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Camping Antics – ArchiexReader! Mini Fic - Part Three.

Heyyyyy. Here is the final part of the mini fic, just to round things off. This is a really short part, but its literally just intended to finish the fic ok. Any suggestions for other oneshots etc, please hit me up in my ask!

Summary: Archie and (Y/N) may or not get caught by the others. 

Warnings: lil bit of smut.


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Just want to show my love to all my fans out there by writing a few drabbles! Pick a character or a ship along with a number from the list and send it to me! Those who follow me get gifs with Drabble^-^


1. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
2. “You don’t have to stay.”
3. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”
5. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
6. “Shit, are you bleeding?!”
7. “It’s okay to cry…”
8. “Just leave me ALONE.”
9. “Please listen to me-”
10. “You can trust me.”
11. “I just really need to have you here right now.”
12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
16. “So, I found this waterfall…”
17. “Just once.”
18. “You lied to me.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
20. “You did all of this for me?”
21. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
22. “No one needs to know.”
23. “Boo.”
24. “Well this is awkward…”
25. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
26. “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”
27. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”
28. “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”
29. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
30. “I know, but… I love him/her. You can’t give up on a person you love.”
31. “But… you’re my home.”
32. “Come over here and make me.”
33. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
34. “Please, don’t leave.”
35. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
36. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
37. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
38. “I almost lost you.”
39. “Wanna bet?”
40. “Don’t you ever do that again!
41. “Teach me how to play?”
42. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
43. “I think we need to talk.”
44. “So, I found this waterfall…”
45. “It could be worse.”
46. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
47. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
48. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
49. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
51. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
52. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
53. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
54. “I got you a present.”
55. “I’m pregnant.”
56. “Marry me?”
57. “I thought you were dead.”
58. “It’s not what it looks like…”
59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
60. “Please don’t do this.
61. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
62. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
63. “I wish I could hate you.”
64. “Wanna dance?”
65. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
66. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
67. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?
68. “I swear it was an accident.”
69. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
70. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”


Request Prompt: I just found your blog and I love it great work!!! Do you take requests? If yes can you make one where Jesus and the reader are dating and Jesus is busy then the reader start calling him daddy and teases him. Smut please. thanks.- khadija456fire

Request Prompt: Can u write jesus (paul rovia)x reader imagines? :)) your last one was so much fun to read🙈- Anon

Request Prompt: Can you make more Jesus smuts thank- Anon

Pairing: Paul “Jesus” Rovia x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Don’t think I’m all that great with the daddy thing so here it is.



I stated at Paul as he slipped on his jeans preparing to go out on yet another run for Gregory. Some days I wish Negan would just take him out already.

“You’re really going out there again?”, I whined and he let out a laugh while looking at my pouting form in the mirror. “Yes. Gregory says we need more supplies.”

“Or he just wants Maggie and Sasha gone.”, I stated and he let out a sigh, making his way towards me. He leaned down to place a soft lingering kiss on my forehead before a small knock sounded at the door. He walked over, opening it to reveal Maggie and Sasha.

“We’re ready when you are.”, Maggie smiled and I frowned. “Shouldn’t you be resting like any other expecting mother?” She shrugged her shoulders as Sasha shook her head.

“I’ve tried to tell her but she’s stubborn.”

“I’ll be out in a minute. Just give me about 5 minutes.”, he told them and they agreed with smiles before walking away. He closed the door to finish putting on his clothes as I let out a whine of frustration.

“Can’t you go later?”, I asked and he turned to me with a grin.

“If I could I would.”

“So daddy is going to leave me alone?”, I smirked as his body froze letting me know I had him.

“What did you call me?”, he questioned with a surprised expression. I crossed my arms as I let the word slip past my lips once more. “Daddy.”

“Why are you doing this to me woman?”, he asked coming closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck once he was within reach. “I’m not doing anything.”

He crawled over me before crashing his lips onto mine. I gave a soft moan as his tongue grazed my bottom lip before I denied him entrance. He let out a low growl before squeezing my ass. I gasped and he took the chance to dart his tongue into my mouth. I pushed onto his hardened length as he slipped my shirt off. His lips found mine as he undid my shorts before sliding them down my legs.

“Beautiful.”, he mumbled into my lips before moving between my legs and tossing my underwear away.

His tongue circled around my clit as a single finger slid into me. I bucked into him causing him to hum in satisfaction sending vibrations up my body.I arched my back as he curled his finger inside me brushing against my g spot. My reactions caused him to groan as his started sucking on my chest. I whimpered when he added another finger to join the other.  I came close to my release before he pulled away suddenly causing me to whine. Without warning he pushed my legs up before he slammed into me causing me to moan out. He gave a smirk before slamming into me again finding his rhythm. I bit my lip as grabbed my hips bringing me down to meet his thrusts.

“Ah Paul.”, I moaned as he latched onto my neck.

“Don’t call me that.”, he stated and I bit my lip with a grin. “Yes daddy.”

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him closer as I clenched around him. My eyes fluttered closed as my thighs began to sting from his thrusts but it only turned me on more. He emitted a low growl before kissing me harshly and sliding out. I went to protest but he flipped me over so my face was in the pillow and my ass facing him. He rubbed the tip along my slit before sliding back into me.

“Oh god!”, I shouted ignoring the fact Maggie and Sasha were out there.

His thrusts sped up while his grip on my hips tightened as he hit my g-spot over and over again. I could feel he was close. His thumb rubbed circles around my clit and I screamed out as I came on his length. He chuckled before a groan passed his lips as he came shortly after. He let me rode out my high before pulling out and collapsing next to me. His arm was wrapped around my waist as I caught my breath. A knock on the door was heard again followed by Maggie’s voice.

“Paul, you could’ve told us you were busy.”, she laughed and I smiled before giving him a passionate kiss.

“You see what you do to me?”, he asked and I nodded. “I know.”

We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 8

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 / Chapter 5 / Chapter 6 / Chapter 7 / Chapter 9 / Chapter 10…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort @teenwolfobsessed321 @tomlinsonlovers

In this chapter: There’s someone. Someone I kinda forgot about. Someone I need to try to save. But am I strong enough?

Word count: 3223

It didn’t take much time before the police and the paramedics arrived at school. That wasn’t surprising considering the damage the class had and the injured students, it was only natural that the 911 was called. And especially the sheriff’s son that was also in the classroom near me. I was still sitting on the same chair and Stiles hadn’t left me since he had protected me from the crows, something I didn’t quite understand. Why take the risk of saving someone he didn’t know? Then I remembered how heroic Stiles could be at some times.

He didn’t want to leave me alone so he was still standing next to me, asking me every 5 minutes if I was fine. Questions I didn’t reply. I tried to understand the meaning of the voice’s words. I tried to understand why I had done that. Why did I feel the need to save everyone? The adrenaline had come down a while and I was beginning to feel the pain on my body that was slowly appearing. I also felt a disgusting pain in my heart going up in my throat as my eyes scrutinized the crows’ corpses that littered the ground and student desks. Then I couldn’t hold back the little breakfast I had eaten this morning.

“Oh … oh no …. Please… don’t … ooooh … ” Stiles muttered beside me, seeing me being sick on live.

“Sorry …” I replied, trying to get up to get away from my little damage. That was a lot for me. I didn’t think it was so hard to live, all the events that happened in the life of the characters in the show. They seemed to bear it well, but it was honestly intolerable. The stress they had to live every day was heavy, my legs were still trembling so Stiles had to help me get up and we walked away a bit before being intercepted by none other than Jennifer. Her hair was unfurled and she had feathers on her head.

“No one should leave before the police come and the paramedics check you…” She told us in a tone that wanted to be authoritarian but gentle.

“I think Y / N doesn’t feel very good, she should take some air.”

Jennifer was about to answer when the Sheriff entered the classroom, followed by paramedics with first aid kits.

“Stiles, can you explain me what happened?” The sheriff asked before he noticed me. “Well … first day of classes and already we see each other again, Y / N. ”

“You know her?“ Stiles asked and I already felt Scott’s lie saying I was his half-sister gone in the wind.

“More or less,” The sheriff answered by putting his hand on his belt while staring at me. “You still don’t remember anything?”

I shook my head negatively while looking at the floor.

“Well, it’s unfortunate,” he added, placing his hand gently on my head, which made me jump. He was very understanding all of a sudden. Surely because he was in front of his son.

Then the sheriff left us to talk with other students, and I listened.

“Mr. Argent. You wouldn’t have any insight into this would you? ”

I had neither heard nor seen Allison’s father enter the classroom. I had to be too absorbed by the events to notice.


“Yeah, it’s all this bizarre animal behavior, it’s uh… You must have seen something like this before, right?”

"Not sure why I would or would you think I would.”

He remained cautious and polite at the same time. A real hunter in the soul. After all, lying was part of his profession.

“Y / N?” Stiles called to me, wondering surely why I wasn’t moving anymore.

"I’m sorry. I could have sworn I overheard my son talking about how you were an experienced hunter. ”

Uh oh. Stiles immediately turned to the conversation and I saw him quickly turn his head away seeing the black glare that Chris had thrown at him.

“Uh, right. Well not anymore. ”

And the discussion between the two fathers ended. The sheriff asked Allison if everything was okay and she replied in the affirmative.

“Let’s go …” I whispered as I walked away from the classroom. Stiles came out of his thoughts and came back to me and quickly put my arm around his shoulder to help me walk. If I hadn’t had my heart beat so fast in my chest caused by the shock of what had just happened, I would surely have blushed and my heart would have beat that strong because of the proximity we had.

We were finally out of the class, out of the smell of death and corpses. I could finally breathe a little when someone called us.

