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Have You Ever (Part 2)

Here it is! Finally, part two of Have You Ever! I truly hope you guys enjoy it cause this one was very hard for to come to terms with and be happy with it! Please let me know what you think! Love, B xx


“Have you ever lied?”

The question leaves your lips before you can stop it and it starts something you didn’t want to get into, except you do. You want, you need to know if he lied to you. If he lied about how good being with you felt, if he lied about always wanting to fuck you, if every moan and every kiss and every word that left his mouth that night was just an outright lie because he was too scared to tell you he regretted suggesting a fuck in the first place, but most of all, if he lied about loving you.

Unlike the first time you had asked him a question like that, he doesn’t choke on his drink and he doesn’t frown like you’ve just asked him an offensive question - he’s silent, his face unreadable and void of any feelings that might give away what he’s thinking right now.

“Where did that come from?” He asks you, same words that left his mouth all those months ago when you questioned him about fucking someone bare. Harry’s voice is low and serious and it makes you bite on the inside of your lip, nerves and regret making themselves present in your heart.

“Just wondering.” You shrug, turning your back to him and opening his fridge. You need to occupy your hands or at least try and pretend you’re done with the topic, so you won’t have to continue this awkward and excruciating conversation that’s making tears sting in your eyes even though the both of you have barely said anything.

“Yeah, I’ve lied befo’. Everybody has, isn’t it?” Harry offers and you sigh, eyes closing against tears that threaten to escape.

“Have you ever lied to me?”

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To Have You Again - Thranduil

Originally posted by thranduillover2013

38. “Because even the sun can wish to be among the stars.”

43. “Do you think you could be happy here? With me?”

A/N: This request was also sent with another for Sauron. It will not be posted until all are done, just because I have no idea how to write it. :)

Warnings: Mentions of war

Words: 1500

My bare feet padded against the cold, wooden walkways that weaved their way through the realm of Mirkwood, the light clinking of elvish armor accompanying my soft gait as two elves, clad in golden armor, silken hair flowing behind them, led me to the throne room.

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“You exorcised it, Reigen,” Dimple said. “I told you before. You’re a real psychic now.”

The spirit was saying something else now, but Reigen couldn’t hear him over the sudden roar of blood in his ears. He looked down at his shaking fingers. The aura remained, rising slowly off of him in slow tendrils of smoke. There had to be some other explanation. Reigen was not a psychic. There was no possible way he had any sort of power, and certainly not enough power to banish a spirit of that caliber.

And then a thought appeared. It was a strange, all consuming thought, one that Reigen recognized as not his. Everything else in his mind became black static.

you are not my host.

hello friends. over christmas break, i wrote a multi-chapter mob psycho 100 au fic called symbiosis.

after fighting Claw’s Seventh Division (the end of the first season of the anime), Mob’s powers leave Reigen, but something is left behind- something undefinable. Reigen realizes something is wrong, but doesn’t know what, until something- that is, ???%- begins talking to him. Meanwhile, someone begins to take notice of the strange psychic activity coming from the Spirits and Such Consultation office.

If you enjoy plot centric AUs involving psychic powers, horror elements, and general twists and turns, check it out! it’s pretty good. 

the linguist major, part 2

A/N: Yoyoyoyoyo! What time is it? IMAGINE TIME!

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x reader

College au

Modern time

Warnings: I curse a lil bit and also there’s a bit a slutshaming in this (just so everyone knows, I don’t agree with slutshaming and I think it’s a rude and wrong thing to do because the amount of people a person does or doesn’t sleep with has nothing to do with who they are as a person)

“Hey, turn around, bend over: I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”

You rolled your eyes at Hamilton’s words, knowing that they would probably cost him the debate. “He is so childish!” Your friend murmured in your ear. “Thomas would never lash out like that!” You turned your head and grinned at her. “Are you sure you’re not just blinded by loooove?” She turned red and shoved your arm. “Whatever, speaking of love, I heard that James Madison has a thing for you, (Y/N),” she said, grinning. “Did you actually hear this or are you just assuming things and hoping that it’s true so you can get closer to Jefferson?” You teased her more, not wanting to talk about James Madison’s obvious, but terrible flirting. “What about me, (Y/N)?” You turned around quickly, slightly startled. In front of you stood Jefferson himself. “If I wanted you to know, I would have told you.” His eyebrows raised at your words. “Well, I have to admit, that’s not the usual attitude women greet me with,” he winked at (Y/F), “most of them swoon at the sight of me.” You could have sworn (Y/F) was going to melt. “I’m sorry, it must have mortally wounded your ego when I was the exception,” you replied. “You know, it probably would have if you weren’t known to respond like this to anyone who’s flirting with you.” It was your turn to raise your eyebrows.

“Excuse me?”

“I heard about your little confrontation with Alexander Hamilton, (Y/N), it must have broken his heart to be rejected by someone so beautiful.”

“He wasn’t flirting, he was just being annoying.”

“As easy as it is to believe that Hamilton was being annoying, I doubt that was all he was trying to do.”

“Since when have you been an expert on feelings, Mr. Never-The-Same-Girl-Twice?”

Your little argument was interrupted by (Y/F) tugging on your sleeve and nodding her head to the right of you. You and Jefferson both turned your heads to see Alexander and his group approaching you. “Well, (Y/N), I wasn’t aware that you knew Jefferson,” Hamilton spoke, not even glancing at the man who you were previously arguing with. “More than I know you, Hamilton,” was all you said before you spun around and walked away, dragging your friend behind you despite her protests. As he watched you get farther away, Alex spoke to Thomas. “What exactly do you think you’re doing, talking to her?” Thomas only smirked at the amount of venom in Alex’s words. “Well, I was trying to be a wingman for James before you butted in, Hamilton,” he replied. Alex scoffed. “As if a woman of her caliber would go for James Madison. And I doubt you would do something like that unless you were getting something out of it, so what are you really up to?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, and his smirk only widened, much to the anger of Alex. “To be honest, I was originally hoping I could get her friend to have a little fun with me, but now I’m thinking it might be too easy. (Y/N) would definitely be a challenge I’m not used to.” Alex’s jaw clenched and he stepped closer to Thomas, their chests practically touching. “You’ll leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve to be played by you like all your other ‘dates’. And stay away from (Y/F) too unless you want (Y/N) to kick your ass.”

Thomas didn’t feel threatened in the slightest. “Please, she may be smart, but she’s still a woman. If, and when, I break her heart, she’d probably just cry,” Thomas replied. He could sense how angry he was making Alex and just to push him over the edge, he leant down and whispered in his ear, “Besides, you don’t really think she’s innocent do you? I bet she’s a freak in bed. I bet I could have her screaming my name, if you just got out of my way.” “You disgust me, Jefferson,” Alex spat out. “What, you mean you don’t like the thought of (Y/N) being my little slut-” Thomas barely had time to register the fist before it connected with his face. He fell back, clutching his now-bleeding nose. If his friends hadn’t pulled him away, Alex had no doubt that he would have thrown more punches. He was absolutely seething, and despite the fact that he knew you could defend yourself, he couldn’t stand by and let anyone talk about you like that. “Alex, man, you can’t be lashin’ out like that!” John Laurens tried to reason with his friend. “(Y/N) would be pissed if she found out you punched another student because you were trying to defend her.” As much as he knew his friend was right, Alex didn’t regret doing what he did. “Thomas Jefferson deserved it, all he does is hurt women and I’ll be damned if he tries to hurt (Y/N).”

