did they go deaf

My dad told me a story about when my grandpa was in front of the judge to get his citizenship. The judge didn’t want to grant it because he’s deaf, saying that if he did, what was going to stop my grandpa from just heading straight for welfare. Like, he flat out wanted to deny him citizenship over his disability.

How many of our hermanxs get their citizenship denied over ableism? 

When we talk about immigration and the difficulty of it all, make sure to give space to disabled immigrants as well because I know we aren’t hearing from them enough. 

Pool Party (Christian Yu Smut)

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Admin: Nari

POV: Second (male x female)

Genre: Smut (16+ material)

A/N: Part 2 to ‘Reunion Fun’. I actually kind of enjoy writing these summery smuts. It feels more natural and like I don’t have to try to make it sultry.

A clatter woke you up for you to see that your phone had fallen to the floor from vibrating so much. A dim blue sky could be seen through the window and you looked at the digital clock on your phone to see that it was 5:30 AM. You groaned, but weren’t surprised to see that your phone had vibrated endlessly thanks to Lu calling fifteen times.

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Satan the Bully

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Title: Satan the Bully

Characters: Lucifer x Reader, Gabriel

Word Count: 905

Warnings: Lucifer being a bully >:( and slight fluff

A/N: I have to admit, this one was hard to write. I’m not a bully and I don’t like to be rude at all, so forgive me if this lacks in the bullying department. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! *ALSO DON’T BE A BULLY. I WILL SEND LUCIFER HIMSELF AFTER YOU* This was also requested by an anon!

When you first found out that you were Lucifer’s soul mate, you were excited to say the least.  Those feelings quickly faded once you started to hang around Lucifer more often.  He was rude towards you since the day he met you.  He said hurtful things and never apologized once for them.  Sam and Dean were starting to get fed up with how Lucifer treated you.  They always made sure you were okay after a day of being with Lucifer.

Lately Lucifer had been getting worse about bullying you, but you were still willing to trying and be with Lucifer.  It wasn’t like you could leave him.  You loved him and you were sure he loved you.  There were still some things about being soul mates you weren’t sure of.

The fallen archangel leaned his back against the table, watching you read a book about witchcraft.  “That’s the wrong book [Y/N],” Lucifer noted, aggravation evident in his voice.  “Why can’t you do anything right?  How are you supposed to help Sam and Dean when you can’t even research the right book?”

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Birth and Bloodletting:  A Feysand Pregnancy: Part Six


It was an effort to open her eyes. But when she did, she found Nate laying next to her in her bed, his hands up behind his head, his ankles crossed. Rhys sat in a chair across from her, holding an infant. Her son. She tried to sit up.

“Rhys?” Her voice was sandpaper.

Nate’s hand rested on her shoulder, holding her back down into the bed. “Don’t get up, Aunt Feyre. You almost died.”

She tried glaring at her nephew. “Really? I didn’t know.”

He flashed her a smile before sliding his eyes to her mate. “You want me to get the other twin, Rhys?”

Her mate nodded. Nate kissed her temple and winnowed.
Her mate’s eyes bordered sadness and unbridled happiness. Rhys took Nate’s place beside her. The infant he held, her son, such a beautiful child, was swaddled tightly in a ebony blanket, his eyes closed. She felt the tears fill her eyes. Damned hormones.

Rhys handed him to her. His head fit into the crook of her arms so well. His eyes fluttered open. Her eyes looked back at her. “Hello Bartholomew,” She whispered, her thumb brushing his cheek.She looked back up at Rhys. His eyes still sorrowful. “What’s wrong? Azriel had that same look in the Cells.” What was wrong with her son.

“He can’t hear, Feyre.” His voice was so raw. “Our son is deaf.”

Tears slid down her cheek as she looked back down to her baby. His eyes were still on her. He would never hear her voice, never hear his twin or his father. Never the music that played in the Rainbow. Would he be permitted to permanent, everlasting silence?

Her heart froze. Was this her fault? Did she harm her child by going after her mate? Did she cause her son to be deaf? Did I do this to my son?

“No,” Rhys’s voice was so guttural she could barely make out the word. “Feyre don’t you ever think that. This is not your fault.”

“How do you know,” she whispered. She looked up at him. “What if I did this to our son?”


Nate leaned over the crib, his fingers resting on the bar. Biela’s eyes were closed. He wondered what it was like, having a younger sibling. He was the youngest of three. But he was soon to have a brother. Adrien even had a name picked out.

He reached in and lifted her to his chest, his hand cradling the soft cap on the back of her head. “Your parents would like to see you, Ela.”


Ash gripped the sides of the sink, letting the water run from the faucet. He could barely breathe. He had healed too much, too fast. He absorbed the damage when he healed and then his own healing would fix him. He had felt Feyre brink death. Not even a second later and she would have died.

He coughed into his hand. He blinked at the wetness in his fingers. Blood. Fuck.


He stiffed. “A little busy, Bay.”

He heard the sharp intake of breath, the increased pulse, Bay’s eyes snapped on him. “Take off your shirt.”

He shut the water off before he turned to his friend. Leaning against the sink he gave Bay a lazy grin.“I know it’s hard to not want to fuck me but I don’t swing that way. If you want to fuck someone, I suggest hitting up Nate. The male could always use a good lay.” The words sounded wrong in his mouth, but Bay didn’t know the extent of damage he took when healing too much at once. And Bay could not know; the male was as unpredictable as he was loyal. “After all he is your boyfriend. Or does he not live up to your fantasies?”

Bay’s voice was flat. “Take off your shirt, you asshole.”


Bay’s reflection stared back at him. Shirtless, cotton bottoms and messy hair and glasses. And purple circled beneath his red eyes. He had been reading, going on day three without sleep. But Ash had avoided him after he told the male he wasn’t going home until the morning, to sleep off the healing. Bay didn’t give him a choice. Although Ash’s mouth was going to hinder his ability to heal with Bay’s fist in the male’s face.

Ash grinned at him. “Getting tired of Nate already? Years of pining just to have a wandering eye after two months. Who would have thought the amount of fu-”

“Stop trying to distract me.” Bay snapped, surveying Ash’s body. His skin was pale, eyes sunken, bruising beneath the hem of his shirt. He lifted the cotton, a wide array of healing bruising covered his front and back. “How long has this been going on? How long has too much healing caused you injury?” Ash opened his mouth. Bay interrupted. “Do not lie to me.”

“It’s always been like this.” Ash said after a while.

“You’ve been lying to me.” The knot in his chest tightened; he ignored it. “And after Nesta died?”

“I blacked out for thirty-six hours in a forest in the Summer Court.” He could have died if someone found him defenseless. He could have not woken up at all. Bay restrained from yelling. It he started, he wouldn’t stop and his sister was supposed to be sleeping. Not to mention Biela and Bartholomew. He wouldn’t be responsible for waking the babies.

“If it ever come down to it, do not use your magic on me. Ever. I’m an Illyrian. I have healing of my own. If I can’t heal myself you still don’t touch me, understand? I’m not going to let you get yourself killed because of me.” He wasn’t worth Ash’s life.

Ash’s eyes widened, the smirk on his face completely absolved. “You want me to let you die?”



Nate slid Biela into Rhys’s arms. The heir’s nose scrunched, her mouth opening in a yawn. He glanced at his aunt. Her eyes were red despite the smile on her lips.

He backed out of the room, “I’m going to try to get Baylor to sleep. If you need me, let me know.” Rhys smirked at him. He glared at his uncle. “Not like that you prick.”

He made it halfway down the hall before he heard the tail end of Ash and Baylor’s conversation.

“I promise,” Ash said. He would feel the lie in his shadows. Ash wasn’t one to make promises to people. But Baylor would get one out of him. And if he was lying about a promise…

Bay walked out of the room, his glasses in one hand, the palm of other hand in his eyes. Nate narrowed his eyes at Baylor’s knuckles. They appeared raw and scabbed over. Had he been training in this state? “Are you okay?”

Bay looked up at him. His eyes were rimmed red and worn. “Did you know that Ash sustains injuries when healing too much?”

Yes, yes he did. Years of Ash healing his broken bones were testament to that. “Why do you ask?”

“Because Feyre had been healed for over five hours and he’s still coughing up blood.” He had caused Ash to have bruises on his back and torso from healing him in secret. They blamed it on training each time. Baylor had believed them each time it happened too.

He diverted the train of thought before Baylor realized he had been lied to. “What did he promise you, Baylor?”

Baylor’s eyes snapped onto his. “I told him to never heal me again.”

So that was what Ash was lying about. Ash would never put himself in that position. “Even if you were dying?”

“Especially if I was dying.”

“He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if you died and he could have prevented it.”

“And I would kill myself if he died to save me.” He said it so matter of fact. The only emotion behind those words were weariness from a lack of sleep, the denseness of his breath from forcing himself calm. Nate knew his nightmares and insomnia were worse this time of year. The anniversary of his birth mother’s death and Nesta’s death were so close together.

He gripped Baylor’s shoulders. “What do you think would happen to me if you died?” Baylor’s breathing was a forced calm. He was close to a meltdown from the lack of sleep. “You do not get to do that shit to me ever. Do you understand? Ever.”

Baylor’s face broke apart and he leaned into Nate. “I can’t sleep.” His voice was muffled and choked. “And I want to. I am so tired and can’t sleep.”

Nate wrapped his arms around him and sighed. He knew what he needed to do and Baylor would be absolutely furious. He looked down at him. Baylor was trying to calm himself down but the lack of sleep and exhaustion were making it impossible.

