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harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.” 


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Rock Bottom - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a Bucky x college age reader where they dislocate their shoulder during a swim meet and Bucky kinda helps out(cause I just did and I need a pick me up) ? Idk if this is good or doable but thank you anyway ❤

Warnings: Mild profanity. Injury.

Words: 840

A/N: Did- did you see what I did with the title?

Anyway,don’t know if this is what you wanted? Don’t know if you wanted some hinting of a romantic interest? But this is what it turned into. It’s also extremely short which I can blame on no one but me-self.


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She dropped her towel on the pier, the rays of the early, morning sun casting a golden glow on her skin and warming it slowly. A thin fog laid over the lake in front of her and birds tweeted in the forest nearby, causing the moment to become completely magical, despite the concrete construction of the new Avengers Facility behind her whose lake she was swimming in.

She walked to the ledge of the pier and looked down into the surprisingly clear water, seeing the pebble bottom beneath. She bent down to her knees and reached with her hand for the water with a gasp. “That’s too good to be true for an outside lake.”

She smiled happily at the warm water which she had assumed to be freezing cold. She corrected her black swimsuit which couldn’t be any more basic even if she tried. She pressed her hands together and raised them above her head along with a deep inhale, pushing herself off the pier and into the water.

Her hands broke the surface, but she had aimed far too steep for the shallow shore. Her hands hit the bottom and her left arm bent forward, causing it to not bend much at all and therefor making her dive with a stiff arm right into the bottom. Her arm pushed back up naturally upon impact and the forceful push caused it to completely unhook from its hinges, so to speak.

She scrambled to the surface and stood up in the water that reached her chest, wincing loudly with a string of curses leaving her mouth as she grabbed her left arm with her right hand to keep it still. She waded to the shoreline and climbed through the greenery growing around the edges. She fell to her knees in the soft grass and did not glance to her arm until that point.

“Oh shit.” She looked at the bone which was poking out of her unnaturally, straining her skin.

“Y/N!” Her eyes snapped up towards the trail in the grass between the nearest building of bedrooms and the lake. She saw Bucky further off, wearing swimming trunks and waving at her unknowingly. As he noticed she didn’t wave back nor did she stand up from the ground, he realized something was wrong. “Y/N?”

He began jogging towards her and gasped upon seeing her shoulder. “Oh sweet mother of god… What happened to you?” He knelt beside her.

“I dove into the bottom and my arm just snapped somehow. I don’t know.” She admitted upon not being able to recall what had really been up and what had been down.

“Okay, lay down.” He became a lot calmer in a very short time which threw her off.


“I know how to pop it back.” He gestured for her to hurry.

Scared and in pain, she gave into him and moved to lay down with Bucky helping as much as he could. She breathed heavily and frequently, the pain becoming worse for a moment.

“Okay, roll over on your good arm.” He said and helped her do that too. Her back was against him when he grabbed ahold of her limp arm carefully. He stroked up and down with his hand carefully to calm her down.

“I didn’t know you went swimming every morning?” He lied, as he had watched her walk down to the lake every morning since it became warmer outside and had only been brace enough to attempt and join her that morning.

“What?” She repeated as she thought he would help her get her arm back in place. “Oh I like to do six laps to get some exercise.”

“And I guess the lake is a lot nicer than the pool here, huh?”

“Hundred percent. I love going here and just lay down on the pier to soak in the sun after my laps.” She admitted and he knew. However creepy it may sound to others, he had watched from the safety of his room just a bit further up the premises. He just couldn’t tear his eyes off of her. “The mornings are so peaceful out here that I just have to- OW! Fuck!”

He popped her arm back without wanting, causing her to roll over her stomach and bury her face in the grass.

“You asshole!” She cried out as she turned back around and sat up, holding the elbow of her left arm. “That’s not cool!”

“It’s better than to build up the stress by letting you know when I’m going to do it!” He justified and she only groaned in frustration, getting up off the ground.

