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OK friend, I'm obviously biased here, but in your opinion, out of all the unluckier characters, who least deserved their fate?

I’m slow and useless and this may have made me tear up to think about on a couple occasions so thanks for that! This one was really hard for me to consider. I even had to rewatch a few scenes to help with my decision! I should add that I had to consider their previous actions leading up to where they were, their immediate actions before their fate, if they are relevant. Lastly, I had to consider the type of fate and how it compares to their actions.

We can all pretty much agree that most of Katie’s characters are quite tragic in some way. So let’s list those to consider with the unluckiest of fates. We’ve got Harriet, Lucy, Morgana, Oriane and Zara. My poor bbys.

Harriet Chambers

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Harriet did not have a ton of development but I still had enough to work with. In a previous analysis, I mentioned how Harriet was definitely guilty of bullying Kenneth. Even though she was acting out in defense of her friend, it still wasn’t the way to handle the situation. Although it was unintentional, she was part of the reason Kenneth had his seizure and ended up in a coma. Whoops. DJ Harriet, cut the strobes please. Harriet did not argue much and was part of the group the stood by and agreed it would be best to leave Kenneth on the side of the road, outside the ER to save her own ass. Down the line, she showed only a little hesitation and remorse when she became of aware of Kenneth’s status and yet still decided it was best not to become clean. I can fully understand that she was trying to protect herself, her education, her status and her future career, but leaving someone to die because “Nobody gave a rats ass,” yeah, not cool. I think Harriet definitely deserved to be punished for her actions. However, how she died was horrid and completely unnecessary. That she did not deserve. Sigh… a moment of silence for our beautiful Irish doctor… thank you. Now let us move on.

Lucy Westenra

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Can I ever type or say that name without feeling like I’m being hit by a freight train?!?! Maybe some day. Today is not that day. Lucy had a pretty rough time. I mean her sole purpose in this show was to suffer and make us cry with her. It worked. Well done, Katie. When this all started, Lucy was simply a young girl in love that could do no wrong. As time went on, and we started to learn more about her, her internal struggles with her life and self became so clear. She was basically living a life that was chosen for her and she was happy with very little of it. Despite her feelings for Mina and jealousy toward Harker, Lucy still played her part as the best friend and was constantly there for Mina (although she did take a deserved jab at Harker on occasion).

Again, let us consider Lucy’s actions that led to her fate. After being hurt and rejected by the woman she loved, she seduced Harker after being convinced that Mina deserved to understand the pain of being hurt by someone she loved. She came to this decision and was coached by Lady Jayne. After going through with it, she felt terrible for what she did and confessed her actions to Mina out of guilt. Mina’s understandable reaction caused Lucy to feel even worse and it showed. While contemplating herself and everything that had unfolded, she was suddenly attacked by a livid Grayson. That sad look in her eyes will always kills me. Grayson told Lucy that if she insisted on behaving like a monster, he would make her into one, and he turned her. That meant that Lucy was doomed to live the harsh, cruel life of a vampire, but must also live eternally with the guilt of how she hurt Mina and the sorrow of not being loved in return. That is to assume that she and Mina never made amends (I think they would have eventually). Truly, I think Grayson needs to chill the hell out because that is a very harsh punishment for a mistake that a very trusting and naive Lucy made when she was in pain.

Lucy’s fate turned out to be incredibly tragic and was somewhat treated as one. However, Grayson’s words and reaction were intended to make us believe that she deserved what he gave her. Didn’t work, Grayson. You’re just rude and rash. Let us mourn our poor bby gay Vampire!Lucy. We could have had it all!

