did wut

  • Beast Boy: Wow. You look really lovely.
  • Raven: Lovely. Well, it's nice that you've extended your vocabulary from words like hot and mega hot.
  • Beast Boy: You can just say thank you, you know.
No Words

She doesn’t say anything as she sneaks into the house.

Maya doesn’t plan on mentioning the tears that escaped as she made her way to his house, or the negligent issues she was facing once more. Rather she makes her way to Lucas’s apartment and carefully walks over to his window.

She doesn’t even bother wondering if its open or not; she knows it is. Lightly jumping down from the window sill she flickers on the light glancing around.

He isn’t there, which doesn’t surprise her but still crushes her a bit. She knows hes probably on his way home from practice right now or maybe he chose to go with some teammates to Topangas and get a quick snack. 

But she can’t deny the crushing feeling she gets when she realizes he isn’t there.

Maya took another look around the room, noting where everything was. He usually rearranged small things on his shelves, but he always made sure that any gift she gave him was on display. Her paintings were out on his desk, and the snow globe with a cowboy in it rested high above it with some books and paper. Her Lucas the Good t-shirt hung on the doorknob of his closet causing a small smile to appear on her face.

She walked over and in one swift motion got rid of her own shirt and put the too large one on. Sighing dejectedly, Maya fell upon his bed ruining the perfection of his sheets. She kicked off her sneakers and curled up into a ball, breathing in deeply his scent.

When he came in he didn’t bat an eye. Nor did he waste his time asking stupid questions on how she even got in since no one was actually in the Friar residence. Rather he quickly changed out of his dirty clothes into comfortable ones and slid into the bed next to her.

An arm snaked around her waist and slowly she stared to uncurl. It took a large part of the hour but she eventually was unraveled , her head on his chest. Her blonde hair flowed onto his red shirt, her top knee over his leg. The two of them remained quiet, letting the city’s noise overtake them.

Silent tears started to gather in her eyes. They fell like dominoes the instant she blinked, soaking in Lucas’s fabric. 

He holds her as the storm raged inside of her.


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>most people after spoilers: haha ferid went through the windshield

>me after spoilers: Look at him. Look at his eyes full of apathy and self-loathing. After centuries of being cursed to never enjoy the pleasures of life, being unable to love anything or anyone, never once offered an unconditional act of kindness, used and thrown away by a person he may once have put his faith in, of course he’s grown to be cynical, completely done with the world, and only finding amusement in the suffering of others, seeing that is the one thing he could relate to on a visceral level. 

Day 7: Your Family Or A Family Member

Day 7 of the 30 Day Art Challenge

I decided to do one family member, the one I am closest to; my older brother! Only, I did his persona because that’s what he preferred. He hasn’t had much time to work on his persona, so I didn’t have much reference to use, but here he is ^ ^

He and I agreed on the name ‘Nishoku’ which is ‘eclipse’ but I call him Shoku for short ^ ^ My brother is awesome, and very very kind to me ;w;


So….I opened the mysterious package and I don’t even know what to think????? It’s that dude from that soap opera The Young and the Restless. I didn’t even know that he wrote a book??? And why did I get it in the mail?! And even weirder is the note that came with it 😞 The note says “A gift for you: Happy Spring, Ma! Enjoy this on your bean couch. Love, Joel”


Whaaaat???? Now I’m even more confused!! I have no kids…neither do I have a bf who calls me “Ma” like who even is Joel?!

And I don’t have a bean bag couch. Why didn’t Joel send me a “bean couch” instead of the book? How am I supposed to “enjoy” this without the couch

@ringochuu @yourdeathangel666 maybe this really IS the start of a weird adventure…but what kind of adventure begins with this book? Maybe it involves Joel or Ma? Gosh i feel like the protagonist in some kind of weird story…

This Hendall thing makes me sick. Not because i hate kendall or i want to date harry cuz i know that it will never happen even in my wildest dreams (see wut i did there). Its a feeling i cant really explain, i expect harry to be one of those people that dont date girls who are perfect, who really see beyond that prision as i like to call the body and really get to see her as a person. Her soul her mind and damn i excpect harrys gf to be like super smart and philosophycal (is this a word?) And stuff like that. But none of those girls seems like that. Im sure they are nice, but knowing harry he doesnt need nice, he needs a mental connection, to keep him in the relationship. He needs communication, opinions and debates and u know stuff like that. But those girls have one thing in common. Body. Tall and skinny and basically almost perfect faces. Im not sad, im a bit dissappointed because i really thought for a moment harry wasnt one of those guys that he was special. Im not saying he is a douche, i mean come on who wouldnt date a model, but the stuff he does are different from what he says and thats what bothers me. Either way i still love harry with all my heart, he is my favourite human ever, he is everything i wish to be as a person.
And lastly…. cheer up if u are sad about hendall. They wont last 😂 if u have been in the fandom for a long time like i have u know what harry is like.