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If I Had A Star (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 9,636 (YIKES)

Warnings: swears, little nsfw


Summary: a series of short stories to your forever. 

(each bolded word starts a new short story, the horizontal lines also divide each story.)

Dedicated to:

@hamilton-noodles Jo is a blessing to this earth. THE MOST eloquent person I have ever come across. I personally give this story to her, and all the stars in the sky. I want to publicly thank her for being one of the best people I have ever met (PERIOD) I love her so much and she is my bestest of the best friends. 

@adolescenthowell RACHAEL was my first friend on this blog and I want to thank her for reading my shit, facetiming me when I need motivation to write, and most importantly sticking by me. She is so talented and I love her. 

@fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines Sophie is the kindest human being alive. I want to give her all my thanks for proof reading for me. She is an amazing human being and so so out of this world talented. Love ya girl!

@whatdimissmotherfuckers Ruby for being such an adorable little bean. She’s the most giving yet still sassy person ever and I admire her self confidence. I hope you keep doing you babe. Her art and writing is the BESTEST. AND I ALSO LOVE HER DEARLY.

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If life had worked out perfectly; you would have never met him. You took the wrong train going downtown. Stupid, you knew, but being a first time New Yorker was hard. You wandered the streets aimlessly until you found a subway station late at night, hoping and praying you’d be able to find your way back home, your phone having died hours ago. You sat on a bench tapping your foot anxiously waiting for your train going up when a subway car rattled its way to your station. You were passing the doors when you saw a man runselfning down the length of the aisles in the subway car, singing loudly with a pair of headphones on. He didn’t notice you immediately, but when his eyes finally fell on you he practically tore off his headphones and stopped dead in his tracks. You gave him an awkward smile before he blushed red and returned one.

“Can you help me with directions?”

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Archie Andrews Imagine

‘Extraordinary Measures’

Cheerleader/Football Archie Imagine #1

Summary:  Y/n is a cheerleader on the River Vixens and has a date with her quarterback boyfriend, Archie. The only problem is Cheryl won’t end practice.

Word Count: 1603

request:  Hi~ can you please do a cute archie x cheerleader reader? 🖤

a/n: I know actually nothing about cheer (even though I have so much respect for the sport) so I did a tiny bit of research for this. Sorry if I got any cheer lingo wrong or messed something up. Let me know and I’d be happy to adjust it! // Also I wasn’t sure if the request wanted a Friday night football game kind of story so I kind of just did what I thought would be cool, but now I definitely want to write more cheerleader/football!archie stuff so be on the lookout. (Requests are open!)


“Don’t mess, don’t mess,

don’t mess with the best ‘cause the best don’t mess!

Don’t fool, don’t fool,

don’t fool with the cool ‘cause the cool don’t fool!

From the east to the west

the Bulldogs are the best!

B-E-A-T beat ‘em! B-U-S-T bust ‘em!

Beat ‘em, bust ‘em, that’s our custom! Come on Bulldogs readjust ‘em!

Gooo Bulldogs!”

You along with the rest of the River Vixens were breathing heavily after running another cheer, it could practically be called panting. You were the flyer, with three equally exhausted bases under you including Betty and Veronica, finished in a liberty position with your hands in a high v. You’d been practicing for close to four hours – with no water break. Cheryl was always aggressive but this was a new high even for her.

“That was great ladies,” Cheryl yelled standing up from her spot on the bleachers. You looked down to Veronica and Betty and smiled in relief; it’d been a long day of getting yelled at by Cheryl and this seemed like progress. “Except that it wasn’t. It was actually terrible,” she walked down the bleachers toward the squad, putting an extra emphasis on ‘actually’. “My grandmother could cheer that better than you sacks-of-potatoes-with-skirts-and-ponytails that call yourselves ‘cheerleaders’. And she’s been dead since Obama’s first term.” Your face fell. You should have known. This was Cheryl Blossom we’re talking about.

The bases helped you down and you all gave each other long, knowing stares with heavy eyes. “I swear to god, I’m gonna go New York on her,” Veronica threatened. All the Vixens were thoroughly done with Cheryl for the day. Unfortunately, though, it didn’t seem that she was done with you.

She pulled out her megaphone for added drama. It’s not like she needed it. Even if her voice wasn’t extremely loud and high pitched enough to make dogs bark from a mile away, she was only standing like fifteen feet in front of you. “Why don’t we run ‘Be Aggressive’. Is that simple enough for you guys? Can your tiny little pigeon-brains handle that? And if it’s as bad as the rest of practice has been, it better be because all of you are puking your brains out or morbidly injured!”

Everyone was parched and needed a break. You decided it was worth a try. “Cheryl?” All eyes turned to you with shock and desperation. She cocked her head, egging you on and crossed her arms, waiting for you to continue.

Normally you would just deal with Cheryl and imagine something really embarrassing happening to her to make yourself feel better, but today she had put you in an especially bad mood. You we’re supposed to be going out with your boyfriend, Archie, soon but it didn’t look like she had any intention of ending practice in the near future. He was the school’s quarterback so he would be finishing up football practice any minute and you guys were supposed to be finished with rehearsal half an hour ago.

“Uh, I was wondering if maybe we could get some water?” You asked with an especially pathetic expression and your best puppy dog eyes without being obvious. She gave you a blank expression and stared at you for an uncomfortably long amount of time. Like 15 Mississippi seconds.

“You know what?” she probed, still using the unnecessary megaphone, “Yes, you girls can get water. But only because if I have to listen to you imbeciles butcher another simple cheer, I’m going to Van Gogh both my ears off, and I mean that. Be back in two minutes.”

A couple of girls ran up to you graciously but most just ran to their water to make the most of the time that was given. Two minutes in Cheryl-time was pretty different from two minutes in real-time. Just then, the football team parted ways signaling the end of practice. Some guys went to their cars but a lot stayed behind to watch the cheerleaders practice. It was kind of creepy but football normally got out after cheer so it wasn’t usually a problem.

Archie, jogged over to you with his gear still on and his helmet in his hand. He smiled at you with crinkly eyes and ran his fingers through his disheveled copper hair. “How’s my favorite River Vixen?”

You forwent an actual greeting and instead just yelled “WATER,” at him, grabbing the green bottle in his bag with the Gatorade logo on it and gulped it. It came out a little more desperate and forceful than intended but you figured he got the general ‘welcome’ message. When you finally came up for air he looked at you in awe and gave a chuckle, “Well hello to you too.”

“Sorry, it’s just Cheryl’s been crazy all practice. This is literally the first water break we’ve gotten.”

“Cheryl? Crazy? How new and different for her.” He leaned in to kiss you but you dipped out of the way.

“I promise you don’t want to kiss me Arch, I’m really sweaty.” You handed him the bottle back.

“Yeah, but I’m really sweaty too so it cancels out,” he leaned in and kissed you softly.

You smiled up at him, “Ah yes, simple algebra. How could I forget?”

The nice moment you were sharing was interrupted by the sound of nails on a chalkboard, also known as Cheryl Blossom’s voice through a megaphone, “ONE MINUTE”.

Your head whipped around back to your boyfriend. You HAD to get out of this practice, and you had an idea of how. “Archie.”


“I need you to stomp on my foot right now.”

He shook his head in confusion, “What? Why? You’re kidding, right?”

“Archie please. I don’t have time for questions. Cheryl is gonna kill me, at least if I don’t get to her first. Now just please stomp on my foot. With the cleat, she’ll check for damage.”

“You’re not kidding. Y/n! no! I’m not just going to crush your foot. Are you crazy?”

“Come on!” you pleaded with him. You looked over at Cheryl. You could tell even from this far away that she was getting increasingly impatient which meant that you were running out of time. “You don’t even have to stomp that hard! Just like, leave a mark or something, I’ll act out the rest!”

“Y/n, I’m not going to stomp on your foot.”

“Archie,” you widened your eyes at him and talked slowly and deliberately. “I swear to the lord above if you do not stomp on my foot, with cleat, right now, then I will not talk to you for a solid week. I swear.”

He opened his mouth to say something, contemplating what to do. He really didn’t want to hurt your foot but he knew that, strangely, you would be really mad at him if he didn’t.

Cheryl’s voice rang from the megaphone, “LET’S TAKE IT FROM THE TOP VIXENS!”

Archie went against his better judgment, lifting his foot about two feet off the ground and slammed it down onto your soft sneaker.

“SHIT!” You buckled over and grabbed your foot in pain, balancing yourself by holding onto Archie with your other hand.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I really didn’t want to –”

“It’s fine, Arch. That was perfect. But I will need you to carry me over to Cheryl. She’ll want to see this.”

He put the rest of his equipment in his bag and lifted you up bridal style and headed towards the cheer squad. “Cheryl’s going to kill me right?” “Probably.”

She had her back turned to you as she was yelling at a freshman about how her hair looked unprofessional. “Cheryl?” You called out to her. She whipped around and her jaw dropped.

“What did you do to my flyer Andrews?!”

He cautiously answered her, “I’m really sorry, I just accidentally stepped on her foot with my cleat…”

“Which foot?!” Her eyes were wide with rage. You lifted your leg to indicate. She walked swiftly over to you and roughly pulled off your sneaker, making you wince a bit in pain. Sure enough, Archie’s cleats had left their mark. Your foot was red and it was obvious you couldn’t do anymore flying today. She threw the shoe into your hand that wasn’t wrapped around Archie’s neck. “Next time keep your big clown feet to yourself Boo Boo the fool.” She turned and walked towards her place in the bleachers. “Get out of my sight Y/n and put some ice on the foot. It better be healed by next practice,” she warned over her shoulder.

You looked at Archie, “I think… we’re free to go.” You looked back at the squad and saw Betty and Veronica getting into formation to run something. Betty reached her arm out dramatically towards the two of you and you could see Veronica mouth the words ‘Take us with you’. You reached back mirroring Betty’s motion as Archie turned away and walked towards his car.

“At least now we can make our dinner reservation. I got us a table at this great place called Pop’s. You probably haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty underground.” Archie quipped.

“Oh yeah? Sounds cute. I really will need some ice when we get there though. You know you actually stepped on me pretty bad,” you said to him, knowing how it would make him react.

“Are you kidding me? You forced me to do it! You threatened me!”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding relax. I will need some ice though.”

“What are you? Some kind of masochist?”

“Mr. Grey will see you now.”

One Condition(m)

Summary: You and Jimin have a perfectly-normal-good sex life, so you can’t really understand his need to explore further….whatever, two can play at that game. Looks like there won’t be much sleeping going on tonight.