“You weren’t examined by the paramedics yet, it would be better that you come back to class,” Jennifer told us.

I hated her even more.

In the end the paramedics examined us outside the classroom. Stiles had a scrap on his forehead and a few scratches in the back and for my part, apart from my broken wrist and my tight ankle, nothing had changed except a few scratches here and there. Because my crutches were damaged an ambulance driver gave me news. I didn’t know if it was a good or bad thing because now I no longer needed Stiles’ help to walk and I didn’t hate the proximity we had. At least my breathing had begun to regain a more normal rhythm.

“I’ll take you home,” Stiles told me while consulting his phone. We were in the corridor near the lockers and I could see Lydia and Allison in front of us chatting. “I have to call Scott before … he must know what happened. He’s your brother after all. ”

If one day I thought that becoming Scott’s little sister would be so … comforting. Hearing his name comforted me because I knew he would find a way to fix everything. I had only one desire, snuggle in his arms. Even though he was going to find it strange. I don’t know why I needed it so much.

“We got a serious problem at school. Miss Blake’s class was hit- ”

“Well can you tell me about it later?”

“Uh, nope, pretty sure this qualifies for immediate discussion.”

“Okay then … wait, is Y / N fine?”

“Yeah, she’s there with me, Scott where-”

“Meet me at Derek’s.”

“Derek’s house? What’s the hell you doing at Derek’s house? ”

“Just meet us here okay? And bring Y / N with you. ”

Stiles hung up and stared at his cell phone.

“It’s not like I have a choice,” he grumbled, glancing at me quickly as I avoided his eyes by looking away.

“Where’s Scott?” A voice made before us, and automatically I raised my head to look in front of me. I remembered this scene too well.

“He had to leave. He’s supposed to be back in class- "Allison began in response to Braeden who seemed more panicked than ever.

"Is he coming back?” Braeden asked as she grabbed Allison’s wrist abruptly.

"Hey! Easy with the physicality, Sweetheart-” Lydia raised the tone to be authoritative, but got her wrist caught as well in a small cry of pain. Then Braeden seemed to look in our direction with horrified eyes, but I knew we weren’t the cause of it. I turned around just in time to see the twins leave in another corridor.

They were going to kill her, or at least they were going to try. When I turned to Braeden again, she was gone.

“Well she bruised me.” Lydia muttered, looking at her wrist.

"Huh. Me too.” Allison replied, and at the same moment her father came to them.

"Come on. Let’s get the two of you girls outta here. School may wait another day. Sweetheart.” His father began, but I wasn’t listening to them. I walked where Braeden was without thinking. I knew where and I knew what was going to happen. But the question was; could I save her? Did I have the strength? Physical strength, fighting against alphas I didn’t have. But mental strength? The only thing I had succeeded was thrown up in front of everyone because of some crow’s corpse, what was I supposed to do when it’ll be a human corpse?

"Y / N! Hey, where are you going! We’re supposed to meet Scott! ”

Stiles followed me, but I didn’t slow down. I wasn’t walking fast anyway. At the end of the corridor I felt lost. I wasn’t familiar enough with the school. But I didn’t want to spend my time being afraid, trembling like a leaf. If I wanted to accomplish my mission and save everyone, I would never succeed by whining like a kid. And as long as I didn’t know how, why, and how long I was stuck in this world, I promised myself not to throw up again. Especially not in front of Stiles.

I turned back to him and looked him in the eyes, determined. I didn’t want to be weak anymore.

“Where are the locker rooms?” I asked him eagerly. Time was counting; I was running out of time. I had to act quickly, before Deucalion arrives and slits her throat. I had no idea how I was going to do it, but I was going to save her. I could never save Allison if I couldn’t do anything now.

"Uh,” Stiles began without understanding. Then his eyes became more harsh and suspicious. “Why’d you ask?”

I didn’t have time to play the detective with him, although I knew Stiles had good reason to suspect me. I knew things that I shouldn’t know, and especially I had landed in Scott’s life overnight without warning. And Stiles was known not to give the benefit of the doubt very easily. He had doubts for everyone, had been right for Matt, for Peter, for Theo. And although I only wanted to help, I knew he was right in being hesitant with me. I even bet that as soon as he had time he would do all the research of the world about me to arrive at nothing, no information about me as I didn’t exist in this world.

“I don’t have time to explain,” I began slowly, choosing my words carefully. “But you have to trust me … I know you don’t trust people easily, but …”

“Trusting you when I don’t even know you would be the same as leaving the wheel to a blind man,” he mumbled, raising his eyebrows and making one of his facial expressions with his hands before looking into my eyes. “But with what happened in class … you’ll have to explain how you knew what was going to happen.”

I felt a little light of hope and went to speak when he raised a finger to interrupt me.

“That doesn’t mean I trust you. I do this because you’re Scott’s sister and I have to stay with you or hell he’ll want to tear my head off if anything happens to you. ”

“Great!” I say too quickly. It couldn’t be that easy.

"The locker rooms are this way, follow me.”

He began to move towards the locker room when obviously someone faced us. Stiles’ father.

“Where are you going kids?”

Uh oh.

“Y / N must go to the toilet,” Stiles replied quickly.

“There are toilets there,” the sheriff pointed behind us.

“But you see, Dad, Y / N was sick a little while ago in class and she doesn’t want to be sick again in a place where a lot of students go, so I said to myself, hey, I’ll take her to a toilet where there’s no one… what about the locker room?” Stiles gesticulated quickly and without taking a breath. Sometimes I forgot that lying to his father had become too easy for him.

His father seemed to think for a moment before speaking.

"Very well, I’ll take her myself,” he answered and my eyes widened. He couldn’t come. If he came he was going to shoot at the alphas and would become their target afterwards. And he would inevitably end up wounded. He absolutely had to stay out of it.

“I …” I started, feeling the fear taking possession of my body. I no longer controlled the situation. “I …” I tried again, trying to find something to say, anything! Go Y / N! Say something!

But anxiety paralyzed me, and fear too. I was afraid of what would happen if there was a confrontation between the sheriff and the alpha pack. If it were to happen, if I changed the future too much, I wouldn’t be aware of the events to come, I would lose control and I wouldn’t be able to save Allison and the others. And this thought alone succeeded in putting me in all my most panicked states. And that, Stiles noticed it well because he came to my rescue.

“Dad … you don’t see that she’s still in shock? And with her amnesia … Scott who’s not there … she must feel alone and panicked,” he confided softly to his father in a low, hoarse voice. His voice that I loved and I loved it even more now.

“Okay kids. But be careful, okay?” He finished, passing by us while tapping Stiles’ shoulder.

"Yes Dad.” Stiles answered before turning to me, worried. He was right to be. I had panicked again, and for what? Because I was unable to find an excuse, a lie. I didn’t want to be weak, so why was I unable to do anything?

"Let’s go …” I mumbled in a broken voice before starting to walk again with my crutches under my arms. I didn’t want to explain myself at the moment, I already had too much difficulty to stay focused in my mission with him so close to me.

“The locker rooms are here,” Stiles ended up telling me by pointing two doors, separated from each other by a wall. There were several meters between them.

My heart began to beat faster. Now that I was in front of the doors, so close to my goal, all my confidence had gone. But I couldn’t stop now. I had to go in.

“And now?” Stiles asked me.

"Stay here …” I whispered as I walked along. I didn’t know if Braeden was in the girls ‘or boys’ locker room, so I decided at random and took the left one.

“No way,” Stiles answered, following me.

“Stiles …” I whispered, casting a heavy look. I didn’t want him to get hurt.

“I know you’re trying to stay calm, but I can see how frightened you are. So no matter what you wanted that much to come here, I’m coming with you. I lied to my father and I followed you, so it better worth it. ”

I had to capitulate because I knew he wouldn’t let go. He had the face, the one he takes when he’s convinced and stoic. And time was upon us. I swallowed and entered the locker room.

There was debris strewn on the ground, a sign I had chosen just right. Some lockers were broken, and others had werewolf scratches on the broken metal doors. Blood was also on the ground.

“Oh shit … it was worth it finally …” Stiles whispered close to me, my heart beat so loudly that I could hear it in my ears.

Then, before us, I saw her. She was sitting against the wall covered in blood, her throat torn apart. I had arrived too late.

I rushed to Braeden, dropping my crutches behind me and walked on my wounded ankle without feeling the pain because the adrenaline that ran through my veins was too strong. I quickly pulled off my hoodie and put her on her throat to stop the blood, knowing without needing to take her pulse that she was alive.

“Call an ambulance!” I shouted to Stiles behind me and immediately he pulled out his phone to dial the emergency number.

It didn’t take long to get help because there were already ambulances at the school, so they were with Braeden in just a few minutes. Stiles helped me get away from the inert body and I learned that she was still alive. But it didn’t change the fact that I had arrived too late. In the show, time seemed to pass so much more slowly, in reality it took only a moment for everything to happen and to get her throat snatched from a werewolf claws. And the blood, the blood everywhere, the blood on my hands and the smell that didn’t leave my nose made me want to throw up again, but I had nothing left in my stomach.

“I’m going to faint …” Stiles muttered, raising his eyes to the skies, still holding my arm to help me stand.

“I was about to say the same thing,” I answered in a trembling voice, looking at my blood-covered hands. “Actually I think I’m really gonna faint,” I murmured before feeling the world turning around me.

“Wow, wow easy …” Stiles held me more firmly to stabilize me and prevent me from falling to the ground, and led us out of the locker rooms. On the way out we met the sheriff again.

