See ya.”


She smiled and turned left to the Pevensie’s house while Dean turned around and left. *Sigh* Here goes to nothing. But I can atleast hope that he likes me back right? There’s no problem with that. I mean, we spend a lot of time together so it’s not like he hates me. He probably, just maayyybe likes me back. Y/n blushed with the thought without realizing a smile that has formed on her face.

Y/n entered through the door without knocking, literally barging in like she owns the place. Susan was on the sofa reading a book.

“Hey Y/n.” She said, her head buried in the book.

“Oh. Hi!!” Y/n walked towards the table, grabbed an apple and asked, “Which book?”


“Ew.” She said with a disgusted face. She took a bite of the apple when Susan said, “You don’t have to give me company just because I’m sitting alone. Besides, Edmund’s in the study room.”

“I-I didn’t even ask about Ed!” Y/n said blushing. “And where’s Lucy?! And-And Peter?”

“In the study room…with EDMUND.”

“Oh my god. CAN YOU STOOOP.” She said blushing and proceeded to the study room.

We hang out so much these days. I mean, he DOES like to hang out with me right? Or else he would have told me by now.

Just when she was going to enter the room, she stooped. There were lots of voices coming from inside, especially laughs. They are such a happy family. She held the door lock and turned it..but then she heard her name.

Oh. I think I heard my name. I know it’s a cruel to listen like this but..I can listen as they mentioned my name.

“Hahahaaa…I am telling you, she will enter this room some time after and brighten up your day.” Lucy said. She blushed.

“Oh yeah, and then you both are gonna get touchy-touchy and blushy-blushy like 3 year olds.” Peter laughed.

Omg what?! Seriously Peter? They are obviously teasing Ed. Does that means he feels for me? He likes me? Or am I just overthinking things? Ed is not talking..it would be kind of clear if he starts talki– And Edmund’s voice interrupted you.

“That was really gross Peter. And that’s enough. ENOUGH. You two have no other work to do besides teasing me? Let’s make this very clear. I don’t know if you have noticed but I don’t really go that much in her house, or invite her over or in fact touch her without her consent.”

Y/n’s smile faltered..slowly..as Ed continued talking..now turning to a disturbed and sad face.

“Seriously? Have you seen her? I NEVER get close to her when I sit. It was always her calling me. She comes to meet me almost everyday. She is the one inviting herself to our house everyday. Just because I keep quiet doesn’t mean I can’t say anything. She is really annoying if I keep this clear…and she is really clingy.”

“Edmund!! That’s very harsh!” Lucy gasped.

“Yes. I know. Now I hope you won’t talk garbage about this thing again.”

Clingy. Yes, that’s what he thinks about me. Ofcourse, how was I so blind to see this? He obviously doesn’t like me. Obviously I am just an annoying girl. It was always me running behind him. He never, NEVER gave any signs of annoyance because he was polite. Why didn’t I think about this? Why? Just why? And here I thought about how he..he likes me.

Tears threatened to come out of her eyes. Her all hopes crushed by those words. The only little ray of hope she had was now nowhere to be seen.

She turned back and ran. She ran before she got weak and dropped down on her knees and cried her eyes out.

Susan was coming towards the room. On the way, she bumped on her but then ran away.

“what just happened?”

Susan entered the room and asked, “WHat happened?”

“What? Nothing. Just was teasing my little brother over here. And he got shy.” Peter laughed.

“Shy? Why don’t you guys ever stop? It is really enough.”

“No. That can’t be the reason why Y/n ran away?”

“Oh no. She..she heard everything you said.” Lucy said frowning.

A silence spread in the atmosphere. Edmund just sat there uncomfortably. He just went back to stare at the fireplace and whispered, “Well, she…she needed to know..that..now..now it..it is fine. She knows now. She deserved it.”

Y/n ran out of the house and slowed down. She now started walking towards her house, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Just when I thought my wait is over, I am gonna get my answer, it is all going to end. It really did.

A/N - This is my first Narnia imagine. Hope you like it!


Caspian x Reader: For the people you love

Okay. So, first I want to address the fact that this blog…drumroll please… HAS OVER 100 FOLLOWERS. IN UNDER TWO WEEKS. WHAT. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH AAAAHHHHH😍

Anonymous asked:
Hello there! 😊 Could I have a CaspianxReader set during Prince Caspian. Peter really dislikes the reader and begins blaming her for things that happen, and Caspian becomes defensive over her and argues. The reader runs off feeling as if it is her fault and Caspian comes and comforts her good fluffy mushy stuff happens. Thanks!!

~Here it is! This is my first Caspian x Reader, so I hope you like it😘I will obviously still do Edmund x readers the most though, because I’m low-key  in love with Ed…haha~

“No! She isn’t the one responsible for all of this!” 

You peered out from behind a tree, watching as the two young men bickered. “Since when do you care? I thought your only concern was your own well-being!” Peter shouted, coming closer to Caspian outside the woods. 

“You know how much I care for Narnia. And, as a matter of fact, for Y/n.” 

Peter laughed coldly. “Y/n? No matter how much you try to defend her Caspian, it doesn’t change the fact that she ruined our chances of entering Miraz’s castle. She sabotaged the whole thing!” Caspian’s face began to turn red with anger. You bit your lip, stepping closer to the two.

 “Don’t say another word, do you hear me?” He warned through clenched teeth, reaching for his sword. You let out a small whimper. Both boys spun around to see you standing there looking incredibly anxious. Peter narrowed his eyes at you, looking away again with a scoff. At this point, it had all become too much for you. 

Without a word, you turned on your heel and began to run to the safety of the woods, not caring where you ran or what you were going to do. “Y/N!” Caspian yelled, shooting one last angry look at Peter before dashing after you.

 “Y/n, wait!” A tear dropped from your eye as you kept running. You didn’t even know why you were crying; only that it was unbearable to hear people disputing over whether or not you destroyed an entire plan and took countless lives in the process.

 You slowed down, breathing heavily as you came to a stop. “Hey,” Caspian said, stopping beside you, “It’s alright.”

 You collapsed under the tree nearest to you. Caspian followed suit. “Look, Peter’s a complete ass. It wasn’t your fault.” You huffed. “No. Y/n, you know it wasn’t.” 

