did this in 5 minutes leave me alone

Exo reaction to meeting your older over protective brothers/sisters

Suho:*when your brothers go home after they came to visit you for the first time since you two have been together*
Suho: youuuu! how dare you leave me alone with them for almost 5 minutes
Y/N: i had to go to the toilet…
Suho: i don’t care…never leave me alone with them again….that was the longest 5 minutes in my life…

Baekhyun:*when your sisters explain the rules to him* 
One of the sisters: do you get it?
Baekhyun: yes…*thinks to himself: she did say they were over protective but why didn’t she mention they were also scary as hell…*

Chanyeol:*when he sees your 2 older brothers walk in the coffe shop where you two are meeting them* *thinks to himself: those are Y/N older brothers?….shit…*

D.O: * when your older brother tries to intimidate him*
D.O: and that should be intimidating?
your brother: yes
D.O: fair enough

Kai:*after your sisters leave and you two are left alone*
Y/N: ahahahaha you should have seen your face when they questioned you

Sehun: *gulps nervously when he sees your 3 older brothers* *thinks to himself: how many does she have…. she said she had an older brother but why didn’t she mention me she had like 2 more..*

Xiumin: *when you two and your 2 older brothers go out to eat* *eats in silence and tries not to make any eye contact*

Luhan: *when one of the brothers went to the bathroom he turns to you*help.me.please.

Your sister: so kris what do you do?
Kris: well i’m a singer and a skilfull artist
Y/N: *facepalm*

Lay:*when you tell him your 4 older brothers are coming over* what?how many? today?now? *thinks to himself: shit..*

Chen: *acts normal in front of your sisters* Hello my name is Chen. It’s nice to meet you all. Y/N told me a lot about you and might i say you look even more beautiful in person.

Tao:*when he returns to the dorm and tells his band mates what happened*
*Gif explains itself*

Gifs not mine.

Warrior Cats Abridged
  • Starclan: lets fuck shit up
  • The Clans: oh no what the fuck happened
  • The Clans: Starclan help us
  • Starclan: ur on ur own lol
  • The Clans: fuck what do we do oh my god
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: im gonna do the thing
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character's sidekick: do not do the thing
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: *does thing*
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character's sidekick: for fuCK s sake
  • The Clans: wtf did you do you are a DISGRACE
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: :( *angst*
  • Love Interest: i love u
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: :) *less angst*
  • The Clans: lets go to war
  • Cats: *die*
  • Starclan: oh my god you fucking idiots we leave you alone for 5 minutes
  • The Clans: we have seen the error of our ways
  • The Clans: we will never fight like this again
  • Starclan: u bet ur ass
  • Stereotypical Hero Main Character: *has kits* amazing they will grow up just like me
  • Love Interest: i love u
  • The Clans: all is well *dramatic stare into the distance* or is it
Only One On My Mind

Justin Bieber Imagine

Requested: Your blog is Amazing !! Would u please do a Justin bieber imagine on where u guys are on a break and then u go out with Kendall and see him with chantel and run out as soon as he see u and u get into sheared argument outside but make up at the end ( break over )

A/N: I hope you enjoy this love <3 I did my best. 

“Look Y/N you’ve been sulking around for too long. I get that this break with Justin is hard but you can’t just sit around doing nothing.” I sighed and looked up at Kendall who was standing in front of me blocking my view of the TV. “If I go shopping with you will you leave me alone about my sulking?” She nodded with a huge smile on her face. “Give me 5 minutes to get ready and we can go.”

I ended up getting dressed into a simple pair of jeans and cute top, slipping my shoes on before grabbing my purse with all my things. The drive was quick and we ended up buying a few cute outfits just because and I was actually starting to feel better about this whole break thing.

We started getting hungry so we walked over to this little restaurant and waited to be seated. Looking around I was fine until I saw Justin sitting there with Chantel. My heart basically stopped. Yeah we were on a break but I wasn’t going out with other guys. Kendall noticed me practically frozen in my spot, nudging me slightly before looking at what I was seeing. Of course in that moment Justin decided to look over at me, the smile on his face basically disappearing.

I turned and started walking out. “Y/N! Y/N wait.” I got out of the restaurant taking a deep breath until I felt someone grab my arm. “Y/N listen to me.” I looked at Justin and just shook my head. “I don’t have to listen to you. You said we should just take some time for ourselves. I thought that meant time to think and just be alone. I didn’t think that meant hooking up with other people.”

“I am not hooking up with people! I swear Y/N… I came out with Chantel just to talk. Even though we’re on a break, you’re still the only one on my mind.” I stood there just looking at him while a million thoughts went through my head. “Baby… I’m tired of this break. I want you and only you. We can get through all of issues together. Just please…” I continued looking at him before I walked closer to him, leaning in to kiss him. He pulled away slightly with a smile on his face, “So this means the break is over right?” I nodded and smiled, “Right.”

Just revisiting my “leave Carrie Fisher the fuck alone” post- last night mlder linked me to Mark’s panel at a celebration in Germany (which I think was 2014?) where yeah there was applause and cheering at the start, applause throughout and laughs- but no one yelled out comments or did anything like that. 

I had to stop watching Carrie’s panel because within 5 minutes three idiots had been yelling out shit, and the first thing they start discussing is goddamn slave Leia. CAN WE PLEASE JUST PUT THAT TO REST? Mark’s panel was about how he got the role, his interpretations, his memories of shooting it and reflecting on the future films (plus some excellent impersonations). Carrie got thrown straight into talking about a scene she’s repeatedly stated she hates- hates talking about filming it, about the whole goddamn plot point, about that stupid bikini. She’s a really intelligent and well spoken woman with the added bonus of being hilarious af- so why not ask her some insightful questions? You’re going to get the best bts stories out of her so why not ask about those? It’s telling of her whole life that everyone chooses to focus on the young woman enslaved, and I’m sure I’m not the only fan getting sick of it.