“I leave you alone two seconds and …”

“Dad,” Stiles began in a serious voice, a rare thing. His father looked back with understanding and nodded. He let us pass but I had the strength to say one last thing before Stiles led me further.

“Don’t leave her alone … she’s in danger …”

And without further interaction, we left the place that was like a horror film.

Without the help of Stiles, I would never have managed to leave alone since my legs were so weak.

“Where are we going …” I mumbled as Stiles left me in front of a sink and opened the taps before putting my hands under the cold water.

“You have to clean it up,” he replied, still having his serious voice. We were in the other locker room.

He withdrew my sticky splint and slowly began to clean each part of my dirty skin, each finger one at a time that was soaked by blood. His hands were incredibly soft.

Once my hands were clean and no more blood was visible, I fell to the ground throwing my splint off. It was covered with blood and for the moment I didn’t tolerate seeing more. And the smell that didn’t want to leave my nose…

Stiles went to take it back and crouched down at my height. I did everything to avoid his gaze.

“Too late …” I whispered looking at the void.


“I arrived too late …”

I had failed.

“What are you talking about? I saw you rushing to save her, Y / N. You saved her. If you hadn’t found her there… ”

He didn’t continue his sentence so I had to raise my eyes to him to understand the reason for his sudden muteness.

“How … did you know she was there…”

Oh shit.

In the next chapter: Derek’s house, lots of question. I think the end of the day is like the end of episode one. But who knows how much times there’s before episode 2?

                                                                                           Next Chapter->


Plot : Loki and Thor are your brothers and since you decided to live on earth and not depend on your powers, they think you need to be protected more than ever before. When one day Loki suspects you to hide something from them, here’s what happens …

It was your second year on earth. You didn’t miss it, Asgard and its rude people. What you missed was your family, and fighting. Fighting was more than just beat someone for you. It was an art a friend had taught you when you were younger. It was about honour, loyalty and respect. That, you missed.
Your brothers ? Oh you couldn’t really miss them, they were constantly behind your back.
Thor was clumsy, a bit too much. He would always be close to your office at Stark’s, walking in the corridors, trying to act normal as he was actually watching over you like a crazy mother. He even believed no one had noticed you were his sister. Truth is, it was hard to miss when he called you “sis’.. Y/N” all the time.
Loki, for his part, was more discreet but quite intruding. Sometimes you would try to get a break and he would appear in front of you like a ghost.

He was very embarrassed and started touching all sorts of things that was on your desk.
-Oh .. I’m truly sorry Y/N … how are you today ?
He wasn’t really here, his voice was absent and you knew you could answer anything he wouldn’t even notice.
-We met 5 minues ago Loki, I’m fine …
You stared at him for a minute and sighed.
-I was planning to kill myself since you and Thor won’t leave me alone …
Still lost in his thoughts, Loki was captivated by a little robot you had built with pieces of steel.
Your eyes narrowed and you threw a pen at his face.
-Loki !
-Yes !
He straightened and took the little object in his pocket. He noticed you had seen what he did and he smiled.
-May I borrow you this ?
-Obviously you can … Do you plan to follow me ? I mean, at least put on something more …
You didn’t know how to say it.
-More … Modern ? You know, wear clothes that fit with the world around ?…
At that moment, it was Pietro'a turn, the man who had been trying to take you out for months, to appear in your office.
A huge smile crossed your lips and you quickly hid your face with your hair, turning your head to look aside. Loki noticed it and you fainted to be surprised.
-Oh hey ! Hi Pietro !
You were already blushing and your voice was way to high.
Loki looked at the man you loved up and down. Loki frowned at the newcomer.
-Oh hello Mister … Pietro ? You … scared us. We were in the middle of a …
-In the middle of nothing ! You cut him off.
Pietro didn’t know what to say or how to react and you bit your lip. You headed to the speedster and took the occasion to pinch Loki’s arm. You heard a groan from his mouth behind you and smiled, giving a kiss on Pietro’s cheek. The speedster smiled with a slight blush only you could notice. You had never done that before and he was surprised, not knowing if you just wanted to bother your brother or if it was serious.
-Well … I just came to tell you …
The speedster saw your eyes waiting for something, but then took a glance at Loki behind you and he blinked.
-I … There’s a meeting at 7pm. I thought you’d like know it. See you.
Your heart stopped as he disappeared in a gush of wind.
You turned to Loki and shook your head.
-I hate you, you know.
Loki was already playing with another of your creations.
You managed to escape his attention by going to the bathroom and disappeared outside. However, you knew he would find you if you kept walking in the streets.
Thus, waiting for the time to go to your meeting, you had to find somewhere you would be able to write and think. Alone. Quickly, you found an old abandoned building and decided to go to its top.
Once there, you sat on the edge of a broken wall and took a deep breath.
-Finally free …
You murmured for yourself, closing your eyes for a second.
But a few minutes after, Thor appeared in a wind and rainstorm, making you wet and cold.
You stared at him for a long moment.
-What is it now ? You asked calmly.
Your brother put his hammer down and sat next to you.
-Y/N … You know it’s unsafe here. Particularly if you refuse to use any power.
It was enough.
-It is unsafe since I can catch a cold everytime you appear !
You moaned.
-Tell me Thor, how many people in this world survive without having super powers ?
-Y/N …
-Tell me Thor ! you insisted, furious.
-7,125 billions …
A silence replaced your argument. You sniffled.
-Why are you guys following me so much these days ? You know I’m not stupid. Is there any threat I should fear ?
Thor cleared his throat and just shook his head no.
-So what ? Just for the pleasure ? Don’t you have a girlfriend Thor ? And Loki ?
-We saw you … with Pietro.
He finally said it.
-Oh my god ! You exclaimed, and that’s it ? Really ?
Thor frowned.
-You’re our sister Y/N !
-I’m a big girl thanks.
You got up, ready to go and laughing out loud.
-I know you are ! But remember, we have to protect you !
-Alright, did mother tell you Pietro was a threat ?
-No, but …
-Father did ?
-No ! We just …
-Then let me live my life ! It’s as simple as this !
Thor seemed shocked.
-In our traditions, we must accept your union with …
Your eyes opened wide.
-Oh no, no no !
You waved your hands in front of him.
-I love your middle-age way of thinking but somethimes it gets a bit too dramatic, alright ? I’ll still love you guys if I have a boyfriend. And I don’t expect your approval for that.
Thor pouted. He knew it wasn’t just 20th century, you were an independent woman, as Sif or any warrior in Asgard and you would never let anybody step on your freedom.
-We have to know him at least.
He sounded like a tigger purring.
-And you will, you reassured him.

Later, as you headed to the meeting that was planned, you realized it was very late to work, but you thought maybe it was just your crazy boss, Tony, who never slept.
You looked for him, but he wasn’t in his office or in the meeting room. After a moment, you pushed the door of your office, only to find Pietro shifting around. He stopped as he saw you.
-Y/N, I’m sorry I didn’t know how to … I wanted to be alone with you.
Your cheeks turned red and you clumsily closed the door behind you, as if you knew your brothers could storm in at any moment.
-I’m here, is there anything wrong ?
The speedster shrugged.
-No … I thought we could go somewhere or … You know … I can take you anywhere you want …
You started to laugh as he stuttered.
-Your … Are your brothers near ?
You shook your head no and came closer, frowning a bit.
-Are you afraid of them ?
Pietro seemed more relaxed.
-No … It’s just …
You took his hand in your palm and felt his pulse as he talked. No, he wasn’t afraid of them, but of you, and you didn’t know why.
-I think your brother Loki got me wrong, he finally admitted, I don’t want you to think the same.
You stopped and your eyes darkened.
-What ?
-Well …
Pietro’s fingers slid in his hair nervously.
-It’s embarrassing … Alright … Loki thinks I want to have sex with you. I mean, I don’t … Well I would if …
His cheeks were burning and he swallowed.
-Ok, no … Y/N, I like, I love … To be with you …
Your mouth had opened, you didn’t know if it was the fact Loki messed with the guy you loved or the fact that Pietro actually liked/loved to be with you. He was now blushing like hell and he took a deep breath.
While you were realizing what Pietro said, he started to breathe heavily.
-I should go right ? He mumbled.
Afraid he was about to rush out, you grabbed him by the soulders.
-No, don’t ! You sounded so desperate it made him blink. Something lit up in his eyes as you tried to slow down your breath. Finally, you managed to whisper,
-I’m sorry … This is so awkward … Don’t take them seriously alright …
You put your head on his chest as you came back to your senses.
-You like to be with me … You repeateed with smile.
His gaze on you had changed. You felt his arms wrapping around you and he brought his face closer to yours.
-I’m in love with you … he whispered
He had said it in such a low voice only you could hear and feel his breath on your mouth. Your lips found his but he slightly pulled back.
-Just one thing …
Your heart skipped a beat,
-Don’t get me wrong Y/N … I want to be with you.
His eyes fixed on yours made you melt. Only able to nod before he pulled you into a passionate kiss, you were on cloud nine already.

That night, Pietro and you took break from civilization and he took you to on an isle where no one could find you both.
Once you were back, Loki and Thor were waiting for you, but neither you or Pietro cared about it. You actually took their jokes with a lot of humor.

-Pietro, if you break her heart …
-I know, I know … Pietro used to sigh, he patted Thor’s shoulder and nodded.

-Pietro, did you see that girl ? Beautiful curves …
-Mh ?
-You were looking at her !
-No Loki, you were …
-Ok, this one was a test but …

After a few years, they finally calmed down, but only when they realized you trusted your speedy enough to be the father of your kids.

