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between the devil & the deep blue sea (m)


Words: 28,455. (rip)

Genre: Pirate Jimin au + smut, fluff, angst.

Paring: Jimin x Reader.

Summary: “No matter the endeavour you were on, no matter the storms you encountered on rocky seas, or the possible threat of encountering blood-thirsty pirates, no one intrigued you or intimidated you more than the thought of him, of Park Jimin, the most notorious of pirates, the most brutal of men, the devil incarnate.”

Fantasy Collab

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Never Gonna Happen

Enzo Amore/OC (smut): Despite his constant playful flirtations, you and Enzo have never been anything more than friends. After a drunken night at the club, and a questionable morning after, you learn how he really feels about you.

(This is my first fic on here, I’m so nervous but I hope you all really enjoy it! It ended up waaaay longer than I anticipated.)

Special thanks to @imaginingwwesuperstars for being super supportive and an all-around sweetheart, ily. <3

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  • Supergirl: Did ya hear Lena I'm the champion of the world. *winks*
  • Lena: Ooh? *quirks eyebrow* Well Did you hear that I'm the champion of the bedroom?
  • Maggie: *spits drink* Hot Damn!
  • Supergirl: *steps back* cha..cha.champion of the-
  • Lena: *whispers seductively* Bedroom
  • Supergirl: AHDJFKKDHSL
  • Maggie: *fans face* Whoa Luthor.
  • Alex: Will you stop it already?!?!

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hey dad, i'm a trans lady and i kinda want to change my name, but to something that's more or less the feminized version of my deadname. am i dumb? is this idea dumb?

I know that the old, cruel, cishet half-joke goes, “Did ya’ hear? Samantha used to be Samuel, if you catch my drift,” but the thing is, you’re not a joke. You’re a living, breathing, human woman, and so it isn’t your job to avoid what might look like stereotypes from an outsider’s perspective. It’s your job to survive and be happy, and if part of that means a “cliché” name change, who the hell and/or fuck cares.

Change your name to something that’s going to make you comfortable and content. I don’t care if it’s the feminine version of your deadname, or a name your parents picked for you, or a name you got from your favourite show. It’s doesn’t have to feel good for or sound right to anybody but you. Do what you’ve got to do to take care of yourself, babe.

“Did ya hear? Ramsey’s takin’ a vacation- a sabbatical or somethin’.”

“So I guess Mrs. Jones gets to hold the reins, huh?”

Lindsay Jones was the heir to the Fake AH name. Ramsey trained her for when he left the world, trained her to be as good as he was. She was considerate and patient, but was still wild and formidable. Crews and gangs would gossip about the Fakes at underground fighting rings, just like they would about any big name in crime.

“That’s what I thought, but it’s some kid in charge.”

“What kid? Free? Dooley?”

“Nah, this guy named Zed or Treyco or somethin’. He looks fresh outta college.”

Every criminal and their mother was surprised to hear that Jones wasn’t going to be the person in charge while Ramsey was gone. Instead, I’d be going to someone they barely heard of. A few informants that like to call themselves historians on Los Santos’ crime will say that the new boss has been in a handful of heists, nothing big or memorable. No one outside the crew recalls ever having met him; not even the LSPD knows who he is.

“What’s Ramsey trying to do, drive his crew into the ground?”

“Now you be careful about whatchya say about those Fakes.”

“Why? What are they going to do?”

“I don’t know, Ramsey ain’t in charge no more.”

It’d be a fun year for Los Santos.

Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two

//Hope you guys like it. I think I might do a part three to this, if you guys want this to be a long-continued thing? Yeah, so if you’d like that let me know. I really love getting feedback and stuff.


Warnings: Mild swearing. I may have accidentally made an innuendo, but I’m not sure, because I’m a freakin naïve little bab. So yeah. I might have not though.

Rating: Mid-Fluff.

Title: Gordon’s Daughter | Part Two //


She turns off the television as she sees Jerome’s mug shot appear on the screen, and practically throws the controller away from herself, pulling her knees to her chest. Y/n can hear the sound of footsteps pounding up the stairs, and grabs the gun that is laying on the table next to her, pulling the safety and aiming it at the door. Her heart pounds at the sound stops abruptly, and a quiet jingling sound can be heard before the person attempts to throw the door open, the deadbolt causing it to get stuck.

“I-I have a gun!” She shouts, standing up and walking over to the door.