Genre: A lil fluff/ lotta smut/ and hopefully I can make u giggle

Word count: 3,038

Warnings: Face sitting/ Breathplay (~light~Choking)…sorry mom

A/n: This is the FIRST EVER fic I felt comfortable releasing! I’m so super excited to share this w/ you guys and I hope u enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it:’’) . ps. this one for my chubby hoes or for my cuties w a lil more meat on ur thighs. jimin luvs u n so do i 💖💖💖

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Overthinking ➹ Spencer Reid x Reader

hey! i combined two requests hope y’all don’t mind. i personally think i captured his character pretty well in this?? idk, hope u enjoy this guys! tried to make it a little longer than usual

first request: 25 + Spence

second request: 1 + 20 with Spence

“Thank you.” - “For what?” - “For being you.” - “Aw, thanks. I don’t know how to be anyone else.”

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for that.”

“Can I stay with you tonight?”

Originally posted by sweetg


The case that the team worked on this week had been a tough one. It didn’t have a happy outcome and many victims died, leaving their families asking questions and feeling broken. You found it very hard to deal with. Although you and your team did all that you possibly could, you still felt like there was something else you should’ve done to help.

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Foldin’ Clothes : Mark Lee

→ mark lee x reader

→ fluffy fluff fluff ; 1.4k words

→ based on “foldin clothes” by j.cole {listen here}, doing laundry at NCT’s dorm so mark doesn’t have to cause youre like, the best girlfriend ever.

→ **AN; i dont usually write scenarios but ive had this idea in my head for the longest time… i did used to enjoy writing a couple years ago tho so maybe i’ll start getting into it again**

It never ceased to amaze you how even with his busy idol life, your boyfriend still made time to show you how much he loves you. Any spare moment he had was filled with an “I love you, you mean the world to me” text, a phone call or a visit to your home to cuddle and watch an episode of your favorite Netflix series before he was whisked away to another schedule. If you admired anyone in this world, it would be Mark Lee. You would never understand how he managed to balance his work, his sleep, his meals and his girlfriend but somehow he did it.

He wasn’t a half-assed boyfriend either. He always found a way to make you feel unconditionally loved and adored, even if it was just for a brief moment. If there was one thing everyone knew about Mark, it was that he was passionate in anything that he did, including his relationships. He’s been there for you since your first year of middle school, through some of the toughest times in your life and still everyday with him is better than the last. It was hard for anyone in a “normal” relationship to believe, but he made your life easier. Yeah you may go a week without seeing each other, but you always had someone to rely on and put your love and trust into. Besides, Mark “didn’t have time to do anything else besides work and love you,” as he would say.

It seemed that Mark was always busy. Even being home at the dorms, he never had down time. He had texted you earlier that day to bring over any clothes he may have left at your house, as he was stuck on laundry duty since he lost to Haechan, the other 127 maknae, in a game of rock, paper, scissors. As you arrived, you knocked on the front door with a special pattern, one you and Mark made up years ago when you went to a summer music camp. There was no answer for a minute, so you tried again. Eventually you heard the click of the lock, and you can’t help but smile knowing your boyfriend was on the other side. You look up to the face of an older boy, one that was definitely not Mark. “Oh, hi, Jaehyun!” You greeted.

“Hey pipsqueak, what’cha doin’?” He asked, a dimpled grin appearing.

“I was just here to drop off some clothes, I heard Mark’s on laundry duty this week,” you offered a smile in return.

Jaehyun laughed, “yeah, poor guy never gets a break, huh? Come on in, munchkin, I’m sure he’d be happy to see you.” He opened the door wide, allowing you to step in after ducking under his arm.

“When are you going to stop calling me names, Jaehyun?” You laughed as you took a look at him over your shoulder.

“When are you going to grow taller, Y/N?” He smirked. Fair enough. “Mark should be in the living room, that’s where he was when I last saw him at least.” You thanked him and watched as he turned a corner, probably going back to his room. You wondered if the other members were here, and how come none of them were near the door to let you in. You wandered into the living room, following the noise of the television.

“Markiepoooooo…” you drawled in a sing-song voice, “I have your clothes!” There was no answer. You made your way to the couch, where you saw your boyfriend sound asleep with a baskets of laundry on the ground next to him. Your little heart bursted at the sight, half because he just looked so cute, you couldn’t even handle it, and half because you felt that maybe it was unfair of his hyungs to make him do laundry, I mean they had a million members, why did Mark have to become the victim of laundry day? You walked to the laundry room and set the pile of dirty clothes on top of the washing machine for now, then opened the dryer to see if there were clothes that needed to be folded. It was empty, so you assumed that maybe Mark had taken all the dry clothes to the living room where he could sit and watch TV as he folded them, but was so exhausted that he just passed out on the couch.  You couldn’t just set the dirty clothes down and leave. One, you wanted to see your boyfriend, and two, you felt as though Mark needed his rest, and the least you could do was help him with his chores. The members shouldn’t mind, it’s not like that one time you and Mark took over the TV and played Mario Kart for 5 hours in the middle of the night when everyone was sleeping, the game causing you two to argue at very high volumes, waking up pretty much the entire dorm which ended in you two being sent to your house where you could “make as much noise as you want, but not in the weird way,” Johnny clarified. “What’s the weird way? Nevermind. Forget I said anything.”

So that’s how you arrived at your current state, sitting on the ground with your back against the couch with 3 baskets of laundry (another load in the washing machine,) and your sleeping boyfriend behind you. The TV was playing reruns of Friends, a show you and Mark used to binge watch during summers before he started training to become an idol. You dumped out a basket and got started, separating the jeans from the shorts, the t-shirts from the sweatshirts, and decided to throw all the socks and underwear into their own pile, and let the NCT members figure that out for themselves.

Almost an hour and a half later, Mark woke up to the sound of a door slamming, maybe Yuta had just come back from the gym. “Y/N?” Mark’s low, raspy sleepy voice came from behind you.

You couldn’t help but smile. “Good morning sleepyhead! You want some cereal?” You held the bowl up to him, but he shook his head and flattened his hair down, shutting his eyes since he hadn’t gotten adjusted to the lights yet.

“What are you doing here, babe?” he said after a minute.


“Why are you doing your laundry at the dorms?” He laughed, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes.

“I’m not doing my laundry, you goose. I’m doing your laundry.” You set the empty bowl of cereal to the side, somewhere where it wouldn’t get knocked over. Mark looked at you, then looked at the piles of folded clothes spread across the living room floor, then back to you.

“You did laundry for me?” He said in a quiet voice, sounding almost astonished.

“Well, yeah. At first I just came over to drop off your clothes from my house, but then I saw you sleeping on the couch with mountains of laundry in front of you and  I just thought of how you’re always constantly busy and if I could do just one little thing to make your life easier I probably should,” you shrugged, turning to face him.

“Y/N…you are such an angel. I don’t deserve you,” he reached to hold your face in his hand, caressing your cheekbone with soft strokes of his thumb.

“Shut up, Mark. If anything I don’t deserve you. You do so much for me without even realizing it, so it’s only fair for me to return the favor every once in awhile. Besides, what kind of monster would I be to show up with even more clothes for you to wash and not even try to help?”

Mark responded with a smile, a kiss, and a soft “I love you.”

“I love you more,” you taunted.

“You guys are disgusting,” Jaehyun laughed from the doorway.

I love you!” Doyoung mocked.

No no, I love you more!!” Jaehyun returned with a girlish tone and some kissing sounds. “Get a room you two little lovebirds.” And with that, they left you alone.

“Thank you, Y/N. I appreciate everything you do for me.”

“It’s the least I can do. Now you have some free time right? Let’s play Mario Kart!”