“Go to our rooms,” he ordered. “I’ll be there in a second.”

As Baylor walked down the hall, Nate went to find Cassian and then Ash. This was going to get ugly.


Cassian crossed his arms. “How long do you think Keir has been planning this?”

“A while,” Azriel said, picking up Aysel. His daughter was trying to grab Az’s shadows. She had been fighting sleep for the past two hours. She knew something was wrong and didn’t understand. He suspected her magic made her more prone to emotions than most. “Keir had escaped the rooms during the attack. There was evidence he had lost a lot of blood. His circlet was found broken and covered in blood.”

Cassian grinned. “Who injured him?”


He blinked. “Nate? I didn’t take the kid for the torturing type. Is it because of the broken wrist?”

Azriel pulled Aysel from climbing his shoulder down into his lap. “I think it was more than that. I think more has happened than Nate led on.” Azriel’s shadows darkened to a lethal black; Aysel squealed, trying to grab onto them.

“Did you ask him?” Cassian asked.

“I did and he dodged the question. When Feyre was giving birth, Nate’s fingers were stained with blood when he came back from taking Keir to the interrogation rooms. And they were shaking.”

Cassian leaned forward. “What did he do to Nate? Besides the obvious.”

Azriel’s eyes darkened, his shadows somehow getting even darker. Aysel smacked Az’s chest, just for Az to wrap his fingers around her hand, his eyes looked down at her. “Don’t hit. It’s not nice.” Az looked back up at him. “I don’t know and it pisses me off.”

“Do you have any clues as to where Keir is?” Nate may not tell them what happened, but Keir would sing.

“We have a track on his magic. The second he uses it, we’ll know.”


Rhys looked down at his children. His heart broke and was remade over and over again. Her eyes, his hair. They were both so beautiful.

“They look so much alike,” she whispered. They both had his blue-black hair and her eyes.

“Well,” his lips curled into a smile. “There is one way we can tell them apart, Feyre, darling.”

She snorted, the palm of her hand brushing back tears from her cheek. “Thank you for stating the obvious, you prick.”

He kissed her temple. “You’re welcome.” He met her eyes. “Thank you, Feyre. Thank you so much for giving me these gifts.” There had been so much death and ruin in his life, so much pain and loss. And then there was Amarantha, taking everything from him. He was so sure he would be her whore forever, so sure he would never see another Starfall or his family. But Feyre, wonderful Feyre, she came and died for everyone and she was his salvation. She had saved him over and over again. “I can never thank you enough. Never.”

She sniffed, “You can start by getting up in the middle of the night with them and letting me sleep.”


It all had gone so horribly wrong. He had planned and planned and planned but still the halfbreed and his whore gave birth to those abominations. His court was burned to crisps and he was hiding from his traitorous daughter’s mate. And his pathetic grandson.

Kier knew, in that moment, he did not have long left to live. He will be found and tortured eventually.

He also knew he deserved every bit of it.


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How would Hanzo deal with someone who kept flirting with his s/o, much to their own discomfort, also sending them letters etc even though they know they're already with him? They would even go as far as to mock him, saying he's too old for them etc

Thank you for your request! Gosh I love writing anything revolving anything Shimada I only hope you enjoy the story I’ve thought up. I made the person who hits on the reader a female to make the story more fun (o´ω`o)

  • “Aren’t you a little old for the both of you to be dating, aren’t you like 40?” she’d scoffed at Hanzo, her eyes piercing daggers at her romantic rival as she took a sip of her wine glass; she wondered what exactly you’d seen in him, to her there was nothing redeeming about him
  • This made Hanzo simmer in his seat as he listened to the two-faced hag spew out nonsense, he was very self-restrained and because of that he did not insult her; although if looks could kill she’d had an arrow in her chest
  • “Did I not speak loud enough or are you going deaf from old age?” she’d snickered at Hanzo, slowly he was growing more irritated by the moment, he’d hoped you come back from the bathroom soon; he thought of leaping over the table and disposing of the two-faced demon
  • When you returned from the bathroom the three of you enjoyed the evening, being the naturally-clueless person that you were, you hadn’t realized the overwhelming tension in the air; all you saw was your best friend and your beloved sharing a nice dinner
  • “Wow, that was just amazing. You’re such an amazing cook, you know that?” she’d smile at you and you’d smiled back letting out an embarrassed laugh “I don’t really think so, I mostly just follow the website’s steps” you admitted. Standing from her seat she’d walked over to you and took you by the hands, “You’re so honest you know, I really admire you for it!” she had always been so kind to you, having a friend like her made you feel so good about yourself, if anything you admired her for her kindness
  • The two of you talked for a bit longer before Hanzo stood from the table, wiping his hand with his napkin he’d looked over at you with kind eyes “It is getting late, I think it’d be best for her to leave now before the sun sets don’t you?” he’d asked you, this made you look outside and realize that he was right and bid your farewell with your friend
  • Before she left, she’d pulled you outside of your apartment and asked if the both of you speak for a moment, Hanzo overhearing this, decided to eavesdrop near the slightly open front door. She’d given you a long hug “I hope you don’t mind, but I think I’ve fallen in love with you. I’d like you to leave him and consider being with me, I feel so connected to you.”
  • Hearing this, you were shocked, never had you ever suspected that she’d had any type of romantic feelings for you; behind the door Hanzo’s fist tightened, he was slowly loosing his patience, more so he was worried that there could be a possibility of you leaving.
  • Looking at her, you laid a hand on her shoulder, “Thank you for admitting your feelings, I’m sure that must have taken a lot of courage to muster up, but..” you trailed off for a moment trying to find the right words “It will always be Hanzo, I’ve never been with someone that brings out all these great sides to me, I feel that he’s the missing piece of my life that I’ve been searching for, I love him very deeply and want to share my life with him.” 
  • Hearing this made her chest tighten, she’d nodded her head and laughed a bit out of embarrassment “well I’m glad that you’re happy, that’s all that matters to me” she’d then waved goodbye before leaving you in the hall; behind the door Hanzo stood leaned against the door, his face was beyond red and his heart was beating, he felt like a little school girl
  • When you’d opened the door, out flew a noisy Hanzo looking up at you, placing your hands on your hips you let out a long laugh before calling him out “Noisy are we?” You held out a hand to him as he rose from the ground with your help, he did not look at you but you could tell that he was embarrassed, more so by the words you’d spoke then him getting caught
  • Before you could speak again he quickly brought you into an embrace, he then muttered “I love you” as the both of you entered your home
Maid to measure

And for those who prefer their stories not as captions:

Gary was sitting his desk, idly thumbing through the latest reports from the Asian companies he worked with. “Why do these god darn gooks have to be so productive?” he said to no-one, wondering if he could do something else to hang onto his job. He’d got to the head of a computing firm by basically being pretty good at IT and being subversively racist by either elbowing fellow competitors at the firm out of the way or setting up non-white managers for a fall. He’d hidden his real views well but still didn’t trust anybody who wasn’t white and male.

He grunted as the clock swung past the end of his shift and decided to head straight back home. There was a game tonight and, with his trophy wife away at the beach house for a couple of weeks, he could watch without her “inane commentary”.

As he was opening up his car, she appeared almost out of nowhere. Some wizened, half-bent over Chinese – or maybe Japanese, Gary didn’t care – and wanted change or something. Usually he’d have just shooed her away but he was hungry and eager to get home so promptly opened the car door into her side, forcing her to the ground. Sliding in he ignored her plaintive cries and fired the engine up. The last he saw was a weak fist being waved at him in the rear view mirror and some words he didn’t understand.

“Not long to go,” he checked his car’s clock as he slid into his driveway. Bounding up the steps, he slammed the door and reached to flick on the TV. The game had just started and he slipped a beer from the fridge next to the chair, ramped up the volume and settled in.

Something must have caused his to doze off because partway through the game his eyes seemed to just slide shut and his breathing became deeper. That was when the glow started to form around his body, something shifting about him as parts of Gary’s body began to change in unnatural ways, his skin softening as his muscles weakened, his chest rising further than it could before in places even as his waist drew in and his height shrank….

The doorbell bonged. Gary shook his drowsy head and tried to remember what was going on. The TV was just playing out the post-match analysis and he realised he must have dozed off. He bent forward to get up and stopped, stunned. Around his waist was a massive, poofy black skirt…or rather the bottom of some black dress, with a large white big at the front. He reached to poke it, wondering what it was, when he stopped again. The hand in front of his eyes looked alien. It was small, slim, no hair on the arm which was bare. And the nails were coated in a sleek pink polish. He raised it in front of him and marvelled at what he saw. He reached with his other hand, ignoring that it looked the same, and poked at the first hand before pinching the skin.

“Owww!” he yelped, feeling the pain. They were definitely his hands! He was about to explore further when the doorbell bonged again. And again. Not thinking straight but knowing someone was at the door, Gary hoped off the chair, missing that he was a good foot shorter, and bounced to the front door, opening it before realising that it might not be the best idea.

“Oh at LAST Chun, did you go deaf or something?” sighed a fairly annoyed looking guy in his mid-forties. Without waiting, he pushed past a startled looking Gary who then scurried to keep up with the man as he strode towards the kitchen.

“But, but, but…” was all Gary could say and the man stopped suddenly, almost leading to Gary crashing into his back. “Chun, I told you before – when I don’t want you to talk, you don’t say ANYTHING, got it? Otherwise you’ll be on the first plane back to god knows where and without ANY money, kapish?”

