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JB Homophobia Analysis

Okay so there’s been a lot of bickering within the got7 fandom over what JB said during his celebrity bromance with Youngjae. Firstly, I’m disappointed in JB but I’m more dissapointed in people defending his actions. It wasn’t just one mistranslation, it was literally throughout the entire video. This is gonna be long but I took screenshots and I’m going to break it down for people who still can’t see why what he said was wrong.

But before that I just want to say this does not mean I think we should be sending him hate. In fact, we should be educating him on why what he said isn’t okay and a simple apology isn’t the end of the world. Idols aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and have flaws. JB’s homophobia is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with correcting ignorant behavior, but ignoring it just means it can happen again. Alright, I will now go in depth about the screenshots I took. 

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Catelyn, Smart

Much like her elder daughter, Catelyn Stark is a character whose intelligence is seriously underrated. There’s less of an intellectual arc apparent in her story as compared to Sansa’s, as Catelyn is a grown woman, but that doesn’t mean her thinking is static. It must be said that she is one of the series’ most staggeringly unfortunate characters, as the tragic structure of her arc demands that her decisions and risks to protect her family fail and rebound upon them.

Yet lack of success does not equal lack of intelligence. Even in her mistakes and failures, it is more than possible to see that this is not a woman who didn’t think before she acted.

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Hi! Um… short answer, yes I do! 

Unnecessary Long Answer: 

Ichiruki has always been the main canon-material pairing in BLEACH for me, but as BLEACH was an action genre, I was very happy it didn’t get into any romance that would get in the way of the series. That’s one of the reasons I didn’t like Orihime’s position in the franchise, because that’s all she was demoted to in the end. 

Ichigo and Rukia had amazing chemistry in the first and best arc of BLEACH. But when the Hueco Mundo arc came around, Kubo kinda destroyed Rukia’s personality. She did hit Ichigo now and then in the first arc when he’d make fun of her, not for just the sake of beating Ichigo up. Ichigo was extremely depressed, injured, and misinformed about the hollow attack. She shows up and beats the crap out of him. She brings him to his senses, but after the Hueco Mundo arc, Kubo butchered Rukia’s caring side towards Ichigo, which I was extremely unhappy about. You’d think considered Kaien’s death she’s be far more caring and considerate…… but no. Just down the gutter. ESPECIALLY when Rukia forced Ichigo to apologize to Orihime. That was not acceptable. Orihime and Chad ran into the fight of their own will, its not Ichigo’s fault they got hurt and he should not take blame for that. Orihime did try to reason with Ichigo that she ran in of her own accord and that he shouldn’t have to be there to protect her all the time. This set up the whole gary-sue trope for Ichigo, and ever since then he was the only one to ever actually progress the BLEACH series and things just got sickeningly repetitive. 

Now…I apologize if I’m side tracking but I have to talk about my stance on these pairings again: 


….Orihime was shown to have a crush on Ichigo throughout the entire manga, but never had any real reason or explanation behind it. 

Seriously? Why????? She literally would give up her life for a mere highschool crush.. who does that? Its been stated she didn’t develop a crush for Ichigo until she saw him in Highschool. She stalks him and constantly gets in his way. 

Ichigo has never once shown any interest in her at all, he’s brushed her off and ignored her everytime she approached him, and yet Kubo has the audacity to co-author a book and release it about Ichigo saying he knew about Orihime’s crush this entire time and even asks her out? I’ve never heard something so ridiculous in my entire life. 

I saw a video released recently about one of the BLEACH editors saying Orihime was the heroine of the series which is entirely false. Out of the entire series (besides filler arcs), Orihime has only defeated ONE enemy. Which was a weakling hollow in the first arc. That’s literally it. I don’t think heroines are defined by the amount of people they’ve healed, but regarding that, her healing abilities could be replaced easily by Hachigen or Unohana. Hachigen told her she had the ability to bring things back to life without needing a body, and yet her power couldn’t even HEAL a body like Ichigo’s in the Ulquiorra fight. She’s no heroine. She was demoted to a side-character. 

Back to her crush on Ichigo, remember the ONE time she actually defeated an enemy? That was for TATSUKI. TATSUKI WAS THE ONE WHO AWOKE HER POWER, AND THAT’S WHEN ORIHIME GAINED INDEPENDENCE TO FIGHT. But when going to rescue Rukia, she was really only there to “protect” Ichigo for no real reason as to why besides her crush that she doesn’t even know if its requited. 

Orihime had the ability to reverse time. She was given many opportunities to actually make a difference in the series that only she could make. But none were taken. She didn’t reverse the Hougyoku, she couldn’t stop Tsukishima, and despite having “god like powers” her power does jack-shit to the soul kings. As to how she wasn’t killed in the Yhwach vs Ichigo battle, and as to why Ichigo and CO. even let her come along on this mission will forever be a mystery to me. She’s the weakest character out of the original team of 5, by all means, she should have been killed. Even Renji knew she wasn’t a warrior, so why was she there? Her only significance in the final battle was fixing Yoruichi’s arm, that’s it. (and giving birth to Yhwach Jr. but that’s a cluster fuck to analyze for another time) 

Orihime was reduced to pure fanservice waifu-material. Her breasts were 4X the size of her head in the quincy arc, and her power has been completely useless overall the entire series, especially if others can replicate her abilities to an even better extent than her own. (Like Hachigen.) 

The fact that there’s no soul king and Ichigo wasn’t allowed at home due to his power issues, and the fact that they’re even allowed to have children in the world of the living, this is the most baffling, false, and culture shocking ending to a series I have ever seen. I feel like this ending is legit a dream world that Ichigo is having as the new soul king considering this ending is literally not possible reflecting on all the information we’ve been given this past arc. Yikes. 


“Knowing eachother for a long time” is weird in itself considering time passes differently in Soul Society than in the human world… which Kubo seems to have forgotten. As to why they’d have a child that is somehow the same-looking age as Kazui perhaps around the same time as Ichigo and Orihime is a bundle of confusion already. But these two didn’t talk for 40 years, then Renji shows up and beats her up and slices her, threatening to KILL her, where URYU HAS TO STEP IN. HOW BAD DOES THAT LOOK WHEN A QUINCY STEPS IN-BETWEEN A SHINIGAMI QUARREL. Renji and Rukia have had absolutely zero romantic interest the entire series. The only one time Renji ever seems to actually like her was when they were children. But RenRuki has never had any one-sided love confessions like Orihime. THis is the least developed pairing out of the two. 