“God damnit y/n, open the door, now!” Jim shouts, yanking it shut. She moves forward quickly, pulling the deadbolt out and opening the door quickly. Jim barges in the room, followed quickly by Harvey and Lee. Lee goes over to her immediately, pulling her into a hug. Harvey goes up the stairs quickly, while Jim goes down.

“Wh-what are they doing?” She stammers, placing the gun on the table. Lee smiles, and strokes her hair gently.

“They’re just searching the house, making sure it’s safe…I’m assuming you heard about…?” Lee doesn’t finish her sentence, but y/n knows what she means.

“Yeah…I-I just saw it, on…on the news.” Her voice is soft and weak, and she shakes slightly.

“Don’t worry. Jim and Harvey are gonna keep you safe. I’m here too. You’re safe, three against one.” Just as she says this, Jim comes barreling up the stairs from the basement, running over to the two of you.

“Downstairs is safe.” He says, briefly glancing at you before moving down the hall and checking the bedrooms. He quickly returns, and looks up the stairs. “Harvey!” Jim shouts. “Harvey, everything okay up there?” The only response he gets is a muffled scream, which causes him to begin to bolt up the stairs. “Harvey!” Before Jim can get all the way up the stairs, y/n begins to scream, causing Jim to turn back around quickly, and Harvey to come down the stairs, almost knocking into Jim. “Where is he Harvey?” Jim asks, trying to move past him.

“Where is…Christ, calm down Jim. I was just trying to lighten the mood…” Y/n’s body shakes as she begins to sob.

“Good job, Harvey!” Lee snaps. “What’s wrong with you?” She asks, glaring up at him. “This is serious.” Harvey shrugs, and looks to Jim for help, who just shakes his head angrily and walks back down the stairs to y/n and Lee.

“He-he’s going to come for me-me. He said so, he said so…” Y/n closes her eyes, and the memory floods her memory before she can stop it.

“Oh, sweet-cheeks. You, you, gorgeous…you’re afraid of me…it’s a thrill, really. I wanna know what gets under your skin, I wanna know what makes you laugh, what makes you smile, I wanna know everything doll.”

“That’s enough, Jerome.”

“So, she’s important to you, huh? Well, you see doll, now I’ve got to have you. When I get out, I’m gonna find you. Don’t forget about me! I know I won’t forget about you.

She opens her eyes abruptly, and shudders. “I want to go upstairs,” she says, moving away from Lee. Jim reaches out for her, and she pulls away. “I want to be alone.”

“That’s a really dumb idea y/n! You want to be alone? I can’t believe you-”

“Shut up, Jim.” Lee says, turning to him and giving him a pointed look. “She can go upstairs if she wants.”

“Yeah…I think I need some sleep.” Y/n whispers, gripping the rail as she heads up the stairs.

“We’ll be down here if you need anything,” Jim says. “Don’t worry, y/n. He won’t get in.” Y/n nods, and walks into her room and props the door open, laying down on her bed. Right as she closes her eyes she can feel herself drifting asleep, the stress of the day having worn her out completely.

She awakens a bit later to a freezing room. She shivers in her bed, and sits up to climb under the covers. As she does, she gazes around the room, her eyes falling on the billowing curtain. Her mind clouds with confusion for a second, and her head tilts slightly. “How did that…” Before she can finish her sentence, her head whips towards the door in a blind panic, just as it slams shut. She can hear the lock being turned, and see a figure moving around her room, grabbing a chair and throwing it in front of the door. All the noise causes a ruckus down stairs, soon followed by a banging at her door.


“Oh, don’t worry about her!” A familiar voice calls out, causing y/n’s heart to jump into her throat. She scrambles out of her bed, and lunges for the door, only to have a slender arm wrap around her waist and yank her back against his warm chest. “Hello, doll.” He growls, his lips only inches from her ear. He laughs slow, and deep, dragging it out in an unnatural way. He brings his other hand up to caress her face, causing her to shudder harshly, which only makes his smile grow larger. “Oh, Jimbo,” he calls out, his voice taking on a taunting tone. “You should have never let me know you cared about her,” he mutters. “But for her to be your daughter,” he laughs harshly. “That’s the cherry on top of the very, very sweet sundae.” Jerome purrs, stepping back and pulling y/n with him. He smiles, placing a kiss on her cheek and inhaling deeply. “And it’s all mine, she’s all mine.” He laughs harshly again, and turns his gaze to the door, his cheek pressing against hers. “Whatcha gonna say, Jimbo? Any last words to your daughter?”

