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  Astoria always knew she was not destined for old age

“…Astoria was frail. A blood malediction, a serious one. An ancestor was cursed… it showed up in her. You know how these things can resurface after generations…


Just Friends

Requests: (1) Could you do a Draco imagine that consists of Cedric Diggory, Draco getting jealous, feels, conflict, and a load of jealousy?;

(2) Could you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are best friends and lowkey in love with each other but refuse to admit it, and progressively Draco starts making, erm, suggestive, comments to the reader and there’s just lots of sexual tension and eventually they get together?

⇢  A Draco x Reader work featuring a very jealous and steamy Draco.

Draco took a sip from his goblet, peering over the rim as you walked into The Great Hall with a handsome Hufflepuff by your side. Not that it bothered him, of course. In fact, Draco would say he hardly even noticed.

“You alright, mate?”

“Just fine. Why do you ask?”

Zabini shrugged. “Your nose has been inside your goblet for some time now. Trying to drown yourself, Malfoy?”

“Of course not.” Draco lowered the goblet from his face, never once taking his eyes off you. You were still talking to that boy.

Blaise followed Draco’s gaze and smirked. “Tell me, Draco, where’s that best friend of yours? She usually would have dropped by for her daily chat by now.” He watched as Draco’s jaw clenched ever so slightly. “Oh– I see her. She’s preoccupied by that Hufflepuff. Diggory, is it?”

“I don’t know. And I couldn’t care less, really.”

“Didn’t you two agree to attend the Yule Ball together?” A look of mock realization dawned on Zabini’s face. “Oh, that’s right. You two agreed to go only as friends. And now she’s chatting up the Triwizard Champion while you’re here dateless.”

“Appears so.” Draco remained impassive. “But at least I have an excuse for not bringing a date. Can you say the same?”

Zabini sobered as he took in Draco’s expressionless tone. Zabini may have been a tosser, but he knew when to stop. “You really like her, don’t you?”

Draco heaved a sigh, rubbing his temple and finally turning to face Blaise. “Is it obvious?”

“Only to someone with a brain.” Blaise paused. “Which explains why Y/N hasn’t caught on yet.”

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anonymous asked:

1/3 i love your clexa writing and ive got a topic that isnt the nicest but im hoping youll still discuss it. lets not gloss over clarkes faults just cause shes the other half of our ship. we all know shes manipulative, cunning and stubborn. she has manipulated and used lexa more than once. i think these incidents all happened early on tho? so ok not so bad i guess? i dont like how she acted so hypocritically later on(killing Emerson), even tho she did come around. still, she went there. but my

biggest issue is when she proposed blood must not have blood. i have no doubt lexa made the choice cause its something shes always wanted as well. but did clarke fully know that? did clarke even consider the further risk to the grounders(more villages attacked) and to lexas very life this would bring? she seemed to be having a one track mind and only considering the well being of her people, not the grounders, not lexa. when titus out right tells her lexas life is at risk, she doesnt offer up anything. doesnt ask if theres anything that can be done to lessen the risk, doesnt propose a new compromise, doesnt seem concerned with anything other than making sure not one of her ppl are harmed. ‘including’(one must assume) the killers as well. it bothers me that she didnt seem too concerned with the risks this huge thing lexa was doing(cause she seemed shocked when lexa agreed, i dont think she knew how much lexa also wanted peace) was going to bring about upon lexa and her people

Ok um. I wouldn’t say she ever “used” Lexa. Tried to manipulate, yeah, but she never downright used her. And you’re right, the most memorable incidents happen early on, see Clarke’s bluff about being able to cure the Reapers, twisting and omitting certain events in regards to Anya’s death, trying (and failing) to convince Lexa to spare Finn. Clarke is good with words, she’s always been. She’s extremely clever and her power of persuasion is impressive. Think about all the characters she convinced to do something she wanted at least once by using the right words, from Bellamy to Nia the list could be endless.

You’re not the only one who has issues with how they handled “blood must not have blood”, so I’m not going to defend what happened 100%. But it’s pointless to criticize poor writing now, so I’m only going to focus on what we got in the show, not the what-ifs. Yes, Clarke definitely reflected on what to say to Lexa; as I said, she’s masterful at understanding what to say and how to say it depending on the circumstances. Her main concern when she first makes that proposition to Lexa is that her people survive. Clarke doesn’t want the people she loves and many other innocents to pay for the actions of a few. So she makes that shocking suggestion. But how shocking is it, really? How shocking is it for Lexa?

First, I want to focus on this brief exchange between Lexa and Indra. (x)

They are discussing about the best way to proceed, and as it’s clear from their grave voices and faces, the answer isn’t as simple as it appears. “In a day’s time we lay waste to Arkadia,” Lexa said right after finding out what happened. She was furious in that moment, and had the right to be. She found 300 of her people slaughtered for no reason, and Indra, one of her most trusted people, told her that Skaikru reject peace and demand land. So she calls for blood. But when her initial rage settles down and she starts thinking more logically about what her next move should be, we get this moment with Indra, and we see that she’s incredibly worried about what is supposed to be the obvious “solution” too. War. Because that’s not a simple solution at all, and the outcome is not at all certain. They have the numbers, sure, but Skaikru has guns. This never ending issue is even brought up again by Clarke in the latest ep of the show, when she’s negotiating with Roan.

It’s not as easy as it seems, Lexa knows that. That’s why she is so concerned. Not to mention that we have been told repeatedly in the show just how different Lexa is. It has been established that she is a visionary, that she doesn’t take joy in violence, that unlike her predecessors she doesn’t want war, she wants unity and peace.

