did u guys miss me

practice!! >///< (*cough* so umm my first digital drawing here… please be gentle with me~~)

Finally ,! I AM BACK ,IN THE FLESH !:)

Did u missed me guys ? mmm I Missed u all ..

Anyway , The exclusive Skype show is Available Again to those who are interested .

My Skype ID :  your.deluxxe

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Had a Good & Lovely Thursday Everyone

woa h….. where did this come from??

(this kinda reminds me of something from the artist skelebro au,,, im thinking papyrus wouldve drawn something like this idk)

Did u miss me? 💉💊😻

Hey guys I am officially back! Things have been to crazy, I went to jail for a little minute, and all the warrants I had in all of the different counties came through. I did a little roadtrip through the system and then decided to lay low for a minute. I hope you didnt forget about CJ that fast? I missed all u tweakers, geeks, and fellow drug enthusiasts. Hit up my inbox and catch up with ur girl, im up all night 🌙 On my first shot of up since before I was locked up. Show me some love nodsquad and tweaker nation maybe I’ll post a sexy pic later??? If you are as high as me rn like my post I know I’m not alone tonight dont hide my beautiful lil fiends 💖

this is a very official psa that i am going to write a tog x acotar crossover fic of unidentifiable length……………im signing my soul away to the depths of hell and im not letting myself out of this one and holy fuck am i excited