 “Why did you stick up for me?” You asked suddenly, your voice cracking. You honestly wanted to know.

“Well…” The young Prince sighed. “You have to do things like that for…” He paused again to clear his throat. “For the people you love.”

 Your head snapped up immediately. Had you heard him right? 


 Caspian shook his head, standing up again. “Forget it. I shouldn’t have said anything.” 

“No!” You grabbed his arm, your eyes begging him to sit back down. “Please don’t go.” Caspian smiled, lowering beside you again. For a moment, you were silent. A leaf floated down onto your skirt, landing softly. Caspian looked at you.

And then you were kissing. You don’t know how it happened, but it did. 

And the rest, my dear reader, is left to your imagination.

Camp Qween (Trixya) - Matilda

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first attempt at writing a fanfic. It’s a teenager/camp AU with lots of queens, but is definitely about Trixya. Let me know if you like it! I’m excited to write more! I also have a drag queen blog goodnightcourtney Thanks!

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My opinion on Radiance Anthology international shipping fare

Hi I’m Andy a.k.a. Backer #67. 

At first I was one of those who nearly choked with the fare and was planning to buy the digital ver. however I decided to choose “BREATH OF LIFE”.

Why did I changed my mind?

1. As a designer I know that a book like Radiance would be quite expensive (at least in my country) and commissioning each contributor on their own would be even more pricy (and that’s just taking the fan art fares into account) so IMO  you can “trick” yourself to think that you are investing in the product and supporting your friends rather than paying the shipping.

2. I live in fucking Narnia (Colombia, actually but you got what I meant) and I’m used to pay shipping fares but I’ve never tried DHL which is a reliable company (many embassies here use their services to give the passports back when you apply for a visa) so if my package is gonna arrive on time and safe I’d be more than glad to make the investment.

3. I double checked the rewards and the stretch goals and guys it’s worth the price, I swear!!!!

4. The estimated delivery says October a.k.a. my birth month so I decided to view Radiance as a gift from myself. I’m in love with this fandom and it’s the first time I buy something like this… so even if its not your b-day you can turn it into something even more special and worthy 


feanorrrwashere  asked:

Hi there, would you mind explain why you consider cc and tmi books problematic? I mean they are a somehow flat especially compare to tid/tda but I don’t think i would called them problematic. As for Claire I have hear people to complain about her in the past but always judging by her books I can’t see why. Now this not to say you are wrong or anything like that. I’m just curious on the matter.

Hi! First I’d like to thank you for being so polite in your ask! I know a lot of CC and TMI fans, even casual fans, can be very rude about anyone who views CC or TMI negatively.

So, I’ll start with the analytical book stuff and then go on to the author gossip so that you can have some legit criticism and then read the gossip-y stuff if you’d like and I’ll even direct you to some posts that explain certain things in better details and offer sources so that it doesn’t seem like I’m just offering a bunch of baseless rumors. Also, be warned, I write long analytical posts as I have no chill lol so this post is going to be rather long even though I’ll try to cut to the chase.

The Mortal Instruments books aren’t the best books I’ve ever read, not even by a long shot, but the plot itself isn’t problematic. While I don’t like how the books come off more as a series of events strung together by a halfhearted central plot with rather bland and one-dimensional characters, it’s not those things that make the books problematic but rather the characters and the way Clare handles them.

Let’s start with Clary since she’s the main character. She’s rather bland and just really whiny (not a character I disliked or liked, she kind of feels…there) but what makes her problematic is just how she seems to hate all female characters that are prettier than her and could be possible love-interests for Jace. The books give her a weird relationship with Izzy but it’s nowhere near a friendship. She’ll spend so much time kind of side-eyeing Izzy and judging Izzy for how she dresses and basically slut-shaming Izzy and it’s not even because Clary doesn’t like girls that dress like that and sleep around but rather just because she believes that Izzy is a main contender in the competition of winning over Jace. One thing I don’t like that Clare did was play on that stupid trope of girls only seeing each other as competition for a guy (we even see a bit of that in TID with Tessa immediately viewing Jessie as competition for Will but, thankfully, moving past that quickly as she understands that Jessie has no interest in either Will or Jem for that matter). I also really disliked that Clary uses Simon during that godforsaken faux incest plot just to make Jace jealous (which is so wrong on so many levels, but I’ll get to the incest later). Clary also used Alec’s sexuality as leverage against him which is so wrong (Alec’s reaction to Clary realizing his sexuality wasn’t great either).

I think Clare just doesn’t know how to make good female characters in the first place as she makes Izzy super bad too. She’s written as a character that’s supposed to be a slut in no uncertain terms, and that’s just so bad. It’s not like Clare even tries to make it so that Izzy is super comfortable in her body and everyone accepts her because the way she dresses doesn’t make for her intelligence and her ability to fight (which we all know she’s good at). Clare just makes Izzy a pretty face with nothing but boys and how to dress provocatively on her mind, which I don’t think is necessarily bad, if it weren’t for the fact that Clare makes those things out to be bad. I absolutely adore female characters that love dressing up and love constantly dating and don’t care much for fighting if they’re properly developed because I’m so tired of the “I hate dresses and makeup and I’m not like other girls, I’m one of the guys” female characters that are just so annoying at this point. Clare just acts like being feminine and being comfortable in your body are such bad things when that’s not supposed to be true at all. And Izzy really isn’t even there as an actual main character but rather to make Clary seem like the better of the two girls because she’s not what Izzy supposedly represents (femininity and sexuality) and eventually only there as Simon’s love interest (so to further a male character’s love story).

So, as of now, Clare really isn’t seeming like the feminist she claims she is as she not only poorly represents her female characters, she uses them to further male story-lines and there is a huge difference in the female to male ratio in the series (the story is honestly so male-dominated and there’s no balance in female and male characters whatsoever, e are about three main female characters with a dozen of main male characters).

