did they get the rookie to do that to you

Reaction To You Accidentally Turning Them On In Public

NCT Hyung-Line  -  SM Rookies

A/N: No one asked for this, but I did. Also, don’t ask me about if Hansol is technically an SM Rookie or not, idk, but he’s here
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Boy isn’t 150% sure what to do with himself. He isn’t sure if he should tell you or keep it to himself. He’d really want you to notice so he didn’t feel helpless, but wouldn’t make a scene to show you.
“Why are you pouting?”
“I’m not-”

Really wants you to notice so he can do something, anything.


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He’d become very loving, touching you every chance he’d get. Reaching for a mug in the cupboard? His hand will settle upon your hip as he leans against the counter, asking what you’re doing.
“You’re making coffee?”
Glances over his shoulder to see if he can get away with feeling you up with the other members around.


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You wouldn’t notice anything different about him if not for his oddly affectionate gaze following you everywhere.
Honestly, he’d probably tell you directly, explaining to you as Ten and Johnny leave the room to get drinks. He wouldn’t have a plan or anything…. He’d just want you to know.


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Goes to the bathroom to adjust himself, but other than that he’s pretty normal.
He wouldn’t want to put pressure on you about it since he knew it was unintentional.

Another KPOP ask meme!
  • 1: A kpop idol you want to be?
  • 2: Your favorite female solo singer?
  • 3: Your favorite male solo singer?
  • 4: Your top 10 kpop boy groups?
  • 5: Your top 10 kpop girl groups?
  • 6: If you could date any kpop idol...who would it be? and why?
  • 7: Your top 5 favorite songs by _______?
  • 8: Which kpop song do you listen to when you feel upset?
  • 9: Which kpop song gives you the best memories?
  • 10: Your favorite "Engrish" line from a kpop song?
  • 11: Your bias in _________?
  • 12: Your favorite song by _____________?
  • 13: Your top 10 female biases?
  • 14: Your top 10 male biases?
  • 15: Your all time favorite album?
  • 16: The best kpop group is ______?
  • 17: Your top 3 OTP's from _______?
  • 18: Favorite MV by ______?
  • 19: Your first bias was?
  • 20: Your first ever kpop group?
  • 21: The song that made you fall in love with kpop?
  • 22: Your favorite duo?
  • 23: Your favorite rookie-group from -(insert year here)-?
  • 24: Last kpop song you listened to?
  • 25: Your favorite picture of your bias?
  • 26: An idol with the best body?
  • 27: Your favorite era of _____?
  • 28: Favorite picture of your favorite group?
  • 29: Your favorite selca of your bias?
  • 30: ______ or _____? (song/era/actor/actress/groups/OTP/etc)
  • 31: How many kpop albums do you have?
  • 32: Have you ever been to a kpop concert?
  • 33: Tell me about your bias: Why is he/she your bias? How did he/she become your bias?
  • 34: How did you get into kpop?
  • 35: Favorite performance by _______?
  • 36: Do you watch any music shows?
  • 37: Do you wacth variety shows?
  • 38: Do you own any merchandise?
  • 39: Do you listen to ______?
  • 40: Your favorite group?
  • 41: Kill, fuck, marry -(insert 3 idol's names)-
  • 42: Your favorite K-Drama?
  • 43: Your favorite singer who's also an actor/actress?
  • 44: Do you think you'll still be into kpop in ___ years?
  • 45: What would you to do see your bias in person?
  • 46: A thing you wish would never happen in kpop?
  • 47: Which music label is your favorite?
  • 48: Your least favorite group?
  • 49: A group you thought you'd never listen to?
  • 50: Your favorite K-drama actor/actress?
  • 51: Your ultimate bias?
  • 52: Your top 5 favorite K-drama OSTs?
  • 53: A group that'll always have a special place in your heart?
  • 54: A kpop group you'll never stop listening to?
  • 55: If you could make a kpop group (co-ed or not) who would you put in it?
  • 56: What kind of concept do you want _____ to have?
  • 57: Your favorite GIF of your ultimate bias?
  • 58: How would you react if you got eye-contact with your bias?
  • 59: A question you'd want to ask your bias or _____?
  • 60: Your favorite rapper?
  • 61: Your favorite maknae?
  • 62: A "hyung"-line you like?
  • 63: Your favorite leader?
  • 64: A boyxgirl OTP?
  • 65: Make an edit of your ultimate bias?
  • 66: Make a photoset of _____?
  • 67: Make an edit of your favorite OTP?
  • 68: Make a GIF-set of your favorite MV?
  • 69: Make a fanart?
  • 70: Make an edit of your favorite girl group?
  • 71: Make an edit of your favorite male group?
  • 72: Make an edit of your favorite solo artist?
  • 73: Make an edit with ALL your biases from every group you like!

