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The hardest choice (JuicexReader)

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Your things were all packed and in your car as you patiently waited for juice to finally come home. The past year of your relationship had been rocky to say the least, he was hardly home anymore and when he was it was either spent with him being a complete asshole or the two of you fighting.

You tried time and time again to explain how you felt about things, but every time you did you ended up a crying, hyperventilating mess from how mean he was to you. It’s gotten to a point now where you dread him even coming home at night and thank god in the morning when you woke up alone.

“Hey babe.” Juice called out but his voice trailed off as he saw you leaning against the dining table. “What’s up?” He laughed slightly with a smile.

“I’m leaving you.” Your voice was void of all emotion and his face dropped.

“What?” He stammered out.
“I’m leaving you,” you stood up and walked over to the door. “I’m tired of being treated like a piece of shit by you juice, I’m done.” With every word you said, tears escaped and fell into his face.

“You can’t leave me!” He practically yelled.

“Why shouldn’t I? You’re hardly ever here anyway, I understand when it’s clubshit juice,” you’ve sighed “but I’ve checked the clubhouse multiple times and you’re never there once club business is done. According to the guys you go “home”.“ You rolled your eyes trying to stay strong and not break down in front of him. As much as it was killings you to stay, it hurt even more to leave.

“Baby please don’t go.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you closer to him. “I- I’ll change, I’ll be home by 8:30 every night” you started shaking your head.

“No.” Your facade was beginning to fail as tears started to form in your eyes

“Yes! I swear baby I’ll change, please just let me show you!” He started rambling on and on and you couldn’t hold back any longer

“I can’t!” You yelled unintentionally. “I’ve asked for this over the past year and you are just now realizing what the hell is happening! Only when I’m leaving, halfway out the door, do you see how you’ve hurt me.

"Hurt you?” He almost scoffed and it took everything in you not to punch him.

“Yes, hurt me. All I’ve tried to do is fix us, but you haven’t even been here. I can count the amount of times I’ve seen you in the past six months ok one hand.” You pinched the bridge of your nose trying to calm down. “I have tried everything I can to get you to realize what’s happening and every time I do, you just call me every name in the book and storm out.” Juices face showed guilt, you knew something else was going on with him, but he couldn’t be bothered to tell you so you weren’t bothered to ask.

“I love you with all my heart, but I can’t do this anymore Juan Carlos.” You grabbed your purse and flung it over your shoulder before reaching for the doorknob.

“Baby please.” Juice begged. “Don’t go” but you ignored him. Opening the door and shutting it behind you as you ran to your car.

The tears flowing from your eyes like a waterfall, you love juice with all you had, but for once in your life it was time to think about you and what you needed.


that was a perfect shot, too.

The Tease

Imagine Void!Stiles teasing you until you feel like you’re going to go insane (sequel to my first Void!Stiles oneshot)

Author: Lupy22 

Reader Gender: Female

Word count: IDK 

Warnings: Void!Stiles is a major tease, fingering, oral (reader receiving), nipping, dub-con, reader gets knocked out 

Author note: all these imagines I’m basing my oneshot off of come from the tumblr pagimaginesteenwolf. lf I ever make an imagine on my own then I will personally say “this is something I made up” or something like that. I did write the oneshot but it is based off the imagine 

Heavy raindrops trickled down the windows as you sunk down to the cold linoleum floor. Things weren’t looking so good for you. Stiles was being possessed by the nogitsune and he was looking for you. After he knocked Kira out you didn’t bother waiting to see what he was going to do. Somewhere along that moment you lost Scott and that was how you ended up alone, wet and cold in an empty room at the vet’s. 

The moment you heard the door squeak open you froze behind a pile of empty cages. You didn’t dare show yourself. If it was Scott he would have called out for you or given you some kind of signal that you were safe now. All you heard was light footsteps and a door close. Your stomach practically dropped to the floor when you heard the lock click. 

He was here and he wasn’t Scott. It was the fox spirit taking over your best friend. 

