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How To Avoid Drinking Your Paint Water And Other Art Tips

  •  See the coke up there?  it’s in totally the wrong place.   KEEP YOUR BEVERAGE AT 4 O’CLOCK.  or 5, if you’re a leftie.  Keep your paint water on your table in front of you, and your beverage off to the side so that you have to physically turn around to get at it.  You will teach your brain that Drink Is Over There, Not On The Desk; your coffee will last longer that way, AND YOU WILL AVOID SPILLING IT ALL OVER YOUR WORK.
  • if you DO spill your drink, cover the page and call it “Organically Dyed Paper”  it ain’t coming out, run with it.
  • Instead of 7-hour continuous playlist, listen to albums so you’re stopping every 40 minutes or so to change the music THEN STRETCH YOU FOOLS.
  • Alternate caffeinated beverages with non-caffeinated.  your hands WILL start to shake if you keep mainlining coffee like that.
  • get this freaking pencil sharpener.  yes, that’s a lot for a sharpener, but this SOB will work forever, won’t eat pencils, and gets you the finest points possible.  this has been stress-tested by scientific illustrators and I promise we are the pissisest possible people when it comes to pencil points.  Mine it literally 6 years old now.  it’s great. (Yeah, yeah, it’s missing from the pic.  Have a backup in case of forgetfulness.)
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ART IN POOR LIGHT.  this means both too little AND too much.  You eyes, brain and spine will all thank you.  This mean making sure you’ve got direct, full-spectrum light indoors (it’ll make laptops and winter easier too, I promise) and wearing sunglasses outdoors.
  • FUCK PRISMACOLOR PENCILS.  The pigment’s good but the binder is brittle and breaks, and the wood is frequently warped.  literally 1 in 5 of the last prismacolor pencils I’ve had were totally unusable.  Faber-Castel is comparable in price/sometimes cheaper and had very high quality.
  • like, not shitting on cheap art supplies, because god knows I use them all the time, but pirsmacolors are EXPENSIVE and having the lead snap for the 7369205790235969th time will give you a goddamn stroke.
  • Remember to Eat maybe????
  • about every 2-3 hours, get up, leave the room, and do something else for at least 20 minutes.  Do the dishes maybe.  Gives your eyes and shoulders a break, lets your brain re-set and you’ll be able to see things that Need Fixing when you get back.
  • FOR FUCKS SAKE, USE REFERENCES.  All the greats did, you’ll stress less, and things will look so much better.  Just google image the sucker.
  • srsly eat something.  even some cheetos.  pls.
  • ok kids it’s 3AM i’ll think of more in the morning.  take care of yourselves.

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i'm on mobile so apologies if you have this listed somewhere and i just don't see it, but what program do you use & are you willing to share your lineart brush? i absolutely LOVE your style honestly

Hey! I did some digging around and I found a few old reference files since I’ve been getting lots of requests.

I use this brush setting for inking all my images in Sai.

Also here are a few old tutorials I had produced for my Patreon back when it was active.

Jewelery tutorial
Candy-coated effect
Cum tutorial (NSFW)

And then by another request, here’s a step by step for one of my old art pieces.

Theme #16 by raiidens
Are you sad because you can’t get a customized DS with your favourite colours? Well shed no more tears, I made a DS inspired theme! And I say inspired because I used reference pictures from about three different models and also kinda did my own thing too. Hope you like it!
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For all the Jung Gi diehard wannabes out there, If you think this modern art master hasn’t studied anatomy at least once in his lifetime and only draws figures accurately purely from imagination (like I once did), then maybe these images may change your mind and hopefully motivate you to become studious with your anatomy and perspective this coming year. I know I get pumped when I see these! :D
What an amazing artist!

Fanwalker - Ian Strauss

I recently commissioned @isharton to draw art of my fanwalker from Innistrad and I’m honestly blubbering like a baby because Ish knocked it out of the park and came up with ideas I never even considered for Ian’s design and I’m just gonna stop now because if I don’t I’ll never get to a point of actually posting the final product, like

Like I was so indecisive on the hair color and Ish just came up with thAT, AND HONESTLY??? I NOW CAN’T IMAGINE IAN ANY OTHER WAY??? IT’S SO GOOD???

