did you all come from the void

A summary of last night's episode:

•Gendry “Usain Bolt” Waters
•Arya what the fuck are you doing. No One raised you better than this
•Don’t do it Sansa this is a trap
•Dick? Cock.
•Where did all those random extras come from
•You just HAD to throw the stone, didn’t you?
•We’ve made a huge mistake this was most definitely not worth it

Have You Ever (Part 2)

Here it is! Finally, part two of Have You Ever! I truly hope you guys enjoy it cause this one was very hard for to come to terms with and be happy with it! Please let me know what you think! Love, B xx


“Have you ever lied?”

The question leaves your lips before you can stop it and it starts something you didn’t want to get into, except you do. You want, you need to know if he lied to you. If he lied about how good being with you felt, if he lied about always wanting to fuck you, if every moan and every kiss and every word that left his mouth that night was just an outright lie because he was too scared to tell you he regretted suggesting a fuck in the first place, but most of all, if he lied about loving you.

Unlike the first time you had asked him a question like that, he doesn’t choke on his drink and he doesn’t frown like you’ve just asked him an offensive question - he’s silent, his face unreadable and void of any feelings that might give away what he’s thinking right now.

“Where did that come from?” He asks you, same words that left his mouth all those months ago when you questioned him about fucking someone bare. Harry’s voice is low and serious and it makes you bite on the inside of your lip, nerves and regret making themselves present in your heart.

“Just wondering.” You shrug, turning your back to him and opening his fridge. You need to occupy your hands or at least try and pretend you’re done with the topic, so you won’t have to continue this awkward and excruciating conversation that’s making tears sting in your eyes even though the both of you have barely said anything.

“Yeah, I’ve lied befo’. Everybody has, isn’t it?” Harry offers and you sigh, eyes closing against tears that threaten to escape.

“Have you ever lied to me?”

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Still There (Sirius Black x Reader)

Request: Sirius needs some post-Azkaban love! (from @obscurilicious ) 

A/N: This is an AU where after 12 years in Azkaban, Sirius is officially released instead of escaping and being on the run.  The request was sitting in my inbox for ages and I finally got some inspiration that will hopefully do it justice!  I hope you guys like this.  It’s loosely based off a oneshot I posted on FFN years ago, but I was like 13 when I wrote that so I promise this is much better!  This also gets a little explicit, nothing too bad but definitely more intense than other stuff I’ve written.

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2k+

Rating: PG-13 I think?

Warnings:  Angst, sexual themes (no full-blown smut though, this is as far as I’ll go!)

Twelve years is a long time to wait for anything, especially your fiancé.

“Hey,” you whispered as you walked into the open space of your apartment that housed the kitchen, dining area and living room all in one.  It was late, much later than you were accustomed to.   You seldom stayed awake past ten, but now the hands on the wall clock were bent at the awkward angle of 1:25 in the morning.  

Sirius was seated on the couch, one arm thrown loosely over the back cushions and his knees pulled up close to his chest.  You still hadn’t gotten used to seeing him there; after all, it had been twelve years since you last saw him and he had only just been released two weeks ago.  After the painstaking process of signing all the necessary forms and fighting past about a hundred reporters on your way out of the Ministry building, you’d finally gotten him back home.   Ever since, you always stayed awake as late as he did, because you didn’t want to miss a single moment with him, not after so many had been lost.

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To Have You Again - Thranduil

Originally posted by thranduillover2013

38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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“You exorcised it, Reigen,” Dimple said. “I told you before. You’re a real psychic now.”

The spirit was saying something else now, but Reigen couldn’t hear him over the sudden roar of blood in his ears. He looked down at his shaking fingers. The aura remained, rising slowly off of him in slow tendrils of smoke. There had to be some other explanation. Reigen was not a psychic. There was no possible way he had any sort of power, and certainly not enough power to banish a spirit of that caliber.

And then a thought appeared. It was a strange, all consuming thought, one that Reigen recognized as not his. Everything else in his mind became black static.

you are not my host.

hello friends. over christmas break, i wrote a multi-chapter mob psycho 100 au fic called symbiosis.

after fighting Claw’s Seventh Division (the end of the first season of the anime), Mob’s powers leave Reigen, but something is left behind- something undefinable. Reigen realizes something is wrong, but doesn’t know what, until something- that is, ???%- begins talking to him. Meanwhile, someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation office.

If you enjoy plot centric AUs involving psychic powers, horror elements, and general twists and turns, check it out! it’s pretty good. 

anonymous asked:

Dude! I'm not asking for a fic cos you're crazy busy. I just want to shout into the void at you. But so many different variants of Graves out there. Why choose 1? What if he had DID and so all of them are him in one bundle? You think that's possible?

Oh my goodness what a fun concept! Just like, he comes back from Grindelwald and captivity, only something’s distinctly different. His mind has coped, learned to protect itself, and now there are many versions of Percival Graves where there used to be one. They keep the man as a consultant while the mediwizards try to figure out how to make the many one again - and for the most part, the many versions of Percival Graves don’t mind.

Tina finds it all rather fascinating, although it does creep some of the other aurors out.

They keep a little journal, each of them. Whenever someone writes in theirs, the note shows up in all of them. They have a page for each identity and try to keep up with Graves like that.

He might be Tina’s favorite. He’s a grumpy, emotional, blunt mess of a man - but he’s kind in a weird, harsh way that makes Tina fond of him. He’s the emotional side of Graves. The part of Graves that has remembered and regretted every lost soul, every suspect accidentally killed instead of apprehended, every man that got away, every victim they couldn’t save. His shoulders sag beneath the weight of a sadness he hides behind hilarious expressions and copious drinking. They know when Ray is in control because he wears jeans and a blazer jacket, smells of liquor, and has this look in his eyes - this unfathomable sadness - that makes him simultaneously easy to approach and yet miles away from any of them. He’s got a bit of an accent, this Irish lit, and Tina finds out that all this time, Graves has been hiding his Irish heritage and her mind is blown. 

If she thought Ray had an accent, Marty has an accent. Quick to befuddlement and easily overwhelmed - Marty is a writer. A rather good one at that, when he’s sober. He follows them around with a little notebook and asks all sorts of questions. He is the creativity in Graves. The keen mind. He’s sympathetic and eager. Quick to smiling, quicker to booze. He says cruel, honest things when he’s drunk (and he’s drunk a lot, though the smell is the only thing that gives him away). He says kind, encouraging things when he’s sober. He wishes them luck. He apologizes for not being more than he is. He knows he’s broken. He knows he isn’t right. He knows what man they’re looking for when they come to him for good luck before a mission. He claps them on the shoulder all the same, presses their foreheads together, and says “Come back in one piece. I’ll keep trying to bring him back for you.”