(and also for Orihime to make Rukia a wedding veil out of strawberry flowers… REALLY? I MEAN…. no wonder there’s Ichiruki/Ishihime cheating AU’s going around right now! I mean can you imagine Renji seeing his to be wife marching down the aisle with strawberry flowers? Considering this anime has heavily implied name association (Princess Orihime, Sado Yasutora the Tiger, Yuzu-Ichigo-and Karin being named with homonyms for fruits, Ichigo addressing his name with the number 15 on his door, Kon being direct from Konpaku..) For Renji not to pick up on that, especially with Ichigo probably attending their wedding….he’s gotta know something is up. I mean how did Renji even know about Orihime’s crush on Ichigo let alone “know” Ichigo has a “crush on” Orihime too? Zero context for that too. Lot of plot hole issues with these pairings. )) 


now Uryu. Precious Uryu. He deserved the world and got nothing. An anti-social who ends up making friends only for them all to become distant from him once more. The original quincy who gets nearly zero spotlight in an arc dedicated to quincy. A man who stood up for ex-shinigami Rukia when she was getting sliced up by her “future husband” Renji. A man who noticed, reassured, encouraged, and was amazed by Orihime’s abilities and kindness. A man who would lay his life down for her after spending nearly the entire Soul Society arc with her. Orihime was the closest person in the group with Uryu, they even shared the same aspirations. They were both top in their sewing class, had quirky designs and tastes, and in the end were both interested in the medical field. They even had a close relative they adored die before their eyes when they were young. For this pairing not to be canon is a crime to me. These two deserved so… so much better. 


I honestly could live with Renruki. That’s a whatever for me for it to be canon. But Ichihime makes zero sense with the plot. That’s my main issue with the pairings. For Ichihime to be real, Ichigo and Orihime have to be in soul society. But even so, if Ichigo was in soul society, that means more time with Rukia, so at that point, who knows which way the pairings would go? 

That being said, I would not want a forced Ichiruki BLEACH ending if it meant there’d be no soul king and massive gun-shot plot holes and contradictory storyline like Ichihime left.  

I completely shipped Ichiruki in the first arc, but as I said, Kubo changed Rukia’s personality (and her friggen backstory? He made her out to be one of the weakest shinigami and yet she had a shikai like… when did she obtain this? If this was before she lost her powers then I’m at a loss as to how she couldn’t defeat a simple hollow, Kubo is a complete liar he legit had no idea where he was going with the story.)Maybe her desire to get rid of her powers and die because of the Kaien incident would make sense at the time, but other than that her being weak was weird, especially now since she’s defeated one of the most powerful underling quincy and obtained a bankai. How can that BLEACH editor say she’s not the true heroine of the series? She can fight and heal injuries, she’s got the training for it. 

So I absolutely love Ichiruki. As an AU. Because with the way Kubo set Ichigo up to really be the only soul king option besides Aizen, Ichiruki couldn’t be canon along with Ichihime. If the quincy arc diverged away from that where there was no desperate need for a soul king, Ichiruki should have totally become canon because of Ichigo’s bounds to Soul Society and given their chemistry. 

Orihime was jealous of Rukia because Rukia was always the one who could reach through to Ichigo no matter what. Orihime was never able to do that (besides that time in the Grimmjow fight, but the reason Ichigo was upset was because of her in the first place so it makes sense as to why he’d only listen to her that one time.)  For Orihime to still hold such good ties with Rukia all the while hating her on the inside for being closer with Ichigo is a surprise to me. She’s strong with her kindness, I’ll give her that. But regardless, she was helpless to save Ichigo, even with her powers. The only time she successfully healed him was during the first arc up to Grimmjow’s fight. After that, she just couldn’t seem to heal him anymore because her power is “no match” against the reiatsu inflicted wounds. 

Renji said Rukia’s faced never looked so alive when he mentioned traces of Ichigo sightings in Soul Society. Ichigo, a guy Rukia only knew for a little while, rushed in with little to no shinigami experience to save her, while Renji sat back hopeless knowing he could do nothing despite her being his only friend for so many years. He BEGGED Ichigo to save her because he couldn’t. 

Orihime and Renji could not once reach out to the ones they “loved” this whole series. They both held a jealously towards their “spouses’” significant other because they knew they couldn’t do the same. That says a lot about this entire situation. 


To have two main characters: male and female… have such a great start off friendship…. to have the female character have a back story involving a guy who she loved who was so similar to Ichigo its uncanny, to have Ichigo quote something he heard from Rukia an entire arc ago when addressing his father’s shinigami powers, to have Orihime fear Ichigo turning hollow when Rukia fears FOR Ichigo as a hollow, to have ichigo constantly be concerned for Rukia’s well being during the Orihime Rescue mission ready to drop everything to go save her first if she was in trouble, to continuously joke about Ichigo and Rukia’s close “romantic” relationship in canon and filler arc along with rumors being spread that the two are dating within the highschool in the first arc, to have an entire movie dedicated to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship where Ichigo remembered Rukia so quickly, while her future HUSBAND RENJI FORGOT HER COMPLETELY, to have multiple parallels of “sun and moon” yin/yang - clad-type finale white and black bankai moves -  similar Masaki-Isshin forbidden meeting parallel not to mention the parallel of Ichigo/Isshin saving Rukia/Masaki savior scene nearly laid out the same way, to have a PTSD rain significance with Ichigo’s memories of his mother dying- and when he saves Rukia he says the rain stopped because of her, to have Isshin and Ichigo’s family accept Rukia as a third daughter/sister and have her sleep in their house treating her as part of the family while Isshin and Yuzu listen in on Rukia and Ichigo’s conversations in the bedroom along with Yuzu being concerned because Rukia seems more girly and romance material to Ichigo than Tatsuki was, to have ichigo miss his power that he dreams about Rukia, to have Ichigo think of Rukia as the last and strongest pride he had as a shinigami when trying to gain his fullbring, to have Rukia swoop in and save him when he’s crying his eyes out to help him regain his power- to be the only one in Soul Society to be against the idea of Ichigo becoming Soul Society’s enemy and spying on him, when Ichigo ends up seeing Rukia’s butt in the hot springs and he and the other guy think of peaches….., when Renji forcibly picks a bloody defeated Ichigo off the ground Rukia tells him to wait and  that Ichigo might not be in good shape for a lecture despite that being her job the past few arcs, to have Yhwach say he’ll show up when Ichigo and his friends are at their happiest and he chooses to show up during Ichigo and Rukia’s 10 year reunion and not their weddings or baby-showers, to have Ichihime and Renruki become the “canon” pairing and having their children be the focus of the final chapter and yet the finale book cover is Ichiruki, to have a co-author novel with the suspicious title “We do KNOT always love you” featuring Renji and Rukia’s wedding and Ichihime confession, to have Ichiruki be voted the most popular BLEACH pairing and to be promoting the final BLEACH manga with Ichiruki advertisement bait….. to have the last image we see of the main group be of Ichigo and Rukia who hardly acknowledge their spouses the whole chapter?  

and Tite Kubo FRIENDZONED these two? 


I’m glad Ichiruki didn’t get in the way of the story like Ichihime did, so at least that’s a positive. 

Mitsuro Kubo, the creator of Yuri on Ice did in 12 anime episodes what Tite Kubo couldn’t do in 10 years. 

Create a believable, developed, romantic relationship with a good plot to back it up. 

and the best part is, Mitsuro Kubo did it with non-heterosexual characters. 

For Kubo to rush in with this light novel to try and force in “romantic development” to try and explain pairings he literally only splooshed together for the sake of children.. and to attempt to explain it in a single light novel when he had wasted a ton of plotline set ups that went no where that he could have spent developing said relationships in 10 years time? To have him claim this is an action genre only for him to approve of a light novel based around forced romance and not filling up the hundreds of plot holes he made in the series? Sure we get insight on a couple character’s status and whereabouts but uM WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED… TO THE SOUL KING? THE ZERO SQUAD? Y’KNOW… THE MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO THE WORLD BEING ABLE TO LIVE? HE DEEMED PAIRINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT?

