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That's not concerning in the slightest!


After finally escaping solitary confinement in the capital, our wizard is following the heroine to the throne room where the rest of the party is waiting, ready to fight.

Wizard: *follows the heroine up a flight of steps* Are you sure you know where you’re going?

Heroine: shut up the guards might hear us!

Dm: As you reach the next landing, you hear the clanking of armor and casual conversation.

Wizard(oog): can i roll perception to see what they are saying? *rolls nat 20 and proceeds to celebrate*

Dm: you hear the leader of the platoon talking with his teammates.

Leader: *basically talks about conflict in the throne room and missing people all over the city*

Dm: the guards turn the corner and run right into you


Wizard (oog) : Dm how did he see me?!

Dm: *facepalms* did you roll stealth? You literally stood at the entrance of the stairway listening to their conversation until they ran into you.

Eventually he managed to convince them to let him go, and then to my misery, proceeded to go drink with his new friends in the tavern while his party is waiting for him and the heroine (who he turned invisible). Did I also mention that there were a series of dragon roars coming from the throne room?

Bucky Barnes, the human equivalent of the 100 emoji.

“Well, whaddya think?” asked Bucky, injecting a little swagger into his step as he crossed the living room floor.

“Are you ever going to wear anything other than that shirt ever again?” Steve asked him, looking on from the sofa with quiet admiration.

“Nope,” replied Bucky, flopping down next to him. “It"s the nicest birthday gift anybody’s ever given me. Do you think I’ll get a special discount at restaurants?”

“Bucky, that’s… the shirt’s not even your real birthday gift,” Steve told him, through a heavy facepalm. “Did you not notice the antique writing desk with the big red bow on it in the studio?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want to assume that was for me,” said Bucky with a shrug.

“Jerk,” said Steve, playfully elbowing him in the side.

Granted, in real people years, Bucky knew he was somewhere in his early thirties, probably - it was too difficult and too painful to figure it out for sure - but being a hundred meant something. He had, in his own way, weathered a century’s worth of experience, and emerged, if not unscathed, then at least recovering.

“So it’s a real antique, is it?” asked Bucky.

“It was quite the find,” Steve confirmed.

“Is it as old as we are?”

“Not… quite,” conceded Steve.

“So… how much would I fetch at auction?”

“You?” Steve thought it over, giving him careful examination. “You’re in near mint condition for someone your age. I’d go as far as to say you’re priceless.”

Bucky could tell he was blushing in spite of himself. “Shut up, you fucking sap,” he said, smiling against Steve’s lips. “Now when do I get my cake?”

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Put A Ring On It

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When two forgetful people get married.

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: slight profanity, I guess

Pairing: Jungkook x Jimin

Genre: fluffier than bunkook

Author’s Note: dat gif tho, find someone who looks at you the way jungkook looks at jimin

Song: Bruno Mars’s Marry You

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Just a PSA/friendly reminder

I’ve been reading some of the comments on the trailers for The Legend of Tarzan and every comment I read just makes me want to facepalm harder.

Let’s review some basic facts:

1. Tarzan is white in the original story.

He is the son  of an English Viscount. 

How anyone is surprised by this  - especially since in the sanitized Disney version people keep referencing Tarzan is white - is  beyond me. 

2. Disney  did not come up with the story of Tarzan.

Tarzan was written in 1912 and the first movie for the story was released in 1918.

3. Tarzan’s parents are killed by apes in the original story, not a leopard.

The leopard is a change made by Disney. See item #2.

4. Jane is American in the original story. 

Jane being English is a change made by Disney. See item #2.

5. Jane is blonde in the original story. 

Jane being brunette is a change made by Disney. See item #2.

6. Tarzan was not originally a cartoon, nor was it intended for children.

Tarzan first appeared in a pulp magazine in 1912 and then as a book in 1914, first appearing as a movie in 1918. 

The kid-friendly cartoon is a change made by Disney. See item #2.

7. Tarzan was not raised by gorillas.

Tarzan was raised by a fictitious ape species called the Mangani. 

Tarzan being raised by gorillas is a change made by Disney. See item #2.

8. Tarzan was not created by a British person. 

The fact that the character Tarzan is from England does not mean the person who created him must be English as well.

Edgar Rice Burroughs was an American writer.

Random Fact #136

Leo IV of Byzanthine died from wearing too much bling.

He borrowed a crown kept in Hagia Sophia, and the heavily bejeweled crown’s jewels rubbed on his brow ‘til it blistered. The blisters became infected and he died.

War of the Magizoologists

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Prompt: Imagine Newt and you are both magizoologists and are both extremely competitive about their schools. You take Newt to Ilvermorny to try and prove that it’s the best school there. Ha, what could go wrong… seriously.  

A/N: This was a collaboration with @she-who-nailed-it who is basically one of the best writers out there, so seriously check her out because she is honestly the best! I wrote Newt’s script and she wrote the reader’s scrip, and then she wrote the narrative. AND MIGHT I ADD SHE DID AMAZING! 


It was a cold day in New York. The kind of day where it was super bleak and boring, and basically ultra-depressing. In fact it was downright hellish, with the biting wind and ice cold rain water, naturally not cool enough to snow. 

Your temper was not great. The weather didn’t improve it. You were feeling peevish and grumpy as you stood at the door, waiting for Newt. You began to tap your foot impatiently and called out, “Newt! Hurry up! I’ll be late! And the teachers can’t be late!”

