did they just leave him hangin


AN\: lol it’s been literally forever. Oops. Anyway, I wrote this. So here you go. Let me know what you think! I take requests!!,,, unless ur request is like lame and I dont feel like it idk. Luv u all <3

Pairing: Dylan Sprayberry x reader ((sorry I don’t like putting in (Y/N) so I just put in Zoe okay))

Word count: 1,754

Warnings: na

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I walk through the automatic doors and am greeted with an onslaught of people rushing in every direction, knocking into one another and looking frantic. I look side to side, trying to figure out where to find it in this mess of bodies. I see the produce aisle and start heading towards it. A lady in front of me spills popcorn everywhere. I keep walking, picking up my speed now, and bumping into people passing by. Suddenly, alarms start going off and sprinklers from the tall ceilings go off. People are yelling now and rush to the exit. But I’ve only got one thing on my mind and I’m not leaving here without it. I toss the hood of my sweatshirt up over my already soaked hair and stick my elbows out to plow past the people blocking my way. Suddenly, I see them.

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❛ ¡lo siento! ¡lo siento! ¡lo siento! ❜
❛ hey, have you seen my ph —— oh. i’m holding it. ❜
❛ this is the healthiest i’ve eaten, like…ever. ❜
❛ we have to lock the doors so the monkeys don’t steal our shit! it’s costa rica 101! ❜
❛ oh, no…we’re not gonna have wifi…what a shame…i guess the only thing we have left to do is enjoy the scenery. ❜
❛ just make sure to lock your door at night so it doesn’t get in. ❜
❛ not the answer i was expecting, but it’s true nonetheless. ❜

❛ don’t judge me, but i’m making soy sauce cookies. ❜

❛ i just ordered ten chicken nuggets at mcdonalds and they accidentally gave me twenty. i’m so happy right now. ❜

❛ my kinks are financial stability and joseph stalin. you could not be more of a turn off right now. ❜

❛ i’m smart, like, ridiculously smart. “drunk white guy in a horror movie” smart. ❜

❛ wanna die with me? ❜

❛ is that a knife in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? because i’m really hoping it’s a knife. ❜

❛ you can’t degrade what has already been degraded. ❜

❛ i heard that you were talking shit and didn’t think i would hear it. ❜

❛ tits, its, same def. ❜

❛ i just used two different inhalers, i feel so alive. ❜

❛ my cat’s pretty cool, but he doesn’t pay the goddamn rent. ❜

❛ cut off their hands. no weak links in the family. ❜

❛ wait —— i tried to kill you in my sleep? shit. unconscious me is a riot. ❜

❛ if you’re going down, please take me with you. ❜

❛ punch a wall. maybe that’ll help. ❜

❛ are you disappointed or do you secretly approve of my life choices? ❜
❛ now, i’m not saying i’d suck his dick, but he’s my best friend and i can’t just leave him hangin’. ❜
❛ oh god, we’re gonna get fuckin’ jumped, aren’t we? ❜
❛ i’m a vegan —— but only on weekdays. ❜
❛ look. you hog the bed, and i sleep talk. let’s both just agree that we’re awful bedmates. ❜
❛ what? what did i do? i’m scared. should i be sorry? i am. i’m sorry. ❜
❛ i’ve never actually smoked pot in my life. i’m just naturally tired and stupid. ❜
❛ bet! those are empty threats! you aren’t gonna do shit! ❜
❛ i’m not gay or anything, but young joseph stalin, man… ❜
❛ in hindsight, playing with knives may not have been the smartest idea. but it’s also kinda your fault for not stopping me sooner. ❜
❛ i’m gonna memorize the whole pokérap and you’re gonna be real fuckin’ sorry you ever said that. ❜
❛ i just want some pizza rolls and a summer body. ❜
❛ swear to fucking god, play that shit one more time and i will curbstomp you with this fucking bible. ❜
❛ oh god, i think i’m gonna throw up. and this time i’m not exaggerating, so like, if you could be awesome and get me the trash can, that’d be great. ❜
❛ do you ever just wanna be eaten out? not, like, sexually. by a cannibal or something. ❜
❛ sometimes i cry when i see really good cinematography! leave me alone! ❜
❛ no, no, no, no, no —— it’s fake blood, see? fake! please stop yelling! ❜
❛ ever fought a bear? ❜
❛ not my fault you’re a dirty, illiterate werewolf. ❜