Morgana Pendragon

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I won’t let myself get into everything that led to Morgana becoming evil. A lot of you already sat and cried with me through that. Now I need to focus on her actions after she became evil. I need to focus on what she did after becoming a powerful, dark, magical presence. In season 4, we know that Morgana had come into her own as a sorceress. She no longer had Uther directly abusing her or Morgause manipulating her. She still had Merlin being dishonest with her, but part of me thinks by this point it would have been too late. That is especially so by season 5. As much as I loathe to admit, we have to consider the fact that all the decisions she made after becoming as powerful as she was were her own. All of the hell that rained on Camelot was her doing and hers alone. She no longer had Morgause whispering in her ear or pulling the strings. Morgana still, however, suffered a lot over the final 4 years of her life. Her anger and hatred for all of those against magic, and her drive for revenge only grew after being imprisoned and tortured for 3 years. After three years, I feel like the need to make those that wronged her suffer and bleed was greater than her original desire to take the throne to ensure people like her would live in peace.

When she finally had the opportunity to try and ensure her victory over Arthur and Camelot, events unfolded that caused her rage to fully consume her. Sadly, she became sloppy, no longer being “old friends” with patience. Part of her was even a little arrogant when she went out to finish the job and get her revenge. Finally, in that fateful moment she was vindictive to the very end. She knew her brother was doomed, “Don’t worry dear brother, I won’t let you die alone. I will stay and watch over you.” She could have left it there… however… “Until the wolves gorge on your carcass and bathe in your blood.” WHOA! Way to send off the one man that was always there for you before your fates forked off. Sad face! She also made the terrible mistake of underestimating Merlin. Again, this would have never happened if she knew the truth. I think a final showdown between these two was an opportunity missed. I would like to petition for a re-write.

Merlin was right to blame himself but was also right in saying the bloodshed had to end. At that point, what other way could there have been? Morgana went through so much pain in her life and we will never get over that. But objectively speaking, she caused a lot of pain as well. Even if she felt her actions were justified, even though there were some earlier times where she wasn’t always happy with her actions, she let her arrogance, rage, and need for vengeance take over. She did deserve punishment, and part of me will say that her actions immediately before her fate led to it. But I will never think her death was fair. Long live the Queen.

Oriane Congost

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Pfffft! Oriane… I just… Wow. Much less conflicted with her. I once said, that I always try to find a way to sympathize with characters. Katie and my thoughts of what Oriane most likely experienced prior to the narrative made it a little easier to sympathize with her. But… that doesn’t stop the fact that she was terrible! Just terrible!! She treated her younger sister with undeserved disdain, simply because she felt Alais was “the favorite.” She manipulated literally everyone she came into contact with in the series. She killed her father with poison and had some lovely words for him on his death bed, “The agony you’re feeling is my hatred twisting in your guts like a serpent. I know you’re not my real father. But your death alone with not satisfy me. Alais will suffer for your sins.” Damn.

Following that heartwarming moment, she held her niece (a toddler) hostage and put a blade to her throat, and she tried to kill her sister. Pretty much every bad thing that unfolded in the final moment in that cave were of her doing. Big old blood bath and Oriane was lighting the candles, setting the mood, and filling the tub. Yeah, I would say she deserved what happened to her. Sorry Ori. Don’t hate me. And please don’t stab me!

Zara Young

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I think all of us agree that poor, sweet Zara did not deserve what happened to her. I mean, literally all she did was show up for work that day. Zara had some extra responsibility thrown her way in the form of two kids. Sure, she lost track of them after they ran off, but I will always state that is not relevant to what happened to her. I still don’t believe that people out there make that argument. Get outta here!

Realistically speaking, Zara was simply a casualty of the chaos. However, she had the most gruesome death in the movie. It was torture! Getting picked up, fought over, dropped, dunked, picked pack up, dunked again, picked back up and then gone. Whyyyyy was that necessary? I mean other than showing off that Katie is a badass that does her own stunts and letting her live out what is most likely one of her top geek out moments. But why!? I will say, that you know, being aware of the things that have happened with Jurassic Park, Zara, love, maybe it wasn’t the best job to take? Let us say goodbye, to Zara Young, Jurassic World Employee of the Year. She will be missed.


