did u make a deal with satan for that cuteness or

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How would the RFA (I'd like saeran and vanderwood but I get it if u can't) react to an MC that looks kinda young/sweet/innocent but in reality doesn't take anyone's crap and is sassy???? I read your last couple ones btw and they were really cute (I kinda got this from ur college vanderwood one tbh)

I think i went overboard on MC’s sassiness.. sorry.Also thank you for being so kind.

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Kiss Me With Your Eyes Open

My First Klance au!!!! I’m excited!! Hope you guys like it and :3 

Ari xxx

Lance was famous for his ‘accidents.’

How he ‘accidentally’ mixed the two wrong substances in chemistry and caused a school wide evacuation. 

How he ‘accidentally’ had his leg out and tripped someone who has been mean to Hunk. 

How he ‘accidentally’ dropped thumbtacks onto the wheels of the guy who bullied Pidge’s car and scratching up his precious car. 

So maybe they weren’t really ‘accidents.’

But one thing Lance didn’t plan on was how he truly accidentally fell in love with his best friend. 

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Hi! Can you do an NCT127 reaction to you being bisexual? Thanks ^-^

Here you go, I hope you like this!

this could be my first reaction i didnt meme out on oh wait did i idk uhhhhhhh


  Taeyong would look at you confused, wondering why you acted so nervous about telling him. He would cup your face & bring it to close to his own.

“You’re crazy if you thought that would change my love for you.”

i always make taeyong seem so princely omg

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  Taeil would ruffle your hair, and smile. He would be happy you told him, and would make sure you knew that he didn’t have a problem with it.

“So? You’re going to be still mine, and mine alone.”

i always make taeil so !!!

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 Johnny would see this as a challenge. He would try to prove that no matter what gender you liked, he would be the person you fell in love with.

“I’m not worried, I’ll be the one you stay with forever.”

that one time johnny wasn’t an asshole

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Yuta would look at you concerned. He wondered why you waited to tell him, when it wasn’t a problem to him.

“There’s nothing wrong with that, but please, don’t keep things from me. I love you.”


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“Y/N, I will always accept you for who you are, because that’s how much I love you!”


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   Jaehyun wouldn’t be phased at all, he was very confident in your relationship, and knew you loved him and only him.

“Is that all? That’s not a big deal! Let’s go eat somewhere.”
He would kiss your cheek, and grab your hand to leave.

i need to stop im soft for jaehyun

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   Winwin would react calmly. Running his fingers through hair. He wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable while telling him something so important.

“It’s okay, I’m so glad you could tell me this Y/N.”

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   Mark would be shocked that you never told him before. He would see that you were nervous telling him, and kiss your forehead, tilting your chin towards him.

“That’s not a bad thing! Just don’t keep secrets from me anymore!”

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   Haechan would assure you that it was fine, and he would accept it right away.

“Sooo, you like boys AND girls? That’s okay, as long as you still like me!”

what the fuck i always try to make haechan cute and sweet and angelic and precious but we all know he is satan

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RFA+V and Saeran (if they're too much, don't worry about it and just do the main RFA) babysitting while MC is out. Plot twist: the kid is SATAN.

a/n: the RFA members as parents is something you should sign me tf up for and thank you! I hit 4k on my blogs 3 week anniv yesterday ;u;
~ ( V + Unknown under the cut as it’ll get super long) ~