“I swear Jerome, when I get my hands on yo-”

“Oh, let me guess!” Jerome gasps happily. “You’ll kill me?” Jim growls, and a loud bang can be heard against the door, which throws Jerome into a fit of giggles. His laugh quickly becomes dark and hoarse, and he looks back over at y/n. “Did ya hear that? He’s going to kill me!” Jerome makes a face feigning fear for a split second before his mouth drops open, and he blinks slowly. “I’d like to see you try that, Jimbo.” He calls out, backing up towards the window again. “I would let you see your daughter before I take her, but, oh, this is getting boring fast with these threats. So cliché, done so many times, I hoped you would be more interesting. I know y/n is going to be,” he says, his voice taking on a light tone. “Just remember, Jim. When you’re feeling down, and you want to see your daughter, remember…”


“You can’t.” Jerome hisses, a cruel smile crossing his face.

Carriage Ride //Draco Imagine//

Requested by: emmadubbeldam

Request: can you do a Draco imagine where the reader is a Hufflepuff girl and ends up sitting next to Draco in the carriage to Hogwarts and he flirts with her? Thankyou❤️

Pairing: reader x Draco

Warnings: none

Y/L/N = your last name 

You practically ran from the train platform towards the path where the carriages were picking students up. You had accidentally dropped your little carry on suitcase once you stepped off the train and had to gather up all of your stuff once again, which of course set you behind everyone else and the last carriage would be leaving soon. What a perfect way to start your fifth year at Hogwarts.

To your relief, there was one carriage left. You ran up to it but immediately your high spirits sank. There were already three people in the carriage and all three of them were Slytherins. You recognized all three of them as Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, and the Slytherin prince himself, Draco Malfoy.

Pansy, who had previously been laughing about something, tore her eyes from the blonde boy across from her and looked at you. “Hey! Y/n isn’t it?”

Your spirits lifted a little again. “Yeah! Um..I seemed to have missed all of the other carriages..do mind if I ride with you guys?” You asked as your confidence started coming back to you.

“Sure why not.” She smiled, nudging Blaise who extended his hand to help you up. You took it and thanked him as you sat in the only open seat, beside Draco.

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Please stop and appreciate this...

DaeJae collab - I believe I can fly

Their voices just match together so well… such harmony… and their adlibs… their good English… Daehyun’s high note… and their final note… this is just pure perfection!!!!


SSS + TeammTaka Headcanons

(Has this been done before?)

Sakura and Karin

● Sakura and Karin exchange letters when Karin is stationed in one of the hideouts which are close to the Hidden Leaf (like the one shown in Gaiden for example.)

● This can rarely happen because Orochimaru keeps changing which hideout everyone is stationed in very frequently.

● Karin dropped by once to see Sakura. It was when Sarada got very sick

● Karin tried to return the umbillical cord to Sakura because of traditional purposes, but Sakura let Karin keep it instead as a reminder of how they helped each other when they were in dire need(Sakura healing Karin when she was severely injured and Karin helping Sakura during labour)

● The cord is a symbol of their bond as well as being the thing that biologically connects Sarada to Sakura, and spiritually connects Karin to both Sakura and Sarada

● Karin’s new hair do? Sakura’s the one who styled it.

● Karin’s glad that Sasuke’s found some one as great as her

● Sakura is Karin’s first female friend. She couldn’t be happier

Sasuke and Karin

● Their relationship has greatly improved and they see each other as comrades.

● He’s incredibly grateful for what she’s done for Sakura and himself

● He’s even showed her ‘that’ smile as a way of saying thank you

● Even though their bond is not of romantic love, like a teenaged Karin would fantasize about, there still is a connection between them as being comrades. Karin’s alright with this because she knows that bonds come in different forms and its not a black and white thing.

●Some of her feeling linger, but she’s not sure if its those kinds of feelings

● Sasuke finds her love-hate relationship with Suigetsu really amusing, even though he could diffuse the argument, he doesn’t.

Sarada and Karin

● Karin is Sarada’s crazy yet lovable aunt

● After finding out that Sarada’s face was more heart-shaped like Sakura’s, she got Sarada the pair of squoval glasses she has in Boruto the Movie, because it suits her face better then the sort of cat eye shape she had in Gaiden

● As Sarada gets older, she’d ask auntie Karin for frame suggestions

● Karin teared up a bit when she was refered to as an aunt (because it was such an affectionate term to her)

● She thinks Sarada resembles Sakura facially except her smile that has a certain Sasuke-y-ness to it

● Karin tells her that Sasuke was more stressed that Sakura even though Sakura was the one giving birth

Sarada and Suigetsu

● Sarada’s still a little bit salty about the mixed up DNA test and would often tease Suigetsu about his mistake.