Groupchat: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Another one inspired by @starcoleworld 😂. After Tom begs you to joins his groupchat he made with his brothers and Haz you accidentally send something not meant for them😂

You reluctantly joined their group chat after Tom begged you. “It’ll be funny. We don’t talk about anything really!” That was a lie, every second your notifications would go off. You already had a group chat with your best friends and that was already enough for you to handle. You opened up the group chat and saw that Paddy had made an A in school. You sent him a thumbs up and went back to your BFF’s group chat. You got a mention in the other chat from Tom. 

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Drabble Prompts

Send me a number, and your pairing. And if you want to, you can add a description of yourself. ;D

1.      “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”

2.      “You don’t have to stay.”

3.      “Don’t fucking touch me.”

4.      “Please I just… really need space right now.”

5.      “I’m sick of being USELESS.”

6.      “Shit, are you bleeding?!”

7.      “It’s okay to cry…”

8.      “Just leave me ALONE.”

9.      “Please listen to me-”

10.  “You can trust me.”

11.  “I just really need to have you here right now.”

12.   “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

13.  “Don’t you ever do that again!”

14.   “Kiss me.”

15.  “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”

16.  “So, I found this waterfall…”

17.   “Just once.”

18.   “You lied to me.”

19.   “I wish I could hate you.”

20.   “You did all of this for me?”

21.  “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”

22.  “No one needs to know.”

23.  “Boo.”

24.  “Well this is awkward…”

25.  “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

26.  “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and  it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”

27.  “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”

28.  “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”

29.  “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”

30.  “I know, but… I love him/her.  You can’t give up on a person you love.”

31.  “But… you’re my home.”

32.  “Come over here and make me.”

33.  “Have you lost your damn mind!?”

34.  “Please, don’t leave.”

35.  “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

36.  “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

37.  “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

38.  “I almost lost you.”

39.  “Wanna bet?”

40.  “Don’t you ever do that again!

41.  “Teach me how to play?”

42.  “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

43.  “I think we need to talk.”

44.  “So, I found this waterfall…”

45.  “It could be worse.”

46.  “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”

47.  “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

48.  “The paint’s supposed to go where?”

49.  “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”

50.  “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”

51.  “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

52.  “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”

53.  “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

54.  “I got you a present.”

55.  “I’m pregnant.”

56.  “Marry me?”

57.  “I thought you were dead.”

58.  “It’s not what it looks like…”

59.  “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

60.  “Please don’t do this.

61.  “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”

62.  “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

63.  “I wish I could hate you.”

64.  “Wanna dance?”

65.  “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

66.  “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”

67.  “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?

68.  “I swear it was an accident.”

69.  “YOU DID WHAT?!”

70.  “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

71.  “Tell me a secret.

72.  “No one needs to know.”

I have no idea where I got these, I’m pretty sure they’ve been listed on other prompts before, so I take no credit for them.

They will be tagged as  #drabble , and #personal drabble , black list them if you don’t wanna see them!

Hey! I’m uploading another request! Sorry I’m so slow with them right now, my life is always crazy but I try for you guys! I hope you like it <3 <3

Request - Brendon liking the reader so offering to help her with some school work by tutoring her at home so he has the opportunity to tell her how he feels.

Anything for You

 *Reader’s POV*

 I grumbled as I stormed out of my musical theory class, my bag thrown lazily over my shoulder, I loved music and worked so hard at perfecting my own music and songs, but for some reason I could never nail theory, the notes on paper confused me so much, practical was fine, theory, not fine. I stormed through the halls at school, taking myself to my usual lunch spot with my friends, it always cheered me up to see them. Throwing myself down on the bench I kicked my legs up, laying back and covering my face with my arms, I was the first to our corner near the school’s running track, I heard footsteps after a little while, noticing a figure standing near me before chuckling in a familiar smooth tone.

“Everything ok there?” Brendon’s voice broke through my thoughts causing me to uncover my face to meet his eyes, he had a sweet smile on his face, warm brown eyes locked onto me. He looked so cute, wearing his nerdy glasses and light purple hoodie, black skinny jeans and sneakers on his feet, I hated being attracted to my best friend, it made me feel awkward sometimes, especially when he popped into my head at very inappropriate times. Sometimes I got so worked up and always seemed to find him coming into my head, I knew he didn’t like me back, or thought I was one of those girls that would cheat on him due to having had a lot of boyfriends, even though I’d only actually had sex once. Plus, he was so totally out of my league, he was cute, friendly, funny and talented, oh so talented. He didn’t exactly attract the popular girls but all the creative types were way into him.

“No. I’m totally bombing music theory, I just can’t get it, I have no fucking clue. I got a D- on my last assessment, it’s gonna drag down my whole GPA.” I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest, I was doing so well at school but this was going to destroy my chances of getting into a good music college.
“But you’re great at music, I love the pieces you compose.” He sat down opposite me, dumping his bag on the ground.

“Yeah I’m great at playing, but when I compose I don’t write the music properly, I just make it up and remember it. I can’t get the paper shit right.” I was so put out by all this but his sweet face in front of me made me feel a little better.

“Well, you know, I could help you with your music theory. Maybe give you some tutoring for a few weeks, I’m sure the extra time on it will help you get the hang of it all.” He smiled sweetly, hand resting gently on my arm, head cocked to the side in an adorable little gaze.

“Oh my god, Brendon that would be so amazing of you!” I hugged him, wrapping my arms around his shoulders and pressing my face into the crook of his neck, he seemed to freeze for a second before hugging back.

“I’ll be at yours for 3 on Saturday ok?” I nodded eagerly, we fell into our usual conversations as the rest of our little group appeared gradually, all of us chatting leisurely. Little did Brendon know my parents weren’t in on Saturdays so we would be completely alone in my house on Saturday, that would be interested, maybe I could finally get the chance to test how he felt about me, see if he felt the same as me. This would be interesting.

 *Brendon’s POV*

 It was Saturday, 2:45, I had to leave to drive over to Y/N’s in 5 minutes, I checked myself in the mirror, my hair was neater than usual, a nice shirt on under my hoodie, my nice jeans and sneakers on, I wanted to look good. Whatever attempts I looked like a nerd as soon as my glasses were on. I thought she was so cute, and sweet, and fun, ok I liked her, a lot, she was so perfect and we had this crazy connection, when she was talking I felt like she was the only person in the world, I could literally lose myself in her for hours and not even notice. I was so crazy attracted to her, I was desperately trying to work out how to tell her, I hated to admit that part of this whole tutoring thing was to try and finally tell her how I felt. I made sure I had all my theory books and notes and hopped into my car, driving myself to her place, once I got there I grabbed my bags from the trunk, heading to her front door, running my free hand through my hair after knocking. I waited for a moment before she answered, I instantly lost my breath, she was wearing a pair of short denim shorts and a cropped, low cut and pretty tight tank top, her body looked incredible to me, I tried to compose myself before opening my mouth at the risk of sounding like an idiot.

“Um… H-Hey Y/N, I know I’m a little early, but, um, ready to work on your theory stuff?” I asked trying my absolute hardest to not sound like a stuttering fool, her warm smile encouraged me slightly.

“You’re like 5 minutes early it’s fine, come in!” She said, her voice sounding surprisingly chipper considering I was here to do school work with her, she stepped inside, I’d been here a million times before so I knew to follow in, take of my shoes and close the door behind me. As I walked behind her, following her to the kitchen, I couldn’t help my eyes from trailing down her back, following the trail of long Y/H/C hair winding down her back, as I followed it my mind drifted to what it would feel like between my fingers, winding around them, I bet her hair was so soft. My eyes continued down her back, stopped at her shorts, they really were very short, her behind looked so damn good in them, I tore my focus from her body to focus myself again, I wasn’t here to get laid dammit, I was here to tell her how I felt, and that was certainly more than just sexual. She started shifting through her cupboards, grabbing two glasses and smiling broadly at me.
“Want a drink?” She asked, cocking her head to one side, her house seemed to quiet, I was used to her parents nattering on about stuff in the kitchen but today there was nothing.

“Yeah sure, what’dya have? It’s quiet here today.” I remarked as she got herself a coke out of the refrigerator.

“Yeah I know, my folks aren’t home until tomorrow, some business dinner thing. And we’ve got coke, lemonade, or you can have one of my dads beers.” She giggled slightly, my breath caught, I had never been completely alone with her before, her parents, or at least one of them, was always in the house when we were, this would be perfect, no distractions, no reason not to open up.

“It’s ok, I’ll just have a coke too.” She nodded, grabbing me a can too, handing me the glass and can as she took a sip of her own drink, once I poured it she lead me to her room to begin working. Ok Brendon, focus.

 *Reader’s POV*

 We sat at the small desk in my room, leaning over my folder of work, Brendon had been slowly but surely getting things into my head, I was beginning to get the hang of it now, at least I hoped I was.

“So this piece is in minor… right?” I pointed to the sheet music in front of me, cocking my head to the side hoping to god I was right this time, he chuckled a little, shaking his head slowly.

“No… sorry, its in major.” I huffed, slumping back slightly, it was driving me crazy not being able to get it right. He touched my arm gently. “Relax, just remember, minor usually has flats in the key signature, major has sharps ok?” His hand lingered on my arm as I looked up at him slightly. “You’re really not as bad as you think you know, you get things a little muddled is all.” I stood, pacing my room a little, I couldn’t help but notice his eyes moving over me as I paced, he was trying to be polite but I had seen his eyes wandering several times today, he blushed when our eyes met.