uploaded: 21.6.2017




렉서스 LC X 태양 ‘SO GOOD’ (LEXUS LC X Taeyang 'SO GOOD’) *o*

G-DRAGON - '무제(無題) (Untitled, 2014)’ M/V  ◎[▪‿▪]◎


  1. Big Bang reactions to their gf not celebrating Christmas 
  2. Big Bang reactions to their gf crying in her bedroom
  3. Big Bang reactions to you being vampire
  4. Big Bang reaction to people finding out you are a vampire
  5. Big Bang reaction to a sudden confess by rookie
  6. Big Bang reaction to you being someone famous from USA finding out you are a big fan of the group
  7. Big Bang reaction to kissing you at midnight on New Year’s Eve
  8. Big Bang reaction to their idol s/o getting angry because they did/said something super offensive
  9. Big Bang reaction to their idol gf fainting on stage while performing
  10. Big Bang reaction to their idol baby sister fainting while she performs
  11. Big Bang reactions to their s/o being 4D
  12. Big Bang reactions to doing collaboration with their gf
  13. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf catching him rading fanfics about her/fanboying over her
  14. Big Bang reacting to his little sister dating a BTS member
  15. Big Bang reactions when you flinch in fight because you are scared
  16. Big Bang reactions when they spend time with their baby alone for the first time
  17. Big Bang reactions to you making him a dinner after a long day
  18. Big Bang reactions to you being 'wife like’ 
  19. Big Bang reactions to finding out they are in love with you
  20. Big Bang reaction to finding out you had tough time at home
  21. Big Bang reactions to their s/o parents not supporting her idol career
  22. Big Bang reactions to their gf laughing at everything
  23. Big Bang reactions to you initiating the first kiss
  24. Big Bang reactions to being asked about their gf in interview
  25. Big Bang reactions to their gf saying “I hate you” in a fight
  26. Big Bang reactions to you cutting your hair one side longer
  27. Big Bang reactions to you shyly asking them to teach you how to kiss
  28. Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon
  29. Big Bang reactions to you doing break up prank on them
  30. Big Bang reactions to you getting hurt on stage and ending up going to the hospital ASAP
  31. Big Bang reactions to seeing you in a wedding dress
  32. Big Bang reactions when all of a sudden their S/o collapses due to unexplained reasons
  33. Big Bang reactions when you catch them cheating
  34. Big Bang reactions when they flirt with you, but you don’t notice
  35. Big Bang reactions to you hit him when they tease you but it actually hurts them [boyfriend edition]
  36. Big Bang reactions to his gf winning Artist of the Year at MAMA
  37. Big Bang reactions to his gf getting yelled at because you shouldn’t be dating him and her ex-member told everyone about you
  38. Big Bang reactions to their best friend not getting along with their gf [who’s rude all the time]
  39. Big Bang reactions to his ex gf crying while performing a song he helped write
  40. Big Bang reactions to their idol gf group disbanding
  41. Big Bangs reactions to their little sister dating a member of Got7
  42. Big Bang reactions when you are on WGM together and he has a crush on you & fans starts to ship you
  43. Big Bang reactions when you embarrass him in front of other members
  44. Big Bang reactions to hitting you in an argument
  45. Big Bang reactions when you say you wouldn’t date an idol, but he has a crush on you
  46. Big Bang reactions when you’re his gf, but he’s in love with other member’s gf
  47. BigBang’s reaction when his idol gf talks about their love life during an interview when he would like it to be private
  48. Big Bang reactions when you announce them you are pregnant
  49. Big Bang reactions to their little sister dating Exo member
  50. Big Bang reactions when their gf has the same humor sense as Bianca del Rio
  51. Big Bang reactions when his foreign gf visits her family and they have Super bowl party and she fangirls over a player
  52. Big Bang reactions when their gf founds out her sibling died
  53. Big Bang reactions when their fiancee dies on the way to the accident[WARNING]
  54. Big Bang Reactions to their kid’s first day at school[warning-cute]
  55. Big Bang reactions when they found out Yang HyunSuk is their gf’s uncle
  56. Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept
  57. Big Bang reactions to you being his idol gf who every idol wants to date
  58. Big Bang reactions to their gf getting severely hurt on an accident
  59. Big Bang Reactions to their sweet, shy S/O becomes agressive while playing a game
  60. Big Bang reactions when their toddler says the f word for the first time beacause he heard it from a member
  61. Big Bang’s reaction to his innocent gf not getting a dirty joke one of the members said
  62. Big Bang reactions to their gf having a youtube channel
  63. Big Bang reactions to being in relationship with really honest and sknship loving gf
  64. Big Bang reactions to his depressed S/O [WARNING][SENSITIVE]
  65. Big Bang reactions to their gf who is from Greece
  66. Big Bang reactions to their crush not knowing they are famous
  67. Big Bang reactions to finding out you have regular seizures every 3 months because of brain tumor
  68. Big Bang reactions to your new pet
  69. Big Bang Reactions to you not coming home after failing college entrance exam
  70. Big Bang reactions to their gf singing a cover of their song and killing his part
  71. Big Bang reactions to their friends keep teasing him about his girlfriend while he’s with her
  72. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf getting a kiss from a girl
  73. Big Bang’s reactions when they have to adopt a 14 y/o girl as a group
  74. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf from Germany
  75. Big Bang’s reactions to their sassy gf
  76. Big Bang’s reactions to their Italian gf
  77. Big Bang’s Reactions To His Indian gf
  78. Big Bang’s reactions to finding out their crush is a lot younger than them
  79. Big Bang’s reactions to their gf thinking she’s too heavy to sit in their lap



