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So like, imagine an AU where Trevelyan, Lavellan, Adaar and Cadash never actually made it to the Conclave. They all got spectacularly waylaid – by each other – on the way there and ended up forming a clump of grumpy, teeth-gritted comradeship to survive the rather hostile road there because idk about you, but a Dalish elf, a Tal-Vashoth Qunari, a Carta dwarf and the 39th son of the 40th cousin twice removed from the royal family of the Free Marches would make the most fantastic, oddball adventuring party ever.

And it’s just like…yeah, I literally dreamed this last night so here, have some potential dialogue lines.


Adaar, very clearly a virgin: Oh yeah, I’ve had sex. I’ve had all the sex.
Cadash: Pffft. The only thing you’ve been bangin’ are the pots and pans–
Lavellan: Keep your dick away from our cooking utensils or so help me.


Trevelyan: Nobody here appreciates fine dining like I do.
Cadash: Yeah well, shit’s an acquired taste, as you would know.


Cadash: Just a quick question. Where did you get your admirable sense of humor from? The spite is just…riveting.
Lavellan: It is homegrown on a history of slaughter and slavery from the shem. I’m glad you liked it.
Trevelyan: Of course the dwarf would.
Lavellan: The dwarf has good tastes.


Adaar: How did your thought process go from ‘oh god what a huge demon on fire’ to ‘I’m going to whack it with my sword and hope that it dies’?
Trevelyan: Look, mate. My enemies were on fire once and they died when I whacked them hard enough too.
Cadash: It’s too bad he’s a human. He would’ve made the perfect kind of Carta.
Lavellan: Yes, the odor is identical to yours.
Adaar: You marked him?
Cadash: I rubbed my dwarfy little hands all over him while he slept, yup.
Lavellan: Creators, cleanse me from the evils my ears have borne audience to.


Cadash: Is it true Templars would sell an arm and a leg for a mouthful of lyrium?
Lavellan: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that’s rude.
Trevelyan: It certainly is! And it’s more accurate that they would sell their mothers, anyway.
Adaar: Andraste burning on the stakes wasn’t enough to clean you of your sins, I see.


Lavellan: You have no discomfort, traveling alongside a Dalish mage?
Trevelyan: Nope. I was born uncomfortable, anyway.


Cadash: Hey, we can lure [the bandits] down this tunnel.
Adaar: So all of us except for you can get stuck down there?
Cadash: Oh ye of little faith!
Trevelyan: Even if the Maker descended right now, haloed in everlasting lights with Andraste by His side and tell me to trust you, I wouldn’t do it.

Alien AUs
  • “Okay, I know I told you I’m an alien and everything but I swear to god if you try to get me to say ‘greetings earthling’ I will punch you. Of course no one says that! What is this an ‘80s film!”
  • There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien. 
  • “What am I if I fall in love with a being from a different planet? … No, i’m just wondering of course.”
  • “Uhm, hey, long story short I’m not from around here and there are people (with guns) chasing after me please please please let me hide in your house?” 
  • “I don’t know what would’ve been worse, me finding a bear in my kitchen at 4AM eating all my food or a cute alien eating all my food at 4AM.”
  • “Are all humans this cute?”
  • “I got hunted down and dragged out of hiding and now I’m in some scary lab (pretty sure I’m about to be dissected) but just before the operation this scientist came in to check everything was alright, wait what you’re unhooking me from the machine now we’re running away out of the science lab. man, maybe humans aren’t that shitty afterall.” 
  • “We crashlanded on Earth and despite being rivals we’re too scared to think straight and we keep clinging onto each other for dear life, oh god those humans think we’re a couple, quick you zogloid kiss me before they realise anythi— damn, you actually did it.”
  • “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and I can’t get over the fact how you’re so fixated on the screen and characters, omg you’re adorable.”
  • (Alternatively) “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and honestly I’m about to lose it because all you’ve been doing throughout the whole film is rant about how it’s so inaccurate and how that would never happen and watching you get so (adorably) angry about it is a lot more entertaining that watching the film.” 
  • “I was meant to only come to Earth to get information about humans so my race could figure out how to dominate the planet but I think I’m falling in love with my test subject, shit.”
  • “I don’t understand human emotions or motives but who the sparax made you cry I’m GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM — too much?”
  • “I was always taught that humans were really horrible creatures, but something must be wrong with your DNA because you’re the most adorable, funny human I’ve ever seen… did I say that outloud?”
  • “Dude, just because I come from a different planet doesn’t mean I can’t understand English. Yes this does mean I did understand that comment you made about my butt.”

requests are open!



WORD COUNT: 1,373 

FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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masterlist | ask

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Bts reaction to their s/o giving them hickeys

Concept: You left lots of hickeys and bite marks all over their shoulders and neck, but they left much more on you and yet dare to complain

Seokjin: Jin would act all dramatic trying to tease you. 

“Jagi, I can’t believe what you did to me! Jungkook noticed the hickeys from yesterday and made fun of it!” You get grumpy.

 “Oh no, one little hickey was seen! Did you already forget how my body looks like? It’s about ten times worse and I had a meeting today!” He starts laughing as you show him your marked body.

 “Someone did a good job yesterday, I’m sorry for complaining”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Namjoon: Namjoon would be really cocky. “Babygirl, I think I need to punish you. Look at my body!” He takes off his shirt. You look at him skeptically.

 “What? What’s this look suppose to mean?” You take off your shirt too, exposing your body which is covered with love marks and bites.

 “Did you forget this?” Namjoon starts smirking while walking up to you.

 “Don’t be so bratty, you’re not a celebrity. It’s not as important to you as for me. I think you indeed need to be punished.” 

Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

Yoongi: Yoongi would most likely stay calm. “Don’t you think you took it too far yesterday?” He’d say looking at you.

“Excuse me but take a look at your work!” You show him your body and he starts smiling proudly as if he just won an award.

“The marks of my lips suit you. Even though I didn’t plan them to be so big…” He’d kiss you softly.

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hoseok: Hobi would be totally proud of the hickeys you gave him. He’d wear a low cut shirt on purpose so everyone could see your masterpiece. It would be a bit embarrassing for him to admit though so he’d blame you playfully.

“I had no choice, I just couldn’t resist and push you away.” You’d start laughing.

“Are you for real? You were the one who wouldn’t stop sucking.” You’d joke and you two were laughing for almost an hour.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

Taehyung: Tae would kinda be like Hobi in this point except that he would remind you every thirty seconds about your ‘unthoughtful act’ 

“My fans, the media, the members. Everyone could find out!” 

“Then why aren’t you wearing a turtleneck or something? I got it worse and I’m not exposing myself like you so stop complaining.” You’d tease him to fresh up his memory.

“Jagi!!! You liked it yesterday, remember!” 

“You liked it too, Tae. Are we done? I’m not gonna argue about it” He’d hug you and give you a kiss on the cheek. 

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jimin: “Wow you’re such an animal baby!” He’d say looking in the mirror admiring the hickeys. He’d try to put make up all over his neck and shoulders but it turns out a mess. 

“Watch your mouth, tiger. I can’t even wear a skirt cause my legs are full of hickeys too.” 

Jimin would smile and give you a kiss as an apology.

Originally posted by itschiminie

Jungkook: “They’re gonna kill me.” Jungkook would also try to cover the hickey up. 

“Who is gonna kill you?” You’d ask. His face’d turn jungshook real quick.

“Don’t you remember that one time at the airport when fancams took pictures of my hickey and everyone got crazy?” 

“I have dinner with my parents tonight, and considering that I have much more hickeys than you and the strictness of my parents I think I got it worse.” You complained.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry I did this to you!” 

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Just did the reaction again cause my laptop crashed. I hope you like it peeps, tell me your opinion on this one!