Ish, I sincerely mean it when I say I have no words to describe how amazing of a job you did in pulling together what I gave you in just reference images and a vague idea of what I had in mind for my character into something this fantastic.

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!

I’ll write up a post about Ian’s backstory and abilities later tonight when I’m at work, but for now I have to go to bed.

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HEY HEY. Can we get a full body reference for Charles? It can just be a scribble, but I wanna draw him and I can't really do that with a bust shot. Thank you! (P.s. he's my favorite I love him)

I don’t have a full body ref of him but this was a doodle of him I did way back so you could get an image of what he looks like hehe

his fashion is more of a victorian style


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The phototogs camera automatically saves data (such as location and time). In order for that basic information to disappear you have to swipe the info from the photo. If I were to send you a photo I took with my camera, you'd be able to tell the time, date, camera, lens, and my camera settings. So if they ever want to manipulate a situation, they can just edit the photo as they please. Doesn't take much time in Photoshop or another editing program as needed.

Even if a picture has been manipulated via photoshop the metadata that you refer to is still there; an image will clearly show that unless the metadata’s been deleted.

I know because when I did my cursory research before responding to my anon regarding exif data I found an example of this.

The point I’ve been making and I believe my anon was getting at is that If a photos metadatas been deleted it’s because there is information either the photographer or likely the publisher (pusher in the case if some RK pix) does not was savvy viewers to know….in the case of these pix of Rob and Kristen it seems obvious that they don’t want us to see that a photo has been altered via photoshop.

Which as you said is not that difficult to do.

My favorite argument from the other side regarding photoshop is their constant screams of where’s the original picture. What they refuse to learn though I’ve shown the videos here is that one can create a wholly original picture using only aspects of other pix.

Find a background you like, find subjects (ppl) to put in the background. You don’t like the faces on those subjects…change the face.

These things can all be done quite easily if one has the knowledge and time…and If one is talented it wouldn’t even take that long to created several pix…

And say one has access to pap pix. Not all pap pix sell paps take 1000s upon 1000s of pix. Let’s say said person also knows photoshop or knows ppl that know photoshop. Doesn’t take a genius to download several pix and create the story so many are desperate for.

What we know about RK is they aren’t ever going to waste their time going after anyone for pic fuckery. They don’t ever set the record straight. They’d spend most of their days tied up setting the record straight.

Here in the states if you sue for this kind of misrepresentation it’s on you (RK) to prove your point. The only real way to prove their point it to go on the record as to what the truth is. They don’t want to share the details of their personal life so until such time that pix like these along with their tabloid narrative are too egregious to be ignored, RK will just sit back and use it, I believe, to their advantage.

With that all said….I’m still not one that will automatically say just because pix have been noticeably altered that that means the pic isn’t primarily real. Some photo fuckery is extensive some is about minor touch ups. What I do believe is if they have to fuck with it…they are usually doing so in order to tell a story that the original doesn’t actually tell.

Why? Because the true story is boring. Because the true story doesn’t sell like so many pap pix that go in the garbage or get leaked via fandom sources.

One look at the literally 1000s of photos taken of Kristen & Julianne filming outside in NY, March of 2014 shows just how boring most pap pix are!