● He’d end up telling her about a lot of inappropriate things like about that one time he was totally naked in front of in Sasuke

● She’d edge away from him slowly when he gets a bit too crazy

● He’d be the first one to ask her if she had a crush

● She thought that he and Karin were a couple. She was corrected by an angry Karin

● Out of Taka, she likes him the most due to his chill and carefree attitude, and the occasional jokes

● She picked up on his habit of spouting out (Good? Bad?) jokes

● She actually makes an attempt to diffuse his arguments with Karin.

● He teaches her how to use a large heavy weapon like his sword(like a giantic axe or something) after a little bit of convincing and seeing that her amazing Chakra control gave her Super Human Strength.

Sasuke and Suigetsu

● Nothing much has changed between these guys

● Suigetsu might make an unsavoury comment about Sasuke’s clothes

● The first time Sarada called Sui 'uncle’ he broke down, started sobbing and gave Sasuke a very uncomfortable hug.

● “Uncle, UNCLE! She called me uncle!!! Did ya hear that Sasuke? Did ya hear!? I’m an Uncle!’ sobbed an overwhelm Suigetsu

● 'Yes, you are an uncle. Not because of your age. Not because of blood relations. But simply because Sarada sees you as such.’ Says Sasuke, trying to edge away from Suigetsu’s soggy grip.

Sakura and Suigetsu

● Her anger towards Suigetsu (because of the DNA test) fades over time

● She doesn’t physically lash out at him, she just gives him the look.

● She thinks that Suigetsu is a good influence on Sarada due to his laid back and humourous nature. Sakura thinks Sarada can be too tense and anxious some times, so she thinks Suigetsu’s involvement would help.

Sarada and Juugo

● She likes the fact that he seems to be one with nature

● She doesn’t believe some of the stories she’s heard about him

● She later gets to know that Mitsuki shares his unique bloodline limit

 (That was a lot wasn’t it…)

One More Chance

Request: Y/n is a surgeon and she and shawn had broken up but then he gets into an accident and she sees his security at the hospital and they talk and it’s fluffy and a happy ending where he asks her for another chance

a/n: I don’t know much about doctor stuff and I don’t watch any medical dramas so any doctor-ish information is from a google search…And this is kinda fluffy? More fluffy towards like the end end 😂 cut me some slack it’s a hospital and I had to make it a little tense😂😂

Your name: submit What is this?

You never did understand the whole throwing yourself into work when something drastically changed in a person’s life.  Everything was fine and dandy with your life; you had an amazing boyfriend who was out living his dream, finished your medical school and almost done your year of an internship at a hospital so you were about to start your residency.

           You loved your job.  And one of the things you loved the most was how supportive Shawn was. On the nights he was home, he would be your personal study cheerleader, staying up with you drinking coffee into the early hours of the morning, and encouraged you through your doubts.

            But then one day, when you thought everything was fine, Shawn broke your heart and broke things off between you two.  Almost three and a half years together and he called it off because he felt like he couldn’t devote enough time to you.

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Reader Insert x Murdoc
Category: angst n fluff, my dudes

“You know I love you, right?”

Words like this, along with more jumbled, cryptic garbage, poured from Murdoc’s mouth in between heaves. Your lovely boyfriend, a somewhat functioning alcoholic, was having a rare night of intolerance. So instead of continuing to drink and socialize at the Humanz release party, you took Murdoc back to your apartment so he could… simmer down. He’d gotten into several arguments with numerous famous guests, and you’d had enough when he decided to piss on the ice sculpture in the middle of the party. Now, there you were, nursing your miserable boyfriend back to health. You zoned out for a moment, only coming back when you felt weak tapping on your thigh. You looked over at Murdoc, who was smiling pitifully.

“Didya heeeear me? I said I looove youuu.”

“I love you, too, but Murdoc, you were way more out of line than usual this evening… It’s weird even for you to be so obnoxious, which scares me. I worry about you, and–”

Your sentence was interrupted by Murdoc vomiting into the toilet. You rubbed his back, trying to ignore that it was covered in sweat. He retched a few more times, each one painful to hear. A couple minutes passed before he relaxed a little bit, head still in the toilet. He stayed silent for a moment, and then turned his head to peer at you.