Haunting Me: Chapter 1

A/N; Eeeeek! Here it is guys, chapter 1! This story has me so pumped and i’m so happy you guys liked the intro. I hope you guys like this chappie, cuz it’s a bit of a giant relief haha. ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x POC Reader

Haunting Me: Y/N is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Warnings: Swearing. Slight angst. Mild violence. Hella feels. 


You focused on the pencil in your hand, shading the paper as carefully as possible.

New York was beautiful in the summer time, especially once the sun hit the right spot in the sky. It wasn’t a cloudy day by any chance; in fact, there wasn’t a single cloud in sight. You sat in the metal chair, your legs crossed beneath you as you focused on the sketch in front of you. You reached for the pastry on the plate next to it and took a small bite out of it, chewing slowly.

You enjoyed your time alone, as you always did, especially when you got to sketch the totally gorgeous Calvin Klein model sitting two seats down from you.

Okay, he probably wasn’t a model, but he sure as hell looked like one.  He was built like a brick house and those eyes. Jesus –you could get lost in those ocean blue orbs of his. From what it looked like, he was drawing as well. He could draw and look super-hot while doing it? He was a rare gem. However, as you cocked your head to the side, curiously studying his features, you couldn’t help but notice how sad he looked. It made your chest ache just seeing him brood like that.

“Another brownie ma’am?” the waitress asked with a smile. And by the grace of god, the total hottie looked over at you. You blushed, looking up at the waitress with a timid smile.

“Um. No thank you.” She gave you a quick nod before walking away.

When you looked back over at the mysterious blond, you expected him to give you a small smile and continue throughout his day, but boy were you wrong. You looked back over and to your surprise, he was openly staring at you, his blue eyes widened with an odd mixture of fear and shock. He blinked rapidly, his eyes focusing on your face shamelessly.

Immediately you felt so self-conscious. Was there something on your face? Did you creep him out?  Oh god, did your eyeliner smudge. You had a habit of rubbing your face whilst drawing and you did forget you were wearing makeup sometimes.

After a few minutes of being stared down by the man, you had quite enough. You hastily packed your sketch book into your bag and placed a few dollar bills onto the table before standing. You swore you could feel the burning of eyes on your back as you stealthy maneuvered around the sea of people.

Before you could take another step, you felt a tight grip on your arm stop you.

“What are you doing?” you exclaimed, turning around with a scowl. You reached in your pocket for your pepper spray.

“I-I’m sorry!” The man sputtered, his eyes softened once he peered around at the many people watching the two of you. There was a small crowd surrounding you now and you felt so embarrassed, yet relieved. He wouldn’t dare try anything in public.  

You yanked your arm back, holding it in your wrist. “Why are you following me? Do I know you or something?” your last question caused him to frown. You could practically see the wheels turning in the man’s head as he chose his words carefully. He sighed heavily, before his eyes travelled down to the bag in your hand.  

“I uh…noticed you drawing earlier and I wanted to say how nice your shading technique was. That’s all.”

You blinked, your eyes widening. He did all that for a damn compliment? Who was this guy?

“Thank you,” you replied, which came out more as a question. Soon, the people around you began going about their day once they realized there was no harm being done to you. Leaving the two of you standing in the middle of the busy sidewalk.

“My name is Steve,” he smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Steve Rogers.” You raised your eyebrows. That was a bit of an older fashioned name, but you weren’t complaining. Your mom tried to name you Jane once before your birth.

“I’m Y/N,” you replied, gently taking his hand and shaking it.  

“Y/N Y/L/N.”

As the next couple years went by, you and Steve became two peas in a pod.  

Wherever you went, he went. At first, you found it sort of creepy that your best friend was following you around town all the time, showing up at your apartment in the middle of the night when the Stark tower got too much for him and he needed a place to sleep properly. After a while, you just assumed the man was a bit lonely, which was fine by you considering you were, too.

There were times where you two would just stay up all night watching old movies from his time. His favorite was My Darling Clementine, which you had seen so many times that you now knew the entire film’s script by memory. 

Soon, Steve began accompanying you on your trips to art galleries for school. It was a win/win for you as he always attracted so much attention being the hot shot Captain America he was, also, he eased the storm of anxiety that you struggled with your entire life. Steve was your wing man.  

But there were some times when you felt that maybe Steve wanted to be more than friends. 

You always thought of him as a brother figure, but the way he would look at you whenever he thought you weren’t noticing, it had you a bit confused. It happened when you were watching the old movies. He would look at you from out the corner of his eye, watching your reactions closely. You figured it was because he had a thing for you, which you didn’t return. 

You had a couple boyfriends here and there, but nothing special. And Steve, bless his heart, had completely unapproved of them all. 

But whenever you would sing along to your favorite song, Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, you would see the look even more. You couldn’t put your finger on it, but something about that song probably caused unpleasant memories for him. You wondered why. 

Another time you got The Look, was when you smoked. It was a habit, yeah, one that you’ve had for far too long. Every time you would be out and about with him -which was always- and you lit up a cigarette, he would immediately scold you until you put it out. You loved Stevie, but you were a big girl. You could make your own decisions. 

You were lounging on your couch, watching old reruns of Seinfeld, when a loud banging on your front door causing you to nearly jump out of your skin. You looked over at your phone. 

Five O’clock. 

Steve was currently on a mission, or so you thought. Who on earth could it be? 

You sighed, standing up from the couch and made your way towards the front door. You flung the door open, expecting to see Steve standing there with a box of pizza like always, but instead you got something way, way more complicated. 

“W-What is going on?” you asked, eyeing the two other Avengers beside your best friend. 

Steve let out a sigh, giving you a guilty smile. “These are my uh…coworkers.” 

You blinked, staring at him with wide eyes. Coworkers? Really?

“May we come inside?” Natasha asked as she clutched her shoulder tightly. Her face was twisted into a grimace as she tried to cover the obvious gunshot wound in her shoulder. Your eyes widened. 

“Of course!” you jumped, reaching forward and gently placing your hand on her back, and guiding her into your apartment. She let out a groan when you touched her shoulder. 

“I think I’m gonna need a new shoulder.” she said. 

You placed the cotton swab on Natasha’s shoulder, gently dabbing the fresh stitches you had applied. She was lucky to be alive, the bullet barely missed a major artery. A couple more centimeters and she would’ve bled out in seconds. 

“So are you guys gonna tell me what the hell happened?” you asked, turning around in your chair to face Steve, who was seated on your couch, his body bruised and battered from the obvious fight. 

Whoever they ran into managed to put up on hell of a fight. 

“His name is The Winter Soldier,” Natasha chimed from behind you. She avoided your eyes as she spoke “He’s Hydra’s top assassin. He’s killed over a dozen elected officials and other people as well. We ran into him earlier.” 

Steve continued to stare down at the floor, his face in a distant frown. 

“What does that have to do with Steve? What happened?” you asked eagerly. 

“We just found out that this so called Winter Soldier is actually Steve’s best friend, Bucky Barnes.” 

Your eyes widened. You were so confused. Steve never mentioned anyone else in his life except for his mother and father. He always told you he was on the lonely side, but…he had a best friend apparently. An old best friend from over seventy years ago. 

“Who the hell is Bucky?” you chided, furrowing your brows at Steve. How could he have not told you? You and he told each other everything. 

“Bucky Barnes was considered KIA in 1942 when he fell off a locomotive during a mission to capture the evil scientist Arnim Zola.” Sam informed as he reloaded his pistol. 

“And now, he’s alive. And brainwashed, completely wiped of his memories of Steve.” Natasha finished, taking a sip of the glass of orange juice you poured her a few minutes ago. 

You felt your chest ache. 

Why couldn’t Steve feel like he could tell you about Barnes? You guys were so much closer than the average friends. 

You turned back to Steve, only to find him on the couch with his face buried in his hands. His breaths coming out in short huffs. 

You made your way over to the blond, bending down until you were eye level with him. He looked so broken, yet you had no idea what he was going through. You’ve never lost anyone before. You had no idea who this Winter Soldier was, but if it meant reconnecting two old friends, you were more than wiling to help Steve. 