Gary shut up, he didn’t know what was going on but he felt like he shouldn’t talk back and instead fell silent, arms behind his back as the man rifled through the mail on the counter and then flicked on his phone to check something or other. While that was happening, Gary stole a look in a mirror fridge magnet on the side of the unit and almost gasped. Looking back at him wasn’t the same white guy from before. He had the strong Asian features of an attractive Chinese woman. His slanted eyes and long, brown-dyed hair led down to a maid dress which stretched from shoulders to mid-thigh, bulging out over a pair of sizeable breasts before drawing in around his waist. All his male features were gone and instead was the look of fear growing in his eyes.

What he’d failed to notice was the man moving behind him and, just as Gary realised ALL of his body was now female, he felt the man’s hand slip under his dress and two fingers slip into his pussy. Gary stiffened at the shock and then almost collapsed as the man rubbed his new clitoris, sending shockwaves of pleasure through Gary.

“Now, now Chun, don’t go passing out on me before we’ve had some fun,” the man grinned, his hand sliding back out of her to reach for his zip, “be a good little maid an bend over the counter.”

Gary didn’t like how this was going but didn’t know what else to do and, before he could resist, he felt the man’s hand press on his back and he was leaning over the counter, even as he felt the air on his bottom, with the skirt being flipped up by the man.

If he’d felt pleasure before, that was as nothing compared to what he felt as something was suddenly thrust into his newly acquired vagina, a something that was clearly a cock when it was pulled back, almost out of him, and then shoved back in. Stars burst across Gary’s vision as two hands clamped onto the front of his dress and, when he felt his nipples being tweaked he would have collapsed to his feet had not the man’s dick been thrusting into him. He felt something new building inside of him, almost like a wave which seemed to come from all points of his body as pleasure centres exploded in his brain and….

The man grunted and Gary felt a hot liquid shoot into his insides as the cock was pulled back from his pussy. The wave started to fade as the man zipped his pants up, slapped his ass hard and lent in close: “Just our secret Chun. Now, back to your cleaning and we’ll see if you can put a good shine on my knob later.”

He patted Gary’s head and left. Gary bit his lip. He felt used now and could feel what he assumed had been his first female orgasm drifting away and he didn’t know what to do. All he knew was he was in what was once his house, in a strange female body and couldn’t tell anyone anything as, who’d believe him….and, worst case, he could be deported.

As he heard footsteps coming back, Gary reached for a feather duster. If anything, he was trapped and, unless he could work out how this had happened, he was stuck as some rich guy’s maid…

Event: Red Velvet 2017 Rare Character @ladylorelitany @jeffreydeanmorganrarechar

Title: The Gift

Character: Erastus “Deaf” Smith

TV: Texas Rising

Warnings: None, pure fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Y/N wanted something nice. Working hard all her life and she couldn’t afford the beautiful red velvet dress in the window.

Don’t get her wrong, she had everything; a home, farmland, healthy, strong animals that provided the goods they needed to survive and the best of all, a damn good husband.

Erastus “Deaf” Smith was a gentle family man at home and a fierce fighter out in the fields. He took care of her, gave her everything she needed. He was loving, attentive and spoke to her and of her with a gentleness that no one else could.

She jumped at the touch of a warm hand on her shoulder.

“It’s me,” Deaf said, his voice deeper than normal due to his hearing loss.

“Sorry,” she said with a smile while signing her apology.

Everyone had been on edge lately, the crime rate a little higher than normal due to the war.

Deaf smiled, turning his attention to the dress she was staring at.

“It’s beautiful,” she sighed.

“No, it’s pretty, but you are beautiful, Darlin’,” Deaf placed a sweet kiss on her temple.

She blushed, biting her lip. Tilting her head to the side, she kissed Deaf’s bearded cheek, “You’re too sweet, Deaf.”

“I only speak the truth, Y/N.”

Y/N faced him, cupping his warm cheeks, “And that is one of the many reasons why I love you,”

His arms circled her waist as he leaned down to peck her lips, “I love you too, Sweetheart.”

A gust of wind blew through the town, making the couple realize that they should head home before nightfall.

“Let’s get home before it gets too cold,” Deaf said, leading Y/N away from the store.
The calmness that was around the homestead didn’t last long. It was late in the night when the Rangers came, needing Deaf’s help on a mission.

The extreme cold air gusted across the land, making the house rattle from the force.

Deaf wrapped his gun belt around him, watching as Y/N wrapped her robe tighter against her.

She worried her bottom lip as he bundled up.

“I’ll be okay,” he said, softly.

“Out there, with the war? I know… I just worry about you getting sick,”

Her confidence in him always made him feel ten feet tall and her worry of his health made him feel well loved.

Holding out his gloved hand to her, he wiggled his fingers, “I’ll be fine, Sweetheart.”

She placed her hand, delicate, but work worn in his, giving him a firm squeeze as her emotions got the best of her.

“I know, but I feel the need to say it. No matter what, you come back to me, Erastus.”

He smiled, his dimples so deep that they were even visible through his thick beard, “Yes Ma'am.”

A knock on the door signaled Deaf that he needed to get a move on.

He kissed her, savoring the taste of his wife as he did each time before when having to go away.

“I will be back, Darlin’. I promise.” He whispered against her lips.
Three weeks. For three weeks Deaf and the Rangers were on a mission to find a missing solider.

After scouting for a week and half, they’d finally found him, a prisoner in a hideaway camp.

The soilder was delivered safely back to his family; the reward more than enough to go around the Rangers three times.

The men boasted about how they’d spend their money.

Deaf kept his plans to himself, knowing exactly how he’d spend his.

A pebble being thrown at him made him look up, “What?”

“Whacha spending yer share on?” Bean asked, loudly so Deaf could hear him.

“My wife,” he said, clicking his tounge to get his horse moving faster.

A two day ride and Deaf was finally back home. He’d stopped into town, picking up Y/N’s surprise and a few other little things.

All he wanted was a nice hot bath, a hot meal and time with his woman.

He could see her shadow as she moved around the house.

A smile stretched across his lips as he put the horse away and grabbed the saddle bags.

Y/N came to the door step, the shotgun drawn, “Who’s there!?” She asked.

Deaf kept quiet, not hearing her. He watched as her arms pumped as she cocked the shotgun.

“It’s me!” Deaf said, holding up his hands.

“Damnit Deaf!” She cursed, lowering the firearm.

She stepped back into the dim lit house, letting Deaf inside where it was warm.

The second the door shut, Deaf wrapped Y/N up in his arms.

“Are you alright?” She asked, her voice muffled as her face was buried in his shoulder.

“Hmm?” He pulled back, just enough to see her face.

“You were gone for a long while… are you alright?”

Taking his hand, he cupped her cheek, his thumb caressing the apple of it, “I’m fine, Sweetheart. I missed you, but I’m fine.”

His hands slid down her shoulders to her hands as he grasped them in his, “I brought you a gift,”

Her eyes lit up, a shy smile on her lips, “You did?”

“Yes Ma'am,” Deaf squeezed her hands before going to his saddle bags and removing the medium box.

He handed it to her, watching as she took it to the table and lifted the lid. He saw her mouth open, but couldn’t hear the gasp.

Y/N’s eyes swam in tears as she looked to Deaf. He had rendered her speechless.

She signed, too afraid to speak, ‘I can’t believe you got this!’

It was the red velvet dress that was in the shop window that she was admiring weeks ago.

He chuckled, signing back to her, 'I did. Now you have to promise to wear it for me.’

Gently, she lifted the dress from the box and was shocked at how light it was. From the look of it on the mannequin, it seemed to be quite heavy.

Y/N held it to her chest, grabbing a small bunch of fabric from the dress and holding it out.

She spun around, her smile near child like.  Carefully, she placed the dress back in the box, then ran over to Deaf where she jumped into his arms.

“Thank you!” She said, kissing his cheek repeatedly.

Deaf laughed, holding her up by the waist. His laugh was silenced when she sealed her lips over his in a slow, loving kiss.

He took her to their bedroom, where he kicked the door shut.

She could always wear the dress another time.



Myth: you're deaf, you can't talk. You're hard of hearing you can talk (and super well at that)

Just a little PSA!! Just because someone is deaf, that doesn’t automatically mean that they can’t speak!! AND just because someone is only half deaf/hard of hearing, that doesn’t mean that they can speak super clearly or at all! FOR EXAMPLE: Mandy, the girl on Americans got talent who is completely deaf, she can speak really well almost sounding like someone who isn’t deaf, because she didn’t become deaf until she was 18 so she had all of that time to learn how to speak and develop her words while she was still hearing. As for me, someone who is half deaf, I can speak, I can’t speak very clearly, but that’s because I was born half deaf, so I didn’t have any time to develop my words and speech, because never had a point in time where I was fully hearing! (Not that I didn’t go to tons of speech therapy, I did)

scrolling through the comments of hey vomits live performances are always like “omg rena yas gurl slayyyy” make me think that rena has actually improved. then i listen to the actual video/audio and i’m like… did she make y'all go deaf?? the fuck???

anyone who has ever listened to hey violet live and still think that rena’s “high notes” are killing it, please go to warped tour, go listen to the people singing every damn day in the wildest weather imaginable, and hear them sound almost exactly the same as on their album, better, or still give the best damn performance of their lives despite their bodies being shot from the constant movement of warped tour.

rena is not hitting any decent notes when she belts out hoodie, she’s off key, pitchy, and still acting like she’s too good for any of it. just walking around stage, a couple hair flips, and laying on the ground are not performance moves, not unless we’re at a poetry reading.

i am tired of y'all holding rena as the standard for good vocals, when she is subpar at best. she tries to imitate melanie martinez, halsey, and lana del rey, but still tries to pretend that she’s an alt rocker girl. she has a terrible voice and she ruins it even more every time she opens her mouth.


Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Cassian Andor x Reader

Summary: Reader has a not so tiny crush on Cassian. Inspired by this prompt


“I know what you want.”


“It’s me, isn’t it? Go on, sweetheart. Say it.”


“Denying doesn’t help your case much. I can see it in how you look at me.”

You were a mess. Not even a hot mess! You were a downright mess. Damn, Cassian Andor! Always making you blush and looking so cool and leader-like.

“Uuuugghhh!” You leaned your head against the X-Wing you were currently fixing.

“Miss Y/N-”

“AH!” You jumped back to find K-2SO standing behind you, “Kay Two, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

“Well, you should be more aware of your surroundings.”

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EXO(OT12) reaction to you singing badly in the shower.

A/N: lmao i had so much fun w this tbh. Also, i’m posting so quickly to make up for my absence tomorrow! 


he is an angel on earth in disguise, so when he heard you singing, terribly at that, he’d kind of make a face, staring at the bathroom from above his glasses like a true grandpa and kinda just laugh and shake his head because you’d be singing loudly to call me baby and he would be simultaneously in awe because cute but also like…I’m trying to read…quiet down a little jagi, but when you got out he’d just ask if your shower was good and if you said yeah, he’d be like “I could tell.” And enjoy your face as you realized how loud you might’ve been

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To start with, chanyeol would not let you shower in peace, so even if you began singing horribly, he’d already be used to it. In the bedroom he’d hear you and his smile would widen as he let himself into the steamy bathroom, beginning to sing with you just as awfully as you shampooed your hair, trying not to laugh as he tried to choreograph a dance with the song from outside the shower glass, like chanyeol please

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diva, would hear you singing and crash through the door so dramatically, scaring you half to death and he waltzed in. “You call that singing?” He’d begin, your head peeking out the shower curtain at him, exasperated as you watched him clear his throat and test his vocal range before starting where you had left off on the song, singing just as nasty as you returned to your shower and began too, both of you trying to top the others pitch.

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He’d be eating some food, waiting for you to come out of the shower when he heard you bellow out what sounded like an attempt at a high note, and he would half choke on whatever was in his mouth, caught of guard at the sudden sound emanating from the bathroom. He’d walk to the bathroom to make sure you hadn’t fallen or something and knock like “u okay?” And when you were like “ya why?” He’d just be like nvm gtg and shake his head giggling like oh shit so she was trying to sing

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soo…would hear you in the shower, and he would be so blunt about it, like he’d come up to the door and knock like “what are you doing in there? Why does it sound like something’s dying?” And you’d kinda be sad and like okay, but once he realized you were only trying to sing he’d feel even worse and come to the door and start to yelp out lyrics to the song with you until you were a laughing mess in the shower and desperately trying to wash your body and sing.

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chen would be the type to hear you, but not say anything during the entire shower period, like you wouldn’t even think you sounded that loud or that bad but then once you got out the shower all squeaky clean and happy he’d be sitting in the bedroom with some ear muffs on and look at you and yell “oh you’re finally done? Can I take these off now?” And when you got mad at him he’d just continue to poke fun at your voice until you threw your towel at his face like s h u t u p Chen

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record, record, post. Sehun would hear you singing and peep inside the shower, setting his phone to record the song as you passionately belted out lyrics, trying to muffle his laugh as he took snapchats of you and captioned it shit like “Omg next Beyoncé” or “y/n gonna replace Kyungsoo as a main vocal” and would just have this smug look on his face until you saw the snapchats and yelled at him, but he would only hug you tightly in your towel and tell you he’d take your voice over kyungsoos any day

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my polite son, he would hear you, but would be too nice to actually call you out on how bad it sounded. He’d hear you and kind of go red in the face because extreme second hand embarrassment and would just try to ignore it, but the second you got out the shower and saw his face you’d be like Kai what’s wrong? And he would just shake his head and let a snide comment slide like “how was your shower? It sounded pretty stressful.” While you just rolled your eyes at him

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he would laugh insanely hard at you, like this boy would start shedding tears because of two reasons, you sounded so cute, and you sounded so bad. when he heard you he’d kind of be confused like…is she alright, but when he made out the lyrics he’d start bending over in pain from laughter, and the second you got out you’d hear him laughing from the living room and when you asked him he’d still be trying so hard to talk but all he could get out was how cute you are lmao

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 my god, at first you’d be embarrassing him because you were singing so damn loud and awfully, but then luhan would hear you and walk up inside the bathroom and sit down on the toilet, very seriously bringing his hand up to his mouth as this boy started to make a beat.You’d hear him start this lame ass shit outside the shower curtain and pull it back to stare at him, & he’d kind of be like, no? I was making it better wasn’t I? “Get out luhan.”  Cause now he’s embarrassing you.

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Tao is going to roast you so hard for singing like that in the shower, as soon as he hears you, rip you. He’s gonna wait until you got out the shower in the chair y'all got in the room with his legs crossed and a slight smile, and as soon as you came in he’d go in. “Did the water get in your ears and make you go tone deaf?” “How hot was it in there to make you think you sounded good?” “Did you hear the neighbors crying dog give you some backup vocals?” And you’re all red mumbling as you look for undies and Tao is still laughing so hard every time he remembers your singing voice, he’s a savage.

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he’s a blend, like he’s gonna act so many different ways lmao, like he’s gonna hear you and then at first he’s gonna be confused and like? What are you doing? But then he’d realize and get mad at you for singing because he’s trying to Nap, but then he’d start laughing at you from outside the door, and start knocking, distracting you, and when you asked him why he was knocking he’d be like “to get some peace and quiet from you.” And he’d laugh even harder, until he heard the door open and an angry, dripping wet you looking at him and then it’s not funny no more because he has a wet towel smack him in the face and he’s like what did I do wrong?

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Orser: (helps Yuzu with his jacket) No media, go right to the aisle. (Yuzu: okay) go to the medical, okay? We’ll probably get you see a doctor, yeah? Gonna make sure you are okay.
Yuzu: (pats pooh, Orser laughs, then pass him a tissue)
Fan screams: Yuzu kawaii! Yuzu kakkoi!!!!!!
Orser: Wow. (Yuzu smiles)
Orser: (Heaves a huge sigh of relief)
Yuzu: (Grabs his bottle for a drink) Okay, I am done. Finish.
Yuzu: I wanna make it to the finals.
Orser: You never know actually. You never know. We have to make- we have to get you healthy first. Okay? You gonna feel it tomorrow. (Yuzu nods) No exhibition. (Orser shakes his hand, Yuzu nods)
Announcement: Scores for Yuzuru Hanyu please.
Orser: Okay, this doesn’t matter. Okay? The main thing is that you went out and skated, alright? (Yuzu kept nodding) That’s the main thing. There’s where you need to be most proud of. 

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It's open! I would like a soulmate au with our lovely captains?

my dear anon do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for someone to request for a soulmate au? a while. BLESS YOU AND I GET TO WRITE FOR MY FAVOURITE CAPTAINS! I hope you don’t mind me writing for Daichi, Oikawa, Kuroo and Bokuto only? if you’d like more captains, don’t be shy and hit me up with more!!



Everyone was born with a countdown on their wrists. The moment you came out, all sticky with blood and bawling was when the countdown started. It was a pretty intimidating number in the beginning, that counted down from years.

On the first day of kindergarten, everyone was comparing their countdown imprinted within their wrists. Some of them had a shorter time compared to others, and it seemed that everyone else would be meeting their soulmates in junior high whilst you had to wait until high school. You never really gave much thought to the countdown clock, for when the time comes, you’ll definitely find your soulmate.

However, it was when everyone started pairing up with their soulmates was when the nagging feeling of jealousy began setting in. You watched as your best friends soon spent less time with you and with their soulmates instead, and went on per say double dates together. Your parents too met each other in junior high - so why did you have to wait until high school? But you were a patient person, by nature and so you waited till high school.

Come third year high school where you have managed to find a friend who still had their countdown clock running. The two of you had similar times which was one of the reasons why the two of you started talking but over time, found similar interests and hobbies. However, as similar as the two of you may be, she was definitely more of a party animal compared to you. With close contacts from a notorious party school, Johzenji, you had reluctantly tagged along with her to one of their parties.

“_______, loosen up! You’re in your third year of high school - let’s party!” she dragged you around in circles until you were dizzy and unable to decline her offer.

Unlike most of the small reserved parties you had been to, you definitely knew that you were not going to get away by wearing a simple top and jeans. Instead, she had other ideas for you. “No way in hell am I letting you go out with that!” she pointed at your simple getup of a flowy top and skinny jeans. It was comfortable and casual.

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”

“We’re talking about Johzenji hello? You need to spice it up!” she hopped off your bed, rummaging through her bag. “I knew something like this would happen.” After minutes of rummaging, she pulled out a fairly decent mini black dress and tossed it in your direction.

It was a decent length which surprised you, for you had originally thought the dress was going to be shorter than it actually was. It stopped just in the middle of your thighs, swished comfortably and showed off your fairly decent assets. Thankfully, she was allowing you to get away with minimal makeup and within half an hour you found yourself in the middle of Johzenji’s wild parties.

Naturally, the atmosphere was lively and full of teenage hormones especially. The loud pounding bass of the music drummed in your ears and you wondered how did anyone survived a party without going deaf? The dance floor was a mess. “I’m just going to get a drink!” you yelled over some obnoxious pop song to your best friend who had already found herself a dancing partner. You recognised the person dancing with her in an instant.