If Kaien Shiba claims our hearts are in our fists, I think there’s a lot of bleach fans out there who would love to introduce their “hearts” to Kubo’s face… as harsh as that sounds. He and his entire editor team just continue to ship bait and lie to their fans. It’s very disrespectful, kinda giving fans a reason to be upset with them aside from their other choices. Still don’t approve of the harassment going on though. Nothing is gonna change it now besides us. Its up to us to patch up what’s left of BLEACH’S dignity by continuing to improve and create better plot lines that Kubo pulled out of his garbage can. 

So yeah. Ishihime and Ichiruki were, without a doubt in my mind, canon in the first arc. The amount of time and care each exhibited toward eachother throughout the arc says it all. The end game pairings were DEFINITELY not planned from the beginning. Kubo never had a hold that good on the plot of his series past the first arc. Its just… its not believable. Can’t buy it no matter how hard I try… 

I love how tender this scene looked if you could imagine it without everything else in the production still. I would love to picture that the two of them had a proper talk and sorted out all the emotional baggage that was set aside from the moment Harry left for Kentucky.

Eggsy is the most amazing subject for me in this shot.

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anonymous asked:

The rational reasons people dislike sakura.She makes stupid decisions yet is meant to be smarter than most of the cast.Was in love with a man that made it clear he was not interested yet follows him like a puppy.An example would be her chasing him so they could travel together.She's a weak representation of a female character,her goal is a man,her drive to get stronger is sasuke&naruto.But she is not selfish,she is not vain,she is not shallow,and she is not useless.

Firstly, Sakura made only one unwise decision that was all of her own making; going after Sasuke by herself, that’s it. Other “stupid” decisions people pin on her include her fake confession to Naruto, and opting to use herself as a distraction against Madara. The former decision was heavily influenced by Sai’s complete misunderstanding of the situation, and the latter was a case of her being unaware of the extent of Madara’s capabilities. It could only be considered a stupid decision if she knew what he could do, yet still opted to use herself as a distraction anyway.

Secondly, are you also critical of Naruto for being best friends with a man who “made it clear he wasn’t interested, yet follows him like a lost puppy”? An example would be the numerous times Sasuke clearly indicated to him that he wanted to be left alone, and didn’t want anything to do with them anymore:

Yet, Naruto still kept chasing after him. Because something tells me you don’t criticise Naruto for that, so why are you criticising Sakura for retaining her feelings for him during Sasuke’s dark phase? She held on to her feelings because she was trying to save Sasuke from his hatred, because just like Naruto, she knew that the Sasuke who kept shunning them was a severe contortion of the person they knew was still somewhere deep inside.

Thirdly, why exactly is she a weak representation of a female character? Because she loved a male character and wanted to save him from his hatred, and held on to her feelings for him despite his mistreatment of everyone? That’s so shortsighted. It’s asinine notions like that which caused the definition of a “strong, independent woman” to now essentially be “forever alone” to so many people, that’s what’s stupid. Being with someone doesn’t make you weak, nor does it necessarily take away your independence. That’s why I often get tired of hearing people say “Sakura could’ve been a strong independent woman, but…”. Fact is, she is strong and she is independent. Sakura is not dependant on Sasuke; she doesn’t depend on Sasuke’s support or on his approval for anything that she does.

It would seem that many people simply don’t understand that there’s a difference between being dependant on someone, and understanding that you want them in your life because they’re important to you.

I’d also like to highlight that Sakura’s goal was not a man - her goal was saving a man. How many times must it be reiterated that Sakura wanted nothing more than to save Sasuke and to have a smiling Team 7 again?

It’s not a difficult concept. People take one look at her character, they see that she loved a guy who was very dismissive on the surface, and then she’s immediately labelled as a pathetic character and a bad example for every girl everywhere, because apparently she “teaches girls to go after boys who treat you like dirt”, because they’ll eventually come around. When not only does that completely miss the entire context of Sakura and Naruto’s efforts, but it also completely ignores everything she did which sets her as a very good role model. Among many other things, she can be used to show young girls (and boys) that even the most average of people can work hard and become as great or even greater than those who were born with privileges. That’s what Sakura represents. That, and the idea that you should never give up on someone you love when they’re going through a very dark time.

anonymous asked:

I'm just currently a little confused about some information going around about Sappho? Some members of the lesbian community are saying that Sappho's bisexuality was fabricated by men as a way of erasing her lesbian identity and I'm just wondering if there are sources to support this or if it's just another case of biphobia?

Short Answer:

Here is the deal: No one knows the exact truth about Sappho.  What we have is fragments of poems and some very flattering words from the Alexandrians.  Besides having a ballpark of when she lived (600’s BC) and where (Lesbos), we know almost nothing about her. 

But that’s really not the point.  

Sappho wrote lyrical and romantic poetry about men and women because it was her job.  She got PAID for this, presumably.   We don’t know how she really felt about any of it.  It certainly seems like she cared about the people she wrote about, and maybe she did.  Or maybe she was just a really good writer.  

Our culture is full of generalizations about history and historical figures.   But it is only when Sappho is claimed as bisexual that people wring their hands about how we don’t know for sure.  Applying any label to a historical figure is technically dicey, but it is only the bi ones that have to prove it 100% beyond a shadow of a doubt.   The word lesbian, used to refer to women who are attracted to women, didn’t even exist in her time, but you don’t see people interrogating lesbians over historical inaccuracy. 

Longer Answer with Historical Context (or, Ellie finally gets some use out of her Classical Studies degree):

The context of Sappho’s relationships with women is kind of complicated. Sappho ran a  thiasos, a sort of informal finishing school for young unmarried women. Upper-class families would send their daughters to these academies for instruction in proper feminine behaviors, as well as music and poetry recital, before they transitioned into married life (Krstovic). Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was the patron deity of the thiasos, and Sappho frequently used symbols of Aphrodite -  flowers and garlands, perfumes, incense, and outdoor scenery – as part of her love poetry to the young women under her tutelage (“Sapphos”). Many of Sappho’s poems were actually marriage songs for these girls when they left to marry men.

Sappho’s thiasos may be considered the female counterpart to the male education system. In the Athenian Greek world, it was common for older men to take a younger boyfriend, and this was an important part of training the boy for his adult public life , providing him with connections he would need to operate in a democracy. In Plato’s Symposium, Pausanias (himself an older lover), describes the relationship in terms of education. “When the former (the older lover) has the power to contribute towards wisdom and distinction, and the latter (the younger beloved) needs to acquire education and accomplishment” (Klink p.196-197). So if you want to talk about cultural differences, and how you can’t apply modern definitions to people in history, there’s your first point: When we talk about Greek homosexuality or Sappho, we’re talking about pedophilia, not the adult relationships that define modern gay/lesbian, bisexual relationships.