You gently pulled Steve’s hands from his hair and brought them down, revealing his tear stained face. You smiled up at him, hope shining in your eyes. 

“Whoever this Bucky guy is,” you began, looking down at your entwined hands. “He must be a special kind of man for you to go these lengths. We’ll get your friend back, Steve. If it’s the last thing we do.” 

Steve felt his heart shattering even more as you spoke. Nevertheless, he offered you a false smile, hoping to distract you from the internal pain he was facing. To his relief, you bought it. 

He watched as you went back to Natasha and began placing the bandages onto her wound, your face set in a concerned frown. 

‘Oh, Y/N’ he thought to himself. 

‘If you only knew the truth.’ 

- Fin!  ❤️

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poems i would write you | shawn mendes


word count: 9,018 (i was gonna split this up, but decided to just keep it together. it’s long. put on your favorite sweatpants and grab that bag of hot cheetos you’ve been saving before you dig into this thing.)

author’s note: GUESS WHO’S BACK, BACK AGAIN? BERRY’S BACK, TELL A FRIEND. welcome to the first installment of my college!shawn series, which takes place during Y/N’s (that’s you) freshman year. it’s got fluff, angst, and some pretty stupid decisions on everyone’s part. title from “shot down” by khalid, as per a recommendation from @light-up-shawn. enjoy.

Your name: submit What is this?


Upon your arrival to college, you had been on the receiving end of entirely too much advice from various relatives, older friends, and even strangers. Don’t walk alone at night, don’t sign up for eight AM classes, don’t drink the “jungle juice” at any frat parties.

Your parents had told you to focus on your studies and seek tutoring help if you needed it. Your sister had encouraged you to join a sorority to really be at “the heart” of university life, as if you knew what that meant. The only advice your cousin gave you was to always remember your room key and to pack a pair of shower shoes, the latter of which she accompanied with a shudder - you could piece together that anecdote on your own.

But nobody had prepared you for this particular problem.

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Don’t leave us... - Batsis x Batfamily (ANGST)

Would you look at that ? In the mood for a somewhat angsty story. Also, I promised more Batsis so…boom, here we are. Written in ten minutes (almost exactly) at 4 am so…UHUH. I hope you will still like it

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


You didn’t intend for any of that to happen. It just…somehow did. 

If you had waited for him, you know it would have been too late.  

Damian was there with you but…there was no way you would have let him do this. Oh no. Not your precious little brother. 

You couldn’t bear it. Nor could you bear for your dad to do it really…

You know…You know it’s selfish. 

You can’t help but think that, at least, you wouldn’t be the one to suffer. You wouldn’t be the one with a bleeding heart…Yes. It’s totally selfish. 

But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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anonymous asked:

So like...how do you think Niall would react to seeing you wrapped up in a towel fresh out of the shower? Like, if you guys hadn't had sex yet, and you were just staying at his place and needed a shower? (Because he probably forced you to play footie with him)


A/N: it’s 2:30am and this is completely unedited. Fair warning.

Manual Labor

“I don’t want to be an ass….but don’t you have, um, people to do this?”

Niall snorted out a laugh from where he was splayed on his stomach in the grass, pulling weeds and stray leaves from beneath the bushes along his fence. “Aww c’mon, a little manual labor will do ya good. Don’t be such a pansy ass.”

I stood up and pulled the hem of my ratty shirt up to wipe the sweat and grime off my forehead. As I dropped the soft fabric back down I caught Niall’s eyes as they shifted quickly back down to the piles of brown, crunchy leaves in front of him.

“See something you like, Horan?” I smirked and popped my hip towards him, shaking my bum slightly in my running shorts.

“Piss off.  I’ve been so busy with tour and promo I haven’t pulled in forever.  What t’hell am I supposed to do when I see a flash of skin on a fit girl?”  

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I’m Utterly In Love With You

Part 1 (It’s really not that necessary to read it to understand what’s going on); Part 2; Part 3; Part 4

Kim Jongdae (Chen) x Reader

Summary: Your parents gave you up so you had no choice but to become his wife.

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff, angst

Word count: 1,861

Originally posted by exoxoolf

“Stay with me, like this” were the first words you remembered when you woke up. You looked around and soon realized you were alone in the room. His room. You couldn’t see him after what happened, it would be so embarrassing. You quickly slipped out of the bed and went downstairs, carefully checking if he’s not there. You couldn’t find him anywhere, so you went to the kitchen. After finally discovered where the mugs were you made yourself a coffee but couldn’t get yourself to drink it because you kept remembering that you actually went to him yourself. You set the cup down and decided to make one for him as well, maybe he will come back soon.

“Hoho, so now where even on that level where you make coffee for me,” Jongdae cooed and you almost spilled the coffee.

“Jongdae! Don’t scare me like that!” but he just continued his speech.

“That’s understandable though, since we just slept together,” he said taking the cup out of your hand.

“We didn’t sleep together…”

“What do you mean? We did! You were lying right there, looking all cute,” he smiled, making you blush.

“Agh! You know what I mean!” you said stomping away. You stopped in the doorway. “Wait. Were you watching me sleep?”

You caught him red handed. He just averted his look and sat down at the table.

“No, I… Of course I wasn’t” he mumbled, taking a sip. “Okay! I was. I admit it but you looked so adorable I just had to.”

You covered your face with your hands. Him and his cute, flirting nature, your heart can’t take it. Wait did you just thought he’s cute? You peeked through your fingers and saw him patting the chair near him but you sat on the opposite side, well you can at least finish your coffee with him. This setting reminded you of the time you signed those papers but you quickly brushed it off.

“What got you so scared last night that you came running to me?” he asked. You never told him anything about yourself, so you wondered if you should share this as well.

“You don’t have to tell me, if you don’t want to.”

“No. It’s okay,” you can’t keep it to yourself forever, maybe you will feel better when you speak about it. “It was my sister.”

His eyes fixed on you. He was suddenly very interested.

“Your sister? What about her?”

“She… She died,” you finally said, your grip on the mug tightening, if you would have kept your eyes on him, you would have noticed that he wasn’t any bit surprised by this.

“I’m sorry,” you heard him say in a quiet voice.

“It was a long time ago but I still think about her some days…” you closed your eyes and breathed out. You can’t start crying now. “Okay, let’s stop being all emotional. I’m more interested in all this,” you said, gesturing to the area around you.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “I’m not getting divorced if you’re thinking about that.”

“That’s not what I mean. I was going to ask what’s going to happen now?”

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about as well,” he said, taking out a key and sliding it along the table surface to you.

“What’s this?” you questioned.

“A key. You can go anywhere you want, I’m sure you won’t try to run away but since that incident with Jimin I can’t let you go wandering alone, so it will be with me or one the bodyguards. Other than this, enjoy yourself,” he smiled.

You picked up the key. You certainly didn’t expect this, well having a bodyguard is not very fun either but he finally gave you the freedom you longed so much.


The other few months went by so fast and you two lived more like roommates. He didn’t force you to do anything you didn’t feel like doing but his flirting never ceased. Now that you could actually go out, it all felt so normal. After a long time you felt happy and content with your life and he noticed that you smile more often when with him. You weren’t bored but you wanted to repay him somehow so one day you asked him about work.

“I have all this money, at least let me treat you.”

“You do it all the time anyway,” you pouted.

“Don’t you want to study instead?” and your eyes beamed up at his suggestion. He thought about what he said for a while and then changed his mind immediately. “No, you know what, it’s too dangerous. There’s too many guys in the campus. Nope, no way.”

“Ahh don’t give me false hope!”

“You know you can always work with me,” he said.