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Holy.... I saw through stories that you met Gabriel the photog. PLEASE PLEASE TELL US YOU TWO TOOK PICTURES

I did finally get to meet him! But No sadly I had to be a good student boy and leave after just an hour or two of hangin because of school the next day. Maybe someday I’ll be pretty enough for photos with him. 😜

But he’s every bit as fun as he seems on social media! Go follow him: @gabrielgastelum if you don’t already. And check out his YouTube channel and cameos with the likes of Mark & Ethan and Coleen.

Writing Request: Robbie finds out Sportacus is an elf.

This one’s going under a readmore because I felt like It was too heavily influenced by other fanfics for me to rightfully post it as my original work on Ao3. Nonetheless I hope you enjoy!

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INTJ-ENTP-INFP Social Expectations
  • INTJ is sitting at the front of the room, INFP is one seat behind and one row over. ENTP is grabbing something from a table at the front and stops at INTJ's desk, holding his hand out.
  • ENTP: Gimme five.
  • INTJ: ...
  • ENTP: ...
  • INFP: ...
  • ENTP: Come on, INTJ, it's only customary; don't leave me hangin' here.
  • INTJ: *Looks up to see his hand*
  • INTJ: What?
  • INTJ: Sorry, I was in the middle of something.
  • INTJ: What are you doing?
  • INFP: What were /you/ even doing, INTJ?
  • ENTP: Yeah, you were just sitting there.
  • INTJ: I was thinking.
  • ENTP: Oh.
  • INTJ: Why are you holding your hand towards me? Am I supposed to take it?
  • INFP: No, INTJ.
  • INFP: He wants a high five.
  • INFP: He walked over, asked you for it - twice - while you were thinking. And you did nothing. I watched the whole thing.
  • INTJ: But I heard him say something was customary. What was that about?
  • ENTP: Just give me the high five.
  • INTJ: Why?
  • INFP: He's trying to be friendly with you, INTJ.
  • INTJ: Why?
  • ENTP: It's customary to return the high five when someone offers it to you.
  • INTJ: But there's nothing to even high five about.
  • INTJ: I was just sitting here and out of the blue, you just-
  • ENTP: *Lightly slaps INTJ in the face and walks away*
  • ENTP: Should have taken the chance while you had it, man.
  • INFP: ._.
  • INTJ: -_-
  • INTJ: I did nothing wrong.
  • INFP: Okay.
The High Five

All right guys, after a promised fic here it is.  It’s based on the twitter comment Nico liked awhile back about high fiving after sex.  Anyways, this is my first go at writing fan fiction.  Let me know what ya think.  Cuz I have other ideas, I just want to see how this one goes.  I worked pretty hard on it.  Enjoy! Because I enjoyed writing it!

It’s basically set right after the end of S2


Finn woke up to the sound of heavy breathing.  He looked over to his right and was taken a back realizing he wasn’t in his room.  He remembered, he remembered last night that everything fell back into place.  He moved his head to the left and there she was asleep Rae, his Rae.  Last night had been momentous.  When he walked into the pub last night and told her he wanted to talk and she said she didn’t want to talk he had hesitation.  He thought after the hospital and after being there for her, that everything would be better, maybe he had been wrong.  But when it was getting late and she had asked him back to hers, he had to give it one last go.  He followed her with nothing but hope.

What he was not expecting was what really transpired last night.  When they went back to Rae’s and things started heating up and she pulled away to go to the bathroom, he was nervous.  He was already half way to being in his birthday suit.  Nothing left but his shirt and boxers, so when she pulled away he felt like he had gone to far.  He was nervous, he couldn’t do anything but sit on the edge of the bed biting his nails, or what was left of them for that matter.  Since returning from Leeds he hadn’t really realized how bad he had bit down his nails.  But when she came out of the bathroom and had quoted him saying, “When I say to be continued, I mean to be continued.”  Then, everything was right and she removed her robe.