Word travelled pretty fast around campus: Alexander Hamilton had punch Thomas Jefferson in the face over a girl. Rumor had it that girl was you, and because of this rumor, people kept coming up to you and asking what connection you had with the two men. When you responded that you couldn’t stand either of them, whoever has asked you would either walk away dejectedly or scoff in disbelief and call you a liar. Either way, you were sick of everyone and everything. Even a couple of your friends were mad at you. “Look, I don’t know what you did to make both of them want you, but it was kind of a slutty move, (Y/N),” one of them, Nicoletta, told you in the campus cafe. It was two days after the ‘incident’ and the questions were getting on your last nerves. “Oh yeah? Why don’t you go ask one of the three guys you’ve slept with this week to look up the definition of slutty?” You had enough of everyone’s bullshit. She scoffed offendedly, grabbed her purse, and stormed out. You rolled your eyes. “Wow, don’t you think that was a little harsh?” (Y/F) asked you. “Look, I don’t really believe she’s a slut. I don’t think anyone is a slut, let people be free to express their sexuality or lack of sexuality, I couldn’t care less how many people someone sleeps with. But if she’s going to dish it out and ‘insult’ me over something I don’t even have anything to do with, she’s going to have to learn how to take it when I respond.” (Y/F), although still slightly uncomfortable from the argument, understood where you were coming from.

The bell on the cafe door rang and all of a sudden, there were murmurs and whispers throughout the little shop. “(Y/N).” You sighed and swung your chair to face Jefferson. His nose was bruised and his eyes were slightly swollen. “Look what your boyfriend did to me,” he said to you, although his void was filled with smugness rather than accusation. “He’s not my boyfriend,” you shot back. “Oh really, you would have thought he was, the way he was defending your ‘honor’. How’d you even get him to be so interested in you anyways?”

“I wish I knew.”

He ignored you. “It’s like you’re off-limits to everyone but him and frankly, it pisses me off.”

“Excuse me? I’m allowed to be with whoever I want to be with. He has no control over that, and I don’t appreciate you insinuating that he does!” You were thoroughly angry by then.

“I’m not saying he does, I’m telling you what he thinks!”

Maybe if you had known Thomas a little better, and maybe if you weren’t so angry at that moment, you would have caught the mischievous gleam in his eye before you stormed away to find Alex and confront him. He knew that this would most likely ruin any and all chances Alexander had with you, and once he was out of the way, Thomas could sweep in and seduce you. That was his plan, and he was confident it would work. Alexander Hamilton had a reputation for fucking himself over in situations like these.

He was in the campus park when you finally managed to track him down. “Alexander Hamilton!” You yelled, catching his attention. “(Y/N)?” He looked at you and noticed how angry you were. “What did Jefferson say to you?” You narrowed your eyes. “How did you know it was Thomas?” Thomas, you called him Thomas. That didn’t ease Alex’s nerves. “Because he wants to sleep with you and considers me a threat. Now, what did he say?” He answered bluntly. You knew Alex always spoke his mind, but you never thought he would be that crude about it. “He said you’ve been telling people I’m off-limits and to back off!”

“Is that what he told you?”

“Don’t act stupid, Hamilton!”

“I’m not! Why would I tell people that?”

“Because you think I belong to you, obviously!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! I know you’re not mine, no matter how much I want you to be!”

You stared at him in surprise. Did he actually just admit to wanting you to be his? “You’ve got a funny way of showing women that you like them, Hamilton.” He let out a dry laugh, looking down at his feet. “Yeah, well, the women I’m usually into aren’t nearly as beautiful as you are.” Am I actually blushing, you scolded yourself, get over it, he’s a douchebag. “I know that we got off on the wrong foot, okay? And I know that I’m a pain in the ass, believe me,  I know,” he looked up and into your eyes, “but I wouldn’t lie to you. Jefferson just wants to sleep with you because he wants a challenge, he told me himself! He said he wanted to make you…” He couldn’t finish his sentence, but you understood the gist of what he was saying. “How do I know I can trust you? How do I know that you don’t want the same thing, and that you aren’t just using the very technique you accused him of using to get him out of the way so you can ‘have your way’ with me?” You quickly backtracked when he rose his eyebrows. “Not that he’s even competition. Neither of you are, really. It’s not a competition at all, I’m not going to just sleep with you.”

You had heard of the power Hamilton’s words had, but you hadn’t actually realized how good was with them until he handed it to you. His own journal, tattered and worn down like your own. “What is this?” You asked as he handed it to you. “Just read it, okay? It’s proof that I’m not just trying to sleep with you.” You looked down at the book and tightened your grip on it. “I’ll read it tonight and return it tomorrow. Meet me here after your debate.” And with his heart in your hands, you walked away.

A/N: Sooooo it’s longer than I expected, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to do a part 3 in order to get everything wrapped up neatly! Anyways, here are the tags for the people who wanted to be tagged in this:  @rottwat @aria-16 and @the-best-of-the-geeks! I hope you enjoy!

patrick-kanes-mouthguard  asked:

1988 prompt: "I didn't want to tell my friend who was my real date from last night because he turned out to be an asshole so i just pointed at a random stranger (you) but now they're storming over to interrogate you and you're playing along??? Okay!"

“Are you really sure?” Sharpy asks him for the 11th time and it was endearing and sweet the first couple but it’s now grating on Patrick’s nerves.”Like, really?”

Patrick can’t help the eye roll. “For fuck’s sake Sharpy I already told you. Yes, I’m sure. One hundred percent.”

“But- we don’t know him…” Sharpy whines. In Sharpy speech that means Sharpy himself hasn’t seen him and hasn’t given his approval.

“He’s perfectly fine,Sharpy, shut up. He’s nice and hot and he’s really into me,ok?” 

“Why?” Sharpy asks because he is a fucking tool. 

“Fuck off! I’m a great catch!”

“Just because your mom told you that…”

Patrick looks him dead in the eyes with the most self-satisfying smirk he can muster. “Well, your mom said the same thing.”

Sharpy opens his mouth to retort but closes it immediately, full knowing he was beaten. “Fine,” he grumbles, “but don’t come crying to me when he ends up being an asshole.”

“I’ll just come gloating then, because I’m gonna land myself the hottest, most awesome boyfriend, Just wait.”


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I don’t own anything but the fanfic!

Toby Fox owns Undertale, Goth @Nekophy, Palette: @angexci . Error/Geno/fresh @loverofpiggies  Reaper:@renrink Retconned Goth… well i own this version. Underswap!Sans by Popcornp1nce.  Dream by @jokublog Cross!Sans and Cross!Chara by @jakei95

If Chara wasn’t a ghostly being bound to Cross they’d be buffing there nails smugly, after all ne already knew the kids reaction to the other part of there gift would be amusing.