Strike that, David is her favorite. He’s a smol man. She knows when David’s in the driver’s seat because Graves’ body language changes completely. His shoulders hunch in. His eyes gain this doe-eyed blankness, this utter heartbreaking hope to be noticed - and his voice is soft and kind and a little awkward, but generally as Irish as his other personalities. He speaks plainly and kindly. He moves awkwardly, afraid of using anyone else’s space. Afraid of being noticed. He likes to eat comfort foods that Graves would never allow himself to eat. Flaky pastries and soft pies and other little treats. David isn’t out enough to really affect Graves’ waistline, but Tina loves to bring him sweats when he is around - she loves every moment of watching David eat. He eats like he doesn’t deserve it. She loves to see him in awe of his food. She loves to see him happy. David is Graves’ fears in one body. He’s afraid of spiders, of all things - though he won’t make a sound. He’ll just politely and awkwardly excuse himself from the spider’s space. It’s adorable. He’s afraid of eye contact. Afraid of beautiful men or ladies (Queenie especially, which makes her fond of him to no end). Afraid of Picquery - he practically runs from the woman.

Afraid his aurors won’t come home.

When he’s around and the aurors go on missions, he nervously switches from foot to foot, hand twitching as though to reach out. The first time Tina hugs him before a mission, he sinks into her gratefully and sighs into her hair - “Please be careful.”

Douglas is a soft spoken man, but he is also a deadly man. His body moves like a cat. He was trained to kill. He is the fire in Graves during a duel. He is his stealth, his endless energy, his power. The one time he was present to accompany them on a raid, they closed up the mission in minutes rather than hours. He is a force to be reckoned with - unbridled and passionate. Where Graves was controlled, he is a tornado. Anything and everything in his path laid to waste. They knew their Director was powerful.

What they did not know was that Graves was like an iceberg and all that they had seen was just the deadly tip - miles of possibilities silent below the surface.

Douglas is incredibly protective of them. He binds their injuries when they come back. He trains them when he can. He works out with them. He’s hard on them. He wants them to be safe. He knows that some of them won’t come back. He subtly says goodbye to them each time they leave; hopeful, but pessimistic. 

Tina avoids Jerry. He is deadly just as Douglas is deadly, but not because he was trained to be a weapon - because he is a predator. She can see it in his eyes. Danger, fighting, blood, war - these things are fun to Jerry. And with a start she realizes that while many parts of Graves regret the causalities of his job - the victims, the death, the violence - one part of him is thrilled by it. Thrilled by his power, by his ability to survive, to win, to overcome. Not only that, but Jerry is Graves’ sexuality. Something she honestly didn’t even think the man had. Quiet and subdued and professional as he is, it’s hard to think that Jerry stems from him. That the raw sexuality that Jerry puts into his hips when he towers over Tina despite being shorter than Tina comes from Graves in some capacity - that their stern director is capable of making that steamy look. He makes aurors beeline for the bathrooms. He makes Queenie blush one day just by passing and no doubt sending her a stray thought because he knows she can hear him. He wears tight shirts and tight pants and absolutely nothing that leaves anything to the imagination. She didn’t know his butt was so pert. That his crotch could make a pair of pants bulge like that and – the aurors don’t like to write on Jerry’s page often. No one wants to admit how…effective his advances are.

There is one note that suddenly appears one day below Jerry. It says simply: “Where the hell is he getting all these apples?!”

Tina knows there’s more. There’s a page labeled Charles, but no one managed to glean much information about him yet. Another named ‘John’ and ‘Jim’. There’s ‘Danny’ - a young, professional man who most resembles what the older aurors consider to be Graves’ younger self when he first entered the department. He’s sharp as a whip, very fond of Graves’ usual fashion, and all too eager to rush into the field and catch their man. He’s familiar in a way that makes’ Tina’s heart hurt.

But none hurt as much as the man himself. Tina has only found him once, huddled in the corner of his office - blank eyes staring out over the hills of his knees, curled in tight on himself. 

He doesn’t answer when she calls to him. She sits beside him and waits, hoping he’ll say something. He just trembles instead. She decides to fill the silence with her voice and hopes it’ll bring him home. She talks about Jacob’s bakery and Newt’s new book. She tells him about the Occamy that lives in her dresser because somehow it got left behind, though it doesn’t seem to mind. Embarrassingly enough, it appears to love the soft silk of Tina’s panties. She talks about their missions and their progress. She tells him about the weather, in case he hasn’t been around to notice.

She only stops when a large, shaking hand finally reaches for hers in the space between them. When she looks over to him, he’s not staring at nothing anymore - he’s looking at her. He looks exhausted. Dark circles beneath his eyes, his gaze haunted. He looks weak. He looks lost.

He looks like home. He looks like Percival Graves.

Her eyes fill before she can stop herself.

“I miss you,” she whimpers.

He licks his lips and tries to smile. He almost manages it, too.

“I know,” he says. “I miss you, too.”


Title: Nothing (Jimin)

Genre: Angst; Slight Fluff?

Summary: You fall for Jimin and he says he loves you too, but is he even sure?

Words: Really many.

A/N: This is quite long so I decided to make it into a two part story. I hope y’all enjoy it!:) It’s been very long since I had been inspired to write. Enjoy!

Originally posted by whyparkjimin

Jimin stared at her. He tried to forget her. Her sweet, sunny smile, the way her eyes would crinkle when she sees chocolate, the way she made you smile until it hurt…

Jimin couldn’t unremember her…every single damn thing about her.

They both stared at each other, aching to hug and mutter I love yous.They both smiled and nodded. But, Jimin knew better, their smiles were just as fake as their breakup. He hated the fact that he would no longer smile until it hurt because he wouldn’t see any of you ever again. He walked past her but an invisible force was trying to pull him towards her and tell her to stop everything. It was absolutely devastatingly difficult. She is the Milky Way and Jimin is just a pathetic dying star, ready to be pulled into the void.

Both lovers heaved a deep, heavy sigh before walking away from each other.


You regretted everything, you regretted nodding at your friend’s little favor. She had asked you to fill up for her date. To inform her blind date that she can’t come and maybe next time. You really never cared about dates. You never really got into dates. You were a simple kid, all you did was live your life as smoothly as possible amongst all the pressures of family, school, and the society. That’s why you got late. You were too absorbed in finishing the research proposal that was due next week. You had only remembered when your friend had texted on how her blind date took the news.

Here he was, absolutely not taking the news well. He hadn’t even heard of the news. He just forced you to sit down and stood in front of you and started droning on and on about how he waited for hours and whatnots. You didn’t really listen. You just played Angry Birds on your phone.

Jimin finally found the cafe his friends were meeting him. He opened the door and found them comfortably lounging on one of the shop’s sofas. The little shop was like those trendy vintage-y coffee shops but it wasn’t crowded and everyone there had their eyes wandering on something. Or rather, someone.