Jace really isn’t problematic in his characterization like Clary or in what he does aside from the faux incest subplot. He’s definitely unlikable and a total Bad Boy trope with untapped potential for being an amazing multi-dimensional character and has an unnecessarily complicated backstory but that’s not really bad outside of writing-wise. So, because I really don’t want to push it off anymore, I’m going to talk about the incest subplot. First of all, incest should very much not be used as some sort of obstacle a couple has to go through to prove their love for each other or whatever. Anything else would have been better, even having Izzy as a legitimate love interest for Jace would have been better. I found it just so uncomfortable having to read through that Seelie Court scene. And the fact that Jace and Clary continued to have feelings for each other and didn’t even try to squash their feelings down and try to see each other as full-blooded siblings just made it all worse. I was so relieved when Valentine admitted that he pretended to be Jace’s father (again, the unnecessarily complicated backstory)…then almost threw up when Sebastian came in and showed romantic interest in his own sister. I understand that Sebastian is supposed to be creepy and unlikable, but, damn, Clare could have done without the incest subplot. It makes it all more irksome that Sebastian is very aware that Clary is his full-blooded sister and yet he still somehow can’t control his feelings for her? The only time I want to see any incest in any form is in an episode of Law & Order: SVU where the main detectives spend the entire episode denouncing incest and calling it wrong in every aspect.

One of the bigger problems I had in the series was Alec. So that you know, I do not like Alec at all, and don’t care for him. Just because Matthew Daddario plays him in the show doesn’t mean I suddenly like show!Alec over book!Alec (although show!Alec has some redeemable traits). I don’t like him at all, period. That way you know that my criticism about Alec isn’t because “Well show!Alec is better and book!Alec this and that, and Matthew plays him which makes him so much better” as I’ve seen a lot of people do. Matthew seems like a kind and likable dude, but I cannot just get behind Alec at all. Aside from being such a stoic and bland character (I don’t really do serious characters, they’re not very fun and they remain rather static throughout stories which is boring), Alec is such a gross character and such a poor excuse for homosexual representation. I think it’s so sad that Clare made her only gay (male homosexual, I only specify since gay is used as a blanket term a lot of the times) character so unlikable and very biphobic. Not only does Alec threaten bodily harm to Clary so that she doesn’t reveal his sexuality (which is a huge no-no, that’s a terrible way to handle a closeted character’s anxiety over coming out), when Alec’s sexuality is finally revealed, it’s in Simon’s point of view which is just so…ugh. Alec is such a huge slut-shamer too; he’s right on par with Clary. He spends so much time egging Magnus about his past relationships and acting like Magnus, a hundred-something years old man, would never have had any relationship before Alec at all. What makes Alec’s slut-shaming so much worse is that it always points back to Magnus’s bisexuality. As a bisexual myself, I hate seeing people slut-shaming us bisexuals (when we’re not being out right ignored, that is) because we go both ways. It’s as if a heterosexual or homosexual isn’t as likely to cheat or be sexually promiscuous at all. It’s just so gross and uncomfortable and what made me absolutely despise Alec. And anyone, even a bisexual, who supports Alec’s biphobia because it’s “realistic” should remember that the Shadowhunter world is full of angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, and magical objects with few poc and lgbt+ characters; CC is far from realism at this point, she could have done without the biphobia.

Magnus isn’t perfect either as he’s so unnecessarily rude to Alec for not coming out quickly and basically attacking Alec for not admitting his sexuality to everyone. You’d think that Magnus, a bisexual man born in the nineteenth century, would understand that it would be difficult for Alec to come out as gay and that he should be so supportive of Alec and help him through it.

Racial/ethnic and sexual representation is at such a minimum and Clare just doesn’t seem to know how to handle her poc and lgbt+ characters properly at all. We have only four lgbt+ characters, one of which is biphobic (Alec), two whom are super minor and there to further other characters’ stories (Magnus and Aline), and one who doesn’t even appear much in general (Helen) and the only two lgbt+ relationships in the entire TMI series seem to have to go through so many obstacles that either the heterosexual relationships don’t have to go through or if they’re in a similar circumstance is easily resolved (like the immortality question for Malec is somehow unable to be resolved and actually made more difficult while Sizzy resolve the immortality question so quickly and easily). And as far as I can remember, most of the TMI characters are very white. The only non-white/ethnic representation we get are Simon (Jewish), Maia (biracial, black and white I believe), Aline (Chinese, if I remember correctly), Magnus (biracial, Indonesian and Dutch), and Jordan (ethnically and racially ambiguous). That’s five characters that I can remember from a very, very long list of characters. So, Clare isn’t much of a good white ally either.

Those are just some of my main problems with The Mortal Instruments books that I feel make them problematic. I know some people can pull out a lot more things I forgot as it’s been a while since I even touched those books. I understand that those books were her first ones to be published and writing changes (as seen in her other series), but Cassandra Clare as a person really does not seem to change.

I’m not as well versed in the problems with Cassandra Clare so I’ll link you to a couple of posts as I give my brief points that explain everything better and give sources (because in situations like these, sources are necessary so that you don’t come off as some Gossip Girl).

So, for Cassandra Clare, you’ll have to bare with me as she’s done a good amount of things that even I can’t keep straight and I’ll definitely miss out on some stuff.

  • She has a history of cyberbullying fans and continues to do so (x)
  • She tried to scam the fandom in something that’s called LaptopGate (x)
  • She plagiarized the hell out of other authors’ works and she won’t apologize for it and won’t even admit it (x)(x)
  • She seems to have a need for taking down anyone who tries point out her plagiarism/any problematic content her books have and then cries anti-bullying because she got hurt (x)
  • She’s was and still is hateful of the show (x)(x)(x)
  • She basically told a fan asking for positive Muslim representation that it won’t happen (x)
  • She claims that people dislike her because she’s a woman (x)
  • She claims that the reason why she couldn’t include much Malec (or LGBT+ rep in general) was because her publishing company was conservative which is a bald-faced lie (x)(x)
  • She tweeted about Magnus currently identifying as bisexual even though she headcanons him pansexual because he would date someone nonbinary which just goes to show her ignorance about sexuality (x)

I really recommend you go through the anti CC tag. There will definitely be a lot of negative things said as many people are angry at CC but you’ll get a better understanding as to why people are mad and believe CC and TMI are problematic.