Moments later he heard the sound of Goth running downstairs from his room, and a small crash at the bottom of the stairs.

There was a moment of silence.

“Ow ow.. ouch…” Goth whimpered.

“I’m okay!” Goth finally said.

Chara snickered.

Moments later Goth came in looking a bit ruffled in his new clothing.

And he looked adorable in them too, in his hands was the Lantern containing a bound save point.

“What the heck?” Goth said holding it up.

“Don’t ask, no really don’t,” Cross said and Chara shruddered, that world was just wrong.


It was a world of happy ending and Chara and Cross had of course landed in it to get there own happy ending.

They stared.

And stared again.

“I don’t care, this world must be destroyed,” Cross said.

“Yeah anything in this world.. just so wrong,” Chara said grossed out.

In as few words as possible, naked sex world.

That world they quickly destroyed.

And Chara hacked one save point from its files that hadn’t been corrupted, they had an idea.


“Just such a wrong timeline,” Chara said.

“…” Cross said trying not to remember that world and trying not to remember that worlds Sans.

“But.. why give me a save point?” Goth said, deciding not to ask as Cross was reacting as if he’d come across cows.

“Well.. it was a thought. You were wiped from all realities, a save pint saves a point in time.. maybe one bound to you will keep you stable enough,” Chara said, after all there was a few spooky places he wanted to scare the kid at.

“I could be outside longer…” Goth said, looking out a window to the world of endless white anti-void.

“Want to test it?” Chara said.

“I always did want to see Blueberry’s world,” Goth said.

“Er… you’ll have to hit that world without me,” Cross said coughing and looking away, after all the papyrus in swaptale still had it out for him.

Really.. it wasn’t like the Sans brigade hadn’t manged to grab those timelines codes back.

The smoking Paps could sure keep a grudge.

And it wasn’t his fault Chara got in control.

He still wasn’t letting have Snowden from underfell back though.


with a cheer Goth landed, he looked at the world around him seeing a city not to far away.

He couldn’t wait to see hwo this lantern reacted, or see Blueberry again.

And finally have Taco’s with others stealing them.


anonymous asked:

can you please do a really fluffy supercat thingy where mon-el fucks off and Cat just like lives with kara and is really happy because that fuck boy went back to where he belongsssssss (which is hell)

Hi anon, this was such an amazing prompt I got carried away. It’s not exactly “very fluffy” but I hope it’s satisfying enough. I totally enjoyed writing it so let me know if it suits you ♥

CatCo plaza looks oddly unfamiliar ever since Cat left.

It’s like coming into work in a new place, one where she doesn’t exactly belong anymore. Snapper doesn’t like her and she doesn’t like him and even though they apparently respect each other enough, it’s not a work environment she likes.

She drags her feet across the lobby, all the while remembering a time when she was happy to come here. It seems like a lifetime ago and she thinks that maybe it is. The elevator brings her to a floor she knows like the back of her hand and she sighs, clutching to the pumpkin latte she’s bought at Noonan’s before coming here. It’s warm enough for her to drink it but she finds she doesn’t enjoy the taste as much as she used too. It saddens her, really.

Finally, she steps out of the elevator and starts walking across the bullpen. People stop her to say hi and she smiles at each and every single one of those people she used to work with. They’re happy to see her and even more when she remembers their names and has a nice comment for kids or wives or companions, sometimes even pets. She feels conflicted and anxious, torn apart the warm feeling of being truly appreciated and the sad one of not having any place to this micro-universe anymore. She feels like a familiar stranger and she hates it.

Her old desk is still at the same place and it’s empty for now. She notices the new desk computer, the sophisticated phone and the brand new tablet set, ready to be used for work and only waiting for Eve to arrive. She likes Eve Tessmacher, she’s nice and competent enough and she sees a great deal of herself in the young and lovely blond assistant.
At first, they sometimes shared an anecdote of when they used to work for Cat Grant but Kara has put an end to that when she realized it was hurting her. Thinking of Cat always pains her.

She’s about to make her way towards James’s office when she hears an unsettling and familiar noise.

It’s the characteristic deep and low purr of an elevator and the reason she knows the sound is because it’s the private lift Cat used every single day to come into work. The noise becomes louder and louder and the elevator approaches the current floor and she doesn’t even think of using her powers to either look or hear inside. It’s so strange and wrong so she just stands here with her latte getting colder and colder with each passing seconds.

Finally, the lift reaches the floor and the doors open to reveal the one and only Cat Grant, dressed to kill in a black pencil skirt, a white fitting blouse and a designer black and asymmetrical jacket. She’s wearing her Louboutin and a pair of sunglasses that hides almost all of her upper face but the smirk on her lips is smug and proud.

She steps out of the elevator with a sway in her hips that makes Kara’s mouth go dry as she just stares, completely dumbfounded and utterly confused.

“Oh, Kiera. Fancy to see you here, I thought you were a reporter now.” 

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[M] We Are the Universe // BTS’ J-Hope

[A/N] Get your lint rollers ready because this is some fluffity fluffy smut right here… well, as fluffy as I can manage, anyway. Inspired by heungtanbts with her Namjoon oneshot because we’re all just shooting stars.

Soft footsteps padded to where you were sitting at the kitchen table, cheek resting on the flat of your palm and gaze directed at the night scene beyond the window. A voice cleared its throat. You hummed in acknowledgement, wordlessly inviting your visitor to join you, but it wasn’t until arms draped around your shoulders and a chin rested on top of your head that he spoke.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

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Pairing: John Laurens x fem!reader

Prompt: 37, 38, 39, 41
37: don’t fucking touch me!
38: don’t say that. not now.
39: don’t say you love me.
41: don’t ever do that again.

Warnings: angsty?? (kinda), swearing, fighting, injury, blood, hospitals, talking about death, talking about sex

“You’re not fucking listening to me, John!”
You yelled at your boyfriend.

After some on and off dating, you’d decided to take your relationship seriously.

Honestly, you weren’t sure anymore if that had been the best idea. You fought almost constantly, you guys never slept in the same bed, and most nights ended in you crying, alone in a mostly empty bed.

Tonight’s fight was nothing new, but you could tell it was going to get heated VERY quickly unless one of you apologized, which you weren’t about to do.

Usually, your fights started over something stupid, like what the other had done wrong. Tonight was no different.

John had left the front door unlocked and opened, and you’d been scared shitless to come home and find the door slightly ajar.

“Anyone could’ve come in John!”

“Yeah, and no one did! What’s the deal with you! It was a simple mistake!”

“Well, your mistakes seem to happening much more often now!”

“Yeah, well the only major mistake I ever made was choosing to date you.”

You froze, and looked straight at John. So that’s all you were. You had been right. All you were to John Laurens was another mistake.

John’s face immediately softened.


“No. Don’t.”

He reached out to you, but you whipped your arm away.

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

He held his hands up.

“Okay, okay.”

You shook your head.

“I’m sorry. I can’t be here. I’ve got to go.”

“Y/N… I’m sorry. I love you-”

You glanced up from the doorway.

“Don’t say you love me. You don’t mean it. Because according to you, I’m the biggest mistake in your life.”

