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Mikasa Ackerman and Historia Reiss

This review will be somewhat extensive, reading various analyzes of different people and my own 

Is obvious that Isayama has placed a few parallels between characters that are very different and shows in various panels.


Historia is similar to Ymir and Eren, but there is a symmetry in situations with Mikasa that separates them from the other two respectively and I think Mikasa is aware of this similarity, you could say that “they are like two sides of the same coin” ..

The whole life of Historia and Mikasa is about the basic cruelty of humanity.
But even the way to lose their mothers is so similar and contradictory at the same time.

In the case of Mikasa his mother died in front of his eyes trying to protect her, this was a fortuitous event by bandits.

In the second case Historia mother denied it with all her strength and before death I wish her death, this fact was something planned by the government.

Having listened to Historia story, I am sure that Mikasa is the one that more than any other person shown, would be familiar with that concept, human cruelty and obviously,

 I think that already felt something connected to Historia, because like She, she also had a special person in her life, this brings us to the next point:

Relations with your special person

Well as you know Historia is the girl who is always with Ymir (Mikasa herself mentioned it in 37).
Like Mikasa is the girl who is always with Eren.

Mikasa learned from Eren something that served him all his life “If you do not fight you do not win”, this would allow him to survive even without Eren as seen in Tross

Historia learned from Ymir something that would also serve him for his whole life “Living with pride every day” this allowed him to rise even without Ymir as seen in the Reiss Saga.

Even the scene in which Mikasa clings to Eren and when Historia clings to Ymir it is rather strange.

Are different in everything but at the same time that parallelism that was seen in the childhoods of Mikasa and Historia  persists, just watch

“When Mikasa sees him, he runs with a stunned expression, unable to believe it and instead opens without Titans.

"When Historia  sees Ymir dying she runs to her and starts to cry, not caring about the Titans.

"When Mikasa has him in her arms, she breaks down and burst into tears.

"When they manage to rescue Ymir, the queen holds her in her arms and holds her tears, and they take a sweet look.

At that moment Ymir was aware and Eren knocked out, and for the freckle that moment was everything for her and for Eren that moment did not mean anything for being knocked out.

If you came to this point you will see that this parallelism is something fascinating and I do not think it is coincidence

The truth is that this reflects many things and the nature of the two relationships.

Being honest, it is difficult to think that someone as wicked as Isayama wrote something so "Poetic”

Something that until recently I had not noticed is that Mikasa has sympathy for people who like her have a special person in their life.

For example a small thing that is seen in the manga and in the anime is not reflected well, is when Mikasa sees to Franks and Hanna and he listens to him when this one says to him “tranquilízate I will protect you” (this part of the review takes it from Another truth I saw it a few days ago I think)

In the manga it is more than clear that I wanted to do this with Eren and he does it but it did not go as she expected

The greatest example of this we can see in the Saga of “Clash of Titans”
As you know Mikasa is an extreme girl when it comes to Eren always protects what she loves and even though she dislikes killing she does it to those who oppose, without hesitation.

But none of her other opponents had ever found herself in a situation like Christa was at that moment, with which Mikasa herself could be identified.

Jean himself told him (not everyone is willing to die for Eren), but Historia was willing to do everything for Ymir and the freckle felt the same is something that Mikasa could realize even the moment in Udtgar will have reminded her when she herself I cling to Eren when he was reborn, for that kind of connection with a loved one is not something “easy” to find.

I remember when Ymir ate “Christa” all his comrades treated her as a traitor right there, Armin also but Mikasa looked more confused than the others by the action of Ymir 

The confrontation with Historia, is very well written and the truth reflects enough, their feelings of both and that so far are willing to arrive but in spite of the threats it was noticed that he was hesitating and did not have a real honor to harm them and I leave them Free.

Now let’s explore their relationship in the Reiss Arc

Now the development between Historia and Mikasa in this saga was very satisfactory, although to the beginnings of the sleeve they had no contact, since it is obvious that it was not seen around Historia because the future queen was a surprise character that the Much development In the arc of the insurrection

We can appreciate how Isayama to them two in the first chapters of the Arc Reiss put them in several panels together despite being centered in Eren and the royal family
In this arc there are things that happened were screen and is very easy to explain.

