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What account did B follow that pertains to the hoodie outfit?

The one she tagged in the pic….

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:louis is way more tiny and delicate than freddie is

That pic of Louis at one compared to Freddie at one…….. bro

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:so basically elk’s sole purpose is that we don’t think louis and b would be having any kind of relationship at all

MAybe. Or maybe she’s just a nasty who wanted attention since she failed her fashion blog and she’s buddies with all the other nasties so they decided to fuck even more with Louis and make him straight during Harry’s promo 

anyone else think about how jinki did the pool scene in “view” even though everyone knew he wasn’t going to take his top off? 

just…how was that decided on?

staff: ok we need someone to play around in the pool…

taemin: *hand shoots up*

jongkeyho: you will drown

staff: ok we need someone else so that taemin won’t drown.

shinee: *looks at jinki*

jinki: *sensing their stares & taemin’s hand on his shoulder looks up from his phone*  what?

staff: taemin wants to play in the pool

taemin: *heart eyes*

jinki: *heavy sigh*  i’m not taking my top off

staff: but you’re in a sweatshirt…

jinki: not taking it off

staff: it has a hood-


staff: *puts hands up in defeat*

kibum: *low voice*  are we sure this is a good idea?

minho: *lower voice*  do you want to be in the pool with taemin?

jongkey: *shudder in unison & make a quick exit*

minho: *follows close behind*

taemin: *pats jinki’s thigh & begins to laugh*

jinki: *goes back to his phone*

Take Me Down: A Cazigan Smut Fic

This is pure sin and nothing more. And as with the last time I did Cazigan smut, I have no clue if it works and am super nervous about it, but well, here we are. I tried and I’m just honestly happy at this point that I wrote something new and squeezed another Cazigan fic in before ACOWAR. It was stress-relieving to write. Tagging @buggitybooks who asked to be tagged. :)

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Summary: Mor’s in the middle of dinner when a questionable breeze hits her legs in an all too familiar pattern. When she realizes both her lovers are messing with her, Mor decides to take things to the bedroom for a little revenge that quickly gets carried away from her. NSFW

Take Me Down

The House of Wind is chilly, Mor thinks, about two-thirds of the way through dinner with her friends.

She supposes it’s only natural. The dining room opens onto a spacious balcony high in the sky where the winds are free to come and go as they please through the large floor to ceiling threshold, constructed thus so that one might fly right in. One with Illyrian wings, that is.

Listening to Rhys fill them in on his latest diplomatic visit to the Day Court, Mor feels that breeze hitting her ankles, and crosses them with a brief brush of her heels to help shake the chill. She takes a sip of wine and leans forward on the palm of her hand, trying not to blink at how dull the trip sounds. Only Amren sitting across from Rhys looks truly interested.

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So since I’ve found out today that it’s sexist to commenting on Tom’s body in a sexual manner and that I live in a delusional fantasy for claiming to want it but it’s perfectly acceptable to talk about another woman enjoying his…let’s call them “skills of persuasion” in hopes of keeping a fantasy ship alive, I’ve decided to start a chain for the Tom fandom. Since we can’t hope for ourselves to experience his English Sausage without betraying our feminism, tag another person in the fandom whom you would love to get some afternoon delight from Tommy Boy. 

I’ll start with @maevecurrywrites 

☒Spencer Reid Imagine #2☒

Originally posted by lolspencerreid

“You know pretty boy, you’re not discreet at all are you?” Derek smiled, nudging the male who stared at you. You have an IQ of 170, close to the young Dr who has an IQ of 187. You have B.A’s in Psychology, Sociology and Egyptology, along with a PhD in Biology and Chemistry.

“What do you mean?” Spencer stuttered as he turned his gaze from you, to look at Derek and examine the architecture around him. This murder case took place in Egypt, which is currently where you and the team were, however you took a few hours while waiting for Garcia to get some needed information to go and look at the Valley Of The Kings. You were going to go alone, then asked Spencer if he wanted to come - you thought it was something he’d find interesting; and it was! But then the rest of the team decided to tag along.

“Y/N!” Derek shouted, causing Spencer to jump and look your way. He watched you turn around with a grin on your face. He motioned you to come his way, and you did. “So, what exactly is this place we’re going to?”

“The Valley of the Kings,” Spencer corrected.

“It’s a resting place, for all the pharaohs and nobles of the New Kingdom in Egypt,” you smiled. “The New Kingdom is one of the Egyptian Chronologies, basically the mid 16th century BC. Of course these dates are debated, and we won’t ever find the exact dates because well it was such a long time ago! The New Kingdom era consisted of the 18th, 19th and 20th Dynasty pharaohs and nobles. And basically dynasties are rulers that share a common origin and who are the same family.”

Derek looked at you, his eyes widened pretending like he could take all that in. Spencer nodded, it was fascinating to him to learn about something he had no idea about. “So, what Pharaohs are in here that we can see?”

“There’s a pharaoh buried in here that I’m sure Derek would know,” you smiled. “His name’s Tutankhamun.” You and Spencer looked at Derek who’s eyebrows raised.

“Oh yeah! I know, he was that kid pharaoh wasn’t he?” He asked, smiling at himself.

“Well yes, he died when he was about 9 years old when he became pharaoh and about 18 when he died,” You replied.