Slytherin!Yuta x Hufflepuff!Reader
  • It’s a day like no other, and you’re walking your typical route to your Charms class, when you notice something out of the normal.
  • The particular hall you walk through every day is lined with classes that have already started, so the hall itself is usually deserted. This allows you to relax and take a nice stroll to your class without having to worry about interacting with anyone or getting shoved in crowds of students, recklessly scurrying in order to not be late.
  • In this normally barren hallway, stands one boy in Slytherin robes, leaning against a wall nonchalantly outside of a Potions classroom.
  • On the inside you’re like “that’s kinda weird”, but you dismiss it, assuming he’s waiting for someone to get out of that class, or something along the lines of that.
  • As you walk past him, he grins at you and you swear you’ve never seen a smile that beautiful in your whole life.
  • You smile back shyly and nod to him, before walking a little faster past him and to your Charms class.
  • As soon as you sit in class and the professor asks to collect the homework that you completely forgot to do, you forget all about your encounter with the boy with the radiant smile.
  • The next time you’re walking to Charms, you had almost completely forgotten about the Slytherin boy, until you see him walk out of the Potions class in that hall, and wait outside the door.
  • Last time you assumed he was waiting for a friend, but he just walked out of the classroom so… what the hell is he doing.
  • If he’s supposed to be running an errand for the professor or something, shouldn’t he be walking somewhere?? Instead of just chilling outside the class?
  • But it’s none of your business, so you just keep walking, and as you pass him, he smiles at you with that same flawless, yet goofy grin and your heart melts a little at the sight. You repeat your routine from last time, smiling back and nodding to acknowledge him, and then make your way to you Charms class.
  • But this time you don’t forget about him or his gorgeous smile, and you spend the entire Charms class not paying attention, lost in your thoughts on “who is he, and what was he doing”.
  • By the third time you pass him on your way to Charms, you’ve just gotta know. So instead of just passing him when he smiles at you this time around, you actually stop and greet him.
  • He seems pleasantly surprised that you came up to him and started talking to him. He introduces himself as Yuta, a new transfer student to Hogwarts.
  • You’re drawing lines in your head, thinking “that’s why I hadn’t seen him before”, when you remember your original goal for approaching him.
  • You: “Why exactly do you come out into the hall every time you’re in that class?”
  • Yuta: “I didn’t really volunteer to stand out here, they kicked me out”
  • You: “They kicked you out?! Why? Are you having trouble fitting in well here?”
  • Yuta: “No I’m doing fine fitting in, I’ve made at least eight other friends, I just said something that the teacher didn’t like and now I’m out here”
  • You: “But this has happened more than once?”
  • Yuta: “Today it was me correcting the professor on something she taught wrong, and her pride getting in the way, resulting in me being banished to this hall, yet again. The last few times were students saying something rude under their breath, me calling them out on it and ‘disrupting the class’. Honestly, who hires the professors here?”, ending his explanation seeming to not really care about getting in trouble at all.
  • To put it bluntly, you’re astounded by the amount of times he’s gotten himself kicked out, but equally amazed that in these situations he’s describing, he doesn’t seem to be in the wrong. You don’t know him that well, seeing as it’s the first time that you’ve spoken, so you’re not sure if he’s telling the complete truth.
  • You: “You don’t seem to regret your actions at all, do you?”
  • Yuta: “Nope, because I didn’t do anything I shouldn’t have. I also didn’t catch your name?”
  • You: “Oh, I’m Y/N!”
  • Yuta: “Y/N… that’s pretty. But weren’t you on your way somewhere?”
  • It was in this moment you realize you were f u c k i n g late to your Charms class.
  • Your eyes widened bigger than Yuta thought was humanly possible as you proceeded to bolt down the hall, frantically mumbling to yourself “late, late, oh my god I’m late”
  • Arriving outside your class, you gently open the door, slipping into your seat next to Taeyong, in the front of the classroom. Luckily, your professor was turned around, writing something on the board as you walked in, so he didn’t notice your tardiness. Hufflepuff!Taeyong, however, definitely noticed.
  • Taeyong: “Where were you? You’re never late in this class”
  • You: “I got caught up talking to a Slytherin boy in the hall, a new transfer”
  • Taeyong: “Ahh, Yuta? Yeah he’s a handful, but hilarious and a really great guy”
  • You: “You know him? He’s only been here a few weeks. And he’s not even in our house, where did you meet him?”
  • Taeyong: “Yuta’s friends with people all across the houses, I don’t think he really cares which house a person is in”
  • After receiving a glare from your professor for chatting at the very front of the class, quite obviously, too, you and Taeyong’s conversation was cut short.
  • This didn’t stop you from wondering what kind of person Yuta is though. If Taeyong praises him, then he has to be a good guy, but a good guy that gets kicked out of class every day? You weren’t too sure, but you’d give him the benefit of the doubt. He’d been nothing but nice to you, so you put your doubts aside.
  • It became tradition that every time you would walk to Charms, if Yuta happened to be in the hallway, you’d stop by, say hello, and chat for a little while. After a handful of these encounters, he’d wave to you in the dining hall, or if he saw you around. This began the blossoming of your friendship.
  • The two of you got comfortable enough with one another that one time, you were mid-conversation with Slytherin!Doyoung, and Yuta said absolutely nothing to make his presence announced, he just walked straight up and back-hugged you, like it was the most natural thing.
  • At first, on the inside you were like “!!! who the heck in on me right now”. But you turned to see Yuta shoot you his signature cheesey grin and rest his chin on your shoulder, and you were like “oh, okay”, and just continued your conversation with Doyoung.
  • Doyoung was like “are y’all… dating?? Am I missing something?”
  • To which Yuta was like “We’re not dating but aren’t they so cute!!”, and proceeded to smush you in his embrace.
  • So it’s safe to say you guys are pretty close, and very good friends.
  • One day, you’re walking to your Transfiguration class, the class you have right before Charms, which is always a much more crowded hallway to venture down, when you hear some students whispering, about what seems to be you.
  • “Isn’t that the Hufflepuff person that’s so lovey-dovey with Yuta?”
  • “I think so, they should honestly leave him alone. Everyone knows Hufflepuff & Slytherin couples never work”
  • “God, they’re wasting his precious time. What’s their problem?”
  • Your instincts kick in and you walk faster and faster, hoping those kids that were talking about you aren’t invasive enough to approach or follow you.
  • Sitting through your Transfiguration class, and honestly not paying much attention, you’re lost in your thoughts. Why did what they say bother you so much? The two of you weren’t dating, but were you really wasting his time? Was he just letting you hang around him because he’s too nice to tell you you’re bothering him?
  • “Class dismissed!”, your Professor rang out. What usually would’ve been your signal to make a beeline for the door, suddenly felt like a death sentence. On your way to Charms, you might have to face Yuta if he got his dumb ass kicked outta class this day smh, and you hadn’t sorted out your feelings yet.
  • You reluctantly got out of your seat and made your way to Charms, taking your usual route, hoping with every fiber in your body that he behaved today and was still in class.
  • Apparently your weren’t as lucky as you thought you were, because as you turned the corner to this particular hallway, you could already see him him sitting outside the class from several feet away.
  • As you began to approach him, repressing all your negative feelings, you thought it was kind of weird that he was sitting down, instead of him pulling his “cool-guy lean” against the wall, like he usually does.
  • You: “Hey Yuta, are you- Oh my god!”
  • As you got closer to him, he looked up and shot you his signature, jaw-dropping smile, but today it was half hearted, and you could see why. There was a cut across the bridge of his nose, and his cheekbone was purple and bruising.
  • You kneeled in front of him, completely forgetting about your encounter with those gossipy, awful students from earlier.
  • You: “What the hell happened? What did you say today?”
  • Yuta: “It’s not important, I just…. Some of the students at this school have their priorities wrong”
  • You: “You can say that again”, you said with an edge in your voice, causing him to raise his eyebrows at you curiously.
  • Yuta: “Did something happen?”
  • You: “Where do you get off asking me if something happened while you’re sitting here all beat up? Here, let me help you stand, we need to get you fixed up”
  • You grab his large hands, and pull him up a little too hard, causing him to topple onto you. You adjust yourself under him, placing his arm across your shoulders, when you realize he’s limping, and send him a pissed off glance.
  • Yuta: “Some jerk kicked my shin, I don’t know what to tell you”, he says with that smile that melts most of your anger and worries away. Most of it, but not all.
  • The two of you make the slow, somewhat limping, walk to the infirmary. When you open the door and let yourself in, you immediately plop Yuta down on one of the beds and look for a nurse or medical assistant to help, but no one is there but you two. Even at Hogwarts, the school funding is sketch smh, nurses where you at
  • After giving up on finding someone to help, you gather some medical supplies, make your way back over to Yuta, and sit down next to him on the bed. You get out a cotton ball, dip it in some disinfectant solution, and cup his face in your other hand.
  • Yuta: “W-what are you doing??”
  • You: “Trying to clean up your cut, but I need you to stay still”
  • For the first time in all your friendship, Yuta looks somewhat flustered. As cocky as he comes off, you didn’t think he was capable of blushing as furiously as he was now. As cute as it is though, all it does is bring back into your mind all those things the kids in the hall said earlier today.
  • Grabbing your wrist gently, pulling it down from his face, and lacing his finger with yours, he softly asks you if you’re mad at him. Your heart breaks a little at this, because no you’re not mad at him, you just don’t want to be bothersome or cause drama for him.
  • You: “Yuta I… do you want me around?”
  • Yuta: “Of course I do! Why would you think otherwise?”
  • Immediately after asking, his eyes darkened as he refused to break eye contact with you, his voice becoming a little lower and rougher than his usual cheerful tone.
  • Yuta: “Did someone say something to you?”
  • You: “I mean, not exactly, but earlier there were some students in the hall saying that I’m wasting your time, and that I just-”, you confess, choking up and not being able to finish your thought, tears threatening to fall.
  • Yuta: “I think those jerks might be the same ones in my Potions class. They’re usually saying something rude about people in that particular class, but for some reason today their subject was you. They said something about you running away from them, and that you should run away from me, and then they started flat out insulting you and I- I just snapped. I went off, and then one of them hit me, and then I hit them back and… I’m sorry… to make you worry about me. And I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time because of me, so I understand if you want to walk out here and never look back”, he finished saying, looking down at his lap.
  • You have never heard Yuta sound so open and upset before. He’s usually cracking jokes and laughing with everyone, so to see him so distressed only breaks your heart more.
  • You: “I’m not going anywhere, as long as you want me with you”
  • Yuta: “I do want you with me! I honestly don’t think I could function without you. But there’s one thing…”
  • You: “One thing? What is it?”
  • Yuta: “I don’t want to be with you just as friends. I want us to be together, Y/N. I really like you”, he says, his eyes migrating from his lap to meet yours.
  • The level of intensity and seriousness in his expression leaves you speechless for a moment so you just furiously nod “yes” to him, a smile growing on your face. You can’t help yourself, and you throw your arms around his neck, pulling him into a tight hug.
  • Yuta: “Gentle!! Be gentle!”
  • You: “Oh shit, sorry”
  • Yuta: “Also can we continue this later when my face has less blood on it?”
  • You: “Shoot, you’re right. Pass me the gauze?”
  • It takes people a while to realize that you and Yuta are a couple now, because most of your friends either thought that, 1.) The two of you were already dating, or 2.) That Yuta was just as clingy on you as he is his other friends cough cough Sicheng
  • Doyoung: “I honestly thought that you were dating months ago, Yuta what took you so long to confess?”
  • Haechan: “Does that mean if we want Yuta to tell us something, we just have to beat him up?”
  • Johnny: “I’m 89% sure that’s illegal, but still worth a shot”
  • You spend a significant amount of your time slapping your hand over Yuta’s mouth to make sure he doesn’t sass anyone that could get him in trouble.
  • Yuta: “Is Jaehyun fair game?”
  • You: “Oh definitely, go roast him”
  • To sum it up, y’all are the sweet and salty power couple, who love spending time together, even if it means getting kicked out of Potions and being late to Charms.

anonymous asked:

Hello 😊 may I request the reactions of the RFA+V+Saeran when they see MC making them breakfast with nothing but their T-shirt on?? Thank you ❤❤❤



  • This lil cutie always wakes up super late!!!
    • He totally doesn’t run out of bed
    • And he doesn’t trip over the covers either
  • When he sees nothing on the table, he’s slightly disappointed
    • Decides to sneak up on you in the kitchen and steal some of the food even you’re still cooking
  • Okay woah wait
    • are tHOSE YOUR LEGS
  • This boy’s face is on fire
    • “MC..I…um…what’s for breakfast?”
    • lookinhereyeslookinhereyes
  • “Me~”
    • “Oh just some pancakes and I made an omelet for us!”
  • he can’t keep his eyes off you the entire meal omg  
  • cmon guys, we both know you’re gonna be the one initiating if you want something to happen
    • You totally bend over in front of him to tease him, you little minx
    • Everything is swiped off that table and your back is on it so quickly
  • Who knew Yoosung had it in him
  • You find out Yoosung loves to lick syrup off you


  • this boy gets up at 6 am for mile runs what is wrong with him
  • And you always make him breakfast so he has something to look forward to when he gets home <3
  • But when he enters the kitchen and he sees you, oh my god lord help you
    • You really thought you could enjoy an innocent breakfast when you’re dressed like that???
    • Oh you knew what was gonna happen, didn’t you?
  • You’re bent over that counter top so fast that you’re pretty sure you went back in time
  • You can’t walk for two days after that


  • You’re such a sweetie pie and you realize with how busy Jaehee is, you’re gonna need to make her meals for her if you want her to eat properly
  • When she sees you, omg this girl is flustered, but she’s insanely happy???
    • You just look so cute
    • She must have died and gone to heaven, why else would be blessed by such an amazing sight?
  • She wraps her arms behind and just watches you cook
    • Sometimes she’ll places kisses on shoulder because she’s a cutie <3
  • But her hands start slowly making their way down your sides
    • You know where this is going
  • Her fingers graze your inner thigh and she teases you for so long
    • She’d stop but your whimpers are like music to her ears
  • I think it’s safe to say you didn’t finish making breakfast