You stormed out the door, realizing you’d forgotten your keys to your car.

“I’m not going back in there.”

So you made your way past the suburban houses and into the inner city. It was January, and you’d forgotten your coat. The cold New York air chilled through your sweatshirt, which you realized in sadness was John’s.

You shivered, and walked more quickly so that you could get somewhere, anywhere. Your friends all lived too far to walk, so you just walked aimlessly around New York, in hopes that your phone would light up with a text from John saying he’d be coming to get you.

But none came.

As you crossed the street, you wished and hoped that there was some sort of sign that would show that John truly did still love you.

But all that met you was a black void.


Your eyes were closed, but you could see a soft glow past your eyelids.
There were several loud beeping sounds, and you were cold.
You struggled to open your eyes, and when you did you immediately squeezed them shut again. The light was harsher, and it hurt your eyes.
Eventually, you were able to open your eyes without squinting too much. That’s when you realized that John Laurens was sitting in a chair next to your bed, holding your hand as he dozed off.
Your body hurt badly, and as you looked around the room you could see why.
You were hooked up to several machines, which were injecting all sorts of who knows what into your blood stream.
Your leg was propped up and casted, which meant your leg was broken, as was one of your arms. Your head had a large bandage, your lip was busted and your eye was swollen almost shut.
You hissed in pain as you tried to move your broken arm toward the cup of water next to you on the table.
You cried out after you had picked up the cup and then promptly dropping it on your stomach, which must’ve housed a couple broken ribs.
Your cry made John stir, and he opened one eye. When he saw you sitting up, he jumped up.
“Y/N! Oh my god… thank the lord.”
He cried, and you grasped his hand.
“John… what happened to me?”
He wiped away a tear, and began to tell the story.

John’s POV

After about 20 minutes of Y/N not returning, I decided to take my car and drive around to find her.

I’d been driving for about 15 minutes when I got a call from Y/N.

“Hey, where are you. I’m in my car looking-”

“Excuse me, are you John Laurens?”

That was definitely not Y/N’s voice.

“Yes. Who is this? Where’s Y/N?”

“Y/N has been involved in a serious accident, and is being treated by medical emergencies right now.”


“How serious? Will she be okay? Oh my god this is all my fault…”

My questions didn’t get answered because there were several shouts over the line.

“Quick I need 2 pints of A+ blood stat!”
“We need the defibrillator! Quickly!”
“Start CPR!”

“I’m sorry sir, I’m going to have to leave you. She’s going to be escorted to the New York Central Hospital immediately.”

The line went dead, and I sat in disbelief.

Then, I came to my senses, and began speeding to the hospital. I didn’t see any emergency lights on the way, which must’ve meant that the accident was farther back than where I’d started.

Suddenly, red and blue flashing lights and emergency sirens blared.

I pulled over, and an ambulance rushed past, heading to the hospital. I gassed it, and began speeding after the ambulance.

I got out just as they were unloading Y/N from the back of the vehicle.

Her face was barely recognizable. There were cuts and bruises forming, and a huge gash on her forehead. Her right arm was twisted and bent, and her left leg was bent so badly her bone nearly jutted out of her skin.

I choked on my sob as they rushed her through the doors of the hospital, yelling codes and emergency information.

All I could do was watch as my girlfriend almost died from a reckless driver who had been drinking.

She’d been rushed into immediate surgery to fix her collapsed lung. She’d even “died” a couple times, they had to restart her heart.

That’s what broke me. That my girlfriend had died, and that she could’ve died thinking that I didn’t love her. That’s how you break someone.


I was shaking after John finished.
I’d almost died with John hating me and thinking I was a mistake.

I started crying, and John quietly soothed me.

“It’s alright. It’s alright.”

“John, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault-”

“Shh, don’t say that. Not now. Nothing is your fault.”

He gently took my face in his hands and kissed me sweetly.

Too say I melted would be an understatement. When he pulled back, I kissed his cheek and leaned against him.

“Hey John.”


“Do me a favor.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t kiss me like that ever again, or at least while I have an injured body. I don’t think the doctors will let me have sex with you until I’m able to actually move this leg.”

Haha hooo boy

okay so discord got me a bit fucked up cause oh well
so me, @chronoverge @axanathewizard were discussing about our wizard could be kidnapped by Raven due to them going dark or slowly being corrupted in a way, even siding with the enemies at times as well and uh
I got a lil creative OWO

You never expected this to happen- of course, the day would come where you would become some sort of villain. But a corrupted villain that almost brought down the Spiral? Surely there would be some backlash sent your way from Grandmother Raven. And did you receive it hard enough to be sealed here— in this empty, cold, pitch black void that was once the ‘home’ and prison of Old Cob.

You protested against all of this from happening, trying to prove that you were an innocent person despite dabbling in shadow magic. Even the shadow creatures feared you, the child of light and shadow. Or was it the other way around? No matter, you were no longer the pure child that Ambrose or the Ravenwood professors remember you as.

You sat there in isolation within the chamber, waiting for someday that you’ll be freed. Ha- as if it would be soon. You’re practically enclosed there for the many sins you were atoning to! Although…you weren’t alone.

“Revel in your own vengeance, child. Then we will talk,” you swore you’ve heard his voice from within the void somewhere. Illusion or not, that was only the beginning.


We’ve done Lauren and Vanessa, now let’s get to the Voice of Desert Bluffs himself. Sit back and enjoy our Top 10 Kevin Headcanons.

…or just be sad and depressed at what hasn’t been jossed. At least the “Kevin is evil even with Strexcorp gone, and is secretly trying to hurt Carlos and/or Cecil” theories did not come true! On the other hand, the “somebody is going to try to help Kevin, and eventually rehabilitate him” theories don’t look like they’ll be coming true either.

95) The last words to leave Kevin’s mouth before Strexcorp did whatever they did to him were “Why didn’t you warn me, Cecil?”

100) Before Strexcorp came to Desert Bluffs, Kevin wore glasses. His Strex employee health insurance wouldn’t pay to replace them, so eventually he opted to get the corrective surgery it would cover: removing his eyes completely and replacing them with Pits of All-Seeing Void.

105) During “Sandstorm”, Kevin was not yet fully controlled by the Smiling God. And when he was far away from it, in Night Vale, a bit of his original personality started slipping through: hence the really Cecil-like speech he gave while he was there.

107) Kevin is Cecil’s brother, and he was actually the one who was prophesied to take over the radio station. He was the one who made the tape recordings. When one brother moved to Desert Bluffs, the timeline got a little mixed up and they swapped names. Cecil has no memory of recording the tapes because he didn’t.

109) Kevin does not have his own Carlos. Kevin does not need or really even want his own Carlos. Kevin is asexual and/or aromantic.

110) Kevin is Cecil’s brother, but he wasn’t named Kevin. They gave him the new name after he went though ‘training,’ but the old him is still there and fighting for control. For this reason, he won’t ever hurt Cecil.

115) The more time Kevin spends in Night Vale, the more the city starts to influence him. This is why he seems to progressively get more annoyed with Lauren as the episodes go on. 

