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One thing that's always bothered me is roses skin tone. All the other gems seem to have an "alien" skin tone that matches their gem color but then you have rose whos... peachy caucasian. Hell current aged Greg is more pink than she is pink. It's always bothered me that she's basically caucasian and not pink :/

it’s always really bothered me too– i think it was done to make her look more “human” but in all honesty, there’s no reason for her to look that way considering they made her so saturated (to the point people theorized she was Pink Diamond lmao) 

i did a recolor because it’s really weird to me that it doesn’t match the formula at ALL and i wanted to use the actual gem’s palette

i’ve never recolored anything before (can you tell?)

Sherlock Is Actually A Girls Name

It means I love you.
I love all of my fellow sherlockians so much.

It’s really disappointing that we didn’t get a new episode today… But there’s still hope. Even if we don’t get a new episode, I’m still eternally proud of all the things we have accomplished this week;

http://sherlock-overflow-error.tumblr.com/. Created an entire survival kit with evidence and details that gave us hope and a reason to survive, and hundreds of dedicated fans contributed to this kit.

People like https://blueink3.tumblr.com/ and http://jenna221b.tumblr.com/ wrote beautiful works of fan fiction to help us through the week.

http://sherlockspeare.tumblr.com/ along with http://dr-johnwatson.tumblr.com/ and SO many others created amazing gifts and beautiful content that entertained us and helped us imagined what could have been.

I could continue mentioning all of these amazing human beings because there are so many more of us, but let me get to my point;
This fandom is the fandom with the best and brightest people I have ever had the good fortune of knowing, we have been through so much together. As I previously stated in one of my other posts Sherlock brought something out of each and every one of us.

Because of Sherlock we became, writers, readers, artist, authors, editors, painters, conspirators, but most of all we have become a community. A community of intelligent people that come together to talk, fan girl, debate, cry, argue, analyze, synthesize, read between the lines, share ideas, create theories, we’ve become a family.

(We literally destroyed Apple Tree Yard on Twitter which is hilarious.)

I really wish to be with you right now, this whole ‘compute screen’ thing is really hard for me. I wish we could be together and talk this out, and hug and shred a tear or two as we silently hope for our a secret episode to come.
Even if it never comes, we’ll still be here, at least I know I will. I hope you guys do too because tumblr is nothing without you.

Since 2013, which was when I started watching, Sherlock has been a massive part of my life. Even people who have never talked to me before but seen me around school know that I’m a fan, I have a neckless key chain of 221B and take it with me every where I go, I guess it protects me somehow, it makes me me. But The television show isn’t the only thing I love about Sherlock. I love you guys too, I love randomly meeting you in public and become instant best friends, kinda like Sherlock and John did.
It may be the end of Sherlock but it isn’t the end of us. We’ve always have been known to survive and we’ll survive this. Our fandom will go on.

Before I conclude this I have one more request, for Moffat and Gatiss;
One more thing… One more miracle please Mofftiss… For us… Just don’t let it be the end. Please. Could you do that for us?
Just. Don’t. Be. Dead.

The Baudelaires’ reality is existing in those AUs of superhero stories where one character can see right through the really transparent disguise that for some reason fools everyone else

They would be the ones standing next to someone saying “Look! It’s Superman! Aw man I wish Clark was here, he would love this” and be looking at them like “?????? Are you all blind? Literally all he did was take off his glasses WHY CAN’T YOU SEE IT’S THE SAME PERSON”

Forgive Me Father Pt. II (M)

Second update of my Forgive Me Father Series! There are some quotations from the bible so if religious, if offended for any reason, please refrain from reading and I apologize! -Admin Ken

Genre: Smut

Jimin Priest AU! x Reader

Or maybe this is danger and you just don’t know//You pray it all away but it continues to grow…