Now, why am I saying all this? To show that Clarke’s proposition and Lexa’s subsequent decision don’t come out of the blue. Clarke doesn’t have to make her way in Lexa’s head and warp her thoughts: those thoughts are already there. I feel the need to bring up the script, because it makes what I’m trying to say even more evident.

See what I mean? Even if they come out on top, Lexa is well aware that there can be no winners in a clash of this kind. No matter who prevails, it will be a bloodbath anyway. And that’s when Clarke comes in. She gets there and suggests that Lexa changes things. Indra is quick to remind Clarke that blood must have blood, to which Clarke replies “Really? Because from where I stand the only way that ends is with everyone dead.” If you look at the script, that’s exactly what Lexa was thinking too, BEFORE Clarke said anything.

If we talk about attempts at manipulation, I actually would like to compare this scene to the conversation Clarke and Lexa have in 2x08, when Clarke is trying to convince Lexa to spare Finn. They start in a similar way.

  • 2x08

LEXA: You bleed for nothing. You can’t stop this.
CLARKE: No. Only you can.

  • 3x05

LEXA: Tell us, Clarke. How does this end? Have you come up with a way to save your people yet again?
CLARKE: No. Only you can do that.

Albeit extremely similar, note the difference there is already between these two exchanges. Yes, there is bitterness in Lexa’s voice, and maybe even the hint of sarcasm, but still, she is open to listening to what Clarke has to say, whereas in 2x08 she tells Clarke there’s no point in discussing (and bleeding). And then we get to the way Clarke tries to approach Lexa, which is strikingly different. (x)

Let’s focus on 2x08. Clarke goes for Lexa’s psyche. She takes that little information she received about Lexa, mixes it with her assumptions about how Grounders are, and she tries to use all that to influence Lexa and make her do what she wants, which is release Finn. What does she tell Lexa?

  1. To give a proof of her power. She is flattering Lexa, telling her she is powerful, hoping Lexa will be more easily convinced if she appreciates her strength.
  2. To show that she is merciful. She has already had proof of Lexa being a merciful person, and Lincoln confirmed it as well. So she shows Lexa she recognizes this characteristic that she has come to realize is important to Lexa, and encourages her to do something that will make other people consider her merciful too.
  3. To not act like a savage. She’s telling Lexa that that’s how her people will see her if she does this, not as the merciful leader, but as a barbarian basically. She is telling her to prove them wrong.

Clarke’s words fall flat, though. She is trying to influence Lexa’s decision, yes, with a speech that sounds very much like Clarke is saying Lexa can elevate herself from the “status” of savage that the Sky People have applied to the majority of the grounders. It all sounds too much like Lexa has to prove something to the Sky People, like it is important that Lexa impresses them positively, almost like she has to prove the good guys that she isn’t a bad guy. But Lexa doesn’t care about impressing them, definitely doesn’t care about the Sky People considering her a bad guy or a savage. “We are what we are.” She sees what Clarke is trying to do and she doesn’t fall for it. It’s not accidental that when Clarke stops trying to manipulate her and instead uses more personal arguments, Lexa doesn’t shut her down as coldly as she did at first but instead replies to her, “But Finn is guilty […] Then he dies for you.” and eventually even lets Clarke say goodbye.

So here you have the failed attempt at manipulation. Instead let’s look at 3x05 now.

There is no beating around the bush here. Clarke tells it like is. Her people did something horrible. And Clarke doesn’t even think about trying to justify them. She’s past that mentality of Sky People being better than Grounders that was still in place in 2x08 (even if progress had been made already). Here, she knows her people are in the wrong and what they did was awful. So no, I don’t think that she is trying to manipulate Lexa, even if only because she knows that Lexa is right in wanting justice. Of course Clarke is not going to say “Go ahead, kill them all.” There are people she loves in Arkadia, people she knows have nothing to do with what Pike and his group did. She talks to Lexa, she suggests an alternative to war (which we already saw it’s not what Lexa wants) and she argues her position with powerful words, because we’ve seen that Clarke is very good at doing that. But it’s all in Lexa’s hands really. Clarke never tries to insinuate her thoughts into Lexa’s mind. 

You know, I’m thinking about 2x08, about how Clarke told Lexa to prove herself, and I’m thinking about manipulation techniques. The events of Hakeldama take place a few days after Lexa bowed before Clarke and swore fealty to her. Now imagine if during her conversation with Lexa in 3x05, Clarke had said something like “Show me your words weren’t empty. Show me your vow is real.

THAT would have been a true attempt at manipulating Lexa. But it never happens. She doesn’t manipulate Lexa, she reasons with her. I think it’s important to notice that Clarke tried to reason with her people too in this same episode, and she failed. Her discussion with Bellamy was a complete disaster, and she couldn’t even get to Pike. Look at what she tells Lexa. (x)

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always considered this line right here pretty big. Clarke is placing her trust in Lexa here, she is trusting Lexa to do what her people didn’t, to be better than them. I don’t know, I’ve always found that a pretty huge deal. So no, I can’t really bring myself to say Clarke manipulated Lexa here.

As for what you said about not listening to Titus, I think it’s important to remember that their conversation takes place in 3x06, the episode that features the return of Emerson, who is the personification of Clarke’s demons. She is upset for the majority of the episode, she is so desperate to run away from what she did that she doesn’t think twice about agreeing with Titus that Emerson deserves death, basically going against everything she and Lexa discussed at the end of 3x05 and the beginning of 3x06. Is she being an hypocrite? Yes. And we’re supposed to see her as such, because we’re supposed to perceive how deeply her guilt is conditioning her. The narrative makes sure we see her hypocrisy, via Lexa’s words, “So blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed”, and Clarke’s reply to that sounds very much like a justification. So it’s not a surprise that she doesn’t listen to Titus when he comes talk to her in her room, she’s not in the right state of mind to do that. Also I would like to point out that this is Clarke’s face when Titus tells her Lexa’s life could be in danger. (x)

Even as upset as she is about Emerson, you can still see that she is worried for Lexa. Definitely not indifferent. 