119) Cecil sees the news with a third eye, and that is how he reports instantly. To end Kevin’s matching omniscience, Strexcorp sewed his third eye shut.

124) As children, both Cecil and Kevin had normal eyes. Kevin’s became solid black through conditioning with Strexcorp drugs, and Cecil’s are solid white, ever since the event caught on tape in Cassette.

147) Strexcorp bought NVCR first – out of all of the things in Night Vale – because after their experience with Kevin and seeing how hard he fought and resisted, they knew it was really important to keep the local radio host under supervision.

Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 22

After what feels like about 235 years, a new part of this series is finally finished. Feels odd, but very good, to finally work on this again. I really hope you’ll like it, people, and enjoy~

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: Spending the night at BIGBANG’s HQ wasn’t something you had expected to do just yet.

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10][Part 11] [Part 12] [Part 13] [Part 14] [Part 15] [Part 16] [Part 17] [Part 18] [Part 19] [Part 20] [Part 21] [Part 22] [Part 23] [Part 24] [Part 25] [Part 26] [Part 27] [Part 28] [Part 29] [Part 30] [Part 31] [Part 32] [Part 33] [Part 34] [Part 35] [Part 36] [Part 37] [Part 38] [Part 39] [Part 40] [Part 41] [Part 42] [Part 43]

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Summary: After switching middle schools, young Ben Solo lands his eyes on who he never expects to be the love of his life. After a four year separation of having to move away with his father, you and Ben are reunited your senior year of high school, only to have an emotional ride that intervenes with the true feelings you two feel for one another–but there’s one major problem, you’re already with somebody else.

A/N: Sorry for the still lame gif header, I still haven’t had time to make the damn graphic. Also. thank you all so much for enjoy parts one and two! I’m so excited for this story and I can’t wait to share it all with you :) Updates will be every Friday, enjoy!

Warning: Ben’s such a tease?

Word Count: 4.3K+

It had nearly been four years since you had last seen Ben–the second he moved away was the last time you thought you would ever see him. The promise of keeping contact wasn’t kept, nor were the visits and the never forgetting…or at least on your end. You regretted not keeping contact with him, although you did ask Rey about him quite often, you never really put the effort to even try keeping in touch. And you felt guilty.

But you weren’t the only one to blame, Ben never tried reaching out either; ever since he left your sight after the shared first kiss, Ben couldn’t find it in himself to speak to you as he knew he had fallen in love…even if he was too young to understand the concept. He had only known you for six days but it felt like an eternity, the way you treated him and actually wanted to be his friend only made him fall even harder.

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I know girls who are trying to fit into the social norm
Like squeezing into last year’s prom dress
I know girls who are low rise, mac eyeshadow, and binge drinking
I know girls that wonder if they’re disaster and sexy enough to fit in
I know girls who are fleeing bombs from the mosques of their skin
Playing russian roulette with death
It’s never easy to accept
That our bodies are fallible and flawed
But when do we draw the line?
When the knife hits the skin
Isn’t it the same thing as purging?
Because we’re so obsessed with death
Some women just have more guts than others
The funny thing is women like us don’t shoot
We swallow pills, still wanting to be beautiful at the morgue
Still proceeding to put on make-up
Still hoping that the mortician finds us f..ckable and attractive
We might as well be buried with our shoes
And handbags and scarves, girls
We flirt with death everytime we etch a new tally mark
Into our skin
I know how to split my wrists to reveal a battlefield too
But the time has come for us to
Reclaim our bodies
Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral
Offering this f..ckdom as a pathetic means to say
“I only know how to exist when I am wanted”
Girls like us are hardly ever wanted you know
We’re used up, and we’re sad, and drunk and
Perpetually waiting by the phone for someone to pick up
And tell us that we did good
We did good.
I know I am because I said am
I know I am because I said am
I know I am because I said am
My body is home
My body is home
I know I am because I said am
I know I am because I said am
I know I am because I said am
Try this:
Take your hands over your bumpy love body naked
and remember the first time you touched someone
with the sole purpose of learning all of them.
Touch them because the light is pretty on them
and the dust and the sunlight dance the way your heart did.
Touch yourself with a purpose.
Your body is the most beautiful void.
Fathers and uncles are not claiming your knife anymore,
are not your razor, now put the sharpness back.
Lay your hands flat and feel the surface of scarred skin;
I once touched a tree with charred limbs.
The stumps were still breathing,
but the tops were just ashy remains;
I wonder what it’s like to come back from that,
because sometimes I feel forest fires
erupting from my wrists,
and smoke signals sent out of the most beautiful things
I’ve ever seen.
Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet,
and brother arm-wrapping shoulders,
and remember this is important.
You are worth more than who you fuck.
You are worth more that a waistline.
You are worth more than beer bottles displayed like drunken artifacts
You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim
in the shadows;
more than a man’s wim or your father’s mistake.
You are no less valuable as a size 16 than a size 4,
you are no less valuable as a 32A than a 36C.
Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood.
It is wisdom.
You are a goddamned tree stump with leaves sprouting out.
—  Mary Lambert “Body Love”

Please Forgive Me - Part 2 

Read first part here - Part 1

I decided to carry on with the story after all :) hope you like it x


Dean had insisted on burying you instead of burning.  He said he couldn’t bear to watch you burn, despite Sam’s objections.

You don’t know how long you were in hell for, the days merged into one. Fire, pain, that’s the only things you knew. You’d scream until your voice gave out and then you’d do it all over again. You’d lost hope, faith everything that made you, well you. You’d become a shell. So when Crowley, the King of Hell himself came to you with an alternative, you took it.

You glace up at the mirror in front of you, and see your face staring back. You don’t know how Crowley had done it, you were shot in the damn head yet here you were. Well almost you. You blinked and see your eyes flash black in the reflective surface.

This was your deal, you had your body, your memories, everything. But you were a demon, that was it. You expected for him to demand you go to the Winchester’s to spy on them but he didn’t. He knew you’d go to them eventually, one way or another.

Things were hard at first. You had become the thing you once hunted. But being a demon had its upside. You had some telekinetic ability which was always fun. You felt yourself caring less about the big bad’s of the world.

You kept track of Sam and Dean, watching them from afar. But you left them alone, until the night you saw him with some blonde at a bar. You could feel yourself giving into your darker side.

He was there flirting, He claimed you were the love of his life, he chose to let you die and here he was trying to get into some bimbos pants. You narrow your eyes, smirking to yourself as you come up with a plan.

You grab your black leather jacket, pulling it on and lifting the collar. You strut passed Dean, whistling a tune you always did. You see his head snap towards you in your peripheral vision, you don’t even pause, you simply pick up speed and head out of the door.

You hear footsteps follow you; you lightly jog towards a crowd of people. You slip into a side ally unseen by the eldest Winchester. He looks around the busy street, you see Sam join him

“It was her Sammy, it was Y/n” Dean pants in distress


“I know! But it was her; I’d know her anywhere Sam! And she was whistling her song.” He runs his hand down his face.

“Dean, you’re overthinking things, just go back in and finish your drink. She wouldn’t want you to be unhappy man” you glare at the statement

“Oh silly Sammy, you have no idea what I want…” you mutter, watching them retreat back to the bar.