So Sappho was probably writing to under-aged girls. Athenian Greek readers would have probably seen an echo of their own pedophilic system in Sappho’s poetry. Whether or not they respected it the same way they respected their own male system is debatable, and given that women had such a poor role in Athenian society, they probably didn’t. But they would have recognized it as the same system, even while believing it to be “inferior”.  Greek men saw female forms of the pedophilic system elsewhere. By 100 CE, Plutarch described Spartan women taking girls as lovers, as the explicit female counterpart to the male practice (Klinck 197). This may be late archaic Greek idealization of the past, but it introduces the idea that men would have been aware of women following similar homosexual practices. In Plato’s Symposium, Aristophanes talks about women who love women and equates it to heterosexual love, in that both heterosexuality and lesbianism were inferior compared to male homosexuality. He treated lesbianism as a joke, but he is clearly drawing parallels between it and male homosexual practices of the time (Klinck, 196-197).

But for all her same-sex love poetry, Sappho didn’t seem to have a queer reputation until 100-200 CE, nearly 800 years after her death.  The earliest reference to Sappho’s sexuality doesn’t come until the second or third century CE, from a papyrus based off the earlier work of Chamaeleon. “She has been accused by some people of being licentious in her lifestyle and a woman-lover.” (Klinck, 194-195) “Woman-lover” is pretty clear, but take a minute to look at the word “licentious.” The verb is ataktos, meaning “not properly regulated,” “out of line,” or “unmanageable.” This word is important because it tells us about her sexual reputation.

By the Athenian period, women from Lesbos may have has a reputation for “unmanageable” sexuality, in much the same way the modern Western world stereotyped certain races and nations as more sexual. They may have especially had a reputation for oral sex, a more “slutty” act than ViP intercourse in the ancient world. In Wasps, a play by the Athenian comedian Aristophanes, the character Philocleon says he snatched up a flute-girl when she was going to “lesbianize” a man at the party, meaning she was going to perform oral sex with him (Klinck, 195). The effect is to equate the country with “unmanageable” sexuality. Other references to lesbian actions are less clearly oral, but definitely sexual in nature. The joke seemed to be that women from Lesbos were so sexual, they’d even do anything, even each other.

So Sappho’s reputation was one of “unmanageable” sexuality, whether she was writing homoerotic poetry about girls or lusting after younger men.  When people imply that Sappho’s male relationships were made up in order to make her seem “straight,” they are forgetting that those stories did nothing to improve her reputation, but just made it worst. In one of the most popular stories about Sappho’s love life, told by Ovid and comic poet Menander, Sappho falls in love with a beautiful young male sailor named  Phaon who will not have her. Finally in despair, she commits suicide by throwing herself off a cliff into the sea. The point in making her fall in love with a man was never to make her seem safely straight. The point was to make a joke at her expense, about how she was so sexed up, that even as an ugly old woman she was throwing herself at young men who would never be interested in someone like her. Ovid and Menander weren’t saving her reputation; they were painting her as a slut. As 21st century bisexual women, the stereotype parallels seem obvious to us.

The later focus on Sappho’s licentiousness, either towards women or men, may also be the product of shifting sexual mores. After all, there are nearly 300 years between Sappho’s life in (circa 570BCE) and her appearance in Athenian comedies and philosophies circa 300BCE, and nearly 800 years before she is discussed in poetry treatises in (200 CE). Research Anne L. Klinck observes, “Attitudes towards sexuality changed in the fifth and fourth centuries BCE, and perhaps the poetry of female passion came to be regarded as unseemly” (196).

No one knows how Sappho’s poetry was originally published while she was still alive, but by the Era of Alexandrian scholarship in the second and third century BCE, her works were collected into a standard 9 volumes, none of which exists today, but we know that the whole first volume was made up of heterosexual marriage poetry, family, and religion. Because of her lustful reputation, her works were targeted for censorship first by Bishop Gregory Nazienzen of Constantinople in 380CE, and again in 1073 by Pope Gregory VII ( Krstovic). Most of Sappho’s work exists in fragments and scraps, and only one full poem still exists. Many of these came from Alexandrian textbooks of poetry and style, in which only short pieces were quoted as examples, because it was assumed the reader would have access to the full poems. These Alexandrian textbooks were not re-discovered until the renaissance. Other Sappho fragments come from 19th century discoveries of papyri scraps preserved in the Egyptian desert, and early 20th century discoveries of scraps used in the paper-mache liners of Egyptian of coffins (Krstovic), and more recently a lengthy portion of a poem about her brother was discovered on another  papyrus scrap (Romm).

In the 19th century, Sappho became a symbol for a growing movement of women-loving-women, even giving them her name. In the 19th century, women who loved women were frequently described as sapphic women, even if they also had relationships with men. The distinction between lesbians and bisexual women wasn’t nearly as important as our culture makes it out now. Later the sapphic movement took its name from Sappho’s homeland, the island of Lesbos. The association came about because of her love poetry written towards the young women she taught at her school.

But the ultimate question: did Sappho write love poetry to men? The answer: not many, but yes. . Because of  Sappho’s association with lesbians over the last few hundred years, modern writers tend to ignore her bisexuality. When discussing her supposed lesbianism, author’s will ignore evidence that she wrote of love between women and men, such as the epithalamia (marriage poetry), and many of the fragments are ambiguous, but clearly lack feminine endings. Some translators will purposely translate these ambiguous fragments with  feminine pronouns to imply a female love interest, even when those endings are not clear in the source material. When translating Sappho in her study of homoerotic elements, Klinck gives an example of a fragment that is frequently translated as the feminine participle when the actual word is optative, and another example of a fragment with a masculine ending that “may not be significant” (Klinck 201). Translators can sometimes be forgiven for this oversight – many of them are trying to strengthen the argument that Sappho really was as queer as her reputation – but it is not necessary to risk misinterpretation to do that.


If there is a conspiracy afoot to fake Sappho’s poems about men to erase her lesbianism, we’ve never heard of it.  But we have heard of a lot of lesbians whine that in honoring the full spectrum of what we DO know about Sappho, we’re taking something away from them.  This is bullshit and biphobia talking.

We may never know the exact truth, but what we do know looks pretty damn bisexual to us.

 - Ellie and Sarah

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honestly though there's??? a difference between Yuuri "Unreliable Narrator" Katsuki and what the show actually shows us???? like with all the stories with unreliable narrators, you gotta *look* and pay attention to figure out what's bullshit and what's actually true. it's like with all the fucking references they make to figure skaters and skating and even queer stuff, if you don't know *what* you're looking at it'll fly right over your head. the yoi staff loves figure skating to bits

I mean he literally breaks a world record that Victor set with a program as difficult as anything Victor ever did. This is outright stated in the series. This isn’t even something you really have to pay much attention to see. There’s another point where his short program is called the SP with the highest difficulty ever. 

These are such blatant things. You don’t even have to know anything about skating. You don’t have to know anything about skating to know that he did Victor’s world championship free skate while out of shape and out of practice in episode one either!! Like?? Come on people. These aren’t context clues they’re context ANVILS. 