Right so the verdict then! Who do I think was the least deserving of what happened to them. This was hard. Like really hard. I have a feeling some of you will hate me for my choice, but it is my final answer! I’ve been battling this for hours people!


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Again, Lucy literally existed in this telling of Dracula to be sad, suffering, pining, cast aside and technically killed. I am a bit of a romantic at times, and all I could think was how badly I just wanted Lucy to be happy with someone that deserved her affections and gave her the world. Seeing her go through the emotional turmoil that she did, while still trying to keep a brave and sassy front was hard. She was not driven by hate or revenge, she simply was young, naive, inexperienced and hurting. Yet she was viewed as a monster. That just doesn’t sit with me.

For those that want to kill me for not choosing them, Zara was my runner up! Followed by Morgana. Please direct hate mail here.

Thanks for the ask, friend! It was brilliant!

MMFD S3 Finale (3x3)…My Thoughts….

                                 CAUTION - SPOILERS !!!!!!!!!

 When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

This is what I thought as I watched the final scenes play out. It’s not a line from the show, but rather what I imagined and felt like Rae was trying to tell Finn when they talked. I also thought:

                      Rae is starting to grow up. It finally happened.

I always liked S1 and S2 (a lot!), but now I realize just how much I have loved S3. It has given me what I never knew I wanted (except for more episodes because I would love to continue on this journey with the gang, and especially Rae and Finn forever). But, like life, there are times when you have to move on, have faith, and keep going even when you don’t want to leave something behind, and tonight was one of those times.

I’m going to jump right in at the deep end, and say that I don’t hate how they wrote Finn this season, nor in this episode.

Finn is not perfect – thank God! Rae never needed perfect, she just needed him. But she also needed to be better, and so does he before they can have the future that I now know they both deserve and WILL HAVE when they are both ready for it.

Finn did not seek out Katie, she went to him. She had an agenda. That much is clear based on her conversation with Rae in the car. Her view of Rae as a “burden” to her friends was wrong. She most likely shared her version of Rae’s situation with an already distraught Finn who was already feeling less than worthy of saving and loving Rae. Is this an excuse for him kissing her? No. However, the fact is that yes, he kissed her; and yes, I was saddened and disappointed by it. But was it out of character? I’m not so sure.

This season (I believe) that both Rae AND Finn felt out of character to much of the fandom and this is correct. And its mainly because neither was acting like they did in S1 or S2 – but that’s (for me) exactly the point. They weren’t fully being their real selves before now, which is something that they need to accomplish before this relationship can work.

They each put each other on a sort of pedestal. For Rae, he could do no wrong and she was the one who seemingly screwed up all the time. While Finn prematurely put a level of strength and healing on Rae that she hadn’t fully achieved yet.

In S1 Finn was a bit of a misunderstood, grouchy, yet completely adorable, loner, who would later be shown to be sensitive, shy, and maybe (just maybe) what the doctor ordered for post-hospital Rae. She was just trying to be “normal” – or whatever she thought was normal - for a 16 year old. Drinking, hanging out, and dating. Finn was then presented as the answer to all of that and quite literally her savior after the rescue at the Chippy – and from that point on I was hooked on Rinn. I thought How great is this guy that he can balance Rae out. She talks, when he doesn’t. Both like music. He can show her what a beautiful catch she is. Check, check and check!

Start of S2, and we get it! Rae and Finn are reaaaaally into each other. The chemistry was off the charts, and the best part was that it wasn’t a dream. They are literally playing out fantasies that Rae had for herself in S1 (mainly to kiss a boy) but now its not just any guy – its Finn freaking Nelson. The stakes were high. They got very serious, very fast, and who cared?! Because Rae had to make up for lost time.