And you knew you could, he always told you that because that way you would be with him for most of the day. He spoke about his job often and didn’t hide anything from you but you wanted nothing to do with that part of his life. It was dark and cruel. Violence is not something you could get used to, so you refused for seemingly 100th time. Staying inside, you started to enjoy cooking again and despite him liking it very much, he often took you out on dates to such expensive places you never even dreamed. One evening, you were reading on your computer and noticed an article that had you in it. “Famous CEO finally taken.” You looked at the photo in the article from one of these dates you two had.

“A CEO?” you thought. “Well that’s one way to hide what’s he’s actually doing.”

You were so immersed in the article that you jumped up when Jongdae burst into your room through the door.

“Oh my God! Jongdae!”

“Y/N come with me, quick.” he said taking your hand and dragging you out of the room.

“Where are we going? When did you come back?” he usually worked really long hours and you were genuinely surprised to see him this early. He took you out to the balcony. The sky was clear and very beautiful.

“Come,” he said, guiding you to the railing.

“Why are we here exactly?” you asked him.

He smiled to you and looked down. You two stayed silent for a moment before you spoke again.

“Jongdae did something happen?”

“No, everything is okay. I just like being near you.”

He turned and looked at you.

“You know,” he said, taking something out of his jacket’s inner pocket. “I never got you that wedding ring.”

He opened the little box revealing a beautiful golden ring inside. You had no idea what’s happening.

“Is this a joke?”

“It’s certainly not, you signed those papers yourself,” he laughed.

“I can’t.”

“Y/N please. It may be just a ring to you but it would mean so much to me if you wore it, so can I?” he said taking your hand, he held it for a while before you finally nodded. He then took another ring out and you chuckled.

“You want me to put it on for you?” you asked and then slipped it on his finger.

It felt so strange actually wearing one and only now you realized that you are indeed married to this man.


“I’m always happy with you,” he said, interlocking your fingers with yours. He stared deep into your eyes.

“Y/N,” he finally spoke. “You may have already noticed it but I’m utterly and extremely in love with you.”

You started blushing immediately after his sudden confession, especially since he was holding you so close. You felt kind of bad you couldn’t say the same to him yet or maybe it was just your stubbornness but in the heat of the moment you couldn’t stop yourself and wrapped your hands around his neck and tugged him into a kiss. The kiss was sweet but also passionate at the same time, you felt his hands slide down to your waist and you two had no intentions of stopping when somebody cleared their throat behind you. Jongdae pulled away.

“Am I interrupting something?” you looked at the man who had cat like eyes standing near the door to the balcony.

“Yes you fucking are, don’t you have eyes Minseok?” Jongdae was angry and annoyed, a side of him you didn’t enjoy seeing.

“You know, I don’t even care that I interrupted. All of us were trying to contact you since morning, where the hell were you?”

“Are you seriously here because of that?”

“No. I’m here because it’s urgent, something came up and you’re needed.”

“Can’t you do this without me?”

“We can’t,” the man glared at him. “All of us need to be there, so you better come with, you’re getting on my nerves as it is. I will be waiting outside, you have 3 minutes,” he said and walked away.

You looked at Jongdae who was trying his best to control himself.

“He ruined the mood and I was starting to enjoy myself,” he said, checking his clock. “It’s about 10 pm now, so don’t wait for me because I will probably only be back in the morning. We can continue what we started then,” he smirked and kissed your forehead before going out himself.

You stood there confused, still not sure what happened. Did you seriously just kiss him? You must be out of your mind. You looked at the ring on your finger and smiled to yourself. You had to admit it, the kiss was pretty good. You looked at the stars for a while but since you had nothing better to do after that, you went to sleep. You woke up early and he still hadn’t come back.  You have decided to spend your time cleaning the apartment while he was gone because you refused to hire maids. You rarely went to his office but since you were at it why not clean it as well. You piled up the documents neatly on his table when you noticed something laying on the floor, you bent down and picked it up. It was a photo. Your photo. Way back from high school. Where did he get something like that? You wanted to stand up but bumped your head into the bottom of the table and a bunch of other papers and documents fell down from underneath it. You looked at them and quickly realized it was you. All you. You couldn’t believe what you were seeing or rather you didn’t want to believe. There was your school club activities, addresses of all the places you have lived in, your routes home, day jobs, your friends list, parents, photos as young as teenager. Anything and everything it’s possible to know about you. You picked up another photo. It was your sister. Near the picture you saw something why all of this was hidden in the first place. You were studying and rereading through everything over and over again when you heard the familiar footsteps and that sweet voice call out to you.

“Y/N are you in there?”

~ Part 6 ~

The Arrangement (Part 10: The Gala)

Summary: The gala finally arrives, and Dean is absolutely floored by your dress. An interaction with Samuel leaves Dean fuming, but you calm him down. Dean finally admits his feelings.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,300 (hold onto your hats kids it’s a long one)

Warnings: Language, sexual tension, anxiety, mild smuttiness

A/N: It’s here it’s here it’s here it’s here the gala is finally HERE I’m so excited for you guys to read this part!!! It’s long, so settle in! This part is inspired by the song In Case You Didn’t Know, by Brett Young (ohmygod now I’m so nervous to post this aaaaahhhhh)

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anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite season three moments?

Well, do you have all day? I have enjoyed this season immensely, so there are also a lot of moments I love immensely. I’ll just rattle off a few that come to mind, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. (As you would expect, they are 95% Claire.)

  • Claire and Frank’s final fight is probably my #1 solely for the way it escalates (“If you try to take Brianna away from me!”) and the way Claire uses his name like a weapon: “I’ll have something to say about adultery, FRANK.” I ate that shit up with a spoon.
  • Bear’s music in the scene where Claire goes to dead!Frank’s bedside rips me open.
  • The way Cait delivered the line “Terribly,” after Jamie asks her if she misses Bree.
  • Sam’s face after Rupert is shot, like fuck (and Rupert’s exit is superb: “I mean to set a quick pace, so try to keep up”).
  • Ship cabin quickie may be my favorite Outlander sex scene yet. I am still trying to figure out why.
  • Joe being like, “Yes, ur so hot. Ur my hottest friend. Did u kno that ur my hottest friend?”
  • The Batsuit scene was so jarring at first, BUT OH MY GOD. SHE’S SO CUTE, YOU GUYS. I MEAN, WOW. 
  • This bit before their printshop reunion sex is also so gorgeous. The way they’re laughing, and their faces suddenly fall into this sort of “Oh my god, is this happening? This is happening. I am so happy this is happening.” My shitty screencaps don’t do it justice because they look slightly constipated here, but— really these are the faces of two teenagers in love, HALP.

Aaaaand yeah, there ya go!


part 4:

“What do you mean he has to grow up again?” Pidge asked.

There had been a long drawn out few minuets of silence, the tension so thick that it could be cut with a knife.

Coran didn’t say anything for a really long time, he just stood there, his tears falling down unto lance’s sleeping form.

“Coran…” Allura spoke gently, placing her hand on his shoulder “tell us what’s wrong, please.”

When Coran didn’t say anything straight away they all assumed he wasn’t going to speak, then he let out a long suffering sigh. “The water was not water but rather a living creature that returns its prey to a pre birth state in order to eat it. Lance… there may of been a way to return him to his original age but… he was running out of time. It was this or he would of died.”

The news hung heavily in the air.

“D-does he know us?” Hunk finally asked taking a nervous step forwards.

Coran shook his head “no… not like he used to. I imagine he now has the mind to match his body… the Lance we knew… he’s gone.” the tears began to flow again as he hugged the sleeping infant close.

He had failed his favorite Paladin, he wasn’t good enough and now Lance is the one to pay the price.

“Can i hold him?” Hunk asked reaching out his arms with a smile. It hurt knowing that Lance was gone. That the best friend he had gotten so close to over the last few years just didn’t exist any more. But that didn’t mean he loved Lance any less and would let him grow up without anything but the best.

Coran looked hesitant for a moment before handing him over “Be sure to support his head.” he said quickly as hunk positioned Lance perfectly in his arms with a kind of practised ease that told everyone Hunk knew what he was doing.