If you can’t get that Yuuri Katsuki 300% has the potential to be the number one skater in the world you’re just not paying attention to him.

ok i respect rebecca making all the gems female. i mean, as far as i can tell it was intended as a kind of a “hey, you know how a lot of sci-fi species are all-male, or they dont have genders but theyre all called he/him? what if instead, my species all uses she/her and are female coded just cause?”

like, im cool with that. i get that. its kinda just a “whys masculinity the default?” thing.

but then a combination of the su-can-do-no-wrong fandom and that one godforsaken ama where rebecca got “sexless” and “genderless” mixed up (and possibly other crew members pushing it) made them out to be nonbinary or nonbinary representation. but, i mean, theyre all female-coded, female-voiced, called she/her and woman and the like without protest, and even homeworld gems readily use she/her for themselves and others. anybody who watches the show without that context would interpret the gems as women because thats how they present and are interpreted within the context of the show and the characters within the show.

im not saying that you cant see them as nb, obviously. theyre just not nb representation.

Okay so here is a lyric-by-lyric interpretation of “Woman” and why I believe it is a gay song- aka has gay connotations. There’s a lot more details I could go into, but here’s the basics. Also, this is going to not be as Larry as I could make it. It’s just a general analysis, because I don’t think it is a gay song ONLY if it’s related to Larry. 

“I’m selfish, I know But I don’t ever want to see you with him”

It sounds more like he’s jealous of the guy than the woman. It’s Harry telling the woman- the beard- that yes, he’s being selfish, because he technically signed up for this (forcibly closeting in the industry happens and is enforced contractually with the YOUNG artists not thinking much about it while signing), but he still doesn’t want to see her with the other man because, well, he and the man are a thing.

“I’m selfish, I know, I told you but I know you never listen”

This is a line that specifically has to do with HIS closeting situation that I’m not sure you’d be interested in unless you believe he’s dating Louis Tomlinson but I’ll add the context anyway- one of Louis’ beards (the main one we believe the song is about) repeatedly kissed Louis in front of Harry and obviously Harry told her to stop or not to do PDA in front of him when they weren’t actually stunting but she did anyway (I told you but I know you never listen). Even then, if you don’t want to go into specifics, you could definitely interpret it as the woman crossing the line.

“I hope you can see the shape that I’m in, while he’s touching your skin”

Relating to the last line, Harry’s hopes the girl can see Harry’s reaction to her being with his partner. How angry he is, how jealous, and understand how he doesn’t approve or is so torn because he doesn’t want it to be this way. Basically, it could be read as him saying “I hope you can see how angry I am” or “I hope you can see how wrong this is” I see it as mostly the first with the latter being a part of it.

“He’s right where I should, where I should be”

This is a play on what the audience expects. most people read this as HARRY should be where the other man is with the woman, but it actually- in my interpretation- means that Harry should be where the woman is, with the man.

“But you’re making me bleed”

She’s hurting him, basically, because she’s there instead of Harry.


To me, seems so… impersonal for a love song, like a lot of people think it is. If this woman is the focus of his love, then why just “woman”??? I think it’s because it’s him saying “woman” as in either this one specific woman who is hurting him or all the women in each individual bearding situation. The lalalalas are kind of taunting (like the beards are to him sometimes, and we have heard a lot of rumors about how the beard I was talking about before taunted Harry constantly).

“Tempted you know, apologies are never gonna fix this”

I’m not 100% sure about the first line- I think it might be him saying he’s tempted to just say “fuck it” and end this, but he can’t. The second part is about how, no, her apologizing for this can’t fix it. this is something huge and hurtful that the woman signed up to be a part of for HER benefit that basically hurts them. You really can’t forgive someone who is helping forcibly closet you and your partner and is shown to the public to be THEIR girlfriend when they’re just…. not. That hurts. A lot.

“I’m empty I know, promises are broken like the stitches.”

The first part is pretty obvious, but the second part is interesting and I think a more personal line- maybe the woman promised not to cross the line, but they always cross the line. And remember the “you’re making me bleed” line? yeah, he’s hurt, he’s bleeding.

“I hope you can see, the shape I’ve been in while he’s touching your skin.”

This shows that it’s still going on, he’s still angry, this whole situation is still happening.

“This thing upon me howls like a beast. You flower, you feast.”

This references at the poem “Old Man, Dead in a Room” by Charles Bukowski which reads:

“but this thing upon me,

as I tear the window shades,

and walk caged rugs,

this thing upon me,

like a flower and a feast”

And then the Chorus again.

Basically “Woman” is a song that uses EXTREMELY clever wordplay to make it seem like it could be a love song from a man who wants to get together with his ex, but it is- in my interpretation and I believe it is a closer interpretation to the truth- about a man who is singing about the woman who is bearding for his partner.

PAUL: It was unfortunate for Julian. I’d been fortunate to be around a lot of kids. I’m from a big family so your cousins would dump a baby on you and you’d know you have to jiggle him on your knee. You couldn’t go, ‘Oh no, I’m scared of babies!’ You had to jiggle it and you became good at it. I used to like playing with kids a lot. One of my enduring memories of when the Beatles first hit it and we were very famous, you’d go to people’s houses and they’d say, 'Would you just say good night to the kids? Would you? The babies won’t go to sleep till you do.’ So I’d always go up and say, 'Good night, sleep well.’ I enjoyed it, it was a very calm, fulfilling role for me. I’ve enjoyed being a parent, just never had a problem with it, touch wood. I’ve had problems with parenthood, like anyone does, but my mind was never set against children or kids, they never frightened me, whereas I think they did with John, even his own son.

            We’d gone on this Greek holiday once to buy an island and Julian and I spent a lot time playing around on the boat. I used to play cowboys and Indians with him, and he’d love it: a grown-up who would go, 'Now you chase me, and I’ll chase you, but after you’ve caught me, not before, okay?’ And you were totally in this mad magic game. I remember John coming up to me once and he took me aside and said, 'How do you do it?’ I said, 'What do you mean?“ He said, 'With Julian. How do you play with kids like that?’ I remember feeling a wave of sorrow coming over me, like uhh, I’d love to be able to tell you. Then I tried to give like the potted version, you know, 'Play, pretend you’re a kid. Play with him.’ But John never got it. Never got the hang of it. John was always a man. I see a lot of parents like that, still, to this day. They can’t make the break to realise that it’s great to give so much of yourself to a kid, because you get it all back in triplicate. Some people just don’t know that. John was a single child so he didn’t necessarily know that and he didn’t get much education afterwards.

            When we saw him with May Pang, I remember him coming up to me and hugging. He said, 'Touching is good. Touching’s good,’ and if I ever hug anyone now, that’s a little thing that sticks in my mind. He was right, but the thing is, I actually knew it more than John did, he only was saying it because he was discovering it. I don’t think he had a lot of cuddling, certainly not from his mother, because he wasn’t even allowed to live with her.
—  barry miles, paul mccartney: many years from now
This is all it takes...

I wanted to demonstrate just how easy it is to get an article written in a major publication if know the right person. 

This isn’t even my job (anymore) lol. 

So I went to the Brandi Carlile show at the Ryman the other night (long live badass rock girls who love girls) and she did a fun, off-the-fly cover of “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. I know a guy who works at Rolling Stone Country who loves Dolly Parton, so I posted about it on facebook and who was like “How cool!” and I said “You should write an article about this, since she told a great story about asking Dolly to cover a song on her new charity album that comes out next Friday.” 