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Lying- Auston Matthews

Originally posted by nylanderhoe

Request: Hey! Love your writing! Could I have a Matthews imagine? Something about a fight? Thanks!!

Warnings: fighting, a swear word, and the leafs winning the Cup. 

Note: I really hope this is what you meant by fight. Also, I am super sorry that this took me a while, anon. :( 

Also, I am sorry if it gets slightly confusing, there are moments where it swithces from the reader’s thoughts to Auston’s. hopefully I made them clear though! 


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anonymous asked:

what do u have against the flyers????


For one, there’s everything surrounding The Hit on Crosby. I was very much not a Pens fan at the time, so I’m going to refer you to @lovethygoalies‘s post here, because she did a really good job of explaining things, imo.

The transphobic and sexist insults and signs haven’t stopped. They’re atrocious, and I have absolutely no patience for it. You can not like Crosby, it’s whatever. There are going to be players people don’t like for whatever reasons, and it’s fine. But that doesn’t mean you get to call those players sexist and transphobic insults.

Then there’s the whole issue with Manning and his hit on McDavid, and the way the team and the fans handled that. I don’t know if Manning hurt McDavid last season on purpose or not, but judging from McDavid’s comments post-game and the way the Oilers reacted to Manning on the ice during that game (trust me, I watched that game, and there were instances in which the Oilers were visibly reacting to whatever shit Philly was saying) I’m inclined to believe that it was at least not completely accidental. 

I get it. It’s hockey, and injuries happen. And we don’t know for sure that it was on purpose. But the way the team handled it, by allowing it to fester a bit until it became this huge thing, and then the way the fanbase handled it? By mocking McDavid and calling him things similar to everything they sling Crosby’s way? Whoever thought this goddamn jersey was a good idea can get fucked. McDavid was 18. He was eighteen and you’re going to make fun of him for an injury that cost him 3 months of his rookie season?  