It was the sight of a young man–probably Jimin’s age–lecturing a girl. You. Jimin could see that you were absolutely not listening. You were stiffly sat on one of the comfortable chairs but under the table, you were playing with your phone. Jimin slightly smiled at the sight. He leaned in a little closer to listen to the young man.

The date was absolutely annoying. As he went on and on about whatever he was scolding you about. You caught bits–no, chunks–of it and that was enough for you to deduce that he was nothing but a stuck-up, prided, shallow man. You knew it was still wrong to ignore him but, what else can you do? You were tired and stressed from everything. You hadn’t finished your proposal and it was tiring to find facts about your research to reach the 90-page goal. You were exhausted. And, this man didn’t even let you talk.

Your eyes must have lingered longer than enough on your phone because the date stopped talking. He pulled your hair that you stood up. The next thing you knew was the agonizing pain seared across your chest and shoulders. The stupid, stuck-up man has poured his hot chocolate on you. You’ve had enough.

“Yah–” you were interrupted by a silver-haired guy, walking towards your table. It seemed that he didn’t notice the commotion that had just happened. His sudden appearance has made you and the date stop and stares at him.

“Jagi-ya, I’m sorry I’m late. Something came up. That’s okay! Your Jimin-ie is here.” he was all smiles. You were very confused. Jagi-ya?
His little apology was followed by silence. He looked at you and his eyes widened. That’s when you knew he was acting. You stifled a chuckle, he was so fake.

“Yah! What happened?” He clambered over you. His fingertips brushed against your cheeks. You drew your breath. No boy as attractive as this one has ever touched your cheeks. You tried your best to fake a trembling hand and pointed it to the arrogant date who looked pale with fear and regret.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t–” Arrogant Date was cut off by Jimin’s fist meeting his face.

“Leave!” Jimin sternly said and the Arrogant Date nodded in fear as he clambered out of the cafe. Jimin looked back to you, who had already gathered her things, preparing to leave.

You pursed your lips, “Thanks. I’ll have to go.”
“Hey, don’t leave.” Jimin found himself reaching for your wrist. You found yourself nodding as Jimin took off his navy blue hoodie, revealing a white shirt. He offered his hoodie to you.

You muttered thanks and left your school stuff on a sofa nearby. You ran to the restroom and took off your shirt and tank top. Then you put on Jimin’s snug hoodie. It wasn’t really that big because you had observed that Jimin wasn’t that taller than you.

Jimin sat on the sofa next to your things. He was processing what had just happened when you appeared in front of him. You braced yourself for the awkwardest conversation ever.
“Uh, yeah.”
“Um, I better get going…”
“Um, is it okay if…?” You helplessly tugged on the hoodie.
“Oh.” Jimin stared at you. You can’t help but stare back at him, devouring his eyes.
“Jimin! Invite her to come sit with us!” Jin walked over the both of you, breaking your trance. Jimin stood up and gathered your things.
“Okay, hyung,” then he looked at you, “Is it fine if…?”

Happy to at least repay him by being there, you immediately nodded your head and took your things from him. You both followed Jin in a more private corner of the shop. It was more private in the sense that it was away from the other customers.

You stared at the five guys who had stopped to stare at you.
Awkward silence.
“Damn, that was some scolding you got,” a guy with a boxy smile grinned, breaking the tension.
“Well, yeah. I wasn’t really paying attention,” you sheepishly said as you took a seat and lay your bag on the floor.
“Who is he anyway?” Jimin had asked.
“I have no idea.” you said but then you took in the confused glances of the boys.
“He’s a blind date. Of my friend. She couldn’t come so I went to inform him.” you say, “He had no idea, I’m  not his date.”
“I just…I don’t date. Yuck!” you say and they smile at you.
“Really?” Jimin said.
“Yep, really.” You say as you drink the hot chocolate that was set down for you. You all conversed with such interest. It was as if you were all friends from before.

And that is how you met Park Jimin.


You were on your own, watching movies you had missed. You had buckets of ice cream prepared in your fridge. You were ready to celebrate the fact that you had finally finished your schoolwork and you would be free from rushing things.
Everything seemed clear and you got to even clean your small apartment. It wasn’t a very wide luxurious apartment but it was good enough for a college girl. You and your parents had agreed that you only needed a bedroom and a space for studying and, of course, the kitchen and the living space and the bathroom. You and your mother loved to cook and it would break both of your hearts if you survived college through instant noodles only. Also, your mother loved the idea of buying cute kitchen, bathroom, and living room stuff. You sighed, remembering the longest day you had spent inside the mall. You never returned to the mall after six months.

You were already comfortable on your sofa, ready to press the play button of the movie when someone had apparently fumbled with your door knob. After the noise, he banged on your door as if he was running from someone. You tiptoed towards your door and opened it. You were faced with a messy haired, tear-stained, and dazed Jimin. A slightly drunk Jimin.

“Y/N,” Jimin breathed and wrapped you around his strong and warm arms. You were shocked by the skinship and crinkled your nose at the smell of alcohol. You never drank alcohol or anything bad. But your friends did, either because they were so happy or they were too sad. Jimin didn’t look like someone who had been drinking because he was happy. He looked sad. You didn’t know what to do but hug back and pat his back. As unawkward as you could.

It must have been ages when both of you had regained composure and broke away from the hug. You helped him inside and you shut the door. You brought him to the kitchen and sat him on one of the wooden antique chairs your mom had personally picked. You hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights because the city lights and the bright moon was simply enough. After sipping the water you had given him a few silent moments ago, you spoke, “Jimin…what happened?”

Jimin stared at the visible moon from your window, then looked up at you leaning against the sink. Your features looked ethereal under the gaze of the moon.

He had met her again and this time, she seemed happier than she was with him. Jimin felt sad and hurt and mixed. He had drunk a few cups of alcohol before his thoughts wandered to you, remembering what you had said a few months back when you had first met.

“I just…I don’t date. Yuck!” you had said.
“Really?” Jimin said.

He pondered about how you had missed all those heartbreaks and escapades. How you were lucky enough to not go through the pain he is in now. How you managed to live on without knowing the feeling of being so heavily and drunkenly infatuated that it’s already love. How the guy you would date, if ever you hadn’t considered on being an old maid, would be lucky to get you whole and happy. How you would surely give your everything to him because no one had ever broken your love. How he would strangle anyone who would dare play with your love.

He gave you a slight smile. You felt everything warm up. You knew this feeling, it was the feeling whenever your crushes come near to you and utter a hello. You bit your lower lip in embarrassment.