  • You usually never make breakfast for him bc hello, he has a cook
  • But sometimes you like to make your own food so you kick out the cook (ofc the cook still gets paid)
  • And you like making food for Jumin, he always says your food tastes better than the cook’s <3
    • He’s lying but he loves it when you cook for him! It makes him feel so loved
  • When he talks in on you wearing nothing but his shirt, he doesn’t really have a reaction???
    • He can control himself better than he thinks and he knows better than to start anything before work
  • But you notice his gaze lingering on your legs when you walk around
  • Oh but when he gets home from work, he roughly pushes you up against a wall and whispers in your ear “Did you think you could get away with what you did this morning?”
  • Oh boy oh pal you’re in for a night girl


  • If u want saeyoung to eat, you’re definitely gonna need to make food for him otherwise it’s not happening
  • when he walks in for breakfast, iNSTANT NOSEBLEED
  • “You’re so hot, MC”
  • way to be subtle, saeyoung
  • he lifts you and sets you on the counter <3
  • He asks if he can eat honey Buddha chips off you
    • You say yes


  • The second he saw you, you had no chance
  • He pushes you up against a wall, his hand gripping your thighs and you’re loving it
  • ·He trails hungry kisses down your throat and he makes sure to nibble to leave marks on your neck
  • You are his, do not forget that


  • no reaction cause he can’t see
  • just kidding
  • The second he sees you, he wraps his arms around you and he’s kissing so roughly
    • He’s usually so gentle and this side of him is so hot
  • But he abruptly pulls away from you because he realizes he’s losing control
  • Like you’re gonna let that happen
  • You slip off your shirt and push yourself against him
  • “Where are you going, V? We’re not done yet~”
  • MC is the dom in this relationship

here’s a long list of random prompts

-”hey dude? can you do me a favor and show me where i asked”
-”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.”
-”how the hell do you find anything in this place?”
-”what the hell is in your pants?”
-”you want me to go get what now
-”there’s no way in hell im working with HIM”
-”so you’re telling me, that out of all of our options right now, that is the plan you wanna go with?”
-”im sorry, what was it you said about vehicular manslaughter?”
-”it’s not stealing if he deserves it”
-”im sorry do you wanna repeat that
-”im not drinking that”
-”for the hundredth time, no
-”now is NOT the time for a selfie!”
-”that’s sick. how could anyone do that” “(just did That)….”
-”is planetary genocide really the answer here?”
-”yeah, about that…”
-”im sorry, but that’s pretty fucking cool”
-”that was the weirdest, scariest, most awesome experience of my life”
-”do i have to?”
-”i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you.”
-”dude are you okay? you look like you’ve got the plague”
-”this is fine, right? it’s probably fine”
-”how was I supposed to know that?!”
-”I didn’t know that was flammable..”
-”you’re kidding, right?”
-”we started at the bottom and somehow we’ve managed to sink even lower”
-”who the hell are you
-”this is a bad idea. this is absolutely a bad idea”
-”guys, maybe we shouldn’t go to this incredibly dangerous place- and you’re already gone.”
-”you can’t expect me to forgive you”
-”maybe i can’t hide, but i can sure as hell run”
-”you can’t just waltz back into my life like nothing happened!”
-”get out
-”is that blood?”
-”do i even want to know what happened?”
-”how the hell did you think that was a good idea?”
-”shut up, Satan”
-”i got my masters for this…”
-”im not supposed to be here
-”you can torture me all you want, i’ll never talk”
-”you’ll have to get through me first”
-”it’s my job to die for you. stop interfering with my work”
-”yes, im his guardian, unfortunately” 
-”well, you see, what had happened was-”
-”what the hell is that noise
-”you’ll never take me alive”
-”that’s the dumbest shit ive ever heard. let’s do it.”
-”i can’t believe you did that”
-”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache”
-”its dangerous” “but it’s so cute
-”have i ever told you how much I hate your guts?”
-”you ruined me.”
-”you’ll pay for that”
-”you can take everything, my possessions, my life, but please, dont take her
-”i’ll come back for you, i promise”
-”hate is such a strong word, i prefer extreme dislike
-”stop pretending to be a hero”
-”I may be a villain, but even i have standards”
-”forget the goddamn mission!
-”Im not doing this for you, im doing it for me.”
-”stay out of this
-”the devil is an asshole”
-”you got a problem with that?”
-”if you hurt them, so help me-
-”what is your damage
-”first of all, ow
-”…i forgot what i came here for”
-”are you sure it’s safe?”
-”thanks, i have anxiety”
-”sorry, but im not on the menu tonight”
-”you threatened who
-”if i wasnt incredibly happy to see you i’d kick your ass”
-”you owe me for that”
-”fuck off ghost!”
-”what kind of horror movie shit is this?”
-”oh, paranormal activity. my favorite
-”we were so goddamn close!”
-”permission to speak freely? that’s fucking stupid.”
-”how come everytime I turn around, you’re blowing something up?”
-”where did you get that
-”don’t look at that!”
-”who gave you permission to be here?”
-”hypothetically speaking-”
-”shut up you fucking nerd”
-”okay- who invited the bear?”
-”you won’t be laughing soon”
-”jeez, talk about a weird hobby”
-”dont you find that just a little suspicious?”
-”you won’t have to worry anymore”
-”i’ll take care of it, once and for all”
-”is there anything you wouldn’t do for money?”
-”fuck your eyebrows”
-”you’ve been playing this game for how long
-”could’ve went a bit smoother, but it still worked”
-”hey, we’re alive right?”
-”you didn’t bring me along for just my good looks”
-”how are you so confident about everything?”
-”oh yeah? if like to see you do better”
-”that’s not how this works! that’s not how any of this works!”
-”why are there so many dogs” “why not”
-”first of all, you ignored my dog in a bee costume, so fuck you. second of all-”
-”are you flirting with me?”
-”why do i find that hard to believe?”
-”why must i suffer”

✰ * º ❛ californication sentence starters. ❜


‘  i am not a fucking shrink. i don’t give a shit anyway.  ’
‘  we are not talking! we are not fucking! nothing is happening!  ’
‘  you know me… the talking and the fucking go hand-in-hand.  ’
‘  rehab is for quitters.  ’
‘  you can’t snort a line of coke off a woman’s ass and not wonder about her dreams. it’s not gentlemanly.  ’
‘  damn you smell good, like home.  ’
‘  spend the rest of your life with this fool and this fool will spend the rest of his life making sure you don’t regret it.  ’
‘  there’s no easy way to say this so i’ll just say it: i met someone.  ’
‘  there’s this feeling in my gut that she may be the one.  ’
‘  i don’t know how to be with you right now and that scares the shit out of me.  ’
‘  it’s a big, bad world full of twists and turns and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment.  ’
‘  i don’t know what’s going on with us and i can’t tell you why you should waste a leap of faith on the likes of me.  ’
‘  it’s a lost art, really. like handjobs.  ’
‘  i have a confession to make… i didn’t like you very much at first.  ’
‘  you didn’t seem to have much interest in me, which i of course found vaguely insulting.  ’
‘  funny how some things never change.  ’
‘  i cruised along, doing my thing, acting the fool, not really understanding how being a parent changes you.  ’
‘  i don’t remember the exact moment everything changed. i just know that it did.  ’
‘  loving you has been the most profound, intense, painful experience of my life.  ’
‘  i made a silent vow to protect you from the world, never realizing i was the one who would end up hurting you the most.  ’
‘  when i flash forward, my heart breaks, mostly because i can’t imagine you speaking of me with any sort of pride.  ’
‘  i care for nothing and everything at the same time.  ’
‘  noble in thought, weak in action.  ’
‘  i think that’s the good thing about never being married, it’s impossible to divorce.  ’
‘  i tried, but somewhere along the line, you slip back into what you know and i’m sorry about that.  ’
‘  i’m sorry we haven’t talked in awhile because i miss you.  ’
‘  you’re doing the best you can. you’ve done good.  ’
‘  that fucker is the horniest man i’ve ever met. he’ll be pitching a tent on his deathbed.  ’
‘  don’t tell me what to feel.  ’
‘  all my fucking life people have been telling me i do things wrong. i’m always the fucking asshole. i look around and i see everybody else is infinitely more fucked up than i am.  ’
‘  i’m offering you sex, and you just want to talk? has the earth spun off its axis?  ’
‘  i question everything. it’s very healthy.  ’
‘  you should live with someone who everyday reminds you how fucking lucky you are to be with them.  ’
‘  you don’t want to be with me.  ’
‘  if i were to give myself to you, you would run for the hills ‘cause you’re not in love with me. you’re in love with the idea – the idea of love.  ’
‘  imagine my fucking disappointment when you turned out to be the biggest cliche of all.  ’
‘  a great father is a guy that gives it all up for his family and leaves his self-destructive bullshit at the door.  ’
‘  there isn’t a woman that i’v’e met that i haven’t fallen in love with for 10 minutes or 10 years.  ’
‘  friends don’t let friends bang each others soulmates!  ’
‘  i consider that whole area – general area – my cock. like, from my knees to nipples.  ’
‘  two people of the opposite gender can’t rendezvous after 7 pm.  ’
‘  life’s just too fucking boring not to try.  ’
‘  i may be easy, but i’m not sleazy.  ’
‘  a morning of awkwardness is far better than a night loneliness.  ’
‘  i like it here. it’s nice. the sun is chirping, the birds are shining. the water’s wet.  ’
‘  life is good, sweetheart. life is good.  ’
‘  you can blame everything on the economy, douchebag.  ’
‘  no man should ever have to bear witness to his “o” face.  ’
‘  you know, it’s not fair to say “b.r.b.” and then never actually b.r.b.  ’
‘  fuck around all you want. i’m no judge judy. but don’t string a woman along for a major chunk of her childbearing years. that’s not cool.  ’
‘  when it comes to emotions, women know how to pain with the full set of oils while men are busy doodling with crayons.  ’
‘  there’s nothing quite like getting stoned on the very bed that your ex-domestic partner shares with her fiance. it’s the little things.  ’
‘  hang out with your wang out, but remember: no gloving, no loving.  ’
‘  hate the game, not the playa.  ’
‘  no matter what you did, don’t give up. do not give up because if she loves you, she’ll forgive you.  ’
‘  things fall apart. they break. that’s life.  ’
‘  despite all evidence to the contrary, i am a gentleman.  ’
‘  i’ve been thinking about us – that’s us with a capitol “u”.  ’
‘  the story of us… how the fuck do i sum it up?  ’
‘  any story with me in the center of it will never be anything less than a big, smiling mess.  ’
‘  our time in the sun has been a thing of absolute beauty.  ’
‘  for years i woke up, fucked up, said i was sorry, passed out, and did it all over again.  ’
‘  i’m a sucker for happy endings.  ’
‘  there’s just the two of us, which can be fucking ugly sometimes.  ’
‘  i didn’t know how to finish it because it’s not over.  ’
‘  it’ll never be over, as long as there’s you, and there’s me, and there’s hope, and grace.  ’
‘  wine me. dine me. stand up 69 me.  ’
‘  one does not very easily forget the kiss of a beautiful woman.  ’
‘  that’s right. i said it. i meant it. i’m here to represent it.  ’
‘  can you slow down? i don’t know why you’re so fucking angry.  ’
‘  i’m not the one who disappeared to the bedroom with that fucking weirdo degenerate.  ’
‘  you’ve got a fucking nerve to take issue with anything i do, ever!  ’
‘  you’re right, but what am i supposed to do? just sit there and watch it happen?  ’
‘  why the fuck did you come here tonight anyway?  ’
‘  there’s always this voice in the back of my head that says ‘maybe this time it will be different, maybe this time the stars will align and there will be this magic moment between us where everything will be okay again.’  ’
‘  there’s always something or someone in the way!  ’
‘  you want me not to see anybody else, just say the word. but if you keep me at arms length, what am i supposed to do? just sit around with a cock-cage on and hope that you’re going to have some kind of epiphany about us?   ’
‘  do you honestly think i care about you fucking someone else? if we’re not together, i don’t expect you to have taken some vow of celibacy.  ’
‘  when i see someone look at you the way i used to look at you… i fucking hate that. it makes me sick to my stomach.  ’
‘  i don’t want to be that person. i don’t want to start playing games and like, trying to get back at you or try to hurt you.   ’
‘  i thought there was something wrong with me, but it’s you. you’re a loser.  ’
‘  i’m sorry you got hurt. i thought we had an understanding.  ’
‘  i swallowed your cum, but worst of all, i swallowed your bullshit.  ’
‘  i guess being there made it easier to forget that i still love the shit out of you. yeah, wow, i said that out loud, didn’t i?  ’
‘  so? i still love you. i always will, till the day i die. but at some point, i had to choose happiness, i had to make that a priority.  ’
‘  i’m with someone who understands that i’ll never stop loving you and that makes me happier than i’ve ever been.  ’
‘  contrary to popular belief, i’m not out there trying to hurt anyone.  ’
‘  by the way, you’re an incredibly woman. very sexual. are you ovulating right now?  ’
‘  don’t blame me because you were born with a clit for a cock and a tiny beanbag to house what passes for balls.  ’
‘  eat my shit.  ’
‘  it makes my labia shrivel.  ’
‘  die young and suffer, dickless.  ’
‘  you can either cry like a bitch or smack a bitch.  ’
‘  what, you going back to your mommy’s? you fucking infant.  ’
‘  sperm would enter my pretty little vajoojoo and my cold black heart would kill that shit dead, son.  ’
‘  trust me, getting your asshole bleached would be much more fun.  ’
‘  you’re like one of those freaky chicks who marries serial killers on death row.  ’
‘  well, if you were not so preoccupied with sticking your dick in anything with a hole that will have you, you might noticed these things.  ’
‘  i want to go back and do it all over again. only this time, not make the same mistakes… this time, do it better. this time do it right.  ’
‘  our best days are behind us now. you’re just chasing a dragon. we’re never going to life happily ever after.  ’
‘  you’re going to die poor, drunk, and alone.  ’
‘  welcome to the place where time stands still, where whisky flows and always will.  ’
‘  i came back… for you. i know it’s overwhelming, disorienting even.  ’
‘  we have to resolve this shit one way or another, don’t you agree?  ’
‘  i say we stay here until we figure it out… or until we both get so fucking horny we can’t stand it. either way, it’s a win-win for both of us.  ’
‘  what is this? explain yourself, woman.  ’
‘  do you realize that the bottom has just officially dropped out of our relationship?  ’
‘  angry? i’m not angry! why would i be angry? i’m not even entitled to angry.  ’
‘  that’s what makes it worse: she was there first.  ’
‘  you might wanna curve your crazy bitch.  ’
‘  why, do you still love her?  ’
‘  are you challenging me right here in my own home?  ’
‘  of course i love you! i’ve always loved you!  ’
‘  i didn’t fuck anyone, if that’s what you were wondering.  ’
‘  who gives diamonds to the homeless? not i.  ’
‘  i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life annoying the shit out of you.  ’
‘  i’m sick and tired of fighting about the past.  ’
‘  home is wherever you are.  ’
‘  you are so full of shit?  ’
‘  other than making the sweet love to me, that’s the nicest thing you could’v done.  ’
‘  you’re right, i know everything there is to know about you.  ’
‘  i am lucky. i’m lucky to have known you, i’m lucky to have loved you.  ’
‘  i like you when you’re crazy.  ’
‘  you have so much shit going on in your life right now, you don’t want to add this to the mix.  ’
‘  thank you for letting me be the crazy one for once.  ’
‘  merry fucking christmas. can we go home already?  ’
‘  it’s your life. if there’s something you don’t like about it, you can change it.  ’
‘  you need to be in the middle of a mess of your own creation, right? that’s what makes you attractive and also, impossible to live with.  ’
‘  impossible is a very strong word.  ’
‘  i love you, but i can’t be with you. when will you accept that?  ’