And then there’s the actual in-game scenarios with their fanbase. You don’t boo when players are hurt on the ice. It’s classless and rude and awful and yet they do it anyway. They did it this game after Murray took a knee to the head and the trainer had to come out on the ice to check him out. They’ve done it before, and they’ll do it again. 

There are good flyers, yeah, and they’ve got a prospect or two who I absolutely adore. But for the most part? Fuck the flyers, and especially fuck the culture of sexist, transphobic, and overall tasteless insults and signs and “jokes” within their fanbase. 

More Raven!Neil! This is coming on in in bits and pieces, but sooner or later I’ll have a complete chapter which means I’ll HAVE to start writing the thing properly.

Andrew POV for now (probably because most of H4 is Andrew POV).


Andrew thought it had been tiring enough, dealing with Kevin back in June when he’d discovered Riko’s little stunt with the district switch and everything, with the Foxes finding out that they’d be facing the Ravens on the court that season. Dealing with the coward swinging back and forth between ‘we’re not good enough’ and fighting with the rest of the rejects as he struggled to make the Foxes into some sort of team ‘worthy’ of their Class I Exy status – fighting literally with Boyd and Gordon most days, to the point that Andrew was getting rather annoyed with having to remind those two morons about his ‘don’t touch’ rule.

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The Crumbling Kingdom Ch. 12

Genre: Mafia!Jeonghan, Mafia!Soonyoung, Angst, Romance, Violence

Word Count: 2,700

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8 CH 9 CH 10 CH 11 CH 12

Originally posted by dureowanni

In the mafia, one of the best methods to getting what one desires is to suck up to anyone who has power over you. You always despised having to play nice with people to succeed, but success in itself felt pretty good. So naturally, you learned when and when not to use this technique of manipulating others to your benefit.

Being held captive at a gala by four inexperienced girls was a different matter. You resisted the urge to roll your eyes at ridiculousness of this situation. These four girls, who you had figured out were Jisoo, Chaeyoung, Lisa, and Jennie—their leader—weren’t even part of a mafia. They were some rookie gang trying to stir up trouble, and sure enough, they had managed to stir up trouble with you, one of the most powerful queen-pins in the country.

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Locked In (Part 10)

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Summary: Reader and Sam think of happier things to distract themselves from their situation…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Pairing: Detective!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, violence

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did…

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Unfair - [MONSTA X] Kihyun Boyfie!Au

[A/N] I’ve been watching Monsta X X-ray Reality Show hence…

Originally posted by kihqun

Did he just glared at you when you spoon fed Changkyun? He legit just glared at you when you passed Wonho the tissue. He stabbed the cake with his fork, his eyes stuck on you. Keeping the relationship a secret was his idea, now he’s being possessive? Out in the open? Like these? With his dorm mates?

“What did you think about the new gym room rules… ridiculous isn’t it? I mean, what happened to rookies cleaning up after the seniors?” Wonho leans back in his chair.

“…Maybe that’s exactly what we need. Some changes. You guys are getting lazy quite lately…” You swirled spaghetti’s around your fork and fed them to Changkyun. “What’s wrong with you, do you not have hands? Quit asking her to do things for you.” Kihyun lashes out, with a loud voice, quite suddenly, even the waitresses stopped to see.

You rubbed Changkyun’s drooping shoulder with one hand and pushed his plate to him. “You can do this on your own, can’t you?” You spoke to him softly, whispering a little. “That’s the problem, that’s why he never grows up, all of you babied him, he’s turning 22 this year, for goodness sake. Are you flirting with her?” Then Kihyun snapped at you, “Is he flirting with you?” Pursing his lips, accusingly. “What if, he is. What is it to you?” Wonho clicked his tongue. “Don’t flirt with her.” Kihyun shot at Changkyun.

