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flashwave, Barry as a selkie au if you're still doing this? if not no worries and have a nice day!

1 - In his defense, Mick just thought the fur stole casually tossed over the bedspread was, like, a comforter. But it was super soft and silky and he liked it, and he’s a thief, so he took it to use as a pillow. He did not expect to get a selkie bride in the bargain!

2 - Barry is rather embarrassed about this whole thing, but tradition is tradition and you marry the guy who stole your pelt. He understands Mick did it by accident and that he’d be happy to hand it back if that’s what Barry wanted, because Mick is a guy that’s big and tough and scary but also has a fairly nuanced understanding of consent, but, well. Listen. If Barry goes to visit the ocean after having his pelt stolen and he’s not married, Grandmother Garrick is going to Have Words With Him. Loud words. Possibly long words. He will be bringing Shame To The Family. So they’re getting married.

3 - Len is laughing so hard, you have no idea. He told Mick that he shouldn’t steal the blanket. Sorry, Mick, no sympathy here. Don’t even try telling Lisa; it’ll just be the same.

4 - The wedding is lovely. It’s set on the beachfront, accompanied by the traditional moaning of the seals (groom 1’s family) and pyrotechnics (provided lovingly by groom 2’s criminal partner).

5 - Mick and Barry start tentatively dating after the wedding, because, well, might as well give it a shot. Now that Mick’s met Grandmother Garrick, he has no interest in seeking a divorce before she gives him permission to do so. That woman is scary. (Turns out Barry likes ninja movies, too, so they at least have something to start on…)

I really wanted to talk about this…
There’s no way you could get a Bad Story Ending by accident when playing someone’s route in MM if you use your logical sense ofc. Even I never accidentally get the BE since the first time I played it. The options were quite easy to distinguish even by someone like me who very much lacking human interactions and didn’t give a sh*t about human emotions.

But I understand if you get a Bad Relationship Ending by accident because of your lack of participation in the chatroom and didn’t get enough hearts to proceed, so it would be considered as an accident…
If you get the Bad Story Ending instead, there are either you intended to get it (like me) maybe the reason is you want to collect the cg or the voiced ending but if you do know and conscious what you did won’t do you any good, you shouldn’t be bothered to play the ending at all. If it were me I wouldn’t do it because there is no point and I would gonna hate it for sure… It safer like this than suffering from the awful feeling because you have a traumatic experience or you didn’t pay much attention to the route at all… there’s no in between and i can give you an example if you want

So don’t blame the character because of your own choice if you get the BE, let alone the fact that you didn’t give a chance to understand the character at all. You choose to not paying attention and for not thinking of the consequences of your actions… you just don’t care… I believe irl it would be a great lesson to always think before act…


-I have constant nightmares and I’ve always had someone to cuddle with. Now, I realize we’re not on that level but you’re only one here and I’m really scared to go to sleep.

-You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs

-The heater broke and I’m freezing get over here

-Hey dude I read that cuddling helps you sleep better, you wanna try it out?

-The Classic™: The hotel only has a king sized bed, I guess we’re sharing.

-We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

-You’re staying over, take my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch, yes i am yes i am yes i am yes i am no you’re not yes i am FINE WE’LL BOTH TAKE THE BED, happy!!??

-We’ve had this tradition as besties to have a sleepover once a year but this year….it feels different…were your pajamas always this cute??…did I always have butterflies???

i’m sorry i had to

(if Rose and Dave hosted an advice podcast) 

TT: Good evening, I’m Rose Lalonde and you’re listening to “jackass who spilled apple juice all over my sister’s sound equipment and then claimed it was an earthquake”.

TG: listen i said it might have been an earthquake
TG: we just dont know
TG: nobody knows that shit is in gods hands

TT: Just introduce yourself, Dave.

TG: hell you did it for me

TT: I’ll edit it out in post.