“Well… Fascinating,” Derek mumbled. “I’m gonna go over and tell Rossi everything you just told me.. because I so remember it!” He scurried off,leaving you and Spencer alone which is when he became painfully awkward.

“Would you like to see where he was burried?” You asked Spencer, who just nodded. “The Egyptians had designated spaces for their pharaohs to go in, and Pharaoh Tutankhamun was designated in KV62.” You walked in with him, he gasped once he walked in looking at the images on the wall. “He was married to his half-sister Ankhesenpaaten, who later changed her name to Ankhesenamun. She was said to have been married to her father, and may have had a child to him but that we aren’t too sure of. But what we are sure of was that she loved her husband, and her brother, Tutankhamun,” you explained.

“Did Tutankhamun have any children?” Spencer asked, skimming over the walls one more time.

“He did, he had 2 however they were both stillborn. One daughter was said to have died in 6-7 months of pregnancy, while the second daughter was said to have died in the 9th month of pregnancy,”

“It’s tragic,” Spencer said, walking around to be by your side again.

“We should come back here again, so we can walk around but I think we should get back to the others,” you sighed, looking at the images on the wall.

“You’re right, but me and you are coming back before we go back home,” Spencer said quickly.

“Are you asking me out on an educational date?” You asked stifling a giggle.

“As a matter of fact Dr Y/N L/N,” Spencer said closing a gap between the two of you. “I am indeed.” He pressed his lips to yours for the first time, wrapping his arms around you, deepening the kiss.

“Oh my!” Derek and Emily’s voices came. “We’re sorry to disrupt you but- wait, are  you making out in a sacred tomb?”

“M-Maybe!” you exclaimed quietly.

“We’re lost, Rossi is here too,” Derek said. You  sighed and moved away from Spencer, blushing madly but stopped when his hand was placed in yours. Your heart skipped a beat and you watched him, smile as you led them out of the Valley of the Kings.

Hope you guys like this, and also, if you’re interested in Ancient Egypt I hope this has been interesting and a rather unusual fanfiction.

Send me messages if you so wish, I hope you’re all doing well and I hope you enjoy this!

Sending my love!<3

Reverse Idol (Jungkook)

Before I start this, I gotta say a happy birthday to Jung Hoseok, I hope he’s having/had (depending on the time zone) an amazing bday I’m watching the vlive rn but I’ve seen some gifs and it seems like he was really happy and that makes me s o happy also his new hair is so beyond cute I’m in love!! Last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, the final part to the maknae line, our golden maknae who is continuing to prove he’s talented, the first time I heard the whole “chong, jojun, balsa" bit I thought it was hobi but the fact that it’s kook is so amazing bc this kid can really contort his voice and I can’t wait for the MV, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • This AU is gonna be about what I think would happen if the reader was the idol and BTS were the fans, you can also think about this like a general celebrity post, I’m gonna be basing this off of kpop idols bc it’s easier for me to write with just one focus instead of being all the over place with it but if you wanted to see this as an actor!reader or a non-kpop singer!reader post, you could easily do that (and of course this is all still gender neutral)
  • Another series with idol!reader is my idol couple series (kook’s post is here) where both the reader and BTS are idols
  • This AU is gonna feature some youtuber!Jungkook (here) to sum it up, he’s a gamer on youtube 
  • Jungkook is another huge fanboy but he’s the O.O fanboy like chim’s the :) fanboy tae’s the :D fanboy but kook is just wide eyed “oh my god oh my god”
  • When he loves an artist, he seems to really just look up to them like him and GD, we all know that boy loves GD I mean wasn’t it him that made kook wanna become a singer/idol that alone says a l o t about how much kook respects him
  • In public he tries to be -_- (it doesn’t last long but he does try) but at home he loses it
  • He’ll hear your song in public and his eyes get really big and Yoongi’s mentally starting the ten second countdown before Jungkook starts  dancing along to it 
  • It starts off with just a bit of foot tapping around the three second mark, at the five second mark, his head starts bobbing, at the seven second mark, he starts swaying until he breaks into the full choreography
  • Whenever he plays your music, everyone just knows he’s about to come running into the room dressed head to toe in your merch and start screaming the songs so they just all prepare themselves, vmin start stretching so they don’t pull anything 
  • Sure enough, kook slides into the room with a hairbrush to use as a mic and start singing as loudly as he possibly can, not caring if he goes off key and he starts doing the dance to the song
  • But it’s actually really cute but all of the other boys get these huge smiles and they gotta join in
  • Okay but kook gets s o fucking into lip syncing or just goofing around and singing like we all remember the Linkin Park video that’s about all the proof I need and the fact that no one was really reacting to it tells me that he’s doing that shit at home too
  • The boys all know your music since I have this head canon that if one member knows an artist, they all know that artist just bc they’re all so close it’s easy to assume they’re sharing their favorite music with each other
  • Him reacting to performances is super cute too bc he gets so into it and he’s singing along and dancing and you can tell he’s genuinely enjoying it and what I love about kook is that he gives the performances his full attention
  • I was watching him react to one of Astro’s performances and his eyes are just glued to the stage and it’s so sweet
  • Of course I gotta bring up his reaction to the Rainism performance he literally started performing in the crowd and it was so fucking funny and cute you could just see how excited he got
  • His fans all know about his crush on you even though he tries to play it cool it’s pretty damn obvious
  • In the background of a lot of his videos, you can see some of your posters and some albums and he just giggles when he gets questions about it which totally gives away the whole crush thing bc your face lighting up at the mention of someone is normally a pretty good indicator that you have some sort of emotion towards them, whether it’s platonic or romantic
  • Plus in his live streams, he’s always got one of your albums playing in the background
  • And Vmin may have just maybe totally told everyone about his crush on you during one of their Q&As and Jungkook may have screamed when he saw them do it he m a y b e chased Jimin with a shoe and threw a banana at Tae’s head
  • Okay so an a m azing anon suggested this and it has become my head canon entirely
  • Jungkook has a tumblr right and it’s mainly art and gaming shit, those are the main focuses
  • He uploads his art a lot, they’re normally drawings of characters or musicians he likes and one day he uploads a drawing of you and everyone flips
  • Not only is it s o realistic, it’s also getting all of the shippers fired up and ready to scream bc it’s obvious it took some time to draw and Tae uploads a few videos of kook on snapchat like two weeks ago where he’s staring really intently at the screen of his phone and no one knows what kook’s drawing so everyone’s excited
  • And then the excitement doubles when it’s revealed that he was drawing you and then Jimin adds onto the excitement by stating it’s not the first time kook has drawn you 
  • You notice the drawing bc everyone sends it to you, even the people who don’t follow kookie send it to you bc it’s rea ll y good we all know how talented kook is especially when he puts his mind to something and he’s not about to half ass a drawing of his crush
  • You tweet out about it bc you don’t know who did it so you’re just like hey this is really good, whoever drew it and then everyone immediately starts telling you it’s Jungkook’s (the boys also help out by tagging you on instagram in kook’s pictures bc they’re wingmen all of them)
  • Kook decides in honor of your birthday, he’s gonna release a cover of his favorite song by you bc he’s released a few covers here and there already so why not do one for you and that does n o t help the shippers’ poor lil hearts at all
  • He doesn’t know that you know who he is yet so he doesn’t even think you’re gonna see it but little does he know, you’re following him on all the social medias bc he’s super cute in all the ways
  • It’s a more laid back version of your song, it’s just piano and kook’s voice which is s o nice and you can’t believe that this is the same kid you just watched dance around in a Pikachu onesie during one of his celebration videos
  • After that, you just h a v e to contact him bc he’s so sweet in his bday wishes to you and he’s just so cute and precious you gotta do it
  • “Your drawing was really cute and your cover was amazing, I’d love to meet you”
  • Ight but to announce your relationship to the public, he releases all of the other drawings he’s done of you
  • “Thnx for being my muse but no, I’m not gonna stop texting you pictures of puppies at three in the morning, they’re important”