“Yeah? Well I wanted a little heads-up before you relocated my goddamn shoulder…” She let out a sharp breath, moving her hand up and rubbing it over the sore muscles of her shoulder that still ached. “Thanks though…”

Bucky smiled at her silent thank you, watching her cheeks flush red as she had been so harsh towards him. “Any time, sweetie. Any time.”

[NCT] Jealousy

From prompt-bank’s drabble challenge
Prompt 142: “Hold my hand so he gets jealous” 

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“You’re blowing smoke.” Johnny idly comments, lacing his words with a chuckle. You scowl, tossing a half eaten french fry back onto your lunch tray. From across the cafeteria, you can see Jaehyun, sitting with some girl with long hair and round cheeks. He’s smiling at her, and it’s clear that she’s got his undivided attention. Bitterness seeps into your core.
“Look at her.” You nod towards the pair, laughing now and you can feel bile rise in your throat. “She’s not even that cute.”
Johnny laughs, mischief lining his beautiful warm brown eyes.
“Hey, come on. Let’s go say hi.” He says, and before you can protest or even question he’s ushering you out of your seat. You dump your half eaten lunch into a large black garbage bin along the way. Before Jaehyun can take notice of you, Johnny slips his hand into yours.
“What the hell are you doing?” You all but yell, eyes the size of saucers.
“Hold my hand so he gets jealous. Just go with it, okay, I know what I’m doing.” He says, holding a hand up in dismissal, clicking his tongue.
“I don’t think you do.” You say, and before you can bite something else out, Johnny’s chipper voice rings loudly in your ears.
“Hey, Jaehyun!” Exclaims your friend, drawing the blond’s attention. His ears perk up at the sight of you, though his gaze immediately locks onto your and Johnny’s joined hands. Jaehyun’s eyes narrow a fraction.
“What’s up?” He asks, plastering a horribly fake smile onto his face. Jealousy bubbles in the pit of his stomach. The girl sitting opposite of Jaehyun shoots you a soft smile when she meets your stare, which you sarcastically brush aside.
“Can Y/N and I borrow your film studies notes? She was out sick during that class and you know I didn’t do them, so neither of us have them.” Johnny breathes with ease, thumb beginning to absentmindedly rub circles into the back of your hand.
“Oh, yeah, I’ll get them to you after lunch.”
“Great! Thanks, man.” Johnny says, and with that, the conversation ends and he’s leading you out of the cafeteria, making a point to swing your hands between your bodies.

Jaehyun catches you at the end of the school day, as you’re leaving your books in your locker. He swings an arm around your shoulders, a gesture that’s normal between the two of you, one that never ceases to make your heart flutter. It’s as you two are traversing the school’s parking lot, narrowly avoiding students eager to get home, that he says, “Hey, not that it’s my place to say, but I really don’t think you and Johnny make a good couple. So don’t let me catch you holding his hand again, okay?”
“Got it.” You nod, more than happy to comply with his request. At this, Jaehyun presses a kiss to your temple.
Later that evening, you excitedly type out a text to Johnny.
“Idk how u did it but jaehyun asked me out on my way home”
Johnny’s response comes not even a minute later.
“Told you, dude, I’m a gifted matchmaker lol”
You’re grinning from ear to ear, kicking your feet up in the air as you toss and turn giddily on your bed.
“If i’d have known ur stupid plan was going to work i’d have asked you to hold my hand so much sooner”
It’s not until later, as you’re pulling yourself into bed that your phone pings with an incoming message.
“I’d have been happy to oblige. I like holding your hand.” 

Spring Day pt 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4

Jimin x Reader

Series Genre: Angst/Fluff

Series Summary: You knew that married life with an idol would be challenging. You just didn’t know that it would be this challenging.

Word Count: 1779

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For the entire night, you sat in your bedroom sulking not even getting a wink of sleep. 