Terushima Yuuji, the current captain of the Johzenji volleyball team, host of this particularly wild party and also your cousin. You were pleasantly surprised that he was studying within your region but never really gave much thought in meeting up with him. Instead, you left him with a warning look over your best friend before slinking out of the mosh pit of bodies to find some fresh air.

Suddenly, there was a shock within your wrist and you quickly stared down at it. The crappy flashing lights made it rather difficult to watch the time on your wrist but you knew something was happening.

Your soulmate was nearby.

Staring back at the mosh pit of bodies, your heart sank to the floor, knowing that it would be physically impossible for you to find your soulmate in a scenario like this. Why the hell did the gods think this was a great place for you to find your soulmate? The countdown had not ended yet, instead, it was counting down rapidly, faster than it normally would and you were frantic, pushing through sweaty bodies trying to find your soulmate.

You almost made it out of the mosh pit when someone who seemingly had two left feet tripped you just as you were exiting the group of bodies. Just before your face made impact to the ground, a pair of sturdy arms stopped you from falling to your demise (an exaggeration) and helped you back to your feet. As the two of you made eye contact, the countdown stopped, dissolving away in your skin.

“Hi..” You mustered after staring at the man before you for a while. He had dark chocolate eyes to match his hair (even the terrible light can’t hide how good looking he was). “Uh, thanks for saving me.”

“Not a problem.” he answered, giving you a small smile. “So I’m assuming that your countdown had just stopped rather abruptly?”

You chuckled then nodded. “You could say it has. __________, a pleasure.”

“Sawamura Daichi, nice to meet you, soulmate.”


(cr: jensendaddy)

You stared at the now reddish tint that was glowing on your palm, sighing at it. It was painful, but you had grown accustomed to it. Along with the other injuries and pain that you experience on a daily basis. You shook your head, ready to give your soulmate a piece of your mind when you met them. You knew they were a volleyball player, from the bruises on your arms, sometimes on your face and the hand.

You had already known your soulmate was a volleyball player at a young age - however, you had never bothered trying to find them. What’s the point of trying to find a soulmate? But as time passed and your friends found their soulmates, sharing injuries together and treating each other’s injuries, you couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of their relationship. You wanted to know who this mystery volleyball player was, as it was because of them that you had to wear a knee brace in your right knee where your soulmate had badly injured himself.

“You’re an idiot for not trying to find him, you know ______.” your best friend scolded. “If I were you, I’d be at the gym every day trying to find this idiot who gave you that knee injury and give him a piece of my mind.”

“It’s okay I guess. At least I get excused from sports.” you mumbled, returning to your book. You had always preferred books over sports, which was another reason why you didn’t bother about finding your soulmate, because you two are such polar opposites there was no way the two of you could work. However, it was after all in the gods decisions for the two of you to be soulmates and there was no denying fate.

Enter third year and your best friend still wouldn’t let you go for not finding your soulmate. She constantly nagged at you on a daily basis to go to the school’s gym but you would always find an excuse not to watch the volleyball players practice. But today, there was no avoiding the gym because there had been rumours of Karasuno High coming for a practice match. You knew the captain from Karasuno High briefly from junior high but parted ways for high school and never talked to each other again. You were curious to find out how he looked.

Seijoh was losing to Karasuno, you couldn’t believe it! You were too engrossed in the match to try searching for your soulmate, as none of them could be your soulmate. Firstly, it was because watching the way the ball impacted their arms as they received it, would’ve made you feel the pain and yet you were feeling no pain, which ruled out all the volleyball players on the court. “See, my mystery volleyball player is not here.” you told your best friend, resting your chin in your hand as you watched the game from the sides.

Karasuno’s captain seemed to have shaped up pretty well from when you last saw him from junior high. Even though it has been a couple of years since the two of you saw each other, you were still able to recognise him. The two of you had a curt chat before returning to your seats to watch the match unfold.

You were not friends with any of the third year volleyball players because firstly, they were intimidating, especially the ace: Iwaizumi Hajime. Surprisingly enough, your best friend had the honour of being his soulmate and she gushed on a daily basis. “I wonder who’s Oikawa’s soulmate.” you heard your best friend sigh. You looked to the left to see lady charmer Oikawa Tooru strutting into the gym, with his jacket loosely around his shoulders and a gaggle of fangirls gushing.

“Oikawa-senpai!” your underclassman squealed. You couldn’t help but notice the white knee brace he wore on his right knee and touched your knee consciously. Could it be? Nah, it’s just a coincidence, right?

You watched him warm up effortlessly and as Karasuno thought they were about to win the second set, Oikawa was switched in. The atmosphere in the court changed, everyone knew Oikawa was Seijoh’s official setter and boy was he good at his position. However, he was brought in as a server and you touched your palm, waiting for the pain. Oikawa spun the ball in between his palms and bounced it on the floor. Tossing the ball up with grace, he broke into a run and you immediately felt a slight amount of pressure on your right knee. With a light jump, he smacked the ball across the court and there was a searing pain on your palm.

You were Oikawa’s soulmate.

“Knew it.” your best friend smirked. “Hikari owes me mochi. Do you want me to stay after practice?”

“Sure. You’re just excited because now you can double date.” you nudged your best friend who giggled to herself.

“You said it, not me!” she sang in a singsong voice. The match finished up and both teams bowed in respect and Karasuno headed back. Seijoh’s first years began cleaning up quick but Oikawa and Iwaizumi were still practicing. Your best friend ran over to her soulmate slash boyfriend and patted his arm fondly and you tagged along awkwardly.

Oikawa was busy practicing some jump serves while Iwaizumi chatted with your best friend. He snuck glances to his best friend every once in a while. “Damn it Shittykawa, you’re gonna injure yourself! And your soulmate.” Iwaizumi reprimanded as Oikawa slammed a pretty hard ball. You clutched your hand and tried to hide the pain. It’ll be a little too awkward to announce that you were Oikawa’s soulmate.

However, Oikawa kept practicing and Iwaizumi gave him a slap on his back. “Shit!” you swore loudly, jumping forward at the pain and the two boys stared at you.

“Oh shit Shittykawa.” Iwaizumi swore.

Oikawa rubbed his back but stared at you carefully. “I’m guessing you’re my soulmate?” he asked, walking up to you sheepishly. You nodded, unable to form proper sentences from the pain just now. “I am so sorry for all the injuries that I have caused you over the years.” he apologised quickly.

Iwaizumi and your best friend had disappeared, leaving the two of you in the gym alone. “It’s okay, it’s made me tougher and more resistant to pain. I’m sorry that I am so clumsy and often end up with too many clumsy bruises.” you apologised as well, blushing as you did.

“I’m assuming you have a knee brace too?” Oikawa asked and you nodded. “Damn me and my insane passion. How are you coping?”

“It’s bad but hey, I get into more accidents on a daily basis trying to navigate my way around, so that’s equally as bad.” you made light of the situation. “I’m __________. Nice to meet you, soulmate.”

“Oikawa Tooru. A pleasure to be yours.”



You were always born like this. One eye a dull, plain hazel brown whilst the other was a brilliant gold that often glinted under the sun. You remembered looking back at your reflection for the first time and knowing how royally screwed you were because: who the heck had eyes like that? Your parents however, had one of the easiest eyes to find in your opinion, your mother having a brilliant blue whilst your father an emerald green. It was unique, yet common, unlike this stupid gold looking ones.

There were lots of teasing at school, especially by your friends whom had already found their soulmates. It was easy for them, and should be easy for you as you lived in a small town. Surely the gods above would match you with someone within your town, right? But that hope soon diminished when you graduated junior high and with most of your friends already paired up with their soulmates, planning for their futures.

“I heard she still doesn’t have a soulmate.”

“How unlucky. I mean look at those gold eyes! How could anyone find a soulmate with such unique traits?”

“It’s so sad. I’m glad I found mine.”

Whispers like these filled your daily life and you slowly began to lose hope in this soulmate thing. You started to think that you actually did have heterochromia and you will never ever find your soulmate.

However, there was a turn of events when your parents were relocated to Tokyo. Your father worked as a university lecturer and he had been wanted by a university in Tokyo for quite a while but he had rejected as he didn’t want to move you in the middle of your junior high. But your father had only begun his relocation in the beginning of your third year which made matters worse because you had to endure two years of slight teasing and whispers about not having a soulmate.

Tokyo, was a beautiful city. You had expected to be living in the direct hub but you were slightly disappointed when you had to live in the suburbs area of Tokyo. However, the bustling hub was just a few train rides away which cheered you up. Lying in your bed, you looked at your new uniform that lay before you. It was much simpler compared to your old school, with a white collared shirt, grey blazer and a black skirt. You also had a ribbon which was all good.

The night before you began your first day at Fukurodani Academy, you tossed and turned. What if you couldn’t find your soulmate at Fukurodani? What if you were destined to never ever find your soulmate? Hell, what if your soulmate lived half across the world? Thoughts like those flooded your mind but you soon fell into a deep slumber, the thoughts disappearing into the pool of dreams.

“Nervous?” your father asked as he walked you to the school. It had been a while since your father had walked you to school, for you would usually walk with your best friend back home. It was an odd feeling but you liked it all the same. It brought back memories from kindergarten and those were the good days where soulmates were disregarded.

“I just hope to find my soul mate here, that’s all.” you answered truthfully, tugging at your skirt.

Your father chuckled. “You and your soulmate talk. Give it time ______. You’ll find them.” your father reassured, kissing the top of your forehead. “Take care!”

