did this just really happen



So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.

okay but what if:

 hunk and lance are on a mission one day and there’s not much going except some hardcore girl talk™ and lance is all like “idk man i don’t think I can ever tell Keith how much I like him” then it just cuts to keith and shiro on their mission side eyeing the speakers on their helmets because oh my god did that really just happen?? and a little while later there’s this crackle on lance’s end and just a quiet Keith voice out of nowhere like “I like you too?”

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!


When will they be safe and happy? Probably never.

I never understood why anyone thought episode 7 wasn’t their first kiss because like. The crux of that argument is basically “well Yuuri didn’t freak the fuck out so clearly this must have happened before” and I’m like. Yuuri’s clearly been adjusting to contact with Viktor. in fact he’s comfortable enough with it to the point where the episode prior he did shit like this:

Which to me, screams “I’m comfortable as fuck with being in Viktor’s personal space.” And we know Yuuri’s been getting more comfortable around Viktor too, because we’ve seen him freak out less when Viktor initiates contact as the episode passes.

Plus, it’s not like he’s completely unsurprised either. Immediately after the two of them hit the floor Yuuri looks like this:

If that face doesn’t read: “wait. did that really just happen. what” to you then I really can’t help you. This is clearly a face of disbelief and shock. 

But more importantly. The biggest reason I’ve always thought it had to be the first is because. for the entire rest of the episode Yuuri’s completely spaced out. I mean just look at him. Look. 

Look at his eyes man does that man look present for this award ceremony to you? Or does he look like he’s in a completely different place right now. like. maybe. “I got kissed on this ice. wow. Viktor kissed me.”

The same face continues when he’s off the ice doing the interviews, but three seconds later Viktor chimes in. At first, Yuuri’s thrown off a little, but then

His mouth says “really Viktor you’re gonna put all this pressure on me right now” but his eyes are like “this man kissed me wow that really happened.” And look at him he’s blushing! Why would he be blushing if he wasn’t thinking about that damn kiss. And if it happened before, I doubt he’d be like this. 

And Viktor. Viktor. Don’t think I didn’t notice you fucker; you’ve been blushing this whole interview. And this is Viktor fucking Nikiforov. The man is very skilled at pulling off a persona for the press. He’s very skilled at keeping his emotions in check, I mean have you seen his temper? It’s ridiculous how cool he keeps himself. But here he is. Blushing like a shoujo manga protag who got acknowledged by senpai. If they kissed before I’d be willing to bet Viktor fucking Nikiforov would play it cool. He would not be this blushy standing next to Yuuri. Nope. 

Like. I get the appeal in thinking they kissed before. I personally enjoy the shit out of fics with drunk banquet kisses that Yuuri would never remember initiating. They’re fun. But. I also think all the evidence is here lmao. So. 

I have a strong feeling that kxk break up news will come shortly before Egk-zo’s comeback.


Sorry to be that person but you really shouldn’t make multiple accounts just to subscribe to Phil.
If you want him to get to 4 mil then promote him to friends or something that will get him new subscribers. We want him to get to 4 mil with genuine subscribers not people who are already subscribed to him

If you make multiple accounts you’re not giving him genuine numbers of who he appeals to, which youtubers rely on pretty heavily. Also if you do that he might as well stay at 3.9 because, correct me if I’m wrong, but inactive accounts don’t count towards revenue so you’re not doing him any favours

Tldr; promote Phil instead of creating multiple accounts

Man I just LOVEEE when some crusty ass rude white person is yelling at my Spanish speaking coworkers and I have to step in and as soon as these gringos hear my un accented English their whole attitude shifts and suddenly they’re very Patient and Understanding…like bitch I know what you’re doing…I know what u are…some white lady straight up saying ‘umm not to be rude but why do you guys hire people who can’t speak English well????’ Like BITCH ONE YOU NOT BEING RUDE U BEING RACIST AS HELL AND TWO YOU LIVE IN A TOWN WHERE OVER HALF THE POPULATION IS MEXICAN FUCK OUTTA HERE