did this even turn out right

i think that, in the end, so much of the success of Harry Potter can be attributed to “misaimed fandom”. Rowling has notions about heroism and good versus evil that are ultimately at odds with those of so many of us—the story frames it as an ultimately good thing that Harry was knowingly left to be raised by abusive relatives, that Snape tormented and harassed children under his care as a teacher and explicitly only ever did the right thing because he still had a boner for a dead woman who rejected him.  And as it’s been said by others, Dumbledore knowingly allows so much suffering, yet he’s held up as the Big Good.

So many of us were waiting for a payoff, a vindication of the suffering of Harry, and Hagrid, and maybe even Draco, and all the rest who endured bigotry, abuse, false accusations. So many of us were waiting for things to not only turn out well, but for a certain kind of justice. And in the end, we got maybe half-way there, or at least a kind of good ending, but it wasn’t the one we needed.

And Rowling went on being successful, went on being a kind of shitty person (the type who openly and actively opposes independence movements, who thinks that Dumbledore counts as gay representation). Because we bought her books, so many of us kids like Harry, hoping to see in his life something we never had in our own, because by the time she had him looking up to one of his most constant abusers as hero enough to name a child after him, by the time he went on to become a cop after a childhood full of seeing injustice perpetuated and perpetrated by the same system of authority, we had already given Rowling all our money.

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i was trying to direct my friend to your blog so they could read your posts and excellent explanations for good representation etc, and straight up said "here look at this post Mom made" like?????i didn't even catch it until i sent it and i turned off my phone right after bc i didn't know how to explain i hope he checked out your blog anyway

that’s the best thing i’ve ever read omg i’m blessed 

The Epilogue of La La Land made me so sad, because they didn’t show a what if. It was a fantasy world where all their dreams would come true in the perfect way, in the old fashioned movies, where everything worked out. Because they both wished they’d end up together, but it wasn’t a perfect world they lived in, and not all of your dreams come true. But their biggest dreams did, and that was the happy ending. Mia, who became a successful actress, got everything she wanted in life, a loving husband, a daughter. Sebastian owned his own club, and turned out to be a success as well. They were dreamers, and they met each other to send each other on the right path. But it was still lingering, even though their biggest dreams came true, what if…

did anyone else notice when tony knocks steve down toward the end of the fight in siberia, and steve struggles to drag himself back to his feet, and we cut to a wider shot that makes everyone, but especially steve, look so fucking small, and it’s like steve is a little guy in brooklyn again fighting off the bullies, and he stands up and wobbles a bit just like he did in that scene in catfa, but his eyes are hard as steel when they meet tony’s, and he says, for the thousandth time, i can do this all day

then, even though he’s laid out on the cold stone, beaten and bloody and broken, even though he’s half-unconscious and he just lost his goddamn arm fighting tony, bucky takes steve’s words like a cue, drags himself toward tony as best he can, and his best isn’t that great right now, but it’s enough, because he grabs tony’s ankle and tony’s distracted from steve, turning around to fight off a defenseless bucky, which gives steve the opening he needs

did anyone else notice that even though he’s totally shattered and half-dead himself, bucky jumps into this fight same as the one we saw way back in 1943, same as all the other fights steve started back in brooklyn but couldn’t finish alone; did anyone else notice that even though this whole fight was about steve saving bucky, in the end, it was still bucky who saved steve?

my advice for the signs

aries I know a watched pot never boils, but it’s good to wait for the right moment. Sometimes, the second mouse gets the cheese.

taurus Not everything goes smoothly in life. It’s not sugar spice and everything nice all the time. Stop being agonized everytime things get ugly.

gemini Set your priorities straight. It’s crucial to understand what’s important and what’s not. Expectations of others shouldn’t cage you.

cancer  Save everything for the person who deserves. ‘Right now’ is all you have. Don’t let the past haunt you. Nostalgias are tricky.

leo “Reputation is what men and women think of us, character is what god and angels see of us” It’s fine to feel down sometimes. You can’t see the world through rose colored glass all the time.

virgo You will come to regret the things you never did, not the things you have done. Sometimes the world may seem  unfair, disorganized, chaotic, godforsaken even. But trust me, everything will turn out just fine. When you think about it, everything is actually connected.

libra Develop some individuality. Spend time with yourself.  I know it’s difficult to tell if you’re fighting for something you deserve or just forcing something, but the only way to find out is to see the end of it. Don’t give up so easily.