Just for the record, I will say that I am a fan of the books Clare writes. I really enjoyed The Infernal Devices (although I had a few problems with the series but most of them being plot-wise and not liking a few characters) and I’ve heard better things about The Dark Artifices (I’ve also heard it’s got a few problems with its representation but that it’s a step up from The Mortal Instruments). While I don’t agree with and dislike a lot of the things she’s done and written, I think the books are wonderful. I believe that it’s absolutely possible to enjoy a book or television series or movie or whatever and acknowledge that it’s problematic. And I will also say that while I like Shadowhunters better than The Mortal Instruments books, I don’t think that the show is flawless and free of problems. It’s still rather problematic with it’s use of stereotypes, whitewashing/scooting around the ethnicity of certain characters played by pocs (the Lightwood and Lewis families), sidelining of pocs, inherent homophobia (basically queerbaited with Malec and didn’t even show tons of scenes that would have been shown for a straight couple), and a few other problems. But the show is definitely a step up from the books. They really change a lot of things that just didn’t sit well with not only myself but a lot of the book readers and they also fix a ton of plot holes that were in the books.

Anyway, I digress. I really hope that you see this as actual criticism and not me just hating for the sake of hating. You can totally disagree with some of the things that I mentioned and view things differently than I do as that’s your right. But, anyway, I hope this explained things well!

M [M.A.D.E. Series] Part 1 - Big Bang

Originally posted by jeffersonhairpie

Summary: Part M; They were losers until you helped them out. Then they become a little more than friends.

Genre: Angst

Warning: Swearing, mentions of suicide

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 300 FOLLOWERS!!! I’m so thankful for all of you. I’ll explain how this series is going to work out. So this is going to follow the MADE albums that came out in 2015, and i’m gonna post the parts out in order of the songs. So this one is Loser, and the next is Bae Bae. Anyways thank you so much for 300 I’m so thankfull!

~ Admin Brooklyn


Honestly meeting them wasn’t exactly the most well thought out situation in the world. It was actually the most unexpected. It was either fate or coincidence that made it all happen. The random coincidence that you had to fill in for a coworker, making you late. Or fate that had decided that you should live on the same apartment floor as him. He was the first out of the five that you met. It all kinda happened fast, and honestly a little uneventful compared to the others.

When you first met Kwon Ji Yong you were tired, a little grumpy and honestly you really just wanted to cuddle up in bed with a pillow and rewatch old dramas. Ji Yong seemed agitated and frustrated, but also tired and gloomy. He was annoyed by all the people that followed him to his apartment. He was annoyed with all his unanswered text and calls. Above all else, he was most annoyed at himself. She wasn’t answering him cause he was a jackass. He decided that it was best to ignore her while he had her. He couldn’t focus on her when she needed it. Now that Ji Yong needs attention from her, she’s gone. Her love for him washed away.

You first saw Kwon Ji Yong in the apartment complex’s elevator. He wore a white bomber jacket with dark designs and photos printed on the fabric. He contrasted it with a black graphic T-shirt tucked into jeans patterned by splotches of light and dark blues. To top it all off he wore a single silver chain. You gave it to him. The man knew how to dress well. Out of everything he had going on with his outfit - the “TRUTH+DARE” tattoo he had on his neck and the sunglasses that was still worn inside the building- your attention was drawn to his hair and the little tattoo on the left side of his face.

His hair was handsome. Nobody could deny that black had a handsome and old-fashioned look to it. Although the style of his hair was pretty modern. All the hair on his face was slicked back, the side of his head was buzzed. What drew your attention the most was the little tattoo of a noose hanging from his left sideburn. It was small, but noticeable against his pale skin. Although the little tattoo probably held a darker meaning behind it, you couldn’t help but find some liking towards it.

The small elevator ride was awkward. You were worn out, and although he was very attractive, you couldn’t find the energy to give a single fuck of what you looked like in front of him. You knew your hair was messy and wild, but not the sexy kind of wild or the cute kind of messy. It’s the kind of wild that you stay away from because you know that if you get near the beast, it’ll kill you just to satisfy its bloodlust. It was the kind of messy that shows that your life isn’t exactly together. You knew that your work uniform had food stains on them. Due to customers that were either clumsy or rude or the occasional time when your luck had vanished for a single moment and you slipped. Your makeup felt old and worn, and you were sure that your exhaustion translated on your face.

The ding of the elevator seemed to wake you up from your tired daze. You snapped back to reality, quickly realizing that he left you in the elevator alone. You rushed out of the elevator and down the hall. You smiled in relief as you got to your apartment door. Your bland beige apartment door turned into your own gateway into Narnia. A huge sigh of relief left your lips as you slipped off your shoes, your feet aching from being on your feet all day. You slipped off your coat and hung it up before setting your purse down on a nearby countertop. You dug out your phone, setting it out in the open in case you get any calls, which was unlikely cause all of your friends were going out. Sluggishly you made your way towards your shower. Quickly checking for a towel you slipped out of your clothes and into the hot shower.

After your shower you wrapped yourself in a fluffy towel, drying off than dressing in a loose fitting shirt and shorts. You made your way to your couch, collapsing on it and turning on the TV. You surfed the channels finding something to watch that was on, finally settling on a drama’s recent episode. Everything was calm and relaxing. The bright light of the TV shining on your face as you watched in the dark with a blanket over you. Your quiet peace was agitated as a faint crashing sound radiated into your apartment. You sat up alarmed, looking around your apartment, checking for anything that could’ve made that sound. When the sound happened again, this time with faint yelling.

You left the comfort of your couch and went towards the door. You opened it cautiously, looking down the hall. The plain hall had never seemed to fill you with this much anxiety as it did in this moment. The look of it was normal. Plain golden yellow walls, with light fixtures placed every ten feet, and the dark carpet that seemed to never stain. The sounds that echoed off the golden walls weren’t as normal. The sound of glass shattering, followed by the sound of a frustrated yell, and then lastly following it with a quiet sob that you almost missed.

You walked into the hall, not bothering to put on shoes. Your shirt moved loosely as you crept your way towards the noise. As you passed your neighbor’s door, you wondered how they don’t hear the noise. It was loud enough for you to hear. Your question was answered as moaning emitted from the door. You cringed as you moved forward, wanting un-hear it. As you moved towards the next door, the sound of sounds crashing got louder, as well as the yelling. You stopped at the door. The plain brown door had the black numbers C16 on it. Two rooms away from yours. The door was slightly ajar, but you knocked just in case.