Summary: Can you do a stiles one based on the song perfect by ed sheeran?

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count:690

Requested: Anon

AN: I am sorry it took so long to do this but I hope you like it anon! <3

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

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When YouTube Meets Superstar (Harry Styles)

Summary: A sort of prequel to YouTube Trivia, in other words the boyfriend tag video.

An Instagram post, that’s how we’d decided to tell people we were dating. I never liked the idea of making a supper long video or tweet to explain nor justify why I was dating someone, it just wasn’t my preferable choice of confirmation unless it was the only way. But not in this case so we opt to posting one of our favorite photos together. Mine was a four part picture from a photo booth we’d been and I ended up loving the silly/cute faces and posses we did, Harry’s in the other hand was different his was somewhat cheesy, it was from last years holiday to Costa Rica the picture had been taking from one of our friends and had actually turned out really good seeing as we didn’t know it had been taken. We were on the porch of the beach house we’d rented for the time being, me leaning on Harry’s chest as he had his arms around me as we laughed from something our friend Mark had probably said.

Ever since my tweeter had been flooding with people asking us to do some sort of video. It was definitely a struggle but after much pleading and kisses I’d convinced Harry of doing a video. And that was exactly what we were about to do. I had my phone ready as I looked at myself in the view finder one last time.

“You look great love, can we please just start the video and be done with it?” Harry asked already over with it

“Don’t be so moody Styles, you may not want to do this right now but by the end of the video I know you’ll want to make more with me” I said winking at him as I pressed record

“Sure I will..” He said sarcastically

“Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel” I started my normal into ignoring Harry’s little remark “As you can see today I’m joined by a very special someone, would you like to introduce yourself?” I asked turning to look at Harry

“Hi, I’m Harry” He said nervously

“Now about a month ago we posted some photos on Instagram confirming a curtain suspicion you’ve all had for quite a while now but apart from the photos we didn’t say anything regarding to the situation.” I explained

“Can I just say that I don’t think we needed to explain anything, I mean the photos kind of say it all” Harry bumped in

“Yeah they pretty much did. But ever since that happened you guys have been constantly asking us to do any type of relationship based video, more specifically the boyfriend tag. So without further due lets start this thing, shall we?” I said with my phone in hand to which he nodded “Okay first question; Where did we meet?” Asked looking at him

“Is this kind of like I have to guess it right or who says it first?” He asked

“No..” I frowned chuckling “It’s just like a conversation about these things”

“Oh so like us informing them about it” He said to which I nodded “Okay, okay. Well if we’re talking first meet it was at a party that.. was it Ed the one who throwing the party?”