Part I  Part III  Part IV  Part V

You stood staring at Jimin in shock. He was right. Just looking at him conjured up desire unlike the one you experienced with him, the married man. How did you expect for Jimin to save you now? You wanted him to absolve you in the most intimate of ways, absolution through sex. As a man of the Lord, wouldn’t this get you closer to God? Voicing your thoughts while your eyes were trained on the white tiles, you spoke,

 “Jimin you’ve noticed my desire for you so why not use it as a means to my absolution? Was it not Jesus who gathered Mary Magdalene in his arms and forgave her? Come and forgive me father for I have sinned and wish to be absolved by you, your body, and your whole being…” as your voice began to waver from your confession you felt his hand caress your face and left your chin for your eyes to meet, his eyes held a glint they hadn’t before, the same desire you felt reflected back at you, leaning towards your ear, he whispered, 

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don't you think sangwoo was sexually abused by his mom that's why maybe he killed her? this abuse led sangwoo to the present being him the way he is right now. what could be your thoughts? and i love your blog seriously 👌

I do think him being sexually abused is a huge possibility. If anything, I think that’s what Koogi wants us to think because of how obsessed Sangwoo seems with his mother. Like…this is beyond normal levels of being obsessed with someone, even Bum wouldn’t be able to match this guy’s level lool.

Him murdering his mother for that reason though? I don’t think so, because all of his memories we’ve seen with his mother (except the one where she’s being choked) have been very nice and warm memories. It’s obvious he really did not like his dad though, and he pretty much explicitly mentioned that he killed him (to be honest, the dialogue is “I haven’t killed a man since the death of my dad” which actually could mean he didn’t kill his dad depending on how you read it, but for now I’m just assuming it’s awkward translation).

I think even if he was sexually abused, he probably didn’t realize that this is typically not what your mom’s supposed to do with you. Child Sangwoo was attention and affection starved, so he latched on to his mom which he believed would be the closest source of these things (and I guess she was, in an extremely fucked up way, but it’s the only way Sangwoo would have known at that time). That’s why I don’t think he would want to kill his only source of affection.

ayo wassup ᕦ▀̿-̿-▀̿-̿-つ

hello hello my sweetest and favorite bubbles, this is your local chanyeol ho trash and yes i am here to share death with you *hearteu*… so smh this blog reached another follow milestone today and who should i thank for? ofc yOU!! you are the best followers we could ever ask for and this blog is nothing more than our best job to make y’all happy, thank you so much for all of those who are since since our #1 follower, and thank you for those who discovered us lately and came with a loTTO OF LOVE TO GIVE!! we just did the bias moodboard again and I see ppl liking it so much and unfortunately we couldn’t do all of them bc…. reasons aka we receieved so much sos but yeah soon we hope we can do this again and thank you so much for everyone who submitted, I mean y’all were the subject in our adm’s group chat cause there wERE SUCH STUNNING FACES af. we’re sorry we’ve been with our ask box closed but in 2 days we will open it again and also we planned to do the “ask the adm” so y’all can know us better. I can’t find words to explain how thankful I am for all the support you gave to us :( thank you my bubblies :c i love you all, from the bottom of my heart… thank you, not just me but all the 9 admins are absolutely thankful.

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First things first, I MADE THE VISUALS! I am so proud of myself!! Though I didn’t make it from scratch because it’s just outline art, but it’s my first time doing this and I just used my trackpad but it turned out better than I expected. I also did the color, the text manually and added tonal value to make it realistic but still doodle-y. 

Second, I am not in any way bragging about these items, I’m just so happy about them. Getting an upgrade especially gadgets takes time for me and also last year I didn’t have any at all. So I’m happy with these new things to play with and make memories with! Actual photos, the upgrade status (you’ll see a big difference) and the reason I got it are below! <3

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Bit of a confession. I hate liberal Jews, which sucks because the majority of us are liberal. One thing I can't fucking stand is when they're pro-gun control. Like bitch, the only reason Hitler got as far as he did is because we didn't get armed.

