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Negan’s brother

Requested by anon: Fluff Negan that opens up to reader, and say something that nobody would think ( about a brother)

Summary: SORT OF SPOILERS FROM COMICS!!!! Negan is in his cell in Alexandra and has people watch over him daily. The reader watches Negan an hour a day. But today finds out something Negan has never told anyone.

Negan x reader

“It was 4 years before all this fucking shit went down, I had a brother” Negan was sat in a cell, while you were sat on the other side of the bars leaning back listening to Negan. Your eyes widened at what he said.

“What happened?” You replied. Negan leant forward holding his own hands in front of him. He grinned as he had your attention.

“Shit happened, darling” His grin vanished. “Wanna know?” He lifted his eyebrow up looking at you, as he sat at the end of his bed. You nodded in some sort of excitement as Negan’s began his story.

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