scorpio Except for karma, nothing’s ever eternal. Pleasure, pain, power, the things we hold onto so tight… All things end. And no, no revenge or pay back is worth your time.

sagittarius  Always think twice. Because what we think we got under control always seems to have control of us. And don’t forget that all things have it’s consequences.

capricorn The simplest things can show the meaning of life. You’re so busy working hard for a good life but good life is enjoying the little things.

aquarius Learn to return the love you recieve. Don’t be an outsider. It’s ok to feel lonely sometimes. People don’t understand but you’re not alone.

pisces Just know that not every single person in this world is as kind as you. Some will chew you up and spit you out. You don’t have to care about everyone. You will inevitably have to ignore some. That’s not insensitive.

“You did quite a number on your hand, Yura.”

Yuri flinches as Otabek presses a damp cloth to his injured knuckles. Otabek is gentle, of course, but it still stings like a bitch. He doesn’t regret the punch though, even though Yakov had chewed his head off immediately after.

“Looks like you punched a wall as well as someone’s face,” Otabek continues, carefully turning Yuri’s hand to wipe away the excess blood.

“I did,” Yuri snaps, scowling at the memory. “Viktor pulled me off that asshole and it’s not like I could punch Viktor.”

Otabek chuckles softly. “Good to know you have a heart.”

“Yeah, right.” Yuri scoffs. “Yakov would rip my head off if I ruined Viktor’s face.”

“Of course,” Otabek pulls out a small tube and spreads some ointment on his fingertips. “This might sting.”

Yuri holds his breath as Otabek applies the ointment. “You should’ve heard them, Beka,” he gasps when Otabek’s fingers pull away. “Those fucking assholes… the things they said about you.”

“I can make an educated guess.”

“Don’t let people say shit about you,” Yuri growls, flexing the fingers of his unscathed hand. “Defend yourself. Shut them up. You’re worth more than those worthless shits. Don’t be an idiot and–”

Otabek silences Yuri’s rambling demands with the press of his lips. Instinctively Yuri reciprocates, and maybe it was something he wanted, a comfort he was seeking that he didn’t realize he needed. His free hand rises to slip around Otabek’s neck until he realizes where they are.

He drops his hand to Otabek’s chest and pushes back. “I–” His cheeks burn as he glances from side to side. “Do you know where we are? What the fuck are you doing?”

“You called me an idiot,” Otabek’s lips twitch. He brushes his thumb over Yuri’s fingers, just barely out of reach of the proof of his outburst. “I’m defending myself. Shutting you up. Just like you said.”

“Idiot…” Yuri repeats, pushing Otabek’s face away. “Just… finish with the fucking bandage.”

{PART 17} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & Jinyoung)

Genre: Angst, slight fluff

Summary; Jackson gives you some much needed advice, despite torturing himself in the process; while Jinyoung finds himself mirroring those actions to Jaebum.

PLEASE READ: This chapter contains scenes that some people may find upsetting. Reader discretion is advised.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 16} {Part 17} {Part 18}

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God this took forever but I think it was worth it. So ya’ll know how I said I was gonna do UF journal pages? Well I did one. And it turned out meh. I’m proud of that drawing of the Gems though. But I meant to shade in the drawing of the temple and I forgot and layers fucked me over and ugh whatever. Also, I basically had to create my own font for this, imitating how Ford writes and even still it doesn’t look anything like it. Plus the font fucked up in several ways and I didn’t even realize it until like right now, hence why there might be typos. Fucking photoshop, this is why I never use you. Ah, whatever. Enjoy! (and yeah, I am gonna do more of these. Eventually). 

I was thinking the other day how insane it would’ve been if Glenn had been the one who impulsively got someone killed and got kidnapped and broken down by Negan’s crew. I was thinking about how powerful it would have been to have Glenn Rhee deal with the fact that he had made a huge mistake, for the first time, which got someone he loved killed. I was thinking how Rick and Maggie and Michonne would react seeing loving, warm Glenn return a different person. I was thinking about how it would have finally led to an arc for Steven and the Dark!Glenn arc we were promised and we (and Steven Yeun) deserved. I was thinking how that would have been an excellent b-plot for the season, leading up to our pizza delivery boy turned worldly, weary and hardened man heroically dying in battle with Negan’s men because even until the end, he did the right thing. 