TG: sup this is Dave Strider and youre listening to this podcast i guess maybe by accident or something we dont know

TT: It’s in God’s hands

TG: right exactly
TG: and now people are gonna think were some creepy rapture cult that talks about god hands and shit

TT: Yes, all four of our listeners will be incredibly alarmed.

TG: yea sorry yall
TG: anyway lets get to some listener questions that may have come from actual listeners but also might have come from roxy
TG: we just dont know

TT: Now let it die, Dave. Rule of three.

TG: right right okay

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"N-no, please," Lance trembled. "Keith! You promised promised this wouldn't happen!"

“N-no, please,” Lance trembled. “Keith! You promised promised this wouldn’t happen!”

“I’m sorry, Lance. I-I didn’t mean to, I wasn’t thinking.” Keith replied with a frown. He genuinely felt really bad. This was so important to Lance, he knew that, and yet he still did this to him. Even if it was really was an accident caused by him just not thinking at the time, he still felt quite horrible about it. 

“Now how am I supposed to keep my skin staying flawless without my skin care products that you used up!!” Lance whined in distress. 

“Can’t we just.. Go get more?” Keith suggested, hoping that the answer would be yes.

Lance sighed in response, “yes, but I guess I have to get double the products now since you’re apparently using it all too!”

“I can’t help it. You showed me the light. My skin has never felt softer. It feels like a soft blanket.” Keith replied as he pet his face.

Lance gave another sigh, “You know, I love you, Keith, but this is not okay. Please don’t do it again.”

Keith froze, “wait… Did you just-”

Lance’s eyes widened as he realized what he just said and he hurriedly ran out of the bathroom, “well, I better get right on getting those products before something happens that prevents me from getting them, goodbye, Keith!!!”

Keith stared at the doorway, “oh my god….”

  • Canada: So how did you get into a car accident?
  • England: Well, we were driving and there was a deer in the road that America didn't notice. So, I said 'Alfred, deer!'
  • America: ...
  • England: And you want to tell Matthew what your responce was?
  • America: ... *sighs* 'Yes honey?'

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Hi Mr. Badge! I don't know how to send links but I saw an article in the Telegraph about a workman's cafe accidentally being awarded a Michelin star and I couldn't help but think of your Foodieverse (not that War on Hunger's star was anything but well-deserved!)

I do think War on Hunger’s star was probably an accident. 

See, the thing is, one of the reasons Steve does so well parking in TOBRU’s parking lot in the evenings is that TOBRU is – it’s about food, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also about THEATRICALITY, and Tony did the “How much pizza can we sell someone for $8.99″ thing for years, so now he’s interested in how much experience they can sell someone. And Bruce probably does not actually like people eating his food. Food is too pure to be eaten, Tony! 

The result is that when you leave TOBRU you have had an amazing time and your wallet is a few hundred lighter and you feel satisfied but not…satiated. You have not eaten the kind of calories per meal we are used to getting. I mean, that flavored foam was good but it was foam, y’know? 

And then as you are reaching into your pocket for your BMW keys, you look up and you see Steve Rogers, an Adonis in suspenders, handing someone an entire sandwich. They walk past you, pastrami straggling from the corner of their mouth, and before you understand what’s happening you are standing in front of the service window saying, “What kind of mustard do you put on that pastrami?” and he says “wholegrain apple mustard” and you look at your spouse and say “we want two please.” 

So I still haven’t decided who the Michelin judge was, but I am well aware that they walked out of TOBRU mentally writing the glowing review they’re gonna give it and saw War On Hunger. They saw the people who were at the table next to them heading for War On Hunger like, “Oh Jeff, look, the truck’s here again, remember his onion sandwich roll?” and that’s how a Michelin judge full of TOBRU food ended up eating second dinner at War On Hunger and being like “I could legit give a food truck a Michelin Star, holy shit Steve Rogers the Old Missing Luke Skywalker of Manhattan actually made a Michelin Star food truck.” 