And voila. 

Couple of things. It was not her first-ever shows at the Ryman. She’s played it several times. That was RS Country’s mistake. But I did describe it as a “gutsy” cover and told them it would be a great piece if they could link it back to the charity album. 

I am not even a publicist. 

That’s how easy it is to:

  • Get an article written with a broad angle you want out there 
  • Have the publication make a mistake because they didn’t do their research 

So imagine that in the context of One Direction & The Sun. Simon Jones’ actual job is to get articles written in publications about One Direction & Louis while SIMULTANEOUSLY preventing damaging articles from being printed about his clients. 

Do you see where I’m going with this.

Some of the time, the publication doesn’t need a prompt to write an article. Sometimes it’s click-bait. Sometimes it’s a re-hash of another publication’s story. 

But the exclusives the Sun gets come with “prompts” and set the tone of the article. 

This is not something new. But it’s a reminder that the bullshit the usual suspects spew and have spewed for years all have the same talking points and tone that are consistently contradicted by the boys themselves on camera. I don’t know if Simon Jones is going to Dan Wootton and saying “We have a Louis story and here’s the angle we want” (to be fair, I’m pretty certain that’s what he does in most circumstances) or if he’s complicit through his silence and/or complete lack of management of the damaging stories (hot tip: he’s both an unscrupulous liar and a hack) but it’s clear he’s had countless opportunities to “punish” the Sun by giving exclusives to other publications but that never happens. 

That’s because Simon is working with them on all fronts. 

When to just never bring it up

So I know I’ll eat shit for this cause everyone is all about “the feels” of the GQ interview, but I’m going to do it anyway. The story of the “I heart T.S.” tank top given by Tom makes no god damn sense so I’m going to work through it. 

***I have never claimed the relationship was fake just that it was heavily orchestrated for maximum publicity. Nobody come at me with what I’m sure would have been some colorful nicknames.***

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Sins of the Father: The Upper Room (Epilogue)

Characters: Finn Bálor, Reader, and a surprise guest

Word Count: 614

Warnings: language, brief mentions of non-con 

A/N: Hello hello! Well, this is it. I couldn’t be more pleased with my little experiment. mostly because of the amazing response it’s received. You all made this little writer feel amazing with your feedback, and I’m grateful to you all. Thank you for every like, reblog, and comment. And for joining me on this journey - it’s been a hell of a ride.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy this one.

My Bálor Babes: @yourr-anger-your-anchor@motleymoose@georgiadean37@wweximaginesxd@racheo91@daddy-slug@blondekel77@ambrosegirlforever @liam-is-sexy10 @fucking-bandsx@boundtomyfate@hotspurmadridista@florenceivy@geekoftv@behindthesesilvereyes@vsturgeon5489@thegoddessqueenrileycarter@wwesmutandstuff@devitt-club@anerdysouthernbelle @thebadchic  @baratomaya@jenn0755@sbethell89 @magical419 @lilyruelas @xxmaddhatter39xx@bouttogolinkurbitch

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Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, catch up on the Masterlist before you proceed.

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Popular | Chapter 5

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: I really don’t know why I picked Clint, but I swear I don’t have him. He’s just very…fitting for the following scenarios. Enjoy that Serious Bucky™ gif.

Warnings: It’s fluffy until it’s suddenly not. Clint gets the short end of the stick.

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Clint’s Bad Day

Trouble brewing in Avengers Tower? Our undercover team caught never before seen exclusive shots from the photoshoot the team had just a week back. What the cameras didn’t show was the drama that was happening between superstar couple Bucky Barnes and Y/N L/N behind the scenes! Our photographers first caught Bucky making eyes at another girl on set. Experts and theorists both agree that this could mean signs of an affair.

 Either way, this did not sit well with his girlfriend. Y/N was quick to see that her boyfriend was not paying her the fullest of attention. Jealous much? Not soon after, the two quickly started arguing. As seen in the photos, arguing began not long after the end of Bucky’s shoot. He seems to be going on the defense but quickly takes the offense after Y/N pushed a few wrong buttons. It looks like these two are just a few stops away from Splitsville…

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hot diskhorse

Jade doesn’t owe Dave and Karkat affection because they had crushes on her when they were 13 and in this current day and age where media struggles to portray women in a way that allows them to act independently of and obtain fulfilling arcs that aren’t deeply and irrevocably tangled up with any of their primary male relationship(s), the fact that these two boys that put Jade on a pedestal in their youth are now an important yet not essential part of the map of her full character is incredibly refreshing. 

In a body of canon that, for example, includes a scene where Jade Harley literally explicitly says that she hopes Karkat’s feelings toward her aren’t romantic, it’s weird to me that a subset of the fandom continues to insist a polyromantic interpretation of that trio is the only canon, correct and in some cases non-Problematic™ point of view. Idk. 

The world beyond the bubble of Homestuck fandom still struggles to give women agency and endings that don’t revolve around finding their happy romantic ending with a man. It also struggles with showing men in healthy, happy, romantically exclusive relationships. Modern society also still struggles with the idea that men and women can be friends without romantic or sexual attraction and tension constantly at play within the dynamic. 

That both Karkat and Dave harbored serious crushes on Jade is canon. That Jade semi-reciprocated Dave’s in loose fashion (as shown by her dating Davesprite) and did NOT reciprocate Karkat’s is also canon. That Karkat and Dave both exhibit possessive qualities and are prone to jealousy is canon.

If you choose to take this jumble of things and ship them poly that is your choice. I get it. I’m not going to begrudge anyone their AU, or smudging things around to create a dynamic that you personally identify with, that’s a personal choice and go whole hog, sure. I think everyone has some things they prefer to look the other way on in their favorite bodies of work in order to facilitate an interpretation that they personally like better. That’s normal and cool and part of what makes fandom unique and transformative. 

But that’s the key – transformative. 

People often leverage the word “canon” like it means the same thing as “valid.” It doesn’t. Your invented dynamic that allows djk to have the dynamic you want for it is valid in the context of you and your group’s unique invention. You don’t need to justify it to me or to anyone. But if you invent something and then bristle at other subsets of the fandom not sharing your invention in favor of deferring to the text actually presented to us… all I can think is, what did you expect? 

I don’t know. 

And that isn’t even touching on this insistent I see places that somehow NOT inserting Jade into that relationship is indicative of a misogynist opinion or a disregard of Jade’s own stated wishes. I could talk for days about how I personally find it much more empowering to think of Jade as a character who was presented early on like her relationship with at least one of the popular male main characters was inevitable, like so many other female leads, but then – surprise! Her arc culminates in an appreciation for connection with all of her relationships, not just the perceived romantic ones with Popular Male Character #1 or #2. And I also find the message that boys can remain friends and even be best friends with women – including women they’ve had crushes on in the past – and have it not be weird or divisive or cause problems in their relationships so important. 

I know this is tumblr, and that 101 stuff seems so basic and unimportant, but in the world outside this hell site, those basic things are still disregarded by popular media every single day. 

I love Homestuck so much for providing us with alternative paths for common character tropes just as much as I love it for all of the amazing queer representation it gives us, even if the text itself was vague in places it should not have been and the ending itself was clumsily handled (an opinion I have talked at length about having and won’t go into here.) 