I was thinking about how powerful that would have been to see an Asian American man in a role typically taken by white dudes, the angry good guy forced to adapt to violence, only to return to form due to ~love (think about how often that trope plays out). I was thinking about how it would have been powerful to see an angry Asian man on television, not knowing what to do with that rage and grief because you never, ever see that. I was thinking how powerful it would have been seeing new mother Maggie, determined to continue Glenn’s legacy on THEIR terms instead of forcing more suffering on Maggie by having yet another family member of hers die in front of her brutally. I was thinking how, thematically, it would have been a perfect path and a complete story and end for this character.

Then I think about how, instead of that experiment in long-game storytelling, we got the typical, usual, predictable noise and I laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh . 

I’ve been to the bottom, when everyone else has left and I was alone with my hurt in the silence. I’ve been at the place where I knew all the right theology but none of it reached me.

In this pit, I found a silence even deeper still. It was called honesty, and in that place, He was the only one there. I cried out, and to my surprise, so did He.

—  J. S. Park, Mad About God: When We Over-Spiritualize Pain and Turn Tragedy into a Lesson
Addiction (Jiyong-2)


Description: Roughly two years before your engagement party with Mino. 

Part One Part Three Part Four

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For eighteen years you hadn’t the felt the touch of a man. It was no issue for you since you really didn’t like to be touched at all. For some years you even thought you were asexual because you lacked a sexual connection with any boy you knew. That idea went straight out of your head as you stared up at Jiyong who had you pinned down on your small dorm bed. His vibrant eyes blazing with lust and curiosity. 

He’d never seen this look on a woman. Usually all the girls that he’d been with weren’t a stranger to sex, he had even had some encounter with virgins but none of them looked as scared and anxious as you did. You were at his complete mercy and boy did that turn him on. He pressed his hips on yours letting you feel his hard on right on your abdomen. 

Your eyes widened in fear at realization on how big he felt. The expression and sudden gasp of air made him smirk wider. He rolled his hips on to you as he whispered in your ear, “Can you handle me?” he questioned, sexily biting down on your ear lobe making you squirm beneath him. 

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Newt Scamander x Reader- Jealous

“But I don’t love him mother! I’m not even sure I can stand him!” you yelled at your mother.

“You are being extremely childish right now (F/N).” she said, arms crossed.

“How!” you screamed at her. She stared at you wide eyed for a minute at your sudden outburst, but her gaze quickly turned hard since you did just scream at her. You took a few steps back out of fear as she slowly stood up, still giving you that look.

“You are too young to know the first thing about love and Mr. Graves is a good man. You just need to spend some alone time with him, get to know him.” she said, calming herself. You were about to protest some more and scream that you didn’t want to get to know him when you noticed someone walked into you mother’s office.

“President Picquery, I need to speak with-. Oh, hello (F/N).” Mr. Graves cut his sentence off and faced you, giving you a smile that just made you want to punch him.

“Mr. Graves, perfect timing. I was wondering if you wanted to….” you didn’t give your mother the chance to finish the sentence before you ran out of the office.

Contrary to your mother beliefs, you did know a thing or two about love since you were in it. The man you were in love with was the British wizard whom loved magical creatures to the point that he based his entire career on them, Newt Scamander. Just thinking his name made you happy beyond belief.

Newt knew of your existence and you two were actually good friends, but he never knew how you really felt about him.

As you walked out of the Magical Congress, you noticed Newt across the street. You were about to run to him until you saw he was with Tina and they were closer to each other then normal. You watched as Newt raised his hand and pushed some hair behind Tina’s ear.

You knew you had no right to be, but you couldn’t help it when a flood of jealousy washed over you when he did that. It was at that moment you heard someone run up behind you. You turned to see Graves. It was also at that moment you realized Newt had noticed you.

That’s when a thought hit you. It probably won’t amount to anything but you thought you’d have some fun since he’s looking and he just did what he did. Although doing this will make you want to puke.

“(F/N), I want to ask you something.” Graves said.

“Of course, Mr. Graves.” you said with a sweet and innocent smile, the kind of smile you normally gave to Newt and only Newt. Newt noticed your smile and it was his turn to get jealous.

“Would you like to get some coffee later.” he said with a half smile, since it seemed it was hard for him to produce a full one. You couldn’t help but notice that he took a step towards, closing the distance between you two. You wanted to take a step back, but your plan wouldn’t work if you did.

“How about now?” you asked, grabbing Graves arm as you noticed Newt was crossing the street.

“Of course.” he replied. You turned to Newt as he caught up to you.