@lanceweek Crossover/AU

First image: Their poses come from their reference sheets :00 (If you follow my FB I did say my eyes felt like they were burning from staying up just so I could make them look accurate-) You see- All my faves are very tall;; I can never reach their head to give them a pat- It is very sad to think about. (Also these are my top two OTPs of 2016 so- Give me this, GIVE ME THIS- THEY CAN ALL GET MARRIED FOUR-WAY IT DOESN’T MATTER)

taeyong; mafia pt.2

part one

summary; you left home because of your parents criminal history, from there you were completely broke; barely managing to buy a cup of coffee in the morning. After a little dispute on the street with some strange guy, suddenly you were being offered a cleaning job by the mafia. But you didn’t know that.

genre; angst, fluff

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

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1/2 Hey a lot of blogs, who think that Z leaving is a stunt, talk about how Zayn and Louis are the biggest thorns in 1DHQ side and how they cause them the most trouble. I've always questioned why the smear campaign against 1D only focuses on Louis and the band as a whole and barely mentions the other boys. The smear campaign against Z even sets him up against the 1D fandom, along with the public. That IS extremely weird, but are there articles/interviews/quotes that show why Z&L are such a

2/2 problem to Simon&co? I’ve asked other blogs, but they only ever give a rather vague answer, like that they are the most rebellious. Is there something, that shows that they try to undermine the manegment in a significant way or that they may have build up some influece behind the scenes? I’ve also found it weird, that that sun article, who badmouthed all the boys, bothered to mention Louis supposedly being the „leader“ of the band. What was the purpose of that? Is there some truth to it?

Well, I can understand people not wanting to make masterposts because this just took several hours.  Under the cut is a decent list of incidences and a good number of gifs.  They show exactly how rebellious Zayn and Louis in particular have been and give a few reasons as to why.

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Wrapped-Peter Hale Smut



  • Peter smut where he is always dominant and you show him you can be as well.
  • The reader is dominant, peter smut

Warning: smut again. What is it today with the smut ones ? hahaha sorry( not sorry )

Peter Hale could be described by a long list of adjectives, of which more than half , had a negative meaning.

One of them would be ‘’Dominant’’.

You didn’t really mind at first, in fact it was part of his charm and one of the aspects you liked about him. Demanding, needy and yet stiff and proud. The sex was great, and by great you mean really. Really great.

Even though you used to consider yourself quite dominant as well, you never had enough will to stand up to Peter. Whenever it came down to the two of you , you would always surrender to submission.

‘’he’s got you wrapped under his finger.’’  Derek told you as you sipped some hot coffee down your throat.

‘’That is a big fat lie. ‘’ you answered back and Derek raised an eyebrow at you.

‘’ look, I don’t want to be the one saying I told you so, but I don’’t want to be the one picking up the pieces after he’s done with you either..’’ Derek said heading towards the door.

‘’ that, my friend is not an option. Your uncle and I are purely physical. ‘’ you finished your coffee.

‘’ he might be.’’ Derek claimed paying closer attention to your heartbeat.

‘’nope. Me as well. I’m telling you. It doesn’t get more physical than that. Like purely, animalistic, rough attraction expressed in the most physical way possible-‘’

‘’ right. I’ll just go delete that image from my head , and you can keep telling that yourself.’’ Derek exited the room leaving you to wonder.

You didn’t really have any extended feelings for Peter other than lust and want. That was a condition you set to yourself before you even allowed him to touch you. But when he did , it became a sweet addiction.

What if Derek wasn’t only referring to what you two had in terms of relationship? But what if he meant it in terms of sex. You could easily lose Peter to someone more experienced. He always made you feel amazing, but it was always him who took the initiative.

‘’wrapped around his finger.. huh.!’’ You repeated Derek’s words, trying to convince yourself that everything was alright. But doubts and worries, had already been planted in your mind.





Peter had just returned from a stroll at the woods. You heard the key entering, and then the familiar sound of the doorknob being twisted. He could smell you in the house and he smiled at the thought of you two being alone. His big smile turned into a smirk when he also smelled arousal and anticipation.  He climbed up the stairs to the bedroom, wanting to change his clothes. Before he could enter the room, he heard your breathing patter and realized you were in there as well .

‘’Hello Y/N-holly shit!’’ He exclaimed at the view in front of him.

You were dressed in only a pair of black see through garters, red lipstick, your hair messy and a bit tangled from running your fingers through them too much. Your toned skin exposed at him.