So I guess I just want to conclude this with: Go and ship DJK if you wish, that is totally cool, but please don’t circulate this opinion that I and others like me are somehow disregarding canon for problematic reasons, that we are misogynist, that we are ignorant of queer struggles, and so on, and please try to understand that when we talk about “canon,” we are not passing judgement on the “validity” of someone’s desire to see healthy poly representation. 

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Could u convince be not to hate Steve 'Hypocrite' Rogers? I'm really trying not to hate him but whnever I think about anything to do with him I just get even angrier at him. MCU Steve is a repentless fuck up and I wanna know what u have to say about him? U don't seem like u hate him and u also love Tony so I figure u probably see stuff I'm not seeing and I wanna know what ;u; (mostly so I can stomach stony fics to widen my range of reading material) :p

steve rogers is a stubborn emotionally-constipated asshole. i also love him very very much. here are some post-cacw thoughts on why i still love him:

  • flawed characters are good, and the only reason we expect Perfection from This Particular Human Character is bc other people (and…the narrative….) put him on a pedestal. I can’t be mad at him for doing what he thought was the right thing, because as a fan of tony stark, i know that sometimes things that seem like a good idea at the time are maybe actually not always that great
  • issue: banking on the fact that your rich genius teammate and his team of lawyers will still get you and your friend out of a bad situation After you let him know that the friend in question murdered his parents a week before christmas and that you’ve lived in his house and looked him in the eye while Knowing Abt This for several goddamn years is uh. a v scary situation and potentially a bad plan for 19 reasons. prioritize the people you know are ride or die & cut ur losses
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™
    • ok but seriously have you ever had 6.3 billion Terrible Things happen to you in rapid succession, and then One More Thing comes along (to take away the only remaining thing in your life you can control and the only semblance of normalcy you have left) and you just. dig your heels in automatically and go “absolutely fucking not”
    • like i will personally bet you 5 canadian dollars that steve has been crossing his arms and glaring at the tv for months like “listen what else do they want us to do. we’re helping. we’re the good guys. they Have To See That we’re good people and we’re doing our best and we saved the world Come On if we just wait…maybe…….it will…..Be Fine without us having to do anything? maybe?” 
    • he’s been fighting to keep People™ safe for a While and it’s Apparently still not enough and he is probably tired and bitter and frustrated. also, last time he was working for/with a third party they turned out to be nazis and while i get that that 100% isn’t the same as a UN Panel (noT THE SAME, STEVEN) at some point you have to take a quote out of context, plant urself like a stubborn asshole tree, and say “actually no fuck you please just let me do the only thing that is giving my life meaning right now in a way that doesn’t make me feel trapped and afraid for myself and my team”
  • peggy (steve’s last connection to his life before waking up in the future) had just died, and bucky (steve’s surprise Actual last connection to his life before waking up in the future) has been having a Hell Time and is being targeted. sometimes when you find out your best friend has been brainwashed and tortured for 70 years, your bullshit meter maxes out and you (steve rogers, “fight me” personified) want to give the finger to anyone who wants to do absolutely else to that person. yes, getting him help was an option (the other option being some kind of prison?) but also, it still would have been someone else making that choice for bucky, and at some point yelling “can you please just leave him alone” with ur fists becomes a default reaction
  • as someone who regularly avoids things when i should really deal with them, i 100% believe that there is a large part of steve that genuinely thought he was protecting tony. sure, he was protecting himself and bucky, too, and he admits that openly, but i can buy that steve had been sitting on the couch for months listening to tony talk about Processing His Grief Through Technology and screaming internally like “would it truly and genuinely make it easier on this guy to know that his parents were brutally murdered by my friend and i’ve known abt it for 2 years when he’s still this messed up over it already oh my god”
  • the problems i have with a lot of steve’s choices really just come down to the film not giving him room to put up a legit argument. a lot of it was banking on me assuming that captain america & the team were correct bc they’re cap & the team in a captain america movie? if they had given steve a speech instead of a shitty letter, i’m sure i would have initially understood his side a lot better
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™ Part 2: The Letter
    • steve is not great at feelings. steve is not great at processing and expressing his feelings in a healthy way. steve is an all-or-nothing prickly bitch (see: every film he’s been in) and taking these excellent canon facts into account, i do actually genuinely believe that this dude forced himself to sit down while in hiding to write 12 different drafts of this letter by hand in cursive and eventually ended up with the monstrosity tony received
    • he can’t apologize for the accords situation, because he doesn’t think he’s wrong, so he can only apologize for hurting tony. “i’m not sorry for what i did but i’m sorry that it hurt you” is a shitty thing to read and say but i guess at least,,,he,,,was honest? steven why didn’t you get a friend to proofread this letter
    • by saying that the avengers are more tony’s family than his, he probably thinks he’s acknowledging that tony cares about them and was doing what he thought was best. im personally for my own sanity choosing to believe that.
    • “i’ve never really fit in” aka “okay i definitely didn’t talk enough about where i was coming from at all for the past few…..years….and this was the only draft that included my ‘i’ve been lowkey struggling’ admission and didn’t sound vaguely pathetic or directly mention my friend who involuntarily murdered your parents” 
    • this entire thing is actually imo a fairly decent “listen i know things are really messy right now and i hurt you and we’re both still upset, but here’s some effort on my part. if you ever need anything, here’s how you can contact me & i promise i will still drop everything to come help you with what you need” gesture considering the situation & time frame

anyway, steve for sure messed up with his approach to this and put a lot of people in danger, but as someone who is a fan of tony stark i have to take The Context into consideration and also understand that sometimes people do questionable things even while having the best intentions. it was a really rough situation and i think mr evans did a great job of showing steve emotionally shutting down and struggling for the past few films? i can see where he was coming from from an emotional standpoint, & bc of these and 130 other reach-y reasons including me just enjoying him as a person, i forgive him. it’s 2:30am this is so long oh my god

Not gonna lie, but I’d start judging a good chunk of the reds and blues if they honestly started judging Wash for what he did to Donut. Because, I mean, seriously, almost all of them have done the exact same thing.

Tex blew up Donut. Donut blew up Tex. Caboose “killed” Church. Tucker shot Tex with a sniper rifle. Simmons buried Sarge alive. Church threatened (multiple times!) to kill Junior. Sarge has shot and attempted to murder Grif so so many fucking times, a fact Grif gets increasingly bitter about as the seasons progress to the point of making a huge speech about how little he respects Sarge in a later season.

And I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting multiple instances.

At the end of the day, they’re all assholes!! No one has the moral high ground here!! Including Grif, btw, who went along with burying Sarge alive as long as he didn’t have to do any work himself.

So when I see posts that are like, “Wash should answer/face consequences for his actions,” my immediate reaction is, “Okay, sure. But are you gonna insist the others do too, or are you just gonna call out the only person among them who has actually shown regret for what they’ve done?”

Like, I get it. Most of fandom’s insistence that Donut’s instance is different comes from how it was framed in the show–in that it wasn’t framed as a joke, but something serious, and possibly permanent, even if the latter was later retconned. But in the greater scheme of things, in the context of what everyone else has done, what Wash did is not exactly very much different, and I’m pretty sure that’s why they don’t blame him currently in canon.