“I, ah, how should I put this…” Jimin ran his fingers through his hair,“I…Can I tell you something?”
“Jimin, we’ve been friends for a year, why should you not?” you opened your fridge and grabbed two pints of ice cream. Jimin stood to get two silver spoons and sat back down with you and the pints of ice cream.
“Well, it’s a love issue…”
“So?” you arched an eyebrow at him.
“You…um, no offence Y/N but you never experienced it.” he sheepishly looked at you as he took a small bite from the ice cream.
You blushed wildly, “But it doesn’t mean that I have no experience of being with people who had gone through it or that I didn’t have…crushes.”

The word lingered for a moment. You knew you liked Park Jimin but you were sure that as time passed by, you’d eventually forget about your feelings. That’s what always happened.

Jimin never thought you had crushes, “You had crushes?”
You weren’t sure if you could blush even more, “Of course, who doesn’t? Now tell me about this love problem of yours. I’ll be here to listen.”
Then doing the boldest thing ever, you reached for his hand and squeezed it, “Promise.”
Jimin smiled at you and decided to move closer, “Well…”

That was it. Jimin told you everything.

 He told you about her. How they first met. Everything he liked about her. How BigHit found out. How they had to break up because everything might “get in the way”. How she was the one who broke it all up. How they both found it hard to move on. How pained he felt. How alone he felt. He told you everything until he slipped to the floor, bawling. He told you everything until you sat on the floor next to him and hugged each other. He buried his head on your head, his cheeks pressed against your shoulder. He inhaled your flowery shampoo. He told you everything until your shirt was wet with tears. 

You didn’t mind. All you minded was that Jimin would one day find someone, someone who’d be willing to be all there for him.

After that, you were both cuddled up, watching the movie you had prepared, eating the buckets of ice cream. You were both a mess. You and Jimin’s hands were sticky because of the ice cream, your hair was wet with sweat and tears, Jimin’s eyes were red.

After three movies, you fell asleep. You didn’t feel the arms wrapping themselves around you as Jimin carried you to your bed and tucked you to sleep. You didn’t hear Jimin washing the buckets of ice cream and the spoons. You didn’t hear him fix your living room. You didn’t hear him look for a spare blanket. 

But you did feel him kiss your forehead tenderly as he walked to the living room and sleep with the sense of not being alone.

You knew that at that moment, you had already completely fallen for him.

the linguist major, part 2

A/N: Yoyoyoyoyo! What time is it? IMAGINE TIME!

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

College au

Modern time

Warnings: I curse a lil bit and also there’s a bit a slutshaming in this (just so everyone knows, I don’t agree with slutshaming and I think it’s a rude and wrong thing to do because the amount of people a person does or doesn’t sleep with has nothing to do with who they are as a person)

“Hey, turn around, bend over: I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”

You rolled your eyes at Hamilton’s words, knowing that they would probably cost him the debate. “He is so childish!” Your friend murmured in your ear. “Thomas would never lash out like that!” You turned your head and grinned at her. “Are you sure you’re not just blinded by loooove?” She turned red and shoved your arm. “Whatever, speaking of love, I heard that James Madison has a thing for you, (Y/N),” she said, grinning. “Did you actually hear this or are you just assuming things and hoping that it’s true so you can get closer to Jefferson?” You teased her more, not wanting to talk about James Madison’s obvious, but terrible flirting. “What about me, (Y/N)?” You turned around quickly, slightly startled. In front of you stood Jefferson himself. “If I wanted you to know, I would have told you.” His eyebrows raised at your words. “Well, I have to admit, that’s not the usual attitude women greet me with,” he winked at (Y/F), “most of them swoon at the sight of me.” You could have sworn (Y/F) was going to melt. “I’m sorry, it must have mortally wounded your ego when I was the exception,” you replied. “You know, it probably would have if you weren’t known to respond like this to anyone who’s flirting with you.” It was your turn to raise your eyebrows.

“Excuse me?”

“I heard about your little confrontation with Alexander Hamilton, (Y/N), it must have broken his heart to be rejected by someone so beautiful.”

“He wasn’t flirting, he was just being annoying.”

“As easy as it is to believe that Hamilton was being annoying, I doubt that was all he was trying to do.”

“Since when have you been an expert on feelings, Mr. Never-The-Same-Girl-Twice?”

Your little argument was interrupted by (Y/F) tugging on your sleeve and nodding her head to the right of you. You and Jefferson both turned your heads to see Alexander and his group approaching you. “Well, (Y/N), I wasn’t aware that you knew Jefferson,” Hamilton spoke, not even glancing at the man who you were previously arguing with. “More than I know you, Hamilton,” was all you said before you spun around and walked away, dragging your friend behind you despite her protests. As he watched you get farther away, Alex spoke to Thomas. “What exactly do you think you’re doing, talking to her?” Thomas only smirked at the amount of venom in Alex’s words. “Well, I was trying to be a wingman for James before you butted in, Hamilton,” he replied. Alex scoffed. “As if a woman of her caliber would go for James Madison. And I doubt you would do something like that unless you were getting something out of it, so what are you really up to?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, and his smirk only widened, much to the anger of Alex. “To be honest, I was originally hoping I could get her friend to have a little fun with me, but now I’m thinking it might be too easy. (Y/N) would definitely be a challenge I’m not used to.” Alex’s jaw clenched and he stepped closer to Thomas, their chests practically touching. “You’ll leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve to be played by you like all your other ‘dates’. And stay away from (Y/F) too unless you want (Y/N) to kick your ass.”

Thomas didn’t feel threatened in the slightest. “Please, she may be smart, but she’s still a woman. If, and when, I break her heart, she’d probably just cry,” Thomas replied. He could sense how angry he was making Alex and just to push him over the edge, he leant down and whispered in his ear, “Besides, you don’t really think she’s innocent do you? I bet she’s a freak in bed. I bet I could have her screaming my name, if you just got out of my way.” “You disgust me, Jefferson,” Alex spat out. “What, you mean you don’t like the thought of (Y/N) being my little slut-” Thomas barely had time to register the fist before it connected with his face. He fell back, clutching his now-bleeding nose. If his friends hadn’t pulled him away, Alex had no doubt that he would have thrown more punches. He was absolutely seething, and despite the fact that he knew you could defend yourself, he couldn’t stand by and let anyone talk about you like that. “Alex, man, you can’t be lashin’ out like that!” John Laurens tried to reason with his friend. “(Y/N) would be pissed if she found out you punched another student because you were trying to defend her.” As much as he knew his friend was right, Alex didn’t regret doing what he did. “Thomas Jefferson deserved it, all he does is hurt women and I’ll be damned if he tries to hurt (Y/N).”

