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I think we can all agree that Yuuri’s speech was a central scene this episode, and although I’ve seen a lot of people giving great explanations about Yuuri’s use of 「愛」 in his speech and the difference between 「愛」(ai) and 「恋」(koi) there aren’t many people who go further into his speech than that.

Firstly I’ll just briefly gloss over 「愛」 and 「恋」because what they each connotate in the Japanese language is important to the Yuri!!! on Ice plot

「恋」is kind of like a physical love. It describes one’s longing for someone, but lacks a deeper emotional bond. Used for boyfriend/girlfriend/partner.

「愛」 is a deep love, it encompasses 恋 but also describes emotional love. While it does mean you long for someone, it kind of implies that you’re willing to do, give, or change something to be with them. Used for family/spouse.

***note: on the contrary, while「恋」does imply a physical romance/love, 「恋人」refers to you’re true love, you’d call your fiancé or spouse that, and「愛人」implies someone you’ve had an affair with. So when Victor uses the word 「恋人」…. ;)))

So when Yuuri says
He’s saying his「愛」is not just the physical and emotional love he has for others, his love is literally his relationship with Victor, it is literally his family, and that it is the complicated/abstract feelings he has for others around him (aka Yuuko, Minako, Nishigori). It is a tangible THING such as actions and words as implied by Yuuri’s use of 「物」 instead of 「事」which would describe an idea or a concept.

Another interesting thing to note is when Yuuri says he has “no name for this emotion”
At first I thought Yuuri might have been downplaying his emotions but then I realised it wasn’t that, it was that Yuuri really just doesn’t know exactly what 「愛」is just yet despite describing it briefly before because he’s still exploring what it truly means for him.
Before Victor, we all know Yuuri had a big crush on Yuuko, hell, he was going to confess in the first episode. But that’s all it was, a crush, which would take neither 「愛」nor「恋」, but 「好き」(suki).

Now I’m sure you know the difference between 「愛する」and「好きです」but just in case
「好きです」refers to a wide range of types of “like”. You use it for objects, hobbies, and topics, or people-wise, friends and crushes.

Through Yuuri’s speech, we are witnessing his growth and exploration of what 「愛」is, what it means to him, and who the word applies to. Most prominent are his developing feelings of 「愛」towards Victor. The phrase
Does mean “to hold on to”, but it also means “to fasten” or “to tie”, and this implies that while Yuuri does not want to let go of Victor, neither does he want Victor to let go of him. Yuuri wants to create a mutual bond with Victor, and he has decided to call this bond 「愛」.

As a side note, here’s further meta on Yuuri and Victor’s developing relationship, shown through the episode preview. It’s very short but 
I do think it’s a cute example of them becoming closer to each other.

bang pd nim more like min yoongi bs&t era 50 years later ((@ anyone who’s reblogging this i am nOt making fun of him cmon im going emo all over the tags;_;))


this is the only thing that matters to me today

i am not really sure if we have something, but i hope we have because ugh i am getting emotions about you


山田涼介 DEAR. Secret Track
  • 山田涼介 DEAR. Secret Track
  • Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)
  • DEAR.


Hi there, I’m Yamada Ryosuke.

As for this round’s album, ‘DEAR.’, how does everyone find it?

I think I have conveyed my feelings towards you.


The you today, the you tomorrow,

are you laughing? Are you crying?

Did my voice reach you?

As for the me today and also the me tomorrow,

There is no one else in my heart but you.

今日の君は 明日の君は
笑ってますか? 泣いてますか?
僕の声 そこに届いてますか?
もう今日の僕も 明日の僕も


🦁오늘 팡파레 다들 울리셨습니까?? (울리셨겠죠??울렸겠지…그래야지..) 팡파레 울리다 여러분 응원소리에 내가 울겄소오오😢 #주호 #zuho #엠카 #항상고마워 #모두 아! 우리 태양이 분신 턍이가 오늘 함께 했어요 #인사해턍아 #밝은빛 #턍 ^^

🦁everyone, did today’s fanfare performance ring through you?? (ringing?? ringing… all right..) everyone supporting fanfare makes me cry😢 #juho #zuho #mcountdown #alwaysthankful #all ah! our taeyangie’s alter ego tyang is together with us today #sayhitotyangi #brightlight #tyang

(t.n a fanfare is a ceremonial tune played on brass instruments, typically to introduce someone important. one of the lines of fanfare is 팡파레를 울려라 which is literally ‘ring the fanfare’ which is why juho is asking if it rang through you.)

Okay I’m crying you guys, what did we do to deserve the yetee? Today, Valentines day, they chose Victor and Yuuri to be their daily shirts + a free Makkachin sticker but beyond that alone, the proceeds go to an LGBT+ charity?? What is life oh my god. (The tweet has a typo its equality illinois)

The shirts are only $11 each I’m gonna have to find the money.

And there are days when my goal isn’t even to be happy. Sometimes the goal is to feel ok. Or to just get through the day without someone asking “what’s wrong?” Or to just get out of bed
I’ve learned to celebrate my small victories. Because not every day is about huge triumphs and overcoming the impossible. Sometimes it’s “go you! You did not cry today!”

Maddie & Eddie Start a World War

Maddie is in the elevator and the singer in the walls is talking to her. Hello Maddie I am God you are looking so ugly today did your boyfriend make you cry? she says. Then I say what is happening and then Maddie says Fuck Fuck Fuck and she plays a violin in her throat. Maddie says it’s Beethoven but it just sounds like really ugly crying, snot and blood and feathers and pie filling. I pressed the button everyone told me not to press and Maddie sighed like a mother goose and half of Europe looks like a star. Maddie went on the Oprah Winfrey show and said, “I am Jesus Christ” and the cue cards told me to say “I am Judas” but instead I said “Calm down, Maddie, you’re not that special”, which is essentially the same thing. After we ditch the fire-and-pitchfork mob, our hearts clickclatter out of our chests and into the dumpster where they belong. People once burned women for the things that we do. 

Reminder that it’s okay if all you did today was sit in bed or cry in the shower or watch a marathon of your favorite show. Some days you’ll get up at 6 A.M. and get shit done, and others you’ll need to just sit down and do nothing. It’s all okay. It’s always okay