Mentally you argued with yourself. One part of you said that this was Jimin’s dream, he wanted to sing, he wanted to do music and you wanted nothing more but for him to fulfill his every goal…but the other side of you…that side was selfish. That side didn’t like the idea of sharing your husband with the world let alone music because you knew that ultimately he’d have to choose between the two loves of his life. 

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but guys. pjo medieval au.

  • frank as a ferocious dragon who doesn’t want to harm people, so he runs away to this faraway & secluded land so he doesn’t hurt anyone
  • at said faraway land he meets hazel and nico who live somewhere around there
  • hazel is a legendary witch who most just think of as a myth (along with nico who is not a witch but also feared just as much as is hazel is if not more) 
  • hazel and nico live in in this huge castle/tower which is filled with all the world’s riches
  • they take frank in and take care of him etc
  • piper is a thief and a wanted criminal all across the lands/kingdom whose main goal is to break into the legendary witch’s castle
  • leo is her trusted sidekick and a son of a famous blacksmith, who ran away from home
  • he is the one who gets piper out of everything thanks to his inventions
  • they later meet jason who is an outcast and former prince of his kingdom
  • his memory is wiped and all he knows is that his kingdom is in trouble 
  • reyna is the princess of jason’s kingdom (maybe his step sister idk) and is trying to figure out what happened to jason when suddenly some monster attacks (it’s actually one of leo’s contraptions gone wrong) and this random hero guy saves the kingdom
  • random hero guy is percy whose only special power is that he turns into a merman when he’s underwater
  • princess reyna calls in the captain of the guards (annabeth) to clear up the mess and interrogate percy and some other suspects
  • that’s basically the outline of everything have a good day
Me, Too

Are you still taking requests? Could you do one were when the team finds out that reid likes the reader they keep trying to help him and give him signals to stop rambling or whatever when he talks to her? But then the reader thinks that spencer doesn’t like her anymore because he wasn’t as animated and she thought the rambling was cute? Idk it sounded like a good one shot idea

I can do this.  I hope you enjoy your one-shot because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha.

“Did you know that, out of the 7 billion people that live on this planet, over half of them indulge in some sort of-”

But just as you turned your chair to look at your colleague to pay closer attention, you saw his eyes flicker back to you as you looked up at him in awe.

You loved his rambling.  You never got to hear it enough because you were such a light talker, so you never really said anything to get him going.

But today, he had decided to approach you.

And you were so excited.

“But…uh…” he stammered as Morgan kept waving his fingers in front of his neck.

“Stop,” J.J. mouthed to him as she crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Reid?” you ask lightly as his eyes flicker down to you.

“Um, sorry.  My, uh…my phone’s ringing,” he stammers.

“I didn’t hear it ring?” you ask.

“Yeah, it’s uh…it’s on vibrate,” he says as he pulls his phone from his pocket and promptly walks away.

And you furrowed your brow as you watched him backtrack.

It stayed like that for weeks.

He would begin rambling, something would distract him, and he would abruptly stop.

Had you done something wrong?

Did you make him upset?

Did you stink?

You thought that the two of you were getting close, and you had to admit that you were hoping for a chance to be around him outside of work.

But suddenly he was beginning to back away, and it broke your heart.

You were mindlessly sipping your coffee from your desk as Spencer pipes up from across the room.

“Did you know that coffee is one of the biggest-”

But he abruptly stopped again, and this time you whipped your head up and turned around.

And you turned around to see Emily and Morgan turning their on a dime.

You squinted your eyes as you looked slowly back at Reid, who now had a look of nervousness on his face.

“What about coffee?” you ask.

And you see Spencer’s eyes flicker behind you

“I don’t give a damn what our co-workers think of your rambling,” you spit as your eyes take on a hardened glare, “all I know is that someone took my rambling Spencer away from me, and it hurts my soul and makes me angry.”

Her Spencer?

Her Spencer?

Did…did you just refer to him as “yours”?

