did this in a day

so I was playing capture the flag mode and we didn’t really pick a good defensive strat, so unfortunately within seconds of the game starting the other team got the flag, killed us, and we pretty much got steam rolled. so this guy on the winning team (the winston who kept getting the flag) started BMing us hard, all “gg ez’s” and “wow you guys suck I didn’t even have to try” and “OMG look at my potg I hope you’re ashamed” and doing that thing where they have the third flag but they dance around the point just to drag the game out and taunt us even more


next round we’re up against that guy and we go full blown defense. I’m talking symmetra, bastion, torbjorn, junkrat… we took it to the next level. so winston does his bit again. jumps on the flag, throws up his bubble, only this time, our bastion shreds through it in seconds. after a few minutes the winston goes on match chat and goes “why are you guys defending so hard this isn’t fun” and “my team sucks” and the like. you know, the same team he won with in the last round. pretty soon we manage to get the flag. as soon as we do, this joker leaves the match completely, right after our bastion killed him for the 5th time

if that isn’t the definition of a sore loser idk what is

It’s been a long day without you, my friend

Hebrew slang of the day #46

Did him davka - Asa lo davka - עשה לו דווקא

A phrase meaning that person a did something even though person b would prefer they didn’t, usually against person b’s wishes after person a was told specifically not to do it. Basically, to do something out of spite and spite alone.


“He asked me to make him coffee, the sexist jerk, so I did him davka and put salt instead of sugar in it.”

“הוא ביקש ממני להכין לו קפה, הסקסיסט המגעיל, אז עשיתי לו דווקא ושמתי לו מלח במקום סוכר בפנים.”


yesterday, my kid told me he had 0% love left and I told him “That’s OK, because I have enough love for the both of us.” and about 2 minutes later he asked for a hug so I (a sap, who has never refused her child a hug a day in his life) obliged. After about 30 seconds he pulled back and said “I have 100% love again, thank you.” and like…I teared up. 

Sometimes this is all it takes to help someone. Just…a hug, a touch. A reminder that when they feel drained you can carry the load for both of you for a little bit.

ok so i checked out what was going on and tbh i dont rly want to get into drama and i dont rly follow any, but i can see why ppl are upset

thank you for explaining everything to me!

I don’t have much brain power left as it’s nearly 11.30pm here but we managed to see my parents, niece and nephew today and I managed to eat in public!

Hadn’t seen the kids in ages so that was lovely! It’s bittersweet seeing them because they make me so happy and to just see them growing up safe and loved makes me happy, but at the same time it can be triggering because of their ages (more my niece obviously) - it makes me think our body was that tiny when all the bad stuff was happening, and smaller. It also sometimes upsets some of the littles sometimes because they get jealous they don’t have their own bodies and can’t always be themselves around family.

I am absolutely shattered and feel very switchy so this Snorlax is off to bed now, just wanted to share some positivity 😊

(13) Ignis’ pick-up lines.

Ignis: Hm. Is that a hardcover or are you just happy to see me?
Gladio: It’s a hardcover and it’s precious, omg, look at it, I just bought this new book and-
Gladio: Oh. 

Here's the thing. About original shit.

People don’t care.

But here’s also the thing.

People care significantly LESS about original things that are not ART.

You can say that your original art doesn’t get much notice and sure, that is true, but imagine writing original shit and knowing there’s not a chance in hell anyone but a very select few of super dedicated friends who will bother reading it.

At least if you draw your OCs or your landscapes or whatever the right way, you may get people reblogging or liking it because it looks gorgeous or cool.

Writers don’t get that 🙄

Now imagine you wrote over 350k words about a fictional universe you wrote the rules and limits of and developed entire series within it and dedicated your time and heart into it and knowing none but a select few will even try to read it because god.

“I don’t read regular books anymore lol, they’re too boring, I just read fanfiction!”

Good for you.


These are ghost plants (monotropa uniflora) and they’re the best plant for minegishi and here’s why:

-they have no chlorophyll which provides the cool palette idea of Albino minegishi, Really pale with light green (like the color of glow in the dark stuff) hair and really light purply-red eyes

- they don’t need sunlight to grow so they can grow in the dark which probably has cute shimamine implications

- they’re really rare and super hard to propagate because they don’t have chlorophyll so they have to get energy from somewhere else. Like a tree’s roots. Or a plant esper.

- they’re associated with fairies and magic stuff a lot so I feel like psychics are… kind of in the same vein???

cant even be excited for the sailing trip since our trainer decided to tell the racist white boy (who got kicked out the course a week before the camping trip, but still came) about it. Now I’ve decided if he goes I’m not going, I can’t tolerate him and dont feel comfortable with him.

I was walking to work behind a group of guys who were all talking to each other in that bro kind of way when the one guy notices throw up on the ground in front of this other guy who was about to walk into it. He literally went “bro watch out!” Bears hugs the guy next to him, lifts him off the ground, carries him over the throw up and puts him down. The one who was picked up just went “thanks bro” and kept walking to which the other guy went “I got you bro.” Humanity is great and love is real.