You spot baby sitting on the street, you smile evilly. You wouldn’t damage the car no, you were a demon but you weren’t that evil. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t leave something on her…something that he’d know was from you.

You pass a flower stand and nab yourself a single white lily, you always loved the flower and Dean knew it.  You walk back to the car, lifting the windscreen wiper and drop the flower beneath it.

“Rest well my love” you cackle as you walk down the street.


You followed them for weeks, leaving Dean the odd gift here and there. Driving the poor man to the point of insanity. Sam was determined it was the work of some demon they’d either pissed off and that mostly likely worked for Crowley.

Well he was right and the demon part and that you were indeed pissed off. You guess two out of three wasn’t too bad

You sit in the bar not far from the bunker where Dean would visit frequently; you were in the corner hidden from view with your feet propped up on the table. You had decided that tonight was the night you’d show yourself. You were picking at your nails with your pocket knife when you saw them walk in.

Sam scanned the room as if he was looking for someone, you sink lower in your chair not wanting to be seen just yet. Your fun for the evening was only just beginning. Dean followed his brother to the bar quietly; you guess your latest gift of a necklace he’d given you had left him a little spooked.

You could see it in his face, Dean Winchester was a broken man!

You smirk to yourself watching them order drinks, while you debated your next move. You push you knife into your pocket and pull on your short black leather jacket; pulling up its hood to hide your features. You stand brushing lint off your black jeans; your stiletto boots clicking on the wooden floor as you made your way over to the jukebox right next to the door.

You flick through the songs, your blood red nails drumming on the glass idly. You start to grow impatient when you finally see it, yours and Dean’s song. The song he’d hum to you as you fell asleep, the song you first danced to and the song that would now be his new torture.

You pulled a coin from your back pocket and slipped it into the machine. You pushed the right button, and smiled as the opening cords filled the room.  You could almost hear Dean gasp from where he sat across the room.

You shove your hands in your pockets and moved for the door, walking swiftly through it onto the street. The door hadn’t even shut when you heard two stools drag along the floor and heavy boots running behind you.

“Hey! Stop right there!” Sam shouts behind you, you do so but make no move to turn around. The street light next to you would probably shadow your face but why make it easy on them.

You hearing picks up the small click of their guns when they pulled them out.

“Turn around, slowly!” The youngest Winchester bark, you do as he demands.

Your assumption was right; the light that was now behind your head, along with your hood shadows your face perfectly. The only thing they could see was a female silhouette.

“Hands out of your pockets” you hold up your hands in mock surrender, wiggling your finger showing you had no weapon. You all stood motionless for a few moments while you waited for their next move.

“Move under the light” Dean finally speaks, you watch him carefully. Silently asking him if he was sure that’s what he wanted.

“Do it” he mumbles with his gun trained on your chest.

You smirk wickedly even though they can’t see your face and slowly step backwards. The light beams down onto you, your features stay mostly hidden by your hood. Dean knows it’s you instantly but still asks you to remove your hood.

“Why bother baby?” You chuckle lightly, your voice dark and dangerous

“Do it” Sam added almost quietly. You push the fabric from your head, revealing yourself fully for the first time.

“Hello boys, did you miss me?” you wink, laughing wildly as they lower their weapons in shock; they’re worst nightmares coming true.

“I knew we should have burnt the body!” Sam snaps to himself, clearly thinking you were now someone vessel.

“Oh no Sammy, you have it all wrong. No one is wearing me to the prom….” you watch his face go blank, void of any reaction. Sam always had a good poker face.

“I’m me…just a little darker” you chuckle watching Dean flinch as you blink and let your eyes turn black.

“How is that even possible?” You shrug slightly at Dean’s question as in all honesty you still weren’t sure

“That’s a question you’d have to ask the King of Hell sweetheart, he’s the one who gave me the deal.”

“You made a deal with Crowley” Sam asked disgusted, you snap your head towards him

“Do not use that tone with me Winchester” you flick your wrist, sending his gun flying from his hand into yours, you hit the release and the clip drops to the floor and you toss the gun behind you.

“You’re not the one in control here” you add dangerously, you little display letting the brothers know you were here because you wished it.

“Let us help you Y/n” you cock an eyebrow at your former lover as he spoke

“Help me?” You question with a light smile on your lips.

“We can save you….” you laugh cutting him off, you step forward so he can see your face clearer as you mock him

“Oh sweet naive Dean, I don’t need saving!”

Dean looks at his brother and as if giving a silent signal, Sam lunges for you. You roll your eyes and raise your hand, sending the younger brother flying backwards into the wall of the bar. He lands with a heavy grunt, but is still conscious.

You focus your attention back on Dean, your eyes meeting his apple green orbs.

“I’ll see you around baby” you whisper winking.

You start to walk backwards away from Dean, with him making no move to follow. Sam stands, leaning heavily against the wall.

“Dean stop her!” He calls to his brother, waking him from his trance.

Dean raises his gun to you again. You walk back towards him, you let your eyes fall wide and sad; playing with his emotions

“You gonna shoot me baby?” You ask, stepping forward so Dean’s gun touches your chest. You can see the conflict in his eyes. “Or are you gonna let someone else do it again?”

Dean drops his gun immediately, his eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“Y/n I’m so sorry, please forgive me” he begs

“Oh baby….” you step towards him, cupping his cheek with you right hand.  You press your lips lightly to his, whilst taking his gun from him with your left hand unnoticed; before wrapping your arms around his neck.

You pull back before he can deepen the kiss; he opens his eyes looking at you sadly.

“…not in a million years” you answer, hitting him in the back of the head with his own gun leaving him dazed, he drops to his knees before you. You disarm the gun before dropping it to the floor at your feet.

“I’ll be seeing you soon my love” you say running your fingers through his hair. You wave wickedly at Sam who was still hunched against the wall, before spinning on your heel and disappearing into the darkness.

When you’re gone from sight, Sam rushes to his brother; wincing at the pain in his ribs and shoulder.


“She’s still in there Sammy, she could have killed us but she didn’t.” Dean almost pleads with his brother to agree

“She’s a demon Dean…”

“She’s still there, my Y/n! What other explication is there for her not killing us on the spot?” Dean argues as his brother pulls him to his feet.

“Let me think, kitty has new claws and wants to play with her pray before she pounces?” Sam swiftly answers

“We have to help her, please Sammy. It’s my fault she’s like this, please…I can’t…”

Sam’s heart breaks for his brother and for himself. Yes you were Dean’s love, but he loved you like a sister. If it was Dean in your place Sam knows he’d move heaven and hell to get him back. Sighing heavily Sam nods, residing to the fact he knew they had to try.

“Ok. Ok we’ll figure something out. I promise Dean, we’ll find a way to help her” *even if I have to kill her myself* Sam adds silently in his head. Dean pulls his brother into a tight embrace before helping him to the impala.

They needed to get back to the bunker. They had research to do

Part 3,

let me lift the mood…

with my attitudeee~

anonymous asked:

Hello! First thing first, I love your answers! I recently started following you, and I haven't bit disappointed one bit! Now, for the reaction request! Could I have a "damsel in distress" situation with the companions? But for minor things like.. Danse having his foot stuck in some wireing and can't get free because of giant suit, or killing a spider because someone is afraid! Just small, cute, and fluffy gestures uwu Love you!!

