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sophie-is-a-mess  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I love your studyblr, and it's really motivating :) I wondered if you had any advice for starting up a studyblr of my own, such as finding a good url, blog title, theme, blogs to follow, etcetera. Thank you, and have a lovely, productive day/night!!

Thank you so much for stopping by. I appreciate it a lot :) This message immediately lightened up my night when I read it especially the second sentence haha. Here are my tips for starting a studyblr.


Note: The examples are already taken URLs.

  • Have the word study/studying/studies/studyblr in your URL so it’s easier to identify that your blog is a studyblr. My URL is an example of this: study + ally (syn. colleague and friend). Or your name + studies. An example of such is kimberlystudies. Or study + plant/animal/thing. Examples are studyrose, studybird, and studypulp.
  • Think of some words that relate to studying or focusing on studying, and combine those words. Examples are coffeeforcollege, and asbeforebaes (A’s before baes).
  • You could also have whatever it is you’re studying on your URL. Examples are psychology-studyspo, and englitstudent (english lit).
  • Keep your URL short so it is easier to remember.
  • Or use a phrase/sentence that relates to studying. Examples are studyandgohighertoday, and workhardlikegranger.
  • Google search for synonyms, like how I came up with mine haha
  • You could also follow what I did and make a temporary URL, then change it later on once you’ve found the best URL for you. I used to be studymaniacme. I really wanted to have a studyblr last year that I just went with that URL.

Blog Title

  • A short quote or statement you stand by
  • Word or phrase summarizing and describing what you re/blog about
  • Motivational statement or quote
  • Or whatever it is that satisfies yourself :)

Note: Some of the tips listed in this section is opinion-based (my opinions), so you may or may not approve depending on your preferences.

  • Can easily be navigated (sidebars, menu bars, links, etc.). You can find themes with sidebars and menu bars on here.
  • Has infinite scrolling because it’s more convenient than clicking a page number to go to another page
  • Font size and color that can be read comfortably
  • Has captions on homepage, because (and I’m just typing what I think here) it is a hassle having to go to the permalink page of a post just to see the full post when one can just read the caption of the post immediately on a tumblr’s homepage then scroll past it once one has read it.
  • Has two or three columns to make scrolling or skimming through posts easier

Tips/motivational statements:
Note: Some are based off quotes/statements I’ve read somewhere before.

  • Never put things off for later. Do everything you can now.
  • Never ever compare your first to someone else’s middle.
  • Plan. Write a to-do list. Stick to it.
  • Develop focus and discipline. 
  • Invest in things that last or that can develop into so much more.
  • Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.
  • Success is jumping from failure to failure without losing the enthusiasm to succeed.
  • When you fail, get up. Don’t let failure consume your mind. Remember why you started. 
  • People can help. Don’t hesitate to ask help, especially from teachers, your own parents, and everyone in the studyblr community.
  • In order for you to start, you must simply start.
  • Forget about making big progresses. Start making noticeable ones. Change your former ways, if needed. Try new things.
  • Nothing is ever impossible. It’s just that “impossible” things take more time than those considered “possible”. You’ll eventually get there.
  • Hard word beats talent when talent does not work hard.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do.
  • Forget about finding keys to doors. Create a gate and build a castle. (I just thought of that now as I’m listening to disney tracks lol)

Some studyblr-related things:

My favorite studyblrs:
Note: I’m sure looking at the sources of their reblogged posts can help you find your way through more studyblrs to follow

If you’ve created a studyblr and have officially joined the studyblr community, please send me a message of your URL. Have a good day xo

anonymous asked:

Now that the season is over, do you still s3 is the strongest season thus far?

Hey anon,

That is a complicated answer and I’ll do short answer/long answer so you can get the gist and ignore my under the cut rambling if you’re so inclined (jk tumblr isn’t letting me add a read more that actually works so I apologize for the wall of text) 

To be crystal clear, this is only my opinion on it. I’m not trying to be objective, I have no interest in being objective, tbh. I watch/love/analyze this show for myself and view it through the frame of my biases and preferences. That doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring other parts of the show, just that my allegiance is to the delinquents, specifically Clarke and Bellamy above all, and by extension the sky people first and foremost and, obviously, my ship is bellarke. If you’re hoping for an objective, non-shipper look at the show, I am not the person you want to come to.

Now that that’s out of the way, short answer: Yes. My adoration of 3b and the ambition and depth of themes and character that were tackled in this season outweigh my issues with the execution of certain parts.