“Thank you, for all your help, it’s really helped me understand things a little better, you’ve been so kind, even when I’ve totally sucked, even though you could have been a total jerk about it.” I smiled sincerely, I did mean it, he had been so kind and sweet to me, it meant I could learn better, he put me under less pressure to get it right. “We should take a break, maybe play about on the piano for a little.” I gestured to him, wanting him to follow me to the music room in my house, it was only a dingy little room with a piano, drums and guitars all crammed in but I loved it all the same. He followed me, sitting down next to me on the stool.

“You don’t have to thank me for helping you, I’m your friend, it’s what I’m here for.” He said smiling as he began to casually play a tune on the piano, hands gliding effortlessly over the keys, I was so mesmerised by his playing, it seemed so easy for him. I shuffled a little closer to him on the stool, pressing my leg against his, stroking the keys, intentionally moving my hands close to his, I knew the tune he was playing, trying to make sure my hands were where his were whenever they came up to my end of the piano. His breath seemed to catch slightly, his nose wrinkling, causing his glasses to rise and fall, I allowed my hand to brush against his again, this time he stumbled on the keys, hitting a bum not and stopping in his tracks, he moved his hand up to push his glasses back into place, neatening his hair with his hands. I was so desperate to know what was going on in his head, he baffled me so much, what would he do if I kissed him? I really wasn’t sure whether to find out.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat slightly awkwardly next to Y/N, she was pressed right against me and I was pretty sure she was intentionally catching my hands on the piano keys, I was using every ounce of control to stop myself from panting like a damn dog next to her, all day I had been struggling to keep my eyes off of her. I knew she had spotted me looking a few times, but why hadn’t she said anything, why didn’t she point it out, she wasn’t usually one for keeping quiet when a guy was ogling her so why was she now? We sat in this kind of awkward silence, her eyes on me but unspeaking. Every signal she was giving me right now was that she liked me, happily having me over when she’s alone, wearing clothes like that, touching my hands on the keys, leaning in so close. Was I just imagining this, was I being too wishful? God if I didn’t try to find out now, I’m pretty sure I never would. I gulped down hard, forcing the lump in my throat down so I could speak, tell her, right now Brendon, tell her! I was practically screaming in my own head by the time my mouth opened.

“Uhh, Y/N?” I asked timidly, she responded with a small “mmhhmm”, her head turning towards me. “Can I, ummm, I want to, fuck, I want to tell you something.” I finally got the words out, taking a deep breath, she nodded to indicate she was listening, her eyes looking up at my own. “Look, I’ve been meaning to tell you this a long time, but, well, I thought you wouldn’t care, that it would annoy you or push you away so I’ve kept quiet about it, I guess I just cant anymore. I…” I trailed off, losing that surge of confidence.

“Just spit it out!” She joked, giggling playfully as she met my eyes, that smile, everything about her, I had to do this now.

“I like you!” I blurted, gasping at my own bluntness, I quickly started babbling again to try and rescue the situation, god that was awkward of me. “I have done since we met, just, everything about you makes me so happy, but I’ve been so afraid you’d hate me for it, or you wouldn’t like me back, I mean I know I’m not as tall or built up as your ex’s and probably not as handsome but…” I was cut off by the feeling of her warm lips pressed against my own, it startled me, I definitely wasn’t expecting this reaction. I was frozen for a second but she soon got me kissing back, her hands resting behind my neck, gently touching my hair, twiddling it between her fingers, I moved my lips slowly against hers, letting her set the pace, I hadn’t done this nearly as much as she had, it made me nervous about being crap at it, what if she hated kissing me? “So you like me back?” I asked shyly, answered with another slow kiss.
“You talk too much.” She teased, pressing her lips firmly back against mine, I gained a small amount of confidence, enough to hold her waist at least, she lead the kiss, I wanted to try and lead a little so I flicked my tongue gently against her lip, she seemed to very eagerly allow me entry, touching her tongue against my own, letting me set the pace. She pulled herself closer to me, pulling our bodies together, I held her waist in my hands, a small moan escaped her lips, head leaning back as she broke the kiss, I sat for a moment before deciding to carry this on. I pressed a small kiss to the base of her throat, earning yet another moan from her, encouraged by this I started pressing kisses all over her neck, progressing to open mouthed kisses, flicking my tongue against her warm, soft skin.

“Brendon…” She whimpered softly, fingers gripping in my hair ever so slightly, wriggling in her spot. “Come on… let’s go back to my bedroom.” She stood, gripping my hands and  pulling me up, she eagerly pulled me into her bedroom, kissing me hard on the lips as she pulled me towards her bed. My head finally caught up to what was happening, she liked me back she was kissing me, we were in her bedroom. My heart pounded in my chest as she held me close, holding my shoulders in her slim fingers, biting her lips at me between kisses. I was so nervous, should I tell her I hadn’t done this before? Or should I try and play it off. God I was scared.

*Reader’s POV*

I pulled Brendon towards my bed, I wasn’t expecting this today, but the way he kissed my neck like that, no way was he getting out of that, I moved my hands to the front of his hoodie, gripping the collar and pushing it off of his shoulders and down his arms. My hands continued on to his shirt, fumbling with each of the buttons as our lips crashed against each other, I noticed his hands weren’t doing much apart from holding my waist, I did wonder why but my mind was racing and I didn’t pay attention, I managed to unbutton his shirt, pushing it down his shoulders and onto the floor. My hands moved to his belt buckle, fumbling with it in between my fingers, our lips still crashing messily against each other, as I began to unbuckle his belt I felt hands on my own, holding me still. Our eyes met as I pulled away, looking up at him, confused as to why he was stopping me.

“What is it?” I whispered breathlessly, staring up at Brendon intently, he was blushing slightly, eyes awkwardly staring down into my own.

“I… um…. I gotta tell you something.” He trailed off, looking at his feet, hands still holding my own still, I felt a little put down that he seemed so hesitant, maybe there was another reason.

“You can tell me anything, you know that right?” I slipped my hand out from under his, cupping his warm, flushed cheek in my hand, pulling his face up gently to meet his eyes.

“I haven’t done this before.” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly, our faces so close, a feeling of intimacy I’d never felt before. “I know you’ve done this before and I don’t want to suck.”

“Done it before? Yeah like once… my first time was so awful I wouldn’t really count it, sure I know what to do but…” I pressed one small kiss to his lips between the words, “This means a lot more to me. We don’t have to.” I was trying to comfort him, stroking his cheek between kisses, I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable.

“No!” He jumped quickly at my words, blushing again as he stumbled on his own tongue, desperately trying to claw together a literate response. “I… um… I do want to… of course I want to, I like you so much, and, well I’ve always wanted this, I just, um, I, fuck.”

“Shhhh, you panic far too much B, let’s just take things slow, ok?” I cooed softly, guiding him down to the bed as he nodded gingerly at me, I straddled his hips as he sat on my bed, kissing him slowly, his hands found my waist again, fiddling with the hem of my shirt as our lips met, giggling slightly against his lips, I slowly pulled my shirt over my head, leaving me in my bra and shorts on his lap.

“Fuck…” He breathed out, biting his lip subconsciously, I slid my hands behind my back, slowly unhooking my bra and sliding it down my arms, his breath caught in his throat as he watched, I climbed off of his lap to take off the rest, I had to admit his response was doing a lot for my ego.

*Brendon’s POV*

I sat on her bed watching in bewilderment as she stripped out of her shorts, completely exposed in front of me, she was everything I imagined, her body was so smooth and sexy, every curve of her form drove me crazy, I could feel myself straining in my jeans.

“Why are you still dressed?” She teased, biting her lip at me, unable to form any type of intelligent response I simply pulled my jeans down my legs, throwing them on the floor next to her bed, leaving me in just my boxers on the bed, she sauntered over to me again, straddling my hips.

“You’ve really only done it once?” I finally croaked out, running my hand through my hair, she nodded as she took my glasses off, kissing me softly again.

“Yeah… and it wasn’t great.” She giggled slightly, wrapping her arms around my shoulders as we kissed, tongue fighting for dominance, I seemed to have won control of the kiss but I was certain it was only because she let me. I tried to be more confident, moving my hands over her skin, touching the skin of her back and waist with my fingertips, she moaned into the kiss, hands playing with my hair. I repeated my earlier actions, pulling out of the kiss and kissing her neck, moving from her lips to her jawline and down to her shoulders, she whimpered and moaned, wriggling on my lap as I did, the pressure made me groan against her skin, I was so turned on I could barely contain myself.

“I want you so bad.” I groaned, surprising myself with how low and husky my voice seemed to be, a confidence kick seemed to rush over me, causing me to bite the skin of her neck a little, she jumped and whined again, wriggling on top of me.

“Brendon…” She gasped breathlessly, wriggling on my lap, we both wordless wriggled on her bed to wrestle my boxers down my legs, I kicked them off, both of us panting, I was still so nervous, despite trying to act confident. She reached over to her nightstand, fumbling around in the draw, she pulled out a condom, passing it to me, I hated to look like an idiot, but I’d never put one on before. “Want me to do it?” She asked sweetly, I nodded, blushing again, I felt her warm hand pump up and down my length a little, I groaned out, already hard, she didn’t need to do this but she did it anyway.

“Fuck Y/N…” I gasped out, my head lulling back a little, she rolled it on effortlessly, straddling my hips again, our lips met as she lined me up with her heat, hips sinking down slowly, it felt so good, warm and tight around me, my eyes rolling back in my head, a loud groan escaping me. “Fuuuuck.” I gasped, she began to move slowly, up and down, the feeling was so intense, she huddled her body close to mine as I held her hips in my hands, our chests pressed tight together.