Amusement Parks & Sunburns

request: Hey! I love your blog so much, ur an amazing writer! <3 I was wondering if u could write an imagine around the line ‘I’m sorry baby’, if it’s not too much trouble 💗💗

a/n: so that line isn’t in until the very bottom, but it’s still there. also feedback is super good!! ps i literally couldn’t think of a good title

You were on tour with Shawn for the summer, and since he had day off from travelling and playing shows, the team thought it would be fun to go to the amusement park that was close to the venue. “There’s a waterpark next door!” Shawn said, smiling like a little kid on Christmas.

You laughed, tossing him the black swim trunks he packed. “Wanna get wet?” You asked, and Shawn choked. Laughing, you went to change into your bikini. You threw on a white shirt, and a cute pair of shorts, before slipping on your sandals.

When you guys got to the amusement park, most of the team went to the water park first, but you, Shawn, Geoff, and Andrew all walked over to the amusement park’s line. “Babe, did you put sunscreen on?” You asked, knowing Shawn was prone to forgetting.


You rolled your eyes, an once everyone was through the gates, you grabbed the small spray sunscreen you had, and sprayed Shawn’s arm, causing him to yelp. “Babe! That was cold!” He said, grabbing the sunscreen. He applied the sunscreen, and handed the metal canister back to you, and you stuffed it in the drawstring bag you had brought.

“What do you want to do first?” You asked, lacing your hand with your boyfriend’s.  

“That.” Geoff pointed to a roller coaster that had a nearly vertical drop, and you felt your stomach flip.

“Um, I’ll stick this one out.” You said, and Shawn looked at you.

“I’ll stay with her, why don’t you do it, Geoff?” He asked, and the man waltzed right up to the line, and Andrew stood next to Shawn, not a fan of heights either.

“Ooh, let’s go on the Italian swings!” You pulled Shawn’s arm towards the ride, and he just went along with it, yelping out when his arm touched the already-hot metal rod that kept you in the seat.

After a few hours, a few other people from Shawn’s team joined up with you four, and Dave was posing with Shawn in front of one of those boards where you stick your head through. You snapped a few photos for blackmail, and took a swig of the water you got. “Hey, anyone know where  a good place for lunch is?” Mike asked, fixing the baseball cap he had on.

“I saw a buffet-style place over there.” You pointed towards the area without any big coasters, and everyone started to migrate that way. You found Shawn’s hand again, and the two of you talked about going to the waterpark after lunch.

The lunch buffet was pretty busy, but eventually everyone got food, and Shawn paid for your lunch, as well as his. “Babe, I’m gonna end up finishing it, so don’t even complain. Plus, we’ve been dating for three years, you should be used to this.” He said, carrying the tray to the table Geoff had claimed. You couldn’t argue that fact, since Shawn was always up for some food.

After eating, you went to the bathroom and tied your hair into a bun, and applied some more sunscreen. You usually burned pretty easily, so you made sure to not miss any spots. Stepping out of the bathroom, you saw Shawn was talking to a few fans, and you poked him in the side. “Hey, how are you guys?” You asked, smiling at them.

Once they left, you and Shawn made your way to the lockers, and paid for one. He took off his shirt, and you did the same, leaving you two in the swimsuits you put on earlier. Locking the locker, you two walked over to the waterslide where two people could race each other. “You’re going down, Mendes.” You said, sticking your tongue out at him.

You two went down the slides, and when you popped up from the pool, you saw Shawn doing the same. “It was pretty much a tie.” Andrew said, and you jumped, since you didn’t know he was in the pool. “Did I scare ya?” He asked, laughing.

You waded to the edge of the pool, and got out. Shawn followed, and you smirked when you saw his arms as he got out of the pool. “Like whatcha see?” He asked, taking your hand.

“It’s ok.” You joked, kissing his bicep. You two just meandered for a little, and you saw the entrance to a very populated lazy river. You lead Shawn to the entrance, and grabbed a two-person inner tube, and Shawn jumped on. You followed hia action, and he pushed off of the wall to get moving. “Today was fun.” You said, yawning.

Shawn looked at you, and smiled. “It was pretty great.” He reached over and took your hand, and you two just floated along the river, until Geoff swam by, splashing you two.

Back at the hotel, you collapsed on the bed, exhausted. “Um, baby, did you put sunscreen on your back?” Shawn asked, biting his lip.

“Yeah, why?” You asked.

Shawn pressed his finger between your shoulder blades, and you whimpered. “I’m sorry baby, I think you got burned.”

Your shoulders fell, you really thought you made it out without a burn. “Dammit.” You walked into the bathroom and spun so you could see your back, and you were relieved to see it wasn’t a super bad burn, but it was pink. “Shawn? Can you rub aloe onto my back?” You grabbed the green bottle, and walked back into the room.

“Yeah, of course.” He smiled, and you lied on the bed, while Shawn massaged aloe into your back, and before you knew it, you were asleep.

a/n: so anyway i went to virginia last summer aka all i did was go to busch gardens and water country usa so like. also i never knew how nice water shoes can be at a waterpark. 10/10 would say to buy them.

prettyboydean  asked:

HELLO I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST ONE (1) FIC PLEASE, IT GOES LIKE THIS: Your window was open and you live across from me so I saw and heard you in your underwear, singing and dancing ridiculously and I really wanna get to know you cause you’re pretty hot and I might have a crush on you. - with Destiel obvs 💙

I hope you like Moana, I’m a huge fan of Disney-enthusiast!dean okay… this turned out pretty random and weird I maybe need more sleep

When finals are close, Castiel likes to spend his free weekends in his room, studying. There’s nothing else he does except for the necessary things like groceries and dinner, and trying to get Gabriel out of his room. He uses all the silence he can get to concentrate, and his family lets him.

He is in one of his study sessions, books and notes spread out all over his desk when a sudden sound makes him jump up. At first, he thinks it’s Gabriel listening to music again, but he soon realizes that can’t be. First of all, it’s coming from outside Castiel’s window and not from the hallway. Secondly, Gabriel doesn’t listen to Disney songs.

Castiel puts his pen down. It doesn’t make sense, but he’s sure it’s a song from that movie his little sister Anna likes to watch. That new one, Moana.