For example in that Arch it is obvious that Sasha will have asked his friends what happened to Reiner, Berthold, Annie, what happened to the people of Connie and Historia what happened to Ymir is obvious that they talked about this, but they are things that They are not necessary to show since you can deduce it after analyzing,

Now Mikasa and Historia is obvious that they also talked about what happened before (just when they are going to raise firewood and come back together)

It is obvious that Mikasa apologized for what happened and has an idea of what Historia is going through in those moments.

Mikasa in the last mission despite the dead was able to bring his beloved and his family alive, but the other could not and instead lived the worst nightmare of Mikasa, to be abandoned by his special person, to lose his “home”

Even Eren himself spoke of Ymir because he saw Historia very sad and downcast (knowing that he is very insensitive).

Another example of what I am talking about is in 52 When Eren and Connie are peeling potatoes while Historia and Mikasa are cooking

Connie starts to speak badly of Ymir and the little blonde intervenes defending her, saying at the end “I know her” before this Eren and Connie looks at strangers, but Mikasa looks at Historia, I think it’s impossible for her not to feel identified with this.

His reaction when Levi mistreated Historia is funny

The good thing about writing Isayama is that there are things that one has to interpret from the perspective of our characters and Mikasa is one of the deepest characters

Mikasa’s reaction to the news that Eren will die is very similar to when Historia is abandoned, even that emptiness in the eyes is so similar the way Isayama showed him his expressions and the feeling of loneliness.

Also if we think well both are suffering in the same way and that contradictory parallelism in their lives and relationships is present back, since Eren is with Mikasa for good or bad but at the same time is far away and away, while Ymir is Very far from Historia but at the same time this with her giving him strength is pure poetry xD

Historia can understand Eren and Ymir very well, as has been demonstrated in the manga but in spite of everything Isayama did something much more impressive with Mikasa, although the two have opposite personalities in the course of the 2 Months the queen was seen closer With Eren, Mikasa, Armin

Also with so many things that have happened including Ymir (his death announced in the letter although I do not think he is dead yet) and now with the future death of Eren by deterioration, you can deduce how your relationship in Time sky is obvious That they are going to talk about this since it is something that you can only talk to someone who has suffered the same as you and come to understand your feelings, this is one of the great reasons why I really think that between all of them have become More close and will be closer in the future by this connection

Well repeat something in a previous post

Although if they asked me if those two girls are alike, despite all my more sensible answer would be:

They do not look alike

Since one of the girls decided to live by herself for the only desire of his person appreciated and the other girl decided to hold on to that person he appreciated.

But both girls were the same, the two shared a look full of sadness.

This was a long review I hope you have enjoyed until the next

Why Eren didn’t kiss Mikasa

So, as I believe all of you know, Season 2 of Snk end a couple of days ago. and ever since I’ve seen a lot of people saying (unederstand screaming) wtf, eren is such a dumb ass idiot why he didn’t  kiss Mikasa ! They were talking about this scene

As an ereri shipper I would just answer, because he loves Levi, but that’s the yaoi fangirl answer, my real opinion is different.

So here we go, let’s explain this scene !

To me there is three main reason one is linked to their relationship and the other to the situation

How did Eren see Mikasa ?

When we (the fan) think about Mikasa, we think about the badass soldier with a red scarf and an obsession for Eren. But we have to remember that Eren and Mikasa know each other since childhood. Also the way you meet someone is something really important about your future relationship, and especially for Eren and Mikasa.

On this day Eren see an orphan girl and deciede to offer her the one thing she was deeply missing a family. I think it’s the key of their relationship, she’s like a member of his family to him.  He wanted to protect her, that’s the kinda of things a brother will do. He often refered to her like his sister or a member of his family. Also Eren didn’t see Mikasa as a woman for the moment. This isn’t my point of view here but what Isayama said. Eren is still young and didn’t have the time to think’s about girl, because AOT is a cruel world were you didn’t have the time to think about your love interest, that’s my second point.

There is no place in Eren’s life for a romance

Lets’ imagine your Eren. You’re a teenager, who saw his mother being ate by a titan and who swore to destroy them. Then you became a soldier, see many of your comrades die, discover your a titan shifter and some of your friend aswell. Would you have the time to think about love ? Definitly not, your caught in a war, and your world is changing evryday, you just doesn’t have the time for a romance. At this time of the story Eren only thinks about destroying the titan and get his revenge, he isn’t ready for loving someone in this way. 