THANK YOU!!!! I feel the same way about liberal Jews (not all, but progressive Jews to be more specific) and they piss me off when they’re anti-gun rights and pro-Palestinians. It makes zero sense to me. 

Sometimes it is hard to even hold a conversation sometimes. I had one girl tell me she thought Al Jazeera was a reputable news source. 

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I don't understand why people are obsessed to say that Taylor had to be present in the march. She was not forced and there are millions of reasons if she did not go.

Taylor 👏🏻 don’t 👏🏻 owe 👏🏻 us 👏🏻 anything 👏🏻 so while y'all out here callin’ her a “pasty two faced white bitch,” y'all can also eat her shit too. Y'all out here sayin she can’t tweet about the march, but did y'all really expect her to go in a crowd of people like that?? Y'all shit on her every chance you get. Global warming? Taylor Swift. Trump won? Taylor Swift. Polar bears dying? Taylor Swift. War? Taylor. Fucking. Swift. When will y'all shut the fuck up about Taylor gayass Swift and focus on real issues??

Wow what a trip

In a few hours we will know more, hopefully. But before its time, I have some things to say:

- For one I want to thank the fandom here for all the brilliant theories. For the posts, for the pics. When I watched TFP I felt down, sad and angry. No matter what will happen, no matter we get a fourth episode or not, im glad i spent so much time here, reading and hoping with you guys. Because it was a great and fun time. So no matter how shitty TFP was, this was worth it!

- The other thing is, if there is something coming, that’s great. If not, I fear people will get angry about apple tree yard, even when they did nothing wrong. If all of this really is just something the fandom came up with, this new series just gets a REALLY hard start. Lets not make it harder for them. Lets be reasonable, like Sherlock would be.

So… that’s all. I wish you all a great time, some good hours. A save week and great shows to watch! But for now lets just sit back and wear the tinfoil hats!

Okay so in regards to the #WomensMarch

I need people, specifically white women to understand the reason why a lot of black/poc women came with trump voter percentage signs because IT FUCKING APPLIES!

Yes, I get the concept of the March HOWEVER, what I am not here for is the fact that yes we all came together, but we are not about to let the shit YALL did slide under the fucking rug.

So many white women were at that protest and I don’t see that many white women at BLM rallies…or other types of rallies that they don’t belong to. Intersectionality is white women’s downfall because a lot of them don’t believe in it and it’s the fucking truth!

You go on twitter today and say the same shit I’m saying, white women would be all in ya mentions talking about “it’s about coming together and uniting, why are you causing a division?” NO SWEETIE! The division was already there when more than half of y'all supported the Cheeto in the voting booths but somehow yall snuck your way into the women’s march talking about some “why cause a divide?” If y'all don’t get the fuck out of here with that bullshit!

The women’s march IS a counter protest to the election, and people seem to forget which percentage of women voted for the orange the most. This alone speaks volumes of who tf needs the most work within movement and it ain’t WOC. Just sayin

Remember just before I.O.I’s debut when everyone said that a project group could never work and that they would flop? How they couldn’t get a dorm, and it was rumoured that companies were dropping their agreements with them and it was unknown if they’d even be allowed to promote on more than one music show? Now look at them. Their MVs total to over 93.5 million views. 8 music show awards, 9 wins from music awards (including best new female artist at the MAMA’s). The members made appearances on 39 different variety shows and did countless endorsements. A rookie group managed to hold a solo concert. Hell, one of the members even went solo and became the fastest solo artist to get #1 on a music show. So here’s to you, I.O.I, for beating all the odds and showing the world that you won on Produce 101 for a reason. Thank you for everything.

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Let's be real here. Billie did nothing wrong. So what if she secretly wanted Onision all along? The only reason she even had the opportunity to get close to him was because, 1) Onision is a slimy, cheating, manipulative asshole who clearly isn't satisfied with his wife, and 2) Lainey is a dumb, passive idiot who allowed another woman into her house and by her husband. Billie was just taking the opportunities that THEY KEPT GIVING HER. She's not the one who's MARRIED, so she owes them nothing.