Also, I would advise reading this analysis by @spacewalkeravenreyes in regards to the connection between 3x06 and 3x12, the episode in which Clarke kills Emerson, but what she did wasn’t hypocritical. Her killing him doesn’t deny the importance of her sparing him in 3x06.

Anyway, this got far too long. TL;DR I don’t think Clarke manipulated Lexa with “Blood Must Not Have Blood”. Clarke is smart and cunning and yes, she can be manipulative too when she wants to, but she is not the devious, evil snake sometimes the fandom takes her for. 

Your hands feel like home

Request: Some college au lance and keith, where maybe keith gets like really badly sick (Up to you my friend how) and lance has to force him to stop going to classes/go to the hospital but keith gets so freaking stressed because he must have perfect grades (Klance if you want!!) Thank!!! C:

Summary: When Keith comes down sick, he assumes its nothing and carries on. But as classes and deadlines start to take their toll, it becomes more and more obvious to both Keith and his boyfriend Lance, that this ‘cold’ is anything but normal. How he made it to lectures with full blown pneumonia, he’ll never know, but something he does know is that no matter what, Lance will always be by his side. 

‘Babe, did you get the coffee?’

Keith raised his head, pausing in his feeble attempt to remove his shoes without experiencing a rapid, unplanned introduction to the floor.

‘Huh?’ he called, a small wince seeping through his teeth at the irritable scrape in his throat. He had been feeling ill for days, sluggish and tired, with a growing wet cough that burned his airways and pounded his head like a hammer on an anvil. He knew he had a fever - that morning while Lance had still been sleeping he had snuck into his bathroom and borrowed his thermometer, only find that his temperature had risen to 38.5 degrees. But college was just too busy to take a day off from, and so he had popped a few fever reducers and paracetamol and gotten on with his day.

‘Coffee,’ Lance repeated, sticking his head out of the kitchen door to raise his eyebrows at Keith. ‘you said you were gonna stop by the store on your way here and pick some up. I’m nearly out,’

Keith groaned, leaning his head against the wall, second shoe all but forgotten. ‘Damnit.. I forgot, sorry. Want me to go back out and get some?’ he asked, but every fibre of his body was praying that Lance would say no. Apparently, whatever Gods were looking down on him chose to be kind, and Lance shook his head, at ease.

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anonymous asked:

Has there been anyone brave enough to ask Yuuri out on a date during his Detroit days?

They’ve tried but Yuuri is the kind of guy that unless you explicitly sit him down and go ‘this is a date. This is me trying to date you’ he’s just like ‘oh it was really nice that they wanted to go and get a coffee with me to talk about our latest assignment because I love helping fellow students out, shame I had to go to practice instead’. Phichit did a lot of face palming around him back then 

BTS reaction to their crush thinking they like another idol

@exodarkwolf16 said: Please can I request a bts reaction to their best friend thinking they like another idol when they have a crush on them :) thank you :)

Hi love, hope you enjoy! 💋

Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Namjoon had invited you to tag along with him to an event organised by another company. While you were talking his attention would constantly drift to a member of Apink. Unbeknownst to you, he had talked about you to her and she wanted to see your reaction after his confession. Every time he would turn his head you would let out a sigh of frustration secretly wishing he would look at you like that. Having had enough, you confronted him and asked him if he liked the girl. Namjoon would be caught off guard, not understanding why you - his crush - out of all people would ask him that.  After you told him to go talk to her if she seemed more interesting, he would quickly understand what was actually going on. You were jealous of her, making him laugh out loud and wrap his arm around your shoulder. He would give you his undivided attention from that point on and later confess that he actually had a crush on you.

“If I could talk to only one person for the rest of my life I would choose you over anybody else.”

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by ksjinie

Seokjin had invited you to come watch a movie at his dorm. Everything was fine until he started receiving some messages. You paid no mind to it thinking it was one of the guys. When his phone suddenly started ringing he excused himself to the kitchen. Curious as to who might be calling him that would make him leave, you followed him. When you heard him laugh and say a girl’s name your face paled. The thought of your crush liking someone else made you sick. After he came back you decided to ask him who called. When he told you it was someone from Girls Generation you asked if he liked her. He looked at you for a moment taken aback by your serious tone. Thinking you were jealous, he smiled and he told you she only called to congratulate him on his win and that he couldn’t like her when someone else had already stolen his heart. You quickly realized he was talking about you.

“If you are jealous of her, don’t be. There is no other competition, you’re the only one.”

Min Yoongi

Originally posted by gotjimin

Yoongi had invited you to the studio to come listen to one of his new tracks. As his best friend - and crush - your opinion mattered a lot to him so he wanted you to be the first one to hear it. When you arrived you were surprised to see a member of F(x) come through the door. Apparently you weren’t the first one to listen to his song as she congratulated him on it and gave him a hug goodbye. Not being able to control the jealous feelings inside you, you decided to get to the point and ask him what she was doing here when you arrived. Picking up on your mood he did not want to say anything and possibly start a fight, so instead of replying he decided to play the track. You were shocked when you noticed it was actually a love song and after taking a closer look at the computer screen, you realized that the title of the track was your name and the girl had actually helped him in composing it.

“I know it’s not finished yet but you better like it either way, since it’s dedicated to you.”