“Hello (F/N).” newt said, giving you the adorable smile that you loved.

“Hey there Newt. This is Mr. Graves.” you said, giving him a plain smile. Newt couldn’t help but feel something snap when you didn’t give him that smile that he loved so much. He just gave Graves the tiniest wave of recognition.

“Where are you heading to?” Newt asked, starting to fumble with his fingers in his usual cute and awkward way. This boy was making it really hard not to have any reaction to his cute antics.

“Mr. Graves and I gonna get some coffee.” you said, pretending to be excited.

“Oh, I see.” Newt mumbled, looking at the ground.

“Well, I’ll catch you later Newt. Come on Mr. Graves, I know a great coffee shop that me and Newt go to all the time.” you said, pulling Graves in the direction of the shop, though you weren’t actually gonna take him that one. It was only for you and Newt and you weren’t going to ruin it with this guy.

Newt normally didn’t get jealous or angry, but boy was he feeling those emotions now. Watching you walk with that man with you clinging to his arm like that and being your normal cute and adorable self, he could have sworn twenty things snapped in him by this point.

But he can’t run after you and just pull you away, that would be rude. He would just have to pretend that you weren’t with him as he looked for the rest of his creatures, something that would be very hard to do.

“Nobody move!” Grindelwald yelled as he pointed his wand to your head. Apparently Graves was Grindelwald in disguised. Before this, you were at the coffee shop, trying to make conversation with Graves without puking.

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the high school au

suggested by @wolf1ez!

  • ‘this isn’t what the formula’s supposed to be.’
  • ‘oh really, love, i couldn’t tell.’
  • ‘considering your enormous aptitude for ignorance, i would actually have guessed the opposite.’
  • ‘well, you’ve got no right to be pokin’ at me, considering that i’ve been doing it all on my todd, yeah?’
  • ‘you wanted to. i recall some nonsense about ‘oh i’m bloody good at science, love, just you wait.’ mon dieu. what did you even put into this?’
  • lena ‘tracer’ oxton, star of the track team and one half of widowtracer, huffs, blowing a runaway strand of hair out of her eyes, and squints at the bubbling beaker in front of them.
  • ‘i’m really not sure. but i do know that it turned out better than it would’ve if you’d done it.’
  • the other girl scoffs, levels her with an unimpressed glare. ‘i don’t believe that.’
  • introducing amelie ‘widowmaker’ lacroix, ace of the debate team and the other half of the so-dubbed widowtracer.
  • ‘you two, quiet,’ fareeha amari cuts in from the other side of the room, looking exasperated. ‘if you had just followed the instructions instead of bickering, then it would be right.’
  • ‘exactly,’ amelie says, eyes narrowing. tracer scoffs.
  • ‘fareeha, you don’t get to talk, when you have angie as your partner. teacher! do we have to be partners? she’s an arse.’
  • ‘miss oxton, you know it’s a programme to make amends between the two of you, though i’m not sure if that’s even possible. just please, cooperate with each other, and stop throwing beakers of hydrochloric acid my god’
  • fareeha sighs. angela winces from next to her in sympathy and kisses her cheek lightly, murmuring, ‘they’ll sort it out.’
  • that night, fareeha and angela wander through the city streets, hand in hand. it’s cold out, the air nipping at their cheeks, and they pause in the warm rush of air from a restaraunt door.
  • angela grins and makes fun of pharah’s lack of resistance to cold and fareeha dips her head to kiss her, lips warm and noses cold, and then suddenly there’s a flash of a familiar letterman jacket and fareeha jerks up, wide-eyed, to see lena oxton with a bouqet of roses held out to none other than-
  • amelie?’ fareeha breathes in disbelief, and then suddenly she’s brushing past a confused angela and barging into the restaraunt. the waiter looks alarmed, hissing, ‘miss!’ but fareeha ignores him, staring at the now-empty table in disbelief, but she knows it was them, it’s impossible to mistake that iconic duo of very attractive people who hate each other.
  • ‘miss!’ the waiter shrieks, ‘i must require you to exit the premises immediately, this is honestly an outrage-’
  • angela drags her outside and props her fists on her hips. ‘care to explain?’
  • ‘i thought i saw them,’ fareeha mutters, brow creased in confusion, ‘they were right there, angie, right there.’
  • ‘who? you’re not making any sense. do you have a fever?’
  • ‘um. amelie and lena. they were inside, talking to each other, and lena had some roses, and-’ angela’s eyebrows are creeping higher with every word and fareeha sighs- ‘you don’t believe me, do you.’
  • ‘schatz, you’re probably dreaming.’
  • that doesn’t deter her from gathering a group of all their friends and telling them, and then getting laughed at. she sulks all the way home. angela laughs and kisses her.
  • fast forward to graduation. angela’s the valedictorian, the principals standing rigidly next to her on the stage as she gives her speech, and amelie, standing calmly next to her, is the salutatorian.
  • they start to call out names, and fareeha’s called to the stage first. she climbs to the top, shakes hands with the principals and amelie, then drops a kiss on angela’s lips and winks, before disappearing. angela blushes, touches her mouth wonderingly for a moment.
  • ‘miss ziegler,’ the principal says rebukingly, but his mouth is quirked. the whole school loves those two.
  • ‘oh! um, sorry. anami naoko?’
  • the names go quickly by, and it’s ‘o’wyatt, rosie,’ and then suddenly lena’s bounding on stage in all her exuberant glory, shaking hands with the principals and angela so fast that their wrists almost break, and then she’s in front of amelie, and she reaches out a hand, and the whole school sucks in a collective breath and then suddenly amelie grabs tracer by the letterman jacket, the fabric scrunching, and yanks her up into a bruising kiss.
  • mayhem.
  • ‘i fucking told you!’ fareeha explodes. ‘i fucking- no one listened to me, and i was right, mccree, you ass, you owe me $20, i was right!’
  • they pull back after a moment as if nothing’s happened, and amelie primly shakes her hand. the rest of it goes by as if the entire school’s in shock (which they are). 
  • at the very end, angela tosses up her cap and fareeha sweeps her into a kiss and amelie wraps her arms around lena and they’re smiling and laughing and everything is beautiful.
The Cure