“Y/N, I know you’re in here.” A very familiar voice announced. 

You tried remaining still but your joints were beginning to ache. You swallowed softly and listened to his footsteps, they were getting closer. Adrenaline was soaring through your body and at that moment you weren’t sure if you were more scared or excited. 

The nogitsune had made you feel so good before and you secretly liked it. Although you had kept the encounter a secret, there was no denying the fact that you wanted the evil spirit to do it again. However, you weren’t sure if it was going to happen again. 

” Don’t bother waiting for Scott to come, he’s a bit out of it.” Stiles voice was so close. 

You jumped when you felt a pair of hands grab your arms. He hauled you up and practically threw you into the cages behind you. Luckily you had quick reflexes and stopped yourself from tumbling to the floor. All the cages crashed behind you and almost fell in the shape of a rectangle. The cages alligned made it look like a huge desk in front of you. 

Your eyes went up to see the nogitsune dressed in all black. His hair was soaked and sticking to the top of his forehead. Those eyes that were once a honey brown color now seemed so dark. So hungry. 

“I told you I would be back for you.” He stepped up to you and you backed right into the cages behind you. 

” Stiles, I know you’re in there. It’s me Y/N!” you cried as fear made your voice quiver. 

“Don’t run.” He warned as he closed the space between you. 

You didn’t listen and decided to take your chance while you could. Two lousy steps was all you got before his iron grip clamped on your black shirt. He brought you right back to the stack of cages and slammed you on the closest one. Those dark eyes searched you up and down as he held his right hand down on your stomach to keep your back pressing into the cage beneath you. 

” Sometimes I wish you would just listen, it would be alot easier on me.” Stiles began unbuttoning your dark blue jeans shorts. 

Chills were running down your spine and you immediately felt that heat grow between your legs. It was easy to say that the fox possessing your friend made you wet. Seeing Stiles so dark, it just twisted you in such a wonderful yet sick way. It didn’t help that he kept looking down at you with this evil eyes. 

Then you felt the tips of his fingers dig in your panties and after that you were truly doomed. 

“You tormented souls are always the best meals.” He complimented before pressing two digits into your moist entrance. 

You rocked your hips and let out a quiet sigh in pleasure. He went in just a little deeper before pulling them out and licking them with that beautiful pink tongue of his. At this point your whole body was on fire and your clit was tingling. Begging for any kind of touch, any kind of attention. Those dark eyes of his stared into your’s and you felt your insides burning with desire. 

He pulled your wet shorts all the way down and off your legs but left your panties on as he spread your legs wide. Your heart pounded as he moved the material of your panties to the side. He sunk to his knees, never breaking eye contact. Next you felt that warm tongue lick a long stripe up to your clit. Then he pulled away. 

What the fuck? 

You tried jumping up but he slammed you back down on the desk. He stood back up and let you sit up while he went back to working you with his slender fingers. At first he just brushed your clit but then he went in small smooth circles. You looked up at him through hooded eyelashes, silently begging him to keep going. You were two seconds away from coming but then he stopped. In one smooth motion he pulled his hand out of your panties and flipped you so you were on your stomach. 

He leaned over you and kept you pinned down with one of his hands as he grinded his clothed erection against your clothed entrance. By now your panties were soaked and your clit was throbbing. 

"Quick question. You think if I fuck you one good time-” He grinded his erection deeper so you could feel it rub against your clit. “ that I could just take all of your pain?” He rolled his hips in a circular motion. 

You bit your lipband whimpered in anticipation. You’re whole body began to tremble at his touch. The fox snickered at your reaction. Those dark piercing eyes trailed up your legs, your round ass and all the way to your face. He flipped you again and gave a chaste kiss on your lips. 

” I could eat you up.” He whispered. 

He grinded his hips right into your pelvic area making more whimpers escape from your mouth. Then you felt his fingers dipping into your wet entrance again. This time he curled his fingers at the right angle and you nearly came undone but he withdrawled again. You suddenly felt so empty. 

“ Damnit, stop that please!” You shouted frustrated. 