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"Couch Cuddles" and Edmund Pevensie imagine

Requested by Anon:
“I don’t know how specific you want requests to be but could you do a cute Edmund imagine. Maybe cuddling on the couch on a cold night. Thank you. Love your blog.”

Warnings: FLUFF


“Are you cold?”
The question rang out through the silence that had been surrounding us for the past hour. The only noises had been coming from the storm outside and the occasional ‘drip’ of a rain drop leaking from the ceiling and landing in the pot below it.
“A little.” I mumbled.
I had stopped by the Pevensie household earlier to see Lucy about a tutoring session but she had gone out with her mum and older sister, Susan, to the shops. Peter was here earlier but had gone out after the first hour and a half of this horrible storm, after the power had gone out, to go try and find the rest of his family. I’m not sure if he’s really brave or just really stupid… probably the later… or a bit of both maybe? Point is, I was left with Edmund in the cold, dark, quiet house.
Now, I have no problem with Edmund, he’s always been nice to me. But lately things have just gotten… awkward between the two of us. We hadn’t exactly been friends before, but on occasion we would stop and talk briefly on the street if we saw each other. Now he avoided most contact with me. I supposed it was just him going through changes as he got older.
“Let me go get some more blankets.” He said, getting up from his end of the couch and disappearing with one of the candles we had lit earlier.
When he returned, he had only one blanket with him.
“I forgot,” Edmund said as he came back ten minutes later, “Mum took off all the bedding earlier to clean it. This is the only blanket left it looks like.” He held it out to me. I tried to tell him to take the blanket but he refused, saying that it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly for him to take it and let me sit and freeze. So I gave in and took the blanket.
Twenty minutes later, however, I noticed Edmund shifting uncomfortably under his blanket. I sighed, knowing he wouldn’t dare say anything about being cold, and shifted toward him.
“Lift up your blanket.” I told him.
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “Why?” He asked, though he did what I told him to anyway.
“Because,” I said, bringing myself closer to him so that I could get under his blanket, “This way we’ll both be able to keep warm. Don’t want to get sick or something, do you?” I threw my two blankets over top of his.
We sat there awkwardly for five minutes before Edmund sighed softly and brought his arm over my shoulder.
“Sorry, it was just getting uncomfortable and I-” he stopped talking when I moved to lay my head on his shoulder.
“I don’t mind.” I said softly, starting to drift off to sleep.

When I woke up it was the next morning and Edmund and I had somehow managed to move into a laying position while we were sleeping, my back against his chest and my front facing the back of the couch. I could feel Edmunds fingers playing with my hair and I could smell the aroma of bacon and pancakes as I slowly woke up and fell back into the real world. After letting Edmund play with my hair for a few minutes longer, I rolled over to be met face-to-face with him.
“Hi.” I whispered. We were so close that our noses brushed.
“Hi.” He whispered back, still playing with my hair.
I had known the Pevensie’s for a long time, but never had I been so close to Edmund (literally and figuritively) and it felt… nice. It felt right. And I guess he felt the same way because he made no move to get up.
“Are you two awake yet? Your breakfast will get cold soon.” Susan called from the kitchen.
“We should probably get up now…” Edmund whispered.
“Probably…” was the answer I gave, but I still didn’t move.
Edmund moved ever so slightly to place his lips on my nose before he stood up and walked into the kitchen, where I could already hear Peter teasing his younger brother about the position we were in.
“Well, wasn’t that cute.” My eyes widened as I saw Lucy standing at the bottom of the steps, a smug smile on her face.
“Lucy, how long have you been standing there?” I asked, sitting up and stretching.
She simply shrugged and said, “Long enough,” before she skipped her way to the kitchen. I shook my head, knowing that Edmund and I would never hear the end of this. But as Edmund came back into the room with breakfast for the both of us and a warm smile on his face, I knew that I didn’t care.


The end! I’ve been in such a fluffy mood lately, wow. Hope you enjoyed, remember to request (I’m running low on requests at the moment)! That’s all for now so bye guys!

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How To Win A Duel (Edmund x Reader)

I hope y'all enjoy this imagine! Send me an ask to let me know! I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors.


(Y/N)’s long dagger fell to the floor. Breathing heavily, she glared at the person who had disarmed her for the ninth time. Edmund smirked.

She and Edmund had been practicing for a good two hours now. It started off with Edmund showing her a few new moves, which quickly turned into a dueling competition. Edmund, not surprisingly, was winning.

It’s not that (Y/N) was bad at sword fighting-she was actually quite good at it-it’s just that she was trying to beat the best swordsman of the age. And happened to be failing at it.

It also didn’t help that Edmund had taught her everything she knew about sword fighting. Nor did it help that he was ambidextrous and could fight with two swords (something that caused (Y/N) to say he had to fight with just one sword after he beat her the third time).

She hasn’t learned to use two simultaneously the way Edmund does, but she’s learned how fight with her left hand. Although, she is still stronger when using her right hand.

But Edmund was still better. Still winning. And that made (Y/N) mad.

“Okay, (Y/N).” Edmund said panting, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. The front of his tunic was drenched in sweat and his now wet hair was sticking to his forehead. “I think that’s enough.”

“What?” (Y/N) asked breathing just as heavily and looking just as disheveled as they walked back to a table containing towels and water, “You want to stop? Too tired? Or too scared that I’ll win the next one?”

Edmund let out laugh as he wiped his face with a towel. “You’re not going to win, (Y/N). Not yet at least.”

(Y/N) huffed. She never liked it when someone said she couldn’t do something. Yes, she knew she couldn’t beat him because he was simply better and more experienced at it than she was, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

What she needed was a move he hadn’t taught her, a new move, something unexpected. Then a thought came to her.

She blushed the minute she thought of it and was glad that her face was already red from the exercise.

She grabbed a glass of water and drank it while discreetly looking at Edmund over the rim.

She has liked him for some time now. She used to convince herself that it was simply the way siblings love each other; the way she felt for all the Pevensies. But she realized it was something more when the princesses from other countries began to come seeking Edmund’s love. Making (Y/N) want to grow her nails long simply to claw their eyes out.

But she didn’t know if Edmund felt the same. Sure, Lucy would tease her by saying Edmund liked her but that didn’t mean anything.