He was stunned by your outburst.

“I love your rambles,” you breathe as you dart your eyes to your lap, “and I don’t know why you took them from me.”

And you felt someone drop down beside you as a hand descends upon your knee.

“Did you know that coffee is the biggest imported commodity in the US?  The only thing that beats it is oil.  The average American consumes, in total, three cups of coffee a day,” Spencer says.

“I drink more than that on a good day,” you snicker.

“Me, too,” Spencer smiles as you look up from your lap and into his eyes.

“You think you might be able to spare me a cup today?  Maybe…around lunch?” he asks with a nervous smile on his face.

And a massive smile graced yours as you nod your head.

“I would love that,” you say lightly.

“Me, too,” Spencer says.

Then, as you watch Reid approach his desk, you hear Emily and Morgan mumble behind you as you listen intently.

“I guess we should’ve stayed out of his business,” Emily muses.

“I think we should give him space from now on,” Morgan says lowly.

“Me, too,” you pipe up and say as your eyes raise up and connect with Spencer’s.

And the two of you share a knowing look before going back to your respective paperwork.

He has a Temper

Can you please do a Jason x reader with a Beauty and the Beast AU where Jason is the beast (because of his temper) and the reader is the beauty, please? I think it’d be super cute!~ Requested by anon

I’m sorry this took so long to get out. I had a lot of trouble with this one, trying to figure out how to approach it. I don’t think i did a very good job with it. I didn’t know if anon wanted Jay to actually turn into a beast or not (cuz they said because of his temper) but i made it so he’s just a little bit of a dick instead. Sorry if this wasn’t what you wanted anon. (This is far far far off from your request idk what this is) Also thank you to averysinfulmarshmallow for suggesting to make Black Mask Gaston.


“What the fuck were you thinking!” The Red Hood yelled at you. “You could have been fucking killed.”

“I was thinking you haven’t shown your face around here in two months and you left. No one was covering your routes shit was happening. I wasn’t just going to sit around and let people get hurt!”

“So you figured you’d get hurt in their place!”

“If that’s what it takes, yes.” you crossed your arms. Red hood had been yelling at you since you escaped black mask.


You were a new vigilante in Gotham city. You lived here most of your entire life but two months ago the Red Hood disappeared. Meaning the routes he would cover were left unattended. You happened to live along his route and would see him almost every night, so when he stopped coming by you knew something was wrong. The papers weren’t mentioning anything recent about him, nor did you find anything online. You waited a while and when none of the other Bats started to cover for him you decided to take matters into your own hands.

Tonight Black Mask had decided to show his ugly face in your side of town. He rigged a bomb up under an apartment building, seemingly trying to get attention.

Well, he got yours.

You fought your way through the mass of criminals getting to the bomb. You did some studying and knew which wires to pull. Carefully you started to work, constantly looking over your shoulder. The door burst open and you saw him. The Red Hood.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He yelled at you.

“I’m trying to disarm this thing.” You said turning back. When an arm pulled you to your feet.

“Go hide! Black Mask was right behind me.”

“So cover me and I’ll take care of this.” You turned and pulled out the last wire. “Got it.” Red Hood shoved you away from the center of the room.

“Good, go!” He yelled once more as the doors burst open again, in came Black Mask with one guard on each side of him, all of them shooting several bullets a second. You had no choice but to move. As you ran down the hall someone grabbed you. Pinning your arms to your sides and dragging you down the hall. Where you were soon handcuffed and shortly thereafter brought outside in front of a bloody Black Mask.

“So what, now Hood has a sidekick?” He chuckled out. He took hold of your chin and turned your head side to side. “Well, she’s a looker, i’ll give him that.”

“I’m not his sidekick.”

“Well then, why don’t we make you mine.” He said. “Put her in the truck.”