“Yeah it was Ed. As you guys know we’re both good friends with Ed and I’d previously told him about my crush on Harry to which he thought would be a good idea to throw a party, invite us and in the process try to ‘hook us up’” I said making air quotations

“Ugh.. I don’t like that term..” Harry said squinting his face

“Me neither but it was what he was trying to do” I said shrugging in the process

“Yeah I remember Ed and I were talking about something and he kept looking around every so often and asked him who he was looking for, after a while you showed up because he was all like 'Hey there’s someone I want you to meet’ and we walked over to a small group of people you were talking to and yeah that’s pretty much it.” Harry explained

“Umm where was out first date?” I read out “This is actually quite funny because a lot of people always presume we went to like a super fancy restaurant or did something luxurious but we didn’t, it was an amazing date nonetheless” I said smiling

“Yeah I’ve seen comments like that being made but we had been good friends before even thinking of being something else and she’d been to my place a fare amount of times before so I invited her over, made dinner and we ended up talking and watching movies all night.” He mentioned

“It was good. Okay, what was our first impressions of each other?” I said thinking back to when we first met “I think my first impression of you when actually meeting you not from like videos of you doing interviews or anything like that, I just remember thinking 'Oh lord he is as attractive as I thought he would be and I’m going to kill Ed for doing this.” I finished up laughing to which he joined

“This is going to sound bad but my first impression of you was that you had a really nice body..” He said making me gasp

“What!?” I said trying to sound shocked and slightly ofended “So you just liked my body that much you decided to talk to me?” I asked with a raised eyebrow

“Well not to that point..” He started making me let out a loud gasp in a 'ofended’ tone “But I did like your body, you were wearing a fitted dress and it looked really good on you” He said shrugging

“So basically you’re with me because of my body that’s what you’re trying to say” I said looking away from him pretending to be disappointed

“What? Babe no.. That’s not what I meant you know that..” He said hugging me from the side and kissing my cheek in the process

“Sure Styles.. Let’s keep going shall we?” I said making a pop noise with my mouth before looking back at my phone

We kept on answering the various questions, me opting to skip a few since they were a bit silly. It was pretty fun and interesting to see what Harry would answer to some of the questions like what do we argue about the most, what is one food I dislike or who wears the pants in the relationship which had us a little rant about it. But over all it was a proper laugh.

“Uhh this one is good. What is something you do that I wish you didn’t?” I asked knowing exactly what it was and by the look on his face he knew as well

Groaning he said “I already now what you’re going to say..”

“Really? What do you think I’m going to say?” I said chuckling

“You’re going to say that I leave clothes in some places through the house..” He said with a little groan

“In some places?” I asked to which he closed his eyes “This boy leaves clothes everywhere and I mean everywhere throughout the house. I could be in the kitchen and see a shirt or jacket laying around.” I said laughing

We continued on a few more questions until it was time to finish.

“Okay last question; If I could live anywhere, where would it be?” I asked putting down my phone

“Oh this ones easy.” He said not having to think too much about it “(Y/N) liked to talk about Iceland a lot when we first met. And our first sort of holiday together was to Iceland, we liked going there so much that we actually bought a house there..” He said making my eyes go wide since I hadn’t said anything about this in my channel

“Harry!” I said shaking my head “I hadn’t told them yet..”

“Oh sorry..” He said with a half smile

“Just so you guys know we’re not going to move there or anything like that. We bought the house because the place we go to is sometimes really hard to find a place to rent so one day while we walked around I say a house that looked beautiful and it said it was on sale..” I explained “Long story short we bought the house but we aren’t going to move there”

“Not yet..” Harry murmured but not quiet enough and I knew the mic had caught

“Harry..” I said in a warning voice “Anyway that is all I have for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe if your it already. I’ll see you again next week. Bye!” I said waving goodbye as Harry joined

Getting up I went and turned off the camera and started disconnecting everything to start and put things away. Looking back at Harry I smiled and said.

“So how was that for your first video?” I asked with a smirk

“It was actually fun..” He said getting up and coming next to me “I might do it again sometime” Leaning down he kissed me then started to walk out the room

“I’ll take that to word Styles!” I said loudly as I finished up turning off the lights besides the camera.


I was tagged by @alwaysimming & @lizillasimming for The Edge of Seventeen challenge (Thank you!) I couldn’t decide who to use, so I did them all! Hahha!

Merlot & Lace - Their back story is actually coming to light as we speak.

Mintney - Was just as much a science nerd in her teens as she is now.

Ash & Matcha - Were high school sweethearts and against all odds kept their love alive long after leaving campus ♥

This was super fun! Hope to see more of them on my dash, so I tag:

@sixamsims @cuteplumbbies @morgibritt @elsameowsimmer @windenburger @keenpea @pickypikachu @wildlyminiaturesandwich @touchmypixels @tinysimmies @prettyinpixelations @simmeasurable @meowlr @kimmmygibbbler @romeo-and-simulet @sweetwildoranges @sweetsimsationz @literallywhothe

Looking For Love // Steve Rogers x Reader // You - 1

//AUTHOR’S NOTE: I love all of you, we actually hit 100 a while back and we’re still going strong! Decided to write a series for someone other than the love of my boring life, (Bucky of course) so here’s a Steve Rogers series. You can request to be tagged, just message me.//


//OVERVIEW: Steve is broken after a harsh break up with Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece. That is, until he finds you…//

Steve sat on the stairs, head in his hands, tears running through them. It wasn’t often that Captain America got to show his true feelings, but now, alone, he did. He was sitting on the stoop of his new townhouse in New York, trying to ignore the stairs he was getting from the occasional passerby. 