The situation

They are surounded by titans, Hannes just died, they are about to die, everyone is about to die. Thats’ why Mikasa confess to Eren beacause she realizes it’s her last chance to do it.

Eren know that as well, he understood what Mikasa doing. But he can’t let that happen. He can’t just kiss her. Because if he do it, he know it will be because it’s the end, it wil mean he gave up. But that’s impossible for Eren he can’t accept to die, especially not when he can finaly get his revenge over the titan that kill his mother.

That’s why he stand up and fight, becauqe even if there is less than 1% of chance for them to survie, Eren want to fight till the end, he refuse to gave up and say goodbye to life.

To sum up here are the main reason :

  1. Eren see here like a sister
  2. He’s too immature and doesn’t have a place for love in his life
  3. kissing her will mean he accept to die, so he refuse and fight instead

That’s my analytic, your free to agree or not, hope you  find it interesting ^^

On Not Over Yet Being Over

I am very sorry to announce that I will no longer be writing for this story or bothering to expend all my vital energy into something that keeps causing me so much pain. I’m not even going to bother going into depth with this situation and attempt to convey the agony and frustration writing this story has brought me these past two years. Having that said, I think it’s time to do what’s best for me and move on. I will focus all my energy into writing for other fandoms and working on original work. It saddens me to abandon such a large and thorough project but it’s just not worth it anymore. 

I am sorry to all those that truly loved this story and devoted all their time to it, and it is for you that I won’t delete my story from all sites, especially for those that say they re-read chapters only to feel better and use my fanfiction as a method to cope. Thank you so much. I brim with tears at how thankful I am to all of you.

This is a major spoiler, but since I won’t be writing the rest of the story, I will say that Eren and Mikasa do end up together in the end (look at that, you all gave me so much shit for nothing!), and there is a love scene they share after Jean beats the shit out of him that I might post separately as a one-shot for those that want it. 

I truly loved Not Over Yet. I poured everything that I am and ever was into that damn story. Some of you did too, and for that I am always thankful. Let me know if you want to know what happened to Armin and why Mikasa left and all that. I will answer those questions now.

Thank you.

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Hey, I've been seeing that you have gotten anon hate and I just wanted to say that I love your blog and you shouldn't pay attention to thoes fucktards. I ship mikasa with everything and I don't go around telling people off if they don't agree with my ship so I don't know why thoes ass hats are giving you hate. Just remember that you still have followers that love your work.

Originally posted by begavet

Thank you so much. *loud sobbing* I know a lot of people have it way worse, I’m not even running a big blog here or anything, and I DID Come here from mom facebook which is 1000x worse than anything anyone on here has ever said to me, but it’s nice to hear kind things from a follower. 

I’m so glad you like my blog! It means a lot as a fanfic author and stuff to hear such kind things. Thank you for taking time out of your day to send me kindness and positivity. <3 

Attack on Junior High ep 10

Where things got political and super nostalgic with all the passionate speeching.

Ship tally:

JeanMarco  (yeah Jean, might as well get used to staying on all fours like that for Marco, bwahahaha….)

EreMin (Ah, Armin, what will Eren ever do without you?)

EreMika  (Ah, Mikasa, what will Eren ever do without you?)

YumiKuri (Reiner is dead meat. How DID he even get a pic of Christa in a bikini anyway??)

The stupid couple (haven’t seen them for a while…I kinda missed them….)

ReiBert (funny, I figured Reiner would be the bottom….)

HangeSawney (I can do without anymore naked Titan ass shots tho….)

MarcoIlse (that came outta nowhere….)

LeviHan (they were hanging out together A LOT)

EreJean (you could’ve cut all the UST with a butter knife….)

JeanHitch (you know what they say…you always hurt those you love the most….)

Ereri (THIS QUALIFIES FOR THE EXACT REASON LISTED ABOVE. Or just, throw me a freaking bone…my OTPs are hardly interacting…I’m getting sad and desperate….)