In a brilliant flash of lights shooting began. While the goons were disorientated you jumped, bringing your handcuffed hands to the front of you. Hood was up on the fire escape shooting and you were on the ground fighting. But there were too many guys, and you weren’t nearly trained well enough to handle this. Red Hood was forced to jump down, grab your hand, and ran like hell to get you two somewhere safe.

“You were caught by his henchmen, you were sloppy when you fought, and you nearly killed everyone in that building! I don’t care if you think your helping, stay away before someone else gets hurt because of your recklessness!” Hood continued to yell at you. It was only now that you realized he had a temper. He’d been going on about this for several minutes now. “If I see you out here again-”

“If i’m that bad then train me.” You blurted out. “Show me how to fight better, show me-”

“No! Get the fuck off the streets. Go home and do whatever it is you do there, because you sure as hell aren’t helping anyone out here.” Red Hood turned around about to get off the building when you spoke up again.

“Where did you go?”


“Why did you suddenly disappear? You were gone for two months. In those two months my best friend was mugged and killed. In your territory. Right next to the pizza parlor that i’ve seen you at dozens of times. Where did you go?” You shook your head at him.

He let out a long sigh. “I was away on a mission with the outlaws.” He paused. “Look, i’m sorry about your friend…”

“After she died i decided i couldn’t let anyone else die. If you weren’t going to be here to do it then i would.”

It was a long wait before Hood said anything again. “If you want to be trained follow me.”


You were training with the Red Hood, who you now know as Jason Todd, for almost three months now. You knew he had a bad temper, but now you knew how to calm him down, or work around it.

You were sparring with him one evening, although you tried your best, Jason wasn’t holding back tonight. You fell on the ground, tired, sweaty, and ready to just go home and sleep.

“Doin’ Okay?”

“Just dandy.” You joked. He extended a hand to you which you took, he pulled you up a bit more forceful than was necessary. You were now in his arms with your lips touching. A part of you wanted to stay like that, and when you realized he didn’t pull away either you decided to deepen the kiss. His lips twitched into a smile in the kiss. When you pulled away he rested his head on yours.

anonymous asked:

May I have some HCs on how Chuuya, Ranpo, Fukuzawa, Poe and Dazai would get their super stressed out (panicking, tense shoulders and muscles, no sleep) SO to take a break or rest please?

Alright ;) I don’t write for the Guild characters for the time being anon~ (I’m sure you’re the civilian s/o hcs anon btw)

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’d definitely grab them to bed and says:’You need to sleep
  • If they’re stubborn then he’d just kiss their eyelids until they promise him that they’d sleep ‘I won’t move! you need to promise me that you’ll go to sleep first’
  • Chuuya would massage them to make their tense shoulders and muscles relax.He also likes to prepare hot and comfy beverages for his s/o.

Edogawa Ranpo

  • Ranpo would take them to their favourite dessert shop and binge-eat delicious sweets together.
  • He’d say ‘If you don’t sleep then I won’t sleep too’ and fall asleep next to them anyway.But playing with Ranpo’s hair while he’s asleep on their laps is kind of soothing.
  • ‘If you can’t sleep I could whisper sweet nothings into your ears how about that?

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Fukuzawa would ask them to find time to relax themself ‘Don’t overwork yourself and please find some time to rest as well’
  • He’d initiate lots of cuddles with his s/o.
  • Fukuzawa would bring all of his cats and his s/o would be able to gently rub the cats’ fluffy fur at their heart content.
  • His sweet and gentle forehead kisses are very relaxing.

Dazai Osamu

  • Whether in good or bad moments Dazai never failed to make his s/o smile.
  • *grab microphone* ‘ Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days When our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out’ He’d just ask his s/o to karaoke with him and sing at the top of their lungs.And saying it out loud might make his s/o less stressed out.
  • Little did they know that Dazai’s singing skills were not that bad.

Why do you think Andy kept his marriage to corns a secret for YEARS!?!?? Like he pretends to be “real” and himself and his own identity who does what he wants when he wants and rebellious bla bla bla but how can that actually be if your scared of what 14 year old will think and say?