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🔥 Ways ready to hear your salt c;

(Lucky for you, you get it whether you ask for it or not.)

The “Edgelord Lapis” portrayal I’ve seen becoming more popular has kind of been getting on my nerves lately.  Like, I get how she can be a hard character to write.  And she does have a streak to her that’s as salty as the ocean (you see what I did there).  She’s depressed/anxious/angry a lot.  This is all true.  But she’s also delightfully silly sometimes, and I’m seeing a lot of RP’ers forget that.  I’m not talking about the ones who prefer her broody/angsty moods for threads, but a Lapis that is always at her “Barnmates” level - and toward everyone, not just Peridot/Crystal Gems in particular - kind of turns me off.  This is the same Gem who made fart noises for hours to amuse a child she’d taken a liking too.  She has very valid reasons to be bitter and angry, but canon’s shown us she also is a total dork when she’s in a good mental place, and I love that.

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So my boyfriend and I have been together for over 4 months now, but I always have that feeling of wanting to break up with him in the back of my head. I truly do love him and I don't want to leave him but the thoughts won't go away and we've talked about it multiple times but it sometimes ends up in fights, then the next day we're fine. It scares me sometimes because I don't want to lose him yet I feel like I'd be fine without him. Any advice on what I should do?

first of all, is there a reason why you want to leave him? because maybe you might not have that type of connection, or you may have feelings for someone else. but i’ve experienced the same thing. i loved my boyfriend, but i just felt like i didn’t feel the same way as i did in the beginning. our conversations became less valuable and more hollow. i felt like talking to him was a chore, so i decided it would be best to leave him. we still talked after that, but not as much. it made me realize that being with him was overwhelming, and after breaking up, it felt liberating to just be independent. basically, what i’m trying to say is don’t think about him, think about yourself first and what you want. 

Auron had entered the warzone with the mindset he had as a teenager in the agoge. In order to survive, some would have to be taken out. It was just the way life was meant to work out. Like all good greeks, Auron trusted himself with a sword, a spear the could fold and unfold, and two daggers. The associate roared as he stormed into action, taking off as fast as he could to do as he believed right. There was a reason for this purge, and he believed it just as much as Bellamy did.

Saturnalia was a celebration he understood, one his heritage believed in. With four bodies to his name already, the negotiator embraced his past and took it out on assets who had been in the basement one time too many. With another pinned beneath him, the brute of a Greek easily pressed against the hold of the other trying to keep his dagger at bay. “May the ferry meet you, or the gates greet you.” He murmured as the blade dug into the others throat.

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on the mention of the whole 'long time ago call out posts' thing... did you know you have over 1100 pages of content since Undertale came out alone? Theres just... so much. No one could dare read through it all.


the posts I’m having trouble with are mostly posts from my SU days, I did blog a whole ton back then too and some of it’s still circulating for some godforsaken reason

I know everyone makes mistakes, including myself, but it’s still just really uncomfortable to be confronted with something you’ve said that’s just, immortalized exactly the way it was, even after all this time, and you know it’s bad and you can’t remove it because it’s got several thousand notes already and it’s even spread to other sites as well

it doesn’t make me anxious or upset, per say, it’s just a very thorough “yikes” moment

just, everyone reading this, please check release dates on problematic posts before contacting them, the author might’ve gotten better already, you don’t always have to waste your own time explaining why their stuff is bad, they might’ve figured it out on their own already ok, fortunately a lot of people learn from their mistakes over time

audiaphilios replied to your link “Jossed - Fanlore”

Ooooh I always had the implication that “Jossed” also had a hint of “the creator did it on purpose because they were pissed off at the fans” but I can’t remember why that taint is there. Every update josses all fic, though. No reason to be bummed!

Weeeeellll, some shows (Sherlock, Teen Wolf) really do seem to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to destroy fan theories, so I can see why it would be used this way a lot of the time.