He pushes himself away from his desk and gets over to his window.

Across from him is Dean Winchester’s room- Castiel can’t say he doesn’t know. He’s been trying to sneak a glimpse of the guy for as long as he can remember. Now his curtains are wide open and so is his window. Castiel looks again and almost dives away when Dean suddenly appears, but he doesn’t see Cas. He’s dancing through his room, arms widely spread and jumping onto his bed and down to the floor, singing along to the lyrics Castiel only vaguely knows.

The worst (or best) part is that he’s only wearing boxers.

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We Did Good - Justin Bieber imagine

Request: ‘Can u please write an imagine where yn and justin are married and they just had a baby and they brought her home to find all their family members (shes a part of the kardashian/jenner family) and its all cute then they leave and its just yn and justin and their daughter and they r all cuddling in bed and justin keeps telling yn she did a great job and the baby looks as beautiful as her mother idk something like that its up to u

Warnings: none


“{Y/N}! Can we see the baby?”

“{Y/N}, Justin, look over here!

As we exited the hospital, that’s all that I could here being shouted on us. Was it too much to ask for privacy? I kept our baby’s face shielded with a blanket to avoid the flashing lights being shown in her eyes. Security backed the paparazzi up, giving us some space to walk through. There was only so much I could do considering I was in a wheelchair so I gave Justin the baby to hold and take into the car, while the hospital staff and a few of Justin’s security helped me into the car. I quickly got in to avoid the flashing cameras. 

We drove off, making our way through the traffic in downtown LA. We were currently on our way to go see my cousins, the Kardashians and Jenners—crazy, right? Justin took the blanket from off the baby’s face and exposed her to those in the car, thank goodness these windows were tinted. Justin and I vowed to never show her face until we felt the time was right for her. Scooter glanced back to see how we were doing and was met my the baby instead. 

“She really looks just like her old man,” He said joking. “But she has {Y/N}’s eyes and nose.”

“Hey, I’m not that old. If anything, you’re the old man Scoot.” Justin responded. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity and took our baby from Justin. I cradled her in my arm and admired her features. She really did look like Justin but, had some of my features. She was going to be snatching men left and right when she got older. I tickled her, earning a small chuckle from her. I heard Justin and Scooter continuing to talk about random stuff while I played with little {Y/D/N}. 

She soon latched her small hand around my finger and held onto it. I couldn’t help but enjoy this innocent moment. I’ve been waiting for this all my life and now, I finally have a kid of my own.

“Here comes {Y/N} and the crew! She brought the baby too!” I heard Kendall yell from up the hill. I laughed aloud, carrying the baby up with me. Justin and Scooter grabbed the bags from the car while I went up to greet everyone. 

“Can we see the beautiful little princess?” Kendall continued. I uncovered {Y/D/N}’s face and showed her to everyone. “She looks just like Justin, weird. But hey! Glad you’re home, we kept it nice and warm for you guys!” I made my way into the house, making sure everything was still intact, which it was. Justin and Scoot struggled to get through the door but, they eventually figured it out.

“I hope your cousin Kylie didn’t ruin the place. That girl has a thing for ruining shit.” I heard Justin grumble from behind me. I turned around giving him a scowling look. “What?” He questioned. I rolled my eyes and proceeded to the kitchen where everyone else was. “It’s true!”

“Welcome home honey!” Kris said as soon as I walked in. I smiled, thanking her and everyone else for this. I was sort of expecting this extravagant party because within this family, it was go big or go home. Kris popped open the champagne bottle and the sudden sound startling th baby causing her to cry. 

“Mom, really? Forget there’s a baby here?” Kourtney questioned. “Here, I’ll take her {Y/N}. I’m great with kids considering I had a few of my own.” She took {Y/D/N} from your arms and left the room.

“Sorry.” Kris apologized. “I forgot.” I accpeted her apolgy and then tok a seat at the island in the kitchen. Everyone joined in and took their seats, talking amongst themselves. 

“Let’s get this party started!” We heard Scott yell from the opposite side of the house. “Pump up my jams! Where are the ladies at?” By this time, everyone stopped talking and waited for Scott to walk in to yell at him. “Hey, why’s everyone so—oh, bad timing? I heard there was a party and I brought the alcohol and—okay, no? I’ll be outside then by myself. Anyone’s open to join.”

“Scott, just go outside would you?” I spoke up. I rubbed my temples because my head was starting to kill me. Scott partied wherever, whenever with whoever. He’d party at a children’s party if given the chance. 

“Shit, then. Welcome home to you too,” He scoffed, going outside to the deck. 

“Guess we should join him, right? Shouldn’t let the poor kid drink on his own.” Kris got up from the island and everyone joined her to join Scott.

“Oh that’s what I thought. Y’all had me looking stupid inside..”

Scott will always be a trip. Kourtney came back downstairs and told me that {Y/D/N} was asleep. I thanked her and Justin and Scooter came into the room. We all went outside to enjoy ourselves while we could. 

“Bye guys, thanks for coming and watching the house! See you guys soon!” i bid everyone farewell. 

“Oh hold on {Y/N}, I could never go wrong by taking pictures.” Kris pulled out her phone and began snapping away. Gotta love Kris. Once she was satisfied and everyone was out the house, we closed the door before Kris changed her mind to take more pictures. I rested my back against the door, letting out a deep sigh of relief. 

“Your family is more work than our daughter.” Justin remarked. I threw a washcloth at Justin and as if on cue, {Y/D/N} began crying. “See even she knows!”

I scurried up the stairs quickly to the baby’s room. I took her into my arms and began rocking her. I walked around the room, waiting for her to quiet down. Justin stood in the door frame and watched me do what I was doing. Just to my luck, she began crying again.

“Look, she wants her daddy. Come on baby.” Justin took her from me and left the room, going to the room him and I shared. I was ready to collapse and sleep at this point. It’s been a rough few days. I went into the room we shared and saw Justin sitting on the bed, playing with {Y/D/N}. I got into the bed next to the two of them and watched daddy and daughter bonding. Moments like these were enough to melt your heart. 

“Look at you Justin, being all professional about being a father.” I laughed. The baby laughed too as if she understood what I said, maybe she did.

“I’m rather scared out of my mind but, we’ll take things one day at a time. We did good {Y/N}. Never forget that.”

KuroMahi Oneshot #1

Ok uhhhhhh Here’s my first attempt at a oneshot eee I’m sorry if it’s not up to standards with other writers because everyone in this fandom is so good at it ffffff But here’s my first contribution to the KuroMahi positivity project! Istarted writing this before the prompts were released so I would say this falls under ‘3. Domestic/home life’ and ‘15. free choice’. And well, I hope people enjoy?? ^^’

Mahiru wasn’t sure how this situation came about. One minute they were both sitting on the couch watching some random show that was on, Kuro sitting on Mahiru’s lap in cat form; the next he had somehow ended up under a sleeping, very much human Kuro whose dead weight was causing some circulation issues. But that wasn’t really of his concern right now…

He usually had no problem with the closeness of Kuro; the vampire normally close by his side, leaning on him occasionally. However, having the lazy ass sleeping on top of him was completely different. It was weirdly a lot more intimate, and strange feelings were making themselves known to Mahiru making the whole thing even more uncomfortable. Especially since he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to stay or run to his room.

Kuro remained oblivious to his situation, continuing his nap whilst being completely unaware of everything and anything. In fact, Mahiru was surprised that Kuro hadn’t woken up from how unbelievably loud and fast his heart rate was. He was glad though, since he didn’t have to deal with Kuro’s reaction on top of his own. Well, it was inevitable but still!

He sighed in frustration, but couldn’t bring himself to aim that frustration at Kuro. It wasn’t really his fault after all. Moreover, his SerVamp wasn’t having the best sleep lately, so this was also a really good thing and he would feel terrible if he woke him up now…

This was a great opportunity for that infamous line of ‘what a pain’.

Eventually his mind drifted from the topic of his misfortune to Kuro himself, as it did more times in a day then he would admit. His vampire just seemed to surprise him more and more, especially in recent weeks. It would be small things like helping him with chores (to an extent of course. He could hardly say that moving rubbish from the floor to the table so he could vacuum more effectively could be considered as helping, but it was progress! And noticeable progress at that). Even when they were walking home from the supermarket, Kuro would take some bags without being forced too, of course he still complained… And, to his surprise, just last week Kuro was lazily playing around with some kid while he was off getting them both ice cream. That was a moment he had managed to snag a picture of without Kuro’s knowledge and he was proud of it. They were only small things, but they still continued to made his heart flutter every time. It didn’t help that it was so awkwardly cute when Kuro did try to help out…

After a few more moments of aimless contemplating about what he should do, the worst thing that could have happened… decided to happen. His phone started ringing, and it was loud. The sound had caused Mahiru to jump slightly before he frantically searched for the device. It had wedged itself inside the couch somewhere and by the time he had managed to turn it off, red eyes were staring right at him.

“K-Kuro!” Mahiru’s automatic response was. Their faces were so close that he could see every detail of Kuro’s irises; it was oddly mesmerising and even caused him to momentarily forget the current situation.

Kuro buried his face back into Mahiru’s chest in order to hide from the staring, “So loud… What a pain…” He didn’t remember changing back to human form, and he was too emotionally conflicted to move right away either. Maybe if he pretended he didn’t exist everything would be fine… Yeahhhh no. That wasn’t going to happen. At least he might be able to convince Mahiru he was asleep again.

“U-uhhmm K-K-er…” Mahiru tried to say something, he didn’t really know what he was trying to say himself, but all that came out was an awkward array of sounds. What was he supposed to do? He had almost come to terms with this whole thing too! But now that Kuro was conscious…

Well, it could be worse he supposed… Kuro didn’t really react at all, so maybe it was fine? No, that couldn’t be right, surely he thought this was weird… He thought it was weird. Maybe not in a bad way… but still! Guys don’t just sleep on top of other guys after all!

By now he was sure Kuro was asleep again, thank god, and he had started to try and forget about the complications and just enjoy this strange occurrence. Admittedly, if he ignored the weirdness, it was actually really nice being so close to Kuro like this. He would even go as far to say he wouldn’t mind doing it again. After all, Kuro didn’t seem to have a problem with it…

What was he thinking?? There was no way… Now he was just being stupid. Kuro was most likely just too lazy or too tired to move and this would probably be the last time something like this would happen… So, thinking simply… he should enjoy it while it lasted right? Although, whilst enjoying the closeness, he also had nothing to do now that he was wide awake. The TV control had fallen somewhere and he was afraid to turn on his phone in case of a repeat from last time. So then, now what?