So the caravan, the second attempt at intimacy at his house, the breakup, jealousy over Liam, her first time, and then the finale where she opens herself up to him completely after a commendable level of patience, respect, and maturity on Finn’s part. Our Finn only wanted our Rae. It all felt so right to me. We finally got to see Rae face her S2 issues, which were shifting beyond just being “normal,” to now having to deal with what being someone’s girlfriend meant (”I didn’t want to be known as the girl who couldn’t get undressed in front of her boyfriend”) + returning to school (“staying under the radar”) + dealing with a gang that leaned on her (“you’re the glue”), and all while they each faced their own growing pains. But this was the problem and now I see it clearly.

She may have been distracted from dealing with her own lingering problems and fully healing herself. In other words, she wasn’t cured … yet …because her goal became having a relationship with Finn rather than fully tackling the greater issues she still had lurking inside.

Now maybe that’s the biggest difference with S3. The attention is now squarely back on Rae (where it should be for only a 3 episode season) but it’s a moment when I think she (and we) realized that she’s tried to be a normal teenager, and it was more than working out. For example, the start of 3x1 where Finn is quite literally making every single dream of Rae’s 16 year old self come true – y’all know what I mean (see my original post on the premiere here).

ASIDE: I will forever love and adore the undeniable onscreen chemistry/friendship between Sharon and Nico!  

But when the reality of her future was upon her, it became painfully clear to me that maybe what we have been seeing for the past two seasons is just that – only a fantasy of a girl who hasn’t yet really grown up or healed herself.

Rae thought that Finn was the answer to all of her problems. Finn thought I can help her through this, like in 2x1 when he asks But you’re okay now though, right? It was all he (and I) needed to hear. She was ready for this. For him.

But she wasn’t.

Just like neither of them were ready for the things that happened this season, but it was not for a lack of love (see my thoughts on 3x2 here) and the finale showed that.

Rae and Finn wanted (and I think still want) a life together, but at that age you just don’t yet know what that means. The daily struggle of mental illness is lasting and deep if not insurmountable. But there is no timetable and no one person can cure it.

Rae: “Some things will never let you go, not until you find the strength to deal with them.”

I do believe that it did not have to be “all or nothing.” If Rae had let Finn into the darker side of her doubts, fears, etc. early on, then maybe they could have worked it out before things spiraled out of control. Or they at least could have broken up without Finn kissing Katie because he too felt like he had already lost and screwed up everything.

However, I have a feeling that if they had just agreed to break up, I (and maybe more people) would have felt it to be a cop out. Why couldn’t Finn have just moved to Bristol? Or if he had just moved to Bristol with her, the inner fangirl in me for sure would have been super happy don’t get me wrong, but I do think in hindsight we would have lost out on what we actually got in 3x3. We would have lost the real meaning of her journey out of Stamford…”Creep” playing in the background (perfect choice!), Rae not alone (thanks to her gang/family/Liam hovering nearby), and determined to never let herself get that low again.

Rae and Finn (unfortunately) had to be pushed to their limits as characters, because they weren’t yet the people that they are meant to be. Hence their final conversation.

No kiss. That would have been a step backward.

No gushing. “Finn Nelson. Late, not invited. Taking his life in his own hands just by being here, and looking beyond sexy in a tuxedo. Which… Dear Diary…was not the point.”

Just straight and honest talk about it just not being the right time now, but that doesn’t mean no future. I thought: When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

Ultimately, I feel as though Katie did serve a purpose. She quite literally came out of no where – yes – but its all the more telling that it was enough to reveal the cracks in their relationship and in both Rae and Finn as individuals. Believe me I’m not giving her any undue credit here, because it could have happened in a bunch of other ways. But the truth is that sometimes, when these things happen (and they do happen), its without warning, its people that do just come into your life, mess it up, and it is sudden.

But in the wise words of Danny and Chloe: “Its okay to hate Katie Springer, yeah?” “Definitely” :)

None of this changes that, for me, Rae and Finn are and will always be the heartbeat of MMFD. Amid the jokes, music, drama, and highs/lows of the gang they remain an important part of Rae’s story, but Chloe is the other, and Jodie was fantastic - as usual.