I’ve been trying to figure out why all these “punch a nazi in the face” posts have been rubbing me the wrong way. After all, to say that nazis are horrible, dangerous, and terrible people would be like saying “black holes have some kind of gravity or something.” That is to say it would be a terrible understatement. Why should the idea of a whole bunch of people punching horrible, dangerous, terrible persons in the face be anything but agreeable to me? 

I think I have come upon why, and the reason is twofold. 

Reason the first is that in many cases it’s apparent to me that the sentiment is entirely hollow. Apart from the one video we have of someone actually punching a proselytizing nazi in the face on a street corner, not only do I find that more often than not people are all talk and no action, but also I find that even if people really did intend to follow through with their plans to punch nazis in the face, they wouldn’t know a nazi if the nazi came up and saluted them in the crotch. 

Nazis do not only exist when they’re standing on street corners preaching hate. They exist in social circles, they appropriate memes which them continue to be used all over the internet regardless of their new hateful symbolism, they infiltrate chatrooms and make themselves blend into the crowd by saying their political views are “controversial” and that they “don’t want to talk about them.” 

This last month, someone I knew made a joke about how they’d rather see a large, prominent swastika in someone’s home than some cheerful wall decal. Not only did this person not understand why making such a joke, especially this year with the resurrection of actual nazis in prominent political positions, was horrific and offensive, but when I pointed out that it was, I watched as 18 people piled on and not only defended the joke but began vitriolically attacking me for saying so. Amongst these 18 people were friends I’d known and loved for almost ten years. Some of them were people I’d looked up to. 

No one actually takes nazis seriously, or at least I should say not nearly enough people do. Out of all of the people who responded, only maybe 3 of them supported me, and several people who I had expected to support me sat back and laughed at the “drama”. 

So what does this have to do with anything, some people not standing up for you when you point out that a pro-nazi, anti-home-decor joke is one thing, but this is about punching nazis! Surely that’s better? 

If people won’t even stand up for you when you point out that nazis aren’t obsolete enough to be funny, they are not likely to actually punch a nazi in the face. And they are not likely to recognize a nazi even if he was standing right in front of them. “Oh he’s not a nazi, he’s just trolling. Oh he’s not a nazi, he couldn’t be I’ve known him for 5 years.” etc tc etc, ad nauseum. 

And the problem is that those same people are the same people who will pass around this funny new nazi punching meme to make themselves feel better about life. 

“Yeah, punch a nazi! woo!” 

It lends to a false sense of support and community to people who would actually need reliable allies if shit were to really go down. It becomes just another “funny” internet post, and if becomes less real and serious to whoever comes across it, and it is the opposite of what we need right now.

And then there’s reason the second: If it wasn’t a joke, if it was actually a plan of action that people took seriously and intend to do, it would still be reckless and ultimately ineffective. 

Nazis first of all, usually have nazi friends. Even if they don’t they usually have friends who would protect them if they were in danger, because that’s usually what friends do. So you go up to some nazi and punch them in the face. Even if you manage to knock em out on the first try, it’s pretty likely that their friends are going to come over and beat the pulp out of you. And if you don’t successfully knock them out on the first try, they will probably beat you to a pulp, themselves, friends or no.

But let’s say they don’t. Let’s say you knock em out good, and they have no friends around, and you traipse away victorious, feeling good about yourself for having socked a nazi a good one. What did you achieve? That person isn’t going to wake up, go home, and be like “wow i’m a changed man, I’ll never be a nazi again.” If anything their hatred and anger will likely redouble, and they may even organize an effort to hunt you out and have you killed, to “make a statement” to people about what happens when you attack a nazi. 

Putting yourself in danger for a good cause is one thing, but putting yourself in danger to make a social statement that isn’t likely to even be effective is idiotic and counterproductive. 

So teal deer, what rubs me the wrong way about the meme is that whether you take it as a joke or not, it’s generally ineffective and dangerous.