Jung Hoseok

Originally posted by jhope-ah

Hoseok had invited you to come watch his new dance routine. You were very excited because one; he was an amazing dancer and two; you had a massive crush on him. When you arrived at the studio you were confused when you heard laughter coming form inside the room. Upon entering you saw Hoseok lying on the ground with a member of Mamamoo on top of him. Feeling like you just stepped in on something you shouldn’t have seen, you quickly close the door and turn to leave with tears in your eyes. You’re surprised when the girl stops you and explains that what you had just seen was not what it looked like. She goes on to tell you that she was actually helping him in making a choreography meant to confess to you. The scene you saw was actually the part where he was would take you in his arms and kiss you but they ended up bumping into each other and falling to the floor.

“So I guess she told you about my plan to confess to you… Do you still want to see the choreography?”

Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung had invited you to accompany him on set. Being a big fan of movies you were very excited to witness everything that goes on behind the camera. When you arrived, you saw Taehyung sitting in his chair going over his lines with his co-star, a member of Blackpink. Coming up behind him to scare him, you were shocked to see him lean in to kiss the girl and yelped in surprise. Hearing your scream right before his lips touched hers he turned around. Recovering quickly, he got up from his chair and made his way over to you. Seeing the sadness in your eyes, he explains how his character is secretly in love with his best friend and the scene you saw him practicing was the one where he confesses his feelings for her. He then goes on to confess how he asked the producer for this part because he wanted to practice what he was going to say when he would finally tell you about his crush on you. 

“It isn’t easy confessing to your best friend you know, so what better way is there than using a scene from a movie?!”

Park Jimin

Originally posted by crying-in-korean

Jimin had invited you to go eat at a new restaurant he had discovered. Of Course you agreed because it would give you the opportunity to spend some time with him, your best friend and crush. Apparently, the place was popular among other artists as you saw the members of Twice when you entered. Sitting down, you noticed one member in particular eyeing him up an down. Not thinking anything of it, you ordered your food and continued your evening. During conversation you saw him look past you, when you turned around you saw the member from earlier approach your table. She greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and asked him what he was doing in here with someone like you, making you want to disappear. Seeing the tears in your eyes, he stood up and boldly stated that he was enjoying his evening with his girlfriend before she rudely interrupted. Taking your hand, he turned and left the restaurant. 

“If you were my actual girlfriend, I wouldn’t have to say things like this to defend your honor. People would know I belong to someone already.”

Jeon Jeongguk

Originally posted by nnochu

Jeongguk had told you about a new variety show he was starring in and he wanted you to watch it when it aired. However, he had failed to tell you that the show was a celebrity matchmaker and he was paired with a member of Gfriend. Seeing them go on dates and enjoying their time together, made you sick with jealousy. After watching the first episode you went over to his dorm to confront him about it. When he opened the door, you pushed at his chest and started rambling off about how wrong this show was and how you could not understand someone like him would agree to do this. You asked him if he was so desperate for a girlfriend that he had to go look for it on a show, even if there were enough willing candidates around him. Sensing you were jealous, he asked you if you were one of those candidates. When you blushed and looked down at the floor he got his answer and decided to confess.

“You know it’s all for show right? How can I like someone I hardly know when I already have feelings for you?”

Spoiled Rotten

Character: Yoongi (Suga) - BTS
Genre: Angst/Fluff/Smut
AU: Daddy!Yoongi ft Namjoon & Hoseok!
Authors Note:  W A R N I N G !
Hiya Marksoners!
So this a topic that Admin A and I have been researching and thinking about a lot lately. This scenario (more than likely a two-shot) is about DDLG relationships. We didn’t really understand what that was at first but after some research and a lot of reading on a lot of different opinions about it, we thought that we’d like to shed some “light”, if you will, on the subject. I know this topic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so if this makes you uncomfortable, don’t read it.

As always, enjoy and let us know what you think!

- Admin T
NSFW Moodboard under the cut)

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peter parker’s super rad musical theatre playlist!!: (aka claire is losing her mind)


I got you anon! Just assume everything is the same, but without them kissing each other for even once during their routes. This will be including semi-AU scenarios, so I hope you don’t mind about it :) Its literally the longest I’ve ever written omg ~Admin Kei


-It was a few weeks after the official announcement of their relationship, when Zen and MC are watching a romantic movie in his house

-While they’re watching midway through the movie, the romantic scenes were getting cheesier, which somewhat left them in an awkward mood

- Being the sensitive type, he couldn’t help but stole a few glances towards his side. There she was, holding her cheeks on her palms, slightly blushing. It seems that she was really concentrated on the movie, since her soft gaze never left the television screen.

-A few minutes had passed and none of them dared to say a word. He was feeling even more conscious now, he thought, as he tried to find somewhere else to distract himself from the movie; he never thought that watching a movie that contains particular…kiss scenes with a female he confessed his love on could be such intense.

-“Get a grip, Zen. You know you’re better than this.” He mentally slapped his cheeks, putting his thoughts towards their recent relationship. They did occasionally share some physical intimacy, but it seems like its missing something…oh. His gaze landed back on the screen; the kiss is still ongoing.

-“I never even kissed MC…I’m so stupid.” Deciding that he should repay back her feelings on how she supported him throughout the time she’s joined RFA, he simply turned off the TV with the remote, which immediately gained back MC’s attention towards him.

-“W-What?” she blinked in confusion, as her thoughts soon returned to the atmosphere around the house. Before she could further ask what’s going on, he held onto her chin with his fingers, slowly pulling her towards him.

-The first kiss they shared on the lips was mild and sweet; her lips were pretty soft too, he thought. Although she knew that he did not dare to delve in further, she could still feel his hidden feelings that were waiting so desperately to be shown to her, and it was crazy. It truly shows how both of them love each other, considering time was not a factor at that moment.


-There’s still a few months left before their official wedding, when they arrived at a particular high-class restaurant for dinner.