He sighed again and stared up at the ceiling in boredom. Usually he was only like this when he was stuck on hard questions in his homework, and even then Kuro would sit on his desk in cat form to ‘soothe him of stress’ as he says. Which, he would admit, petting a cat did have a strangely therapeutic effect. He wondered if it was the cat or because it was Kuro…

He knew where his mind was going, and he couldn’t care less at this point. It had become a craving now, perhaps the boredom was getting to him? Besides, Kuro was asleep so he wouldn’t know. His mind won the battle, as expected, and he hesitantly played with a strand of Kuro’s hair. He didn’t think it would be as soft as his cat fur… When no response was received, he started petting the vampire’s head and eventually he lightly dragged his nails down the back of Kuro’s head, earning a small purr. Mahiru smiled to himself at the cute sound, continuing the pets until he felt sleepy again, both from the repetitive motion and lulling sound of the purrs.

It took him a little while to figure it out, but now he was certain of what this feeling was, “Kuro… I think I like you… a lot more than I should…” Saying it out loud made it seem all the more real, and it felt good to get it off his chest even if Kuro wasn’t listening. It was probably better off that way nonetheless. He sighed and looked over to the television, content with just being able to savour the moment a bit longer.

Not even a minute later, he received an unexpected reply.

“…I like you too.”

Love Bites (part 1)

Words: 2.5k

Summary: Spn Au. Focuses mostly on a flashback of the last time you saw your best friend, Cas, before he went off to college and you left town to travel. You’re both back in your home town for your 10 year high school reunion.

Warnings: Minor angst, a little fluff, and some fluffy and awkward smut (female receiving oral sex, fingering, losing of virginity by both male and female, brief painful sex.)

A/N: This series is for the @casbabydontgoineedyou 1k follower celebration (my phrase doesn’t come until a bit later.) Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you want to be on my master tag list, just send me an ask or DM.


You had always been considered a bit of a rebel. You had never really concerned yourself with the opinions of others or what path you were supposed to take.

After high school, everyone else was running off to college to plan their boring careers; while you thought traveling the world, working odd jobs in odd towns seemed more your style.

This week was your 10 year high school reunion. You had thought about skipping it until you saw your former best friend, Cas, was on the list of attendees. He had been one of the good little boys to choose the traditional path and you thought about the day you told him you were skipping the graduation ceremony.

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anonymous asked:

i need Nursery reacting to Dex getting a daring piercing, like septum or eyebrow

  • the thing is, no one rly finds out about it for months
  • dex gets it done over the summer bc you can’t take it out for like six weeks and i don’t know much about hockey but i’m like 99% sure it would be a bad idea to play ice hockey, a sport in which you fight people and occasionally get punched in the nose, with a septum piercing in
  • so he has it in and he snapchats chowder and lardo and nursey right after it happens and they all lose their shit and are in love with it 
  • except nursey is a stupid idiot and forgets things a lot? and he also didn’t really take it that seriously because, well. it’s fucking dex. there is no way that man would get a septum piercing and keep it. nursey is pretty sure the whole thing was a prank and that the piercing was fake, and he forgets about it after like 2 weeks 
  • dex has one of the horseshoe ones where you can flip it up so that you can’t see it and he wears it like that 90% of the time because work and because small mostly conservative fishing town
  • so when he snapchats/facetimes nursey, it’s hidden, hence why nursey forgot about it 
  • and then he’s back at samwell and he’s had it for more than the required 6-8 week healing period and he hardly ever wears it because 1. hockey 2. he’s lazy and 3. he’s a little bit self conscious of it
  • he also doesn’t wear it to the haus super often because he lowkey fears for its safety there 
  • anyways he’s hanging out with chowder and lardo in one of their rooms in the haus and he has his piercing in and nursey comes in and flops across the bed and rants about his day etc etc and it takes him like 15 min for him to Notice 
  • he loses the ability to speak for like. 5 min straight
  • lardo, of course, notices this and takes pictures 
  • nursey needs to leave right now immediately 
    • dex: hey nurse you good
    • nursey:
    • lardo: [kicks him]
    • nursey: what yeah 
    • dex:…..ok
    • nursey, five min later interrupting the conversation: so like that piercing u got over the summer was real??
    • dex: …ya? why would i fake that
    • nursey: idk for fun and because ur an asshole
    • dex:……anyways 
  • nursey and dex walked back to their dorms together and dex said do you think it’s weird or something? cause i don’t wear it a lot because of hockey but i’m not sure how it looks with my hair and facial features yknow
  • a quote from derek malik nurse that sounded chill when he said it but was actually Not Chill At All: “no keep it it’s hot” 
  • a text thread from that same afternoon:
    • lardo: lmao smooth bro
    • nursey: stfu
    • nursey: holy fuck tho
    • nursey: i feel personally attacked 
    • lardo: gay
    • nursey: i kno
  • next time they have a kegster dex wears it with joggers and a backwards hat 
  • rip in pieces derek m nurse 
    • nursey: i’ve never felt this gay in my life
    • lardo: that’s a lie but i’m happy for u
    • nursey: what do i do
    • lardo: take another shot 
    • lardo: or three 
    • lardo: and then see where the night takes u i guess 
  • nursey and dex beat chowder and farmer at pong and nursey’s reaction to this victory is to scream at dex “you’re so fucking hot” and then kiss him on the mouth and then wander off into the crowd saying something about victory shots 
  • dex stands there in shock for a min while chowder laughs his ass off then sighs and goes to find some water bottles because he’s just been reminded why nursey patrol is a thing 
  • they hold hands on the walk home 
  • the groupchat w nursey, dex, chowder, farmer, & lardo the next morning:
    • ld: so did u guys fuck
    • cf: ^^
    • cc: ^^^^
    • wp: no fuck off 
    • dn: ;))
  • anyways i was gonna write a fic for this but that would take a lot more time and effort so i hope u enjoy this anyways 
  • also fun fact dex has his ears pierced!! but not for fashion or for fun his friend malorie did it for him in high school with rubbing alcohol and a needle on a dare. he almost never wears earrings just bc he’s lazy and bc hockey but he wears them enough so that the holes won’t close bc he didn’t go through all that pain and yelling for nothing
Lets talk BLOCK B in London

First off, if you weren’t a B-Bomb stan before that concert, its pretty safe to say if you were sat anywhere within the vicinity of my seat, you damn well are now! That boy has some serious fan service that ropes you in without telling you! From his effortless beauty that shines the minute he steps on stage, to his favourite English food of Cottage Pie (Who taught him that?), to the intense stares he was giving the entire left hand side of the balcony which, might i just say, are literally soul-sucking whenever his eyes land on you! Its safe to say, i’d give my entire life’s earnings to see B-Bomb smile at me again. O.O

But i digress.

To be honest, i probably owe everyone an apology for being a little too excited the entire hour we were seated leading up to the beginning of the show, so if there was a girl by you with deely boppers and grey/purple hair that was shouting and dancing too much to the sound system, I apologize for any inconvenience i caused you!  (I was just trying to make everyone a little more hype!) ;)

But its safe to say, the minute the lights went down and the VCR began, i could not stop screaming. And the moment they all came out, skipping onto stage whooping, Zico going above and beyond the level of hype i expected- I was gone, im pretty sure the scream that left me was long and continuous and did not stop for the entirety of the concert.

But shall we get onto the bit, that i know you’re all here for?

Block B, when seen with your very own eyes, are the epitome of beauty, and in the strangest sense, when you see them, reality comes squeezing in around you, and you’re forced to realize in that moment that their little feet start dancing around the stage, that they are in fact ACTUAL human beings. 

Along with this, the most prominent understanding you are forced to come to, is that, that Taeil that you’ve always seen on screen and in pictures, is LITERALLY JUST AS CUTE AND SMOL as he is in real life. I could not stop staring at how adorable he is- regardless of how manly he might actually see himself as. 

I was also forced to accept the true herculean form of Kim Yukwon’s thighs, and the reality of exactly why he’s got a girlfriend and has had her since debut and beyond- the boy is GORGEOUS. 

I had to confront myself about the reality that Jaehyo really is an extremely tall Ahjumma crossed with Adonis. And i cannot tell you the enjoyment i got watching him get to the end of the 3rd song, before seeing his face start to show the pain of exercise and dancing whilst all his other members were still happily bouncing away (because SAME). And by the half way mark, he had almost completely given up and had began to piss about with U-Kwon, who continuously tried to jab him in the ribs.

And then came Kyung. Now, im not the biggest Kyung stan as im sure most are aware. HOWEVER, i cannot deny him the fact that he is incredibly cute in his gestures, and he was SO HYPE to be in London! I swear to God he didn’t stop smiling the entire time, and i think that is one of the main memories that i will take away from that experience, is the huge arm heart that Kyung kept showing to the 2nd level- plus, when he smiles AS HES LOOKING AT YOU, you’re sure to go home happy. Although, can we just also talk about his miniature English q&a session (because he was all too aware he is the most fluent in English out of all of them), in which he asked the members about their favourite British foods, (hence B-Bomb and cottage pie) and he tried to rip into them for their adorable simplistic answers? Quick run down:

B-Bomb - Cottage Pie (proud of himself)
Jaehyo - burger and fries? (I think, was very shy and awkward when he said it xD)
U-Kwon - five guys (also pretty enthusiastic) 
Zico - fish and chips (very VERY enthusiastic, could be the new mascot for fish and chips tbh)
Taeil - (i feel like it was something generically English but i cant remember, my bad) 
Kyung - just giggled the whole time.

Now, lets move onto Zico. That boy, was LIVING for being in London. Before i got there, i got the feeling he was pretty excited to be here through his insta posts, but he could not stop going on about it the whole time, exceedingly smiley and energetic through the entire first half (and second half to be honest) but after Conduct for Zero (when he filled in for P.O- I was sad, but it was a lit stage) he just seemed so happy to be there, and seemed to genuinely be having the time of his life. He was ALL TOO HAPPY to speak English for pretty much the entire time, and just seemed so proud of himself to be able to do so, which was so adorable i cannot tell you! But after seeing Block B live, you can really understand what kind of a group leader he is; efficient, compassionate, and just BAWSE!! 

One of the songs which was a game changer for me, was the heavy rock version of Very Good they played!! Like holey moley, that was LIT TO HIGH HEAVENS!! (i’ll upload a video clip in a mo). But also NICE DAY WAS INSANE! And Taeil carried it SOOO well- if you ever do anything in your life, see Lee Taeil sing them high notes live man!! It is WORTH IT! But tbh, the highlight of that night, despite the lacking of P.O’s presence- which i think i would have legitimately fainted at- was Zero For Conduct. I’ve always been a HUGE Bastarz fan!…but seeing that live, has changed my life! Sincerely.

And also, you might be thinking, but how did the other members feel? Zico and Kyung were happily chatting away in English, but what about the others? However, despite wondering this myself, when the ‘thank you’-esq time came around, they had such a good translation system working, and although i initially thought it would be awkward, the minute the crowd started responding to what the translator was saying after the boys had spoken, it just became such a beautiful and warming atmosphere, because i dont know about everyone else, but i was soo happy to know how the boys felt about London, and the end of their Europe tour in general. And after Zico took his hat off for us like he said he would if we genuinely impressed him, i can honestly say, any normal band will never live up to the experience of a block b/kpop concert in general.