“He’s so tiny.” Hunk smiled as Pidge poked one of his little feet that was sticking out from his shirt.

“And cute.” Keith cooed holding the tiny hand. Everyone looked at him like he had suddenly grown a second head. “What just because im emo doesnt mean i can’t like cute things.” he pouted crossing his arms.

“We didn’t say anything.” Shiro did nothing to hide his look of amusement at how Keith blushed and looked away yet still kept hold of that hand that some how managed to get a grip round his thumb.

“I will set a course for earth.” Allura said suddenly.

“NO!” Hunk yelled startling everyone including Lance with his sheer volume.

Lance’s eyes opened looking around for a moment before his face scrunched up and he started wailing at the top of his lungs.

The trained and very capable team Voltron all jumped back like he was a grenade rather than a crying infant. All but Hunk who repositioned him, so that Lance was resting against his chest and being bounced by one large hand supporting his behind.

“Shh it’s ok Buddy, it’s ok, you’re ok.” Hunk whispered pacing the room.

“Look Hunk” Shiro started once Lance seemed to calm down a bit. “I know the thought of leaving Lance with his family is upsetting but it really is the best thing for him. We could always say he’s Lance’s son and leave him with his parents?”

Hunk shook his head holding Lance protectively. “I can’t let you do that Shiro, Lance… he never told me but i could tell from how he acted before we went home for the holidays. From how many bruises and little burns he had when he came back. From how many times he would flinch at a loud noise or someone trying to give him a high five.” Hunk was whispering not wanting Lance to start crying again now that he was mostly calm and happily bouncing up and down looking around the room.

“A-are you saying Lance was abused?” Pidge asked feeling sick at there mere thought of her friend going through something like that without her noticing. Then again she had always wondered why Lance was so good with first aid.. She really wished she didn’t have an answer now.

“Well just because we can’t take him back to his family doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take him back to earth. Maybe a foster homes an option?” Shiro was trying really hard to be realistic. It pained him just thinking about leaving Lance and maybe never seeing him again. But this was war. He would be safest on Earth around humans.

“As the only person here that’s lived through the system i can say that’s not an option. It would break him. Besides We’re Lance’s family, he’s our teammate and our responsibility. If he has to grow up again then fine, if you don’t want to look after him then i will! But i won’t let you just dump him because you think it’s too dangerous. You know damn well none of us would ever let anything happen to him!” Keith didn’t even realise he was crying until Shiro wrapped him up into a hug.

“I’m sorry… you’re right.” Shiro mumbled glad of the height difference keeping Keith from seeing the tears in his own eyes. “Guess we have some shopping to do.”

Allura clapped her hands together, “The space mall then? And don’t even think of trying to leave me behind this time, as Princess i reserve the right to pick out some cute little outfits.”

“And while she’s doing that i’ll see about finding some earth baby stuff, i’m not sure if he can stomach food goo this young and i don’t know about you guys but i don’t want to be cleaning vomit up all night.” Hunk chuckled wincing slightly as he pulled Lance away from his hair that he had decided to try and tug out, giving him a big happy smile and a giggle as if he didn’t just try to leave him with a bald patch.

“We will also need to sort out sleeping arrangements, Coran you can see about finding a crib and perhaps some old toys that may still be around the castle? Oh and set up a nursery as well! And and and… Coran are you listening to me?” Allura asked raising an eyebrow.

Coran had remained silent staring at the floor. It hurt so much, it was like losing his son all over again, yet this time he had a constant reminder of him smiling and looking at him like he did nothing wrong at all.

He took a deep breath, Lance needed him to be a good Space uncle and by god he would be the best there ever was. It was the least he could do after all.

Coran smiled as he did a quick salute “right oh Princess. I’ll get right on that!! I do believe i saw some of your old Lion toys laying around somewhere. Ill fetch them right away.”

Coran didn’t wait around to see the others off. Instead he focused on his work.

It was one thing he could do right at least.

One thing that wouldn’t cost a young man the life he built.

Bts | Reaction | Flirty~

[thank u so much for being my first reaction request! hope you enjoy it anon~! I’m just going to base this off of you two being complete strangers to each other, and they happen to catch your eye i mean why wouldn’t they ]


Automatically would start pointing at potential others who you might be looking at, instead of him. Just as a precaution in case you weren’t actually looking at him, and could save himself the embarrassment- but once you point at him yourself, for reassurance, he won’t hesitate to make the first move and finally walk over to you to properly introduce himself. 


At first he would laugh, thinking ‘this girl isn’t for real. there’s no way. not in a room full of other people. definitely not at me.’ but after, like, thirty seconds later he starts to think ‘wait why wouldn’t she be looking at me? I’m Min Yoongi. I’m rapper.’ So, then starts the back and forth bedroom eyes between the two of you, alarming those around ya’ll that either something was about to go down, or this was the world’s weirdest staring contest.


He had a feeling someone was staring intensely at the back of his head. Turning around on that impulse, he saw you giving him suggestive looks, followed by a wink. His lips would have no choice but to curl upward at the fact that out of the other guys at the event, you chose him. Not only did that boost his ego, but he made it his personal mission to talk to you before the night ends. You weren’t so bad on the eyes yourself~ 


A pretty lady, who’s not only looking at him, but she’s flirting with him, too??Oh lord Jesus he needed a minute to breathe, clutching his heart, while asking his hyungs for help. ‘Quick! Flirt with her for me, while I have a mini heart attack for a seco - yoongi we don’t want her to think we want to murder her! Stop smiling like tha - oh god she’s still smirking at me, someone give me some oxygen!’ 


If anything he’s the one who started flirting with you. Once he noticed that you kept looking his way, it was goodbye Chim Chim and hello Park Jimin~ It wasn’t long until the harmless flirting from across the room turned into some kind of game called ‘who can keep it up longer?’ and unfortunately you couldn’t help but to finally stand from your seat, leaving your friends confused, and meeting the handsome stranger you’ve been eyeing for over an hour. The first thing he said to you once you were close enough was ‘You lost,’ followed by a cheeky grin. But in all honesty, did you really? ;) 


Boy had to put his glasses on to make sure he was seeing correctly, because holy damn! You were not only gorgeous, but you had your eyes set on him and he needed to see it to believe it. He could see clearly now the rain had gone, and you were just too fine for him not to send some winks and one of his famous disrespectful tongue swipes over his bottom lip right back at you. And if that didn’t reel you in, just you wait. Because honey, you’ve got a big storm coming. 


Just like Yoongi, at first he would find the situation unbelievable. Apparently everybody and they mama knew that Jungkook just didn’t do girls - he was too awkward and inexperienced, there was no way you were looking at him. But, once it finally hit him that he was the only one sitting in his area, compared to his hyungs who were all standing and/or drinking, there were no other options to look at - other than him. You were looking at him, and that lowkey kind of scared him. But, once you signaled the ‘come here’ motion with your finger, oh he was hooked; you just caught yourself an International Playboy. 

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Driving Lessons

Plot: Harry is convinced he has to teach Y/N how to drive.

Warnings: None

Request: Yes. 

Hope you enjoy this story! The gif isn’t mine as I would certainly not be here if I’d ever been given he chance to sit that close to Harry.

This really wasn’t going even half as well as he’d promised me it would and slowly my faith in him and especially in his so called teaching skills began to subside. Harry was much braver than me and time had taught him how when he set his mind to something there was most likely a success to be found. I on the other hand knew what failure was and after having discovered my lack of skill when it came to driving and everything else even remotely car related I’d quickly given up all together. However Harry wouldn’t have it.

“Driving is not a big deal,” he’d groaned after learning of my fear, “And I’ll prove that tomorrow just so you know. You’re ridiculous.”

“Over are the days when you preached nothing but how wonderful you find me, huh?” I’d let my head roll back and turned to my boyfriend with a pout, “Guess the romance really does die before you know it.”