Of course you can anon and thank you so much I’m so glad you enjoy them! Love you too anon! ^-^ 

This is also the 1000 celebration post! A bit of fluff for this one :D

Cait: Cait was having trouble with a particularly tricky bottle that refused to open and almost broke it in frustration. Sole came in to the rescue and wrapped their hands around hers which were subsequently round the bottle. As Sole popped off the top with a gentle nod to indicate a job well done, Cait gave a them quick peck on the cheek to show her gratitude, followed by a playful punch to the arm and a goofy face, she was already smiling again.

Codsworth: Codsy was trying to keep the house clean when he struck a paint can that engaged a domino effect that led to the whole shelf rack falling down. Codsworth was the only thing stopping it from collapsing entirely. Sole rushed in to scout out the commotion and couldn’t help but giggle a little at the sight of Codsworth almost trying to juggle all of these miscellaneous objects. “Uhh Sir/Mum… a little assistance? Please?” Sole gladly helped Codsworth and to make him feel better broke out the polish and buffer. They made Codsworth look as good as new again.

Curie:  She was not used to feeling pain so when she pricked her thumb on a thorn, while out picking flowers, she was certain she was going to die. Sole came running to the sound of screams to find Curie curled up in a ball holding her thumb and whimpering, Sole rolled their eyes with a gentle smile and picked up their big baby Curie. Sole patched her up and gave her thumb a little kiss to make it better. Later on Sole returned with the flowers, except now all tied into a bunch with a little ribbon and presented it, with a big cheese-ball smile, to Curie. She blushed and on her tippy toes she gave sole a quick but loving kiss to Sole’s lips, showing her love for her gift

Danse: In his bulky power armour Danse had gotten himself caught on some torn barbed wire ;). Danse riggled his leg feverishly to get himself free but alas could not. When Sole walked over with thier “Danse what the fuck are you doing? look” Danse in despair replied to Sole’s expression “It’s hopeless soldier… I’m… I’m done for… I’m stuck and cannot get free… go on without me and complete the mission” Sole was in such a trauma from Danse’s dumb ass antics, they sighed all the way over to him and sighed even more when the say it was a stray, ragged strand of old wire that inhibited him. They pulled away and held it to his face, with their own look of “Really Danse?” Danse had gone an unusual bright red “Well, er…. L-lets er…carry on” Sole just thinking to themselves “Big doofus…”

Deacon: “SHIT, WHERE ARE MY GLASSES?!?!” Deacon ran scrambling about trying to find them, Sole simply sat with their head in their hands as Deacon ran about relentlessy “I CAN’T DO MY DISGUISE WITHOUT THEM!” Sole walked over and stopped Deacon in his tracks, holding him as he panted from his frantic searching. Like with Danse Sole donned a “Really Deacon?” look on their face as they reached up to Deacon’s pompadour, then pulled back shading his eyes. Deacon sheepishly reached out to his face, “Ah, er… there they are… err…” They were on his head the whole time…Deacon had turned a bright red from his senior moment.

Dogmeat: Whimpering an awful lot and struggling to walk, Dogmeat eventually curled up in his bed with his head hidden. Sole came over as the sight of Dogmeat in pain weighed heavy on them. Sole gave him the once over and found it was actually a thorn that had stabbed into Dogmeat’s paw. With a quick jolt the thorn was gone and Dogmeat was full of life again, thanking Sole with a barrage of wet dog kisses to the face.

Hancock: He’d got wasted the night before, barely knew what was going on when he tried to get dressed, tripping over as he did so. Suddenly everything was dark. No sound, void of light. Hancock cried out for Sole “HELP! HELP ME LOVE! I CAN’T SEE!” Sole footsteps were heard shooting up the stairs, but they couldn’t see Hancock? They heard his cries coming from the other side of a door, upon opening and flooding Hancock’s eyes with light he flopped out on the floor “Thank god you came… I… I was in some place…. darkness all around me…” “Hancock” Sole replied sternly but with a laugh starting to creep through “You were in the closet…” Sole internally dying at Hancock’s drunken antics, they thought to themselves “For christs sake Hancock” trying not to laugh out loud as they did so.

MacCready: The night before he had a couple nightmares about getting hurt in combat and when he woke in a cold sweat the fear became very real. There was no sensation on his legs?!? “Oh my god… Oh my god… OH MY GOD I CAN’T FEEL MY LEGS!!!” Sole woke in a flustered haze, muttering “Huh… wha..” When Mac explained in tears to Sole that he couldn’t feel his legs, Sole looked down in horror. Then looked at Mac, then back at his legs, then back at Mac. “Mac… you do know right that… those are my legs…” “Oh er… really? oh thank god…” He replied, Sole flopping back down onto their pillow, exhausted from the day and from the mad antics that had just taken place.

Nick: Nick and Sole were exploring an old department store when Sole accidentally set off something. A horrifying whaling filled the room and made Nick jump out of his synthetic, falling apart, skin. “IT’S THE INSTITUTE! THEY’RE HERE!” Nick almost started to unload his revolver at moving shadows when Sole flicked on the lights. “Nick… it was a hair dryer, calm your synthetic ass down metal man :3″ Sole stood by the light switch, watching Nick fumble as he tried to compose himself “Could’ve been the Institute you know…” Nick’s voice turned a little sheepish after his outburst at a wild imagination.

Piper: Sole could hear her screaming and immediately bolted to her aid, when they got out they saw Piper covered in ink trying to stop the printer from squirting more all over the place. As it quickly stopped mere seconds later, Pipers frustration almost brought on slight tears. Luckily Blue was there to help, they took Piper in their arms and handed her a towel to wipe away the ink and creeping tears. Sole quickly left and then returned as quick as they’d gone, they sent Piper up for a hot bath and to relax her trembling anxiety. About an hour or so later Piper came down with a towel wrapped around her precariously. She was in complete shock “Blue… you… you… the printer? It’s fixed!” Sole had scrapped an old set of power armour, used it to fix and rebuild Piper’s printer, fully loaded with ink and polished to a high shine. Piper’s world had lit up as she jumped at Blue to thank them with a rapid succession of kisses all over their surprised face. 

Preston: While traversing the wealth, Preston felt his coat get grabbed by something. In his mind “OH God…. they got me… I’m already dead I know it” Whereas out loud “GENERAL… H-HELP ME!!!” Sole sprinted to assist but when they got their, they just simply put their hand to their face following a sighed laugh. A certain “Preston pls” look as they strolled to Preston’s coat. “Preston… no one’s got you” They said reassuringly “Your coat is snagged on this branch ya big doofus” Preston’s cheeks grew a warm red, as the blood rushed to his face, he felt a tiny bit stupid about the whole thing. He gave his general a quick peck on the cheek as a thank you.