-“I love the quiet atmosphere here, Jumin, thanks for inviting me.” She said, as he pulled the seat for her to sit in. “As long as its for you, I wouldn’t mind at all.” He he softly replied with a smile, as he eventually sat in front of her.

-After he ordered food from the menu, both of them began to share a conversation relating to the wedding and perhaps even their honeymoon in the future. Even when he’s a bit tired from all the working in his company, talking to his fiancée really restores his energy right away.

-“Sorry, I’ll be right back.” She stood up from the chair, slowly heading towards the bathroom. He did not reply, but instead kept his gaze on her back; the way her dress sways whenever she took a step, her hair bouncing up and down and the smile that seems to be lingering on the back of her head, all of them intrigues him. He just loves every part of her well-being, whether its her appearance or not.

-When he took a glance towards his surroundings, he realized that another couple was sitting at the farthest table, well…kissing. He did not particularly mind them showing affection in a public place, but it certainly reminded him that not even once did they ever kissed on the lips before, even after he proposed during the RFA party.

-After MC came back from the bathroom, they continued to eat while sharing a pleasant talk, as if nothing had happened before.

-Eventually, as they were sitting on his car with his driver on the front seat, he stares at her with a strange expression, leaving MC in a blank state. “Jumin?”

-He did not reply again, but instead placing his right hand on her cheek tenderly, initiating a kiss right before she could react from it. The kiss was somewhat rough, but she does not mind; not only she could feel the warmth crept up from his body, but also the long suppressed love he have been wanting to show her all this time. It was particularly enjoyable and memorable to both of them.


-It was another random day of them scrolling through the chatroom together in his home, when he came through a particular topic discussed by Zen and Seven.

Seven: I’ll give you a virtual kiss if you want some company Zen <3 <3

Seven: *inserts heart emoji here*

Zen: *inserts awkward emoji here*

Zen: I would rather get kissed by a fan than you Seven.

-“Yoosung, what’s wrong?” Oops. He hasn’t even realized that he zoned out a bit, while looking at the screen in front of him. “U-Um, its fine, MC! Nothing’s wrong!” He waved his hand to reassure her.

-When he returned his gaze towards the conversation that both Seven and Zen shared, he realized that their relationship hasn’t even advanced further, ever since he confessed his love towards her. He appreciates how she stayed by his side even when he tried to compare her with Rika, which he knows he shouldn’t do that in the first place, but he really wished that he could know more about her in-depth.

-”Why did I even decide to scroll through the chatrooms anyway…” He sighed mentally, knowing that they haven’t shared a kiss, for even once. Maybe he could do something about it?

-Unfortunately, his self-consciousness told him that it’ll probably be too early to do so, so he wasted a few hours playing multiplayer games with her, talking, cooking, the usual routine.

-“Maybe I shouldn’t be too subtle about it and instead ask her directly? Yup, this is definitely the best idea, even though I didn’t have my first kiss yet! Go Yoosung!” He kept making pep talks to himself during the meantime and its almost driving him into a non-stop blushing madness; its still a surprise that she haven’t noticed this yet.

-As soon as its almost time for her to leave, he simply grabbed onto her wrists, implying her to stay for a bit longer. “C-Can I kiss you before you leave?”

-When he saw that she froze on the spot, he took the chance and grabbed onto her shoulders, giving her a simple kiss. He did not dare to move, but it feels kind of tingly and nice, he thought. He could even smell the faint scent from her minted lip balm, which reminds him to buy more of those when he got time.


-It was just like any normal day in the café, but with MC helping her with the washing instead.

-“I really appreciate your help, MC, but it’ll be very tiring if you stayed with me for the whole day.” She said, with sadness added in her tone. She wouldn’t want her to be stressed out with the large amount of work, considering how she truly understands the meaning of being stressed when she’s still Jumin’s assistant.

-“I’m totally fine, Jaehee! Looking at the customer’s smiles always give me a boost of energy, plus its not that I have a lot to do anyway.” MC replied joyfully, as she continues washing the plates piled onto the sink.

-“Wow, she’s just so innocent…but that’s what I like about MC though.” She thought with a slight smile, complimenting the RFA coordinator in her mind. Ever since MC joined the RFA and befriended her, her sole existence already gave her a lot of confidence on being direct towards her own feelings. If its not MC who joined the RFA by accident, she might’ve been stuck being Jumin’s assistant, or worse, going to the hospital frequently because of over-stressing herself and a lack of sleep for almost every weekday.

-Before her thoughts could drift along any further, all the lights in her café suddenly went into an outage; the sun already setting didn’t help much too. Several customers began opening the flashlight from their phones, but the café is still very much pitch black, considering how its not really crowded.

-Its even worse when there’s already inches of snow being piled up against the door. Yup you’ve guessed it; it happened during December.

-“Jaehee?” She turned her head towards the source of sound, “I-I’m quite scared of the dark.”

-As soon as she saw MC’s crouching figure, she immediately put her arms around her, stroking her back softly. When the lights seemed that it wouldn’t turn back on for a while, she knew the only way to give MC full comfort. It is not the best choice, but if its MC, she’s willing to do anything to keep her safe.

-As their lips were connected for a while, it successfully calmed down MC in a surprising state. It wasn’t really the first kiss they had imagined to be, but it was more of a reassuring kind instead. For both of them, its simply worth more than a thousand words.


-It was a quiet night in his apartment, when MC’s the only one falling asleep peacefully.

-“Why do I have to work overnight again…” He let out a soft sigh, showing his frustration on a certain someone. Getting tired from staring at the computer screen while drinking Dr. Pepper, he stretched himself to get more comfort from sitting on a computer chair.