 A sour expression plastered itself onto your face as you saw Newt pop his head out of his room. He hadn’t even got his coat on. “But I haven’t said goodbye to my creatures yet!” He complained. 

A sour expression plastered itself onto your face as you saw his so called “innocent face”. 

Your sour expression deepened as you snapped back angrily, “Mr. Scamander, are you serious? Just bring one of your creatures with you for show and tell! Now hurry up, please!” 

Newt could sense your displeasure in the situation and gave you a slightly awkward lopsided smile. It was a horribly fake smile, but Newt didn’t care. He turned to grab his coat and then stuffed Pickett into his pocket gently. Newt muttered quietly under his breath, “She’s treating me as though I’m one of her students. Why did the Ministry sign me up for this?” 

You overheard Newt talking to his little friend. “I can hear you, you know,” You expressed dramatically, stomping over to Newt and holding out your hand. “Since Ilvermorny is in Massachusetts we’ll have to Apparate. Kindly take my hand?” 

Newt looked down at your hand. Chances are you had poisoned your hand or something and were trying to kill him. “Thank you, but that won’t be necessary Miss (L/N). I am perfectly capable of Apparating myself,” he replied back curtly. You might have been cute, but there was no way he was going to take your hand when you were in one of THOSE kinds of mood. 

You snorted. “Suit yourself, Mr. Scamander but don’t blame me if you get lost.” You then proceeded to Apparate, leaving Newt alone in the house. 

Newt began to hum a little as he pulled out his wand. He chided softly to Pickett, “Oh I’ll show her wrong.” And then he too vanished off to Ilvermorny, ready to prove you wrong, and maybe try to impress you. 


Ilvermorny loomed above Newt as he got his balance back. Ilvermorny was quite different from what he imagined it to be. Possibly smaller than Hogwarts, but not by much. It was definitely newer looking, it was 630 years newer in fact. There were children pouring out of the building and running to different classes, definitely more students than at Hogwarts. 

You began to furiously fight your way through the mass amount of students. “Okay, don’t get lost, don’t torment my students, and fore heaven sakes, don’t talk too much, this is my class,” You instructed out loud, sounding bossier than you meant to sound. 

Newt tripped slightly as he tried to catch up with you. It was like Hogwarts, but not at all at the same time, which threw him off. “Don’t worry, I won’t steal your job. Worrying means you suffer twice,” Newt replied, looking around in amazement at the architect designing. 

The two of you walked down a long hall full of children, their voices bounced off the marble walls, causing so much noise and chaos that it frightened Pickett. Newt had to hold his hand over his pocket to keep Pickett from freaking out too much. 

You took Newt down another hall and into a classroom. Newt admired the room. It was full of elaborate drawings of all kinds of creatures. Even creatures he had never seen before, which was rare. At the bottom of each drawing he saw your initials signed on the parchment paper. 

The teenagers were all milling about when the two of you came into the room. You cleared your throat and tucked a lock of hair behind your ear as you then proceeded to call out, “Class, settle down, please. This is Mr. Newt Scamander and he’s also a magizoologist, but he’s from Hogwarts and he—” 

“Oh, is he your man, professor?” A boy snickered. He had a strong Boston accent and was leaning on his desk casually, smirking and wiggling his eyebrows. 

The room filled with soft amused chuckling. Everyone knew you were too pretty to be single, but also too feisty that no man really wanted you. You flushed red, refusing to look at Newt. “Owen, please be quiet,” you instructed, still refusing to glance at the handsome Brit who was awkwardly standing next to you. “As I was saying—” 

“Notice how she didn’t deny it?!” Owens ooo-ed again, his smirk growing bigger as your blush became redder. 

Now completely furious, you walked over to Newt and gave him an accusing glare, as if this were all his fault. You whispered into Newt’s ear, “Don’t just stand there! Introduce yourself, Mr. Scamander!” 

Now Newt had gone red in the face. He coughed a little and then walked closer to the class, his hands deep into his pockets as he said softly, “Er—right. Yes, I’m Newt Scamander and NO we have NO interest in each other. At all. This is strictly a professional visit, for there have been some rumours that your teacher has been, quote from MACUSA: Slacking off and has limited knowledge on magical creatures.” Newt straightened up as he talk, his ego clearly showing as he became more confident with every word. He smirked at you a little. “So I am here now to show you the true beauty of this class!” 

Owen piped up again. “Oh he’s a Brit! Damn, Professor (L/N), I didn’t know you had a thing for accents!” 

Oh yes you did have a thing for accents. But you weren’t going to let this little upstart brat know. Nor were you going to let little Mr. Know Everything about Beasts know either, thank you very much! “Owen, shut up. He’s not, uh, my type,” You glanced at Newt and then frowned, hastily shoving him away from your desk. “As we all know, Mr. Scamander is simply here to see how Ilvermorny is truly better. Now, who knows about bowtruckles? Mr. Scamander, you have the right to remain silent.” You smirked maliciously at Newt. 

Newt huffed and then proceeded to innocently sit behind your desk, despite what you had commanded him not to do. 

A student piped up, “Ummm, they’re like super big right?” 

Another kid threw in, “Yeah. And they can fly!” 

You did a facepalm. And Newt stood up indignantly. “Professor,” Newt began, walking closer to you. “Have you taught these kids nothing? All the students at Hogwarts know everything about bowtruckles. But no worries, that’s why I’m here!” Newt proudly took out Pickett, who looked a little sleepy. He grinned as the class chorused together an awed ohhhhh! Newt then smirked a lopsided grin back at you. 