To this he’d laughed and I’d shrieked when his hands were grasping my ankles and pulling me onto his lap, where he’d then continued to tackle and kiss me noisily until I’d been convinced of how very present his love for me still was.

Secretly I had hoped he’d let the subject go, I really did. But Harry had a very persistent side to him. So that’s how I’d ended up here in the driver seat of his car with his watchful eyes set on every move I made.
My shaking hands had never before been this sweaty and I was red with embarrassment at how they even left a palm print on the steering wheel whenever I moved to brush the key. This was awful and for what had to be the tenth time I wondered why I always let him do this kind of stuff to me. A shaky breath left my lips and I glanced at Harry with uncertain eyes only to be met by his wide and confident smile.

“I don’t think I can do this, Harry.”

My voice was much thinner than expected, making his smile widen and his eyes warming with sympathy. He leaned in and his lips caught my cheek in a soft peck.

“You do look a little stressed out, love.” Harry chuckled against my skin before gently brushing his hand against my leg.

“What if I crash your car?” I asked, aware of how much he loved the blue vehicle he’d even jokingly named ‘Bradley’, “Or run over a cat? Harry, what if-”

“You’re not chickening out of this now,” Harry spoke whilst rolling his eyes, “I learned how to drive the moment I turned 18 and passed with ease and in one try only.”

I turned to him with arched brows. “Have I ever mentioned that I just love how humble you are?”

“Shut up,” Harry chuckled and squeezed my knee before withdrawing his touch and gesturing towards the wheel. “C'mon. The key’s there to be turned.”

My fingers still shook and I reluctantly touched the small object. It felt wrong and thinking of it now perhaps my feet didn’t reach the pedals well enough either… I turned to Harry once more. “But what when-”

“Y/N, I’m right next to you,” Harry huffed impatiently, “Should anything happen I’m here to step in, alright?”

With serious eyes he nodded towards the keys and I bit my lip, doubts clouding my head as I slowly turned it. Harry laughed when I jumped at the sound of the car coming to life and reached out to rub my shoulder in effort to ease the tension.

“Okay,” Harry hummed lowly, still incredibly calm considering he was sitting next to an emotional wreck, “Now you slowly release the clutch while giving it a little gas. Gently, Y/N. But don’t be shy, just-”

“I’m supposed to be gentle and not shy at the same time? How is that supposed to work, I-”

“It’s fine, c'mon,” Harry reassured me, “Yes, good! Just like that.”

Harry smiled as I slowly followed his instructions and I shrieked in happy surprise as the car moved. Oh god.


My hands held on to the wheel so tightly the whites of my knuckles became visible and I felt so hot I was certain my forehead was dripping with sweat.

“You’re driving!” Harry exclaimed, “Good girl I knew you could do it! Now turn left over there.”

“Why do you sound so surprised and turn left where?” I panicked and Harry’s hand acted quick in grabbing mine and forcing it to stay on the wheel before I could pull away.

“We’re on an empty parking space, love, turn left wherever you want so we’re going in a circle, yeah? At your own time.”

Harry’s ability to stay calm astounded me and he even managed to genuinely smile at me. My panicked state didn’t anger him at all. My teeth sunk into my lower lip as I did what he’d asked and my eyes widened when the car obeyed my commands.

“Oh my god it’s working!” I cried out, eyes finding Harry’s happy expression. I couldn’t remember a time when my heart had hammered in my chest like this before.

“You’re doing great, baby!” he encouraged and I blushed at the pride in his tone, “Eyes on the road, though, love. Know how much you like my face but right now-”

“Please wait to be a narcissist until I’m no longer in the position of potentially killing us both, okay? Does that work for you?”

Harry laughed. “Alright, sorry.”

We continued to drive in a circle and my mood increasingly got better the longer I got to enjoy my success, until Harry decided that he wanted to teach me how to park.
Now this did not work out at all and frankly it annoyed me how he didn’t let me enjoy myself a little longer. I insisted that the space he’d chosen was too narrow for his far too large vehicle and got frustrated the longer he refused to let me give up.
I could tell Harry really tried to remain patient with me and I loved him for it but even though we were on an empty parking space I could see how much closer we were coming to the wall of one of the buildings surrounding us. What if I couldn’t reach the break in time? Or if the wheel didn’t turn properly and we’d crash? Parking was the one thing many drivers struggled with anyway wasn’t it? Why the hell did he need me to humiliate myself, now?

With a forceful push I stepped down onto the break bringing the car to an abrupt halt that jolted Harry and myself forward.

“Fucking hell, what now?” he cried out.

“I wanted to check if the break worked,” I apologized, my breathing harsh, “Sorry.”

“Warn me next time, love. Bradley isn’t the youngest anymore, please remember that.”

“Right,” I murmured, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, love,” Harry assured, his hand finding mine to squeeze my palm, “You’re being a baby chicken but it’s endearing and I love you regardless so-”

“Oh stop it,” I rolled my eyes, “I love you as well but if you don’t shut up I’ll make Bradley kiss that wall over there.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Hope you liked it! Personally I can’t drive so I hope what H is saying in this one shot makes somewhat sense. Thank you to @deuxghosts for the help! x

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With You - Theo Raeken Imagine

❁ (not my gif but I did edit it a little) ❁

A/N: I haven’t posted any imagines for awhile so I decided to put something together. Here’s a little something I wrote. It’s short I know, but I really hope you guys still enjoy it! Sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes!


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: None. Just kissing.
Word count: 804

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They did include his smirk! It’s just so quick that you can barely even notice it, especially when initially watching.

 Even though Sasuke’s voice actor confirmed that he was also definitely embarrassed, he also likes to tease Sakura, this is so cute!

And look at Sarada grinning she knows what’s going on

Coffee Stains

(A/N): Here’s some fluff amongst my angst.

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Summary: (Y/N) accidentally spills coffee on Bucky’s clothes and feels absolutely terrible.

Warnings: FLUFF

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama @kindnesswins

Originally posted by bucha-nan

Bucky grumbles as he follows the team while they walk around the city. They all wanted to shop, go to the movies and have a nice lunch as team bonding but he was not into it. He wanted to be back at the tower, watching some stupid Netflix movie by himself but Steve insisted he go and how could he say no to Steve. 

So, Bucky trudges next to him before Steve stops his conversation with Nat to look at his grumpy face. “Ah, come on, Buck! Lighten up, enjoy yourself.” Steve tries as he places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder.

Bucky rolls his eyes as he mumbles something incoherent before looking the opposite direction and Steve gives a sad sigh before returning to Nat not wanting to push too much. Bucky sighs himself as he begins to observe the different people rushing along the sidewalks and tall skyscrapers that scale the skies when Tony’s voice pulls him from his thinking, telling the group to head into another store. 

Everyone happily obliges but Bucky doesn’t want to go into another store so before anyone notices he slips away from the group and quickly turns the first corner he comes upon. He doesn’t stop his quick pace as he continues down the street and as he looks behind his shoulder when a body collides with his. 

He feels a hot liquid hit his clothing and he gives a small growl as he looks up who did this. “Shit! Sorry, I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to. Oh god, your shirt… I hate everything.” They ramble out in a panic as their cheeks turn a bright red and they hold an empty coffee cup.

Bucky tries to control the snarky comment at the tip of his tongue but it rapidly disappears as he notices tears pooling in their eyes. He looks down at his shirt, noticing a dark stain covering the majority of his shirt and pants before meeting their watery eyes. “Hey, it’s okay… it’s not that bad.” Bucky lies as he tries to make them feel better but a small sniffle leaves them and they look at the ground avoiding his eyes.

“No… it really is.” They mutter out as they sniffle again but this time, louder and Bucky can see tears begin to fall.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry. It’s not your fault.” Bucky assures as he places comforting hands on their shoulders and they look up meeting his icy blue eyes. He gives a reassuring smile and they wipe away their tears with the back of their hand. 