Word travelled pretty fast around campus: Alexander Hamilton had punch Thomas Jefferson in the face over a girl. Rumor had it that girl was you, and because of this rumor, people kept coming up to you and asking what connection you had with the two men. When you responded that you couldn’t stand either of them, whoever has asked you would either walk away dejectedly or scoff in disbelief and call you a liar. Either way, you were sick of everyone and everything. Even a couple of your friends were mad at you. “Look, I don’t know what you did to make both of them want you, but it was kind of a slutty move, (Y/N),” one of them, Nicoletta, told you in the campus cafe. It was two days after the ‘incident’ and the questions were getting on your last nerves. “Oh yeah? Why don’t you go ask one of the three guys you’ve slept with this week to look up the definition of slutty?” You had enough of everyone’s bullshit. She scoffed offendedly, grabbed her purse, and stormed out. You rolled your eyes. “Wow, don’t you think that was a little harsh?” (Y/F) asked you. “Look, I don’t really believe she’s a slut. I don’t think anyone is a slut, let people be free to express their sexuality or lack of sexuality, I couldn’t care less how many people someone sleeps with. But if she’s going to dish it out and ‘insult’ me over something I don’t even have anything to do with, she’s going to have to learn how to take it when I respond.” (Y/F), although still slightly uncomfortable from the argument, understood where you were coming from.

The bell on the cafe door rang and all of a sudden, there were murmurs and whispers throughout the little shop. “(Y/N).” You sighed and swung your chair to face Jefferson. His nose was bruised and his eyes were slightly swollen. “Look what your boyfriend did to me,” he said to you, although his void was filled with smugness rather than accusation. “He’s not my boyfriend,” you shot back. “Oh really, you would have thought he was, the way he was defending your ‘honor’. How’d you even get him to be so interested in you anyways?”

“I wish I knew.”

He ignored you. “It’s like you’re off-limits to everyone but him and frankly, it pisses me off.”

“Excuse me? I’m allowed to be with whoever I want to be with. He has no control over that, and I don’t appreciate you insinuating that he does!” You were thoroughly angry by then.

“I’m not saying he does, I’m telling you what he thinks!”

Maybe if you had known Thomas a little better, and maybe if you weren’t so angry at that moment, you would have caught the mischievous gleam in his eye before you stormed away to find Alex and confront him. He knew that this would most likely ruin any and all chances Alexander had with you, and once he was out of the way, Thomas could sweep in and seduce you. That was his plan, and he was confident it would work. Alexander Hamilton had a reputation for fucking himself over in situations like these.

He was in the campus park when you finally managed to track him down. “Alexander Hamilton!” You yelled, catching his attention. “(Y/N)?” He looked at you and noticed how angry you were. “What did Jefferson say to you?” You narrowed your eyes. “How did you know it was Thomas?” Thomas, you called him Thomas. That didn’t ease Alex’s nerves. “Because he wants to sleep with you and considers me a threat. Now, what did he say?” He answered bluntly. You knew Alex always spoke his mind, but you never thought he would be that crude about it. “He said you’ve been telling people I’m off-limits and to back off!”

“Is that what he told you?”

“Don’t act stupid, Hamilton!”

“I’m not! Why would I tell people that?”

“Because you think I belong to you, obviously!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! I know you’re not mine, no matter how much I want you to be!”

You stared at him in surprise. Did he actually just admit to wanting you to be his? “You’ve got a funny way of showing women that you like them, Hamilton.” He let out a dry laugh, looking down at his feet. “Yeah, well, the women I’m usually into aren’t nearly as beautiful as you are.” Am I actually blushing, you scolded yourself, get over it, he’s a douchebag. “I know that we got off on the wrong foot, okay? And I know that I’m a pain in the ass, believe me,  I know,” he looked up and into your eyes, “but I wouldn’t lie to you. Jefferson just wants to sleep with you because he wants a challenge, he told me himself! He said he wanted to make you…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, but you understood the gist of what he was saying. “How do I know I can trust you? How do I know that you don’t want the same thing, and that you aren’t just using the very technique you accused him of using to get him out of the way so you can ‘have your way’ with me?” You quickly backtracked when he rose his eyebrows. “Not that he’s even competition. Neither of you are, really. It’s not a competition at all, I’m not going to just sleep with you.”

You had heard of the power Hamilton’s words had, but you hadn’t actually realized how good was with them until he handed it to you. His own journal, tattered and worn down like your own. “What is this?” You asked as he handed it to you. “Just read it, okay? It’s proof that I’m not just trying to sleep with you.” You looked down at the book and tightened your grip on it. “I’ll read it tonight and return it tomorrow. Meet me here after your debate.” And with his heart in your hands, you walked away.

A/N: Sooooo it’s longer than I expected, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do a part 3 in order to get everything wrapped up neatly! Anyways, here are the tags for the people who wanted to be tagged in this:  @rottwat @aria-16 and @the-best-of-the-geeks! I hope you enjoy!

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Yoooo we need more of that Dark and Host fluff and angst

(And we’re back to the suffering)

The Host hates the look Dark is giving him, like he’s a child that’s done something wrong and is too stubborn to admit it. He can’t see it physically, but he can feel it burning into his face, can see it in his mind’s eye as easily as he used to with his real eyes.

He’s sitting in a chair in Dark’s office twiddling his fingers like a teenager in the principal’s office, fury boiling in his veins. He purses his lips, facing his lap.

“Who was it that found you, alone and dying in the woods?” Dark asks, walking in a slow circle around the Host, hand brushing against his shoulder, gray slipping onto the material his long fingers touched.

“You did”, the Host answers, stopping himself from flinching at the searing heat the radiates from Dark’s hand through his coat.

“And who helped you regain the power you lost during your healing?” Dark slips his fingers into his black locks, ruffling it almost gently until his bangs fall into his face, a curtain of hair that’s usually slicked back. The Host winces as Dark tugs lightly at the strands, knows that whatever is visible of the gold in his hair has turned silver from the contact.

“You did.” The words slip out of mouth embedded with more bitterness than he means to express and Dark pulls lightly at his hair in warning.

“And who took you under their wing, helped you navigate your new power, gave you a place at the table?” And now Dark’s smooth voice comes from in front of him, hand latching around his wrist.

The pain of Dark’s gray void leaching onto his skin is terrible, cold and fiery and numb all at once, the shrieking that follows Dark crescendoing to a wail.

“You did”, the Host’s chokes out as Dark squeezes his wrist, the bones within seeming to grind against each other. It’s more bruises for Dr. Iplier to find.

Dark holds on, just a little longer, and releases him.

“Good. It will do you well to remember your place.”

rainbowninicono  asked:

May i have a scenario of todoroki,bakugou and deku bumping into the nerdy girl in their class and her glasses fall off and she is like really really beautiful without her glasses on and love at first sight just happens ps.good luck with your blog my sweet potato pancake

I’m so sorry for the wait! I’ll be honest with you, I had a lot of trouble writing for this request because I don’t particularly like these kinds of scenarios, but I like a challenge! Also, I was halfway through with Bakugou’s part and was like, you know what, I can do this, and I don’t wanna let this person down. So here you are! It took way longer than it should have, but I hope you like it!