  • he’s a child himself so when you tell him to babysit your cousin he’s v worried
  • he looks like he’s okay with it but inside his soul has been c r u s h e d
  • “god idk if you’re real.. but he lp mE
  • as soon as you leave he slowly approaches the kid
  • “heeey… buddy…”
  • tries to play LOLOL with the kid in the room but as soon as the kid start crying he jumps
  • “oh my god how do you stop this??”
  • has to put the kid in bathtub so he doesn’t run away (and the tub is empty - hopefully??)
  • gives the kid paint
  • instant regret
  • he turns around to play on the computer but then when he turns back around, the living room is pINK??
  • tries to clean up and drags the kid by the hand and puts him in the bathtub again
  • texts the group chat: “SOMEONE HELP ME” - but no one responds? because why would they this is funny
  • refuses to call you for help and tries to stick it out
  • he goes back to his computer chair to turn off his game only to be greeted with a slight tug on his pants from the kid wide eyed looking at the screen
  • he places them on his lap and continues to play the game making overdramatic commentary
  • BOTH OF THEM ARE GIGGLING oh no 2 addicts
  • face palm when Yoosung does an impression of a dragon
  • when you come home you hear lots of laughter and see the two boys looking intently at the screen 
  • as soon as you drop your cousin back home he claims it was a piece of cake
  • “Hey, when is he coming back? We had a blast!!”
  • “He’s not your friend Yoosung he’s 4??”
  • but then again so is he


  • it depends if it was his own kid or someone else’s
  • when you asked him to babysit your sister he was confident he would be okay
  • “yeah, I’m amazing with kids don’t worry about us!”
  • and he usually is but you didn’t tell him that you assigned him to look after the most exasperating girl
  • so he starts off by trying to carry the 5 y/o girl but when she screams he almost drops her
  • kids are supposed to love me look at my face kiddo
  • thats why when your sister wants to watch a film he rushes to put his own in that’ll make her like me
  • so he makes her talk about which person she likes the most in the film
  • “So.. whos your favourite, princess?”
  • “uhh.. none of them, but I especially hate the one with the weird white ponytail and red eyes because he kinda looks like you”
  • the arthur fist meme
  • he has to tell himself that she’s fiVE AND HE CAN’T SAY ANYTHING
  • so he just sits in silence gritting his teeth
  • girl if u were older
  • he becomes just as bratty later hey who dressed you up today? a little frumpy, no?
  • however she asks if he can do his hair and his heart drops to his ass
  • oh god oh no god my hair my precious hair
  • he hesitates before sitting infront of her and looks up a prayer on the internet before reciting it to himself how extra
  • she starts braiding it and he’s okay with it at first and even manages to crack a smile.. maybe she isn’t so bad?
  • but you bet your ass as soon as he hears the snip of some scissors he jolts up and screams before diving into the bathroom 
  • turns out she wasn’t cutting his hair yet and was just ‘preparing’ to
  • you come home after receiving 1000 text messages from him and he buries his face in your neck
  • “I prefer you so much more.. I hope our kid is better”
  • 0 to 100 real quick


  • she’s super flustered at first when they start screaming but have you seen how stern she gets?
  • your lil brother pipes down reAAAAL fast
  • she sits by them working on her own papers and she’s like Nanny McPhee (did any of you see them films??)
  • she doesn’t even look up from her work before warning your little brother to not spill the paint
  • wizard mum
  • she deals with him better than you can even though she’s nervous 
  • but what you didn’t know was that when you asked her to babysit she almost passed out at the thought of babysitting
  • but she never refuses anything (have you guys not seen how much Jumin pushes her around in mysme ;n;)
  • and accepts but her palms are hella sweaty and she’s already overthinking all the bad scenarios
  • she started preparing a few days before your brother came by looking up websites on how to deal with children
  • she even prepares cute finger food and a first aid kit is ready in case apparently 
  • so by the time your brother actually comes over he isn’t interested in bothering her and just did his own thing
  • sigh of relief as she thanks the gods
  • but suddenly she hears her naming being called out and she almost chokes on her coffee
  • “oh my god what have I forgotten he’s going to go mAD”
  • he asks if she can play with him and his toys and she hesitates but slowly gets up and sits on the floor next to him awkwardly
  • watching him play makes her laugh and she covers her mouth frequently and she even! joins! in!
  • you walk in to the house to see them both laughing and playing wth..
  • she reassures you it was fine and she wouldn’t mind looking after him again and you’re so confused?? can kids drug adults??
  • but all she can think about that night is having kids of her own and how maybe.. possibly.. they wouldn’t be so bad