As long as he had his head in his hands, they won’t realize it’s you, he told himself as the wind ruffled his hair a little bit. Don’t let them see Captain America cry, they might think something really bad has happened and that the world is in trouble.

The world wasn’t in trouble, if it was, he’d get over himself, but something bad had happened.

After a year, he and Sharon Carter, Peggy Carter’s niece, had split up after a fight. It had been months since him and Bucky had left Tony lying there with his suit broken at that old Hydra base, and although Steve was sad it had ended that way, he didn’t regret his actions. 

Wanda had once told him something very true. Tony didn’t know the difference between destroying the world and saving it, and although it hadn’t been the world yet, signing the Sokovia Accords would definitely lead to the destruction of the world later. The government did protect the people, but not all the time.

Suddenly, Steve felt a presence. It was happy, joyful, but also confused. He looked up to see a beautiful young woman standing there, frowning. “Steve Rogers?” She gasped, clapping a hand over her mouth. She looked around frantically. Before turning back to Steve. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that so loud! You probably don’t want people seeing it’s you.” She said.

Steve just nodded, wiping away his tears. “I’m sorry, can I help you?” He asked, his voice coming out a little more stern then intended. “Sorry, again - just not having a good day.”

“It’s okay, we all have our bad days,” she had been holding a shopping bag, but she set it down and sat on the stairs next to Steve instead of just walking off. “I’m (name). Want to talk about it?”

“Wait - you only met me like, ten seconds ago. Why do you care?” Steve asked, perplexed. He wasn’t used to people being this accepting, this - caring. Something about this girl astounded him, and her almost mysterious aura pulled him in. He wanted to know more.

Of course, he was also internally kicking himself, because he knew someone like him couldn’t have a relationship, especially after what had just happened. He wasn’t good enough for Peggy, he wasn’t good enough for Sharon… he wasn’t good enough for anyone. He began to get up and leave, but the girl grabbed his hand. He was taken aback, and she looked down at the ground. “Sorry about that, I won’t bother you any more,” she told him before grabbing her stuff and beginning to leave.

“No, I - I just thought it would be nicer to talk inside.” Steve said, playing it off.

Her face slowly turned from a confused and disappointed frown to a smile, and she nodded eagerly. Steve opened the door for her, and she curtsied adorably before hurrying inside. For the first time in a while, Steve cracked a smile, as he walked in behind her, closing the front door.

After that, you and Steve Rogers became best friends. When he wasn’t out saving the world, you’d have sleepovers and movie nights. You found out a lot of things about him that you were surprised about. Like, who knew Captain America of all people had relationship issues? If you weren’t so scared of ruining your friendship, you wouldn’t mind taking a bite of him yourself.

Of course, you didn’t after he told you about Sharon. God, he talked about her like she was some kind of goddess. You just nodded and pretended to be interested, although you were really just disappointed that he wasn’t over her, and therefore, although physically available, he was mentally unavailable. 

Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff were also close friends of Steve’s and you all became friends fast. Sam was a bit of a flirt, though, he was constantly using terrible pick up lines on you and telling you how pretty you were. You would blush and tell him to go away. Nat would just roll her eyes. “He does that to every woman he meets,” she’d say.

Natasha was awesome. She was basically the definition of an independent, strong-willed woman, and you loved it. She even offered to teach you self defense, and you took up her offer eagerly, thinking it would be a good idea should you ever have to walk home alone at night in the streets of New York.

Of course, with Steve and Sam around you wouldn’t have to, you could just call them and they’d be there to walk you home and protect you from any trouble-seeking people slinking around. However, it was still a good idea for when Steve and Sam were out on missions. You could even call Natasha, too, but she was out on missions a lot as well. 

One night, you had to work late at your job as a newspaper editor, and looking out the window, it was pitch black. The street lamps and car headlights were the only sources of light, and you weren’t taking that risk. There were still dark alleyways you’d have to cross, and you weren’t dumb. So you called Steve. Little did you know that that was what would start it all.

//AUTHOR’S NOTE: Figured I’d test this out. I know most of you are here for Bucky, but I like Steve, too, so here. Longer chapters will come, depending on feedback. If you want to be tagged, just ask!//

Scribble-Doodle: Diplomacy

A parabatai pre-series fic. Alec’s tasked with delivering a message to Hotel Dumort. Jace tags along. Luckily.

“Where are we going?” Jace asks when he joins Alec at the front door of the Institute.

Alec rolls his eyes while pulling on his fingerless gloves. “We aren’t going anywhere. I was ordered to deliver a message to Hotel Dumort.”

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British Invasion | 6

Overview: In the middle of her freshman year of high school Riley Matthew’s mother gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to run her firms London Office. Much to everyone’s surprise her mother accepts the job, forcing Riley and her younger brother Auggie to leave behind everything they’ve ever known. Almost three years later the Matthew’s family moves back to New York and Riley comes to realize a lot has changed in the time she’s been gone.
Author’s Notes:  [As always the text in italics are flashbacks & Please check the tags for any trigger warnings.] 
Chapter Five: “Mr. Perfect.”
Previous Chapters: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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“We should totally go out for wrestling.” Zay says offhandedly, throwing a baseball in the air as he laid on the floor of their room.