P.S. Thank you so much for wishing me good luck! I couldn’t stop smiling when I read ‘my sweet potato pancake’! 

Todoroki Shouto

Everything around you seemed to be moving in slow motion. You were falling, that much you knew, and you could see your glasses – or what you thought were your glasses – in midair beside you. You reach out in an attempt to save them, but they’re just out of reach. You hit the ground with a dull thud, landing on your bottom, and let out a small yelp.

“Ah,” the body in front of you says, unfazed by your collision. “Sorry.”

You look up and stare at the blurry blob in front of you, eyes squinting as you try to focus your vision. You could make out the colors red and white, but that was enough to tell you who you had just bumped into. 

“Todoroki-kun?” It came out as more of a question, and you can’t see the confused expression your classmate wore. He couldn’t figure out if you were glaring at him and didn’t understand why you’d said his name like that. 

He holds out his hand, and a moment passes before he realizes that you can’t see it. He takes your hands in his and pulls you upright with a strength you didn’t know he possessed, and you almost bump into him again. 

“Th-thanks,” you say, blushing from how close the two of you were. You could barely make out his bi-colored eyes, his left one standing out significantly more. You find yourself staring at it before he clears his throat. 

“Sorry!” you exclaim, taking a few steps back from him. He wasn’t annoyed with your stare – he hadn’t noticed it at all. He had been too busy doing the same thing to you. 

Although you weren’t a supermodel, you were beautiful in your own special way, and it made his chest feel funny. Were you really that quiet girl he knew?

“Um,” you say, cheeks flushed, “I can’t really see, my glasses kind of fell off earlier. Can you…?”

“Oh, of course,” he replies, immediately bending down to pick up the said item. He straightens up quickly and hands them to you, and  the smile that lights up your face makes him feel dizzy. 

“Thank you!” This time, your smile is directed at him, and he can feel his face heating up. After putting on your glasses, you look up at him to find his cheeks flushed. “Todoroki-kun, are you okay? Your face is really red.”

“Huh?” He hadn’t realized how hot his face had gotten, immediately cooling himself down with his Quirk. That was strange, he thought. He wasn’t anywhere near angry. 


“Ah, I’m fine,” he says. He couldn’t fathom how just wearing glasses made such a big difference in your appearance. You could feel yourself growing warmer under his gaze, but before you get the chance to leave, he says, “They don’t suit you. Those glasses.”


He bites his lip to keep himself from saying more than he needed to and abruptly spins on his heels. As he walks away, you finally take in his words and practically stop breathing. You glance up at him and find the tips of his ears tinted pink, and it makes your heart race in your chest knowing that he was just as flustered as you were.

Bakugou Katsuki

Bakugou didn’t forget faces. Sure, he didn’t make an effort in remembering people’s names, even if they were his classmates, but he sure as hell didn’t completely forget someone’s existence. That’s why he was staring so hard at you right now, eyebrows pulled down in an intense glare as he looked you up and down. He was starting to feel annoyed. Who the fuck were you?

“S-sorry, Bakugou-kun!” you stutter shakily under his crimson eyes, your own wide eyes glued to the ground. You couldn’t see his face, but you could feel the anger radiating from him, even from your spot on the floor. You move your hands around, searching for your glasses that fell off when the blond bumped into you just moments prior. “I should have been paying more attention!”

Your whole being trembled with fear because why wasn’t he saying anything? Was he that mad at you? You just wanted to run out of there as soon as possible, but you couldn’t find your goddamn glasses, and you were considering just leaving without them. 

What the hell is she doing? You had been on your knees for the past three minutes, head down, hands scrambling around for something, and it was starting to piss him off. Bakugou finally tears his eyes away from your flustered form and glances a few feet to your side, eyeing a pair of glasses. Was that what you were looking for?

He picks them up and grunts irritably, “Oi!”

You jolt in surprise, a squeak emitting from your lips. 

“Are these yours?” He examines the glasses in his hand. They look so familiar, but he can’t put his fucking finger on why he recognized them. For the first time since your encounter, you look up at him, and he swears the world around him stops, his breath catching in his throat. You were the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, eyes wide with shock and cheeks the dyed the color of cherry blossoms. 

“My glasses!” You exclaim, reaching out for them and breaking him from his trance He blinks a few times to clear his mind, but that proves useless when your perfect lips pull into a smile. His hands were sweating now, threatening to send sparks flying, and his head already felt like it was exploding. “Thank you, Bakugou-kun!”

He watches as you slip on your glasses, the spell you had cast on him instantly gone as they hide your face once again. Now he knew who you were, donning those big-framed glasses that hid most of your face. 

“_______?” he says under his breath, still in denial. How could someone so beautiful change so much with just one accessory? 

“Yes?” You look up at him, all traces of fear void from your face now. 

“I…” He pauses to think about his words, something he almost never does. He doesn’t want them to come out wrong, but he doesn’t know why either. “Didn’t recognize you.”

You tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear and laugh nervously. “Everyone says that.”

Did he make you uncomfortable? Why did you wear those glasses in the first place? Yeah, you obviously had bad eyesight, but you could’ve chosen better looking frames, right? 

“W-well,” you say, clearing your throat, “I’m gonna head back to class now, so… See you, Bakugou-kun.”

His scarlet eyes stay glued to your retreating form, and he swears to get closer to you no matter what.

Midoriya Izuku

“I’m so sorry!” he shouts as soon as he bumps into you, as if it was a reflex. He had been too busy mumbling to himself about something when he crashed into you, but when he laid his eyes on you, whatever it was he was thinking about disappeared from his mind. 

You look up at him and blink, trying to guess who he was based on his voice. “Midoriya-kun, right?”

“Y-yes!” he squeaks, voice a few octaves higher than usual. He couldn’t help it, really, with how starstruck your beauty left him. 

“Can you help me find my glasses?” you ask after a moment, lips pulled into a shy smile. “I can’t really see without them.”

Once he hands you your glasses, you thank him and slide them over your face, sighing when your vision clears up. “Thank you, Midoriya-kun.”

“N-no problem! It was my fault anyway, since I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and ended up bumping into you. I do that sometimes,” he rambles, voice trembling as his cheeks flush bright red. “S-sorry again, ______-chan.”

“It’s alright,” you giggle, finding his rambling rather cute. “I’ll see you in class.”

As you walk away, he debates about whether or not he should tell you how pretty you look without your glasses. Before you enter the classroom, he calls out to you, face redder than before.