“What can I do, if she likes me.” Changkyun murmurs to his plate and shove a spoonful of spaghetti into his mouth. “…Well, she doesn’t.” Kihyun spat out, confidently, “…So stop.”

You rolled your eyes backwards, and glared at Kihyun the same way he did to you. “…Don’t talk as if I’m not here.”

Wonho shot a suspicious gaze at you, and then narrowing his eyes at Kihyun. Repeatedly, while the atmosphere was filled with the sound of cutlery hitting against ceramic plates. You look to Changkyun’s plate when you caught his eyes and when Kihyun caught Wonho’s orbs, he cleared his throat and stabbed his cake, wordlesssly. “I need to talk to you,” Kihyun tapped your wrist twice and walked out the restaurant. He grabbed your arm with a little force and did as he wanted to, to talk. “Do you love me? At all?”

“What kind of question is that…of course.”
“Are you, really? Because I saw the way you looked at him.”
“Looked at who…?!”

Oh goodness, here we go again. “How else would a human look to another if not through the eyes, should I try using my elbows then?” You watched him clenched his jaws. “I heard what you say the other night, about how he’s cute and stuff, with his heart shaped nostrils and his excellent fashion sense, and his style, I could go days, babe. I could go days about this.” Kihyun said, hissing.

“Can you blame him though? Can you really blame him? He thinks I’m single. I don’t think I am but he does, and apparently, you want our relationship to be a secret so I don’t know whether I should act single or in a relationship, Kihyun, I’m a little confused here. Will you help me out?” You didn’t really mean it but heck, he was tugging you nifty strings. “That’s not what I meant…just, boundaries. Please. Just. Don’t be that close to them, don’t smile and look at them, they are boys, they swoon over those things. Pathetic, I know, I was like that too… My blood boils, I think I’m about to have a stroke.” Kihyun started breathing heavily and loudly.

“Stop doing that, people are going to think that I’m trying to drug you or whatever.” You looked away. “Help me, I feel insecure.” He extended his arm to reach yours and pull you in. And you slowly give in, you brushed your lips on his cheek and whispered into his ear, “…Then Yoo Kihyun, tell them I’m yours.” Before you broke the hug and leave him with a smug smile before walking back in.

“Something don’t add up.” Wonho squeezes his eyes, which triggered Changkyun.

“What is.”
“Kihyun has been staying out at night nowadays. Frequently. He comes back home saying that he’s eaten and he usually disappear after classes ends. He doesn’t come to any of our stupid beer nights and he sometimes return in the morning.” Wonho crossed his arm, giving his allegations some careful thought. “What are you implying?” Changkyun fidgets.

“He’s been going to home to his sister’s place,” Wonho concluded, “Without us.”

Changkyun shut his eyes in absolute disagreement. “Hyung, are you dumb?”

“What!?” Wonho hollered and you hushed him, urgently. Being mom to three adult kids are very stressful. “Can’t you see that we’re invited to this lunch solely because Kihyun wants to see her? They’ve been giving each other the eye since we came, and Kihyun thinks that sitting right next to her would be too obvious, only to regret having me sitting here, instead. Don’t you, Kihyun?”

Kihyun’s eyeballs shake. “…that’s unfair.”

Kingdom Hearts {Sentence Starters}
  • "You want it? Well then, come on over here and get it!"
  • "One who knows nothing can understand nothing."
  • "Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go."
  • "I've been having these weird thoughts lately."
  • "That's why they'll keep coming after you no matter what."
  • "Giving up already? C'mon, I thought you were stronger than that."
  • "There is so very much to learn. You understand so little."
  • "You lazy bum. I knew I'd find you snoozing down here."
  • "So, suppose you get to another world. What would you do there?"
  • "Are you quite sure? Did I imagine it?"
  • "Must you be so loud? You woke me up."
  • "You rookies still don't understand what it takes to be a true hero."
  • "Your concern is touching, but hardly necessary."
  • "If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?"
  • "So, you have come this far and still you understand nothing."
  • "It's my lucky charm, be sure to bring it back to me!"
  • "He's perfect. Perfect. Perfectly infuriating! He makes me crazy!"
  • "Don't ever forget: wherever you go, I'm always with you."
  • "I've done absolutely nothing wrong!"
  • "I'll hunt down every last one of them! I'll track them down somehow."

finallybreathee  asked:

Gymnophoria with bucky pleaseeeee

I’m sorry for the long wait, bb! </3

Gymnophoria - The sensation that someone is mentally undressing you + Bucky

“Something’s wrong.” You muttered into the comms, your eyes scanning suspiciously the room as you tried to mingle around the mass of people in the ballroom. “I’m having this weird feeling.”