“I-I can buy you new clothes… you can pick the store.” They offer as they gesture to the surrounding stores and Bucky smiles at their shyness and kindness before shaking his head. 

“No, don’t worry about it.” Bucky stops, noticing the big coffee stain on their shirt as well and he points to their shirt. “My place isn’t far. If you want, I can take you so we can both change into something dryer… maybe talk over not spilled coffee.”

They laugh and for a moment Bucky swears he feels his heart tug. “Yeah, I’d like that.” They respond shyly and Bucky feels his lips turn up in a smile. He begins to lead the way as a they walk side by side. “I’m (Y/N) by the way.”

Bucky lets the name bounce around in his head and he likes the way it sounds as his smile grows. “Well, it’s nice to meet you (Y/N). I’m Bucky.”

“You didn’t mention that your place was the Avenger’s tower…” (Y/N) breathes out as they walk into the large building, observing it with wide eyes and Bucky chuckles.

“Yeah, I guess I did forget to mention that.” Bucky guides (Y/N) inside, going pass security and onto his floor. He walks to his bedroom door, walking in and starts digging through his closet before finding one of his grey hoodies. He turns, finding (Y/N) awkwardly hovering near the door and he grins, maneuvering over to them. “Will this do for now?”

They nod, soft smile in place as they take the hoodie from his hands “Thank you.” 

Bucky mirrors their smile before rummaging through his clothes once again, grabbing a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. “You can change in here. I can change in the bathroom.” (Y/N) nods and Bucky steps into the bathroom, shutting the door before quickly changing out of his damp clothes. 

When he’s finished, he waits a few moments before knocking on the door lightly to make sure it’s safe to come out. He hears a muffled ‘come in’ and he exits but freezes, breath caught in his throat. 

For some odd reason, (Y/N) looked absolutely adorable in his hoodie as the sleeves go past their hands and the bottom hangs a bit lower on their waist. (Y/N) smiles sheepishly as they cross their arms over their chest and Bucky snaps from his staring before holding out his hand. “Shall we?”

(Y/N) giggles as they take his hand and he pulls them gently to the kitchen so they can make coffee.

Bucky and (Y/N) had talked the whole afternoon away and Bucky would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying himself. Words seemed to flow easily with (Y/N) and time seemed to be nonexistent as they talked. He couldn’t remember a time when he felt such a strong connection with someone besides Steve and for the first time in a long time, his charming personality seemed to come out. 

“So, you’re like 100 years old?” (Y/N) asks with a goofy smirk and Bucky sends a pretend offended look towards them causing a small giggle to escape.

“Rude.” Bucky declares as he gives (Y/N) a small shove and they begin to laugh as they hold their coffee out.

“Stop! You’re going to make me spill my coffee again.” (Y/N) laughs out and Bucky chuckles before a comfortable silence fills the air. They turn to look at the city as the sky begins to fill with different hues of oranges, pinks and purples and the city lights begin to slowly turn on. They watch until the sun sets, allowing the stars and city lights to illuminate the sky for miles. 

Bucky turns to focus on (Y/N) and a content smile grows on his face as he observes the twinkle in their eye as they stare at the view. Something warm fills his heart, it’s so foreign and different yet it’s a feeling he craves. “You know, I’m glad you spilled coffee on me today.”

(Y/N) turns their attention to Bucky as a soft smile curves on their lips and they look down in embarrassment. “It was embarrassing… but I’m glad I did too.”

“You think after this, we could meet up some more?” Bucky asks quietly, afraid (Y/N) might say ‘no’ but their smile widens as they bite their bottom lip making Bucky’s heart skip a beat. 

“I’d love to but I’m okay with staying in this moment for now.” (Y/N) responds as they seemingly scoot closer to Bucky and he beams.

“Me too, doll, me too.” A comfortable silence fills the air once again as they both turn back towards the city that never sleeps. Bucky smiles to himself, (Y/N) being the only thing on his mind and thinking he totally hit the jackpot today. 

“Who’s that?” Clint questions as he munches away on some chips and Natasha nudges him, to keep him quiet so they remain hidden. 

“Looks like Mr. grumpy found someone.” Tony whispers out as him and the team peak out from behind the entrance to the roof. “He’s totally not going to hear the end of this.”

Some of the others chuckle in agreement, including Steve but he can’t help but feel happy Bucky found someone that can bring out that smile that was lost so long ago.

Friend or Foe? Who knows...

Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

I think I’m addicted to your villain prompts xd can we have some of a villain being protective of the hero? Like getting angry when other villains try to kill them or the hero does something stupid xd?

 Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

Do you do some prompts where the villian plays hero and saves someone? Or maybe if the villian stopped someone from killing themselves? Please.

 Anonymous said to the-modern-typewriter:

Can you do another one of those Villain x Hero prompts? Specifically where one is denying their feelings and the other is admitting to them? I’m obsessed with these

1) “You saved me.”
“Don’t take it personally – it reflects badly on me if some cocky upstart thinks they can touch what’s mine,” the villain replied.
“I’m yours now?” 
“You always were.”

2) “I didn’t think you were one for the self-sacrifice play.”
“Trust me, I’m regretting it already.”

3) “You’re scared to want anything,” the villain said. Her eyes were closed, head tipped back to catch the spill of sunshine on their face. Their voice was casual. “If you want something, you might be something other than the perfect hero that they want you to be. Heroes are vessels, not people.” 

“Careful now, you almost sound protective of me.”
She glanced over again at the silence, to find the villain staring at them.

4) “You’re scared to want anything,” the villain said. Their eyes were closed, head tipped back to catch the spill of sunshine on their face. Their voice was casual. “If you want anything, it can be used against you.”

“You’re the one who taught me that.”

“No.” The villain opened their eyes. “That’s not how we started, remember?”

5)  “I thought you might like to see him.”
“And why would I want that?” the villain kept their face composed. 
“What, with the two of you being so fond of each other and all.”
“If you think I’m fond of him, you probably shouldn’t-”
“-Shouldn’t what?” The other villain grinned. “You’re not going to do shit while I have your light side pet. Try it, go on. You used to be one of the best but now I think I just want to see your face when he screams.”

6) “You loved me, once,” the hero said.

“Once being the key word. I loved a lot of things once, you hardly warrant my mercy because of it.”  

7) “No - no - stay with me - just - for god’s sake - stay with me!” the hero begged as they cradled the villain’s body. “Please.” They fought, but it wasn’t supposed to end like this, with blood spilling on the pavement and all that life and ferocity turned dull. 
“I always did like you pleading.”

8) The villain sauntered into the other villain’s lair, sparing a quick glance for their hero. Battered, hanging limp as a corpse and for a second their heart shuddered and clenched. The rage spiked. 
“Oh,” the other villain said softly. “So it’s true.”
“That you have poor taste in interior design? Well, I wasn’t going to say anything.”
“Do they know?”
Of course not. 

9) “They were foolish to try and stand against you.”

The villain turned, expression hard enough to chip diamond. “They were brave, they did what they thought was right. They were a fucking miracle.” 

10) Lucifer loved God too, before he betrayed him.

logan-logic  asked:

this is just a silly idea but how about prinxiety attempting to bake something? :) love your writing!

Aw, thank you! <3 Have a University!AU (may or may not be based on real life events lol)

Roman doesn’t realise he’s left the kitchen door open, he’s too caught up in gathering ingredients. That, and singing. Mainly singing. 

“Now the milkman’s on his way, it’s too late to say goodnight! So, good-”

“Morning,” Virgil finishes with a jaw cracking yawn. 

Roman jumps and whirls around to see Virgil leaning against the door frame.

“Oops. Morning, sunshine. Sorry for waking you.”

But Virgil shakes his head. “I was up anyway.”

“You? Up before nine? Is it the apocalypse?”

Virgil yawns, looking far too exhausted to snipe back. “Essay. All-night-er.” is all he gets out before yawning for a third time.