Liam’s to do list for him and ryder that you get at the end of the game is so sweet. He wants to get the two of them real wine and pets and even a new couch and right in the middle of this beautiful little list he says “write the question” (as in THE question). The best part is he sends a follow up email where he’s like “I SENT THAT ON ACCIDENT DONT OPEN IT” and right after he sends another where he says “actually keep it we can both add to it together” and just omg what did we do to deserve liam kosta


Destiel AU: Dean Winchester leaves Lawrence on a whim to go to visit his childhood best friend, Castiel Novak, at Stanford. He breaks in, intending to make this a surprise visit. but things don’t quite go as planned when Castiel initially mistakes him for an intruder. [read the ficlet on ao3]

Dean didn’t know what possessed him to get in the Impala and drive across the country. Or maybe he did, but he was too much of a chickenshit to admit it. It certainly hadn’t been an easy trip. Stanford was thousands of miles away from Lawrence. Twenty-six hours of drive-time if you followed the speed limit (which he didn’t). So like it or not, ending up five states away at his best friend’s doorstep at 1am was not something he could brush off as an accident, and that scared him.

It scared him that Cas might look at his presence and know exactly what Dean was scared to say.

It was a good thing he had a lot of practice ignoring his own feelings, because if he’d really let himself appreciate the gravity of what he was doing, he probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car. He made his way to the front door, double checking the address on his phone. He could feel his heart rate speeding up in anxious anticipation. He couldn’t believe it had been months since they’d seen each other without the aid of computer screens.

Thinking about the last time he’d seen Cas wasn’t really something he liked to do. He knew he had no one but himself to blame for that day Cas had driven off, his long suffering Pimpmobile full to bursting with clothes and furniture for his new apartment.They’d exchanged goodbyes on the sidewalk. Dean had so many things he wanted to say but he’d swallowed them down so Cas wouldn’t hear the lump that was stuck in his throat.

“I’ll see you at Christmas,” Cas had said, trying to smile at him.

Dean wanted to remind him that he could call anytime he wanted, that they would Facebook message every day, that Dean would be thinking about him…but instead all he’d done was nod solemnly. Cas grinned at him like he understood and opened his arms for a hug.

Dean was usually the one who held back from physical contact but this time he’d surprised himself, pulling Cas in tight, breathing him in for what promised to be the last time in a long time. He’d patted Cas’s back, instead of burying his head against Cas’s shoulder the way he wanted.

After a moment they’d pulled away and Cas had given Dean that look he reserved for the times when he knew Dean wanted to say something but wouldn’t. That look that promised not to judge him, if Dean could only lend himself the same courtesy. But Dean wasn’t that much of a dick. He might have been in love with his best friend, and sure, he might not have admitted it to himself until the worst possible moment, but he certainly wasn’t going to ruin this day for Cas. His friend had a long day of driving ahead of him today, and yet another one tomorrow. He didn’t need to spend it thinking about how Dean was a giant cry baby who didn’t want him to leave. Cas had great opportunities waiting for him at Stanford, with even greater people, of this Dean was sure.

So after they’d said their goodbyes, as Cas was getting into his car, Dean had dropped his hand on Cas’s shoulder. For a moment he searched for the right words that would encompass everything he wanted to tell him.

That Cas was the best friend he’d ever had. That Dean was proud of him. That he was loved. There was nothing that could quite do the job, or at least nothing he could let himself say. But Cas was looking up at him with those big guileless blue eyes and Dean had to say something.

“Don’t ever change,” Dean told him, annoyed by the way his voice grew rough with emotion.

He’d thought about that moment a million times in the months that followed, going over it again and again and wishing he’d done it differently. But now was not the time to dwell on the past, now was the time to remember everything he’d ever read about picking locks.

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Him Accidentally Run Into You Changing (HP Preferences)

Preferences #1

You were changing your clothes in your dorm when he ran into you by accident.


Harry Potter

“Y/n, quick, let’s go to dinner!” Harry shouted as he opened the door.


“Wow you look- I mean- uh I’m so sorry.”

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Ron Weasley

“Hey y/n did you see my- holy mother of Merlin-

“Get out!”

