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EXO’s Reaction to Your Eyes Turning Cold in an Argument


Xiumin would immediately notice your change in expression and end the fight there, saying you two could figure it out later when you’ve both had time to yourselves to think about it. He wouldn’t apologize for the argument, knowing it was both of your faults, but would try his best to solve the problem maturely while making sure you were ok.


Seeing your eyes change so drastically would surprise Chen at first, however he wouldn’t back down from his position. It wasn’t until the argument was completely over that he’d gently talk to you about it, making sure you were ok and everything was good between you two.


Baekhyun would cut himself off and immediately end the argument, not wanting to push it any further. “Are you okay? I’m sorry. The fight was stupid,” he’d quickly say, holding your hands in his. He’d smile at you, trying to brighten the mood and show you that the argument wasn’t important–what was more important was your guys’ relationship.


Not realizing the sudden change in you, Chanyeol would finish his statement before looking at you. “Jagi?” His eyebrows would furrow in concern as he gently cupped your face in his hands. He’d completely drop the argument, quickly making up with you and spending the rest of the day reconciling.


Seeing the blank look in your eyes would scare Lay, and he’d immediately overthink it and assume you wanted to break up. Tears would start to form in his eyes, and it wasn’t until you assured him that you were ok that he’d nod and show you a small smile.


Like Chen, D.O would stand his ground even after your change in expression. He was just as upset, and would opt to give you some alone time as the two of you thought about it. Later he’d take you out to dinner and discuss what had happened, wanting to stay on good terms with you.


Suho would have a hard time dropping the argument, however when he realized the effect it was having on you he’d push it aside to make sure you were ok. “This was stupid. I’m sorry,” he’d murmur, pulling you in for a hug and kissing your cheek. He’d make sure you two spent some time together talking it through and making up.


Kai would hardly notice your change in expression as he was preoccupied with his own annoyance as well.  He’d tell you that he needed time to think by himself, and when he came back he’d kiss you and ask that you were ok. He’d make sure to take you out to dinner and joke with you until the light returned to your eyes.


Not usually good with apologies, Sehun would make an exception when he saw your eyes grow cold. “Shit–I’m sorry jagi, this was stupid,” he’d stammer, grabbing you and puling you against him. Throughout the week he’d text you, checking in and making sure you were fine. He’d buy you your favorite snack just to make sure.


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

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