He laughed, licking his lips while gripping onto your right shoulder. “you want that release, don’t you Y/N?” He asked. 

You did. You wanted him to make you come so bad but you didn’t say a word. You just stared at him and he stared back. Finally he leaned forward and pressed his lips into your’s. His kiss distracted you so much that you didn’t even hear him unzip his jeans but you definitely felt his erection prodding at your entrance. You wiggled your hips to get him inside you but he yet again, withdrawled. 

“If you want it. . beg.” The evil spirit demanded. 

He grabbed a handful of your hair to force you to look him in his eyes as he slammed his erection into you. You didn’t even get to let out a moan because he pulled out all the way, leaving you with that empty feeling again. 

” Beg!” He growled. 

Once more you remained quiet, refusing to give him the satisfaction. Finally loosing his patience he slammed your head down on the cage that you were sitting on, so hard that your vision went completely black. 

let me lift the mood…

with my attitudeee~

Boundless (adj.)

I know that all things that comes in a form will someday be taken away by something, even though I prepared myself for it. This is the reality of life; liberty is right there in your hands only to be vanished to thin air with a blink. I tell you, this is how it has always been.

But when you swooped into my doors and dare not knock but destroy my towers, I knew you were different from those who came with valor taped in their armor. You lowered yours as a sign of submitting yourself to me, committing your soul to mine. And I did the same.

Things have been mutual as we set cold water to the flames together, have seen each other’s pride and downfall: limitations became voided. As if it was a problem that will be solved upon eradicating the limits. And as I do, the organ beating inside my chest erupted with sunshine and gloom all at the same time.

I have come into an endearing trance: this emotion of mine that is called love became powerful to the point that it didn’t set any wall to every kind of territory. I just love. A lot of people told me not to cross oceans for the ones who wouldn’t cross a puddle for me but I am not going to settle scores here because I would do anything for you. I would cross oceans, storms, landmines even earthquakes for you. I would bring you the moon but am not that selfish to offer you such thing so I would just snatch a fragment of moonlight and make them stay at the center of your eyes so even at the darkest hours, you have your own light. I would stitch galaxies for you and glue them at the back of your eyelids so when you close your eyes, you would see how lovely a little dim could do. I would catch fiascos for you and protect you to every kind of bad this world would offer even though you have seen them with your very eyes even did them with your bare hands.

We tend to be an oxymoron when we find something worth being it for. I used to think that restrictions were made to be obeyed but as I have a foretaste of everything clear in the tip of your tongue, my mouth danced with the thought that some walls are made because someone’s meant to break it and I hate to make things easy for you but love, that is you.

You are a lot of things for me. You are the breath I save before diving my way to the deep and endless ocean. You are the ray of sunshine that doesn’t burn you but make you glow out in the most beautiful way possible. You are the fountain pen, ever so glorious that I save only for signing the most important papers. You are the door with shards on the floor challenging someone to come in if they are still up for the expostulations bound to be hurled by the wind.

I surpassed unfathomable boundaries: and I think, it is still not enough.

I tried more than a few ways to rid myself of you.
I sat in a chair and let my skin shed. I heard somewhere that after 7 years all of a person’s cells have been replaced. I thought maybe I could sit there long enough to have a body that you never touched.
I drank until I threw up like maybe if I did it enough you would come tumbling out of me like black demon smoke. I ate too little just to see if I could still feel you in that aching void. I could. I really could. 
I bit my lip until I bled and remembered something about how people would use leeches to suck sickness out of people before they knew what germs where. I had to stop myself from sticking the black creatures all over my arms just to see if my blood was diseased enough to kill them. 
The demon of you that sits inside of me is not something that white robe priests will ever be able to pull out. The ghost of you still haunts my house in a way that no number of salt lines will ever be able to fix. My friends came over with a Ouija board once to see if we could summon the way that you used to make me feel. 
Breaking up with you was supposed to be my exorcism, but oh god did it fail.
—  Failed Exorcism (A.M.)