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Song: Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson)

Requested: by anon “Can you do an {Ethan} imagine loosely based on American Psycho?”

Warnings: violence, stalking (trigger), slight Stockholm Syndrome (trigger)

Tags: Ethan x reader, obsession, suspense, thriller

A/N : Make sure you push the external image thingy, it’s part of the story!!please be advised that this is entirely fictional, this imagine deals with sensitive subjects and detailed violence, this isn’t meant to offend anyone, my heart goes out to the victims of this terrible crime. If you are sensitive to this, please do not continue.  

Also this is long AF, so enjoy

Again, you have been warned

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Frank Herbert wrote, “Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.” and obliteration shall it be, as you sat unaware on the crème white couch—your fingertips lightly smacking against the keys of your laptop; typing away

Six hours prior

Sweet dreams are made of these…

Who am I to disagree?

The group giggled as they descended down the steps of their rented cabin.  They were quite baffled you didn’t want to join in on their night of fun when vacationing here was your idea originally. As they neared the grey Sedan however, all thoughts disappeared as a ruffling in the bushes captured their attention.  

“D'you hear that?” Veronica inquired, looking around cautiously.

“It’s probably nothing, Ronnie,” the youngest of the two snickered, “We’re out in the middle of nowhere.” She rolled her shoulders, waiting for her sister to get in the car. Her sister, ever the ‘Nervous Nelly’, shook her head.

“Ramona, get in the car. It’s probably nothing, I just want to make sure.” She waved her hand, dismissing her sister as she turned and stalked into the brush. Ramona shrugged, slightly annoyed at her sisters anxious behavior. 

Travel the world, and the seven seas

Alas, poor Ramona, did get into that car. Unaware about the final moments of her life that were about to unfold. She sat there momentarily breathing, frozen in fear as her wide eyes met his through the rear-view mirror. 

His actions were quick, just a quick draw of the serrated blade against the creamy flesh of her neck, and it was over for young Ramona.  The thick, scarlet liquid poured over the gash, body twitching violently.  Ramona’s eyes glazed over, blood foamed and trickled at the corners of her mouth, and then she stilled.

A grin, an evil and horrifying grin was plastered on his face.  He breathed deeply before opening the door, and stepping out. He ever so quietly crept up to Veronica.  With much less mercy than before, he sprang forward. His large hand clasped against her, muffling her screams drastically as he continuously  stabbed at her abdomen with the steel blade.

It didn’t take long before he had both bodies placed back into the now hidden car. Swiftly after finding Ramona’s phone, the young man stalked back to a nearby tree.  He looked up, and peered at you through thick lashes in awe.  He didn’t know what it was about you that drew him in.

 What he did know, was that tonight was the night. He would make you his. However long that may take.

Everybody’s looking for something…


       Your dark orbs lazily flick down to the bottom right of the screen. It was getting late, and the quite grumbles of your stomach signaled that you we’re hungry. With a heavy sigh, you shut your computer, lightly toss it forwards, and stand up.

       You were on break, a nice vacation from the workload of school. A few of your close friends had rented out this secluded cabin.  They were out partying for the night, but you decided to stay in and work on something you loved doing. While you did have a basic knowledge of cooking, you didn’t feel like making―or do much of anything. Re-heats would have to suffice.

       Pulling the ends of your cotton shorts down, you open the refrigerator, and search for the Tupperware containing leftovers from last night’s meal. You huff lightly as you bend down farther, reaching for the plastic container in the very back of the fridge.

       A distant crunch caused you to flinch as you stood back, Tupperware in hand. A smile tugs at your lips, shaking your head you laugh. Just my imagination, you mused silently. Nudging the door closed, you’re bare feet lightly pat against the tile flooring as you pop the red lid off the plastic container. Awkwardly placing it into the microwave, you set the timer. 


      Your head snaps to the side and your brows furrow as you tread back to the couch you were once sitting on.  Grabbing your phone, you check the notifications.  It was a missed call from an unknown number. Shrugging, you leave your phone on the table, treading back into the kitchen.