Finally, JeanAATFCTM (aka, AlmostAllTheFemaleCharactersThatMatter. Which is, once again, only in his silly, delusional dreams)


RivaMika “Pride and Prejudice” headcanon (to paraphrase Jane Austen):

“Armin looked at her doubtingly. «Oh, Mikasa! it cannot be. I know how much you dislike him.»

«You know nothing of the matter. That is all to be forgot. Perhaps I did not always love him so well as I do now. But in such cases as these, a good memory is unpardonable. This is the last time I shall ever remember it myself.»

«Will you tell me how long you have loved him?»

«It has been coming on so gradually, that I hardly know when it began. But I believe I must date it from my first seeing his beautiful movements when he saved us from the female titan.»”

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I Should Be Over All the Butterflies

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Modern Day AU where they grew up together as neighbors

Rating: T (Language and sexual implications)

Words: 8313

Notes: An anon on tumblr asked for a story that showed Eren and Mikasa falling in love with each other as they grew up together. I’ve always wanted to do a story for them by age and I thought this was the perfect time to do this! It ranges from ages 9-19 with a drabble for each age; its Eren’s point of view so it’s really him falling in love with her cause its Mikasa, we already know she’d be in love with him from a young age haha though I did try to show it in his eyes as well, the things he might not have thought much of that are telling from her. I loved writing this one, its possibly the cutest thing ever and long because I couldn’t control myself. The title is from “Still Into You” by Paramore.

I’ll be at Katsu all weekend! So I wanted to leave you guys with something :3 This is probably one of my favorites, I hope you enjoy it!


Nine Years Old

Eren lived in the same neighborhood all his life, granted he was only nine years old but still. He knew all the names of his neighbors, especially Armin who was his best friend and Jean who Eren knew he’d never like. They had all been the same for as long as he could remember which is why he found it so strange to see moving vans in front of the house directly across from his.

He kept staring out the window of the living room, watching the movers bring in furniture, boxes, containers, but he couldn’t actually see anyone.

“What’re you looking at, Eren?” he heard his mom call from the kitchen.

He turned his head to see her looking at him while she was drying a pot. “There’s strange people moving in across the street.”

“And what makes them ‘strange’ people?”

Eren shrugged. “Cause I haven’t actually seen them. Do you think they’re invisible?”

His mom laughed. “No, I’m pretty sure they aren’t but that was a good guess.”

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Hello! I'm curious...what made you decide to have JeanKasa become canon in AOS? Was it because of Jonah and Sahar's personal preference, or will it become relevant to the storyline later on? Because Mikasa doesn't really show any feelings toward Jean, so I was a bit confused when all of a sudden it's all romantic between them. It just struck me as a bit odd. Please keep in mind I don't mean this in a bad way at all; AOS is AMAZING. I just really want to know why you came to that decision. :)

I personally don’t ship Jeankasa, I’m a Jean Marco kind of guy.


  • Jean DOES like Mikasa.
  • She finds his failed ‘asking out’ cute
  • He tried to save Thomas
  • He did save her in episode 12
  • She’ll give him a chance

And Marco’s Jean’s best friend. I personally LOVE the idea of Marco being Jean’s chill bro who he can talk to about his gals and whatnot. C'mon, don’t tell me BROTP Jeanmarco ain’t the cutest shit ever XD

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Headcannon where Eren comes home from a long day at work to find Mikasa on the couch with his favorite food, favorite movie playing, and wearing his clothes =)

Oh no so cute. You guys are so good at sending me the cutest requests ever. I love it so much.

Eren did love his job. Sure, working the ER wasn’t the most glamorous of the medical field but it always kept him on his feet never knowing quite what was going walk through those doors for him and his staff to handle. Today happened to be a bit more hectic than usual. A horrible pile up on the highway due to bad weather caused a rush of people in the ER most of whom needed immediate help. Not only did he have to skip any breaks he may have had but he also had to stay much later than he was supposed. They just didn’t have enough hands to take care of everyone. Eren wasn’t gonna leave them like that so he stayed until everyone was seen and initially treated, leaving the rest in the capable hands of his staff and colleagues.

Of course, that meant by the time he was unlocking the front door of his house it was close to nearly 10pm when he went into work at 9am that morning. All he wanted to do was go to bed and see his wife who he hadn’t seen all day. Mikasa was probably sound asleep by now considering she woke up before him to go to work but even being in her presence would make him feel better than he did now.

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