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am i the only one who thinks hannah baker is selfish and just truly cruel? because honestly half the people on those tapes didn’t even deserve to be there. like as sick as i am of pale white boy john green wannabes being the “special boy” love interest who is shy and perfect, clay did everything right essentially, he respected her boundaries and yeah he got a little upset with her, but i hate how she makes it as if he’s not allowed to be upset by her actions because now she’s killed herself. hannah baker is in my opinion the least deserving character to be martyred yet here we are.

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I'm crying because its not fair. We finally get cool writers who make educational videos for fun and who make honest efforts to connect with fans and jealous little people want to ruin it.i don't understand and I hate the people on this site.

This is going to be long…

Whenever I say “I can’t understand why someone would…” I try to recognize that as my failing, not theirs. Yes, maybe the thing that they think is awful, but the inability to understand it is my problem, not theirs. So I do spend a lot of time trying to understand them, and trying not to be frustrated by the fact that, in my search, I see posts from people who are legitimately confused about whether my brother is a child abuser. 

The thing to understand is that we humans always seek out safe spaces in which to try ourselves out. We dive into places and try to define ourself and our community. And the easiest and most common way to define a community is in opposition to something else. Often communities start this way and then grow into big, beautiful, inclusive things, but it is really common for them to start out defining through opposition.

But throughout almost all of human history, that conversation happened among friends and it wasn’t possible for the entire world to drop in and check them out. That is how those conversations should happen and, indeed, when people listen in on them it can feel like a tremendous violation. But on Tumblr those conversations are public and, weirdly enough, the very person you’re hating on can drop in and say “hey, btw, I’m listening and you’re wrong.”

I never thought, until this week, about how upsetting that might be to a person or a community. It’s weird to say that the person being attacked is attacking simply by responding, but that’s how it can feel. That doesn’t make those feelings right, but they are understandable.

When people say that John is “creepy” what they mean is that they feel like he’s spending time in a place where he doesn’t belong. That’s, of course, frustrating because we used to feel very at home on Tumblr, but if it’s how they feel, then it’s worth wondering why they feel that way. Well, first, they don’t say /I’m/ creepy, so it’s something that’s different between me and John. It definitely doesn’t have to do with being problematic because I have said just as many, if not more, problematic things than John and my tags are full of funny GIFs and people saying “Thanks for Crash Course Bio!”. But John is /much more/ famous than me. But he’s not just famous, he’s also famously active on Tumblr (or, at least, he used to be). At first this was universally enjoyed…there were whole memes about it. 

But when people and communities wanted to start differentiating themselves from other community on Tumblr, John was a really great inflection point they could use to differentiate themselves. Firkkin /everybody/ saw TFiOS, so everyone was able to have an opinion. And since John has said problematic things in the past and because his writing isn’t for everybody, John Green, icon of Tumblr, became John Green, the site of a schism. 

Some people were on one side differentiating themselves /necessarily in public/, so others occasionally saw it and argued with them. Then each group went back into their less public areas to talk up how awful the other side is. Some people (a very very small number) get so convinced by this echo chamber that John is evil incarnate that they start doing truly gross things like making up accusations and publishing text posts that John didn’t write but making it look like he did. And, to be clear, those people probably have no conception that John exists as a real human being with real feelings. Partially because they haven’t flexed their empathy muscles enough and partially because fame is a weird thing that dehumanizes people, people think that threatening or impersonating a famous person is just good fun.

For the most part, now, hating John Green is just a way of telling the world a little more about yourself. It’s kinda like the way I hated Dave Matthews Band in high school. I didn’t really care that much, but there were a bunch of people who I didn’t like who LOVED DMB so my friends and I just hated DMB as a proxy for defining ourselves as not like those people. 

But Dave Matthews never spent any time in my high school so there was never the chance that he would pop by while I was calling him a no-talent assclown. And my hate was ephemeral and not forever-preserved in the cloud so I never got challenged on it. If I had been challenged on it, maybe I would have accepted that it was dumb…but more likely I would have found a bunch of reasons why I thought Dave Matthews was a pretentious shitball the way certain people tend to latch onto every little slightly-annoying thing my brother does (while ignoring a huge swath of famous people who are both more visible and less careful with their power than John.)

So, yeah, that’s basically the history of John Green hate on Tumblr. It isn’t any fun, but it’s also not the kind of thing that seems impossible.

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John Green responded to someone who stated that the relationship he has with his overwhelmingly young woman readership makes them creeped out and uncomfortable, John Green responds by misconstruing this as an allegation of sexual abuse. Hey presto, his word is spread as what really happened, and people flock to his side and bash social justice. Manipulative, no?

i take issue with the constant backtracking over that post - as well as the slew of other posts that led to john green’s response, yeah, but let’s stick to the one post for now.