Did he do it to protect his career in some way? If so, what a sell out and little bitch!

IDK who would keep a marriage a secret. If thats your mentality good luck we all know how this will turn out. Its not like he’s a famous celebrity or well known figure who would have tons of paparazzi following and bombarding them. Common most 14 year olds cant drive haha bitch nobody’s gunna ruin or drop by uninvited.

Im not saying he had to release the location day and time, but he could have at least said he married this old woman. Kinda looks like he’s embarrassed of her.

And he cant’ say use the excuse we were waiting to get enough money to have a nice ceremony because that doesn’t address the fact he never owned up to MARRYING HER IN THE FIRST PLACE. That’s whats so confusing. Tons of musicians marry at city hall and have ceremonies one they have enough money but none of them keep their bitches a secret!!!! 



Today started out good. I woke up and did an hour of yoga, played with the dogs, got some stuff done around the house. And then idk, it just went downhill from there. Nothing seems to be going right lately. It didnt help that I was stuck in the house pretty much all day.

Anyway, Charlotte lost her first two teeth today while playing! Unfortunately I couldn’t find either of them, and her super soft fluff is starting to turn into real fur.. So sad. She’s growing up way too fast 😭

anonymous asked:

I LOVE UR CONNIE AU YOU DID WOW :0 I wanted to add on how Stevonnie and Coneven could exist. Connies raised by women and is sheltered her whole life, and doesnt know people her age. The moment she meets Steven, shes very interested and they become good friends. Things turn out the same w/ how Stevonnie is formed but reversed. She thinks hes a lovable clutz at first but doesnt realize she has one of those innocent kid crushes. They dont have to date I just like them 2gethr. Idk who Stevens mom is

Oh shit thank you!! And tbh yes Stevonnie would probably wind up this way! Steven probably comes on tour with his dad sometimes, and they stop in beach city and the two meet and they become fast friends. I kinda like the idea of Steven not really knowing his mom, like she probably died or something after he was born and Greg takes care of him mostly. Maybe he asks Vidalia to babysit sometimes (and she wouldn’t mind because Steven and Onion are “such good friends”) so Steven can be around for some Connie adventures sometimes. Stevonnie would probably be a little less anxious and a lot less sexualized (because I say so) and honestly? They’d probably slug Kevin in the face because Connie takes no shit and Steven’s nice but he lives on the road man. His dad taught him to respect women. And Stevonnie’s no woman but Connie’s in there and he doesn’t appreciate the behavior either so rip Kevin

k-noelle  asked:

Headcanons for Bo, Iwa, Oikawa, Dadchi, Noya, and Sugamama reactions to their S/O ranting to them about their favorite sports team losing the big game/someone they hate started hanging out with their best friend/some guy cat called them... Really ranting about anything in general...

[ I am here for this ]

Daichi Sawamura;

- Feels really good when you come rant to him, and usually offers really good ways to calm down

- But first he’ll listen to you and only interrupt to agree with you, that, hey, you totally didn’t deserve that grade on that one assignment and your professor is nutso.

- If he sees that your getting really upset his solution is shoulder rubs and soft words goddamn

Koushi Sugawara;

- He gives such good advice, honestly. ‘If you really don’t want that person hanging around your friend, you should tell your friend how you feel about it and explain why’

- But when you’re done ranting you probably don’t want to think about it so cuddles are always a given after any rant

- Careful hair-musing and kisses, its so sweet. He just wants you happy

Yuu Nishinoya;

- If you’re mad, he’s mad, lets just get that out of the way

- Because if this it probably turns into both of you yelling so much that you get tired and fall asleep. But, you’re yelling with each other

- It’s actually pretty therapeutic, and then when you get up he’s more calm about it and can actually talk with you normally

Tooru Oikawa;

- Idk but I picture Oiks to be a pretty good listener, besides the fact that he likes to interject a lot. But he asks a lot of questions

- “He did what now?? Thats totally not okay. And how did you feel about that? What did you say?” // “If i was there…”

- But if you just want physical contact he’s cool with that too. He can be very busy but he tries to make time

Hajime Iwaizumi;

- I think Iwaizumi might be a little awkward in this situation, because he won’t know what to say. 