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Draco Malfoy

“Y/n? You there?” His face suddenly changed into a wide grin when he saw you. “Nice body." 

You threw a pillow at him and screamed, "Draco Malfoy! I suggest you get out now!”

“Not in a million year.”

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George & Fred Weasley

“Oh dang.” One of the redheads said, you weren’t sure which twin it was.

“Oh Merlin.” The other said.


“You don’t mind us staying for a while do you, y/n?” They both smirked.

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Remus Lupin

“Oh I’m so sorry y/n!” Remus’s cheek darkened as soon as he saw you.

“Uh! It’s okay.”


“Um.. Why are you still here?”

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Sirius Black


“Sirius! Do you mind?!”

“Just what I wanted to see. Since you already got your shirt off, might as well take off the rest?” A smirk appeared on Sirius’s smug face.

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James Potter

“Ah y/n, if you wanted me to see this you should have told me. Why bother planning it to look like an accident?” James teased you while looking away.

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thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it :P that wink from johnson tho

you can always request imagines & ask questions, here // masterlist

- R

RebelCaptain Pregnant Headcanon

-Jyn didn’t even think about being pregnant it just never crossed her mind - Jyn: *misses period* - doesn’t notice                                                         Morning Sickness- lol ok                                                                                 Gains 10 pounds- well muscle weighs more than fat

 -k2 mentioned something about babies and she had a that’s so raven moment K2:  Did you know you’re at the perfect age for children?                                     Jyn: What ?                                                                                                       K2: well ovulation is-                                                                                       Jyn: Gotta go                                                                                          

-She told Cassian as soon as she saw him

-she wanted it to be more eloquent but instead                                                    Cassian: “I’m so tired”                                                                                          Jyn: “I’m so pregnant”

-Cassian doesn’t get nervous until the end of the pregnancy, the rest of the time he is so excited                                                                                              “I’M GONNA BE A FATHER”

-They told the team kind of by accident                                                                *Jyn gets onto ship for mission*                                                                            Cassian: No, you’re not coming                                                                            Jyn: Why not?                                                                                                      Bodhi: Yeah, why not?                                                                                          Cassian: I’m just worried about the baby                                                              Bodhi: the what                                                                                                    Jyn: It’ll be fine                                                                                              Bodhi: THE WHAT

-Everytime Jyn does something K2 names a pregnancy fact about it

- He thinks his facts will help and then they’ll name the baby K2 after him for “saving its life”

-Bodhi is the one who gets freaked out by the facts                                              *Jyn Sneezes*                                                                                                     “ ARE YOU OK”

-When Cassian doesn’t know what to do Chirrut always does and is really good at taking care of Jyn

-He is basically a mid-wife

-Cassian and Jyn ask Baze and Chirrut to be the godparents                              *Baze sheds a single tear*                                                                                   “Be a man damnit”

-Jyn has the craziest cravings but Cassian always tries to comply to them           * Brings her rice with chocolate syrup*                                                                  “MY FAVORITE”

-Jyn is not glowing she hates her life

-She can’t work or bend or move fast and it is so frustrating

-She is so moody too                                                                                            *drops cookie*                                                                                   NOOOOOOOOO                                                                                     *Cassian comes home an hour later*                                                              “why are you crying?”                                                                                     “My cookie”

-They are very much the couple who bickers about if its a boy or a girl

-K2 starts calling himself uncle K-2SO all the time

-They all want to be in the room for the birth and all have to crowd around a tiny window pushing each other

NCT 127 reaction to their S/O accidentally getting hurt by another member


Anon: can i pls have what nct 127 would do if u accidently got hurt by another member!