      The microwave’s timer went off after a few more seconds, grabbing a fork and a glass of water, you take your food to the kitchen counter.  It wasn’t long into your meal before your phone went off again. 

      Shrugging, you continue your dinner in peace, silently complaining that you didn’t have anything to do.  You swallow thickly as your phone rings once more. From the angle you were sitting at, you cans see that it was the same number.  They say curiosity killed the cat, and now, you can understand why.

     Standing up, you slowly made your way back to the couch. Back to your phone.  Leaning down, you swiftly grab it, and sit down.  Your thumb hovers over the green key, just as you were about to click answer, you got a message.

Unknown: It’s not nice to ignore someone’s calls, you wouldn’t want to make me upset would you?

       The words sent a chill down your spine, you were frozen in place as you stared at the screen.  Your mind tried to rationalize the situation and immediately disregarded what happened. It’s just a wrong number. I’m in the middle of no where. I’m fine, nothing is going to happen. You quickly type out: I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number, and shut off your phone.

      It was a bit later in the night, the dishes were washed, and you had settled back on the couch.  You had turned your phone back on, and although you had no longer received any unknown calls―or messages―you couldn’t stop the unsettling feeling that consumed you. Random noises outside, even the house settling, utterly unnerved you.

     You sigh, looking at your work with disinterest.  Nothing had come to you in the last twenty minutes, and you were getting bored.  Existing out of your word program, you lie on your side, and opened Netflix.  

     The vibrations belonging to your phone lull you out of your deep slumber. It was much later than you had anticipated.  Pushing yourself up sluggishly, your eyelids heavy, you look at your computer screen.  The show you had been watching was currently paused, and the screen now read: Are you still watching?

      You had received two more messages from ‘Unknown’. All the 'logical’ reasons you had earlier created seemed to dissolve as you clicked the messaging app. Scanning the recent contacts, you immediately find the unknown number. Your breath hitched.

Unknown: Wrong number, huh Y/N?

A multimedia message quickly followed. Dragging your tongue across your bottom lip, you press accept, waiting for whatever had been sent you to appear.

*image downloading*


Your jaw becomes lax as your mouth falls open, your eyes widen in fear. It was a photo of you, sitting exactly where you were now.  Every possible nerve in your body felt like ice, the voices in your head screamed at you to get out.  Yet you stayed in place, you couldn’t move. 

Furrowing your brows and squinting, you catch something. In the back corner, behind the glass door, stood a masked man. Your hands become numb, and the device falls besides you. Slowly, you turn your head, only half relieved to see that no one was there.  Your phone vibrates against your palms, and you glance down.

*Image downloaded*

Unknown: You’re going to have to look harder than this…

With shallow breaths, you stood up; cautiously looking around every few seconds. You quickly grab your phone, and scan the door. it was unlocked. Running forwards, you crash against the door as you quickly try and lock it, a loud smack against the pane causes you to flinch as you look up.

There he stood, tall and menacing, as he waved at you tauntingly. He grabs something out of one of his many pockets. It was a phone, the case rose gold, covered in a red substance you only assumed to be blood.

 Ramona’s phone. 

A choked scream fell from your lips as you backed up, slowly looking around, looking at possible exits. His eyes followed yours, the window just across from you was open. Thoughts flooded your head as you both make a run for it, you winning by just seconds due to him having to turn at the side of the cabin. He slams his fist against the window angrily as you step back once more. 

Still keeping your eyes on him, you use your peripheral vision to check the other options of entry.  Your nerves slightly settled once you were reassured he couldn’t get in.  He cocks his head to the side as he turns, your eyes follow him carefully, watching his drawn out movements.  Into the brush he went, and your brows furrow.  Maybe he left, you thought to yourself wishfully.  You hear a loud click, and you glance up.  All the hope you just had washed away as soon as the power immediately cuts out, enveloping you in darkness.

With an accelerated heart beat, tears begin to brim in your eyes.  Using the little moonlight you had to your advantage, you run into the kitchen.  Pulling and throwing open drawers, you search desperately for a flashlight, even a match. Anything.  Luckily, you find a red military grade flashlight, pressing down on the rubber patch, the almost blinding light flickers on.