“Y-you should take off your glasses more often,” he stutters. “You look good without them.“ 

You were sure your face looked just like his, your cheeks rising in temperature at his words. Flustered, you squeak out a thanks and dash into the classroom.

Maybe, he thought, if he stuck around you more, he would get to see you without your glasses more, too. Even if he didn’t, he was sure he’d still like to get to know you more. 

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Henry learns about the Missing Year sleeping curse

I once saved your life, 
Thank you for trying to save mine.

It’s there on the coffee table when she arrives home, a small square of paper meant for only one pair of eyes and she can almost convince herself that the meaning behind her words is buried in the forest where her heart had once been but she knows, as she steps further into the room and lays eyes upon her son, that they are not.

“Where did you get that?”

He doesn’t look up when she enters, doesn’t even flinch at the sound of her voice. He merely continues staring at that weathered old scrap of paper before he murmurs, “Grandma’s.”

“And I suppose she told you all about it, hm?” There’s no accusation in her tone, not anymore, just a resigned exhaustion that is only justified when Henry gently nods his response. “Of course she did.”

“I found it in a box in the attic,” he explains steadily, “she wanted me to see how far you’ve come from then, that you wouldn’t do something stupid or reckless after Robin’s death because you’re stronger than that now.”

She swallows thickly at the mention of Robin and of the void in her heart that he’s left behind. “Losing you was different, Henry.”

“I didn’t die,” he did look at her then with a deep frown furrowing his forehead as he shakes his head and says, “I was just-“

“-Lost to me forever.”

“It’s different, though. You got back to me.”

“I didn’t know that was going to happen,” she explains kindly, walking closer and crouching down to be at his eye-level as she takes a hand from his lap and encases it between both of her own. “I didn’t think I was ever going to see you again, Henry and the thought of that was too much for me to bear. How could I wake up every day knowing that I wouldn’t get to spend it with you?”

“But a sleeping curse, Mom?” he shakes his head down at her, “That place is horrible, how could you want to go there?” It still breaks her heart that he knows that room of fire in the first place but one old wound is enough to pick at this afternoon.

“It wasn’t about want, sweetheart,” and it’s hard to explain the devastating effects of depression to one still so young because she knows that’s what it was now. The endless days of forgoing meals, the desire to do nothing but lay in her bed and cry herself to sleep, the inability to sleep at all despite her exhaustion. “An eternity locked in that room with the small hope that, if I ever did escape it, it would be because you had awoken me was far more appealing than the days I had before me, spent in a land I couldn’t stand to be in.”

He swallows thickly and he probably still doesn’t fully understand but she’s glad for that because he’s grown up far faster than he should have anyway already. “So, what changed your mind?” and then, “Was it Robin?”

She chuckles softly as she thinks for a moment before replying with an honest – and confusing – “Yes and no,” that has Henry’s head tilting in question. She looks at him, strokes a hand through his hair before she lifts herself and asks him to make room for her beside him, taking his hand in both of hers when she sits and beginning, “I was going to do it regardless of his judgement but he stalled me long enough, planted a little seed of doubt in my mind that only took root and grew after my first meeting with Zelena.”

“But later? When you started to like him?”

The memory of such a thing is bittersweet because she can still remember being terrified of her feelings for him, unable to do anything about them in the Enchanted Forest despite wishing with all of her heart that she had given them that extra time. “My sister lit the fire, Henry but yes, Robin tended to it and gave me something else to want to stick around for.”

Henry nods as his eyes fall to their hands, his brow still furrowed but it’s in sorrow now, she can see it. Hears it in his, “He was a good man.” And she knows that, despite their limited time spent together, her son had liked Robin, had looked up to him and she aches all the more for her archer.

Her fingers tighten around his as she whispers back, “That he was,” before tilting sideways and resting her head on her son’s shoulder, closing her eyes and basking in the comfort of his love and the memory of Robin’s.

I don’t own anything but the fanfic!

Toby Fox owns Undertale, Goth @Nekophy, Palette: @angexci . Error/Geno/fresh @loverofpiggies  Reaper:@renrink Retconned Goth… well i own this version. Underswap!Sans by Popcornp1nce.  Dream by @jokublog Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara by @jakei95

If Chara wasn’t a ghostly being bound to Cross they’d be buffing there nails smugly, after all ne already knew the kids reaction to the other part of there gift would be amusing.

Moments later he heard the sound of Goth running downstairs from his room, and a small crash at the bottom of the stairs.

There was a moment of silence.

“Ow ow.. ouch…” Goth whimpered.

“I’m okay!” Goth finally said.

Chara snickered.

Moments later Goth came in looking a bit ruffled in his new clothing.

And he looked adorable in them too, in his hands was the Lantern containing a bound save point.

“What the heck?” Goth said holding it up.

“Don’t ask, no really don’t,” Cross said and Chara shruddered, that world was just wrong.


It was a world of happy ending and Chara and Cross had of course landed in it to get there own happy ending.

They stared.

And stared again.

“I don’t care, this world must be destroyed,” Cross said.

“Yeah anything in this world.. just so wrong,” Chara said grossed out.

In as few words as possible, naked sex world.

That world they quickly destroyed.

And Chara hacked one save point from its files that hadn’t been corrupted, they had an idea.


“Just such a wrong timeline,” Chara said.

“…” Cross said trying not to remember that world and trying not to remember that worlds Sans.

“But.. why give me a save point?” Goth said, deciding not to ask as Cross was reacting as if he’d come across cows.

“Well.. it was a thought. You were wiped from all realities, a save pint saves a point in time.. maybe one bound to you will keep you stable enough,” Chara said, after all there was a few spooky places he wanted to scare the kid at.

“I could be outside longer…” Goth said, looking out a window to the world of endless white anti-void.

“Want to test it?” Chara said.

“I always did want to see Blueberry’s world,” Goth said.

“Er… you’ll have to hit that world without me,” Cross said coughing and looking away, after all the papyrus in swaptale still had it out for him.

Really.. it wasn’t like the Sans brigade hadn’t manged to grab those timelines codes back.

The smoking Paps could sure keep a grudge.

And it wasn’t his fault Chara got in control.

He still wasn’t letting have Snowden from underfell back though.


with a cheer Goth landed, he looked at the world around him seeing a city not to far away.

He couldn’t wait to see hwo this lantern reacted, or see Blueberry again.

And finally have Taco’s with others stealing them.


[M] We Are the Universe // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] Inspired by heungtanbts with her Namjoon oneshot because we’re all just shooting stars.

Fluffy late night smut.
Word Count: 2.9k.