Long answer:

Look, The 100 shit the bed this season, especially 3a. I’m not denying or ignoring that. They attempted several incredibly ambitious storylines and were super hemmed in by scheduling around their commitment to bringing ADC back and giving CL as much of a romantic arc as they could in the short number of episodes they were allowed to use her in and it gunked a lot of stuff up. They didn’t give themselves the narrative space they needed to depict their (questionable) real life post 911 state of fear allegory and reduced a number of complex characters to one dimensional versions of themselves to move the plot along. Bob had approximately 3 minutes of screentime to convey the start of an incredibly complicated, subtle and nuanced character arc and it seems like a lot of people missed most of it because the writers decided to make the plot happen first and shore up the character stuff after. Plus there was whatever the hell they were going for with Lincoln and the part where they basically cut all of his scenes leading up until his death which was a damn shame. On top of that, they wrote a textbook fridging of a character that wasn’t even necessary to begin with (Gina seemed like a lovely girl and I think she could’ve been a great character but instead she was reduced to a device and I think she actually muddied Bellamy’s motives as opposed to clarifying them like she was clearly supposed to do)(#ginawasreal).

And then, finally, there was L’s death approximately 70 seconds after she had happy morning sex with Clarke and we can bang on and on about the futility of death, the overwhelming amount of in-show foreshadowing and whether or not it was a narrative necessity (I think it was and I don’t mean for the Flame reveal and how that all worked, on a larger scale L was a Mary Sue in the most classic definition of the term, she broke the world and had the power to resolve all conflict and they’d basically written themselves into a corner with her) but at the end of the day, a lesbian walked into a stray bullet immediately following a moment of true happiness. That’s staggeringly shitty even without taking into account how much the writers hyped CL (which, tbf, is part of their job but also ehhhhhh they went way overboard all things considered).

So, yeah, 3a was a mess (3b wasn’t flawless either, I’m v curious to see if there will be any fallout ever over Ontari raping Murphy but I kind of doubt it, thought I flip flop on whether or not the ultimate point was to build contrast between Ontari/L and create audience conversation in which case, they succeeded especially over that latter point. Not getting into Octavia because I don’t believe her arc is remotely wrapped up and I do think there will be fallout and consequences of her actions). Not ignoring any of that and I’m probably leaving a bunch of issues out. The writers made some DEEPLY questionable choices, okay? I’m fully aware.

But, all that said, let’s look at the stuff that (imo) they did do incredibly right.

- The technical work this season was unparalleled on the show. The cinematography, score, editing was on a whole other level of the stuff they’ve done before. They told entire stories with the technical details and I think that’s incredibly fucking cool. Hats off to the entire technical team, the unsung heroes of this season. I’m also including the sets and the costuming in that. While I don’t personally love all of their costuming choices (#giveclarkeshampoo2k16) and have a few questions about some of the set stuff done for dramatics (where oh where oh where did Niaylah’s family get the bones that made up the entrance to the trading post, WHY WERE THE GROUNDERS KEEPING RECORDS THROUGH CAVE PAINTINGS LESS THAN 97 YEARS AFTER THE COLLAPSE OF SOCIETY oh fuck it), it was all an impressive step up from previous seasons. I was not a fan the overwhelming amount of Polis in s3 but damn were the Polis sets cool. Fingers crossed JR does whatever he has to to keep his crew because they are an amazingly talented group of people.

- For something that started out as an uninteresting Jaha-driven sidebar, the CoL arc ended up being incredibly interesting to me. I love the easy out escape your pain theme of this season.

- Speaking of, have I mentioned how much I love the different ways they depicted grief and trauma? Because I really fucking love the different ways they depicted grief and trauma. Pretty much every one one of the major delinquent characters represented a different aspect. Clarke hid from her pain, she went out of her way to avoid the situations that lead to it in the first place (aka leadership and responsibility and, you know, her home and her people). Bellamy internalized (he “man-ed up” if you will and hey depiction of how gross and awful toxic masculinity can be) until he exploded in panic-driven rash and violent actions. Raven isolated herself from her friends and hid what was going on with her (flashback to her sitting on the horse until everyone had left so no one would see that she couldn’t get down). Octavia hardened herself to the point of losing basically all empathy. Monty gritted his teeth and kept going. Jasper completely lost his ability to hold it together, drank himself into a stupor and eventually gave up. Those are all super realistic and tragic coping mechanisms and I love it.

- AND THEN 3B CAME ALONG AND MOST OF THEM STARTED PIECING THEMSELVES BACK TOGETHER AND COMING BACK TO EACH OTHER AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. Not so much with Monty (poor fucking Monty, when I said I wanted more of an arc specifically for Monty, I forgot that this is The 100 and that means terrible things happen when you have a prominent storyline) and Octavia who I think (hope, in a twisted sort of way, I’m fucked up, don’t judge me) is at the beginning of an epic Dark!Octavia arc. But the rest of them. 