‘’ that is one way to end the day.’’ He commented smirking and getting straight to business. He took off his shirt and attacked you with his lips, but before his tongue could race against yours you pulled away.

‘’ I want you Peter.’’ You exhaled, kissing him again, leading him towards the bed.

He kissed you back and started squeezing different parts of your body as if you were his toy. With your kisses you managed to lead him on the bed , finally lying.

Then you pulled back once more and before he could process what was happening, he felt a tight knot on his wrist.

His left hand was tied on the head board with the laced panties you would be wearing. He raised an eyebrow at you.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ he asked, biting the inner of his cheek.

‘’shut.’’ You lips landed on his. ‘’ up’’ you mumbled against him. He chuckled and pulled back to stare at you again.

‘’ if you’re going to do this. Do it properly., My right hand is still free.’’ He winked at you and you chuckled using the matching bra to the panties to tie this other hand.

You didn’t want this to end. It was the first time you had the upper hand and you had to make sure it would be worth it.

You spread your legs against his thigh, your core touching his jeans as you rubbed your pussy against it, wetting the fabric.   After a few more seconds you climbed off of him and stood up.

Peter’s eyes were focused on you as you stood across of him smirking.

‘’what’s wrong ?’’ he asked you. You smirked a bit more before sitting on the armchair across of him.

‘’ Y/N ? ‘’ he questioned your actions but his eyes widened when you pulled out a vibrator.

‘’Don’t’’ he strictly said.

‘’ you’re not the one giving orders tonight.’’ You whimpered as you lowered the toy to your pink needy core, spreading your legs to give him perfect view of what you were doing. That image of yours pissed him off.

He hated it. He hated how a plastic thing got to enjoy the tightness of your pussy, and not him.

‘’stop using that.’’ He demanded, getting more pissed by the second. You shut your eyes enjoying the feeling of the vibrations sent through your body moaning a bit.

He hated the thought that this might had been pleasing you better than he could.

‘’STOP !’’ your eyes flattered open because his voice came out in a rapsy roar and you looked at him to see his eyes had turned blue.

You turned off the vibrator and climbed onto the bed again.

‘’ do you want to do it yourself ?’’ you asked and he nodded, swallowing a lump that had formed in his throat. His wondering needy eyes were giving you all the confidence you craved , for what you were to do next.

‘’as you wish.’’ You giggled and climbed on top of him. At first he thought you were going to ride him, but then his eyes widened as you kept going further up and up until your core reached his face.  You took a last glance at his lips to see them smirking before you lowered your centre onto his mouth.


He waisted no time. Enjoying the confidence in you as you were sitting on his face. He shoved his tongue as deep into you as he could, the warm air exhaling through his nose tingling your clit. You arched your back and let your head fall back to the feeling. He bit on your inner thighs as he kissed and sucked onto you.

You started rolling your hips against his face giving him access to please a wider range of your body. But then before you could cum, you raised your self back up. Leaving his lips wet and hungry.

You lowered yourself down to his erection and unbuckled his jeans.

‘’ Fuck..’’ he let out as you took his shaft into your hands pumping it. You bended over the cupboard next to the bed and grabbed one of the ice cubes you had earlier brought. You placed the ice cube in your mouth and bit on it, breaking it into smaller pieces. Your previously burning mouth was now icy cold, as you wrapped it around him, flicking your tongue against the tip. Peter rose his lower pack , turning his hands into fists and furrowing his brows.

‘’ good girl’’ he moaned as you kept sucking his dick and caressing his balls. You felt him growing even harder and wider in your mouth and you pulled away.  You climbed onto his member with your back turned to Peter.

‘’ I want to see you.’’ He whined, you pulled your hair on one side as you slided onto himself, slowly bouncing.


‘’ not tonight baby.’’ You moaned as you focused on pleasing yourself. Rolling your hips on him, allowing him to go deeper. He attempted to thrust into you by bucking his hips up but both your hands landed on his thighs forcing him down.