“Brendon.” She whimpered in pleasure, beginning to build up a little more speed, rocking her hips back and forth on me, biting her lips at me with a broad grin, I smiled back, both of us giggling breathlessly at each other. I slowly followed her movements with my hands, guiding her hips, she rocked a little faster, throwing her head back in pleasure, she moved up, her body upright now as her hips rocked back and forth, my hands following her movements, I felt my fingers grip onto her hips slightly, squeezing gently, guiding her a little faster, it felt so good I couldn’t help but want her to go a little faster, hearing her say my name like that gave me more confidence to take a little more control.

“Y/N… this feels so good.” I groaned out, she bit her lip at me again, throwing her head back, I watched as her long hair flowed down her back, smooth arch of her back looking so sexy as her head lulled back, body tense above me. This was so out of this world to me, all I could do was moan and writhe under her, desperately trying to gain the confidence to make her feel good too.

*Reader’s POV*

I felt Brendon’s hands gripping my hips, pulling me faster over him, my body rocking back and forth on him, he was moaning and writing under me, occasionally moving his hand up to his mouth and biting down, seemingly to keep himself calm. It made me feel good to know I was making his first time good for him, he groaned out as I moved, feeling myself tightening up around him, that familiar knot forming in my stomach, focusing on the same spot.

“Brendon… I’m close.” I whimpered, shifting my hips in a way I knew would hit the right spot to push me over the edge, he merely groaned under me, biting into his hand again, one hand still gripping my hip, eyes closed in pleasure. I kept moving, feeling it tighten right up, my body tense above him, my muscles contracting, he bucked his hips up as he groaned, pushing me over the edge, I whimpered his name repeatedly as I came. My body tense up as I began to weaken, writhing above him.

“My turn.” He growled slightly, gripping my body and flipping me under him, he started moving, trying to get a fast pace going, his hips rocking back and forward in a slightly awkward motion, he looked as if he was focusing so hard on what he was doing, so tense and worried. I moved a hand to his cheek in an attempt to calm him.

“Relax baby… start slow.” I cooed softly, he nodded, moving his hips in a slow motion, more fluid this time, losing that awkward streak to it, he very quickly got the hang of how to move, shifting faster against me as he got used to how he should be moving, his hands resting either side of me to hold his weight off. Before long he was moving so fast, hitting all the right spots, both of us moaning and whimpering on my bed, I gripped onto his shoulder blades, my nails digging in ever so slightly, it felt so good, I was beginning to wonder if this really was his first time.

“Fuck Y/N… I can’t hold out much longer.” He moaned above me, biting his lip, I gripped tighter to his back, his head nuzzled into my neck, placing small kisses and bites all over it, he growled slightly, biting down a little harder, the pain sent a small shudder through me, my body tensing up again, I felt myself tightening around him again, he placed more, slightly harder bites along my neck, driving me crazy, I was getting so close I could hardly stand it.

“Me either Brendon… fuck!” I yelped out, his hands suddenly gripped my wrists, pinning them above my head, I gasped and whimpered in pleasure as his hips slammed against me, both of us moaning as our bodies pressed together.

“Shit I’m gonna cum… fuck Y/N!” He groaned out as I felt him throb inside me, the throbbing sent me spiralling over the edge, my mind crashing down as I tightened around him, gasping for breath as I whimpered in pleasure.

“Brendon!” I yelled out, he thrusted for a while longer, releasing my wrists as he collapsed on top of me, panting softly in my ear.

*Brendon’s POV*

She was panting under me, her hands clinging to my back, I don’t know what came over me but she seemed to like it, I never expected myself to be the biting, pinning down type but if she liked it I’d be whatever she wanted. I leaned up slightly, both of us smiling and giggling breathlessly, she gave me a sweet smile, followed by one, long drawn out kiss, her hands fiddling with my hair. Neither of us said much after that, just cuddling on her bed, only saying sweet compliments of “I’m so glad this happened” or “I can’t believe you like me back”. I really couldn’t believe I had just lost my virginity to the girl I’d been pining over for years, it didn’t feel real, but I was sure glad it was.

*The following Monday*

Y/N came into class, plopping herself down next me on the seat, producing her new music notes that I had helped her with. I smiled as soon as I saw her, wrapping an arm leisurely around her shoulders before our teacher came in, she smiled back, looking up and pressing a small kiss against my lips.

“Thanks for all your help with this, I can’t wait for you to tutor me again.” She said winking playfully at me.

“Me either, but I think there are some things you can help me learn too.” I teased her, she giggled playfully leaning into me, I was right, I really couldn’t wait for our next tutoring session.

I really hope you liked it guys! Much Love <3 <3 <3

9.8.16 // Pity Party - Pack

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Pity Party

Pairing(s): Pack x Reader,(Slight) Scott x Reader x Stiles (Platonic)

Warnings: Reader death, angst, feels

Words (Not including lyrics): 766

Member: Kat

Requested: No

Summary: Y/N has known Scott since diapers and Stiles since they were 4. She know nothing about the supernatural or what her friends do at night. Caught up in their supernatural problems, they forget Y/N’s 18th birthday, leaving her alone. Based off of ‘Pity Party’ by Melanie Marinez

M/N = Mom’s name D/N = Dad’s name Y/L/N = Your last name

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Fanfic Requests

Hey guys!!!! im writing little oneshots for you!!!! Using one of the fandoms in the tags or any fandom im am in with a pairing/character and a number from this list and ill get to writing it! Got this from

1. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
2. “You don’t have to stay.”
3. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”
5. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
6. “One day you just weren’t there!”
7. “It’s okay to cry…”
8. “Just leave me ALONE.”
9. “Please listen to me-”
10. “You can trust me.”
11. “I just really need to have you here right now.”
12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
13. “Don’t be dead”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
16. “I can explain”
17. “Just once.”
18. “You lied to me.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
20. “You did all of this for me?”
21. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
22. “Im sorry, I had to…”
23. “I thought I was crazy”
24. “Well this is awkward…”
25. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
26. “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”
27. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”
28. “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”
29. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
30. “I know, but… I love him/her. You can’t give up on a person you love.”
31. “But… you’re my home.”
32. “Come over here and make me.”
33. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
34. “Please, don’t leave.”
35. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
36. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
37. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
38. “I almost lost you.”
39. “Wanna bet?”
40. “THUG LYFE!”
41. “Teach me how to play?”
42. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
43. “I think we need to talk.”
44. “Do you wanna join”
45. “It could be worse.”
46. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
47. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
48. “Long time no see”
49. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
51. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
52. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
53. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
54. “I got you a present.”
55. “I’m pregnant.”
56. “Marry me?”
57. “I thought you were dead.”
58. “It’s not what it looks like…”
59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
60. “Please don’t do this.
61. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
62. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
63. “I wish I could hate you.”
64. “Wanna dance?”
65. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
66. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
67. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?
68. “I swear it was an accident.”
69. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
70. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”


1. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
2. “You don’t have to stay.”
3. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”
5. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
6. “Shit, are you bleeding?!”
7. “It’s okay to cry…”
8. “Just leave me ALONE.”
9. “Please listen to me-”
10. “You can trust me.”
11. “I just really need to have you here right now.”
12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
16. “So, I found this waterfall…”
17. “Just once.”
18. “You lied to me.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
20. “You did all of this for me?”
21. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
22. “No one needs to know.”
23. “Boo.”
24. “Well this is awkward…”
25. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
26. “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”
27. “I guess nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”
28. “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”
29. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
30. “I know, but… I love him/her. You can’t give up on a person you love.”
31. “But… you’re my home.”
32. “Come over here and make me.”
33. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
34. “Please, don’t leave.”
35. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
36. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
37. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
38. “I almost lost you.”
39. “Wanna bet?”
40. “Don’t you ever do that again!
41. “Teach me how to play?”
42. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
43. “I think we need to talk.”
44. “So, I found this place…”
45. “It could be worse.”
46. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
47. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
48. “It’s supposed to go where?!“
49. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
51. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
52. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
53. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
54. “I got you a present.”
55. “I’m pregnant.”
56. “Marry me?”
57. “I thought you were dead.”
58. “It’s not what it looks like…”
59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
60. “Please don’t do this.
61. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
62. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
63. “I wish I could hate you.”
64. “Wanna dance?”
65. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you should’ve just come up to me.”
66. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
67. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?
68. “I swear it was an accident.”
69. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
70. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
71. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me.”

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Couple moment Blurbs

These are some blurb ideas I would love to make for you guys just send them below and i will be sure to make them , yes I did make this list my self :)

Send Here 

1:”I’m a virgin’

2:”Pleas stop laughing”

3:”Pleas just leave me alone for a minute”

4:”I miss you’

5:”what if…..”

6:”No Your mom’s in the other room’

7:”No Bra?

8:”What if they don’t like me?’

9:”Your Beautiful”

10:”Did you just smack my ass?”

11:”No I’m Not on my fucking period”

12:”I Just can’t control myself’

13:”My boobs hurt”

14:”sorry baby I’ll make it up to you”

15:”I’m Late”

16:”keep the toilet seat down”

17: “eww’

18: “their just a friend”


20:’Does it hurt?’


these are just some I though of send them in with any guy :)

Exo reaction to meeting your older over protective brothers/sisters

Suho:*when your brothers go home after they came to visit you for the first time since you two have been together*
Suho: youuuu! how dare you leave me alone with them for almost 5 minutes
Y/N: i had to go to the toilet…
Suho: i don’t care…never leave me alone with them again….that was the longest 5 minutes in my life…

Baekhyun:*when your sisters explain the rules to him* 
One of the sisters: do you get it?
Baekhyun: yes…*thinks to himself: she did say they were over protective but why didn’t she mention they were also scary as hell…*

Chanyeol:*when he sees your 2 older brothers walk in the coffe shop where you two are meeting them* *thinks to himself: those are Y/N older brothers?….shit…*

D.O: * when your older brother tries to intimidate him*
D.O: and that should be intimidating?
your brother: yes
D.O: fair enough

Kai:*after your sisters leave and you two are left alone*
Y/N: ahahahaha you should have seen your face when they questioned you

Sehun: *gulps nervously when he sees your 3 older brothers* *thinks to himself: how many does she have…. she said she had an older brother but why didn’t she mention me she had like 2 more..*

Xiumin: *when you two and your 2 older brothers go out to eat* *eats in silence and tries not to make any eye contact*

Luhan: *when one of the brothers went to the bathroom he turns to you*help.me.please.