Once again getting red in the face you closed the gap up between the two of you and tried to shove Newt out of the way. “Okay, Newt, that’s quite enough, I have to teach—” 

“Look! She’s on first term names with Mr. Scamander! I knew something was going on!” A girl cried out, giggling an annoying laugh. 

“MR. SCAMANDER… kindly step aside,” You commanded, literally pushing Newt out of the way. “And let me take over?” You saw some of the students smirk and raise their eyebrows at your audacity to make physical contact with this Brit. Flustered, you cleared your throat again and then again. And then finally mustered out, “Uh… yes… Bowtruckles… ahhh…” Wow. SO intelligent for a professor. 

Owen laughed a rude laugh and sneered, “No wonder MACUSA sent Mr. Scamander! Maybe he’ll replace Professor Slacker!” 

You gave a slightly spacey dejected look, realizing that Newt was clearly the favorite here. Newt noticed your slightly jealous facial expressions and coughed a little bit. “Unfortunately for you, I’m not searching for a new job, much less want to take one from someone who has much, much more to learn…” Newt commented, giving a little small dramatic sigh and smirking at you. “HOWEVER, I am delighted to help in any way that I can for now. Bowtruckles are small creatures that are immensely difficult to spot, usually hiding in their tree in parts of England, Germany and Scandinavia.” 

Newt gently set the shy Pickett down and a small cluster of students formed around the creature. Pickett soon got used to the ooos and ahhhs and began strutting around a little, soaking up the attention. “Ohhh! He’s so cute! May I touch him? Does he have a name?” A female student asked, obviously eager to touch or pet the creature, as most teenage girls are. 

Newt beamed, pleased with how well things were going. “Of course you can! And his name is Pickett, for you see, these magnificent beasts are able to unlock locks. However, when threatened they will unhesitatingly gouge your eyes out.” Newt gave a slight chuckle. And the students backed away. And one of the students gave a scream. Newt then looked at you expectantly. “Miss Y/N, would you like to hold him?” 

You glared at Newt. “Kindly don’t scare my students!” You hissed at Newt. But you none the less picked up the Bowtruckle with careful hands. Giving a slight nervous giggle, you tried to calm down the students. “See? There’s nothing to be afraid of. Okay, Mr. Scamander you can have him back now!” You hastily gave Pickett back to Newt. “Okay, now class, Mr. Scamander and I will be—” 

“Demonstrating how to french kiss?” Owens perked up, giving an innocent look at his teacher. 

“Owen, you have approximately 1 second to shut up, or I’ll send an owl to your parents. Please respect your teacher and Mr. Scamander who is only here because he can’t go back to Hogwarts,” You said passive aggressively, glancing in Newt’s direction. 

Newt replied airily back, “Oh, I wish I was at Hogwarts right now. A much better school than this horrid place.” He returned the smirk back to you. 

Owen, who was now thoroughly enjoying this secret war, said boisterously, “Enough about that, demonstrate the snogging already!” 

You were completely at a loss for words, luckily for you the school bell rang and students began to scurry around and pack up. You blew out a breath of air, wishing you were dead right about now. 

“Yeah no, not today, buddy. Scurry along now, or I’ll have the Swooping Evil come after your brains tonight!” Newt teased, wiggling his eyebrows and jostling Owen playfully. 

Owen just gave Newt a weird look. “What the heck is a Swooping Evil?” Newt turned slowly to you. You bit your lip and refused to make eye contact. “Have you not taught these pupils anything? That’s preposterous,” Newt insisted, giving you a stern look. 

You hastily shoved Owen away, who still looked confused. “Okay, that’s enough for today! I’ll see you tomorrow, Owen, make sure you send me that report why Ilvermorny is the best school!” You gave a high pitched chuckle hoping that Newt wasn’t about to kill you with his judgmental stare. 

“Will do, teacher. Just remember to write a report on why you like that Brit’s hair!” Owen laughed, he gave a sly look at you and Newt, like he was trying to decide how your children would look. 

“Owen, I swear to God, if you don’t leave right now, I will…” You breathed deeply and let the air out. “Tell your parents.” You couldn’t really threaten the student with murder, that would kinda be like… bad. A lot bad. 

Owen raised his hands in surrender. “Alright alright,” Owen chided softly, backing up slowly. “See you later, Mr. and Mrs. Scamander!” And then he proceeded to run like a madman away from the two flustered grownups. 

You were now red and incredibly indignant. “I could punch that boy!” You growled, your voice strained with anger. 

“You really shouldn’t go around threatening students, no matter how obnoxious they may be,” Newt paused, realizing that he was being incredibly hypocritical since he did just threaten to send a swooping evil after Owen. “In a way, I’d say it’s your fault you haven’t earned their respect. That’s what the professors at Ilvermorny clearly lack.” 

Your shoulders slumped a little. Newt was right. You weren’t cut out for this job. You weren’t sure if anyone was cut out for this job. A small thought came to you. You walked up to Newt giving him a slight amused looked. “Well,” You started slowly. “Even if I don’t have classroom respect, it would seem I have your respect, otherwise you wouldn’t want to be around me, am I right, Mr. Scamander…?” You gave him a slight smirk and winked at him before turning around and tightening up a bit. 

Newt stammered back, “Well maybe you have earned my respect. I do find it remarkable how you can deal with these children every day. Now I’m just finding a way to earn your respect, you’re like a new creature to me, Miss (L/N).” Newt realized what he just said, blushed scarlet, and then did a facepalm. “Er, not that I need to earn your respect or anything…?” 

