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Pathcode #BAEKHYUN Interpretation



Did you ever notice in those apocalyptic movies, when something is about to happen, animals are the first to react? That’s because animals are super sensitive to changes; that’s why you see some of them fleeing right before a natural disaster occurs. The birds are supposed to foreshadow/send a warning to Baekhyun that his parallel (or world, whichever you prefer) is about to end. I’ve had this thought for a while but I think Baek’s teaser confirmed it for me– maybe the worlds we see in these teaser videos are not real, or they take place in a different place of existence. (This warning system branches out to other members’ teasers as well; Xiumin and the TV, Chen and the ringing bells, Kai and the siren, etc.) 

Don’t you think it’s strange how Baekhyun didn’t seem to be mesmerized by anything from the outside world, considering that he just escaped the overdose maze?

That’s because he actually didn’t escape quite yet. It seems like he did escape, but the familiarity in Baekhyun’s face tells us that he’s still trapped in the maze at this point.

Around 00:26, Baekhyun starts to notice a presence following him around, and the lights begin flickering.

Seeing that Baekhyun’s power is light, and this “presence” is triggering the effect of it, whatever/whoever following Baekhyun is the apparent antagonist.

Static interrupts the audio (El Dorado) and catches Baekhyun’s attention, followed by a message on his phone. 

If you listen carefully at this part, a strange voice says “Someone is looking for you..”. Whoever this voice is (possibly a different member who has escaped already), it’s telling Baekhyun that he needs to get out of there. Meaning, Baekhyun is indeed still trapped in the maze.

So he begins to run away from this “presence” after receiving that creepy message. While running away, he eventually looked back to see what this presence was, but continued running after looking. If he confirmed this “presence” and yet continues to run, it could only mean that this presence is something Baekhyun cannot fight back.

Three assumptions can be made about this presence that’s making Baekhyun run away from it-

  • Darkness (Opposing to light, Baekhyun’s power)
  • Collapsing of the maze (Likely caused by D.O. due to his powers, will expand on bottom of post
  • Straightforwardly a person that was chasing him (Very unlikely since Baekhyun kept running away)

It looks a lot like the overdose maze, eh eh?? COINCIDENCE?? I THINK NOT

It could be said that Baekhyun was turning off the lights by himself on purpose to hide his own presence, but if he was meaning to do that, why didn’t he turn off the lights ahead of him? If he wanted to hide in the darkness, he could’ve simply done that instead. I definitely think it’s another presence taking away the “light” from him.

Eventually, Baekhyun gets trapped and has nowhere to go from the dead end.

= He met a dead end in the overdose maze, running away from this presence was inevitable?

The lights completely shut off in front of him, signaling that this “presence” is here. His “awakening” begins just then, with lights emitting off of him when he looked hopeless and lost by this point.

Maybe the realization/awakening of power is reached whenever the end of something– mental or emotional–has been reached. Perhaps when all possibilities seems to come to an end, the actual answer is revealed.

Other members can apply to the thesis above as well (Suho looking depressed and 100% done at the end of his teaser, Chanyeol completely lost in the forest, Tao and the shattering lightbulb, etc.)

Maybe each supernatural power of the members only occur/awakens in a position which the member is in dire need of it (whenever the members reach a breaking point in the maze). 


  • Perhaps these teasers are a vision of the members BEFORE escaping the maze, not after.
  • The door of the overdose maze seems to open at the end of something, mentally or emotionally within the member. (The symbolism for this in Baekhyun’s teaser would be the bars that forbid him from running away.)
  • If the background setting of this teaser was indeed, symbolic as the maze, we can consider the next expected member Lay’s power and put everything into sequence: 
  • The maze begins to collapse ->  Original stucture restored by Lay to save Baekhyun -> D.O. destroys the maze with his power upon escaping -> The remaining two members are stuck in the maze forever.

And if you still think these teasers are not the happenings before the escape, consider this:

  1. Their main track is Call Me Baby, but these teasers are labelled “EXODUS” at the end of every single video. 
  2. Exodus– the word itself– is defined as a “MASS DEPARTURE OF PEOPLE”.
  3. Exodus is also a historical content in which Israelites were escaping from Egypt.

TL/DR: The teasers are showing what happened before/during the escape of the maze, not after.