Roman frowns. “I thought you finished it last week.”

“Mmm, I did… wasn’t happy with it.”

Roman sighs. “You’ve got to stop doing that. Just submit it without thinking for once.”

“Not exactly how I work, Roman.” While he’s speaking, Virgil crosses the room, throwing himself onto the couch. “Why are you so disgustingly cheerful this morning, then?”

Roman claps his hands decisively. “Logan’s got lab classes, Patton went on a walk.Therefore, I have a free kitchen. Double therefore, I’m making a cake.”

Virgil smirks. “Uh, have you ever done that before?”

“Nope. Today’s the day!”

“Oh dear.” But Virgil doesn’t sound overly concerned, as he leans back, closing his eyes. “Well, knock yourself out.”

“Don’t you want to criticise- I mean, help?”

One final yawn. “If it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m sort of crashing.” The last word trails off into a telling mumble, and Roman lets him sleep. After all, how difficult can baking be?

Half an hour into it, he has a distant thought that maybe he should have looked up an actual recipe instead of just winging it, but… oh, well. He continues quietly whistling Good Morning, and hand beats the mixture until it looks vaguely… cake-mixture like. That’s what it’s meant to look like, right?

Then he realises he forgot to turn the oven on. He turns his back on the bowl to fiddle with the dial, and when he turns around again, Virgil is there, staring at it. 

“That was a quick crash,” Roman says.

“Eh, I’ll catch up this afternoon.” Virgil tentatively dips a finger into the mixture, and Roman winces.

“You did wash your hands, right?”

But Virgil is already tasting the batter. And then, he starts laughing. Not just any sort of laughter. Loud, almost hysterical, belly-laughter.

Roman snatches the bowl away protectively. “What, it can’t be that bad!”

He’s startled to actually see tears of laughter forming in the corners of Virgil’s eyes. “Oh-oh my god, this is amazing,” he wheezes, clutching his stomach. “How are you so brilliantly stupid?”

Roman gasps in affront, and goes to taste the batter, but stops as Virgil practically squeaks out, “No, don’t! You-” He takes a breath, trying to calm his giggles. “You’ve used salt instead of sugar, genius.”

Roman groans, and feels his face flushing. “This is a disaster.

Suddenly serious, Virgil says, “Never fear, I have the perfect solution.” He marches forward, takes the bowl from Roman, and ceremoniously dumps the mixture in the bin.


Virgil is laughing again. “Don’t stress, I’ll be here for take two.”

“Oh, thank God.”

They do end up successfully making an edible cake, but not before Logan and Patton return to see the two playfully bickering, both them and the kitchen absolutely covered in flour.

Open for prompts info

EXO when they hear you sing for the first time.

*I do not own the gif’s*


He’d be amazed by your voice but when you notice him you would stop and blush. ‘’Jagi, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You have an amazing voice.’’ He would pull you on the couch with your legs over his lap and you will continue singing but this time you would sing ‘Colors’ for him. ‘’You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink.’’

omg this one is a bit cheesy lol


When he hears you sing ‘Boombayah’ he is surprised. Because you never sing in front of him. ‘’I don’t want a boy. I need a man.’’ He would pause the music and you would look up in surprise. ‘’I may have a bit of a baby face, but I am very manly and you know that.’’ You would walk to him and put your arms around his neck. ‘’Baby, I love your face so shush and yes I know you’re manly.’’ You would peck his lips. ‘’You have an amazing voice by the way.’’ This would make you bury your face in his chest.


He hears you sing while he’s learning his lines for his new movie. He finds you in the kitchen stirring in the pan while singing ‘Not On Drugs’.’’Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’’ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and would place a kiss on your neck. ‘You have an amazing voice, baby. I hope you’re going to sing more often.’’


While you’re doing chores you sing along with ‘Here’. He would be amazed by your voice. ‘’Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this. An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this.’’ You probably wouldn’t notice him until you’re done with the song. So out of nowhere, he would say ‘’Wow, jagi, you have a beautiful voice.’’ You would jump in the air. ‘’Babe, you scared me!’’ he would laugh at you and give you a kiss on your temple.


When he sees you dance to ‘National Anthem’  you already took his interest. But when you even begin to sing - ‘’Tell me I’m your National Anthem. Ooh yeah baby bow down, makin’ me so wild now.’’ - this unicorn wouldn’t even know where to start with complementing you on your skills.  ‘’Omg baobei! You have an amaaaaazing voice.’’ You would blush and he would attack you with hugs.


He would come into your living room when he sees you and your friend with a guitar on the couch and what surprised him was that you were singing. You didn’t notice that he came home so he would just listen to your voice. ‘’Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.’’ Your friend, of course, noticed that he came in but she knows how shy you can be when you sang in front of other people. So you didn’t notice until you were done singing that he was standing at the door opening. ‘’Omg, Baekhyun. How long have you been standing there?’’ you said a little embarrassed. ‘’Long enough so I could hear your beautiful voice.’’ You would hide your face behind your hands so he couldn’t see your red face.


He would watch you sing ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ with so much passion written over your face he would giggle a little. ‘’Flame you came from me. Fire meet gasoline. Fire meet gasoline. I’m burning alive.’’ Don’t get me wrong he would find your voice amazing. Now that he knows that you can sing like that, he would want to play games like ‘Who could reach the highest notes’. ‘’We should definitely check out who can sing the highest note.’’ He would say out of nowhere. You would turn around quick. ‘’How long have you been standing there?’’  ‘’Since you began to use the broom as your mic.’’ He would say smiling.


You were inspired by Chanyeol’s cover of ‘All of me’ so you sat behind Chanyeol’s keyboard and searched a video of the chords of the song so you could learn them and maybe show it to Chanyeol when he comes home. You were a quick learner so you learned the chords and began to sing. Little did you know Chanyeol came home a little earlier and saw you behind his keyboard. ‘’Give me all of you. Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts’’ ‘’Wow, I didn’t know I had such a talented girlfriend.’’ he would say and you would turn around a little shocked because you didn’t know that he had been watching ‘’Thanks, babe’’ you would say smiling. Now that he knows that you could sing, he would want to sing more with you. Maybe even record a song with you.


He would come home from practicing with EXO and he would hear some distant singing coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and you were folding your clothes with ‘Dear No One’ coming through your Bluetooth box. ‘’I like my space, yeah. But I’d love to have a soul mate.’’ He would film you and send it in the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how talented my baby is 😏’’


(just imagine for this reaction that he is still in EXO *sobs in a corner*)

He would hear you sing along to ‘Monster’ and when you sing along with the part of Nicki Minaj without any mistakes he actually would find it sexy that you could rap so good. ‘’You could be the king but watch the queen conquer’’ he would film you and send it to the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how badass my girl is ;)’’

Chanyeol: Wow, we should totally get together to rap sometimes.

Tao: Okay, sure if it’s for rapping. Don’t get crazy ideas, boi. She’s my girl.


While you were making chicken for the two of you to eat that evening you started humming. But what once was humming was now singing your lungs out. ‘’WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’’ he would stand at the door opening smiling. He would wrap his arms around you after you put the chicken in the oven and you would turn around in his arms. ‘’Welcome home, babe’’ you would say ‘’Hi, my talented jagi.’’ he would say and give you a quick peck on your lips. ‘’Oh my god… Did you just-‘’ ‘’Yeah, I did, and you should sing more.’’


You thought you were home alone with your friends, so you pulled your clothes like boas and big sunglasses out of the closet. You were doing karaoke with your friends. Once the melody of ’Me too’ started playing, Sehun walked in but you didn’t notice him yet. ‘’Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror.’’ ‘’You sure are sexy with that boa and your big sunglasses.’’ He would say while he recorded you with his phone. ‘’Sehun! Don’t you dare to send-‘’ but you already heard the sound of a message being sent. ‘’You didn’t just send that to all the members.’’ ‘’I sure did’’ he would say smirking.