You gave a small smile. “Well. Uh, um,” wow. So intelligent. “Now that I think about it, I guess I look up to you so much that I want to prove myself to you…” You fiddled nervously with a notebook. Did you make any sense at all? Or were you just spewing weirdo’s crap? 

“Is that the reason why that notebook is covered with my name?” Newt pointed to the notebook in your hand, which had hearts and Newt’s full name on it. Newt didn’t find it creepy, surprisingly, mildly charming actually. “There is really no need for you to prove yourself, Y/N. I can already see that you are a striving Magizoologist and I shouldn’t be trying to knock your spirits down, although Owen has probably already done that countless times.” 

You looked down at your notebook and blushed, hastily shoving it behind your back. “Oh my gosh, Mr. Scamander!” You squawked. You hastily cleared your voice and coughed a little, trying to preserve what little pride you had left. “You haven’t been knocking out my spirit. You make it fly, and to be honest,” You then closed the gap between you and Newt. “I rather enjoy the witty banter.” 

Newt’s breathing quickened. “As do I. Uh, please call me Newt,” Newt breathed gently. Feeling confident, he lightly brushed a loose strand of hair out of your face and tucked it behind your ear. 

Likewise feeling bold, you stood on tippy toes and gently kissed Newt on the cheek. Realzing what you just did, you backed up, “Uh… oh, sorry! I hope that was alright! I wasn’t thinking!” You began to freak out even more, waiting for Newt to walk away or get angry. 

Newt just blinked and turned bright red. “A rebellious side I see? That was rather unprofessional, Y/N, now wasn’t it? But…” Newt slowly said. “I like how you don’t mind breaking the rules.” Those words made your heard give a little jump. The next second was a blur, as Newt gently pushed your back up against a desk, cupping your cheeks and swooping down to kiss your mouth. 

You gave a little whimper of surprised but happily kissed him back, enjoying the warmth of the kiss and the body heat. Right as it was growing rather intense, someone had to ruin it all, naturally. “Teacher, I forgot…” 

Boy, did you push Newt away. You thought Newt was going to fall backwards and land on his behind. A complete guilty look plastered across your face, as you hastily tried to wipe away the evidence. Oh great. You could see it in the headlines of the school paper. Magizoologist (L/N) hits it off with British Magizoologist, Newt Scamander. 

“I KNEW IT. OHHHH K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Owen sang high, giving you a triumphant look. 

You were about to go full berserk on him and kill the kiddo, but instead you got a new idea of how to get rid of him. Hopefully much more amusing. Feeling bold, you said, “You’re welcome to watch us, but just so you know, us adults are FAR more capable than just high school kissing…” You snaked your arm around Newt’s neck and grabbed his shirt, pulling him down a bit. 

Owen blushed a little. “Uh…” 

Newt blushed likewise, giving you a slightly frightened look. You hoped that he would play along to get rid of the brat, but naturally his innocent mind couldn’t process what exactly you were trying to get at. “Well that progressed quickly,” Newt whispered very quietly. 

Owen gave another smirk. “Umm, yeah, let me get my camera!” Owen hastily darted off, giggling madly. 

Newt’s eyes grew large. “That’s it you little bugger! Stay here, I’m obvliviating him and don’t go on about school rules, I don’t care!” Newt said, running after Owen. 

You realized your plan had failed. Majorly. You then took off, running after Newt. “MR. SCAMANDER. I. CANNOT. LET. YOU. DO. THAT!” Once you caught up to Newt, you did the only sensible thing in your mind. Tackled him to the ground. Giving a loud shriek, and flailing all over the place, you fell on top of Newt. 

You were too late. Owen had brandished a camera and sapped a couple pictures of the tangled love-birds. Laughing, Owen said giddily, “This will surely be on the front page of the school’s newspaper! Thanks, teacher!” He skipped off happily, singing to himself. 

You let out a loud groan, rubbing your eyes. So. Freaking. Screwed. 

Newt gave you a slightly helpless but amused look, sitting up and gently planting a kiss on your nose. “Maybe I shouldn’t have acted so recklessly. (Y/N), I know that I might’ve caused a little bit of trouble—” 

You gave a sharp snort and rolled your eyes. “Sure just a little,” you sulked sarcastically, crossing your arms and looking away, pretending to admire the quiet corridor. 

Newt gently played with your hair. “But despite everything, I enjoyed my time here. I hope you wouldn’t mind if I stayed a little longer?” 

You blinked, looking at Newt. Newt wanted to stay in New York? With you? Even if it was for a short amount of time, heck, you’d take it. You slowly grinned. “Yeah, I’d love that!” 

“Also, what happened back there…did it mean anything?” Newt asked curiously, as he shifted around under you, trying to find a more comfortable position without causing you to move. 

You gave a smirk. Well played. “I dunno, you tell me…?” 

Newt pushed his lips onto yours, his arms snaking around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “Was that the answer you wanted?” Newt asked you in amusement, studying your speechless face with adoration. “Now…where were we before we were so rudely interrupted…?” 



I hope you liked this! It was super fun to write! If you like this collab, let me or @she-who-nailed-it, that way maybe we can collaborate again!

Random Drabble #1: Metal

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Title: Metal

Random Matchup: Woozi | Finding Out You Listen To Metal Music

Pairing: Woozi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

A/N: Dude this is so fun I love doing these randomly matched drabbles haha, this is my first one. Let me know if you want more, it’s kinda weird and different, but I listen to metal so I had to, I just didn’t think this scenario would get matched up with Woozi lol so yeah, Enjoy haha

Send Me Two Numbers between 1-26 and I will make a drabble from it.