“It works!” You whisper thankfully. He was back at the door, bringing his hand up, he taps at the glass ever so slowly. You swallow thickly, walking nervously around the counter, standing only feet apart. 

For a while you stand in near silence, your heavy pants the only audible sound. He shakes his head, still peering at you intensely. A flutter of confidence ignites in you, as you so confidently attempt to speak.

Some of them want to  use you

“Please, leave me alone. I haven’t seen you, I wont tell anyone.” It comes out weak, and you were unsure if he heard you or not.  His shoulders lightly shake, he must be laughing. He shakes his head, pulling off his grey beanie and mask.

In any other situation, you would have been in  awe of his beauty.  This was neither the time nor place. You were only left in confusion, the stereotypes looking nothing like him.  You couldn’t help but hate yourself for noting he was attractive.

Some of them want to get used by you

You’ve seen my face, now haven’t you?” He taunts. He did hear you. You could only nod as a reply, your hot tears burning your cheeks. You sink to the floor, feeling defeated. 

“Locking the doors wont work Y/N, I can come in anytime I want. Get you, anytime I want,” he pauses and stares at you in infatuation, “but I won't―not until it’s time. Do you understand?” He smiles at you almost sweetly, you feel sick. 

Some of them want to abuse you

“Not until you’re tired, wishing that you were dead.  Then I’ll come in.” You couldn’t concentrate, flinching out of your almost dream like state when he slams a large hand onto the glass.

“I asked you a question, do you understand?” You bite your lip, nodding slowly.

Some of them want to be abused

“Good.” He says quietly, his voice was soothing.  He steps, back walking down the steps of the cabin, never taking his eyes off of you.

A/N: yo, this is way too long as a single imagine, so I’m just going to leave it here. Part two shall be posted tomorrow :) Along with the other asks and requests as well.

I’m so sorry for the long wait @lelainablue @ienjoytacosanddietcoke @dolantwins-1999 , etc. On top of a messy school schedule  and WEEKS worth of homework, and many more crazy reasons, I’ve totally slacked, and I’m so sorry. I hope this little bump wont stop you from requesting in the future.

Prompt: “I no longer want to hide us.” & “I just wanna be yours.” & “Are you mine?”

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Victor Zsasz x reader

By Anonymous & @socktrollqueen

PS: That’s the third part of my drabble set called “Glowing”. The first part could be found HERE, the second - HERE.

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Distractions ( Scott Summers x READER )

Title: Distractions
Rating: T+
Word Count: 1800+ 
Warning: Slight hint of grabbing at the end
Summary; Scott Summers is your distractions, but are all distractions bad?

Scott Summers was well known in the school for being the most rebellious and sarcastic student out of anyone else. Often, he’d steal one of the Xavier’s cars and go to the mall. Although, he wasn’t the most sneaky person; he just thought he was because Xavier usually let him take the cars instead of stopping him. During class, it wasn’t unusually for Scott to make sarcastic or snarky comebacks to one of the teachers. He did learn though not to do so towards Raven because last time he did, he found himself kicked into a wall and knocked out for a few hours. You, along with everyone else, found it funny upon seeing him the next day with a red foot mark on his cheek.

With Ororo, you joined the school after the events of Apocalypse, deciding it was the best place for you. You had first met Scott when he found you hiding in a building, severely injured and barely conscious from the destruction of the buildings in Cairo. Moving the payments and piles of sand from a top of you, the last thing you saw before awakening was his beautiful, handsome face. It was no secret to people around you that ever since then you always though he was the most attractive man a life, no doubt having the hots for him. Who could blame you though? He looked like he was sculptured by the gods; not to mention those perky, red lips. It wasn’t also a complete lie that part of the reason you stayed at the school was for him. And Scott knew all of that. Yeah, he wasn’t as smart as somebody like Hank, but he knew when a girl had the biggest crush on him, which you did.