I could not help but feel as though the S2 arc between Chloe and Rae was essentially the mirror of Rae and Finn in S3. When Chloe went missing, and Rae read Chloe’s diary, she realized that she was not necessarily seeing things from any other POV other than her own, which may be a bit skewed at times. Her and Chloe’s realities were not matching up and expectations as a result were failed on both sides. I loved this because it allowed us to gain an alternative to Rae’s world and voice, and although Rae and Chloe both hurt each other, they were finally honest and found a way to forgive and earn one another’s trust.  

Chloe was Rae’s other savior throughout MMFD, and similar to Finn, both had to be torn down a bit in order to be built up anew with a clean slate in their relationship with Rae. Rae then had to admit that in both cases she had projected too much on to them at times and now had to take a step back and focus on herself. This is why I loved Chloe’s hilarious, yet sincere and wholehearted, defense of Rae + her comment at the pub that Finn was meant to be Rae’s “plus one” for a lot more than just one night at the leaver’s ball + when Finn and Rae exchanged glances multiple times during Archie’s song, and Chloe looked at Finn, it wasn’t romantic on her part, but instead an acknowledgment that Finn will always have a rightful place as someone who loves Rae and whom Rae loves in return. This was important because given the protective friend that we ALL know Chloe to be, she only wants the absolute best for Rae, and for me it was about as high praise as I can imagine that she still believes in Finn as she sat beside Rae. That was when I knew they were endgame.

Now a misstep for me was with Kester. Make no mistakes I love Kester/Rae scenes, but what bothered me the most was that all of this time he was just fired and that’s why he was no longer at the hospital and lied to her. It felt a bit lacking for me and almost like an excuse for them to have Rae talk to another person.

That being said, I did enjoy watching Rae’s session with the other doctor, who was more buttoned up and formal, but whom I felt that she was the right blend of forceful, honest, direct, clear, and most of all – was able to let Rae find her own path, while offering answers that I could not see coming from Kester. She didn’t let Rae take a little bit of the hospital with her, and instead of Rae retreating, she prepared her to leave for a new place, a new future.

But the echoes of Kester’s past sessions with Rae as she read her diary was perfect. And the gang and Rae’s mum also continued to pick up the slack. Although a bit more absent than in S1 and S2, I loved seeing the gang’s chemistry when they were together at the pub and the ball. I was happy to see the flashbacks of the good times they shared, and hear the quotes from the diary we all know so well. It helped to tie things together.

I was also happy to see her mum be the one to support and guide Rae through this tough time in real life (clearly she confided in her mum after leaving Finn’s).

The depths of Rae’s issues were playing out for us this time. We witnessed her self-harm graphically, her overwhelming and sudden depression, her manic attempt to cover for her loved ones, and last night, her quiet suicide attempt. When Finn appeared in an incredible slow motion rescue for Rae, my heart was in my throat and relieved that it was only a vision. But I must admit I was not expecting it to be Finn busting in through the door. Nor was I happy to see him there. Because this wasn’t about Finn.

“My problems poison other people…so what do you do when you harm the ones you love… you get out of their way.”

This was a cross roads. Two Raes - who would win out?

This is why the final train ride was so perfect and special. Everyone that made an impact on her life was there with her. It was necessary and important that those chapters of her past were there while she began to write a new one.

Radiohead’s “Creep” is one of those hauntingly hopeful and cynical songs that was too perfect for words when it came out. It was always about owning your flaws, your weirdness, your unique qualities that make you special, if not always popular.

I’m proud of MMFD for telling the story Rae deserved (bumps, warts and all) rather than the one I wanted.

Now, I feel more satisfied knowing that when Rae and Finn get back together it will be for keeps. Two kids who found love early and never let it go even when they had to let go of each other. When I see you it won’t be because I need you, it will be because I love you.