It was a month into their sophomore year and the two boys were trying to decide which sports teams to try out for since freshman year was a flop. Last year they both got killed during football tryouts but they did manage to get a spot on the baseball team, even though it was just junior varsity. Lucas was determined to find a sport he was good enough for, especially now that a certain pretty brunette was across the pond. He needed something to distract him. He needed something to take his mind off Riley and what better way to do that than some healthy competition?

“Seriously?” Lucas crinkles his nose. “Wrestling?”

“What’s wrong Mr. Perfect? Scared everyone will see your junk in those oddly skintight jumpsuits?” Zay teases. “Come on man, you’re strong as a horse, remember? Put that to good use.”

“I guess so.” He shrugs, leaning back in his chair to shake hands with Zay. “Looks like we’re trying out for wrestling.”

“You invited Farkle?” Lucas questions as the three boys approach the gymnasium where tryouts were being held. “If I blew hard enough he’d fall right over.”

“Hey!” Farkle smacks him on the arm, “don’t mistake my slender figure for weakness, my friends. I’ve got muscles baby don’t you worry.”

“Oh yeah?” Zay laughs, “Where are you hiding them?”

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Is it wrong for fans to take Yume as abusive? I've read an ask where the anon said she was in an abusive family (or have experienced abuse) and that yume is not abuse. She also said that it's sad how people belittle abuse. She even wished for a father like Kaname.

I would never want to speak over someone’s personal experiences with abuse and come across as invalidating that experience, because I myself only have secondhand experience with it (through friends and family), therefore I would not consider myself an authority on this subject. If this anon does not feel triggered by Kaname’s behaviour, I can only be glad for her sake that this is the case and I would recommend she not read this post which could be triggering, so I’m adding an abuse tw to be safe and suicide tw for any of my followers who need that tagged. :) 

That being said, there are different kinds of abuse, and I have also spoken with people who have felt triggered by some of Kaname’s behaviour because it was reminiscent of abusive people from their own life, and I feel their experiences and voices should also be respected and not invalidated. Some of Kaname’s behaviour is abusive, and we only need to look at the impact the relationship has on Yuuki to recognize that the relationship was extremely unhealthy and unbalanced. Yuuki goes from being a bright, vibrant young girl to a girl who blames herself for everything bad that ever happened in the series and believes her very existence should have been erased to prevent it. She becomes suicidal because she believes her death will fix everything and heal everyone she thinks was hurt, not by her actions or even lack of action, but simply because she was born. It is Kaname who leads to her feeling this way, regardless of whether or not it was his intention.

Personally I think it is fair to view the relationship as abusive and I think Hino herself was pretty unapologetic about Kaname’s behaviour, because:

  • She had two characters visit Yuuki in a scene that served no other purpose than calling to attention the fact that Yuuki was dressing differently and that she appeared to be under house arrest. Why did Hino feel the need to call this out if the narrative was condoning Kaname’s choices? She deliberately brought readers attention to the red flag behaviour where otherwise they might not have noticed, and this was for a reason. 
  • In case that wasn’t enough, since people at the time thought Yuuki’s change of clothes was because she was a Kuran pureblood and had to keep up appearances, Kaname literally says the reason why he forbade her from cutting her hair and made her wear certain clothes was because a part of him wanted to keep her away from everyone but him, and he was sorry but “please allow me to deprive you a little of your freedom.” It had nothing to do with Yuuki’s upgrade in society.
  • She literally had him threaten suicide to keep Yuuki from leaving??? He gave her Artemis back to show her that he meant what he said about how he’d rather she kill him herself than leave. Yuuki thinks about it several times over and feels immense guilt at being the one who “made him say such a thing.” There’s no putting a positive spin on that, it’s emotional blackmail, and - yep - also abusive behaviour.
  • She had Kaname admit that he stole the heartfelt smile from Yuuki’s face before he told her his true identity, because he couldn’t face his contradictory feelings and imposed unreasonable demands on her. If his demands were “unreasonable,” and a result of his contradiction - where he was torn between wanting to chain Yuuki down or setting her free - I’m not really sure how people misinterpret this to be for Yuuki’s “own good” when Kaname admits that it wasn’t. He was making excuses for his behaviour because of his contradictory feelings, not because those excuses were legitimate, and I’ll explore that more later in this post.

And, I mean, that’s just the surface of their relationship and the most obvious examples referenced in fandom, it’s far from everything - more on that later. But regardless of whether or not Hino really intended for Kaname’s behaviour to be viewed as abusive, there is still no obligation on fans to accept it. Sometimes, it is even more important to address what the narrative will not, because ultimately saying “it’s just a story” is ignoring the fact that we are influenced by the media we consumeand over time can become desensitized to certain things without ever realizing it. 

I understand that this is a very controversial topic in this fandom, and also a controversial topic on a much larger scale, so I’ve tagged accordingly and I will be putting the rest of my response on this behind a cut. I also apologize for sitting on this message for as long as I did. This isn’t a topic I usually get into in the fandom, and I decided if I was going to talk about it at all I was going to do it right and turn it into a full fledged meta post.

Reminder that I tag posts that are critical of Kaname and Yuuki’s relationship as anti yume.