- In my 3x16 recap I went on and on in incredibly emotional capslock deluge about how much Jasper choosing to believe it’ll get better means to me. Depression is no joke my friends and it is HARD to pull yourself out of that but wanting to try is an incredibly powerful first step. I was overwhelmed when Clarke finally admitted that she had been hiding and running and that she needed to stop because her friends (*cough* specifically Bellamy *cough*) give her the strength to do what needs to be done and make those things bearable. Raven recognizing that just because her leg is fucked doesn’t mean her brain isn’t still awesome and she has plenty of value to bring to the world by being herself. Bellamy realizing that he needs to figure out and act what he believes is right and not mindlessly following someone saying the right things, not reacting to the world solely to protect the people he loves. These were AMAZING character arcs and I love them so godamn much.

- Also, can we talk about how Clarke and Bellamy’s arcs parallel themselves? She needed to recognize that she can’t do this alone, that she can’t isolate herself from other people and draw strength solely from herself. Bellamy needed to learn to believe in himself and stand up for what he thinks is right and to not lose himself for the sake of other people.

- Actually, as long as I’m on the topic, PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ENTIRE SEASON REVOLVED AROUND PARALLEL ARCS FOR CLARKE AND BELLAMY RIGHT DOWN TO THE WAY THE SEASON WAS SHOT (please see my friend Danni’s excellent lesson in 3a cinematography for reference and yes I’m going to bug her about doing a s3 as a whole breakdown but no promises).

- But anyway back to the thematic parallels between Clarke and Bellamy. Both of them started the season isolated, both of them spent 3a letting someone else take the reins and make decisions for them, both of them lost that person midseason and were faced with the harsh reality that no one was going to fix things for them, they had to figure out how to do it themselves, TOGETHER. Both of them spent 3b working their way back to each other and repairing their relationship. Both of them lead the charge to save the world in the finale (Clarke inside the CoL, Bellamy in the real world) and then the season ended with both of them standing together on a raised dais in front of a throne, a unified team sharing the burden that they still have work to do.

- What I’m trying to say is if you look at the broad strokes of the season, bellarke is woven into the core of the story and season 3 was in a large part about them building a stronger relationship with each other.

- Platonically, obviously.

- On an episodic level, season 3 featured some of the best episodes this show has ever done. 3x07 is largely marred by L’s death, but the rest of the episode and the history and world-building it included was incredible. 3x08 is, imo, severely underrated and featured possibly the best technical work and editing seen on the show (and it bothers me to no end that they submitted 3x04 for an emmy and not 3x08, or like, so many other episodes, especially since I consider 3x04, fight scene aside, to be the extreme low point of the season, everything besides Polis was rushed past the point of acceptable storytelling and I will be bitter about it forever). On a personal level, 3x02, 3x05, 3x11, 3x12 and 3x15 are possibly my favorite episodes ever? Idk.

- I will fully admit that 3x02 is entirely on the list for shipper reasons but hello they gave us an entire episode dedicated to spelling out how much Clarke means to Bellamy.


- The argument in 3x05 is some of the finest character driven writing on the show, fight me. I will miss the fuck out of Charlie Craig, his writing has been some of my absolute favorite on the show. Personally I think Bob and Eliza earned their chemistry nod for that scene alone, they acted the hell out of that argument and that scene was incredibly raw and powerful and I don’t think I’ll ever be over it.

- I loved that they dabbled in thematic episodes this season, hence the inclusion of 3x11 and 3x12. Aside from the fact that those episodes were packed with the kind of character stuff I live for (plus, you know, a SHITTON of bellarke), I love that the show experimented with the episode structure and genre homage.

- Also, Bob Morley deserves his own bullet on this list. He sold the hell out of Bellamy’s arc in the tiny amount of screentime he was allotted to do it. I know that it wasn’t enough for a lot of people and I know another bunch of people deeply hated where the writers took his character this season but I loved it (we’ve established I’m fucked up and we’re not judging me for it, remember?)

- Oh god, there was so much stuff in this season. I feel like I’ve already turned this list into an essay and I’ve left so much out. Kabby’s arc, for one. That gave me WAY MORE FEELINGS than I was expecting. Ditto Murphy. I’m still not sure how the hell Murphy has so thoroughly won me over but here we are.