So…yeah. If you want the other characters to call him out for it, fine. But recognize that they would be hypocrites for doing so. Frankly, though, I’m far, far more interested in seeing them bond with Wash over past mistakes than tearing him apart for something he already holds a lot of guilt over doing.

Seeing is not believing

When Hobbs asked Will to “see, see” he was asking Will to “see” that Abigail was a killer. That she was his partner and helped him kill all the girls. That’s the context of “seeing” in Hannibal. Certain people can see who is a killer, even if they try to hide it. As Bedelia says to Hannibal, “I see enough of you to see the truth of you.” And as Will says to Hannibal at the end of Season 1, “I can see you now.” Will refuses to believe that Abigail helped her Dad until it’s too late though. I believe he did “see” it right away though.

When Abigail asks Alana if you can “catch somebody’s crazy” and Alana explains “Folie a Deux, madness shared by two”, Will flashes to Hobbs telling him to “see”. He knows that Abigail and her Father were in a Folie a Deux together and that’s what he was trying to tell him.

Will gets shot and is in the same exact spot Hobbs was in the Season 1 finale, and he asks Jack to “see, see” what Hannibal really is. Of course, by parallel he’s also in a Folie a Deux with Hannibal. But Jack refuses to see/accept it just as Will had.

Hannibal and Jack accept that Abigail possibly helped her Dad kill the girls right away though:

Will: Jack thinks Abigail Hobbs helped her Dad kill those girls.

Hannibal: I find it vulgar and entirely possible.

Will: It’s not what happened.

Even after he knows that Abigail killed Nick Boyle, he still won’t allow himself to believe that Abigail helped her Dad kill the girls and decides to protect her and Hannibal and lie instead. He doesn’t accept it until literally the last minute, just before Hannibal “kills” her.

Will’s refusal to accept what Hobbs told him and what Hannibal and Jack easily believe, is a parallel I think to how he can’t accept his own darkness. He can “see” his darkness in the form of the Ravenstag from the very first episode, but he won’t accept it or believe it, at least not fully. 

This is illustrated for us when the same dialogue from Hobbs comes back in Mizumono. Will has a fantasy or a dream about going to his house and Hobbs is sitting on his porch. And Hobbs says it again to Will, “See, see.” This time Will is being directed to “see” the Ravenstag. He takes up his gun, sees it through the scope, and takes a shot at it, but doesn’t kill it. He doesn’t deny his darkness anymore. This is born out in the story as Will decides to be on Hannibal’s side and help him to escape. And we are shown that the Ravenstag is only dying at the very end of the episode, after Hannibal guts him since he did not shoot it.

In a certain way “seeing” in the show is a kind of sixth sense, almost supernatural. There are many instances when it seems as if Hannibal can sense who is a killer as soon as he meets them. I would argue he does this with Will, Abigail, Tobias, and Will also does it with Randall Tier, Clark Ingram

Will: His eyes are dead. He’s a predator.

Tobias seems to do this with Hannibal as well. He wants Franklyn to tell Hannibal about his kill and then he wants Hannibal to be his friend. There are alternative explanations to most all of the instances, there was other evidence that show them the person was really a killer.

Jack: You make jumps you can’t explain, Will.

Will: No, no. The evidence explains.

Just like Will is seen as almost “psychic” and his ability “unexplainable” by others there is evidence that explains it. But the subtext or symbolic level is that they can know it right away just by looking at the person or with even less information than that.

Will: This is how I caught Garrett Jacob Hobbs. It’s his resignation letter. Does anybody see the clue? There isn’t one. He wrote a letter, left a phone number, no address, that’s it.

Jack: Dumb luck and bad bookkeeping. That’s how Will said he caught Hobbs. Now how would you say he caught him?

Hannibal: We were looking through the files. And it was as if Will plucked his name out of a hat based on little more than an incomplete address.

This makes us wonder about Will. The implication in the story is that Will can see killers right away, just like Hannibal does, but in some instances he purposely refuses to believe it.

Hannibal to Abigail: He will keep our secret. He will keep it because otherwise the one good thing in his life is tainted. And he will lie to Jack Crawford about you. Just as he has lied to himself.

The other more subtle meaning is that in Aperitif, Hobbs is asking Will to “see” his own darkness too. Just as he does in Mizumono. Because the people who can “see” killers are killers themselves.


so here’s a short little theory. Aria tells Ezra to stay, to “fix things here” and I assumed she was talking about the whole Nicole thing since that was the context. But later, after Aria is doing all this dark stuff talking to avataria (A.D) on FaceTime and shit and then her confrontation with Ezra in the last scene got me thinking.

Why did the last scene seem like her and Ezra weren’t talking about the wedding. She says “were so close, I’m scared.” Does he know she’s working with AD? Is she saying that she’s so close to A.D that she’s scared? What was the context of that.

What makes me think this wasn’t about the wedding was his response. “My flight wasn’t cancelled. I just didn’t get on the plane.”

What kind of a response is that. No, “I stayed because I love you!! I’m so sorry!!”

And she didn’t even react? I feel like they had another conversation that we didn’t get to see. And this happened after Ezra saw “Spencer” and Wren arguing in the airport. Wtf was that? And Ezra was acting weird, Spencer was acting suspicious as shit, and watch it be a twin. She was basically wearing everything but the damn hoodie. Maybe because she gave hers to Aria in the locker? Idk. That’s a stretch.

I’m wondering if the conversation we didn’t see was regarding what Ezra saw at the airport. It was weird that Spencer asked him not to say anything to anyone, and he was like “who would I tell?” OBVIOUSLY, she meant Aria. but he responded as if it wasn’t obvious??

Ezra knows something more than he’s letting on, Aria is being creepy as shit and literally was initiated into the A game, and A.D is using her face as an avatar to communicate with her? Spencer is being SO suspicious, and conveniently in the episode she directed.

Give  -Epilogue

Summary: Bucky and (Y/N) had an amazing yet brief relationship in Bucharest before all hell broke loose. Two years later they reconnect in a bar in Brooklyn, but things have changed and neither are the same people they were before. Will their relationship survive or is a break up inevitable? 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Language, brief fighting, lots of painful heartbreak, nothing but torturing my precious readers. POV switching for Bestie!SamWilson and the other Avengers that make an appearance.

Author’s Note: The actual finale to Give, my submission to @bladebarnes‘s #bladehits2kchallenge. It’s been quite a run, and there is a sequel in the works (which I have to write now that my dumbass already made a playlist). The sequel will feature the reader in a relationship with a woman I’m not straight, my characters rarely are too so if you’re not cool with that and want to be untagged (if you were part of the previous list) tell me. If you’re cool with that, send me an ask to get added to the tag list. As always, a huge thanks to @lostboyinneverland for keeping me going when it comes to writing and also for letting me make you feel things for the sake of fiction. Here’s the playlist for all of Give. Send me feedback, and I’ll hopefully have the sneak peek of the sequel up in a day or two. Thanks for all the love and support everyone! I’ll see y’all soon.

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