Looking around you stepped into the warm Pledis Headquarters as a new song played into your ears at full blast. Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden began to play and you nodded your head to the guitars and drums.

You nodded at the secretary at the desk, not needing to stop by to check in, she knew you all too well by now. Making your way down the hallway you reached the artist’s studios, where all the artist could produce their music. You stopped in front of the door with a gold sign reading “Jihoon” on it and pulled out one of your earbuds, turning down the music as you stepped in.

“Jihoon?” You said as you popped your head into the door, looking around before seeing his pink hair barely peeking over the large office chair, headphones on, fingers typing frivolously into the computer keyboard.

You smiled, realising he was too focused to notice you enter, but not wanting to interrupt you plopped yourself down on the sofa, sticking your earbud back in and pulling up Facebook messaging Vernon quickly.

     You: How does one get Jihoons attention?

     Vernon: Ah, is he ignoring you again?

     You: Not purposely, I just came in to see him but he is so into what he is doing he hasn’t even looked over to seen me walk in.

     Vernon: You don’t want to interrupt him again? When will you learn he needs to pay attention to you more. He has the most awesome girl in the world and he just ignores her. How rude.

You chuckle. Vernon and You had been best friends for years, you met when he lived in the states. When he moved to Korea to become an idol you kept in touch. After you started college a position opened up for a transfer to Korea, and since you didn’t really get along well with your family, and you missed your best friend a lot, you packed up and left without second guessing.

That’s when you met all the other members of Seventeen. They all welcomed you with open arms. All except Jihoon who was super shy, Veron told you later that he talked about you a lot and showed photos of you to the members and Jihoon took an interest in you.

It took three months before he asked you out, and here you were now, sitting in his studio as he was working on Seventeens upcoming album.

     You: Oh shush I just don’t want to bother him. He is working so hard right now.

     Vernon: Whatever you say, hey didn’t you say you were going to a concert tomorrow?

     You: Yeah, I am going to see Lamb Of God, I am surprised they are actually coming here, but I am not complaining.

     Vernon: Have you told Jihoon?

     You: No, why?

     Vernon: Don’t you think you should?

     You: Uh, I mean I guess so. I don’t see why it is such a big deal, it’s just a concert.

You could practically hear Vernon snicker, you hadn’t talked to Jihoon about how you listened to Heavy Metal mostly because you thought he would dislike you for it.  Jihoon mostly listened to soft Pop and classical music, occasionally though you would catch him listening to Fall Out Boy or Paramore which made you smile, but you knew there is no way he would ever like your metal music and that was okay, you just worried he would think you were weird.

Mind wandering, you laid down on the sofa, closing your eyes and enjoying as your music continued to play, the guitar solos always gave you chills and the double bass made you want to bang your head till it was sore. Before you knew it you were dozing off.

You were woken up to a kiss on the nose. Wrinkling your nose you looked up at your lovely boyfriend who looked back at you, his face a mixture of confusion and shock.

“Y/n? How long have you been here?” He said as you sat up and crossed your legs and looked at him, taking out your headphones tilting your head.

“Sorry, what did you say, my music was still on.” 

He chuckled a little. “Why do you always have your music up so loud it’s going to hurt your ears,” he said as sat down next to you and leant over, moving a piece of hair behind your ear. “I asked how long you have been here.”

You smiled, “Hey, I enjoy my music is all,” you say as you blush before looking down at your phone. “I got here about an hour ago, but I didn’t want to bother you so I just waited, sorry I dozed off,” you said as you took your headphones out of your mp3 player and put them in your pocket.

He rolls his eyes. “You can always stop me, you know I won’t get mad,” he said as he leant back against the sofa.

“I know, I just didn’t want to,” you said as you placed your mp3 in your back pocket, but suddenly it starts playing at full volume, A Slayer song came blasting from the speakers and you jumped and tried to stop it. “Shoot! Sorry, sorry!” You finally press stop and look up at Jihoon his face, looking at you in shock.

“Sweetheart, what are you listening to!?” He said suddenly and grabbed your Mp3 player from your hands and scrolled through the playlist it was on. “You listen to Heavy Metal!” He looks at you confused “Why didn’t you say that you did?”

You facepalmed and rubbed your hands down your face slowly. “Yeah, I started listening to it when I was in high school, Vernon and I went to a few shows back in the day.”

He furrowed his brow. “So you and Vernon both listen to Metal?”

You chuckled, “Oh god no, Vernon tagged along with me because I made him, but in return, I had to go to his rap concerts.” You scrunched your nose thinking of having to attend the T-Pain concert, it was awful.

Jihoon laughed a little at your reaction before he handed you back your mp3 player. “Sounds lovely.” He paused then bit his lip, “Why have you never mentioned it before?”

You shrugged, “I knew you didn’t like it so I never bothered to tell you I guess, sorry babe.”

He smiled a little, “I guess you’re right, I am not much for crazy music, I prefer calm relaxing music.”

“I will admit though, I was worried you would think I was crazy or not like me because of it,” you said as you blushed looking down at your mp3.

“Don’t be silly, that such a petty thing to think,” he said has he lifted your chin and kissed your lips. “I am happy I learned something new about you today”



You ignored your phone going off as you kissed him back. Once you separated you looked down at your phone “Oh, there is one more thing I need to tell you,” you say as you look at the messages.

