did this in a day

I wish we had a front shot of the sea creature in the shape of water trailer, I want to draw him 😭 



Went for a sunset hike with some friends and one friend’s dogs Nishka and Sitka (total darlings).

16km, and we got up to a fire lookout with a crazy gorgeous view.

There was nobody up there, but I don’t know if that’s a usual. This might be something I could do with Epic.

Me, the motherfucker with an incomplete dangansona AU: AND HERE’S ANOTHER P5 EDIT SET FOR A DIFFERENT FANDOM

i have no idea how i got 4 of zen’s endings, all i was doing was getting all the CGs lol (i didn’t finish though, as seen by me not having at least 3 endings for jaehee and seven)

and yes, i’ve only played through seven’s route once so far;;

I got tagged by @fluffyllamas22 @kotyonoksnz @caramelfuzz @403secret and @toosicktoocare to do this positivity thing where you say 5 things you like about yourself. So, here it is.

1. My hair is really nice. At least I think it’s really nice! It’s almost waist length, really soft and shiny. It’s my favorite physical feature. I pick sections and and run my fingers through it when I’m bored and people always ask me to play with it or braid it. It’s such a nice feeling.

2. I like to think that I have a great customer service persona. My fake bubbly voice and have a great day smile are like, top notch. At one of my jobs we have to hand out surveys so people can rate our service and sometimes I get direct compliments which always makes me feel really warm and happy.

3. I do really well in concrete math and science courses. I find any course with math in it, like, genuinely enjoyable and it’s always the homework I start first. (If I could take Calc III or DiffEq over again just for fun I so would. There’s nothing more satisfying than working a hard math problem and getting a clean, correct answer dont @ me!!)  I definitely need to put more work in when it comes to theoretics, but I believe in myself!! 

4. My Myers-Briggs type is ISFJ, but a lot of people mistakenly categorize me as an extrovert. I don’t have an explanation for that I just really like that it happens.

5. I give really good hugs! 

I think the rule is to tag.. 10 people? I don’t even know 10 people who I haven’t already seen do this. I know this has been floating around for a few days and I have a really incomplete sense of who’s already done it and who hasn’t. If you’ve already done this, you can ignore this or if you don’t feel like doing it that’s cool too! So, I’m tagging @hotarubi-e @fevers-and-flus @kinky-girly @siktornikiforov @senberet @snezario and @safaia-uta

For @sumeragimikoto

So i had a dream i was watching voltron a while back and Klance canonically kissed and this is kinda what it looked like; a battle was nearing its end and keith was unconscious and i guess lance feared this would be their last battle so he drifted over (there was no gravity for some reason) and kissed the hell outta keith. it was intense.