Because of his knowledge about your feelings, at any chance he could, he would tease you and play with you; saying stuff like, “what exactly do you like about me?” and “but you love me,” all in a mocking tone. Even if Scott was the man of your affection, it annoyed you a lot when he did this. Sometimes even snapping at him, which came to a shock to everyone, as you’re one of the nicest people in the whole School. Well, when you want to be.

A few weeks after enrolling and the mansion being built back together with the help of Erik, everyone was gathered in the training room wearing their x men suits. Raven had gave the six of you a lecture about how you weren’t mere students anymore, but x men. Afterwards, sentinels come into the room for you all to fight in which you all adjusted yourselves, ready for battle. At first, fighting them wasn’t to hard for you. Having snake like abilities, such as in human strength to squeeze your opponents and suffocate them to death and speed came in handy. You were moving fast around the sentinels, squeezing and destroying parts of their body.

When you jumped behind one, squeezing its back, you turned your gaze for a second on how Scott was doing. Seeing this, Scott simply smiled and winked towards you, blowing you a small kiss. Because of this, the sentinel was able to throw you across the room, harshly causing your ankle to be twisted badly. This made sure you couldn’t run that fast, giving the sentinels time to almost blast your face off, Though, Peter was able to move fast enough and land a hard blow on the sentinels face, flinging it to the ground. Hank and Raven decided to stop training for the day, telling everyone for your first class, you did well. Charles, who was outside, came rushing into the room, as well, worried that if you okay or not.

“What the fuck, Scott?! Were you trying to distract me?!” you yelled at him, as Hank helped you up. Everyone, even Charles, looked at you in shock, as they’ve never seen you actually really mad, nevertheless curse. Scott, taking offense to your comment, snapped back at you. “Maybe if you weren’t so madly in love with me, a simple wink wouldn’t of done this!” You could of sworn your heart was destroyed upon hearing that. Stopping yourself from crying you asked Hank to help you towards the infirmary, ignoring Scott, as he tried to apologise to you.

It’s been about two months since that encounter; you and Scott made up, but you stopped showing your love for him. Deciding it was best to not let love distract you again, you became distant from Scott and Hank and Raven decided it’d be best to have Scott and you train in different classes. Countless times, Jean tried telling you that she knew you still loved him, as she could read your mind, but you ignored her. Scott was right; your love for him was to big and caused you to get hurt. It was for the best that you ignore these feelings for the time being; at least until after training.

Late in the afternoon, class ended causing all the kids, even teens, to run out of class, screaming in happiness. Your group of friends which consisted of Jean, Kurt, Ororo, Peter, and of course, Scott adventures into the halls before going outside around the pond. Jubilee was also apart of the group, but she was in bed sick, so she couldn’t leave her room.

“We should go to the movies and watch, ‘Superman III’,” Peter recalled, looking at everyone in curiosity. Everyone looked at each other, shrugging at the idea of going to the movies.

“Vhat is this man named Superman?” Kurt asked, confused by the name. Peter, being Peter, gave him a face as if he offended his ancestors and told every little thing about the superhero to him. Lets just say by the end of it, Kurt was a huge fan.

“I’m sorry, I can’t go,” you peered through, giving an apologetic look, “I have to do some homework that’s due soon.”

“I’ll come with you then,” Scott replied, turning his body, getting ready to walk towards you. Jean laughed under her breath at seeing your face.

“No thank you, I wish to do my homework alone or you know, you might just distract me again because I’m so in love with you,” you mocked, as you glared at him before turning around and walking away. With your snake like senses, you could hear Peter and Ororo laugh at him as you so called, “burned him”.  It was true when people say women hold grudges for a very long time.

“What was that for, Y/N? I thought we had patched things up,” Scott tried to reason, now walking beside you after chasing for you. You snorted at him, rolling your eyes, as you crossed your arms.