-While he was busy with closing all the useless tabs, his gaze landed on a folder with MC’s name on it. He clicked on it out of curiosity and sure enough, its mostly about the background information he researched when she first joined RFA by accident.

-His thoughts simply drifted off the 11 days before the start of an unexpected RFA party; all these years having to act for an optimistic personality online, with MC  suddenly popping up and knowing how to respond most of his weird phrases, was clearly something that he did not expect at all.

-Not to mention meeting his twin brother in such an unfortunate incident, which led him into despair and for once, breaking out from the façade and showing his true, pessimistic personality. He always thought that he should repay the debt from treating her with coldness during the time he’s in Rika’s apartment, but he just doesn’t know how.

-He simply hates how he’s always so emotional during the night. As he landed his gaze on her sleeping figure, he felt a sense of calmness radiating from her. If she did not appear, all of these incidents wouldn’t even happen, especially being her boyfriend-

-“Wait…we’re in a relationship for almost a month and we still haven’t kissed? How?!” He continuously scratched his head in irritation, “Should I do that? Right now?”

-“But it might wake her up-“ “Alright, here goes.” He slowly tiptoed towards his bed, as he crouched down below her sleeping figure. Seeing MC’s beautiful face already made him into a blushing madness. He isn’t like this-

-He gently pulled her forward with his right hand, as he then tilted his head and gave her a sweet kiss. He tries to move forward, but he knows it’ll instantly wake her up. He lingered the kiss to further savor the moment, he realizes she sort of tastes like toothpaste and it was the best kiss he ever initiated.

That Boy is Mine - Request

Requested by anon: sherlock x transguy reader where their like visiting john and Sherlock accidentally hurts their feelings by revealing their trans in front of a bunch of people /could I request a sherlock x trans male reader where Sherlock I a bit rude at first but the realises he loves them /Um would you be able to write a sherlock x transguy reader type thing if that’s okay

Pairing: Sherlock x trans!male reader.

Word count: 1.545

Warnings: After debating for hours what Sherlock’s sexual orientation would be for this, I realised that Sherlock doesn’t give a shit. If he doesn’t care about the Earth spinning around the sun, he will definitely care less about finding a label that suits him. SO yeah, there’s that.

A/N & Disclaimer: I DO NOT know ANYTHING about this. I’ve only met one transsexual person and we talked three times, not a single one about her transition. I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly, or if I used the proper terms, etc. I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE.
Sherlock is meant to be rude, and so he makes some nasty comments; if these things trigger you DO NOT READ. This in fanfiction, nothing else.

**Feedback is highly appreciated.


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There he was: the great Sherlock Holmes in flesh and bones. With his perfect cheekbones and the collar of his trench coat lifted, giving him his characteristically mysterious look. Avoiding the paparazzi with grace and sassy comments, zipping his way inside the cab John had stopped.

(Y/N) was just a reporter then, trying to get a decent note to overshadow everyone else’s and, at last, gets his desired job as head reporter in one of the most important newspapers in Europe.

How on Earth did Sherlock set his eyes on him? That was a mystery Sherlock wasn’t willing to solve. However, the simple view of his delicate figure stuck in the crowd of paparazzi, fans and reporters had some kind of effect on Sherlock.

“Mr. Holmes, Mr. Holmes, is it true that you are gay?” (Y/N) replied. Sherlock, who was mesmerized by him, shook his head and replied in the rudest tone possible.

“No, now move over.” Sherlock pushed the boy and everyone else away. He hated to be surrounded by people; he always felt like they were too close or too touchy, even if he had the perfect space to walk to the cab without pushing anyone.

In spite of his poor manners, (Y/N) was willing to get his desired paper and so he took a cab and followed Sherlock.

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Seventeen (Vocal Unit) Reaction: When they get jealous

Jeonghan: His savagery is on another level and you’d really see it come out when he gets jealous. It would take a lot for him to get jealous though but once he does he’d make it pretty obvious. He’d make sly comments at whoever it was and be slightly more affectionate around you than he normally be. He’d throw his arm over your shoulder trying to make it look casually and winking at you just to make you blush and show the other guy.

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Joshua: He’d be the opposite of Jeonghan in the sense that he would hate to show you that he was actually jealous. He’d squeeze his hands shut so tight that you could see the whites of his knuckles. You’d hold his hand reassuringly when you saw how tense he had gotten giving him a smile. He’d latch on and not let go, slowly becoming less tense as he sees the way you worryingly glance over at him as he sees how much you care for him and no one else.

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DK:He’d just out right pout and whine at you clinging onto you like a Koala. “Y/N, let’s go I have something to show you!” He’d say taking your hand and walking as far away as he possibly can. When he finally stops you let go. “What did you want to show me?” Instead of replying he’d kiss you.

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Woozi: He’d glare at you from the other side of the room but every time you’d look, he’d quickly look away trying to act casual. You’d try to hide your laughter as he quickly looks away from you for the tenth time and pretends to be listening to what Seungkwan had to say. You’d tip toe behind him, whispering in his ear “Interesting conversation?” He’d jump slightly and try to hide his face but as you’d grab his cheeks and squeeze, he couldn’t help but smile at you, his jealousy fading away.

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Seungkwan: Seungkwan would get jealous quite easily but he’d try to act like he wasn’t by acting over confident. He’d try to distract you with silly jokes and when you’d notice your question him on it. “I’m the best looking guy in Jeju, why would I be jealous? I’m the best quality!” (Lmao I’m sorry I had to). You’d reassure him by giving him a hug but instead the members would start embarrassing him causing him to hide his face in embarrassment, burying his face in your shoulder as you rub his back comfortably.