What it would have benefitted (Y/N) to know is that Edmund did, in fact, like her. Loved her even. He discovered just how strong his feelings were when a Duke made a move on (Y/N).

He had felt a bubbling sensation in his chest, one he later realized was jealousy, when the Duke began to slip his arm around her waist. Followed by a great sense of relief when (Y/N) turned and punched him when he refused to leave her alone.

But (Y/N) didn’t know this. She never saw the looks he gave her. The special smile he had just for her. (Y/N) was too busy worrying that they were simply friends and nothing more.

But, if she did use this move she would definitely win the next fight. And maybe walk out of here with a boyfriend.

Or with no friend.

Still, she had to try.

Steeling her nerves she turned to Edmund and said, “One more duel. That’ll make and even ten that we’ve done and gives me one last chance to win.”

“Fine,” Edmund sighed, setting his cup back down.

They walked back to the middle of the floor. Both stood in their starting positions until Edmund made the first move.

He swung at her from the right, which (Y/N) quickly blocked before taking a jab at him from the center. Edmund swung his sword back down, quickly blocking her blow and twisting his sword so as to flick (Y/N)’s dagger out of her hand. (Y/N) blocked and made another jab.

This continued for another minute or so when (Y/N) decided to try her next move.

With a quick flick of her wrist, (Y/N) acted as if she would try to twist the sword out of his arm from the side-a move that would bring them chest to chest.

When Edmund expertly blocked it (typical), (Y/N) quickly turned her head and placed her lips on his.

Edmund froze. (Y/N) quickly used his shock as an opportunity to flick his sword out of his hand. She stepped back, breathing heavily, searching his eyes for something, anything, that would reveal what he though of what she’d done. Her expression wasn’t boastful. There was no triumphant smile. Her face shone with fear.

Edmund continued to look at the ground with an expression both confused and curious. Did she kiss him because she liked him? Or simply because she wanted to win? If the later, would she kiss any random guy just to win in a duel? He couldn’t have that. Whether she had kissed him out of love or out of the desire to win, he wouldn’t be able to live with (Y/N) going around kissing random boys simply to win fights. He loved her too much to let her do that.

Edmund cleared his throat and said, “Please tell me you won’t go around kissing random guys just to win duels.”

(Y/N) lowered her head. She didn’t hear the worry in his voice, the fear that she hadn’t kissed him out of love, she mistook it for rejection.

“Sorry,” she mumbled before dropping her dagger then turning and jogging towards the door. She had to get out of there.

And Edmund had to know why she kissed him. He quickly went after her, grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him, not paying attention to how close this brought them.

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Ed, I said I was sorry. Now please, just let me go.” (Y/N) mumbled looking at the ground.

“(Y/N), I need to know. Why did you kiss me?”

“Why do you think?” (Y/N) asked, glaring up at him. Was he trying to humiliate her?

“Look, either you kissed me only because you wanted to win or-” Edmund paused, looking at the ground, unable to withstand the anger he saw in her eyes.

“Do you really think I’d go around kissing random guys just to win a duel?” (Y/N) retorted, angry now. “That really hurts, Ed, that you would even consider it. Of course the reason I kissed you then was to actually beat you in a duel but I wouldn’t have considered that as an option if I didn’t love you! Damn it, Ed! I’ve wanted to kiss you for awhile now, I just finally had the courage to do it! Oh, and don’t worry, it won’t happen ever again. Now, let go of me so-”

(Y/N) never got to finish her sentence. The hand that had been holding her arm was now cupping her face; Edmund’s lips were now pressed to her own.

She stepped closer and wrapped her arms around his neck. Edmund wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her into him until they were pressed together.

The tension that the first kiss created quickly evaporated. All the feelings the couple had kept hidden were let out; each clinging to the other like there was nothing else in the world to hold onto.

After what felt like an eternity, Edmund pulled away, both of them breathing heavily, and looked into (Y/N)’s eyes.

(Y/N) smiled at him. “I win,” she said.

He smiled and said, “I’m glad you’re so competitive. Otherwise we might not be doing this right now.”

(Y/N) let out a small laugh and glanced down. “I thought you were mad when I kissed you.”

Edmund laughed. “Mad? Surprised more like it. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to kiss you for months now and here you make the first move. I wasn’t mad, I was worried you had only done it because you wanted to win.”

(Y/N) frowned slightly. “So what you said about me going around kissing everybody…?”

Edmund hung his head. “That was the fear talking. I mean, what was I supposed to think? Someone like you loving some like me seemed impossible.”

“It seamed more impossible from my standpoint, believe me.” (Y/N) replied smirking.

Edmund looked back up at her, a huge grin spreading across his face. “So we’re good?”

(Y/N) snorted. “I let you kiss me, didn’t I?”

Edmund smirked and tightened his arms around her. “So does that mean I’m free to kiss you again?”

(Y/N) tilted her head up at him smiling. “That means you get to kiss me whenever you want. On the condition that I also get to kiss you whenever I want.”

“Can’t argue with that arrangement, now can I?”

“No you can’t” (Y/N) said before Edmund pressed his lips to hers again.

“Wait till Lucy hears.” (Y/N) said smiling when they pulled away.

“More like wait until Peter and Susan hear! It’s about time!”

*Lucy could hardly tell Peter and Susan once she found them. She was too out of breath from running away from two lovebirds screaming bloody murder.*

On Eros and Agape

I know Yuri!!! on Ice is quickly becoming the most overanalysed anime this season, but I still want to add my two cents.

About Eros versus Agape.

Agape is, as Victor puts it, ‘unconditional love’. In the original Greek, it is the highest form of love. It is selfless, the love for God and family. The bible tends to use it for 'charity’ as well.
Eros is a much more sexual in nature. 'Passionate love’ in Greek. It is also 'love at first sight’, that little explosion in your gut that happens when you see someone flawless (like, say, Victor).

My main contention here is that, while Victor says he wants both of them to surprise the audience, what he’s doing is putting them in the song that best reflects them. Or at the very least, the part of them they need to connect with.

He even says it himself.


Yuri wears all the acoutrements of the sexy rebel: leather, studs, cat stuff and attitude. That and the fact that he’s heartbreakingly beautiful means that he projects a certain sexiness. He’s aware of this.
He chooses the Eros piece because superficially, it suits him: it’s fast, it’s feisty and Yuri, as an entertainer, probably realizes that this sort of stuff sells.