     Vernon: If it’s ‘just a concert’ why not invite him along?

     Vernon: Also Seungkwan told me if you do, make sure you record his reaction

“I am actually going to a concert tomorrow, Vernon thinks you should come with me, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” you said as you reply to Vernon quickly, turning off your phone and shrugging.

“I, uh, if it will make you happy I will go with you, but I know I won’t enjoy the music.”

You chuckle and give him a quick peck on the cheek, “It’s okay, I don’t expect you to, thank you.”

He blushed slightly and rubbed the back of his neck. “Your welcome.”



Redwall Real Talk

Trying to compare the maps in the beginnings of the books like

Maybe This Time -- Chapter Three “Too Many People, Too Much Risk”

Tom Hiddleston x Plus Size OFC

No real description yet, It is going to be sweet and fluffy for the most part… but you guys know me… that never lasts haha

chapter one-random

chapter two-good bye until tomorrow

Chapter Three - Too Many People, Too Much to Risk

The next morning, she settled in on her couch, scratching her cat’s chin and pulling out her laptop to finalize the poster design she had promised to send over to Ani.

A message popped up as soon as the laptop connected to wifi.

Ani C. - Are you up yet?

She sighed and stretched.

Jules H. - Mostly, what’s up?

Ani sent a link and she clicked it open. Two blurry pictures with a cryptic headline.

Ani C. - Look who’s a “mystery woman”!

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JEALOUS (GOT7 Oneshot)

Characters: You x GOT7 x 2PM

Genre: Fluff/Comedy (IDK)

Length:  1814 words

Plot: The GOT7 boys get jealous because they caught you watching a different boy group while they were performing.

This just came out of nowhere after watching the sexy version of If You Do and iKON’s perf in Hunan TV HAHAHA - 

Apologies for putting in Noona again!  I was so used to it already but I promise to make scenarios for younger readers :D


It is the year-end programs again. You, as one of the rising celebrities in Korea, got invited to host the MBC Gayo Daejun along with some other artists from different entertainment companies.

Being part of JYP Nation, there is a lot of pressure on your part hosting a very prestigious year-end program from one of the leading TV networks in South Korea, though you are confident enough that you can do well. It is also good that your sunbaes and friends from JYP like 2PM and GOT7 are there to perform it makes you feel secured and more confident.

“Are you okay, noona?” JB whispered on your ear and wrapped an arm around you. You nodded your head.  

“Everything will be OK, noona! I am positive that you will slay.” Jackson winked at you and you smiled dearly.

“Thanks, boys, I will do my best.  Good luck on your performance too!”  You raised a thumb up.  

“Make sure to watch our performance later, noona. We are going to perform a sexy version on If You Do! You will see our manlier side.”  Bambam butt in and you laughed at them.

“Of course, I will make sure to watch you guys.”  You gave them taps on their shoulders before your name was called to signal the opening of the program.

“_________-noona Hwaiting!!!” Youngjae screamed and the others clapped at you happily. You waved and winked at them before making your way towards the stage.

The show went on pretty well and your hosting part has been finished. You will be staying on the backstage for the meantime until your part comes on again (which aint gonna happen in the next 392362 hours) so you just happily rested on the dressing room you shared with GOT7 and 2PM. You are watching random performances of other boy groups and realized that your favorite groups are going to perform as well. Unfortunately, it is for a different year-end program… and it is in China.

You took out your phone and search for live stream links where you can watch the year end program. Gladly, you found one and accessed it immediately, hoping that your favorite group hasn’t performed yet.  

Luckily, you made it just in time because iKON was just announced to be taking the next stage. You happily watched the boys as they sang to your favorite rock version of Rhythm-Ta. Smiling and grinning from ear to ear like a teenager while singing along with them.  You didn’t care if anyone on the room hears you because you were too absorbed by the boys’ performance.  The performance ended and you still have a good hour to spare before you come up the stage.

You stood up to grab a bottle of water and yelped when you saw the GOT7 boys staring back at you with not-so-satisfied faces.

“Hey!  I didn’t know that you came in.  How are you guys?” You looked at them innocently. No one responded.

“Uhm, why are you guys looking at me like that?” Asking them while looking up to their sweaty forms, still not realizing what you have done wrong or why these boys are staring at you weirdly.

“Noona, may I check your phone please?” Jinyoung asked, causing you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion.

“Uhm, why? Do you need to call someone?” You said, still oblivious to the point that the boys are trying to make.

“Well, we just wanted to know what you were up to while we are performing.” Mark said bluntly and you looked at them one by one. You gasped when you realized one thing.  Before you can even react, Jackson came running in with a towel on his hands and a bottle of water.

“So, noona, how was our performance, did you get to see it? We’re so sexy, aren’t we?” Jackson tells you happily, a very wide smile plastered on his face while wrapping his arms around Mark’s shoulders.

“Aigoo…” You did a facepalm and swiveled your chair around to face them.  Jackson spoke again while you try to come up with an excuse to what you did.

“Hey, what’s up with everyone, why do you look so sad?  Is there something wrong?”  Jackson asked everyone.

“Why don’t you ask ______-noona what is wrong.” JB said loudly and you close your eyes in frustration.

The realization took over and you totally missed watching their performance, despite the multiple reminders of Bambam before the show started.  You cannot look at them because they all have this serious, disappointed look on their faces but Jackson.

“Huh?  Noona, what’s wrong?  What is JB-hyung talking about?”  Jackson asked, looking at you.