“he’s a creep who panders to teenage girls so that he can amass some weird cult-like following. and it’s always girls who feel misunderstood, you know, and he goes out of his way to make them feel important and desirable. which is fucking? weird?”

there is no way to coherently and sincerely interpret this other than as an allegation that john green is deliberately grooming teenage girls. grooming is abusive, predatory behavior. saying that this post did not accuse john of abusive, predatory behavior is saying grooming does not fall on the spectrum and cycle of abuse.

“also he has a social media presence that is equivalent to that dad of a kid in your friend group who always volunteers to “supervise” the pool parties and scoots his lawn chair close to all the girls.”

there is no way to coherently and sincerely interpret this other than as an implication that john green’s interactions and friendships with teenage girls and young women are carried out with the intention of exploiting them, taking advantage of them, or sexualizing them. entering girls’ spaces with the intention of exploiting them, taking advantage of them, or sexualizing them is abusive, predatory behavior. saying that this post did not accuse john of abusive, predatory behavior is saying these actions do not fall on the spectrum and cycle of abuse.

saying this post did not accuse john of sexual abuse is throwing abuse survivors under the bus not just by using their victimization as a means of hurting someone whose work/character irritates you (as john discussed in his response), it is throwing abuse survivors under the bus by dismissing any abuse that is not physical assault as not actual abuse. that is harmful, disingenuous, and irresponsible.

in his response, john green did not take the original post’s allegations and say “i’ve never physically assaulted a child,” as the jg hate brigade seems bent on believing. instead, he said:

You want me to defend myself against the implication that I sexually abuse children?

Okay. I do not sexually abuse children.

Throwing that kind of accusation around is sick and libelous and most importantly damages the discourse around the actual sexual abuse of children. When you use accusations of pedophilia as a way of insulting people whose work you don’t like, you trivialize abuse.

he said he does not sexually abuse children because the original post - not to mention the hundreds of posts he has been subjected to for a long, long time now - accused him of sexual abuse. he said “accusations of pedophilia” because the original post included accusations of pedophilia. john recognizes the actions and intentions implicated in the original post as sexual abuse because that is exactly what they are. it is deeply, deeply concerning to me that people are now willfully overlooking that in favor of continuing their desperate, vitriolic circlejerk - not just because i care about john green, but because i care about the many, many survivors who are seeing this post and its fallout and internalizing the idea that their abuse was not abuse, that their suffering was not suffering, that their experiences and healing are worth less than this movement’s vicious need to hate and hate and hate.

john green and his supporters did not misconstrue the original post as an allegation of sexual abuse. they correctly understood it to be an allegation of sexual abuse. the people who are saying that we misinterpreted it, that the only person accusing john green of abuse is john green himself, that he made some huge leap from point a to point b are misconstruing sexual abuse as not sexual abuse. and that is terrifying.

john green and his supporters defending themselves and each other is not manipulative. the hundreds of people who have been implying and alleging that john green is abusive, that john green’s intentions are faulty, that john green is grooming and taking advantage of teenage girls for months only to turn around and say they never said that when he finally responds are being manipulative. that is the actual, literal definition of gaslighting.

so between narrowing the definition of abuse to keep your john green hate fun times going and gaslighting anybody who sees your accusations for what they are, the suggestion that those against john green are the ones looking out for victims and teenage girls isn’t just laughable - it’s dangerous and, frankly, nauseating.

  • john green: dear readers, sorry i killed him. love, john green.
  • me: you know what john, your sorry won't take the pain away. it hurts deep inside that i just want to cry because you killed gus. i still hate you for that. and i ended up like hazel grace. i want to know what happened to her after gus' burial. did she survive cancer? did she find another man to love? i want to fly wherever you are. i want to ask you what happened. but i still hate you. i hate you but i love you at the same time. you're still my favorite author tho. i want to cry john. can you pls tell me what happened to hazel grace?

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naaaah tho criticisms of john green didn't start with his self-congratulatory "WOW HAVE TWO WHITE HETEROSEXUALS EVER KISSED LIKE THIS?? I DONT THINK SO LOOK AT THIS" it started waayy before that with all the shitty things he did like HAVE TWO WHITE NON-JEWISH HETEROSEXUALS KISS IN THE ANNE FRANK HOUSE. so, in conclusion, FUCK john green

Okay this has been a long time coming. Strap in assholes it’s time I talked about this.