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Livestream : Crankgameplays X Reader

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Warnings : Fluff
Fandom : Ethan Nestor X Reader
Gender : Female

Today is our charity stream for this month, I’m sitting on the couch next to Ethan and mark. “ you guys ready for another 12 hours?” Mark asked, “yup let’s do this!” I said excited, I love doing the charity streams with the team. Ethan smiled at how excited I was to be doing this, “can’t wait!” Ethan said still smiling. “Guy’s we already started” Tyler said giggling, “we know! We aren’t stupid!” Mark replied. Ethan puts his arm around my shoulder, everyone looked at us. “What?” I asked, “nothing” Mark replied smiling. “OK guys let get on with this!” Tyler said chuckling. “OK ok fine! Welcome to (this month)’s charity live stream! We are raising money for St. Judes children hospital! The link to donate is below. So please, donate our goal is $20,000” Mark stated so Tyler did not need complain anymore.

After awhile mark decided to start playing SpongeBob, me and Ethan looking through twitter in our streams tag, and Tyler was watching Mark. I saw some really good fanart of me and Ethan and I showed it to Ethan, he smiled at it and kissed me on the cheek and kept looking through the tag. “SHI…..ns, that’s what I was going to say shins” Mark said as he he fell off the platform in the game, we all looked at him confused. “Are we doing the swear jar thing again?” I asked, “yes! We literally discussed this before we started streaming!” Mark almost yelled. “We didn’t discuss it! You said it and we weren’t listening” said Tyler, “ very true” Ethan said agreeing.

We said that if we reached the goal, I would dye my hair (fav color). we reached the goal 5 hours in. “Go dye your hair (Y/N)” Tyler said, he was even excited to see my hair dyed. “Ya lets go ill do your hair for you babe!” Ethan jumped up, he was the most excited. We walked to the bathroom and he did my hair then went back out to sit on the couch. I washed out my hair and dried it, then went and sat on the couch. “Wow it looks amazing!” Mark said admiring my hair, “Ya eth did a great job” I replied and smiled at Mark. “It looks great, good job Ethan” Tyler said. “Thanks I think I did pretty good” Ethan said all proud, I turn so I’m looking at Ethan, “You did amazing babe” I said with a big smile plastered onto my face.

It was time to look and show off some amazing fan art with our live audience. “Girls come and sit behind the couch” Mark said and motioned behind him. Amy and Katheryn came and sat behind the 4 of us. “Oh that one!” Ethan pointed at one with Chica in it, Mark pulled it up on screen and it was Chica and all of us at the park. “I like that one” I said, it was amazing what people could do! Mark later pulled up one that was of me, Ethan and Chica. “Aw that ones cute” Amy said, “Ya the best part is my Chica” Mark replied, me and Ethan gave him a dirty look. After we went through all of the art, we decided to keep playing SpongeBob.

Every 30 minutes we would skype some of the people who donated. They were all so sweet. We heard just about everything, “You all are so amazing” “You and Ethan are really cute together” “You guys saved so manys lives” “Mark and Amy, you guys are so cute together”. I honestly don't care for all the attention, that’s Ethan’s thing.

A/N : Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I’m sorry I didn’t know how to end this, so that’s why the end is crap sorry. I’m slowly working on getting better with fluff. Don’t forget to follow and send me requests so more fanfics can get out. Love you all bye!

Found Dog. Need Advice. Please. This Is Important.

Wednesday was a wild day. So, yesterday morning I was driving to school and saw a dog badly limping on the side of the road. We stopped to see if we could help and chased it down, but couldn’t find out where she came from. There were no tags and she was filthy.

We decided to take her to the vet instead of leaving her there and continuing to school.  I don’t know if she’s a stray or belonged to someone in the area since there was nothing to track down her owner, but if she did belong to someone, I’m worried about how good of an owner they might be for her to be in the condition she was when I found her. There were ants all over her and my hand came away covered in dirt and at least three shades darker after holding her and calming her while my ride brought the car around.

There was no chip, and we learned that she had a injury at least a few months old that never healed correctly and caused major arthritis in her front left paw. She wasn’t dehydrated, but was a few pounds underweight, and it looked like she’d been outside for quite a while.

We know she’s at least ten years old. She also can’t eat dry food because some of her teeth have been worn down to the gum line. I didn’t want to call the pound, because there aren’t any No Kill Shelters in our area, and if they don’t find the owner in three days they either put them down or put them up for adoption, and I know it’s far harder to adopt out older, disabled dogs. She also has minor cataracts, and might have a few hearing issues from what I’ve observed since bringing her home. We don’t know about worms or any parasites. I paid $72 dollars for the checkup and some meds, and couldn’t afford to check for those as well.

I went to Kroger and tried to find some food, and asked a lady who worked there what would be good for a senior dog. I ended up telling her about the information and she bought all of this for us without letting me pay for any of it, which was amazing. It was over $30 worth.

I’m not sure what else to do. The only no kill shelter around is in Nashville, and they won’t accept drop offs from people outside the area due to crowding issues. I can’t afford to get her all the shots she would need, and my family already have gotten quite upset at coming home to find her in our backyard. Although my uncle seemed more upset that I skipped school. They won’t pay because I’m the one who brought her here, and I don’t have a job to keep making money. They think I should have just left her there.

I’ve washed her (or maybe she washed me) with some no tick no flea dog shampoo, but right now she’s having to stay outside because we don’t want her to bring anything in that might affect our cats.