But Yuri is basically sexless. He is very much a 15 year old in the throws of puberty and the show makes it clear he hasn’t come out the other side yet.

This image pretty much sums up the difference between Yuri and Yuuri.

He doesn’t want to share baths with people and he either doesn’t understand what sex *does* or doesn’t care. He seems mightily confused by Yako’s bleeding nose syndrome, which could be a cultural thing. But then we see him admonishing Mila for her relationships.
He doesn’t date and he doesn’t feel the need for a lover.
What he wants, is to win. His Agape is for his grandfather and I have a feeling he’s so set on winning to make his family proud. But most of all, this love fits him because of the absence of sex. In a way, Victor is putting him closer to this core aspect of himself, which he actually does turn into his new weapon.

We see in ep 4 that he is very aware of his body, and he realizes that right now he’s still bendy and androgynous. That makes sense, since the rigorous training involved in acrobatics and ballet, especially when done from a young age, delays growth. And Yuri wants to use that to win. His absence of Eros is what makes him strong.
As an aside, the agape piece has an extra effect on Yuri, in that it gives him back his love of skating. Yuri skates primarily to win and in his age group, he had no contenders. In a way, the face-off makes him regain his love for the sport (this is incidentally about the same character arc as, say, an Aomine Daiki in KnB). It grounds him and gives him the motivation to push through.
Agape, folks. All this with a single short choreography.


And then we have Yuuri, who thinks with his groin a lot.
Especially when Victor’s around.
This is a guy who seems very blushy and shy and innocent, but who did have a crush on an older woman at a young age. Who never had a lover but feels particularly self-consious about that. Who keeps having to deal with a naked Russian in his onsen, and is extremely conflicted about that.
You don’t see Yuri getting red in the face at the sight of a skating Victor, because to Yuri, Victor is just a skater. A really good one, and one he wants as a coach.

To Yuuri, he is so much more.
Yuuri’s main wish for Victor isn’t to coach him, but to hang out with him.
Yuri does not look at Victor the same way Yuuri does.
And it’s absolutely a sexual thing.
We keep making jokes about pork cutlet bowls, but there’s a reason Victor was all ‘ok we’ll go with that’. The link between food and sex has been studied for decades. It’s a thing.

But for Yuuri, it’s the only thing he can think of to link him to Eros.
Yuuri is a 23 year old who cannot think of sex in other terms. He’s not in touch with his sexuality at all. Even putting aside the *nature* of his sexuality for a second, he’s not comfortable within his own skin. He’s way less aware of his own body than a kid 8 years his junior who is planning to weaponize puberty.
Yuuri’s body is fully developed, but his mind is still stuck in the murky waters of a middle-schooler. As an adult male he needs to get in touch with his own sexuality, through the power of ice skating. And Victor seems awfully willing to help him do that.
Through choreography.


Victor is a god among men and is basically pushing character development on both Yuri’s by giving them pieces that put them in touch with their inner strengths. The reason he’s still in Japan, is because Yuri only needed a little nudge while Yuuri is so deep in the closet he could be ruling Narnia.

Hair Clips and Surprise Visits (Peter Pevensie)

A/N: Okay here goes my very first imagine ever, so please be nice beans and cut me a break. Emma

Prompt: (Y/N) meets Lucy when Mr. Tumnus does, but when Lucy leaves (Y/N) finds her hair clip and goes to return it to Lucy in the land of Spare Oom meeting the rest of the Pevensie’s and flirting with Peter a little 😊

(Y/N)’s POV

Lucy Pevensie is a lovely and polite girl who stumbled into Narnia, uncle Tumnus and I while playing hide and seek with her family. The poor girl was so confused and my idiot of an uncle took advantage of this and tried to do the White Witch’s bidding. Uncle Tumnus and I were running the girl back to the lamppost where we found her.

“Can you find your way back from here?” Uncle Tumnus asked.

Lucy nodded. Uncle Tumnus began to cry.

“Hey. It’s alright.” Lucy and I comforted him.

He tried to give Lucy back her hankie.

“Keep it.” Lucy smiled. “You need it more than I do.” She smiled.

“No matter what happens Lucy Pevensie. We’re glad to have met you.” Uncle Tumnus smiled. “You’ve made me feel warmer than I have in a hundred years.”

“Go Lucy.” I said as Lucy ran off back to the land of War Drobe in Spare Oom.

Lucy’s POV

I fell out of the wardrobe and ran out of the spare room. I heard Peter cry “Coming ready or not!” But I didn’t quite understand why.

“It’s alright I’m alright. I’m back.” I kept shouting as I found Edmund hiding in the same place he was before.

“Quiet he’s coming!” Ed whispered.

“I don’t think you two quite understand this game.” Peter said as he approached us.

“Weren’t you wondering where I was?” I asked.

“That’s the point that’s why he was seeking you.” Ed said in a duh tone.

(Y/N)’s POV

Tumnus and I returned to his home and I started cleaning up the mug that Lucy had dropped when I saw what was on the chair.

A small metal clip, I believe it was Lucy’s hair clip. She was wearing one when we met her.

“Uncle Tumnus I’m going out for a bit I will return later.” I announced before leaving the house.

I returned to the lamppost where we met and left Lucy. Which way did she go? I thought. I turned the direction I saw Lucy run off to, so I went the same way she did. It was getting darker and darker the way that I went the snow got lighter and lighter until it was all gone and I didn’t feel the fur of the fir trees no I felt the fur of animals brushing either side of me. I felt wood under my feet, I didn’t think I was in Narnia any more, was I in the land of War Drobe?

“Lucy, the only woods in there is the back of the wardrobe.” A girl’s voice said.

“One game at a time Lu. We don’t all have your imagination.” A male voice said.

I couldn’t stand to listen them be mean to that poor girl and disrespect my home, so I slowly and quietly walked up to the door.

“Lucy.” I said, the room went quiet as I opened the door.

That was when I saw for pairs of eyes on me. A older version of Lucy just with darker hair, a black haired boy who was a little older than Lucy and a older blonde boy who looked my age. I was staring at the blonde boy for a moment. I had to shake my head to snap back to reality.

