did you guys buy these in bulk

Title: Five Times III

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did

Word Count: 1139

A/N: TWO THINGS. I love Matt Murdock. I love this series. OKAY I hope you enjoy!! <3





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I’m completely on board with everyone who’s disappointed that Marvel Studios didn’t cast an older actress for Carol Danvers, but now that Brie Larson has been officially cast in the role, I think it’s really, really important to support her and the Captain Marvel movie for the same reason it’s important to support Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman. Both of these movies need to make money and be demonstrably successful for studios to be willing to bank on other woman-led superhero movies; it’s sexist and it sucks, but it’s a reality of our current and very broken Hollywood system.

DC and Marvel have collectively managed to field three movies about superheroines: 1984′s Supergirl, 2004′s Catwoman, and 2005′s Elektra. Movies like The Hunger Games has started to shift the paradigm, but we can’t assume success for Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman. Talk about how disappointed you are with Brie Larson or that studios won’t cast older actresses or that executives won’t allow actresses to bulk up for action roles – just don’t let any of that prevent you from buying a ticket.

(Also, Marvel did managed to snag a critically-acclaimed rising star for Carol, and that’s pretty excellent, too! None of this may be ideal, but it’s better than one more movie about a white guy named Chris. I’m hoping Black Panther and Captain Marvel are the start of a new trend, not end goals themselves.) 

The Boys Find Your Condoms (Mikey)

You walked back onto the bus with Mikey behind you. You two had ran out to grab some fast food for you and the boys. You looked up saw a strip of condoms hung over the door like a decoration. You turned to Mikey and nodded your head, telling him to look up, and exchanged confused glances with him when he saw. 

“Are they ours?” you asked and Mikey reached up to pull them down. “Looks like it y/n” he said, showing you the condoms in his hand. “They wouldn’t” you said. “Oh they definitely would” he shot back. You looked around for the boys and heard laughter coming from the back lounge of the bus.

You set down the bag of food and Mikey placed the drinks on the counter. When you opened the door to the back lounge you were greeted by three lads and a room full of blown up condoms. “You’ve got to be kidding me” you mumbled. The boys saw your face and cracked up. Mikey walked up behind you and said “What the fuck”. Ashton shrugged at the two of you. Luke and Calum were hitting a condom balloon back and forth. Luke hit it at you and you put up your hand to block it from hitting your face.

“Hey guys” Calum shouted. “What are you doing?” you asked. “We had to find some way to entertain ourselves while we were waiting for food” Luke chuckled. You turned to Ashton. “You let them do this?” you asked him. “Couldn’t really stop them, love” he answered. “And I might’ve joined in” he added with a smile. 

“Michael. Didn’t realize you needed magnums” Calum smirked. “Also, did you buy these things in bulk because holy shit there were a lot” Luke added. “You wasted our condoms to make balloons” Mikey said, glancing from boy to boy. 

“Well you had so many” Ashton said. You gave him a “shut the fuck up” look. “We need these” you told the boys. “Oh trust me, we know” Luke said. “There’s not much privacy on the bus” he added. You blushed. Of course they had heard you, it was hard to get privacy on the bus. And sometimes after a few drinks you didn’t give a fuck about the lack of privacy. There was one time when Calum walked in on you two in the bathroom because the little fucker didn’t knock. 

“At least you didn’t waste them all” you sighed. “Yea. What if I got y/n pregnant. Do you want a baby on the bus?” Mikey jokingly lectured the rest of the band. You rolled your eyes and Ashton laughed. “Do you guys want to be uncles already?” you asked. The boys silently looked at each other, like they were really thinking about it.

Calum got up and handed you a strip of five condoms. “Well, hey, try not to make babies anytime soon” he said.