“Now, that’s just your paranoia talking, baby doll.” Bucky instantly replied, making your skin shiver at the low teasing tone he was using even though he was miles away from you. “You’re doing good, just knock them dead as quick as you can.”

Well, that was exactly the part you were having a hard time with.

When Steve assigned you to this mission, you got nothing but giddy because honestly, undercover missions were your thing and you were glad that you were still a low-key agent slash Avenger that nobody seemed to know about just yet.

It was the typical in-and-out strategy – except you were doing it at a rich man’s house while he was hosting a ‘charity’ event. And with Bucky having your back.

As soon you entered the place, all (most) eyes were on you and your killer black dress but you still didn’t understand why you were feeling this uneasy. You’ve done this before and you never felt such a weird feeling like this one, almost as if you could feel people undressing you in their thoughts.

But deciding to ignore the sensation and focus on the mission, you gave a deep breath and adjusted your dress before walking further into the place to find the party’s host.

“I’m going for him now.” You playfully hummed for Bucky, almost failing to hold back a smile when you heard him hum contently in reply. “I wish I had time to look myself in the mirror. What if there’s something out place?”

“You look fucking gorgeous, doll.” Bucky mumbled under his breath, watching with a proud smile as you walked flawlessly through the place from his hidden spot in the ceiling. “Just don’t get too personal with him.”

You laughed quietly and stopped just a few steps away from your target, quickly grabbing a flute of champagne from a waiter as you waited for him to spot you.

“Now, why would I do that?” You feigned an indignant scoff, taking a sip of your champagne with Bucky chuckling against your ear. “I’ll give 5 seconds until he looks at me, wanna bet?”

But before Bucky could even think of a reply, the man had his eyes on you while finally walked to your direction. With a small smirk on his lips, he was looking way too confident and cocky for your liking and suddenly you couldn’t wait to get your hands on him in the most painful way possible.

And you absolutely loved that Bucky seemed to be onboard with you.

“Showtime, baby girl.”

It was just so easy to lure the target into his office that it even got you annoyed. 

No challenge and no games happened to bore you sometimes but thankfully, Bucky was there to spice things up a bit.

Once you had the man vulnerable by sitting down in one of the armchair’s with his tie loosen and shirt loosen up, Bucky strutted into the room from the fucking ceiling and it really didn’t surprise you that the guy was out cold before he could even understand what was going on.

“Warn a girl, baby.” You complained playfully, your scowl melting into a laugh as he stepped closer to you and pressed his lips against yours with his arm around your waist. “Thanks for the help though!”

“Yeah, like you were pretty helpless without me.” Bucky joked as he adjusted his guns, walking around the table to turn on the computer and get the files. “Did he touch you?”

You couldn’t help but laugh and squint your eyes at him once his words settled down.

“What do you take me for, Mr. Barnes?” You sighed dramatically, taking a seat in the armchair beside the unconscious man before glancing furtively between him and Bucky. “A fucking rookie?”

Bucky didn’t reply but the amused laugh he gave was enough for an answer. In less than three minutes he was all set, intel secured into the drive as he turned off the computer and proceeded to wipe up any evidence of it.

When he looked up to you though, you felt it all over again.

The same sensation was back but now that was clearly under Bucky’s eyes, you kind of relished on it. You knew exactly what he was thinking so as you stood up, you made your best to give him a show with the slit of your dress and your cleavage before walking up to him to sweetly wrap your arms around his neck.