“Um, Lucy.” I said drawing my attention back to the small girl. “You left this at mine.” I said pulling out the hair clip. “Well I assume it’s yours. I’ve never seen it before and I can’t imagine Tumnus wearing it.” I giggled, and handing the clip back to the small girl.

“Thank you (Y/N).” Lucy replied, before looking around to her family. “(Y/N) let me introduce you to my family. This is Edmund.” She pointed to the black haired boy. “This is Susan.” She pointed to the girl. “And this is Peter.” She pointed to the blonde who smiled at me.

“Nice to meet you all.” I smiled politely, my smile lingering over Peter. “Well Lu. I must get going, I don’t know how much time has passed in my world.” I gave her a quick hug before climbing back into the wardrobe.

“Wait.” A voice called. I turned to see it was Peter. “What are you?” He asked.

“What have you never seen a Nymph before?” I asked, he shook his head. “Well I’m (Y/N) the Nymph.” I smiled at him.

“Nice to meet you (Y/N) the Nymph.” He returned the smiled. “Will we see you again?” He asked.

“Only if you join Lucy in her next visit.” I said before returning to my home. I hoped I would be seeing Peter again he seemed like a really interesting guy.

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AU where lily or James is deaf and the other tries really hard to learn sign language or something cute like that

They’ve been friends for a while now and, really, the only reason they aren’t going out is because neither of them has asked the other. It’s ridiculous because everyone except for them seems to know that they fancy each other. Remus and Marlene are close to staging an intervention. 

Lily’s going to ask him out though, she is, there’s just something she needs to do first. Which is why she’s spending her friday night in an empty charms classroom with Sirius Black. It’s not like her other friday night options were any wilder. Her usual friday nights consisted of either hanging out with her friends in the dorm, or hanging out with her friends in the common room. In some ways this actually meant she was getting out and about. 

“You realise this is gonna take more than one hour a week right?” Sirius drawls from where he’s flicking through the books Lily’s mum had sent in the post that morning. 

“That’s why we’re going to be in here every Tuesday Wednesday and Friday.” He raises an eyebrow. She beams at him.

“That’s when James is at Quidditch practice.”


Sirius sighs and tips his chair back on to two legs. “Why am I not surprised you know his timetable?”

“We’re co-Heads, I need to know where he is in case I need him for something.”

“You mean so you can randomly appear there to flirt with him?” Sirius smirks when she opens her mouth to argue with him then shuts it because he’s right. “Don’t worry Evans, he knows yours too.” He lands the chair heavily on four legs again and winks. “Now, let’s start with what you know.” 

It takes more than three hours a week. Sirius can’t help her all the time though so she holes herself up in empty classrooms and the bathroom and even occasionally in a broom cupboard to practice. She reads all the muggle books her mum sends her, pouring over them more than once. She practices in the mirror and runs through what she knows so far during History of Magic lessons. 

Peter catches on after three weeks when he notices her stifled laughter, covered with a cough, at breakfast at something Remus just signed across the table. He narrows his eyes at her and pulls her aside on the way to Transfiguration. “How did you know what Remus said?”

She blinks at him, picture of innocence. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Who’s teaching you?” 

“Sirius.” She gives in because it’s obvious he’s figured it out and he shakes his head. 

“I could help too you know.” He nods towards where Sirius, James and Remus are walking ahead of them, jostling each other around the corridor. “And Remus. We won’t tell Prongs.”

With all three of them helping it comes a little quicker. Now she’s spending every night holed up with at least one of them in a Charms classroom, Flitwick nodding profusely in acceptance when she asks to use them for a while. Sirius focuses on her fluency and accuracy, making sure she’s not rushed in movements and doesn’t slip up. Remus incorporates swearwords in with shortcuts, also introducing weekly tests which she scowls about but does. Peter has long conversations with her across all topics, picking her up on mistakes and not getting impatient when she forgets something. 

Eventually, she’s confident. Peter and Remus highfive when she tells them, signing it, and Sirius presses a gold star sticker onto her forehead. Lily’s not sure where he got it from. And then she’s ready. Now she’s just got to work up the confidence to be assured that he won’t say no. 

James has been sulking for the past couple of weeks, confused as to why his three best mates and the girl he’s pretty much in love with keep disappearing and reappearing together after an hour every night. They’ve all had different excuses. Apparently Peter has joined the Gobstones club. According to Remus he’s fallen behind on some of his work so needs to catch up. Sirius just refuses to answer his questions and pretends he doesn’t know what James is talking about. And Lily, well, her schedule is pinned up on the notice board in their office and in the slot where she disappears, it just says Narnia. He’d found out from Remus that that was a reference to a book with a wardrobe and a lions in it, but that just confused him further. 

So when Lily approaches him one day during lunch, when he’s sitting on his own beneath the beech tree, definitely not pouting, he doesn’t say anything at first.

“Hey.” She smiles, sitting next to him. James jerks his chin up in response. “Um… I was wondering if I could ask you something?”

“Struggling with McGonagall’s essay again?” He smirks, running a hand through his hair. Lily rolls her eyes. 

“Not quite.” He watches as she crosses her legs and turns to face him on the grass, her back to the lake.

Lily takes a deep breath and then begins to sign. “Will you go to Hogsmeade with me on the next weekend? As my boyfriend.”

James’s mouth drops open. For starters, she must have made a mistake, meant friend instead of boyfriend. Secondly, she just signed to him. He’s trying to figure out if she’s ever indicated knowing sign language before. But he knows that’s not the case. A lot of people in his life know it; his parents, his governesses as a child, McGonagall, the other Marauders, the Quidditch team know a few phrases… but Lily doesn’t. 

Except she must because she’s signing again, asking if that was right and if he’s okay. James certain he looks like a bus just hit him. 

“Is this where you’ve been every night?” He asks and she nods, smiling at him shyly. James runs a hand through his hair. “I’m going to kill them.” 

“Can you answer my question first?” She signs, a blush forming on her cheeks. James had almost forgotten. Lily Evans just asked him out. A grin blooms on his face and he laughs, leaning forward and kissing her before he can stop himself. He pulls back to son for her. 

Then, “Yes, a thousand times yes.” He signs and she grins, moving forward to kiss him again. James reckons he must be the luckiest guy in the world.