  • talking about being awkward
  • he tries to to hire a babysitter but couldnt find one last minute so he’s stuck babysitting your friend’s kid
  • f u c k
  • he just sits a considerable distance away from the kid staring at him while he’s engaged with his toys
  • how the hell is he entertained by a weird plastic car wouldn’t he prefer a real one?? actually contemplates buying one
  • he just gives the kid a weird look constantly and he can’t relax so he sits stiff in his seat awkwardly
  • probably ends up texting Jaehee for advice and gets a little angry at the fact her advice was to actually engage with the kid
  • it isn’t fucking rocket science
  • slowly approaches the kid outstretching his hand to greet him but the kid just looks at his hand before giving him the snot covered tissue he blew his nose with
  • can you imagine Jumin’s face i’m DECEASED
  • he freezes and takes a deep breath muttering a string of curse words under his breath before putting it in the bin
  • “kids have no fucki- manners these days..”
  •  the boy starts talking to Jumin when he returns and Jumin jumps - if he gives me any more tissues i’m kicking him out
  • “I’m hungry, get me food.”
  • Go ask the chef.” 
  • but the boy tugs on Jumins arm and starts whining and has to reluctantly go into the kitchen
  • what is cooking where is everything what is food
  • ends up serving him steak that was prepared from before and wipes the sweat from his forehead even though all he did was heat it up
  • lazy ass
  • later on the boy asks if he can take him to bed and read to him as he’s rubbing his eyes and Jumin gets flustered
  • he wants ME to read to him?? who’s cuter? Jumin or the lil boy
  • he goes up to the spare room to tuck him into him into bed since he was so sleepy and ends up flushing crimson at how cute the boy is
  • he starts reading an economics book to the boy clueless of ‘story time’ and he just looks up to him in confusion when the boy starts yelling
  • economics is fun u jerk
  • having no other books he’s forced to make one on the spot
  • “There was uh.. a superman who… saved the world..?”
  • the boy ends up falling asleep and Jumin stares at them for a while before gingerly stroking the boy’s hair feeling tired himself
  • you come back home to find the two boys asleep 


  • says he’s good with kids
  • IS good with kids
  • he just oogles at your two year brother when you bring him over
  • “Saeyoung you know you have to look after him right you can’t just gush over him..”
  • huh yeah okay but look at his chEEKS!
  • oh no you can’t help but be worried because Saeyoung needs his own babysitter since he’s mentally about 3 years old
  • he makes your little brother a little cat robot (one that doesn’t breathe fire thank god) to play with
  • you’ll never know who the grown up is as Saeyoung follows the kid around and does the same thing he does
  • the kid is on the floor playing with legos? so is he
  • and they’re having almost too much fun together building castles I’m telling you Saeyoung is 3
  • but as soon as the kid starts to walk over to his computer and touches a wire Saeyoung literally superman dives infront of the computer (john ceNA) protecting ‘his baby’ while stretching his arms out
  • he literally collapses onto the floor with relief but he hears a bang from the kitchen and has a mini panic attack
  • startled he runs to the kitchen to find the secret stashes of honey buddha chips on the floor and your brother munching from 7 opened packets at a time
  • face palming his head he feels his heart sink
  • “..my .. chips?”
  • he pouts before putting the remaining unopened packets away before texting you ‘can you send kids to prison?’
  • no Saeyoung thats illegal
  • he creates a pillow fort (vanderwood sits on the couch and hurts their ass cursing Saeyoung)
  • you come back to see a HUGE pillow fort in the middle of the room and just laugh when you walk in to see Saeyoung chasing your brother screaming covered in a sheet
  • well.. at least they’re both alive??