“It may have seemed not that big of a deal to you, but what you said then hurt me a lot. So, stating that, I’m not going allow you around me when I work. Because from what you think, my feelings cause me to get distracted or whatever’s left of them.” You bluntly said, walking faster, as to try to get away from him. Although, Scott keep his ground and keep up with you, trying to get your attention. “I said I was sorry,” he tried to tell you, but you ignored him. Now, him being annoyed and giving up, stopped bothering you and ran after your friends to catch up with them..

Walking to your dorm and entering, you felt a pit in your stomach. You felt upset at yourself for causing Scott to be annoyed and for acting that was towards him. No doubt did you still love him a lot, but you were so stubborn. It wasn’t like he loved you back; he had feelings for Jean anyways. You were more like a simple play toy for when he wanted to mess with somebody. Looking at your homework on your desk, you shook your head and dropped yourself on your bed. Even if you were a mutant, you still had love problems like any other teenager.

Slowly, you found yourself drift into an afternoon nap that lasted until night time. When you finally woke up, the full moon was high in the sky and it’s beautiful, white lights shined into your room. Getting up quickly, you ran to your desk where your homework was and looked at the clock. It was ten o’clock at night. Running around you frantically, you looked for a pencil and tried to get as much as you could done before the deadline at midnight. A sudden knock was heard from your door causing you to jump out of your very own skin. Groaning, you rushed to your door and opened it. Seeing the person on the other side made you wish you didn’t. There stood Scott wearing a gray shirt with a navy blue and pickle green jacket over it. In his hands, he held a tray of food that consisted of baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

“You probably don’t want to be bothered by me,” he started, giving you the tray, “but you didn’t come down for dinner, so I saved you some.” He looked like he was wanting to leave quickly, taking your words from earlier to consideration, as he tried to walk off. “Hey Scott,” you called out after him, making him turn to you, “want to come in my room? I’m almost done and afterwards, we can maybe do something?” Scott smiled at that, agreeing to it and walking into your room. Thank goodness it was clean or that would of been incredibly awkward. He took a seat on your bed, as you finished the work you had. It didn’t take long until you started to get distracted by Scott. Your cheeks started to become beat red and your head started to pound at the thought of being in a room alone with him. At least you weren’t going to almost die this time.

Scott noticed how you were acting and decided to mess with you again. Creeping over to you, he leaned over you and put his hands on the desk. You almost screamed by the sudden action, but tried to ignore him. Instead, Scott leaned his head down until his lips were right beside your ear. “I guess I am a distraction,” he whispered into your ear slowly, making you jump to the side, ending with you falling on your butt. Finding it funny, Scott laughed before helping you up. First, you shot him a glare, but you ended up laughing with him too.

“Hey, about that-” Scott tried

“I just got overly butthurt; if it’s anyone fault, it was mine. Although, it’s going to be your fault when I don’t turn in my homework at midnight.” Scott raised his eyebrows, looking at you confused before understanding and smirking. Grabbing your waist, he pulled you close, as he kissed you.

Scott Summers is the best distraction in the world.

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A cute little blurb/one shot about dropping H off at the airport? Sad but fluffy?

Things in the SUV were quiet. Almost alarmingly so. But that’s how it usually went when you were on the way to drop Harry off at the airport. You weren’t going to be seeing each other for longer than normal this time due to his schedule and your school. And it was weighing on you heavily.

You were both scrunched together in the middle of the bench seat in the back, his arm was around your shoulders while his other hand clasped yours in his lap.

You stared out the window at the LA freeway traffic as your driver sped by, too scared to look at him for fear if you did all the tears you were holding back would come flooding down your cheeks.

This was hardly new for you. Since you’d started dating you and Harry had spent more time apart than together. But no matter how many times it happened or how many times you went through it, you would always feel that nagging stab of pain and loneliness when he left.

He unclasped your hand and turned it over so your palm was facing up. He gently traced figure eights into your palm. You kept your gaze out the window but leaned your head against the crook of his shoulder. He pressed his mouth to your hair.

You wanted to hit traffic. Maybe a terrible accident that would tie up the freeway for hours. Harry would miss his flight and you’d get one more day.

One more day.

And then you felt terrible for even entertaining the thought.