- He is good at calming you down despite that though. He gives really good hugs and is willing to just listen

- Also if its something he deems ‘not ok’ he might get a little worked up too

Koutarou Bokuto;

- Owl dork is so concerned and also gets emotional about things with you

- A lot of hand holding and physical contact in between him jumping up and exclaiming things in disbelief

- But also expect him to be SO invested, like he’ll ask you about it a week later asking for new developments

Thank you so much you both! <3 But I suck so bad at drawing tutorials as I don’t even know how to make one. Believe me, I tried. I just tell someone you just open a blank canvas on photoshop and draw something you love. Which, I know, isn’t very helpful. But that’s how it’s always been for me. For more blabbering about art stuff, do continue. If not, just ignore. :D


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Cass: “ur the friend Leliana kept talking abt?”

Mordred: “did she mention ‘temper’ and 'warden’ in the same sentence?”

Cass: “yes, alongside 'small’ and 'loves his dog’.”

Mordred: “aaaaay it me.”


Varric: “hero of ferelden huh? how did that gig go for ya.”

Mordred: “like shit.”

Varric: “but everything turned out not buried in darkspawn stink so good job.”

Mordred: “idk if u ever been to Denerim I think I like the darkspawn stench better.”

Varric: “ohhhh u blaspheme ur own country.”

Mordred: “it’s a fact. hawke was fereldan right. didn’t she tell you.”

Varric: “…okay, true.”


Solas: “it is good to see you in person. the Fade was full of interesting memories of you.”

Mordred: “….thanks for announcing ur stalking I guess.”


Skull bandana I did the other day but you’ve already seen it if you follow me on Instagram (chelseaboisclair)😘

What if Sakura was the first killer?

Ya know…There could have been fewer survivors in DR1 if it wasn’t for Sayaka. Because Sayaka flipped and tried to kill Leon but was killed herself, Sakura never had to kill someone. If Sayaka was calmed down by Makoto, Sakura would have to had killed somebody. Seeing as the murders that followed used personal connections (Mondo killed Chihiro because of envy and Celes used Yamada’s and Taka’s love for Alter Ego against each other), whoever Sakura killed would have altered the survivor’s list for the worst,  even if it was a survivor. 

Think about it: Who would have Sakura killed? She is someone of honor, so she would not kill anyone who is weak or a girl (So this eliminates Sayaka, Chihiro, Celes, Asahina, Fukawa, “Junko”, and Kirigiri), and she would not kill anyone who had strength and/or honor she respected, as she’d want everyone to still move forward after she was executed (because, let’s face it, she’d only do it for her dojo and not to escape), so this eliminates Makoto, Taka, and Mondo.

This leaves us with Hagakure, Yamada, Togami, and Leon. Out of this list, there was only one person who actually stated at the very beginning who referred to DR as merely a game. This same person also refused to work with others and is neither weak enough to get sympathy from her or strong enough to want to keep alive. That’s right, I’m talking about Togami. As he didn’t have Fukawa as his pet until chapter 2, he’d make an easy and smart choice as the first victim. 

Obviously, Sakura would be caught and executed, but before she did, she would have apologized to Asahina in front of everyone. Fukawa, who would reasonably be in love with him and be pissed off and would wanna take her anger out on Asahina. Now everything from here would be speculation, but I’m sure that the survivors would turn out to be different people and the number would probably be lowered. The two killers after her killed for a specific reason, so if Monokuma tapped into those reasons, there’s a good chance they’d kill again (maybe different people this time?).

Idk…It’s just a theory I had about the first game.