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Emma practices putting the car seat in before their baby is born but she struggles and flips out

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“So I put this clip in here and…wait…” Emma frowns as she looks down at the mess she’s made of the seatbelt and car seat.


“This is madness! How am I supposed to get a child in here?!” 

Regina frowns as she moves towards her office window. She had been playing her piano only for angry shouts to echo from the driveway instead. She peers out of the window only to see Emma tossing the car seat from their new SUV and shouting at it. 

She shakes her head remembering her own struggles when she first adopted Henry and how badly she’d wished for magic back then. 

Regina smiles as she walks out to the driveway looking down at the car seat before picking it up, gliding past Emma and buckling it with ease into the SUV. Emma’s jaw drops as she looks at Regina. 

“You used magic didn’t you?” 

“Nope,” Regina grins. 

Emma looks from the seat before back to Regina, “I’ve been out here an hour! You did that in minutes!” 

Regina nods walking over to Emma and wrapping her arms around here, “I had to use one with Henry. My first time it took me two hours and in the end I gave up and just walked into town instead.”

“You did?” 

“I did,” Regina replies, “But back then I was alone. You’re not alone Emma. Whatever needs figuring out we will figure out together.” 

Emma smiles placing her hand on Regina’s growing bump, “Together…at least this car seat is done - I don’t have to take it out right?” 

Regina smiles, “No dear it can stay in the car…now we just need to build the crib, changing table, wardrobe…”

Rewriting the Past - two

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Pairing: ReaderxBaekhyun

Word count: 2.3k

Summary: Baekhyun was your first love when you were sixteen. It was passionate, hot, and messy. But all of that ended six years ago, after a four-year battle for your relationship. Now, you’re twenty-six years old and still reeling from the relationship when suddenly, Baekhyun shows up on your doorstep.

One | Two |

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My Little Mochi(Jikook)

[Oh hello! So decided to start writing some little fanfictions! I think this one is going to be mainly fluff! Hope you enjoy]

I was lazily sat on my couch just finishing some important assignment work that was due the next day. I often did that. Left things until last minute. I know, I know it’s not the best idea, especially when your parents are constantly on your back to do well. My names Jungkook by the way. I major in law, but my real passion is music. Only thing is, my parents are so up tight and they refuse to let me carry out my dream, so instead of smiling everyday and doing what I love, I’m stuck in this huge house all on my own, finishing overdue work for a subject I have no particular interest in. Yep that’s my life. Great isn’t it? Note the sarcasm.
Anyway going back to the beginning of me sitting on my couch finishing course work, there was a sudden knock on my front door. I rarely had visitors, especially at 2:30 in the morning, so I was a little taken aback, but I placed my laptop to one side before making my way to the front door. When I opened the door only more confusion swept through me as it was the keeper of the campus grounds, Taemin.
“Umm hello?” I started, and Taemin stood tall with a slight smile, the more I looked at him the more I could see he was hiding something…

“Jungkook, I have a request to ask of you” Taemin replied. I kinda hated it when he addressed me like he knew me. The only reason he gets to call me Jungkook, is because my parents are extremely friendly with ‘important’ people here on campus.

“What?” I asked bluntly not looking to impressed.

“Well I found someone wandering the campus grounds” Taemin answered and I raised my brow in confusion.

“At 2:30am?” I questioned.

“Yes I know it’s a little odd, that’s why I came here.” He continued.

“So what do you want me to do?” I sighed, not really understanding what he wanted me to do about the situation.

“Jungkook your place is the only housing that has enough room to hold another person in on the campus.” Taemin stated and I immediately understood what he meant.

“What?! No! I’m not going to take in some random stranger that was roaming around the campus grounds. They’re probably a psycho or something!” I retorted before I started to shut the door on Taemin, but before I could he held the door open with his hand.

“Please Jungkook! There’s nowhere else I can put him. It would just be until we find out where he comes from” Taemin continued.

“…No, I’m sorry I have too much on my plate already” I explained. Taemin sighed a little and he turned around to face what I could only assume was the boy found on the campus grounds. I was a little curious to see what he looked like so I turned a little to get a look and my eyes suddenly grew in size.

“I’m sorry…” Taemin apologised to the smallish boy in front of him. My eyes studied the boy up and down. He was quite short in height and his hair was bright with a hint of a peachy colour. It looked so fluffy and soft. I kinda wanted to just ruffle my hand in it. His eyes were dark brown almost black really. His pupils were huge, but his eyes were so swollen. My eyes fell down to his lips. They were a shade of bright pink, plump, slightly wet and parted, the best word to describe them was kissable…his cheeks were rosey red and they glistened as if he had been crying desperately. Then his clothes…he wore an oversized light brown jumper, over the top of a white shirt which was complete with a little bow tied around his neck. The jumper was slightly torn, along with the shirt that hung off his shoulder revealing his soft milky skin. I found myself staring for way to long, and I quickly averted my gaze back to his face. I couldn’t help but notice his expression. He seemed so damaged and broken…not to mention the fact that he wouldn’t say a word back to Taemin. I could only assume this boy had been through a really traumatic time…“Do you have anywhere else to go?” Taemin asked slowly. I found myself thinking. Thinking about letting him stay. I was completely against taking in strangers, but this boy looked so helpless and I found it quite adorable…“Please say something…I’m trying to help” Taemin continued, but the boy did not reply. Instead he just stared right past Taemin with the same broken expression.

“…He can stay with me.” I replied opening my door a little more. Taemin suddenly shot up and his expression was a little shocked.

“Really?” Taemin gasped.

“Yes, so let him in before I change my mind” I replied a little sternly.