Your sister: so kris what do you do?
Kris: well i’m a singer and a skilfull artist
Y/N: *facepalm*

Lay:*when you tell him your 4 older brothers are coming over* what?how many? today?now? *thinks to himself: shit..*

Chen: *acts normal in front of your sisters* Hello my name is Chen. It’s nice to meet you all. Y/N told me a lot about you and might i say you look even more beautiful in person.

Tao:*when he returns to the dorm and tells his band mates what happened*
*Gif explains itself*

Gifs not mine.

Two lovebirds and a baby (and some glasses too, I think.)

Tonight was the night that you were watching your cousins 1 year old,Emma. It also happened to be the night that Ryan was coming over for a movie night. Ryan was pretty nervous around babies and just children in general. With babies, he was afraid of dropping them or making them cry. With kids, he was afraid he’d have nothing in common with them and they'd gang up and kick his skinny butt.

But, low and behold, this night was going to happen whether you liked it or not. You sit cuddled up with Emma, her propped up on your knees, you baby-talking and bouncing her up and down. The door bell rang. You stood up and slouched the child onto your hip and went to answer. Outside the door, Ryan stood in casual clothes, just sweats and a tee shirt, and also some glasses. He saw the baby and froze.

“We’re not watching her, are we?”

“We aren’t. I am though. My cousin had to go to this work thing, so I agreed to watch her. Problem?”

“N-no problem. I…love babies.”

“Mmm-hmm. Sure. Get in here, it’s freezing out, you dolt.”

He walked in, and all three of you sat on the couch and started the movie. About 30 minutes in you were sitting in the dark, wrapped in a blanket. You wanted to figure out a way to help Ryan overcome his “babyphobia”, as you called it. Then, an idea strikes. You scoot closer to Ryan and, he moves farther away, desperately trying to get away from you two, until he crashes his hip into the side of the couch and yelps out in pain. You end up climbing into his lap anyway, the baby in your own, and snuggle all three of you close together. Ryan groans in frustration. Eventually, you get another idea.

“Hey, I’ll go make us some popcorn.” You say, standing up, and shoving the child into Ryan’s reluctant hands.

“Could you watch her? Thanks.” You finish, not giving him a chance to protest.

You walk to the kitchen and begin nonchalantly make the popcorn. All the while, watching Ryan struggle to get comfy with the baby.

“Um, hi Emma or whatever, I guess.” Ryan says to the gurgling baby,holding her away from his chest into the open air.

You continue to watch. Suddenly, the baby starts crying and Ryan panics.

“What?! What’d I do?! Why’re you crying?!” He shouts.

Ryan begins to look towards you for help, you duck behind the counter. Ryan WAS going to figure how to love this baby.

You peeked around the corner, watching them intently.

“Uh- I guess I’ll just…uhm.” Ryan mumbled, eventually cradling the child to his chest and propping her head on his shoulder. Ryan rocked up and down gently, trying to figure out if it would calm Emma. It did eventually, and you finally walked back in about 5 minutes later with the popcorn.

You plopped yourself onto the couch.

“Why would you leave me alone with a baby?!” Ryan whisper-shouted, careful not to wake the baby.

“Because, well, look at you. I knew you could figure it out. I think she kinda likes you.” You replied.

Ryan’s face varied through several emotions, ranging from anger to understanding, before finally saying “Yeah, yeah, I guess she kinda does." Ryan rubbed the child’s back gently, cooing at her lovingly.

You smiled and snuggled into them, eventually falling asleep.

Ryan sat there helplessly,as both a small child and his grown girlfriend sleep-drooled on him.

The End.

Terrible Accident

- Also Posted On My Wattpd Account…“Aliciax33”

But…. Let’s get into the imagine shall we. Are you ready? This is going to be in your POV!

Alright, let’s do this.😫 (SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES)

In a split second…. Everything changed.


Just like that, my whole life seems as so as it had taken a turn, in the wrong direction. But, before this all happend. I’ll like to take you back just moments before, the incident to
understand clearer.

“He’s going to be so happy, you have no idea how much he misses you Y/N.” Scooter spoke into the phone through FaceTime. I laughed as I began to pack my the last bag of my luggage.

“I have a feeling, he’s been dying to see me. Just last night he was talking about asking you to give him permission to fly out here.”

“That boy, let me tell you. You have him wrapped around your finger. He was all sluggish yesterday.”

“Sluggish? How so?”

“He said you had not called him not texted him all day.”

You raised your eyebrow, at what he could of been talking about but then realization hit you. “I was taking my final exams all day… I explained that to him last night.” I explained. He nodded.

“Well, let me know when you get onto the plane, I have to make sure he doesn’t try to leave, knowing him. He could be making a flight to see you this moment.” He laughed. I nodded in agreement.

“I’ll talk to you later, okay bye.” And with that I hung up the phone. I finally finished packing my last luggage. I sighed carrying it down the steps going into the garage placing it with the other luggage into the trunk. I closed the door hopping into the front seat buckling up.

I looked at my phone setting it on the dock. As my phone lit up there was a photo of Justin and I covered in flour, he was holding my waist as I was dying of laughter.

I smiled before starting to pull out of the drive way driving off. Since it was about 40-45 minute drive towards the airport I decided to place on some music.

Nick Jones - Close came on and I just nodded my head to the best enjoying the tunes stopping at the red light at a 4-way intersection. I grabbed my phone quickly replying to a text my mother sent me telling me don’t forget to drop off the flowers… Which I completely forgot.

The light turned green and I placed my phone back into the dock driving off… Until everything felt like I went in slow motion.

I felt as so my whole body lost feeling, the glass shattering from the windows the car skidding off into the side of the road. Numerous times of my head banging off of the repeatedly from the dashboard to seat.

Then everything went black.

Justin’s POV

“Who’s got the heart! Who’s got it? Who’s heart is the biggest… Wear it on your sleeve… That we can make a difference. Oh yeah.” I sang dancing from pre-show rehearsals.

“I think I got it.” I nodded my head. I always get confused on 2 parts of the dance so, every pre-show rehearsal we run through it. I laughed as durning the part where the children who get picked from states Nick and all the dancers started dancing foolishly.

“You guys are something else.” I shook my head before walking over towards my bag grabbing my water bottle, taking a sip. I reached for my phone unlocking it seeing no new messages from Y/N.

Odd. I thought. Maybe I’ll call her.

I searched up Y/N’s contact name before clicking the call button. It went straight to voicemail.

I started to get this weird feeling like something is wrong in the pit of my stomach.

I see Scooter walk in looking as so as if he seen a ghost which didn’t help my case at all right now. “Justin, I need to talk to you privately.

I nodded getting up. "Before you ask or say anything, have you heard from Y/N I feel like she’s ignoring me but I have no idea what I did wrong.”

He sighed. “Justin, when I tell you this… I need you not to freak out.” He stated sternly. I chuckled a dry laugh. “What, what is it?”

“How do I say this….” He sighed rubbing the back of his neck.“

"Come on scoot-” “Y/N’s been a car accident and is in critical condition.” He said quickly.

I looked at him and laughed. “Your joking right.” He stood there with a sympathetic look. “I wish I was….” He whispered.

I felt my stomach twist in a knot, my heart and chest hurting from the amount of pain I was feeling. I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t speak. I felt like I couldn’t live in that moment. My blood boiled from the amount of hurt I was feeling, my jaw clenched as my hands curled into a fist.

I shook my head before walking over towards the wall and started punching it repeatedly. I could feel my hands start to tingle and the blood dripping from my knuckles. Not long before someone grabbed me.

“GET OFF OF ME!” I yelled but, they didn’t listen…

I finally fell to the floor crying, crying out every little tear I had in my body. I was 1,000s of miles away from her with a concert in less than 6 hours. There was no way I would be to see her.

But, at that moment nothing else mattered.

I had to see her.


I opened my eyes seeing bright lights, as my eyes adjusted to the light, I seen a women that looked like she was in her early 20s with a neck brace, tubs running all through her body. Machines hooked up to her… She looked horrifying.

But, wait a minute… I examined the women going up towards her before I realized.

That’s me.

But That’s impossible, I can’t be there and be here at the same time? So, am I dead… Or am I alive. I asked myself.

“Your alive…” I heard someone say before I run around and see a girl.

“Who are you?” “I’m the person who is going to help you get back to where you belong.”

“Why am I here.”

“The decision hasn’t been made yet, whether you stay or go.”

“Well I wanna go!” I said quickly. “It’s not that easy..” She sighed before I heard a loud slam.

“Wait, WHATS NOT THAT EASY!” I yelled turning around seeing she was gone.

“WHERE IS SHE!” I heard a familiar voice. I rush over towards the emergency room seeing Justin standing there with red eyes, his hair is a mess and his crew following him frantically behind.

“Who are you here for?” She replied. “Y/N L/N.” He said quickly. She sighed. “Sir in her condition she isn’t aloud to see any visitors at this time.”