She’s very sweet and mild mannered. Hasn’t barked or shown any aggression whatsoever since we found her. I’ve been trying to think up options all day yesterday. If we can’t get her to the shelter or find out where she came from, I’m going to need to find her a home, but I don’t know anyone who would take her in.

Does anyone have any advice? I don’t even know what to call her…and if she already has a name I don’t know if I should just give her a new one. 

Another part for Slavestrid AU. I’m bored and I decided to do it. But I still don’t know if I want to turn it in to an actual story.

Hiccup felt a rush of pride when the gang immediately started cursing the chief for having a slave. When he told them what the man had said about having fun with Astrid, all four of them had to be quieted before they did something to compromise the already signed treaty.

“We obviously have to rescue her,” Fishlegs said thoughtfully, “but the thing is, the chief is going to know. Why else would she disappear at night, the same night we left?”

“Let him know.” Hiccup crossed his arms.

“Do you want war?”

“War over a slave, Fish?”

Snotlout growled. “Let them bring war. We’ve got fucking dragons. I’d like to see them try to take us.”

“I doubt he’ll start war over a slave,” Ruff said, rolling her eyes, “but we certainly would. So let’s get our girl, and get out. Ready, Team Awesome?”

Tuffnut elbowed her. “We’re Team Crazy People.”

“There’s no teams,” Hiccup said quickly, because Snotlout had opened his mouth, probably to suggest another ridiculous name, “you guys stay ready. I’ll go get her.”

He snuck out of the hut they had been staying in, going to the chief’s house. To his disappointment, Astrid wasn’t there when he slowly opened the door. That meant she was upstairs. Damn.

He prayed she wasn’t in a compromising position.

She was.

There were two separate beds for the chief and his wife, and Astrid was in the chief’s bed. She was awake, but the man’s arm was draped over her’s, keeping her there. They were dressed.

He waved.

Astrid’s eyes widened in shock as she saw him, and then in fear as the man next to her shifted and buried his face in her neck. Hiccup’s jaw tightened as she winced.

“Come on,” he whispered. He slowly went over to her, and then, hating himself but knowing he had to be quiet, kneeled down to whisper in her ear, “Is he a heavy sleeper?”

She squinted slightly to see him so close, and flinched when he kneeled down, but she nodded slowly a few seconds after his question.


With both of them holding their breaths, he took the man’s arm off her and she let out a deep breath. That was when he realized how heavy the arm must have been.

When Astrid stood up, she stumbled, in obvious pain. His eyebrows furrowed in concern - she had fell down the stairs last time he saw her, and probably hurt after that too. “You want me to carry you?”

Astrid looked up at him, shaking her head, but even that looked painful. When he started walking, she refused to move.

“We, uh, kinda have to leave if we want to escape…”

The chief snored and Astrid flinched again, violently. Her eyes became wide with terror. She looked up at him, looked down at the floor, and then finally spoke, “He’ll…find…me.”

“I’ll make sure he won’t,” Hiccup said fiercely, “Lady Astrid, you have my promise, neither him nor his wife will even touch you again. If they lay so much as a finger on you, I’ll be there, and I’ll get you away.”

Her eyes had filled with tears at being called “Lady Astrid”, but his words worked. She stepped towards him. He didn’t try to take her hand, or pick her up, or anything, unless she stumbled. Slowly but surely, they made their way to the dragons.

There was no time for introductions. The riders lept into the air, Astrid holding onto Hiccup for dear life.

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How did you and poo become friends?

It was fate that had decided that we would become friends.

If I were to make an FFXV reference, I’d be the one chosen by the crystal and she’d be the oracle, that’s how much our lives are intertwined…

But on the real, I actually admired her from afar first bc of her kind personality, and I remember her following me, but I was too shy to really talk to her, until I started posting my MM artworks. And then I read her thirsty ass tags and we clicked right away. We have a lot in common!!! She’s definitely one of the most genuine, kindest, and funniest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to!!!

LMAO SHE LOVES ME. THESE ARE JUST HER WORDS OF AFFECTION. Always so sweet, making me blush~ (/)///(\)

But no seriously, I love Poo, I tease her too much, but it’s all for love. I WOULD DIE FOR HER AHHHHHH

a personal recension

In the name of the Creator (of myself and all else), I say that I will use my life force for the stewardship of Creation and not Its destruction. I will guard Its growth and ease Its pain. I will fight to preserve what grows and lives well in Its own way. I will change no part of Creation unless Its growth and life, or that of Its ecosystem, are jeopardized. In order to use my life force to these ends, I will persevere through fear, pain, and darkness,and guard my life force in the face of death– until the end of Creation.

(warning: discourse)

Ya know…I never really see things like ‘queer is evil’ and ‘ace/aro people aren’t part of the lgbtqa+ community’ anywhere but on this godforsaken website.

Those are not controversial subjects, they never were. Queer has always been the word that the community has used, for over 100 years. Ace/Aro people have always been welcome since that orientation was given a name. These were never things we questioned. 

So why did a bunch of close-minded people on this website decide that they got the final say in how an entire world-wide community, that has been around for years longer than they have, gets to identify or who gets to be apart of it?

Like fuck get out of your bubble. This is the real world, and we are queer and we love ace/aro people and ya’ll gate-keepers and terfs and antis can fuck right the fuck off with your hateful nonsense.