A small smile tugged on his lips enjoying how it felt to be laying next to her, nothing but sheets in between them.  He had wanted this for so long, even though this had all started in the summer, it feels like such long ago him and the gang had driven past her, since Chloe got of the scooter, since she stole his 20p, since Knebworth and the sexy party. So much has happened in a little amount of time.  But he loved where they were now, where they will be going, he knows now what she needs and that is to be reminded when needed, that she in fact is strong.

She had nuzzled closer to Finn, he had thought she was awake, but after a soft sigh, she was back to her heavy breathing.  He loved how she looked, how her loose curls from last night had stayed and how they lay across the pillow.  How her lips are perched just open enough, her body, god her body, the things he did to it last night and will continue to do to it.  He caressed her cheek and she steered, slowly she opened her eyes.

“Good mornin’” she whispered. 

“Mornin’.” He replied.

“Were you starin’ at me while I’ve been sleepin’?” Rae asked a little self conscious as she looked down and noticed that half of her body isn’t really being covered by the bedding.

“Oi, I’m not a creeper if that’s what your implyin’.  I just woke up me self.  Can’t blame me for tryin’ to wake ya.”  Finn said with a smile on his face.

“Cheeky bastard,” Rae said as she pulled the sheets around her.  She can not believe what just happened.  Her and Finn, the fittest lad in all of Lincolnshire, and for all she care to knew the world, are not only back together but they had done it multiple times last night.  So many times, in fact that the last time they went at it, all she remembered is Finn laying next to her and she leaned in for a kiss and he had whispered something in her ear but she was too far gone, too tired to stay awake.  She giggled thinking about it.

“You alright there girl?”  Finn asked playing with the remnants of her curls.

“Good yeah, you?”

“I’m good, no I take that back, Rae, I’m great, I’m, I’m. I’m just happy.” Finn said rolling over on his stomach and staring up at her.

“You fell asleep proper fast last night, I was about to tell ya somethin’ but you had dozed off,” Finn said looking at her sheepishly.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe it, I’m embarrassed really, I mean we didn’t talk much last night, I um, was it, you know…good?” Rae asked and to be honest she doesn’t know why she did, she just had to know the answer. 

Finn had let out an exasperated laugh and put his hand up in the air.  Rae looked confused.  What is he doing? She thought, does he expect me to high five him?  Is this how it ends, we high five we call it a day.  I thought everything was good.

“Don’t leave me hangin’ here Rae.” Finn said with a huge toothy smile.  Rae rolled her eyes and met his hand with a smack of a high five.  But she was still confused.  Why a high five? Why not a kiss, why not a round 4 or was it 5?  What did it matter?  She may have just solidified herself as the biggest knob in the world.

“I know it’s weird that I high fived ya.  It’s just, well I feel like last night was the ultimate and I felt like it needed to be celebrated or honored.  So, high fivin’ ya was the best thing I could think of.”  Finn said after seeing the look on her face. 

“Oi Finn,” Rae said relieved, “I would have celebrated with another go but I guess a high five was good too.”

“Didn’t mean to stress ya,” Finn said leaning in to steal a kiss, after their lips met there was a fire starting to burn as they both felt behind the kiss.

“What did ya mean by, I would have had another go?” Finn asked between kisses.

“I think you know what I meant” Rae giggled.

“Whatever ya want girl…” Finn started trailing kisses down her neck.

“Besides, I want to earn another high five.” Rae exclaimed and both her and Finn laughed at the thought.


'Can't catch feelings if I've had them' pt.2 Derek Luh

part 1 here part 3 here

“I can’t "start” catching feelings if I’ve HAD them" I re-read his message over and over again. Derek and I were just friends. Best friends actually, and none of this was supposed to happen. I mean yes, I had had minor crushes here and there on him but who wouldn’t? He was an amazing guy, and an even better best friend, not to mention not too bad on the eyes. Though I was almost positive , well up until this point, he had just viewed me as his best friend and maybe just like a sister to him.