“All set to go, soldier?” You smiled innocently before pressing a small kiss to the corner of his mouth, feeling his arms tighten around your waist. “You can really undress me when we’re back home. Girl scout word.”

His smirk was more than enough for an answer.

“Let’s go home, doll.”

Monsta X reaction to their girlfriend being a fan of a rookie group

requested by anon~

a/n: hope you guys like this! its kinda meh ;^; credits to the owners for these gifs!


Originally posted by garisanee

Shownu; Shownu wouldn’t mind at all…. at first. He would find it cute for you to admire and show interest to his hoobaes and all. But when you started fangirl every single second when you’re with him, he’d go silent and would actually pout. Tons of questions would come out from his mouth and being the Shownu that he is, he’d still be able to keep a straight face. We can say that he’s pretty jelly by now….

Why do you even like them?”

“They’re really talented and they’re so cute!!”

“We are also talented and cute babe.”

“But the two groups are different!”

“Baby, can you please stop fangirling over them when you’re with me?”

“But babe it’s their comeback stage will be on in a few minutes!”

Originally posted by minkatsuki

Wonho; The two of you were in the midst of watching Music Bank when this rookie group, that you’ve found yourself taking interest in them, came out with their new song. You bolt up and literally brought yourself near the screen, holding back the squeals. Wonho, on the other hand, did not like the whole idea of you enthusiastically squealing for a bunch of guys. 

Oh, you like them?”

“Oh glob, you don’t know how much I love them!!!”

“You… love them? *getting jelly*”

“I do! I pre-ordered their album before it got released and right now I’m not even regretting one thing.” “Oh… really? Okay..”

“Babe, don’t tell me you’re jealous?” “I’m not. Why would I be jealous? *pouts*”

“Oh, really? Then I should continue–” “Don’t!!”

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Kihyun; Kihyun was busy monitoring their performance with you when his hoobaes, the group that you’ve been stanning since pre-debut, came in and greeted the two of you. Kihyun greeted them back and noticed how your cheeks literally turned pink. Once the boys left, Kihyun turned to you and raised a brow. 

You like them?”

“W-what… pfft… no…” 

“Don’t lie to me. Anyways, if you were to choose between me and them, who would you choose?”

“Uh…. iwouldchoosethembutsinceyouremyboyfriendthenidchooseyou.”

“I can’t believe. Fine, go to them then hmph! *alert alert a jealous kihyun appeared*”

“Didn’t I just say that I’d choose you?!” 

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Minhyuk; Being close with this new rookie group, Minhyuk was invited to their concert and he was allowed to bring one person since the other were already invited. When you and Minhyuk were hanging out, he brought out the ticket and asked if you would like to come with him to which you’d enthusiastically accept. Minhyuk would be confused at first but then would chuckle at how cute you looked. actuallyhewouldntmindbuthedbeteeweenyjellyaboutit

Oh, are you a fan of theirs?”

“I’ve been a fan since the day they debuted! Oh glob, I can’t contain my feels huhu.”

“Really? Well, I hope you’ll really enjoy their concert! Hehe, I’m so excited to cheer them on with you beside me!”

“Thank you so so much babe!”

“No problem babe.”

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Hyungwon; It was one lazy friday when your package arrived. Hyungwon, being the person nearest to the door, got the package and nonchalantly brought the package to you. Sitting right beside you, he watched you unbox the whole thing. He actually knew that you liked this new rookie group but he never knew that you were that type of fan that would literally buy every single merchandise they have. He’d be a little bit hurt and be quiet for a couple of minutes.

Finally, my babies arrived! Omo omo….. look at these babies of mine. Uhuhu they look so damn fine.”


“Oh glob, mah bae looks so damn hoooooot!! whyareyoudoingthistome?!”

“Wait… I thought I was your bae?”

“Oh… sorry babe… I got caught up with my feels–”

“How come you have all of their merch and you barely have ours?”

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Jooheon; Jooheon was busy making some lyrics in his room when he heard you scream your lungs out. Startled by your sudden outburst, he ran out of the room in full speed and saw that you were only fangirling about the rookie group that he’s close with. From a surprised look, his expression immediately changed into a disappointed look. He would literally be jealous and would start to whine before you knew it.