Here you go love! I hope you like this! I also just wanna add that I don’t think any of them would be mad or upset if you got hurt and wouldn’t hold it against the member if it did happen. This is purely just made-up for entertainment purposes :-)

Also I am aware that this is crap - please bear with me lmao I haven’t got time to write anything good so I’m posting this random draft lmao  

ALSO LMAO SORRY OKAY I’m sorry about what’s been happening lately jdjebdbkendjejdj let’s just move on lmao❣️❣️❣️

Scenario: You were play fighting with (other member) in the dorms after they had come from practice. Your relationship with (other member) was a very teasing and playful one, so play fights like these were common and basically the norm. However, (other member) was a little too excited after practice, accidentally elbowing you in the nose, causing a stream of blood to start running down your face…


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Like Taeyong, he’d feel a little jealous about how relaxed and playful you were Doyoung. Of course, you two had a bff-like relationship but that didn’t stop from him from feeling slightly left out. He wouldn’t want to be around you two whilst you were play fighting, just in case he got a little too annoyed. He wouldn’t be there when Doyoung accidentally hurt you, just walking back in a couple of hours later to find you on the couch, an ice pack to your nose. He’d feel a little smug actually, but also openly irritated at Doyoung. He now had a reason and excuse to use against Doyoung in the future.


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“Jagiya! My baby! Yuta! What have you done, you fool! Hey, don’t touch her. Go to the kitchen. Calm down will you?!” Johnny would definitely take this to heart, more than you. His caring side would suddenly take over, and he’d rush to your side, pressing his sleeve to your nose to suppress the blood flow. He didn’t usually mind if the other members were excitable or if they hurt each other, but if you were involved and got hurt, he’d defiantly be annoyed.


Originally posted by teeuai

I see Taeyong as being quite insecure and jealous in a relationship ,so I don’t think he’d like the fact you were play fighting and close with Jaehyun in the first place. He’d always make sure he was close by, just in case the younger boy tried something. When he returned from the bathroom to find you with a bloody nose and an apologetic Jaehyun, his fists would clench in anger. “Jaehyun!” He’d bark. “Get away from her, you hear me? Y/N, you shouldn’t hang around him so casually again, okay?” He would forgive Jae though and help you too dw he’s not cruel like that


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He’d have mixed feelings on your friendship with Taeyong. On the one hand, he liked how you found a friend in someone he admired as a leader and that you could related to him so easily. But, on the other hand, he felt a tad jealous about how you gushed about him sometimes. Regardless, he’d let you two get on and playfight. He wouldn’t be in the dorms when it happened. Probably writing some music with Mark and Taeil, when he got a text from Taeyong saying that you needed some medication and snacks because he had accidentally hit you. Of course, he would, buying all your favorite snacks and medicine, probably ranting a bit at Taeyong for hitting you too.


Originally posted by nctinfo

Doyoung would be the opposite of Taeyong and Taeil. He trusted you a lot and he trusted Johnny to know that nothing would happen between the pair of you. He’d be reading or writing in the bedroom, when he heard a light knock n the door from Johnny. “You okay, Johnny?” “Uh, yes… I am…it’s just, Y/N. I may have accidentlyhitherinthenoseandknowshesbleedingalotimreallysorryleasedonthatemeokayplease?” “What?” Dropping his book, he’d walk to you slouched on the sofa, surrounding by the other members, immediately pulling you away and to the kitchen to nurse you awe


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He’d probably laugh seeing you and Mark rolling on the fall, laughing lightly together. To be honest, he’d probably encourage and cheer you on, he’d like seeing you get all feisty and confident, since you were normally quite dainty and quiet around him. When suddenly Mark and you stopped playing, Mark crouched over you in concern, Jaehyun wouldn’t know what had happened, probably still cheering you on. Upon seeing your red and blotched face, he’d rush to the kitchen for an ice pack and towel, to help you clean up.