Pairing : DeanxPlussize!Reader, Sam
Word count : 834
Author : Mel

Parts 5 of Dinner with Dean.

“You sure he’s the one that turned her?” You could faintly hear Sam’s voice as you started to wake up again. “If he’s not, Dean, we’re just making it worse here..”

“That cocky son of a bitch? Of course he did it. Just fucking help me, Sam. I can’t lose her.”

You were in a bed somewhere. It wasn’t yours. “De-”

He was right there. Before you could even get his name out, he was there next to you, brushing the hair back from your forehead. “I’m here, Princess. I’ve got you. We’re going to make you better, I promise.”

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Auston Matthews - Part 9

Thank you for all your continued support, this has been so fun and I am so much more that I’m so excited to show you! 

Once I get myself dressed and hunt down the seamstress to give her the dress and my cousin’s address, I hightail it out of there, Auston right behind me.

               “You were in a hurry to leave,” Auston notes, catching up to my side once we reach the sidewalk.

               “Hey it was rough alright, it’s not every day I get felt up by an elderly woman and paraded around like some princess,” I huff at him, turning to walk away but then realize that I have no idea where Auston is parked or where I even am.

               “Queen,” he says and I scrunch my face at him.


               “That dress was not fit for a princess, nor did you look like one,” he responds, taking my elbow and steering me in the right direction.

               “Uh… thanks?” I say a little unsure if I was just complimented or not.

               “As for being felt up, can you blame her?” He winks at me and roll my eyes, ignoring him along with the warm feeling that spreads throughout my body.

               I glance at the shop windows as we pass and I remember what Auston had said when he offered to stay with me.

               “Didn’t you say you needed to pick something up?” I ask, he gives me a confused look and then follows my gaze to the store fronts. “It was your reason for staying with me.”

               “Oh, uh yeah, but it’s getting late, I can get it another time,” Auston mumbles and keeps walking, pulling me along with him again.

               I can’t help but stare at him as we walk. His strides are confident and his hands are stuffed into his pockets again, I’m sure trying to hide the fact that he’s cold. He keeps his head low though and I know it’s so the people walking past us won’t recognize him. I look up at his hat and immediately scowl. Auston seems to sense me staring at him and raises his eyebrows at me.

               “Enjoying the view?”

               “Actually, I was just thinking how much I want to strangle you with that God awful hat. I mean honestly Auston, you realize that thing’s purpose is to keep your ears and head warm, right?” I say, not bothering to hold back.

               “You don’t like my hat?” He asks, laughing at my outburst.

               “No, I hate how you wear said hat. Here,” I step in front of him and tug the hat down farther over his ears and make him look less like an idiot. “I think warmth should reside over ‘fashion’ sometimes,” I grin up at him and he just stares at me, fixated on my mouth. “Auston?”