Strong: Somehow Strong had managed to get his head wedged in an old cat flap after chasing one of the strays that sometimes passed through sanctuary hills. With Sole’s handy work and a trusty screwdriver Strong was free of the door in no time, although the flap was still stuck. Strong considered it a gift from Sole “Strong thank human for… helping strong with stuck head. Human never saw did they?” To humour Strong, Sole of course played along, they still think of it every time they strong, or any household pet.

X6-88: Like Curie X6 was new to pain, being so highly skilled in combat meant he never got hit. When X6 caught himself of a shard of glass and saw the blood come fourth “Sir/ma’am… I think… I think I might be dying. Yes… I’m sure I’m dying” Sole gave him a bit of a puzzled look at X6′s dramatics and carried on to wrap his cut in a bandage. Giving X6 a soft jab to his arm to show Sole both cared and thought he was a tiny bit dramatic. When X6′s cut got a little better it graduated to a hug for the big synth cinnamon hunk.

A special fluff post for breaking 1000 followers, I wanted to get this one done to celebrate and it is a very late 2 am here xD. But thank you guys so much for everything, this blog would be nothing without your support so thank you! I love all you guys <3 ^-^

The Tease

Imagine Void!Stiles teasing you until you feel like you’re going to go insane (sequel to my first Void!Stiles oneshot)

Author: Lupy22 

Reader Gender: Female

Word count: IDK 

Warnings: Void!Stiles is a major tease, fingering, oral (reader receiving), nipping, dub-con, reader gets knocked out 

Author note: all these imagines I’m basing my oneshot off of come from the tumblr pagimaginesteenwolf. lf I ever make an imagine on my own then I will personally say “this is something I made up” or something like that. I did write the oneshot but it is based off the imagine 

Heavy raindrops trickled down the windows as you sunk down to the cold linoleum floor. Things weren’t looking so good for you. Stiles was being possessed by the nogitsune and he was looking for you. After he knocked Kira out you didn’t bother waiting to see what he was going to do. Somewhere along that moment you lost Scott and that was how you ended up alone, wet and cold in an empty room at the vet’s. 

The moment you heard the door squeak open you froze behind a pile of empty cages. You didn’t dare show yourself. If it was Scott he would have called out for you or given you some kind of signal that you were safe now. All you heard was light footsteps and a door close. Your stomach practically dropped to the floor when you heard the lock click. 

He was here and he wasn’t Scott. It was the fox spirit taking over your best friend. 

“Y/N, I know you’re in here.” A very familiar voice announced. 

You tried remaining still but your joints were beginning to ache. You swallowed softly and listened to his footsteps, they were getting closer. Adrenaline was soaring through your body and at that moment you weren’t sure if you were more scared or excited. 

The nogitsune had made you feel so good before and you secretly liked it. Although you had kept the encounter a secret, there was no denying the fact that you wanted the evil spirit to do it again. However, you weren’t sure if it was going to happen again. 

” Don’t bother waiting for Scott to come, he’s a bit out of it.” Stiles voice was so close. 

You jumped when you felt a pair of hands grab your arms. He hauled you up and practically threw you into the cages behind you. Luckily you had quick reflexes and stopped yourself from tumbling to the floor. All the cages crashed behind you and almost fell in the shape of a rectangle. The cages alligned made it look like a huge desk in front of you. 

Your eyes went up to see the nogitsune dressed in all black. His hair was soaked and sticking to the top of his forehead. Those eyes that were once a honey brown color now seemed so dark. So hungry. 

“I told you I would be back for you.” He stepped up to you and you backed right into the cages behind you. 

” Stiles, I know you’re in there. It’s me Y/N!” you cried as fear made your voice quiver. 

“Don’t run.” He warned as he closed the space between you. 

You didn’t listen and decided to take your chance while you could. Two lousy steps was all you got before his iron grip clamped on your black shirt. He brought you right back to the stack of cages and slammed you on the closest one. Those dark eyes searched you up and down as he held his right hand down on your stomach to keep your back pressing into the cage beneath you. 

” Sometimes I wish you would just listen, it would be alot easier on me.” Stiles began unbuttoning your dark blue jeans shorts. 

Chills were running down your spine and you immediately felt that heat grow between your legs. It was easy to say that the fox possessing your friend made you wet. Seeing Stiles so dark, it just twisted you in such a wonderful yet sick way. It didn’t help that he kept looking down at you with this evil eyes. 

Then you felt the tips of his fingers dig in your panties and after that you were truly doomed. 

“You tormented souls are always the best meals.” He complimented before pressing two digits into your moist entrance. 

You rocked your hips and let out a quiet sigh in pleasure. He went in just a little deeper before pulling them out and licking them with that beautiful pink tongue of his. At this point your whole body was on fire and your clit was tingling. Begging for any kind of touch, any kind of attention. Those dark eyes of his stared into your’s and you felt your insides burning with desire. 

He pulled your wet shorts all the way down and off your legs but left your panties on as he spread your legs wide. Your heart pounded as he moved the material of your panties to the side. He sunk to his knees, never breaking eye contact. Next you felt that warm tongue lick a long stripe up to your clit. Then he pulled away. 

What the fuck? 

You tried jumping up but he slammed you back down on the desk. He stood back up and let you sit up while he went back to working you with his slender fingers. At first he just brushed your clit but then he went in small smooth circles. You looked up at him through hooded eyelashes, silently begging him to keep going. You were two seconds away from coming but then he stopped. In one smooth motion he pulled his hand out of your panties and flipped you so you were on your stomach. 

He leaned over you and kept you pinned down with one of his hands as he grinded his clothed erection against your clothed entrance. By now your panties were soaked and your clit was throbbing. 

"Quick question. You think if I fuck you one good time-” He grinded his erection deeper so you could feel it rub against your clit. “ that I could just take all of your pain?” He rolled his hips in a circular motion. 

You bit your lipband whimpered in anticipation. You’re whole body began to tremble at his touch. The fox snickered at your reaction. Those dark piercing eyes trailed up your legs, your round ass and all the way to your face. He flipped you again and gave a chaste kiss on your lips. 

” I could eat you up.” He whispered. 

He grinded his hips right into your pelvic area making more whimpers escape from your mouth. Then you felt his fingers dipping into your wet entrance again. This time he curled his fingers at the right angle and you nearly came undone but he withdrawled again. You suddenly felt so empty. 

“ Damnit, stop that please!” You shouted frustrated. 

He laughed, licking his lips while gripping onto your right shoulder. “you want that release, don’t you Y/N?” He asked. 

You did. You wanted him to make you come so bad but you didn’t say a word. You just stared at him and he stared back. Finally he leaned forward and pressed his lips into your’s. His kiss distracted you so much that you didn’t even hear him unzip his jeans but you definitely felt his erection prodding at your entrance. You wiggled your hips to get him inside you but he yet again, withdrawled. 

“If you want it. . beg.” The evil spirit demanded. 

He grabbed a handful of your hair to force you to look him in his eyes as he slammed his erection into you. You didn’t even get to let out a moan because he pulled out all the way, leaving you with that empty feeling again. 

” Beg!” He growled. 

Once more you remained quiet, refusing to give him the satisfaction. Finally loosing his patience he slammed your head down on the cage that you were sitting on, so hard that your vision went completely black.