- And how fucking awesome is Emori? I will never ever be over her casually being all fuck you Jaha I have no flaws. I am SO HERE FOR HER BEING A PART OF THE DELINQUENT CREW. Please @ god let her and Raven hit it off and just give Murphy endless shit (also, please give us some sort of Raven/Murphy cathartic conversation now that they’re about to be back in the same place and Murphy is maybe in a place where he could actually apologize without making it about his sob story) (whoops, sorry, this isn’t a s4 wishlist).

- Memori is another ship that sucker punched me in the face with feelings out of nowhere. Their reunion at the end was SO MUCH.


- I don’t give a fuck about the plausibility of the nuclear reactor set up, I think it’s an amazing emotional pressure cooker to throw the characters into and I’m here for it.

- Ugh I’m missing so much stuff but my brain is currently running dry.

Basically, I’m the kind of watcher where I will forgive a lot if I loved the rest of the thing enough and I very much loved the good stuff about season 3. Season 1 will always hold a very special place in my heart because that’s where we met and fell in love with the precious delinquent crew that are at the heart of this show. They spent most of season 2 separated from each other and that’s a huge part of why, in spite of it being a great season on a number of levels, I don’t hesitate to put it in third place in my fav of the seasons order. Season 3 took the group I fell in love with in season 1, layered on the trauma caused by season 2 and delivered a (imo) rich and satisfying conclusion to the arc of those two seasons and I loved it. Obvs the story isn’t over and I’m not saying we’ve seen the end of all of the fallout, but to me season 3 definitely felt like the culminating, cathartic arc of a lot of the previous stuff and I really like catharsis.

So, yeah. I do think season 3 was the strongest based on the stuff I’m watching for. I see why season 2 gets so much praise but for me, for all its compression and Polis meandering, season 3 ultimately focused on the stuff that I’m here for and the show really stepped up it’s thematic and technical game. For all its flaws, I loved the shit out of it. No regrets.

Dear B,

Wow. I can’t believe it’s actually been a year since we started this blog. I still remember searching through the Zalfie tag and finding your blog. I was intrigued by your theme and soon messaged you, not sure if you would even agree to talk to me. For all you know, I could have been some catfish, but you took the leap, and for that, I will always be grateful. It was crazy how fast of friends we had become and I’m so glad that I can call you a sister and a best friend.

I remember when we first tried our editing skills, which was probably some of the worst edits in the history of Tumblr. We didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. We came in blind and I’m glad I had someone to experience this with. With this, we learned about GIMP GIFs, and the Photoshop. It was crazy how amazing your edits are now in comparison to the shitty black and white edits with subtle hints of color here and there. I remember just spending countless hours on my plane ride home from Canada just editing pictures and putting them in our drafts.

It’s crazy to think that it has only been a year when we first started our blog. It’s crazy to think that we were overjoyed the moment we hit 100 followers and the endless nights we would spend just waiting until we hit our next thousand. We never did it to brag. This blog was our baby and we were just so proud that we have come so far since the beginning. I never thought our blog would ever become something that I couldn’t imagine my life around. I thought it would be something I’d come look at every once in a while, but I can’t imagine a day without checking up to see if we got new messages, if you posted something funny in the drafts, or see people talking about YouTubers.

There is something beyond this blog and it’s you. Without you, there would only be M. Without you, there would be no pointless-zoella now. Without you, I would have lost hope when it came to life and school and so many other things. You motivated me to be a better person. You showed me tough love, but you were so gentle with me. You love me like a sister and you care for me like family. It’s great to have you around. Without you, there wouldn’t be funny posts in the drafts or edits that came out poorly, like the Tanya Burr one that I can’t stop laughing at. Without you, we wouldn’t have beautiful edits as our sidebar. Without you, I would have not been able to make it through this year on this blog. Without you, I would have been much more sad.

I remember the times where we Skyped until late in the morning and the time we stayed up until we hit 10,000 followers. It’s crazy to see how far we have come and how far our friendship has come. I know we don’t have the time to speak as often now, but I hope you know that I treasure you and this blog oh so much. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings us. Thank you for being such a bright light in my once dark life. I love you to the moon and back, Cereal.

- Your Dimple

To all our of our followers and friends,

We cannot thank you enough for the amount of support you have given us. Thank you for sticking around through all the changes we have made with our blog as well as ourselves. Thank you for always sending lovely messages to us or just telling us about your day. We honestly appreciate the love that we receive. We won’t forget the late nights we spent answering tons of asks about crush advice or when you guys would share your crush stories with us. It’s crazy to think about the close relationships we have formed with some of the people in the fandom. Cheers to this year being an amazing one for you and having more years to share with you guys on this blog.

- B and M