               His gaze still lingering on my mouth.

               “What?” He asks again, this time blinking several times and focusing back on me again.

               I scoff and turn to start walking again, only to step on a thin sheet of ice that I hadn’t seen and fall flat on my ass.

               I sit there a moment in disbelief, Auston staring down at me with a similar expression until I start to laugh. After a second of making sure I was laughing and not crying, Auston starts to laugh along with me. He pulls me to my feet and double checks that I’m alright, then tucks my arm around his.

               “Maybe we should just walk together this time,” he says, giving me a small wink and I blush but don’t pull away.

               Once we reach his car he opens the passenger side door for me, which surprises me. When he closes the door behind me I can’t help but inhale deeply, the car smells just like his pillow that I borrowed last night. The same husky smell mixed with shampoo and something else that I still can’t identify.

               The driver side door opens and Auston settles himself down beside me.

               “Nice car,” I say, taking in the interior.

               Auston smirks over at me and revs the engine, causing me to roll my eyes.

               “You do that a lot, roll your eyes at me,” Auston notes, pulling out into the street.

               “You do a lot of things that make me roll my eyes,” I reply, paying him no attention, too busy looking out the window to try and see the sky.

               “I can think of a few more things,” Auston says with an alluring tone and everything below my navel tightens. I whip my head back around to him and glare.

               “You can’t do that!” I snap, fighting back a laugh.

               “I didn’t do anything! You’re the one jumping to conclusions!” He snaps back, a teasing tone now filtering into his words.

               “I did not jump to any conclusions! You’re the one thinking that I’m thinking that!”

               “No, you think that I think that you thought it was that thing,” Auston responds and I sit there a moment trying follow what he said.


               Auston bursts out laughing and I can’t help but laugh with him.

               The rest of the car ride is filled with Auston and me bickering back and forth, him pointing out his favorite restaurants and places to go with his friends and me asking question after question about the city. He is only able to give a few answers and they are fairly simple at that.

               “These are questions you’ll have to ask Mitch or Connor,” Auston eventually says after I huff at him for not giving me a very good answer.

               “And when would I do that?” I ask him.

               “Tomorrow after the game, since my parents are here, we all go out to eat after the game and they usually come along with their parents,” Auston explains and I nod slowly.

               “What if I don’t want to go to your game?”

               At this Auston looks over at me, “Do you not want to?” He asks, his tone serious.

               I instantly regret saying it and fumble for a response, confused by his reaction.

               “No I do, I was just messing around,” I say and he loosens back up. “Just don’t expect me to put on your jersey and scream your name all night.” I add without thinking and he looks over at me again as we pull up to a stop light, a smirk playing across his lips.

               “What?” I ask, eyeing him warily. He raises his eyebrows and I back track to what I just said. I instantly turn the color of the stop light above us and reach over to smack his arm. “Stop that! You know what I meant!” I wail and cover my eyes with my other hand.

               Auston doesn’t say anything and I don’t even hear him laugh. I peek at him from under my fingers and he’s still staring at me, his eyes dark and impossible to read in the dim lighting of the dash board. I hold his gaze as the breath empties from my lungs, my entire body on full alert as the air in the car seems to get warmer. His lips part slightly and my eyes instantly are drawn down to his mouth.

               “Y/N…” Auston murmurs, leaning towards me slightly.

               I don’t say anything and inhale slightly, the smell of him is overwhelming.

               His face is within inches on mine, his breath on my face as a horn goes off behind us, breaking the moment like a shattered window. We jump apart and Auston moves the car forward. I slump back in my seat and exhale, suddenly aware of every single nerve in my body and nothing to show for it.

               Auston and I remain silent the next few minutes until we pull up in front of his apartment.

               “Home sweet home,” Auston says, clearly recovered from our moment, whereas my heart is still beating a mile out of my chest.

               I remain silent as I climb out of the car, the moment my feet are on solid ground and not ice, I turn my head to the sky, and my eyes immediately land on the North Star.

               “What are you looking at?” Auston asks, appearing at my side and turning his head to the sky as well.

               “Polaris,” I say, “or the North Star, if you will.”

               “That’s the brightest one, right?” Auston squints and I can see his eyes darting back and forth across the sky as he waits for me answer.

