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Je Ne Sais Quoi  |  A DaiSuga Fanzine

「Je Ne Sais Quoi」is a collection of illustrations and comics focusing on the little things we love about DaiSuga ♡

Featured artists:
@attsei, @acolyptic, @bibbidibobbididette@califlair, @cerithe, @chiptrillino, @i-like-to-look-at-your-back, @hmniay, @jellyppang, @kairuru-art, @misutorekun, @reikureii, @roselph, @sagasogo, @saltnpepperart, @smaskvxn, @talentlessartblog, and @whistlecat

The zine will be A5 size, 40 pages, and comes with merch options including charms, stickers and postcards.

Pre-orders will open in July!

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I've always thought that felix/bridgette were really fun but recently a friend got me into the quantic kids too and well.... I care so much more about that. Plus the old chloe concept art and ideas are.... my lifeblood... and I may have accidentally started shipping the quantic kids and felix, bridgette, and chloe, but probably not in the expected order. But... tbh I'm probably going to make a discord for it! I'll hit you up with the link when I do, thank you!

watch this space, guys!


Request: hi! so yesterday i got a third degree burn and i’m suffering and need some fluffy bucky in my life. could you do a fic where the reader gets burned and bucky takes care of them? ps i love your writing and you

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: some burns, floof

A/N: Hey anon, I hope you’re doing okay and sorry for the wait! I hope you like this :)

You don’t know how it happened.

Okay, you did.

It was a stupid decision actually.

“What’re you doing Y/N?” Sam chuckled as he watched you.

“Being a ballerina.” you reply, spinning around in a circle with your hands laced together above your head.

Natasha smiled. “How graceful.”

“The elegance.” Wanda added.

You let out a laugh and stop spinning, immediately becoming dizzy and losing your balance.

“Watch out, the grill is on and it’s pretty hot so don’t-”

You let out a shout when your hand touches the grill.

“-touch it.” Tony finished.

Bucky jumps up from his chair and runs over to you. “Are you okay?!” he grabs your arm, inspecting your hand. “It’s already blistering up. Come on, I’ll take you to Bruce.”

Your friends watch Bucky guide you inside and Tony smirked. “Told ya. He’s whipped.”

“Bruce!” Bucky yelled as he ran down the hall, pulling you along with his arm around you. “Bruce it’s an emergency! She’s hurt! She’s dying!”

“I’m not dying Buck, I just – ow!” you clutch your hand closer to your chest.

Bucky’s eyes widen. “Bruce she’s gonna pass out any minute!”

The two of you stumble into the lab where Bruce was hunched over, looking through a microscope. He sat up and put his glasses on before walking over to you.

“What’s going on-”

“She’s dying!” Bucky shouted and Bruce’s eyes widen as he turned his gaze over to you.

You shake your head. “I’m not dying.”

“What happened?” he questioned, gesturing for you to take a seat.

“I was spinning around outside and lost my balance and reached out for something to steady myself which just so happened to be the grill that was on and I burned my hand.” you explain.

“Ouch.” Bruce says as he studies your burn. “I’m going to give you some antibiotic ointments for it and it should heal within two weeks.”

“Okay.” you nod, watching Bruce stand up and gather the antibiotics for you.

“I’ll advise you not to do anything with your right hand until it heals.”

“But it’s my dominant hand. I do everything with this hand. How am I supposed to-”

You’re cut off by Bucky. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

Bucky stayed true to his words and was with you 24/7. He didn’t let you do things on your own, scared that you’d might hurt yourself even more.

“Alright I brought you some soup and crackers because I know you-” he looks up and sees you curled into a ball. “Are you doing okay?”

“I’m fine my hand just feels like it’s throbbing and the burning sensation is still there.” you respond.

“Is that bad? Do we need to go see Bruce? C’mon, I’ll carry you to his lab.” Bucky sets the bowl of soup down on your nightstand and turns to you.

“No, I’m fine Bucky.” you say.


“Can you just cuddle me? I want to be cuddled.”

Bucky smiles. “Yeah, I’ll cuddle you.” he climbs onto your bed and scoots over to you so that your back is pressed against his front. He drapes an arm around you, careful not to touch your hand before sighing.

“You don’t have to be with me all the time, you know. I’m sure you’d rather go out with everyone and have fun.” you say, eyes fluttering shut when you feel Bucky’s finger tracing your exposed skin.

“It wouldn’t be the same without you.” he shrugged. “I prefer your company over everyone else’s.”

You chuckle. “You’re something else, you know?”

“I know.” He grinned. “But you still love me.”

“That I do.” You nod. “That I do.”