A ding from my phone sounded, tearing me from my thoughts. This was weird, I had never been nervous with Derek before. I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe I was overacting. He could just be pulling my leg, or maybe completely serious.

I slowly reached for my phone, seeing the text displayed across the lock screen, which just so happened to be a picture of Derek and you.

‘We need to talk. I can’t do this over the phone (Y/N), I’m coming over. Don’t leave.’ I was definitely more nervous than ever. In the past I had tried to push the feelings to the back burner, but they were always somewhat still present.

I rushed around trying to fix myself and the seemingly neglected house before my best friend had arrived. It smelt odd in the living room, probably the result of the week old Chinese take-out sitting on the coffee table. You carried the multiple takeout boxes toward the trash bin, dropping a pair of chopsticks along the way.

As if on cue, the doorbell sounded loudly, causing you to almost slip while running on the cherry colored hardwood floor to the front entrance. Looking to the small mirror next to the door you pushed your stray hairs back as best as you could. The door clicked open revealing a distraught looking Derek.

He let out a short sigh, happy to see you were just as nervous as he was. Smiling slightly, he pushed his way past you making his way to the soft , slightly-broken, brown couch in the living room.

“(y/n), you don’t have to stand its your own house babe.” he laughed. He fuckin laughed. You felt even more awkward now that he had pointed it out. You cautiously took a seat on the lumpy love seat, at least a foot away from Derek.

“listen, (y/n) I don’t want to scare you away. And we’ve been best friends since-well forever. Tell me if I should continue where I’m going babe.” Derek desperately searched your hazel eyes, you could tell he needed to tell you this, so you nodded your head waiting for him to continue.

“I don’t know babe, its just- I guess-look, I’m just gonna say it.” he paused heaving in a deep breath. “ Fuck, I love you” looking at you finding your expression unchanged.

You let a small laugh slip through your lips, “D- I love you too”

“No (y/n) I don’t think you get it. I love you, more than a sister ,more than  friend, and definitely more than a best friend. I’m in love with you god dammit. I want to be in a relationship with you. Are you understanding me?” Luh tried terribly hard to find a sign that you had registered what he said but to no luck.

After a few moments of an immensely awkward silence you peered up at him through your thick brown lashes, “What do you mean, you love me?”

Derek clearly couldn’t contain himself, jumping to the spot next to you, grabbing your hand in his, setting his free hand just above your jean clad knee. Your chocolate eyes widened but quickly settled when you remembered how bad you wanted this to happen. Derek started to lean in, you following suit. Just as your lips were to touch, the front door busted open and in came the whole squad.

Jack J. had addressed me then Derek, noticing he was here early. “damn derek you never on time anywhere, Why you so early?”

“ We were just hangin out guys, he’s my best friend duh.” real smooth. Lets just hope Derek doesn’t think you don’t want him just as much as he wants you.

Hey lovelies! I’m so sorry it took much longer than I had anticipated to get this finished and posted but here it is! hope you enjoy. I did happen to leave it on a bit of a cliffhanger so hit me with those notes so I know whether or not to post another part. have an amazing day :) 

This is a companion fic to @miniatureglittersoul‘s companion fic to my original fic!! I didn’t want to end this shirt trilogy on a sad note, so i wrote something to round the whole thing off and give it a happy ending.

(this is100% platonic)

The day Ford found the shirt again was the day he’d walked out of a portal and back into a world he never expected to see again.

He found it at the back of Stanley’s (his?) closet, looking for new clothes to wear, aside from the weathered ones he had on coming out of the portal. The shirt was practically in tatters. The fabric was threadbare, and covered with holes, and it was truly a miracle that it was still in one piece at all. It barely resembled the cool shirt Stanley had bragged about when he first bought it. Ford knew Stan had to have worn it often while he had been… staying here.

Ford didn’t know how to react to that. He didn’t know how to react to Stan finding this one piece of him in Ford’s house that Ford had kept, for reasons he refused to admit.

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