               “Actually it’s the fiftieth brightest, but it’s one of the easiest to find because of the constellation it’s in.” I answer, happy to be talking about something that I know so much about.

               Auston shifts beside me, still trying to find which star I’m staring at.

               “Here,” I say and grab his arm, pulling him to my side and making him bend down to my level, our faces right next to each other. I grab his hand and line his finger up with the star using his line of sight.

               “Brightest star,” I whisper.

               Auston stares a moment and I can see the second he finally knows which star I’m referring to.

               “Is it your favorite?” Auston whispers back, although we have no reason to be whispering in the first place.

               I think a moment and then shake my head, “I don’t think so, at least right now it’s not my favorite.” I scowl up at it and Auston gives me a questioning look. I ignore him and nod to the apartment complex. “We should go inside, your mom probably has dinner ready for us.”

               Auston nods, dropping the subject and takes my hand, I think just to help me over the snow bank between the car and the sidewalk but he doesn’t let go even after I’m over it. I know I should probably let go, but I don’t.

im pretty convinced that one of the anonymous monoliths of the internet is neil cicierega. like i thought for sure he ran the program that did horsebooks until horsebooks turned out not to be a program.

like…dril. if neil cicierega came out and said he was dril i’d believe it. or coffee dad. the modern seinfeld twitter, or all of the parodies of the modern seinfeld twitter. wolfpuppy. bird’s rights activist.

fuck he could even be someone with an established identity. if neil cicierega came out like “hey guys jontron is actually a robot i made” i’d be like “that’s fair”

third time isn’t lucky when it’s meant to be (harvey/mike)

The first time it happened, Harvey saw it coming even before Mike did.

When Harvey arrived at the church he told Ray that they just needed to wait for a bit, that they’d be making a cross state trip within the hour. He didn’t even bother walking into the church, he just stepped out of the car and waited, right there on the sidewalk.

The only surprising thing about the day was how long it took for Mike to come rushing out of the church doors. Harvey thought they’d be on the road by now, but he didn’t begrudge Mike in the least. This was the hardest thing Mike was ever going to have to do, of course he wanted to take all the time he could, while he still had it.

When Mike emerged and saw Harvey standing there waiting for him, there was a flash of surprise before his face melted into rueful acceptance. “How’d you know?” Mike asked.

Harvey just looked at him, incredulous. “I know you,” Harvey replied, and it was enough.

They got in the car and Ray started driving, already knowing the destination. It was going to be a long drive, ninety minutes of the nerves and anticipation ratcheting up to boiling point. Harvey wanted to distract Mike, but every idea he came up with was too lame to say out loud, so in the end he left it up to Mike.

“Talk to me,” Harvey said gently.

Mike huffed out a laugh. “That must be the first time you’ve ever asked me to tell you about my feelings. Normally you run for the hills whenever I get within five feet of the topic.”

Harvey smiled slowly. Even in his darkest moment Mike was giving Harvey shit. It was stupid, but it somehow made Harvey think that maybe things would be okay. “Well, you’ve got-” he checked his watch, “-seventy minutes to spill feelings all over me without me complaining. When are you gonna get an offer like that again?”

Mike smiled weakly at him, but didn’t reply straight away, so Harvey started to worry it was all for naught.

“Rachel’s going to hate me.”

Harvey rolled his eyes. That girl was crazy about Mike and anyone could see it. “No, she won’t.”

“I’m not going to ask you to look after her while I’m gone, because that would be patronizing and she doesn’t need it. But … just, look out for her?”

“Of course.”

Mike spent the next few minutes looking out the window. “I’m scared,” he whispered, and Harvey could feel his heart splitting into a thousand pieces.

Harvey wanted to tell Mike that everything was going to be fine, but he couldn’t lie to him like that. He wanted to tell Mike that he was scared too, that he was terrified that prison was going to change Mike. And for all that Harvey gave Mike crap in the early days of their relationship, as much as he tried to mould and better Mike, the truth was that he didn’t need it. Mike was perfect the way he was, flaws and all, and he didn’t want prison to beat the goodness out of Mike like it had so many others.

But he didn’t say any of that. This was about Mike, not Harvey, so instead he slowly reached over to where Mike’s thumb was continually tapping against his thigh. He covered Mike’s hand with his own, squeezing it, and before he could pull away Mike gripped back, holding onto Harvey like a lifeline.

They stayed that way for the remainder of the drive.