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EXO: A Summary
  • XIUMIN: abs. omfg his motherfucking abs good god. have u seen them so fucking gorgeous i literally cant. also his smile. acc his whole entire face. ACC HIS WHOLE ENTIRE EXISTENCE JUST SLAYS ME IM DONE HES SO HOT IM TRASH BYE
  • LUHAN: no please dont im gonna start crying (but the most beautiful piece of shit ever omfg just. i hate him)
  • KRIS: NO NOPE NO gonna start crying even more (my galaxy king why)
  • SUHO: the leader and hes like really rich i guess. tbh im still tearing up over kris and luhan
  • LAY: dimple. fucking perf. angel. ummm yea. unicorn. ok basically hes lowkey perfect and it makes u wanna punch him. moving on.
  • BAEKHYUN: ok this little shit. where tf do i even start. hes that frat boy that knows hes fucking sexy and funny and perfect AND RUBS IT IN UR FACE IM DONE FIGHT ME BACON
  • CHEN: ok he would be frat boy #2 except hes so fucking sweet and kind. even tho hes cute af and funny and CAN SING LIKE A FUCKING ANGEL hes just still such a genuinely nice person. i cant. fight me too.
  • CHANYEOL: ok.... u know what.... i cant. his smile is like literally happiness and he fucking knows it and he FUCKING KNOWS HOW HOT HE IS and hes practically frat boy #2 except hes a sneaky little shit who knows how to be just sweet enough to make him seem like a good boy. no. hes fucking not. ive got u figured out yoda ears.
  • D.O.: omg.... so basically he really did creep me out in the beginning with his big ass eyes and his blank expressions XD but lol he chill and he knows how to keep the frat boys in the group in check and im grateful for tht <3 also hes acc a good actor like damn satan where u been hiding
  • TAO: THIS BITVH OMFG WHERE DO I START. i love him so much. and i hate him so much too. omg. so hes a panda. he can like kick ur ass and be all sexy af and all but then HE WILL DO A TRIPLE FUCKING BACK FLIP KICK SHIT AND MAKE UR HEART FUCKING POUND LIKE NOBODY BUSINESS BECAUSE HES FANGIRLING OVER A STUFFED ANIMAL LIKE EXCUSE ME?!?!?!! WHO GAVE U PERMISSION!?!!?!?! and lets please for the sake of my sanity not delve into more detail bc just no. although it should be noted that he cant be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels reach heights beyond this world and just i cant deal with it and i want to fucking fight him so hard.
  • KAI: ahhh kai someone normal to talk about. well kinda. hes got that whole jekyll and hyde thing going on. because when hes performing and shit (dance beast btw) hes like the sexist piece of shit ever like omfg his face everything is just sex. like im sorry but its true. BUT THEN when he gets off stage hes this cute little piece of shit like ???? BITCH WHAT ????? NO U WERE JUST MAKING ME FEEL ALL TYPES OF WAYS AND NOW U ACTING LIKE THE VIRGIN MARY ALL PURE AND SHIT LIKE U DIDNT JUST DO THE STRIPPER DANCE OF UR LIFE. bitch.
  • SEHUN: oh good god. i just. where do i even start omg. um hes rude, hes cocky. but hes fucking gorgeous and HE FUCKING KNOWS IT. im srsly so done with the frat boys in this group knowing how fucking hot they are and basking in it LIKE PLZ BE LIKE CHEN. PLZ STOP THRUSTING UR DICK IN MY MOUTH LIKE U KNOW IM GONNA SUCK IT. (bc i would omg i hate myself) he also cannot be classified as a frat boy bc his cockiness levels also reach extraterrestrial heights. but not as high as Tao's bc Tao is so shameless about himself. but back to sehun. check out his butt, its hot.
  • ~{wow this turned out so long im sorry}~

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What are some awesome animes you recommend??

hMMM, Well. Get ready. 

Here all the anime’s i’ve watched and liked! 