When the driver pulled into the airport and made his way towards the tarmac, the knot in your stomach tightened. Which was probably a good thing. At least you could focus on not throwing up rather than the fact that the love of your life was leaving you for months.

You were going to be without his gentle squeeze in the morning when he woke up. His soft giggle when you both had trouble disentangling yourself from the sheets to get out of bed. His one thousand watt smile when you walked into a destroyed kitchen to see he’d made you a meal. His warm embrace when it was negative numbers outside your doors. His comforting hum in your ear during a thunderstorm. His voice, his smell, his touch, his weight, his…being.

God. This sucked.

Your worst nightmare was realized when the driver pushed on the brakes, bringing the SUV to a slow halt right at the stairs to the private plane that would carry Harry to another continent. That would carry him away from you.

Neither of you moved until the driver got out. He seemed to understand the gravity of what was going on in his backseat so he unloaded Harry’s bags and got them into the plane before opening your door.

Harry moved to get out first. He turned to offer you his hand, clasping his fingers around yours in a tight grip. He surveyed the area quickly to make sure there were no paps anywhere.

And then his eyes landed on you.

You were slowly losing the battle with the tears you’d been holding back as a few slipped down your cheeks. He sighed, pulling you towards him. He lifted his hands to your eyes, drying your tears with the pads of his thumbs. He didn’t speak but instead wrapped his arms around you and drew you into his chest.

And you cried. Harder than you ever thought you could cry. The kind of cry that gave people headaches and hiccups. He held you through it, rubbing your back, petting your hair, whispering in your ear how much he loved you and was going to miss you.

You pulled away, feeling a bit embarrassed at your blubbering. He was just leaving for a few months, it wasn’t forever. There was Facetime and Skype and text messaging. You would probably talk to him more while he was gone than you did when he was home.

You wished that knowledge made you feel better.

He finished drying your tears and cupped your face in his hands,

“Love and stuff.” He whispered.

You smiled despite the heaviness in your heart. “Love and stuff” was an inside joke between you. The first time you’d ever worked up the courage to tell Harry you loved him, you walked into the kitchen where he was fixing himself a cup of tea. The minute he looked up you screamed out those words without another thought. It sent both of you into a fit of giggles.
You nodded, pushing yourself onto your tiptoes to press your lips to his,

“Love and stuff.” You responded softly against his mouth.

And with that he reluctantly turned towards the plane. He kept hold of your hand as he leaned down to pick up a bag, pulling it onto his shoulder. Your hands stayed connected until he was too far away and then your hand dropped back down to your side. You waited, watching him walk up the stairs until he turned around to look at you one last time. He took a moment, you were sure he was making a memory, before he kissed the tips of his fingers and held them out to you.

You smiled through your tears, waving your hand up to him.

He turned to walk into the plane, the door closing behind him.

And that was it. He was gone.


Word Count: 1,279

Warnings: Rejection, swearing? (I think?) 

Song Inspiration: “Lies” by Marina and the Diamonds 

(Listen to it here)

Requested by Anon:

“Hey! Can you do a Dean x reader based on the song Lies by Marina and The diamonds please? X”

A/N: I love this song!!  I don’t think I did it justice, but I hope you like it!

[Part Two]

A sad, lonely table.  

A sad, lonely table with a shot of whiskey for you, for Sam, and one for Dean, who’d gone off to talk to some girl sitting at the bar.  Lonely as it was, Sam was still sitting across from you.  After a hunt that hadn’t gone so well, even he needed a drink.

You both clanked your shot glasses together before downing them.  You took a minute to let the burning sensation in the back of your throat settle before you opened your eyes again.

“How long you think it’s gonna take until he’s gone with this one?”  You asked Sam with a cough.

Sam shrugged.  “I’d bet twenty minutes tops.”

“It’d probably be less than that.”


You couldn’t stop casting bitter glances towards Dean and his latest conquest, who was already doing the whole, “Wow, you’re so hot!  I’d better lean forward so you can see my cleavage as I twirl my hair!”  It made you sick that some girls were so easily seduced.  She hardly knew Dean, and here you were, with a less-than-pleasant-yet-still-okay history with him, taking shots with his brother.