Soft footsteps padded to where you were sitting at the kitchen table, cheek resting on the flat of your palm and gaze directed at the night scene beyond the window. A voice cleared its throat. You hummed in acknowledgement, wordlessly inviting your visitor to join you, but it wasn’t until arms draped around your shoulders and a chin rested on top of your head that he spoke.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

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1988 prompt: "I didn't want to tell my friend who was my real date from last night because he turned out to be an asshole so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they're storming over to interrogate you and you're playing along??? Okay!"

“Are you really sure?” Sharpy asks him for the 11th time and it was endearing and sweet the first couple but it’s now grating on Patrick’s nerves.”Like, really?”

Patrick can’t help the eye roll. “For fuck’s sake Sharpy I already told you. Yes, I’m sure. One hundred percent.”

“But- we don’t know him…” Sharpy whines. In Sharpy speech that means Sharpy himself hasn’t seen him and hasn’t given his approval.

“He’s perfectly fine,Sharpy, shut up. He’s nice and hot and he’s really into me,ok?” 

“Why?” Sharpy asks because he is a fucking tool. 

“Fuck off! I’m a great catch!”

“Just because your mom told you that…”

Patrick looks him dead in the eyes with the most self-satisfying smirk he can muster. “Well, your mom said the same thing.”

Sharpy opens his mouth to retort but closes it immediately, full knowing he was beaten. “Fine,” he grumbles, “but don’t come crying to me when he ends up being an asshole.”

“I’ll just come gloating then, because I’m gonna land myself the hottest, most awesome boyfriend, Just wait.”


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I never understood why y'all make smut with void stiles. Void is completely taking over stiles' body without consent and it's even worse when y/n is stiles' friend or part of the pack because she knows it's not him yet she's having sex anyways. Don't know how you guys are okay with that at all

Well, I can’t speak for others, but I write Void smut cause I think Dylan looks hot as fuck when he looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, which is pretty telling as to how good looking he actually is, that he can make that shit look sexy. Also I get off on evil so…

No one said you had to like it or read it and this message comes off as a bit judgey. Everyone is different, some people like things that others don’t and I don’t appreciate you shaming me or others for writing or reading something.

I’m aware of what Void did, he’s an evil spirit, he took over Stiles’ body cause Stiles was weak and susceptible to it because of the nemeton and all that jazz. But Stiles is also a fictional character, so I can’t feel bad for having an imagination and wanting Void to bend me over a table and have his way with me, sorry.

I feel similarly about Tate Langdon from AHS and he did a lot worse things, so, idk. 😂🤤😏

I almost deleted this and didn’t respond cause I read it and I laughed out loud but I decided to reply because maybe you just didn’t realize who you were messaging cause I am literally Void trash. If that’s a problem I get it, just letting you know that the Void fic isn’t going to stop, especially since he’s my character for The Princess Squad and I’ll be writing at least one Void fic every month.


Could It Be?

This is Part Five in “Unforeseen”

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Words:   1061
Based on this request:  Reader’s husband is dying. Reader makes crossroad deal with crowley 4husband2live1more yr, not the usual 10 yrs bc she can’t see her husband in pain. On the 364 day of the yr, husband summons Crowley&asks him2spare her life&take care of her. Husband can tell that Crowley feels something 4her. Crowley spares her life & continues to become friends then falls in love

A/N: If you want tagged in “Unforeseen,” send me an ask. :)


           You found yourself looking for him more and more often. You would go to the throne room and if he wasn’t there, you would wander the halls and corridors. You weren’t sure what was drawing you to him, but it happened quite a bit.

           As you wandered the halls looking for him yet again, you were thinking of your husband. What was Colton doing? Was he happy? Had he found someone to be happy with? Did he feel the void where you had been? You knew he didn’t remember you because of Crowley erasing all memory of you, but what did he think happened in that time?

           You thought about Colton a lot. You missed him. You missed being married and being with your love. The time you had spent away from him had been difficult, but you were finding it a little easier. You had already spent a month in hell and had found that you were enjoying being there with Crowley.

           “Looking for me?” Crowley’s voice made you jump. You hadn’t heard him coming up behind you.

           You turned around and smiled a little, “Maybe.”

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anonymous asked:

can you please do a really fluffy supercat thingy where mon-el fucks off and Cat just like lives with kara and is really happy because that fuck boy went back to where he belongsssssss (which is hell)

Hi anon, this was such an amazing prompt I got carried away. It’s not exactly “very fluffy” but I hope it’s satisfying enough. I totally enjoyed writing it so let me know if it suits you ♥

CatCo plaza looks oddly unfamiliar ever since Cat left.

It’s like coming into work in a new place, one where she doesn’t exactly belong anymore. Snapper doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him and even though they apparently respect each other enough, it’s not a work environment she likes.

She drags her feet across the lobby, all the while remembering a time when she was happy to come here. It seems like a lifetime ago and she thinks that maybe it is. The elevator brings her to a floor she knows like the back of her hand and she sighs, clutching to the pumpkin latte she’s bought at Noonan’s before coming here. It’s warm enough for her to drink it but she finds she doesn’t enjoy the taste as much as she used too. It saddens her, really.

Finally, she steps out of the elevator and starts walking across the bullpen. People stop her to say hi and she smiles at each and every single one of those people she used to work with. They’re happy to see her and even more when she remembers their names and has a nice comment for kids or wives or companions, sometimes even pets. She feels conflicted and anxious, torn apart the warm feeling of being truly appreciated and the sad one of not having any place to this micro-universe anymore. She feels like a familiar stranger and she hates it.

Her old desk is still at the same place and it’s empty for now. She notices the new desk computer, the sophisticated phone and the brand new tablet set, ready to be used for work and only waiting for Eve to arrive. She likes Eve Tessmacher, she’s nice and competent enough and she sees a great deal of herself in the young and lovely blond assistant.
At first, they sometimes shared an anecdote of when they used to work for Cat Grant but Kara has put an end to that when she realized it was hurting her. Thinking of Cat always pains her.

She’s about to make her way towards James’s office when she hears an unsettling and familiar noise.

It’s the characteristic deep and low purr of an elevator and the reason she knows the sound is because it’s the private lift Cat used every single day to come into work. The noise becomes louder and louder and the elevator approaches the current floor and she doesn’t even think of using her powers to either look or hear inside. It’s so strange and wrong so she just stands here with her latte getting colder and colder with each passing seconds.

Finally, the lift reaches the floor and the doors open to reveal the one and only Cat Grant, dressed to kill in a black pencil skirt, a white fitting blouse and a designer black and asymmetrical jacket. She’s wearing her Louboutin and a pair of sunglasses that hides almost all of her upper face but the smirk on her lips is smug and proud.

She steps out of the elevator with a sway in her hips that makes Kara’s mouth go dry as she just stares, completely dumbfounded and utterly confused.

“Oh, Kiera. Fancy to see you here, I thought you were a reporter now.” 

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