He stared at your back, and your ass as it landed against his skin. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to touch you. He shifted, gaining enough strength to release himself from the knots. But you were displeased at his actions. You turned around. Pinning his hands down, You still on top, but leaned down so that your tummy would be touching his. Your hair in one side , your lips inches apart from his. Even though they were parted, you brushed them against his own earning a gasp as you kept bouncing.

Seconds later you felt a tingling sensation building down in your stomach and soon his warm cum was dripping down your thighs.

You allowed yourself to fall on top him. He chuckled and caressed your hair. Trailing patterns on your back while staring at the ceiling.

‘’ God Y/N, you’ve got me wrapped around your finger.’’he breathed out sweat dripping from his forehead and you smiled proudly to yourself.

‘’ on your face Derek’’ you whispered.

‘’what ?’’

roguelily  asked:

Hi, I feel like you might have answered this before, but what do you usually use for reference when drawing, and how did you get better at anatomy or do you use any books for anatomy? ALSO I LOVE YOUR SHEITH IT'S INSPIRATIONAL

Book for anatomy are expensive! I wish I could afford them tbh OTL But usually I just use tutorials found online. Drawing muscular guys isn’t my forte since I lean more to drawing pretty boys, however, this Shiro one I drew, I had to go look at some photos of muscular arms at least just to get it a little right. But yeah, google images is my best friend when it comes to references, However, most of the time when it comes to hands, I just go to the mirror and do the hand posing myself. Easier and pretty effective too!

I honestly encourage people to use references. Like for drawing one artwork alone, I’d usually have 4-10 references HAHHAHAHA I usually use my own clothes for referencing the outfits I draw, I’m so guilty about this because it’s so self-indulgent seeing my fave characters in my clothes lmao Fortunately enough, I don’t have to reference hair so that’s one thing I don’t have to think about too much. 


A Magma Meme

Straw found this in some random chat the other day
It just appeared
It’s a godsend

(Chinese: Yamieluo, oniegai)
(Transliteration of “yamero, onegai” [stop, please in Japanese] in case you don’t get the joke)

↓ There’s that panda, and then there’s this 

So I did some quick photoshop voodoo and now we have this

And then this happened

And so I did some google image search (for reference) and did some really difficult touchpad-pressing advanced photoshop and now

(I’m sorry)
(Please don’t bury me)

Actually, I just did another one

T'IS A VENGEANCE (Snippet of Cap. II : Sanity)

The whites of his shirt was rust underneath pale streetlights, his breath drawing smoke as the temperature clawed at his bare skin; scratching the wounds inflicted further open. He wheezed once, twice… then the third time, watching shadows on his left come to life; the gun was drawn with a click and sneering in his vision, his own hands shaking for the touch of a weapon—the desperate need to defend himself growing ever strong as his knees felt like giving way any second. Though, his strength matching a child’s, he knew it would be suicide to hold a gun and aim. He left the gun in the hands of Brock, his vision now slacking as he leaned against a building. Miles out from Tyler’s base, he was edging closer to where his children were held.


Mama! Look what Papa found!


Eyes moving to his hands, the shimmer of a band around his ring finger shone. He had lost it to a job he had sent himself on—without Jonathan’s permission—and he had sent himself somewhere in France where a man in the Blacklist of Top 20 armed men requested for his company. The man wasn’t all that bad or cruel. He had to keep his name on the list just so that his fierceness would protect his 15-years-old daughter, and it did. But, of course, it didn’t all go to plan. They were ambushed. The man was killed, Ryan survived but lost his ring that day.


He knew Jonathan had a job in France not long after, but he didn’t know Jonathan had given himself a side job of finding that ring. He did, though. Somewhere at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower—it was weird, Ryan believed at first, but when he did think about it more… they were ambushed out in the open, nearly killing the people around them who were having a pleasant dinner. What inhumanity—he heard a shot being fired. Two. Three. A dozen. Glass shattered, screaming sung.


He was back in Paris.