“Ugh, mianhae, boys.  I was so caught up with… with the video that’s why I didn’t notice the time… but I really took note of it, I was about to watch you guys…”

“But then you were watching iKON on your phone…” Bambam reacted and you ran your hand through your hair.

“WHAT?  DOES THAT MEAN YOU DIDN’T WATCH US?”  Jackson shouted and before he can even react again;

“I know that you are really a fan of YG, noona, but at least you could’ve watched us first?  I mean… you told me we are your younger brothers, right?  And you love us?”  Yugyeom pouted and the rest just bowed their heads.

“I am really sorry, JB, Jackson, Mark, Yugy, Bam, Youngjae, and Jinyoung.  I was just really caught up with iKON’s performance-“

“Do you prefer them over us, noona?  I am so hurt.”  Jinyoung clutched his chest and put on his actor face.

“I cannot believe this.  I thought that we put our family first.  We treat you as our older sister and you promise to support us all the way, and then you forget to watch just because…”  Jackson shook his head dramatically, Mark began stroking his back as if to comfort him.

“Don’t worry, Jackson.  You have me; I will always put you first, unlike noona.” Mark said and you rolled your eyes.

“I put in a lot of effort to look sexy at that performance, because I know that you will be watching – noona how can you do this to us?” Youngjae hid his face on his hands, JB soon wrapping an arm around him.  

“OK GUYS, enough of the emotional blackmail.”  They finally allowed you to speak.  You stood up and cross your hands over your chest.

“Look, for the nth time today, I am sorry for not being able to watch your performance.  I really took note of it; however, you already know since day 1 that I am a huge fan of YG artists, right?  I really tend to fangirl over them… Just because that’s how it is.  Please understand and forgive me.”  You plead and they looked at you with sad eyes.

“That’s still not a good excuse for me, I am not convinced.  How about you guys?”  JB looked at the members and they all shook their heads.

“Ugh, JB come on!”  You pouted, you saw Youngjae smile at the corner of your eye.  JB nudged him with his shoulder and he put on a straight face again.

“Seriously, you are taking this too far?”  You put both of your hands on your hips and stared at them.  The maknaes including Jackson looked scared, but the hyungs glared at them and they tried their best to look disappointed.  You caught it pretty well and decided that eight can play this game.

“Are you really that jealous with iKON, huh?”  You asked everyone.

“Of course not!”  Jinyoung exclaimed.

“I am not jealous with them.  In fact you can watch their video again if you want to, I don’t care.”  Jackson spat and you smiled.

“Why will I be jealous if I can wear this kind of shirt on live TV, I am sexy and I know it.”  Bambam bluffed and the members rolled their eyes at him.

“Okay, fine.  Convince yourselves that you are not jealous with them.  I mean, I like iKON, but I LOVE GOT7.  There is a huge difference, and you guys should know that by now.”  You blurted and they looked up to you with gleaming eyes.

“Did iKON get the chance to eat my home cooked food? Did they get the chance to play video games and basketball with me?”  They shook their heads and I smiled.

“Do you really love us, ______-noona?”  Youngjae asked this time.

“Of course!”  You said confidently and the boys looked at each other.  Mark whispered something on JB’s ear and he nodded enthusiastically.

“If you really love us, you will do aegyo. Right here, right now.”  JB said, still with a smug on his face.  You rolled your eyes and stomped your feet.  You suck at giving out aegyos.  It’s just not your personality.

“UGH JB PLEASE!  You know I cannot do those things.”  You cross your arms again on your chest.

“Then you don’t really love us – I told you guys, she really loves iKON more.”  Bambam says.

“I wonder if it is BI who will tell her to do aegyo, maybe she’ll do it in a split second.”  Jinyoung stated as a matter-of-factly.

You rolled your eyes and began singing gwiyomi.  The boys are now looking at you even your 2PM oppas, which made your face as red as a ripe tomato.

“GWIYOMI, GWIYOMI!”  You screamed as the song ended. The GOT7 boys started laughing so hard, your 2PM oppas, who are a bit far from you, clapped their hands and shouted saying that you look cute.  You hid your face on your hands.

The boys are still laughing their asses out so you stood up and slapped all of their shoulders.

“Yah!  That wasn’t funny at all!  I am so embarrassed.”  You pouted and Bambam approached you all of a sudden.

“Noona, look at this.”  Bambam showed you his phone and the IDIOT ACTUALLY TOOK A VIDEO OF YOU DOING THE AEGYO THING and you didn’t even notice because your eyes were closed the whole time.  Your eyes widened and tried to take the phone from him, but he immediately pulled back.

“Yah!  Bambam delete that video right now!”  You are so mad and about to grab it again when Jinyoung took it before you and speak up.

“Hmm… Noona, we will only delete the video if you will treat us for dinner tonight.  Deal?” He wiggled his eyebrows and you shot him a death glare.  This boy really is an evil backstabber.  Since you really don’t have any escape, you nodded your head and the boys cheered in delight.

“Noona really loves us, now I know.”  JB winked at you before wrapping an arm on your shoulders, the rest followed suit, engulfing you in their large embraces.

“Aish, these boys will be the death of me, I swear to God.”  You cursed under your breath.

high school!au / prom!au | popular!dean & nerdy!cas

this is only part one !! pt.2 coming soon

I can’t believe you still haven’t found a prom date yet,” Sam said as he pushed the salad on his plate around. “Prom is literally this Friday, Dean.”

“I’m aware, Sammy.” Dean sighed.