“That’s my fucken fiancé in there!” He spat angrily. “Justin, come on… There’s nothing you can do.” He shook his head pacing the floor before sitting down in the chair with his head in his hands.

“I-I just want to know if she’s going to be okay.” He croaked out a whisper. I bit my lip before going towards him.

“Sad sight to see huh…” The women was back. “I can’t do this, I need to go back!” I cried. She sighed. “The best thing you do I to wait.”

I shook my head before going over towards Justin standing in front of him. He is now siting up with his hands folded and his cheeks puffy red with watery eyes, his leg shaking from the amount of emotions he was feeling. I grabbed his hand seeing his eyes widen and he looks down. But, then eventually he gets up.

Walking right through me…

He went over towards the front desk. “Sir I told you before-”

“I just want to know if she is going to be okay.” He whispered. She sighed. “I wouldn’t be able to tell you that, you would have to wait for the doctor.”

“Justin if we don’t leave now, we won’t be back in time for your concert.” Scooter sighed checking his watch. Justin looked down and hit his lip before nodding, not saying another word He started walking out of the door before he grabbed the potted plant throwing it against the wall walking out.

“Come with me.” The women grabbed my hand before we walked through this door.

“Where am I?” I questioned. “This, is where you get chosen… But, the man asks you to do him a favor before he makes the decision.”

“Okay, what is it?!” I asked frantically. “You must leave Justin.” He saids…

“What!” I spat befouled of what he is asking me. “That’s insane I would never!”

“Then you stay here.” She stated. “I can’t leave him… That would crush his heart even more, besides Justin is my everything. Isn’t there anything else I could do.”

“She shook her head, when you wake up. You will loose your memory of him.” “No, no I will not allow this!” I shook my head.

“You can’t do that!” “Why would you do that!”

“Test your love.”

“Test my love! Are you talking crazy, I just wanna wake up and be with the ones I love again! Why is that so Much to ask!” I shook my head before walking out of the room going towards my body.

“Wake up!” I yelled shaking myself. “I wouldn’t do that…” She warned.

“Shut up.” I gritted through my teeth before a loud beeping sound starting going off making me cover my ears as the doctors rush in.

“She’s flatlining!” They yelled making my eyes go wide. “1, 2, 3, clear!” They zapped me, but nothing.

“OKAY OKAY! I’ll do it. I yelled completely regretting it, moment later I finally got my heart beat back making all the doctors sigh in relief.

The women smiled before disappearing again. I slid down to the side of the bed seeing my through the mirror before breaking down in tears. I didn’t want this to happen and now, the only way to get back to my life is to forget about the man I love the most.


“Let me see her! PLEASE!” I heard Justin yell making me run toward him seeing security holding him back.

I see scooter talking to the nurse before the finally agreed to let him see me. “You got 5 minutes, make it quick.” She spat before closing the door leaving him alone in the room.

He looked at me with such hurt in his soul, he couldn’t talk. He just stood there and looked at me. “I-I wish I could of stopped this…” He cried coming towards my body.

He crouched down next to me as I walked over and did the same. “God, I love you so much and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I didn’t get the chance to explain to you how much you mean to me. You are my world, without you I am nothing. Your the reason why I wake up everyday with a smile on my face! Just the other day we were talking about how we would be those old grandparents who sit on there porch watching there grandkids play in the yard. That day, I proposed to you… I knew in my heart you were the one. God the day I saw you, I knew you were the one, just everything about you I perfect. To perfect to comprehend.”

He paused for a minute as a tear fell into of my hand. “I-I need you Y/N. I need you here with me. God, I can’t bare to lose you.” He cried.

“Y-You are my Everything, please don’t leave me… Not now, not ever.” He whispered as his voice cracked.

I grabbed his hand and touched his face. I could tell he felt something because his body tensed. “I’m never going to leave you Justin.”

“It’s time, are you ready?” She asked.

I looked at him once more time remembering every word he said. No matter what happens, I will always love you Justin Drew Bieber.


Simon (Miniminter) #3

Requested: Yes
Warnings: A bit of swearing
Pairing: Y/N, Simon, JJ (platonic)


Today has been one of the longest days of my life. You see I work as a waitress at Nandos. It’s the only thing that can keep my mind off my breakup that happened two months ago.

You see Simon literally broke my heart without so much as a good reason. So I’ve been trying to keep myself busy and not thinking about him in anyway. I have even cut off all contact from any of his friends as well, because I know that if I talk to them I will end up seeing him and then just breaking down.

As of right now, I am about a hour and a half away from clocking out and going home. I just have one last table to serve. I grab my pen and my notebook before heading out to the floor.

I stop dead in my tracks when I see who is sitting at the table. JJ and a few of his friends. Which is just fucking great. I take a deep breath in before walking over to the table.

“Hi, welcome to Nandos. My name is Y/N. What can I get you guys drink?” I ask trying not to make eye contact with JJ.

As the my all order their drinks I quickly write them down before almost running back into the kitchen. I have tried so hard to avoid any of them and then he just shows up.

Once I have all of the drinks I take a deep breath in before walking out and giving out there drinks before taking their orders.

After I have put in their orders I ask one of my coworkers to take over my tables for me for a minute so I can go and calm down. I quickly walk outside of the restaurant, and lean up against the wall.

Seeing any of them just automatically brings that same pain back into my chest, like it was when he broke my heart.

After a few minutes I feel someone touch my arm. I quickly open my eyes to see JJ standing there.

“JJ, please leave my alone.” I say turning and starting to walk off.

This makes him grab ahold of my arm and pull me into him “Y/N, just listen to me for 5 minutes.” He says looking my directly in my eyes.

I sigh “Fine. You’ve got 5 minutes.” I say crossing my arms.

“Simon, he misses you. He regrets what he did to you.” He says softly “He told me that he wishes he could take it back. That you were the best thing in his life and now you are gone.”

“He’s the one that broke up with me. He’s the one that got annoyed that I was always around him.” I say a little bit annoyed “If I was the best thing in his life then he should have never broken up with me. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Y/N, I’m not saying that you have to give him a second chance. But just hear him out please. He’s been trying to get a hold of you in every way he knows how.”

“I know he has. I’ve been ignoring his calls and his messages.” I say softly “It’s going to take a lot more than just talking to win me back. Now if you will excuse me. I have to get back to work.” I say walking past JJ and going back inside to finish up my day.

~Three hours later~

I’m currently sitting at my apartment in my pajamas with no makeup on, just reading a book. When I hear a knock at my door. Who in their right mind would come knocking at my door at almost eleven at night.

I put my book down before heading to my front door. I look through the little peep hole to see who it is. I honestly can’t fucking believe who it is.

On the other side of my door, stands my ex-boyfriend Simon Minter. Holding a bouquet of daisies, a teddy bear and what looks to be a small box.

I open up the door slowly. Once it’s open I cross my arms and ask “What in the hell are you doing here?”

“Y/N, please can we just talk?” Simon asks me softly.

I sigh and open my door more for him to walk in. I then walk towards my couch where I’m hoping that he will follow me.

We both sit down on the couch. He takes in a deep breath before opening his mouth.


So I left this with a cliffhanger on purpose. I didn’t want this imagine to be extremely long. So I’ve divided it into two parts. I am starting Part Two as soon as I get back home from vacation.

The Final Experiment Chapter 16: What Did You Expect?

A/N: So here’s this! I was going to add the cover photo, but I decided it was too spoilery.

Word Count: 1,224

Previous Parts: 123456789101112131415

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I’ll give the Avengers one thing, they are annoyingly persistent. No wonder the bad guys never win…

They wouldn’t leave me alone, no matter how badly I threatened them, so despite my stubbornness, I agreed to one training session.

I showed up thirty minutes early, boredly twirling a half-frozen knife in my ungloved hand when Nat and Pietro walked in.

“Didn’t think you were actually going to show.” the assassin commented offhandedly.

I raised an eyebrow, surprised that at least someone wasn’t trying to walk on eggshells whenever they talked to me. It was actually a welcome change…

“Oh don’t give me that look.” she said, rolling her eyes. “You’re not going to get any better if we all tiptoe around the situation.”

I shrugged nonchalantly, still fiddling with the knife. Natasha seemed unimpressed.

“Come on. Let’s see what you’ve got.”

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Breaking the Door

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Pairing : Soulless!SamxReader
Words : 1634
Author : Mel
Warnings: Smut, swearing
A/n : This is  part 2. Part 1 here.

A few days had past.  You had driven out of town, not caring where you ended up. You drove randomly until you were too tired, and then you found the nearest motel and settled. You’ve been there since. Dean was calling you at least 3 times a day. You wouldn’t even listen to the voice mails. The sound of his voice hurt too much. The texts were being deleted before even being read, but they all started the same.

“I’m sorry.”
“I love you”

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Warrior Cats Abridged
  • Starclan: lets fuck shit up
  • The Clans: oh no what the fuck happened
  • The Clans: Starclan help us
  • Starclan: ur on ur own lol
  • The Clans: fuck what do we do oh my god
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: im gonna do the thing
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character's sidekick: do not do the thing
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: *does thing*
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character's sidekick: for fuCK s sake
  • The Clans: wtf did you do you are a DISGRACE
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: :( *angst*
  • Love Interest: i love u
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: :) *less angst*
  • The Clans: lets go to war
  • Cats: *die*
  • Starclan: oh my god you fucking idiots we leave you alone for 5 minutes
  • The Clans: we have seen the error of our ways
  • The Clans: we will never fight like this again
  • Starclan: u bet ur ass
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: *has kits* amazing they will grow up just like me
  • Love Interest: i love u
  • The Clans: all is well *dramatic stare into the distance* or is it