He guarded the man with his life, but the bullet whizzed past and through his arm to lodge itself into the man’s clavicle, expelling hot, dense liquid out of the wound.




Still alive.


But not for long, stupid arse!


He dragged the man by his uninjured side and propped him against whatever—a table, and assessed his own wound. Damn. Jonathan would be pissed if he heard Ryan had gotten himself wounded yet again. He covered Brian’s body with his own, gun still in hand, but eyes not bothered to study the scene and only keeping his eyes on Brian whose own were—


Come on! I cannot lose you either.


The shot to the clavicle was like getting a spear lodged in the kneecap. It hurt. A lot. But worse. Brian had never a significant amount of blood prior, thus his body not exposed to moments like those. Ryan pressed his finger onto the commlink in his ear and instructed Brock to finish the job. A ruffled yes was his answer before he dropped the gun as a whole and went onto patching Brian. Hands shook as they tried to find the bullet, but it was very wall stuck in the bone and if Ryan moved the bullet, it would send red all over. He couldn’t take it. Not after losing Craig. 


Ryan. You have to get away and stay away. He heard Brian saying to him, you cannot stand seeing blood right now. Not after— the sudden movement caused the bullet to sever the bone and probe further into the muscle, narrowly missing the artery. Fucking hell—I can’t, Ry. You have to go. Brock isn’t enough. You cannot fight these people alone.


And he couldn’t. Reinforcements poured into the scene and Brock was screaming in his ear, telling him to move on out of there—Ryan ignored the two lovers and growled in a way only Jonathan would and he stood to his feet, whipping out the daggers that made him so famous for. The diamond-lined dagger, providing the user maximum penetrative strength even with a swing as light as a feather. The black hilt was gripped nastily tight and the menacing voice spilt.


One more touch on my family. He started to say; the sanity leaving him, I swear your eyes will be gauged out of your fucking skull—!




Was he dreaming?


“Ryan. Come on.”




“Please. Stay with us. We cannot lose you before we get you to the kids. They need you.”




Who are they?


A gasp and the world flashed in his eyes. He caught himself rather quickly before the ligjts gleamed in his eyes, stalking his view over to Brock. Remember meber who you are. Remember what you are. What Jonathan made you be. “How do you know Craig’s still alive.” Was what Ryan demanded to know from his trance.


Caught off guard, Brock’s shoulders squared. Ryan didn’t know? What was that all about then? He acted as if he knew Craig was still on Earth, but only now he was asking? What a load of— “you didn’t know?”


“No. I lied back then. To escape. Hope and Sam—I need to see. Only two… barely teens—”


It was getting too hard to breathe.




Gasping sharply, Ryan let his legs collapse and himself to be caught by Nogla, a single arm stopping him from slapping himself on the ground. The grip made him weak, vision dancing as he told Nogla to let him settle on the ground. He barely felt Lui walking beside him and folding his jacket to have Ryan sit on—the injured couldn’t even reject the offer. With a pant, Ryan rested against the wall and watched Lui, Nogla and Brock make a circle around him, watching all around for any potential ambushes. “Y- you know,” Ryan gulped down a handful of air, “Tyler doesn’t like the idea of straying too far.”


Lui clicked his tongue against the roof of his tongue and gave Ryan a light glare for saying such a thing in his condition—and mind you, it wasn’t even close to being peak, “it’s Tyler we’re messing with. He wants to control every bit of land provided under his nose just to get under Jonathan’s skin.” He paused, wanting to chnage the subject and lowered his guard a tad bit (somehow that logic snuck through). He bit his lip, eyes not able to meet Ryan’s tired own anymore. But he had to. He had to look at the man who helped him so many years ago. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t dare to look at his broken image, the cuts and bruises stapled all over his body like as if he was a lifeless doll. “What did he do to you.”