Sam started to smirk across the table at Dean, knowing how much Dean liked a certain little nerd. The boys were sat across from each other, alone today, because their other friend, Charlie, had called in sick to school so she could work.

“You could just ask the love of your life, Dean,” Sam ran a hand through his hair. “You know that Castiel would totally go with you. You’re not ugly and you’re sort of smart..well, not really..but still! Besides, even if he thought you were totally gross he’d probably still go with you because no one wants to go alone.”

“Oh, shut up.” Dean rolled his eyes, his cheeks burning. He kicked his brother under the table as Castiel walked by. His eyes followed Castiel across the cafeteria until he finally sat down. He was sitting with his brother and another girl named Hannah.

“What about you? Where’s your hot date, hm? You going to ask Castiel’s brother, Gabe?” Dean smirked back at his little brother before taking a bite of his cheeseburger. The school’s burgers weren’t as good as he had hoped but they were still burgers.

Sam leaned forward, shaking his head. “Actually, I have someone in mind.” He smiled triumphantly, stabbing some chicken with his fork before taking a bite.

“Oh, really? Who?” Dean asked, his eyes still watching Castiel. He saw as Castiel laughed at something Hannah had said and he felt his stomach drop. What if Cas took her to prom? She was fairly pretty and he thought she was funny.

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  • allistic: do you ever think about anything but your special interest?
  • me: yeah
  • allistic: what about?
  • me: my other special interest
Nico ‘n Magnus
  • Nico is all smiley with Will and whoever (Jason probably he’s such a dork)
  • (Everyone loves his smile so they try to make him smile like 24/7)
  • But Annabeth is like “Magnus Ima introduce you to some o’ my friends”
  • Magnus is like “sure y not”
  • So they all go up to Percy and Piper and Rayna (they’re visiting from Camp Jupiter)
  • And they all chat it up, being social and everything
  • They don’t know Magnus is *dead* necessarily but
  • Nico can sense death
  • So Nico stops smiling when he senses this weird thing
  • Will and Jason are all worried like “NEEKS WHAT’S WRONG”
  • And Nico just ignores them like the butt nugget he is
  • He just stands up (he was playing mythomagic the little geek aw)
  • Walks towards the strange feeling
  • Annabeth, Percy, Piper, and Rayna are just “Whattup Nico”
  • They all think he wants to meet the newcomer so Annabeth introduces Magnus
  • Even though Magnus isn’t staying at Camp Half-Blood but
  • Nico just stands there staring at Magnus who is starting to get uncomfortable like “why is this goth emo kid staring at me wtf”
  • And they all kinda just stand there waiting for Nico to say something
  • And Nico’s just like “Are you dead?”
  • Magnus stares at him like “HOW DID YOU KNOW”
  • Annabeth facepalms
Draconic adventures: Life check fail

Context: Our GM set up a campaign (4e) where we are dragons trapped by a curse in moral humanoid forms. We are each a different type of metallic dragon, and our dragon type determines what abilities we can get every so many levels. If we die our draconic essence goes into the next vessel, as part of the curse, keeping all of our draconic abilities. There’s me, a dwarf druid, our warden half-orc, an elven assasin, a human  ardent, and a goliath with a gladiator type build.

During our first combat against a camp of enemy troops. Our goal is to leave one or two survivors for our mages to change the memories of, as well as make it look like some unknown creature attacked the camp.

Gm: We have one round surprise attack due to everyone succeeding their sneak checks. What are you guys doing?

Warden: I change to my willow sentinel form and charge the nearest guard.

Gm: *rolls the guards moral at the site of a TREE running at him.* shit… The guard fails his moral roll and breaks from his post, running back in to camp screaming about the forest attacking.  

Me: I shape change to a bear and charge in through tents on my side.

Gm: roll and make higher than fifteen or you WILL get stuck tangled up in the tent.

Me: *rolls* 25.

Gm: you charge straight through the nearest tent, trapping a guard inside under you. You have an immediate attack of opportunity.

Me: I maul the guard under me. *rolls crit*

Assasin stays hidden in the shadows, awaiting an attack of opportunity. Ardent uses his draconic magma ability to fling a magma orb in to the tents on the far side of the camp setting them on fire. Gladiator singles out an opponent to fight. We roll initiative and I’m right in the middle. We’re fighting about 7 guards in the camp, i go after number three. Number three attacks me and brings me to 1hp.

Gm: you lose control of your bear form. *rolls* Instead of losing the shape you berserk*rolls a couple more times* crushing both the guard who attacked you and the one after you.

Combat continues with me failing to regain control over the bear, and the bear starts eating the dead guards. The group stays away from me, finishing off all but the first guard who is now severly mutilated and burned and is nearly dead currently being carried back to camp by the tree from where he found him. Everytime i get low on meat our assassin hacks off another dead guard’s limb and tosses it to me, till the bear goes to sleep and I shift back. The group excluding me and the lawful good warden (who is still making his way back) continue to mutilate the bodies.

Gm: the mages who’ve  set us this mission arrive once things seem to have settled down. For a moment they can only stare and*rolls* the conjurer walks away to vomit in to the bushes. The healer stares at the gore and starts muttering “we can’t let these people lose in the city” under his breath as the warden walks back into camp with the only living gu-

Gladiator(ooc): wait, didn’t we check the bodies before we started hacking off limbs?

Gm:  No one said they did. 

Me(ooc):*Facepalms* you guys fed me live people parts. At least the original two guys I ate were ALREADY dead. 

Gm: By the way, you guys are all leveling from mutilating the bodies.