And on a final note, lets just talk about the fan service again, cause i still cant get over B-Bomb and i dont think i ever will. He is Apollo, he is sunshine on a rainy day, he is a tragically beautiful painting, and for as long as i live i will never forget the entire 5-6 times i locked eyes with that man and shared in his smile. Because even though I got to wave at Taeil who was waving and pulling many a sad/funny face at the second floor area, and even though Kyung may have shot a heart in my direction, and coupled it with the cheesiest grin i ever did see, neither of them for some reason compare to the utter, graceless beauty, that is B-Bomb’s smile when directed specifically at you.

I’d say more about Zico, but his attention was mostly on the front row and the standing crowd, and im not entirely sure he could see the balcony seats and up well- but he was having a grand time regardless. Jaehyo was smiling throughout, but i got the sense from him, that despite the fact he was having a good time, he was tired from the end of tour. And U-kwon was really just playing with the girls hearts in the front row the entire night- so if you were down there, r.i.p after Kim Yukwon.

And alas, here i sit. Crying over remembering all the little details of the show, that as soon as it started seemed like it only took 5 minutes before it was ending, cause i was simply enjoying myself so much. The Post-concert blues are real, and i think that concert truly did change my entire life, but if there is one bit of advice i’d give anyone who was thinking of going to a kpop concert, or any concert in general in the future…its simply to take a moment to take it in, it wont ever be enough, but as long as you take a moment for yourself to realize that what you’re experiencing is real, then it’ll all be okay.

P.S. imma probs do another post tomorrow with everything i’ve forgotten from this one, but for now, enjoy my reliving of ‘Blockbuster in London’. <3

The Thing About Roommates

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Poe and reader are roommates and if Poe ever has a date at home sometimes reader accidentally wanders through the room forgetting Poe has a date and is always interrupting. Poe’s dates never mind and reader really doesn’t mean to interrupt they just forget but ohhhh one day Poe has had enough so after his date went home he confronts reader like really closely confronts them

A/N: mentions and implications of sex.

Finding different girls in your kitchen almost every morning was no surprise to you. Your best friend, Poe “I can get any girl I want” Dameron, was such a playboy. There were often times where whenever you walked into the kitchen and see a new girl there, you’d just strike up a conversation with them. Talk about movies, the news, celebrities, whatever. It didn’t have to be awkward so you didn’t make it awkward.

Did you often wish that these girls were you? Yes and no. You didn’t want to be a conquest to Poe. You wanted him to care for and touch you with so much love. Like with the love you had for him…


The thing about Poe was that he often told you when he’d have a date over. He always reminded you…you just would often forget. That would usually get you into some sticky situations…

One time Poe was starting to go at it with his date. They were aggressively making out on the couch. You didn’t know this was happening when you walked into the living room. You stopped mid-step when you saw the girl rip her top off. You sure as hell didn’t want to see any more. So you cautiously began walking backwards and you were successful…until you bumped into a table thus causing a vase to fall over. 

The girl looked up and both of you met each other’s gaze with wide eyes, “Oh my God!” The girl grabbed for her shirt and covered herself. She leaped off of Poe’s lap, “I thought you said no one was home!”

“Yeah, I thought so too.”

You cautiously and shyly waved, “Uh, hi?”

“I-uh, think I’m gonna go, Poe. I’ll see you around.”

“No! Wait, Ashley! We could just-”

“It’s okay. Just call me.” ‘Ashley’ as you just learned her name, quickly put on her top and left your place. 

Poe groaned with frustration and stood glaring at you, “I told you I had a date!”

“I’m sorry! I forgot!”

“Whatever, Y/N.” Poe stalked to his room muttering about having to deal with situation by himself.

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I Ship It

Requested By Anon.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader.

Scenario: The team ships Y/N and Bucky.

Translation of Zulu: Yebo - Yes. Sala Kahle - Goodbye/Stay well.

A/N: Title change! As you can see, Avengers Chatroom is not in it anymore, but just the name of the chat. Also, Y/F/M - Your favorite movie.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Y/N, Peter, Scott, T’Challa, Clint.

Tony: Hello.

Tony: Is it me you’re looking for?

Clint: no.

Scott: Why are you asking? You created the chat??

T’Challa: He’s singing.

Y/N: At least it’s not the Hello by Adele.

Peter: Actually he sings that whenever I answer his calls.

Tony: Do you not like my singing?!

Peter: To recite Clint earlier on in the chat on this day, a Saturday, at 14:21: no.

Tony: Your aunt has a different opinion.


Peter: You serenade my aunt?!

Scott: why am i here

Y/N: idk Scott, idk.

T’Challa: I have better things to do than chat. Is there something you needed Tony?

Tony: Yes. I need to test my latest invention on someone.

Scott: OHHHH NO.

Scott has left the chat.

T’Challa: I have a meeting.

Tony: Aren’t you in NY so, you can just come after?

T’Challa: - In South Africa. Yebo. Sala Kahle.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Peter: You offended me.

Peter has left the chat.

Tony: Clint? Y/N?

Y/N: I can’t.

Clint: I just don’t feel like helping you, Tony.


Tony has added Bucky, Steve, Nat, Wanda, Thor, Vision.

Tony: I’ll pay one of you to let me test my new invention on.




Tony: I thought you couldn’t?!












Wanda: This is sooooo cute! And I mean Y/N and Bucky, not you and Tony. Ya’ll are weird.

Nat: I second that.


Thor: I, how do you say? Ship it!

Clint: What do you mean “how do you say”? I SHIP IT.



Steve: are you okay?

Nat: Oh my god, Clint.


Tony: Dude…

Wanda: Not cool.

Vision: How could you say that to Thor?

Clint: I’m sorry… I’ve been watching this show lately and it’s getting to me.

Y/N: 😏😏😏

Tony: Y/N when will you be here?

Y/N: 5 minutes


Bucky: Y/N NO




Y/N: Chill.

Wanda: A man in love cannot chill.

Bucky: what

Bucky: who told you I’m in love with Y/N

Bucky: was it steve

Bucky: he’s lying

Nat: You just confirmed it.

Wanda: I don’t even have to poke around in your mind to tell you what’s already so obvious!

Clint: What would be their ship name though?

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Hello there, beautiful. Yeah. You. The one reading this.

Clint: What the… Who are you talking to?

Wade: Ignore the bird man. The ship name is up to you. I’m sure you can guess why.

Clint: I can come up with one!


Wade: Maybe reply, or reblog with your ship name. I would tell you my ship name but the author is trying to make it PG-13 for fuuu - fudges sake.





Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: Nobody mention what just happened here. Tony you will have to test out your invention another time. Bucky if you’re still coming over can we watch Y/F/M?

Bucky: Of course. Anything for you.



Y/N: Natasha!

Nat: You’re not the only one who ships things around here :P

Steve: What else do you ship?

Nat: Your shield and Tony’s face.


Nat: Suuuuuuure you didn’t.

Tony: You’re being sarcastic, right? I can’t tell on the chat.

Tony has added Bruce.

Bruce: I am now Captain of the Y/N and Bucky Ship fanclub.

Bucky: Please stop.

Y/N: No… go on. Tell me more.

Thor: Who made you Captain? I want to be Captain!

Vision: No, I do!

Wanda: Is vice-captain available?

Bruce: Yes, Wanda. You can be vice-captain.


Vision: This is rigged!

Y/N: When did you guys get like this…?




Tony: Oh good, they won’t wreck the base.


Bruce has left the chat.

Thor has left the chat.

Clint: I’m going to watch!

Clint has left the chat.

Phil has joined the chat.

Phil: Amateurs. Oh. Hi Steve.

Steve: Coulson.

Phil: Your fan club has reached over 500K members.

Steve: Good job, Coulson. Keep it up.

Phil: Thank you.

Phil has left the chat.

Nat: Okay what

Y/N: Another thing we should never mention. EVER.

Bucky: Y/N, I’m outside.

Y/N: Okay, one sec.

Tony: As Steve would say… FONDUE TIME

Vision: According to statistics, now is the most common time when babies are conceived.

Wanda: I would love to plan the wedding!

Nat: Me too!

Tony: Okay but imagine their kids dressed up as us on Halloween?

Steve: Couple goals.

Nat: Please, don’t ever say that again.

Y/N: Right. So. I’m going to go have some soup now.

Y/N: P.S … Bucky gives the best cuddles. Have fun with that.

Y/N has left the chat.


Bucky has left the chat.

Vision: ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Steve: I can’t just go now!

Nat: NOW!

Steve: Okay I’m going!

Steve has left the chat.


Tony has left the chat.

Vision: It is so rare for ones OTP to come true. I am glad I witnessed it happening.

Vision has left the chat.


Wanda: Can you hack Y/N’s phone?

Nat: Yes, let’s go!

Nat: Wait. I haven’t seen Sam today. Have you?

Wanda: Nope. Last I heard he was going to go try to prank Loki.

Nat: Huh. Well, let’s hope he’s okay.

Wanda has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Day6; call me, beep me (if you wanna reach me) Ch. II

Read Ch. I here on tumblr or here on ao3 (for better formatting) or you probably won’t understand anything.

sweg squad


bbyxD: hyung

daddykang: yeah?

bbyxD: other hyung

jaethebae: wats up

bbyxD: other other hyung

daddykang: dowoonie please
daddykang: you gotta be more specific next time

jaethebae: yeah like
jaethebae: how can u call wonpil hyung of all things

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???Katniss the Story Teller???

This  is for @loveinpanem as a thank you for everything you guys do. Talented, beautiful, creative and smart love you all.

rated T  &un-betad all mistakes are mine.

Katniss slew dragons, and toppled governments, and once upon a time she’d been known as the Mockingjay. Today she rocked back and forth simply wanting for the boy she loved to pay attention to her. She’d do anything to bring back his memory. She fanned herself, the hot sun caused her to opt out of wearing pants. She wore a light dress. Her eyes once more went toward the direction of Peeta’s home.

“What’s the matter girl?” Haymitch shouted from across his porch. “You want the boy to kiss you,” he laughed so hard he began to cough.

Katniss stood up and narrowed her eyes at her former mentor. Without answering him she opened the door to her house and slammed it shut. Frustrated she banged her hand against the door.

There had to be a way to get Peeta to realize her feelings. Two years after the war they were in a better place both of them. She’d taken it slow, building up a friendship with him. They’d slept in each other’s bed when unable to sleep, but it was an occasional thing. They’d held hands, they’d given each other pecks on the mouth, and long embraces.  But none of those things were enough; Katniss wanted and was ready for more. If she weren’t so backwards when it came to relationships and men she wouldn’t be in this predicament.

“What’s wrong Katniss?”

She whipped around to see Peeta standing in her living room a basket of bread in his hands. “Peeta, what are you doing here?”

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