When the car stopped outside of Danbury Mike immediately got out of the car, like a man on a mission. Harvey, confused, hustled to catch up, and he was barely out of the car before Mike was there, throwing his arms around Harvey in a hug. Harvey immediately wrapped his arms around Mike, holding him tight.

“I’m sorry for hitting you,” Mike murmured.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“And I need you to know, no matter what happens in there, I don’t regret it. Not a single day. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and it was worth everything that’s happened since.”

Harvey felt himself welling up, but he tried to push it back down. He needed to be strong, for Mike. “I’m getting you out of there, Mike. I swear it.”

Mike nodded, said, “Okay,” and then he pulled away, turning and walking into the prison without looking back.


The second time it happened, Harvey was completely blindsided.

The wedding, though small, had been planned for months. The caterer had been booked, dresses and suits carefully chosen, an uncle of Rachel’s had been enlisted to perform the ceremony, Harvey had combed through his record collection to find the best music to be played at the party…

Mike never said a word.

Harvey had taken Mike to Vegas for a five day bachelor party two weeks prior to the big day. It was just the two of them, and they’d spent their days exploring, going to the Grand Canyon and the Neon Museum and Red Rock Canyon. Harvey even managed to get Mike onto a golf course, which of course he sucked at, much to Harvey’s delight. And then they spent their nights on the town: eating fabulous food, drinking, gambling with obscene amounts of money and winning more often than not because of Mike’s genius brain. There might have even been a tipsy skinny dipping session late one evening in the hotel pool. They had an amazing vacation, and throughout all that, the days and nights they spent together, the copious conversations that they had, Mike never once mentioned that he was having second thoughts.

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i really want to see modesty and credence reunited, maybe having a place in newt’s case

  • modesty stays sad, scared and resentful for a few weeks, but she finally realises credence had never meant to hurt anyone

she is such a little rebel, when she’s finally allowed to express herself i bet she’d do it by, among other things

  • immediately cutting her hair short “like miss Tina”
  • trying to pet the nundu and surviving 
  • being a filthy enabler to the niffler
  • for some reason turning out to be an unicorn magnet and trying to get newt to take one with them on no less than twenty two occasions
  • insisting on riding the graphorns and them actually playing along

at first credence would be constantly terrified of someone getting mad at his little sister, but when she gets in all sorts of trouble and newt never even once raises his voice at her, he slowly becomes more open

  • when the siblings stage an epic battle on the graphorns’ backs, newt is not sure whether he did something very wrong or very right
  • (except not really, he is overjoyed)

i keep seeing people hating on Caitlin for no reason yeah i agree she did wrong by hidding the stone but what else she would have done huh? no one of her so called friends helps her nor cares about her, she is so damn afraid of her powers and they keeps on asking her to use them without caring about her and they saw a future where she will turn killer frost and what they all did oh nothing? so for once she thought about herself and even then she wasn’t totally selfish she wants to get rid of her powers because she don’t want to hurt others, don’t want to hurt her friends, so i don’t see how this is even *selfish*, even her hiding the stone actually helped the team in the end she was indirectly stopping savitar from coming out of the speedforce,she was so afraid and had no one so she did what she thought was right what she thought would keep the team safe,would keep everyone safe.

Caitlin Snow is the most selfless person ever, she always helps others without her team would be dead by now,she lost so much and never asked for anything she always stayed by their side,all she always want is to keep her friends safe caitlin snow deserves the world and all of the happiness and friends who cares about her.


Cas X Reader(Winchester Sister)

Story Summary: It was still hard, getting used to living with your brothers. More frustrated with them than ever, you take off, planning on cooling down and getting some food. But a truck on the road has other plans.

You heard the loud voices long before you heard their footsteps, and you automatically knew that something hadn’t gone right. You stood up, heading for the door just as it opened and your brothers Sam and Dean came striding through the door covered in blood, and a black goo that you didn’t even want to think about. Right behind them came Castiel, who was an Angel, and their best friend.

“How did it..” You started to ask, taking stock of injuries, ready to get the first aid kit out and help stitch up whoever needed it. But as you spoke, Dean turned to Sam and interrupted you, laughing as they reminisced about the hunt they had just been on.

“Did you see that one witch? She was about ready to blow a gasket when we came through the door. If she hadn’t of been a witch I might have made a pass at her.” Dean chuckled as he headed back to the bathroom, leaving a laughing Sam behind.

“Dude, she was a witch! And she tried to spell you. With what again?” Sam asked, gingerly pulling his coat off, and you stepped forward to assist him.

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