You nodded, grateful for his blessing. But within the first few minutes of stepping into the school compound, your father’s blessing seemed to have been jinxed because you heard someone yelling: ‘Watch out!’ and a volleyball smacking you right in your face. The impact of the ball was hard and you tumbled back, dropping to the ground. A collective gasp erupted amongst the students who saw the whole thing unfold. ‘Take care’? Yeah right. You had already made a fool of yourself at your new school and to make matters worse, blood was pouring out of your nose.

Someone was running in your direction, spiky silver grey hair was all you can make out from the blur. There were a few other heads following the person as they crouched around you. “I am so sorry! Are you alright?”

“No she’s not alright Bokuto-san, her nose is bleeding.” another voice spoke, lifting your chin up. He whipped out a packet of tissues from his pocket and passed it to you. You were still seeing stars as you twisted the tissue paper and carefully placed it up your nose to stop the bleeding. “Someone get her an ice pack.”

You laid on the ground for quite a long time, as the group of boys helped you to stop the bleeding. The one who offered you the tissues, Akaashi, as you had gotten to know was your underclassman and it was his captain that had accidentally sent the ball in your direction. The team gathered around you in a collective silence, eyeing you up and down. You noticed some of them had mismatched eyes like yours and instantly knew that they were wondering if you were their soulmate. But when all their eyes registered yours, they groaned quietly to themselves and crossed their arms, whispering amongst themselves.

The captain, or Bokuto-san, was all you knew, rushed back with an ice pack after an agonising wait. You had already gone through five packets of tissues in which you promised to pay them back and the bleeding still wouldn’t stop. “Crap I am so sorry for hitting you with the ball, I didn’t even see you there dear God, please forgive me.” he babbled, fumbling with the ice pack.

“Bokuto-san,” Akaashi said quietly.

“Yes Akaashi?” he turned his head to your underclassman. The two of you had yet to make eye contact and you were curious about his eye colour.

“There’s a small cut in between her eyes, there may be a bruise there so placed the ice pack there.” Akaashi explained. He looked you in the eye and gave you an odd nod of his head. You raised an eyebrow. What was he playing at?

“Thanks Akaashi!” Bokuto-san replied and patted his underclass man’s back with pride. He returned back to your face, and that’s when both your eyes met. You saw his left eye, that beautiful shade of gold that glinted under the sun. And his right eye was the chocolate hazel shade that you knew was yours. The female’s original eye colour was always on the right and the male’s on the left. And you watched as that hazel colour of yours faded away and shimmered into that brilliant gold. You blinked your eyes and suddenly realised, you had found your soulmate.

“We’ll just leave it to you ace!” the team whistled as they got up to leave. You stared back at the now matching golden eyes and gasping in disbelief. You couldn’t believe it! Just this morning you wished that you could meet your soulmate, and now you did.

“Bokuto Koutarou.” he introduced himself once the two of you stopped admiring each other’s eyes. “Um, I’m very sorry about hitting you with the ball.”

“________. And that’s okay. Who knew I would be meeting my soulmate over a volleyball?” you chuckled, shaking his hand.

Patience truly is a virtue.



From the first day you are born, you were already born with a tiny charm clasped within your fingers. Everyone was born with a charm within their palms and it was up to them to decide how they were going to wear it. “It’s how you’re going to find your soulmate.” your mother had explained from a young age, tying the charm into a fashionable necklace with brown string and twine.

Your mother told stories about how she found your father, her soulmate, in high school. “You see, your father was a volleyball player and he had the greatest hair ever.” she would swoon telling the story over and over again and your father would kiss her cheeks whilst you squealed in disgust. “My friends were constantly dragging me to the gym to watch them practice and every time I attended, this necklace grew warmer but I never gave much thought because it was the gym - it was bound to be hot. But one day, somehow, your father sent a volleyball straight in my direction and I smacked it away quickly, and he ran up to me and that’s when I realised my necklace has been heating up ever since I stepped into the gym.”

Your mother ended the story with how they ended up going on a date at the ice skating rink and she would be in a lovestruck mood throughout the whole day. As a young girl, you grew up listening to that story, hoping that you’ll find your soulmate as cute as your mother does - or even cuter, for your future children. Most adults confessed that they found their soulmates in high school or even university but it seemed as if all of your friends had found their soulmates already - and you were in junior high. How was it possible that all of them had already found their soulmates?

“Keep your chin up darling. You’ll find your soulmate.” your mother would tell you as she kissed your forehead lifted your chin up whenever you told her about how your friend found her soulmate today. Your stone was always cold, which dampened your hopes slightly because everyone’s was always so warm.

Flash forward, you were about to start high school but you were moving to Tokyo. It was a hard time, trying to argue with your parents and convincing them to stay because what if your soulmate was right here in this town (but even you knew it was unlikely because it was stone cold) wherever you went. “Chin up darling.” your mother smiled, lifting your chin up the way she did when you were a kid.

You forced a smile on your lips throughout the journey to Tokyo. It was painful to leave the little town but even you knew it was impossible to find your soulmate in a tiny town like that - but the chances of finding your soulmate in Tokyo was even slimmer, because Tokyo was a metropolis for god’s sake! You were starting to think it was impossible to actually find your soulmate as your charm grew cold against your skin.

The first day of high school rolled along and you were a bundle of emotions. There was excitement yet nervousness swirling around in your mind. Your mother was to be a teacher at Metropolitan Nekoma High which undoubtedly, landed you a spot in the school. It was a little awkward to be walking alongside your mother to school because most of the high schoolers walked to school by themselves but you still stuck to your mother closely because Tokyo was a huge city compared to where you had lived.

“I’ll be heading off to the office now.” your mother said, straightening your collar and tugging your skirt a little lower. You smiled and hitched your skirt back to its original length. “Take care, alright?” she kissed your forehead and walked off in the direction of the teachers’ office. As you had arrived with your mother for a tour during the break, you already knew the ropes of the school, however stuck along with orientation as it was key. Many of the students seemed to know each other from middle school, as they stuck together in groups of threes and fours chatting together happily.

You sighed quietly to yourself, knowing that you’re the odd one out. A hand tapped your back and you spun around quickly, your charm bouncing against your chest in coldness. Knowing that it isn’t your soulmate, you quickly dismissed soulmate thoughts and focus on making friends. A tiny petite female, almost your size with long black hair stood above you. “Is this seat taken?” she asked quietly.

“Not at all!” you answered in a chirpy voice. It’s better to have a friend on your first day than none at all. “I’m _______.”

She replied with a smile. “Yukine Hikari.” shaking your hand.

The two of you eventually became best friends, lasting beyond first year. Enter third year and the two of you were closer than ever, sharing the mutual feeling of trying to find your soulmates as the two of you have yet to find any. Often, your charm will feel warm in class, but you had dismissed the feeling, as only when it feels searing hot will you actually know the person was your soulmate.

“Want to see the volleyball members practice today?” Yukine asked, leaning on your table as you opened up your lunch. You raised an eyebrow at her sudden interest in the male’s volleyball team.


“No particular reason, it’s just Fukurodani’s playing against Nekoma today.” she twirled her hair, swiping a piece of sausage from your lunch. “And I know you have a crush on one of their members.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “As if, come on Yukine, we all know it’s you that has a crush on their captain.”

Yukine winked and shoved you lightly. “Please?”


As the clock chimed four, you barely had enough time to pack your things as Yukine was bouncing excitedly outside your class. Being in the college prep class, you took your studies seriously and so did the rest of the class and the teachers. Your mother, who was the teacher, was being particularly annoying today by holding your class back but there was something in her eyes that made you slightly uneasy. Announcing the dismissal of your class, she snapped her fingers and called you to the front of the class. Almost everyone knew she was your mother and yet they were not jealous as she placed harder and higher expectations on you.

“Mom…” you dragged your speech. “Yukine really wants to go watch the volleyball match today, please let me off early.”

Your mother chuckled and patted your back. “You took the words right out of my mouth.” she giggled. “I’m working in late today, so by the time the match finishes, come straight to my office and we’ll go for dinner together. If I’m later than usual, I’ll text you.” she straightened your collar yet again. “Have fun!”

Her words barely registered in your mind as Yukine politely bowed to your mother, hastily grabbing your wrist and practically running down the corridors. “Come on _______-chan!”

“Slow down Yukine-chan! It’s not like they have started anything yet.” you tried catching up with your speedy best friend. The two of you arrived at the gym, panting heavily. You felt your charm warm inside your uniform but dismissed it as your body heating up due to the pace you were running. The boy’s volleyball team had simply ended their warmups and Fukurodani was in the other half of the court, warming up as well. “So we all know you have a crush on their captain, he’s right there talking to Kuroo.”

“As if I’m walking up to those two!” she shoved your shoulder. She snuck a look at Fukurodani’s captain, holding her charm tightly against her wrist as she had decided to wear it as a bracelet. “It’s getting warmer you know.”

“Mine too.” you confessed. Yukine gasped.

“It’ll be really cool if our soulmates were the captains!” she squealed a little too loudly. You quickly clasped a hand over her mouth.

“Not so loud!” you hissed. “Besides, that’s going to take a whole lot of fate for that to happen.”

“It’s such a nice thought though.” she sighed, staring at Bokuto. Her crush began when Fukurodani practiced with Nekoma in their first year and it has been two years and she still hadn’t mustered up the courage to talk to the captain. “Hey, if that happens, I’ll buy you ramen, what do you say to that bet?”

You smirked. “Deal.” slapping her hand in agreement as the two of you watched.