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WinWin would love your relationship with Haechan. You were like siblings, separated at birth. He watch you two lovingly with the other members, as you two were play fighting. The other members would be cheering you on, betting on who would win. Very quickly, though, you were crying, with a bloody nose and blotchy red face, embarrassed to be seen in such a state. WinWin would pick you up bridal style, bringing you to his bunkbed. He’d have you sit in his lap, as he wiped your face with wipe, stroking your hair in attempt to calm you and reassure you that no one was judging you


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Mark wouldn’t think much of your relationship with Taeil. He wasn’t that interested or disheartened by it, just happy that everyone was getting along with each other. But, when he saw you running to him in the kitchen, blood dripping from your face, he’d get angry, yelling at Taeil for hurting his love, as he held you tightly to his chest. The other members would try to calm him down but it’d just fail, so they left you two be, retreating to the bedrooms. Now alone, he’d apologise to you for getting loud and angry and also immediately regret cursing at the oldest member, suddenly turning very gentle and soft. He’d dab your face softly with wet wipes and make you food to forget the pain.


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Haechan wouldn’t know how to help you after he saw how WinWin accidentally elbowed you in the nose. WinWin would be apologising to both of you like crazy, and probably assumed that Haechan was pissed when he didn’t say anything, leaving immediately afterwards. You’d end up looking at yourself by yourself, while Haechan watched you basically learning what to do so he could help you again if need be. Afterwards, he’d take you out though, to see you smile naturally again, taking you out to buy lots of food and drinks.



Dating Namjoon would include:

- always getting hurt because he’s a clutz
- Like he’s constantly flailing n sometimes ur just like “why do u have 0 control over ur limbs bitch omg”
- Getting elbowed in the head when y'all are cuddling
- Slapped in the face when u play wrestle
- Everyone thinks u have a kinky sex life cuz u always covered in bruises but he once pushed you off the bed by accident cuz he was gonna nut too fast n he ain’t mean to shove u that hard
- being the perfect, overly ambitious, successful couple
- Lots of cute study dates during exam week where you two don’t really talk, just you biting your lip as you annotate notes and him pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose cutely
- But every now and then he’ll pause and just reach over and grab your hand and you’ll look up and smile like omg
- He has the best comfiest sweaters that are just so big and soft and smell like him and you just wan t to drown in them
- He pretends to be annoyed when you steal them but has like 600 hundred pics of u in his phone sleeping in his hoodies
- Speaking of sleeping, he freaked out when he first found out you sleep with one hand down your pants
- Woke you up from your nap to inform you of his new discovery
- Nearly died afterwards for waking you up
- “Why do you sleep like that”
- “It’s warm”
- Insists on you shoving your hand down his pants to keep warm
- Him forcing you to take his Kim Daily pics
- “Just one more I swear”
- Being needy is your favorite past time
- You’re forever crawling into his lap, resting your head on his shoulder, lacing your fingers together
- It’s hard to be needy when he’s constantly working!!!!!!
- Like sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and look over to find him gone
- So you sleepily drag yourself into the living room and find him on his laptop or his phone or something
- You don’t even say anything just crawl into his lap and shove your hands up his hoodie for his warm
- He’s so used to it he just runs his hands through your hair and let’s you fall asleep while he works
- You putting your stuff in his purse
- Him getting pissed everytime you call it a purse
- “It’s a murse”
- “Purses have no gender”
- When y'all fight … omg
- He comes at you with logic and big words and snarky ass comments under his breath
- And there you are, on top of the couch so you can look him in the eye when you call him a dick ass bitch who doesn’t know what he’s talking about
- “You’re so mature”
- “You’re so mature” you mock in a high pitched voice
- Him child locking the car so your crazy ass will stop opening the door to leave whenever y'all get into a fight while he’s driving
- You child locking the car so he has to get out and open the door for you like a princess
- Baby proofing the house because he could trip on his imagination and get hurt
- Him trying to bring up the Pythagorean theorem during sex because your pussy reminded him of the fundamental relation among the three sides of the right triangle-
- “Will you shut up and finish eating me out you fucking nerd”
- Putting your fingers on his dimples
- The two of you making up the wildest stories about how you met
- “We met in a league of legends chat room”
- “So there I was… Bbq sauce on my titties”
- Making nerdy science jokes
- Everyone cringing at how fucking nerdy the two of you are
- “I hate this relationship”
- “No one asked u Yoongi”