He wasn’t referring to Jonathan and how maybe he had dragged Ryan into his mess—hell, the latter had pulled himself in—but he was talking about all those sessions with Tyler. The screams. The pleads. The cries to leave him alone. For mercy. To let him free. To just kill him off so he wouldn’t have to be tortured like that—


“Please.“ His voice grew soft as the tears returned into his eyes, “do not tell Jonathan about this. He mustn’t know. He cannot know. He will risk his life to amend it all, and I cannot have him walk into a shadow I cannot save him from.” Ryan felt Brock’s eyes on him, and he met the look; the other shook his head, knowing it was best to not say anything if he didn’t want Jonathan to find out. He drew an inhale and said something so… so… wrong that split the world in pieces that couldn’t be retrieved and mended. “I have been mind fucked to the point that I cannot even stand seeing Jonathan without picturing the people I killed. How wonderful is having to want to see your husband but cannot due to only seeing those faces pleading for mercy and not his own? I don’t even know if I can hold my sanity together.”


I lost myself to a man whom I promised to keep his lover safe. And I guess… I deserved much more than being mind fucked… huh? Should I just tell them that I lost something more valuable than dignity in that room?

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also, could you show us a few of your teeth reference pics? i never noticed any of those details, and i can't find anything in the comics that's not... comic-y yknow?

((sure, i’ve posted it privately, so i think the image url should still work, but if it doesn’t, let me know and i’ll try to get it to you else how. i know that tumblr’s just gonna make it really small if i put it in this text area, so i’m doing this instead

i didn’t make these though, and i don’t remember who did, but if anyone does know, feel free to let me know


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Hi! How did you make the boot straps for your Kanda cosplay? :o

Hello Anon! I used leather. I’ll give you a breakdown of exactly what I did and what materials I used, because I’m trying to start compiling a list of leather tutorials for beginners, and these straps are a great starter project!

Here’s the reference image I had to work from:

And here’s what my straps look like:

Tools/supplies you’ll need:

The main technique used is called saddle stitching. Because the leather is too thick for most home sewing machines, you need to punch the holes with the chisel set and then sew them by hand using a saddle stitch. It’s much easier to watch this than to try and explain it. This is a great youtube tutorial explaining the double-needle method, which is what I prefer!

To punch the leather, line up your chisel punch against the edge where you want the holes, on top of your cutting board, and hammer the chisel set with the poly mallet until the chisel set has gone all the way through your leather strap. You should be doing this on a flat, concrete surface, like a sidewalk (or, in my case, my cement fireplace). It’s very loud, be wary of your neighbors/roommates/family when you’re punching leather. Don’t do this on your countertop, desk, carpet, etc. Concrete is the best.

Once the holes are punched, you use two needles to thread in opposite directions from one end of the leather to the other. Watch that youtube tutorial for a better explanation haha.

Hand stitch leather needles are blunt at the end that would normally be sharp, so you can really wrestle with them and not hurt yourself. If you find that the needles are hard to push through, you probably haven’t punched the holes deep enough. Repunch them and try again! You can also use needle nose pliers to help you.

Now, for the straps themselves. With the saddle stitch technique in mind, it’s a little easier to see how I put mine together:

I started by assembling the top strap to the rings, fitting it over the boot as I wore it. Then came the bottom strap, and finally the strap that fastens with the buckle around the back of my heel.

What’s great about making these straps is that you don’t really have to cut the leather to any extreme amount, and you don’t have to dye anything. If you’re worried about screwing up, you can always make a pattern with craft foam first. It’s got a similar weight/flexibility to leather, but it’s tons cheaper!

I hope this is an okay explanation. Let me know if you need any more advice!

What Fears We Conquer

A/N: @rwby-brought-me-baek-to-life requested an Yixing angst scenario. I hope this delivers.

Member: Zhang Yixing
Genre: Fluff / Angst
Word Count: 3090

               After hours of ignoring Yixing staring at you in silence, you gave up and closed your computer. He didn’t even have the decency to look embarrassed when you stared back at him.



               “Why are you staring at me?”

               He straightened up from where he had been hunched on the couch.

               “I was staring at you?”

               “Only for a few hours.”


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