“Come on…we’ve found you a place to stay…” Taemin turned to the boy in a soft manner. Once again the boy did not reply so Taemin had to gently push him inside my house. “Thank you Jungkook. It won’t be for long I swear. We’ll find out where we came from. Until then please look after him” Taemin bowed politely.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. Just find out quick” I replied shaking my head before closing the door quickly. I don’t know why, but I kinda wanted to just spend some time with this small boy…there was something about him that made me want to know him desperately…I wanted to know his troubles, I wanted to know why he looked so broken…and I wanted to see him smile…
I walked further into my house, but the boy did not move from his place. I turned around a little unsure what to do. I was never very good around people in the first place, especially people who looked so damaged, that’s why I was so confused as to why I was so interested in this boy. “Umm…my names Jungkook, I guess you’ll be staying with me for awhile. I hope that’s ok…” I started a little awkwardly, but there was no response, he wouldn’t even look at me. I shuffled a little closer and smiled as much as I could. “What’s your name?” I asked hoping for a reply this time, but again nothing…“…What happened to you?” I asked a little hesitantly, I didn’t get a word from him, this time his eyes moved up to me and we locked eye contact. I could see the sorrow in his eyes, and although he didn’t say anything I just knew that he was hurting inside…and I knew I had to help him…
Just who was this boy…?

[Tada!! I hope you enjoyed! If you want another chapter, please like and reblog! I’ll keep writing them if you want me to! Thanks for reading]

New recruit part 2

word count: 907

warnings: swearing

notes: you guys really seemed to like the last one so here’s another! ao3 here and last part here

Cautiously entering the decrepit building Cartoonz took note of the hastily boarded up windows. It was a poorly done job, but he couldn’t really complain since they were covered enough that they wouldn’t easily be spotted from outside. Glancing around the dirty entryway he signaled the other two forward. As they started a sweeping search of the building Cartoonz locked and bolted the old door shut, more to give them a warning when someone came in than to actually keep anyone out. Making his way towards the other two he followed them as they cleared each room, taking in the buildings current layout and defenses.

Reaching the final room that contained their objective Cartoonz opened the door and was immediately greeted by the end of a gun. Unfazed Cartoonz took one hand off his own weapon, extending it to the new guy. “I’m Cartoonz, and you must be Bryce?”

Lowering his weapon as the other two entered the room Bryce took the offered hand and shook it. “Yep that’s me! Nice to meet you guys.” He sounded far more cheerful than someone covered in body armor should. As the other two came up beside him, he realized that Bryce was significantly taller than all three of them.

Seemingly taking it upon himself to continue introductions Bryce next moved on to shake Ohms hand. But instead of introducing himself Ohm just blurted out “Tall.” Seemingly mortified he froze in the middle of shaking Bryce’s hand, but didn’t let go. “I mean, you’re tall I’m Bryce.” Ohm just turned redder and redder as he heard the other two start cracking up. Pausing for a moment he closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he tried again. “Oh for fucks sake, I meant I’m Ohm!” Bryce just smiled and shook his hand again, seeming to take it all in stride while the other two were dying of laughter.

Delirious was laughing so hard he was bent in half, clutching his stomach in pain. Unable to stop laughing he just held out a hand to Bryce, having to reach up a bit from his hunched over position. “I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that you’re Delirious?” Delirious just nodded his head to answer Bryce’s question, still wheezing too hard to speak.

Wiping some tears from his eyes Cartoonz struggled to put on a serious expression. “Alright guys, so what did you bring this time?”

Bryce was the first to move, swinging a large bag off of his shoulder. Cartoonz hadn’t really paid it much attention in all the commotion earlier. He let out an impressed whistle as Bryce unzipped the bag, revealing an interior that was filled with several different pieces of body armor. Bryce set the bag down in between them all so the others could grab some of the armor.

“Also since I arrived a bit before you guys I set up some cameras in and around the building and put up reinforce walls in this room, although I didn’t have quite enough.” Bryce said with a sweeping gesture toward the slightly shiny sections of wall that contrasted with rest of the grimy room.

“Nice Bryce.” Cartoonz said, watching him beam at the praise. “Now what did you two shit heads bring?”

Instead of replying Delirious just chucked the bag he had at Cartoonz. Easily catching it he opened it, and seeing what was inside he turned and glared at Delirious. “Why the hell would you throw a bag full of explosives at me??? Go set this tripwire shit up!” he yelled, throwing the bag back at him. Ignoring Delirious cackling as he left he turned towards Ohm and raised an eyebrow.

“Bear traps.” He said shaking his own bag. He still seemed kind of subdued from his earlier embarrassment.

“Good shit, just make sure you don’t set them up in the same places Delirious put his.”

“Yes ‘mom’.”

Cartoonz flipped him off as he left the room. Seeing Bryce waiting for his directions he let out a tired sigh and rubbed at his eyes. He waved Bryce over as he walked to the rooms windows. “Help me pull these boards off so I can put an armored panel on instead.”

With the two of them it only took a minute to pull off the boards and press the armor panel into place, easily digging them deep into the old frames of the windows. He looked over to see Bryce watching him expectantly again. Recalling what he had read in Bryce’s file he decided to play on his strengths. “Okay Bryce you’re going to stay in here watching the cameras and guarding this. Let us know if you see anything.” He said, about to leave the room before he had an after thought. “Also I’m not sure if they told you this but that’s bio-hazardous material” he jerked a thumb at the large container in the middle of the room next to Bryce. “So you might not wanna be that close to it. Hopefully they’ll find something to transport this in before any trouble shows up. But we both know that’s unlikely.”

Moving towards him and away from the bio-hazard Bryce nodded in agreement with what he said. The siege teams were never sent in unless they were there to fight. With that all done Cartoonz smiled and clapped Bryce on the shoulder before walking out of the room. “Welcome to the team Bryce.”