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Did you know I’m participating in Inktober this year? Inktober is an activity for artists to share each other’s work and get to know one another. Every day in the month of October, the artist draws something in ink and posts it online. I got this 5x7 sketchbook for Inktober 2017 and I did the introductory drawing to make sure the paper will work with Micron pens. So far so good! No bleed-through yet.

Since I’m a disabled artist (I’m a quadriplegic drawing with my mouth), I probably won’t be able to post a drawing video on YouTube every day like other artists do. I think once a week is more reasonable for me. However, I will post all of my daily drawings on my Instagram, which you can find at jj9828. My Inktober sketchbook is going to be themed along the lines of Halloween, Samhain, spooky, autumn, fall, etc. You get the idea. My materials will be Micron pens, Copic markers, Arteza brush pens, Tombow brush pens, and a Pentel brush pen.

I hope you guys are going to enjoy it starting on October 1! You’ll need to follow these spots to see my daily Inktober posts.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jj9828
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/honeysuckle1825

I drew Criminal Justice Girlfriends™ Emily Prentiss & Fiona Duncan in their late teens because they totally dated in college 💙💜💖

My Inktober Tag | Day 18: Prismacolor Violet with Shani, the solaris assassin Saturn.

Tools: Spectrum Noir CT2, BG3, BG5. Prismacolor Black, sakura microns and gelly roll. did a bit of blending between the colors to get some orange in there too! 

i started this last night but it’s apparent to me i really shouldn’t try to work on these after running a ton of errands, i have very little spoons to work when i get home… i’ll do today’s later tonight.

Funfact: Shani is surprisingly talkative for being such a skittish and paranoid person. They tend to overshare around other solaris assassins they’re comfortable with as a nervous habit, and often about morbid topics.

anonymous asked:

Which one out of Hetalia siblings would slam the doors and open the curtains on purpose while , the other one was having a hangover just to teach them a lesson about drinking too much for the first time?

Lmao, I love this request but it took me forever to do. There are a lot of characters in Hetalia and quite a few siblings. So I tried my best and if I’m missing any or got any wrong, please don’t come to my house and kill me.  Btw, I did some research on the micronations and whatnot to make sure I was getting it right. It was a bit difficult at times because there are a lot of relationships where they act like brother and sister, maybe even call each other that, but are not canonically related. That’s what I used for siblings on this list, canon siblings. So if there are characters not on here that you’re like, uhh wait, it’s probably because they’re fan characters (like Scotland) or not actually related. Or because I’m human.

It was fun to do though I took it way too seriously. X’D

Belarus and Ukraine:

The One Hungover- Ukraine
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Belarus and Russia:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Belarus

Russia and Ukraine:
The One Hungover- Russia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Ukraine

England and America:
The One Hungover- England
Teaches Them A Lesson- America

America and Canada:
The One Hungover- America
Teaches Them A Lesson- Canada

Germany and Prussia:

The One Hungover- Prussia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Germany

South Italy and North Italy:
The One Hungover- North Italy
Teaches Them A Lesson- South Italy

Japan and China:
The One Hungover- Japan
Teaches Them A Lesson- China

England and Sealand:
The One Hungover- Sealand
Teaches Them A Lesson- England

France and Monaco:
The One Hungover- France
Teaches Them A Lesson- Monaco

Liechtenstein and Switzerland:
The One Hungover- Liechtenstein
Teaches Them A Lesson- Switzerland

Iceland and Norway:
The One Hungover- Iceland
Teaches Them A Lesson- Norway

Belgium and Netherlands:
The One Hungover-Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson-Belgium

Belgium and Luxembourg:

The One Hungover- Belgium
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Luxembourg and Netherlands:
The One Hungover- Netherlands
Teaches Them A Lesson- Luxembourg

Moldova and Romania:
The One Hungover- Moldova
Teaches Them A Lesson- Romania

South Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson-South Italy

North Italy and Seborga:
The One Hungover- Seborga
Teaches Them A Lesson- North Italy

Wy and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Wy and Hutt River:
The One Hungover- Hutt River
Teaches Them A Lesson- Wy

Hutt River and Australia:
The One Hungover- Australia
Teaches Them A Lesson- Hutt River

-Mod Lily


#videotutorial of my previous post. How I used
Holographic Powder Pigment (<15 micron) from @color4nails

I did use any base color but I highly recommend to use a non wipe gel top coat for easy and smooth application. I used @bundlemounster gel top coat for these
Instructions on how to use this powder
1. Apply base color (optional) 
2. Apply a layer of Gel top coat (non wipe recommended) 
3. Cleanse cured top gel with alcohol (skip this step if you’re using a non wipe gel)
4.  Use a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, or a silicone brush to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface. 
5.  Seal with a top coat. 

Available at Color4Nails.com

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A new Dolls of New Albion poster for my room! I did the lineart in micron pen, and used watercolor pencils to do the colors. The borders are in sharpie, and I spent two hours picking stuff off an 11-year-old project to salvage the posterboard. I’m especially proud of Annabel, Byron, and Soldier 7285, which is excellent because they’re my favorite characters. This is the first time I’ve used those watercolor pencils, and I will definitely be using them quite a bit in the future :)