You heard Sam sigh from his side of the table, and you turned to face him.  “What?”

“You look like you’re about to murder my brother,” he said simply.  When you didn’t respond, and instead turned back to glare at the two, he reached over and tapped you on the shoulder.  “Come on.  What’s going on with you?”

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Dylan and Secret Lover The headline reads with a picture of you and Dylan hugging underneath. 

Another headline reads Does Brittany know? In that article, the picture of you two is also included.

Damn paparazzi. 

You and Dylan had dated throughout high school.

Yes, true. 

The picture of you hugging Dylan? Secret rondevu? 

Absolutely not. 

You and Dylan hugging because you randomly ran into each other and hadn’t seen the other in years? 


Did Brittany know? 


Did Brittany know that the two of you exchanged numbers to meet up again? 


Was that hug captured by the paparazzi completely innocent?

Absolutely yes. 

Did you and Dylan hang out, with Brittany’s knowledge? 


Did old feelings resurface between the two of you, resulting in a kiss?

Yes, it did for you.

Was that incident found out by anyone yet? 

No. Not yet. 

What was going to happen? Did that kiss feel as right to him as it did to you? Did that change his relationship with Britt? What did this mean? Was there a chance for the two of you again? 

There had to be. 

There had to be because there was more than one kiss. Each more heated and thirsty than the last. There had to be because he promised to talk to you soon. He promised. 

He promised. 

He always promises things. When the two of you broke up because you couldn’t handle the distance while he filmed, he promised that it wasn’t the end of you two. He promised that the two of you would find a way back to each other. 

Was this that way? 

You turn your attention away from the magazines at the stand as your phone rings in your purse. You dig around for a few seconds before finding it. 

“Hello?” you answer. 

“Hey Y/N, it’s Dylan." 

"Oh, uh, hey Dylan." 

"Did you see it?" 

"Yeah, I’m standing in front of it right now.”

“Britt doesn’t know." 

"About the magazines or-" 

"About how much I loved you before we broke up." 

You’re silent. 

He said "loved”. Past tense. 

“Can I see you soon?" 

"Uh, yeah, sure,” you stumble. 

“Like now?”


"I know, it’s just we need to talk." 

"Can you meet me at my place?" 

"Yes, text me the address?”

“Of course." 

You say your goodbyes and hang up. You race home to meet Dylan, nervous for the conversation that awaits you there.

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Tinkerbell "accidentally" spills fairy dust when Hook is pouting and reveals that Emma is his true love. Emma "Why am I green and sparkly" freak out

    He doesn’t see the fairy at first, as she tiptoes through the soft grass, and he barely looks up when she sits next to him on the decorative bench. They’re inside of the garden that Mary Margaret had requested be built when the palace was being restored, far enough away from the castle windows to stay unseen. They had both been invited by the king and queen to attend dinner at their newly refinished home, along with the dwarves, Regina, Robin, Emma, and a few other friends. This is where Tinkerbell had been only moments ago, before subtly excusing herself on the pretense of needing fresh air, but with the intention of finding the pirate who hadn’t shown up. Of course he’d be nearby, though. During the year that  they’d been separated from Emma, Killian often came to this area when he needed to be alone, though at the time it had been untamed and overgrown.
    “Hey.” She murmurs. Killian takes another drink from the small flask he holds, before handing it to Tink. She accepts, taking only a small swig of the bitter liquid before returning it to his hand.
    “I knew you’d be here.” She says, turning to look at him. His eyes are red, like he’s been rubbing them. He sighs.
    “I thought you’d be at the castle. Why are you here?” He’s tired, physically and emotionally, and he’s not in any mood to attempt to rebuild the walls he usually keeps up around everyone except himself. Tink always sees right through them, anyhow.
    “I could ask you the same thing.”
    “You know I can’t.” He answers bluntly, swallowing another mouthful of rum, craving the momentary sting that burns his throat more than the taste of the drink.

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