A/N: uggghhhhh this was so horrible I’m sorry I’m a little rusty on the writing :\


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💡8/100 days of productivity:

Cool things that happened today:

▪️I actually did my history homework in the morning and not at 3am!
▪️I met and pet the cutest dog ever, easily 10/10, would pet again 😍
▪️I studied history while petting said dog, which made everything infinitely better👌🏼
PLL Endgame--It's All Mona

Black hoodie at the beginning with Mona. Mona would’ve immediately known. She wouldn’t have needed to meet AD somewhere, she should’ve already known. AD also would’ve known her and wouldn’t have had to communicate with the face swap. Also would’ve known not to trust her. If AD had really been there, she would’ve killed Mona to stop her from telling the girls. That scene and the snow globe represent her mental instability throughout. She wasn’t a sane genius at all, everything was in her head. The ending is her wanting to start over with “new” dolls and new characters, because she’s bored of the ones she has. Even the ending is her own character, Mona, “winning the game” against AD. She ends up being the hero. But she’s ready for a new challenge, solving the mystery with different clues. Even if the events actually happened (which I don’t think they did), Mona was manipulating people behind the scenes to do it. So there’s a whole new level of A we didn’t consider. There’s mini A (Mona reveal), actual A (CeCe), AD, and above all of it, Mona as Queen A. My guess is she stepped in during the early days because they were getting too close and she needed a diversion to keep her game going. “Someone keeps stealing the game”=when CeCe got credit for it when it was hers all along. Mona is bonafide crazy and was the whole time. It’s either all in her head or all her doing. Also, the beginning was Radley, not Welby.

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

people are actually complaining that ariana hasn’t released a statement yet… like, listen, assholes, she’s probably terrified, she could’ve died, people actually did die, she’s probably still processing what happened, we don’t even know all the facts yet, and, oh yeah, she’s probably terrified. humans don’t have automatic responses like machines in times of crisis. god, have some compassion.


I dreamt that I was at my old elementary school. And we were eating lunch outside, me and Caroline, who was my girlfriend in fourth grade and then you were walking past and I was like “Wow, damn”! And then I walked up to you and I was like “Hey, do you wanna date me?” in front of Caroline.

Actual things that happened in the Kingdom Hearts manga:

• The dusks like to fuck with Roxas as he sleeps. They draw shit on his face and tie up his hair.

• Kairi escapes from jail in the world that never was because Demyx was too lazy to watch over her

• Kairi escapes by communicating with Dusks through wiggling

• Kairi is caught by Demyx, to which she punches him in the face repeatedly. She then proceeds to allow herself to get caught again so Saïx wont kill Demyx.

• Xion and Axel find a stray Pluto and beg to keep him. Saïx allows this.

• Luxord becomes tiny in wonderland and questions reality. He then becomes giant and proceeds to flirt with the queen of hearts.

• Luxord can no longer enter the Castle that Never Was because he’s too huge

• Vexen makes a shit ton of clones of himself, most of which kind of just hang out in Castle Oblivion and harass the Riku clone.

• One of the clones goes back to TWTNW to get revenge against the organization, and ends up killing Xaldin.

• Yen Sid makes a sock for Sora’s Keyblade. It looks like Mickey Mouse.

• Xaldin has an existential crisis about dried fruit.

• Demyx and Xion play Twister

• No one pays attention to Xemnas during his monologueing.

• Xaldin eats a fruit that makes him laugh uncontrollably.

• Xigbar getting a cold is conflict

• Saïx is basically the entire Organization’s babysitter

• Marluxia and Larxene get KFC for lunch

• Sora smushes cotton candy in Seifer’s face

• Vexen, Zexion, and Lexaeus have a chore chart

• Luxord is legitimately upset that he didn’t get a dramatic entrance to reveal himself to Sora

• Marluxia has a cloud of flowers that perpetually floats behind him. The dusks hate him because they have to clean up the petals.

Just to name a few

anonymous asked:

I can't get enough of your art! I love it so much. But, I'm super depressed, from some bad news, concerning my fiancé's health... could I maybe get something super cute? Anything haikyuu, or even an oc you might have. Please and thanks a bunch

Ahhh, I hope everything will get better soon, anon! Meanwhile have some sappy older bokuros~


Honestly same tho

Tord: hallo old friends!

Edd: Tord!

Tord: ahh~

Edd: did you just side step me?

Tord: how I’ve missed you~ my little friend

Tom: omg what??

Edd: TORD!?

*Kissy noises*

Edd: well, I don’t know about YOU, but I’m not even mad.
Really fucking relived actually…



edit: i know this has gotten a bunch of notes already ( and thank you!!!!!<3) but i still wanted to show you the cleaned up version of these sketches :>