So I guess the story is just beginning rather than over - and that is the most beautiful and perfect thing about it.

As Rae’s mum said about her scars: “They still look sore” but Rae says “Yeah but they’ll heal.”

Many many endless thanks to the cast and crew of mymadfatdiary for producing such an amazing and original series.

Thank you to realraeearl for sharing your story - its been the best thing since My So Called Life!

                   Cheers m’dear to all the MMFD fans out there!

P.S. …and for those who want super feels just listen to these songs by Tori Kelly which give me all the Rinn feels ! (or “First Heartbreak” or “Beautiful Things” or “I Was Made For Loving You”) … because in classic MMFD fashion — music always makes everything better ;)

P. S. S. Does anyone know for sure if that was Finn’s jacket that Rae had on at the ball??

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Based strictly on talent, who do you think is a better actress between Katie and Natalie?

😠 Who are you and why are you trying to hurt me? Why would you pit my two beautiful queens against one another? What did we ever do to you?

This is tough because they both have talent in different and similar avenues. Both have had incredible performances. But then I think of a few things:

“Katie McGrath is a natural actress. She can put a character in her head, in her mind and suddenly her face muscle structure changes, her gestures change, her body language changes. She becomes a different character every time. Believably. Her poise, her beauty, the raw self dare in every little twitch, or eye brow rise. Perfectly crafted with intelligence and true thought. She does that on purpose, you know. Bravo.” (x)

It is all very true and this, along with what she has put into her stronger performances (Morgana, Lucy, Lena, specifically), how much her skills have improved and the fact that she had no technical training really says something about the talent she has. So her American accent is a little shaky at times – acting is about more than that. She’s been highly praised by co-stars and fans alike and has come very far.

For both of them, I have seen all of their work. As much as I enjoy Natalie, more of Katie’s performances have driven emotional reactions from me which is very hard to do. So as much as I hate to choose, I think Katie deserves this one. That’s just my opinion though. They’re both fantastic.

  1. The only thing Beyonce’s performance proved was that her and her husband have about as much chemistry as you would expect two people to have that probably barely fuck each other and essentially are married for publicity purposes.
  2. Katy Perry tried her best to sing over the music track behind her. She almost did a good job of that.
  3. LL COOL J is like what? 50? It might be time to retire the Kangol. just sayin’.
  4. Pink’s performance was bad ass as fuck but I feel like she’s already done that whole, “hovering over the crowd, hanging from string, showing off how bendy she is” routine. What’s she gonna do next year? The same thing but set on fire?
  5. Oooh look, it’s Taylor Swift singing a sad song about how lonely she is after getting done dirty by a mean, bad, no good, terrible dude.(And..uhm„WTF was that epileptic hair flip thingy?) Poor baby..oh..wait. She’s like almost 30. PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES TEE TEE.
  6. John Legend was all swoon worthy and shit.
  7. Macklemore made me cry a little but then towards the end I wasn’t sure if I was weeping with happy for the people who got married or for Madonna’s desperate attempt to stay relevant. Come on, Madge…be better.
  8. Jared Leto? More like…get in my mother fucking pants.
  9. When the greatest metal band of all time gets upstaged by a classical pianist…it might be time to stop caring about the greatest metal band of all time.
  10. Only Pharrell can prevent forest fires.
  11. Paul McCartney…meh.
  12. Lorde is just weird and spastic and I could only listen, not watch. Much too twitchy for my liking.
  13. NIN, QOTSA, Grohl and Lindsay Buckingham were exactly as I hoped. Metallica could have learned a thing or three thousand.
  14. Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamarr? HOLY SHIT…can you say THANK YOU SIR, MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER? One of the best performances of the night.
  15. And lastly..Hunter Hayes. His performance was raw and emotional and strong . And for me…the stand out of the entire rodeo. if you haven’t watched it…stop what you’re doing and make that happen ASAP.