Your charm grew warmer and warmer during the match but you were still unable to pinpoint who your soulmate was. It could be anybody in the vicinity of the gym - from the third to even a first year. But the gods weren’t that evil to pair you up with a first year, right? By the end of the match, Nekoma was close to bagging the match with a win but Bokuto, racked up a point to a deuce between the two schools.

As the match ended, with Fukurodani winning their final set, Nekoma and Fukurodani both shook hands and began cooling down. Yukine began slowly getting up from her seat and you quickly grabbed her wrist. “What are you doing?” you whispered.

“I’m going to talk to Fukurodani’s manager.” she winked. You watched her effortlessly hop off the stands and walked up to their one of their managers who was coincidentally talking to their captain. You saw the whole thing unfold, the moment when she was side by side with their captain, both their expressions changed. ‘No way.’ you mouthed. She waved at you excitedly, jumping up and down and you hurried and walked in her direction.

“I cannot believe this!” she exclaimed, holding your hand tightly and you hugged her. There was a slight twinge of jealousy that she had found her soulmate, who was currently talking animatedly to Kuroo with their setter next to him. Suddenly, it was not only your best friend who felt their charm heating up, it was yours. You looked up to see Bokuto, Kuroo and their setter walking up.

“It’s her Kuroo, I found her!” Bokuto exclaimed to Kuroo happily. Your charm began heating up violently and you stared at the other two guys in front of you. Which one was it?  “What a shame she’s in your school.”

“Is it just me, or is it really really warm in here?” Kuroo suddenly asked, cooling himself down by tugging at his t-shirt. Yukine gasped and nudged you, hard.

“Uh, post match sweatiness?” you suggested. Although Kuroo was in your class, and was one of the top mind you, the two of you had never conversed with each other.

“For goodness sake.” Yukine pulled your necklace out to see it glowing orange. Bewildered, Kuroo pulled his out too, an identical orange glow. “I cannot believe this.” Yukine’s jaw dropped. Fukurodani’s setter, Akaashi Keiji, had slowly slunk out of the scene leaving the four of you together. “Oh my God _______, this is exactly like your mother’s story!”

Kuroo raised an eyebrow. “Your father’s a volleyball player too?” You nodded, still shocked that both your soulmates were the freaking captains. What was even more surprising was the fact that you and your mother had identical soulmates and found your soulmates in the exact same way.

“I think she’s at a loss for words.” Yukine chuckled, patting your shoulder. “Hey, it’s a Friday night, and I promised _____-chan that I’ll buy her ramen, what do you say we all go out for ramen tonight and maybe sort of get to know each other?”

Bokuto and Kuroo whooped in idea and excused themselves to return to the team. Yukine smiled and tugged at your cheeks. “I should be a fortune teller.”

“I still cannot believe.” you stared at your charm in awe. You quickly pulled out your phone to text your mother about your dinner plans.

YOU: Mom, I’ll be going out with Yukine tonight. We both found our soulmates!!

MOM: That’s great honey! Who is your soulmate?

YOU: … Kuroo

MOM: Ah, I had a gut feeling. Tell me all about it tonight, stay safe! :)

You smiled to yourself, hurrying to catch up with Yukine’s pace. Dinner tonight will be interesting.

Hold Me Down

inspired by a shitton of Halsey songs :D

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) x (fem)Reader

Written by: mypatronusiswadewilson

Word Count: 2038 (I had fun with it)

Warnings: Swearing. Smut. And Fluff. Smuff? No that sounds really bad; waaaay too close to those russian - WADE GET FLYING FUCK OFF MY LAPTOP- Sorry Kat, I was just trying to help you out, god. Take a fuckin chill pill, or, you know, I could give you one - Wade…- Is that a yes?

Summary: The reader is training by herself in Stark Tower’s gym, until Wade comes in to help her out ;) and by that I mean hot, sweaty- DAMNIT WADE- Hehehe. Oh and there’s fluff stuff in there too. Have fun kiddos!

(This is my first time actually sitting down and writing smut before, so I hope it’s adequate)



You were covered head to toe in sweat, training in the massive gym inside the Stark tower. It was dead silent when you had walked in, as everyone else was deeply asleep.

This was your routine. Try to sleep, fail, go down three floors and train. It was either that or actually fall asleep and get maybe 20 minutes of rest before the nightmares ripped you from dreamland and into the real world. Then you’d train anyway. It kept you productive instead of self-destructive.

Grateful Tony had sound proofed the walls specifically so everyone else could still sleep while you worked out, you blasted your ipod playlist entitled “workout”, which had a lot of AC/DC and Survivor, but tonight you had Halsey albums put on repeat. They gave you a sense of slow-building power that could be seen in your punches to the boxing bag. Classic rock was fine in terms of empowering music, but Halsey’s lyrics kept you alert.

“I sat alone, in bed ‘til the morning

I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”

And I tried to hold these secrets inside me

My mind’s like a deadly disease”

Before too long you moved to the wooden practice dummies to work on your sword skills. Continuously hitting the sliced wood again and again until you got one of the the blades so deep into the wood that it was impossible to get it out. During this time, someone stepped into the room, their footsteps hidden by the loudness of the music.

“Y/N!” the red and black masked man called, but you couldn’t hear him. So he strolled up to you casually to tap you on the shoulder, only to be met with a dagger to the thigh. “JESUS FUCK!”

“Oh my god! Wade!!?” you shouted, grabbing the remote for the stereo and turning down the music. “Why didn’t you say that you came in?!”

Wade pulled the dagger from his thigh, it slowly healing. “I did! But you were too busy trying to go deaf. Why the hell are you awake, stabby?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” you said simply, not wanting to go into detail as you tried to pry the sword from the dummy.

“I’m bigger than my body

I’m colder than this home

I’m meaner than my demons

I’m bigger than these bones”

“Oh…kay?” he said, not wanting to push it as he yanked out the sword with ease. “You know, hitting a dummy over and over doesn’t really help you train. I could practice with you.”

“I’d still be hitting a dummy,” you chuckled as he handed you back the sword.

“Rude! And just when I was beginning to like you too! I’m not sharing my tacos with you anymore,” Deadpool huffed and crossed his arms over his chest, making you laugh a little.

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry. Now are we gonna train?” you asked, stepping onto the sparring mat in the middle of the room.

Wade unsheathed his katanas as he joined you on the mat “Hey, you need to even out the playing field. One sword for you.”

You looked at him incredulously “Why the fuck would I do that??”

“Because. You get the best sparring partner in the world. You can hit me as many times as you want and I’ll be fine. I can’t really hit you back without actually hurting you. You get one sword so it’s just as hard for you to hit me.”

You sighed as the song changed in the background “Fine,” you replied, tossing one sword to the side.

“Are you insane like me? Been in pain like me?

Bought a hundred dollar bottle of champagne like me?”

And with that, you struck at him. He blocked by crossing his blades in front of him “What? No glove touch first?” he said sarcastically as you swung again, which he lept over.

“Or, you know, we could touch something else if you want,” and if he wasn’t wearing his mask, you could’ve seen the smirk.

“In your dreams, Wilson.” you chuckled, knowing he was trying to play mind games with you, trying to make you slip up.

“So why couldn’t you sleep anyway?” Wade asked as the two of you fought

“None of your business, okay?”

“Oh come on! You can tell me babycakes. Were you too busy thinking about my ass again?”

You made a face and huffed, knowing he wasn’t going to leave the topic alone “Nightmares Wade. There, you happy?” you said bitterly.


“You can’t wake up, this is not a dream,

You’re part of a machine, you are not a human being,

With your face all made up, living on a screen,

Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline.”

You dodged and parried and lunged for what seemed like forever. When Wade accidentally cut the side of your forearm and tried to apologize, you took the opportunity to slice your blade up the side of his face, ripping his mask.

“OW! Oh I see, you’re gonna fight dirty are you? Two can play at that game, sweet cheeks.” he said, swinging a foot around to catch behind your knee, knocking you to the ground and swinging his blades down upon you, which you blocked.

“Are you deranged like me? Are you strange like me?

Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?

Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me?

Pointing fingers cause you’ll never take the blame like me?”

Wade pinned you to the floor by stradling you and leaned through your connected swords to whisper in your ear, his breath hot against your skin. “You know, I could probably help with those nightmares. I could exchange them with the thoughts of me pleasuring you in ways you couldn’t even imagine.”

“W-Wade??” you asked, shocked he was saying that to you. “What’re you-”

“My head right between your thighs, licking your pussy relentlessly” he cut you off “Kissing every inch of your skin until you beg me to fuck you until you can’t walk as you call my name over and over again,” he said, a smirk obvious in his voice as his scent filled your nose. Gunpowder and leather and….cologne?

Dear god it all made heat pool in your stomach and your fingers ache to touch him. “Wade…” you whispered softly

He grinned “Yes, kitten? Are you gonna purr for me now?” he asked pulling up his mask enough to place kisses on your neck.

“Put your swords down,” you practically commanded

“Mmm, someone’s anxious. Does this mean I win?”

“Put your fucking swords down. Now.”

He smirked “Sure thing princess.” he said tossing his katanas away to the other side of the mat, you tossing yours along with them.

You didn’t hesitate to pull his lips down to yours, the feeling of his chapped, scarred lips against your soft ones making you crave him more. He slid his gloves off of his hands before trailing one down your stomach and into your spandex shorts.

“Mmm, naughty naughty Y/N. Already wet and I’ve hardly done any real work yet,” he said as he began to rub you where you wanted it most earning him a mewl of pleasure.

“Waaade,” you gasped when he wiggled a finger around your panties and began pumping into you slowly.