Fuck John Green: Tumblr’s Latest Witch Hunt, or Tumblr is Essentially a Group of High School Students Who Decided They Didn’t Like the Popular Kid and Are Now Sharpening Pitch Forks on the Basis of Rumour and Hyperbole 

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Ok so I’ve been seeing a lot of hate of John Green recently and I am so confused. I have never seen hate for him until like 3 days ago when the movie came out. 4 days ago no one seemed to have a problem with the fact that his two main characters were white teens. But suddenly the movie comes out and it’s ridiculous that there aren’t any main characters of color? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be awesome if there were a movie like the Fault in Our Stars in which the main characters where people of color, but why do you have to hate on an author who has touched so many lives simply because his characters aren’t? As a want to be writer, my father gave me a piece of advice “write about what you know”, and I think it’s a great piece of advice. As a middle aged white upper class male, I don’t really think John Green knows that much about being a person of color. And I can only imagine the comments he would get if he did write a novel where the main character was a black girl or boy. People would be complaining about how he doesn’t understand what it’s like to be black, so why is he writing stories as if he does. He would get hate for the opposite reason he is now. So before you all start making posts about how much you hate John Green, think about that. And think about this. There are a fuckton of problems in this world, and a fuckton in the media. And no, obviously TFIOS did not challenge all of them, what movie could do that? I don’t understand why it’s such a bad thing for John Green to be proud of the molds that TFIOS did break out of. And it’s true what he said, normally it’s the boy who goes in for the kiss, who takes action and the girl is swept off her feet, but in TFIOS it is Hazel who initiates the kiss, and even though it’s a small act, I think it speaks volumes. And John Green should be proud that the movie didn’t change that, and that thousands of teen girls are going to see that and know that it’s ok for them to initiate things with guys, So I guess what I’m trying to say is please just stop hating on John Green because his book got turned into a movie and he’s proud of its accomplishments. In fact, let’s just stop hate all together. Sure, tumblr is a place where you can express your feelings on your blog, but why not express them constructively? Instead of saying something like “wow did you break a rib sucking your own dick?” Why not say something like “while what you said about Hazel and Gus is true, I think that in the grand scheme of things there are more important issues you could have addressed and that it’s not as big of a deal as you’re making it seem”. Tumblr always says it’s about acceptance, and against bullying. Well new flash, hate is bullying, and it does’t matter that it’s teenagers spreading hate about a middle aged man, it’s still hate and it’s still bullying. So please just stop.

I’m infuriated about all this John Green talk..

Absolutely livid. 

John Green books are not my cup of tea to be honest. I’m past the point in my life where I need a coming-of-age story, which is what most of his books are. I have read a couple and I appreciate them for what they are. They just aren’t for me. My sister(19) read all of them in high school and loves them. 

But John Green, the person, is totally my cup of tea. Vlogbrothers have helped me understand things about adulthood. They have helped me feel a little better about my current life situation. I even sometimes watch crashcourse because I like the the teaching style and I enjoy learning new things. 

But I understand if people do not enjoy any of those things. And it is completely okay to not like, or even criticize, those things. 

I’ll repeat… It’s okay not to like someone. It’s okay to criticize someone. What isn’t okay is defaming a person’s character and disturbing their person and their life with libelous statements. And what people don’t realize is your actions and accusations have consequences. That now infamous post has made it into news articles. Perhaps I missed something but I have never seen John Green post anything remotely inappropriate and definitely not anything that would warrant all the things he has been called. 

People say it’s “creepy” that he’s in his 30s and writes teenage love stories. He writes books for young adults. Most YA authors are actual adults. He isn’t any creepier than JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, or even Stephen Chbosky (there’s plenty more I could name). All adults were once teenagers. All adults have the experience to write about teenagers. It isn’t creepy for an adult to write a teenage love for the sake of a story. If John Green were writing a love story about Jackson and Jessica (random names) who live in his neighborhood then that would be creepy, but he isn’t. John Green’s work is fictional. He has writing a story that appeals to his audience. He writes stories that speak to young people. I will not claim to be a literary expert but I’m sure there are authors older than him who do the same thing. 

And it’s interesting to note that his last book (The Fault in Our Stars) came out 3 years ago. I realize that Paper Towns is coming out this summer but where has this outrage been all this time? Why now? Why did you decide to just now make all this shit up about what seems to be a wonderful person? If you decided to write fictional stories using your experiences as a teen would that make you a pedophile? No, it wouldn’t, so stop accusing someone else of the same. 

The tumblr mob mentality is terrifying. It’s like lemurs. One person has an idea and every now and then thousands of people jump off the cliff with them. I’ve seen too many users delete their blog because of all the hate they got for something innocent. Social justice isn’t about villainizing another human being simply because they made a mistake or did something you don’t agree with. Be a kinder person. Be an intelligent person. Be an intuitive person. Be a better person. The mob mentality is what’s wrong with the world. Make a conscious choice to not be a part of it. 

***This was a lot longer than I intended.