  1. Attack on titan- Angry kid Eren Jaeger wants to kill literally everything. P much everyone has heard of AoT so not much explaining is needed. Fucking badass as all hell and great story lines and animation. 
  2. Free!- Cute boys swimming and talking about their feelings. Also, it’s VERY funny, and theyre all huge dorks and the animation is fucking FLAWLESS. And the story lines are p good, also a sports anime. u can literally ship anyone with anyone. 
  3. Tokyo Ghoul- KANEKI DIDNT DESERVE ANY OF THIS. Kaneki Ken, a shy bookworm gets thrown into the world of “ghouls” (man-eating monsters who look like humans) After a series of event that turn him half-human half-ghoul. (he’s such a sweet soul why did this happen to him)
  4. Black Butler- 12 yr old ciel makes a deal with a demon to help him get revenge on the people who killed his parents. Im sure you’ve heard of this one. On of my tops. 
  5. Blue Exorcist - A boy named Rin finds out he’s the son of satan. He goes to True cross academy to learn hw to be an exorcist to exact revenge on satan for killing someone very close to him.I really like this one.  
  6. Death Note- You’ve probably heard of it, Light Yagami finds a “Death Note” which kills whoever’s name you write in it. He kills fucktons of people and goes insane. It’s and awesome psychological anime. 
  7. Soul eater- (my first anime ever) The main characters are Soul and maka, two students at death weapon meister academy and they have to find and reap 99 souls and one witch’s soul to graduate. P much shit gets fuckin REAL near the middle. (Also death the kid is my bae) (still waitin for season 2)
  8. Noragami - another of my favs, it’s fairly short but basically it’s about this war god named Yato who seems like a dorky pushover but he’s a pretty big bad ass and he meets this human girl and they become friends and it is just super awesome. 
  9. Kuroko no Basuke- another sports anime, about basketball. And seriously, i dont even LIKE basketball and there’s times when this anime gets my heart pumping and i start rooting and cheering. Help me. Also wonderful characters and ugh i love it. 
  10. Haikyuu!!- Wonderful sports anime, seriously dat animation. Typical sports anime, about boys playing volleyball. seriously it’s very good, idk how to explain it but if u like sports anime try it, and if youve never watched any, TRY it. (also has an amazing sound track) 
  11. Pyscho-Pass- PLEASE WATCH PSYCHO-PASS,  love love love this one, my major #1 anime husbando is in it (ginoza), and man such a fleshed out futuristic world. Basically it’s a dystopia anime and is so deep and soooo good. The society  can read ppls “psycho-pass” (state of mind) and tell if theyre likely to commit a crime, if their psycho-pass is too high, they can be incarcerated, or executed. Basically tells of the things that could happen to our future. 
  12. Ouran High School Host Club- super funny, but it gets serious at time and causes me real jesus tears. Seriously a great show, one of my tops
  13. Zankyou no Terror- MANY TEARS, man i love this one. Great psychological thriller, cool concept, kind of an AU of modern day japan. Teenage boys are terrorists, but for good reasons. 
  14. Sword art Online- cool animation and concept, you’ve probably heard of it. Though if you watch it i recommend stopping after the first half 
  15. Parasyte- Looks and sounds weird, which it is, but so fucking awesome, aliens invade earth and take over people’s bodies, and a poor dorky boy who turns incredibly bad ass. Lots of tears.
  16. Kyoukai no Kanata- Awesome female lead who kicks ass with a blood sword, really great animation, fairly short. 
  17. Love Stage!! -A shounen Ai, so basically it’s about two cutie boys falling in love
  18. Gurren Lagann-Awesome mecha anime that seems cliche but is so, so good. Big robots and an awesome, full world with bad ASS fight scenes and great characters. 
  19. Orenchi no furo jijou -cute mermaid boy living in a cute boys bath tube, really short, srsly eps are like 4 mins but it’s cute and funny

u probs didnt want that much explanation but here u go hope this helps