“Mmmm, yes kitten?”

“Everybody wants to know

If we fucked on the bathroom sink

How your hands felt in my hair

If we were high on amphetamines”

You didn’t answer him, and instead tried to pull his suit off of his body, needing to feel his skin on yours.

“Easy there sexy, any harder and you’ll rip it” he smirked pulling away from you to take off the suit. You propped yourself up on your elbows to watch his little strip tease show with a smirk.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked, pulling off the skin tight shirt and tossing it aside.

“They think I’m insane, they think my lover is strange

But I don’t have to fucking tell them anything, anything

And I’m gonna write it all down, and I’m gonna sing it on stage

But I don’t have to fucking tell you anything, anything”

You bit your lip in response as you looked him up and down once his pants and briefs were off. After a moment you spoke as he leaned over you again, arms propping him up on either side of your body.



“Your mask is still on.”

“Oh… yeah. It’s fine if I keep it on, right?”

You gave him a look as you ran your fingers up his neck from his collarbone “Wade, I know what you look like, don’t choose to be shy now of all times.”

“Yeah well, it’s just gonna ruin the mood we’ve got goin on here, kitten,” Wade said trying to distract you by pecking kisses up your neck.

“Wade, please. Let me take it off, it’s ripped anyway,” you said softly, earning you a sigh a defeat as he lifted his head for you.

You pulled the fabric over his face to reveal the scarred tissue beneath. You smiled at him and began kissing his cheeks, his forehead, his jawline, and finally his lips. “Now, undress me and  fuck me till I scream your name,” you whispered into his ear, referring to his teasing words.

He smirked “Gladly,” he said, pulling you out of your workout t-shirt, then your sports bra, and finally your spandex with your panties inside. Wade kissed from your neck down to your chest, stopping to flick a nipple with his tongue, then down your stomach to your heat. Forcing your legs apart, he looked up at you with a smirk before diving his tongue into your folds. You gasped at the pleasure that he gave with his motions.

“I found God

I found him in a lover.

Your legs shook with every swipe of his tongue and the hot coil inside you wrapped tighter and tighter, threatening to burst. “Wade, I need you. I need you inside me. Baby please” you begged, and he pulled his face away from your core with a smirk

“Well, since you asked nicely.” he said moving his hips to where his face used to be and kissing you roughly, tasting yourself on his lips. He positioned himself at your entrance and pushed himself in slowly “Fuck Y/N. Just- fuuuck” he moaned into you. You let out a moan of pleasure before nudging your heel into the back of his thigh, telling him you need more. He responded quickly and began thrusting into you, the sound of skin hitting skin melding with the sound of the music, the only noise rising above it was the sound of the two of you calling out each others names.

“W-Wade, I- I’m gonna-” you started, unable to finish your sentence.

“Come with me baby. Mmm, oh please just come with me,” he said with heavy breath and sloppy thrusts, holding the mat beneath you in a death grip. It was enough to send you over the edge into your release, him following quickly after. Sweat glistened on your foreheads as he pulled out of you, but kept his face in the nape of your neck.

“Can we do this every time I get a nightmare?” You chuckled.

The mercenary laughed against your skin “Definitely,” he said, rolling over to your side and wrapping his arms around you.

“I’m the king and you’re the queen and we will stumble through heaven

If there’s a light at the end, it’s just the sun in your eyes”



The next morning Tony walked down the hallway to see that the door to the gym was left open. Odd. You were good about leaving things how they were when you worked out late at night. Of course, you and Wade had long since retreated to your room to fall asleep in privacy instead of sprawled out on the sparring mat. Tony peeked his head through the open door, looking around the gym until he spotted a pair of f/c pantie on the edge of the mat. He quickly assessed what had happened.


“Yes sir?”

“Do me a favor and get this whole room sanitized.”


From this request: Can u do one where the reader is a voice actress but the boys dont know so when a kid on a case they’re working on is watching a cartoon they see her name in the credits and when the confront her shes like “???you didnt know this?”


It had been a complete fluke, really.

A guy your uncle knew had wanted to showcase his animation talents to show to some big-name studios; you’d agreed to loan your voice for the trial run for the small fee of a burrito. It had been fun, and the burrito had been delicious, but you’d never expected anything to come from it.

So when the studio fell in love with the short segment and demanded a full-length movie, you were completely taken by surprise. And when they said they wanted the original voice crew, you were floored.

You spent the next year in a small room recording the lines they fed you, doing take after take. Once the animation was complete, some new lines were needed, some extra runs to make sure the voice fit the way the character’s mouth moved.

The movie wasn’t a national premier; it only hit the big cities, in select theaters. But DVDs sold well, and television studios picked it up to air once every few months.

You were glad you’d done it, but you were happier as a hunter.

Until the day the Winchesters found out your dirty little secret.

You were at a typical suburban house: white picket fence, perfect garden, fresh paint. The inside, however, was fraught with disarray. A woman in her mid-thirties sat at the kitchen table, wringing her hands over a cup of tea.

“It… it was so horrible,” she said. “Her face… it was so twisted… her eyes were so dark… and when she screeched….” The woman closed her eyes. “God, I thought for sure I was going to go deaf.”

“What did she look like?” Sam asked.

The woman shook her head. “Average height, I suppose. But she was floating, at least three feet from the ground. Her hair was shoulder length. Her skin was pale. She was wearing a white dress with a torn hem.”

Dean nodded. “Did your kids see anything?”

“Thankfully, no. They were at their grandparents’.”

“Have they ever mentioned seeing any ghosts or spirits before?”

“Not that I can remember. But if they did, I probably brushed it off. What kid isn’t afraid of monsters in the closet?”

“Do you mind if we talk to them?”

The woman shrugged. “Go ahead. But good luck tearing them away from the TV. Their favorite movie is on.”

You followed the Winchesters into the living room where the two small children sat, eyes wide, in front of the television. You glanced up and saw an all too familiar cartoon.

This… was not going to end well.

“Billy? Mandy?” Sam asked, briefly drawing the attention of the young girl. “Can my friends and I ask you a few questions?”

“What about?”

“Have you ever seen a ghost?”

“I did,” Billy said, his eyes still glued to the TV.

“No, you didn’t,” Mandy replied.

“Yes, huh. I just never said anything to you because I didn’t want to scare you.”

Mandy stuck her tongue out at her brother.

“What did the ghost look like?” Sam asked.

Billy shrugged. “He was old.”


Billy nodded.

“You’re sure it was a man?”

This drew Billy’s attention. “Why? What did Mommy say?”

“She said she saw a woman.”

Billy looked down into his lap.

Dean raised a brow, turning to you. “What’d you say?”

You shook your head, confused. You hadn’t said anything… but the cartoon character who had your voice had. This situation was too tricky; you didn’t want to risk the kids hearing you speak.

Dean turned back to the children but soon turned back to you. “Okay, seriously, what are you talking about?”

You stared at Dean, hoping your stare showed him that you thought he was going insane.

And then came the giant monologue where your character chewed the other character out for not believing in her, vowing to prove them wrong.

You’d said similar things to Dean before, during your many arguments and bickering sessions.

Dean and Sam stared at the TV, shocked and confused. Sam snapped back first, thanking the kids for answering his questions before the three of you stepped outside.

“What the hell was that?” Dean asked, turning to you.

“Can we not–”

“There’s no way we’re not talking about this. How long have you been a voice actress?”

“I’m not a voice actress. It was just a one-time thing. Pure accident.”

“So you just accidentally went to a studio and accidentally read lines into a recorder?”

“What’s the name of the movie?” Sam asked.

The Ruby Princess,” you said, immediately regretting it.

“Are you–” Dean started.

“On it,” Sam said, pulling his phone out, searching for any and all information on the movie he could find.

“Guys, please drop this.”

“No way. I had no idea we were living with a celebrity. We’re gonna milk this for as long as possible.” Dean cocked his head back to the house. “Why don’t you go in there and talk to the kids? I’m sure they’d love to talk to a character from their favorite movie.”


“Or,” Sam said. “We get her one of the costumes for Halloween and make her go trick or treating to meet all the kids who love the movie. Maybe send her to a children’s hospital.”


“Come on, Princess,” Dean said. “We’ve got a movie to watch.”

Operation Serenity

I’ve proved two things to myself today.  1) I really have gone a bit mental and 2) Yep still not able to write a one-shot.

I know I said I’d do it and then @cinemastill upped the ante with a dare.  So here it is.  I give you AAU Vs. Keller - I’ll pop it under a read more just to save y’alls dash.

AAU Vs. Keller


“I can’t remember a night shift that’s been this quiet in ages,” Fletch moaned and massaged the back of his neck.

“Ai, FLETCH,” both Bernie and Serena turned on him.

“Hush,” Bernie commanded.

“You’ll jinx it,” Serena finished, “and Lord knows we could use a calm night.  I don’t know about you but Hallowe’en left me ragged and I for one am not looking forward to the Christmas rush.”

“Right, sorry,” Fletch raised his hands in front of him, “it’s just there are only so many times I can inventory the supplies before I go right bloody mental.”

“Be happy we have supplies Fletch,” Serena said drily as she looked back down at her charts.

Bernie wandered over to where he was standing.

“Hmm, that does look fascinating,” she smiled. “Good to know the NHS is keeping us hip deep in gauze, tweezers and………latex.” She quirked her eyebrow at Fletch as she fingered a pair of  disposable gloves.  

She grasped his arm and steered him away from Serena, “You know when I was with my unit, when everyone was going a bit bonkers during a lull there was this thing we’d do….”

Keep reading