“Listen, y/n, I’m… Sorry that I acted like that.” Murdoc sat up a little more, though his words were still slurred. “It’s just a loooot of pressure, really, I-I mean, did ya hear what the hell a good lot of those fuckers were sayin’ about the album? S'too.. Different. An’ I thought more people would understand why we took the approach we did an’…”

He brought his hands to his face and rubs his temples. Your heart broke a bit for your boyfriend. He had a tendency to hide this sensitive side, and you’d only seen it twice before– obviously, when he was drunk as a monkey. Never had you heard him get insecure about his music, though. You rested a hand on his knee.

“Murdoc, you’re crazy if you think that this album is any less amazing than anything else you guys have done. Sure,” you shifted a little closer so that you can rub his back softly, “It’s a lot more electronic, and yeah, 2D isn’t singing as much, but neither of those are inherently "bad”. The lyrics on this album are more fuck-the-government than any you guys have put out before. It’s raw and emotional, and you made a damn masterpiece with the band…“

As you spoke, Murdoc began to raise his head slowly. By the time you finished what you were saying about Humanz, his hands have found yours and he’s smiling brightly. His eyes are a little teary, and he squeezes your hands firmly. The silence that falls over the two of you is comfortable. After a few minutes, Murdoc leaned forward to kiss you. You dodged him narrowly and chuckled, which caused him to look at you with slight concern.

"Not until you brush your teeth, Murdoc. You just blew chunks.”

He stood up slowly and walked over to the sink, grumbling about how it shouldn’t matter if someone’s breath smells like shit if you love them.

So dramatic.

the idea of collaborating w someone to create an opera this summer both excites me and makes me have to poop

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Could you please do a scenario where 2D and Noodle found out their S/O has ADD/ADHD by being around them before they took their meds?? Sorry, if you're not comfortable it's just that I have it really bad and I always see people making fun of it or asking me if I have any Adderall that I can give. I love your blog and hope your day has been going well!! Thanks you!!!

(Those people can fight me, right now. No one makes fun of my babies! I love you too!)



~ You were always pretty good at taking your medicine on time and keeping your ADHD hidden from 2D, but you had gotten lost in your video game. When you glanced over at the clock you saw that it was almost 3am. “HOLY CRAP!” You jumped up and went to take your pills. 2D stopped you and hugged you. “I barely go’ any attentio’ all day.” He kissed your cheek and you were looking down the hallway because you had heard a toilet flush. “What was that?” You asked. He let you out of his grip and looked at you. “Love, did ya hear me?” Your attention had turned to the footsteps down the hallway. “I wonder who’s awake at this hour…” You thought to yourself.

~ 2D turned your face to look at him. “Ca’ ya hear me?” Your eyes got wide and you tried to avoid eye contact. “Oops… I’m sorry… It’s just I forgot to take my medicine because of the game and my ADHD is acting up.” You looked at the floor and 2D kissed your forehead. “Ya really shoul’ be mor’ careful, love. Ya need ta tak’ ya meds on time.” He walked you to the kitchen and watched you take your pills. He held your hand as you walked back to the bedroom. You got into bed and 2D got in with you. He held you close and kissed you. “Goo’night.” You smiled to yourself and snuggled closer to him.


~ You and Noodle had been out shopping all day. You were really happy you got to spend time with her, she was usually so busy. As the shopping spree came to an end, you felt your ADD beginning to act up. You dug through your bag for your medicine but you quickly realized you had left it at home. You panicked a bit, Noodle didn’t know you had ADD. You didn’t want to worry her and ruin the fun. “Is everything alright, babe?” She asked. You turned to face her and smiled, “Yeah! I just thought I had some gum but I guess not.” You chuckled nervously and Noodle gave you an odd look. “Alright…”

~ While packing up the car, Noodle was talking to you. You hadn’t been paying attention because you saw a woman sitting in her car, she looked like she might to talking to someone on the phone. But she didn’t have a phone in her hand? She could have it on speaker phone, you did that sometimes when you were driving. Then again she could just be talking to herself? That’s kinda weir- “Y/N!” Noodle shouting your name brought you back to reality. “Huh?” You looked like a deer in headlights. “Have you taken your medicine today?” You were stunned. “How do you know about my medicine?” You questioned. “Sweetheart, we live together. I’ve noticed the empty prescription bottles in the trash when you run out, and how you act differently before you take your medicine.” You didn’t know what to say. Noodle hugged you and pulled some medicine out of her purse. “I always keep a backup prescription with me just in case.” She gave you your medicine and you took it. “There’s nothing wrong with having ADHD, you’re still perfect to me.”

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jasper doesn't need to be chubby when bismuth and the topazes are already so wide tbh

did ya hear that guys? if 1 or 2 people are fat, that means no one else has to be 

also she is chubby? who are you trying to fool?