Babe!! I thought something happened but then I came out to only see you fangirling over my dongsaengs?!”

“I-I’m so sorry–”

“No, you’re not! Do you love them more than you love me?!”

“No babe, I love you more!”

“Lies! All lies! *starts to whine*”

“Babe. I love you more than I love them, okay? Oh glob, stop whining babe! C’mere and let me give you a hug.”

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I.M; Changkyun enjoyed watching different variety shows with you but that one night when you decided to watch the variety of the boy group that you stan made Changkyun think twice. You immediately immersed yourself with the variety show, forgetting about Changkyun’s presence. When your bias scored a point, you threw your arms up, only to hit Changkyun on the head, which got got your attention. He may be cool on the outside but he’s not cool with it on the inside.

Ouch, what was that for?”

“Omo, I’m so so sorry babe!”

“Nah.. it’s okay. Gosh, you really like them don’t you? And let me guess, he’s your bias?”

“Uh… hehehehe.”

“Whatever, I’m sexier than them and you’re mine anyways.”

“Aigoo, are you jealous?”

“No. I’m not. They should be the ones to be jelly since you’re mine. Only mine!”

Rookie Year- Jakob Chychrun

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Ok so here we go! Your daily smut! I actually had a perfect plan for this one when I saw it was coming up so I hope you like it as much as I did! Let me know what you thought and enjoy! Up next for my non smut lovers: Mitch Marner!

Warning: Smut, sex, smexy time, cussing

Anon Request: Could I request a Jakob chychrun smut pls:)


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Mitch Marner #4

A/N: since my last mitch imagine was kinda sad, i decided i would turn it around and write a cute fluffy kinda imagine :) requests are open!!!

Word Count: 1,367

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“I know, I’m just tired that’s about it,” you said into your phone while struggling to get your house key. Between talking on the phone, having a bag of take out in one hand, and trying to handle your daily planner and keys in the other hand - it took some time before you had the key in the hole and turned it to unlock the front door. 

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anonymous asked:

this might be a weird question but why do you ship yoonkook/sugakookie? Its my otp as well but idk id like to hear why haha

Alright anonnie! I am going to spam you with some of my favorite sugakookie moments (although I can never cover all of them). They’re one of my (and BigHit’s) top ships for a reason and I’ll show you why! THIS GOT SUPER LONG (I WENT OVERBOARD AGAIN) so I’m going to put half of his under the cut.

First of all, I really love the dynamic Sugakookie has. They complement each other really well if you look closely. They’re both incredibly hardworking, quiet when they need to be and not-so-quiet when the time is right. People like to use that whole father-son thing, but I beg to differ. Yoongi takes care of Jungkook in a way that shows he wants to protect him and cherish him. In my trash shipper mind, Yoongi is treating Jungkook like a lover he wants to care for no matter the cost and protect him from the world. He has an incredibly obvious soft spot for Jungkook and he lets the maknae get away with things the other members wouldn’t be able to get away with. All the hyungs have a massive soft spot for Jungkook, but Yoongi’s soft spot for him is different in a sense. He looks at Jungkook fondly and defends him (when the other members tease him) and spoils him (with lots of food). They’re comfortable with each other. Their moments are subtle but very meaningful. Each touch has a purpose and says a lot about their relationship. I’m going to give a few lot of moments and explain them.

Okay, this is from a recent photoshoot. Here you see that Yoongi has both hands on Jungkook’s shoulders and his head pressed again Jungkook’s. He didn’t have to do that. He could of just put one arm around Kookie’s shoulders and call it a day. But he didn’t, he leaned against Kookie and put both hands on him and it’s a sign of unconscious protection and care. I’m probably looking way too into this, but I can’t get over it. Call me trash, I am trash.

Now this…I’m not gonna talk about the obvious thing I’m thinking because I’m pretty sure you notice it too. The fact that Jungkook is pressing his body against Yoongi’s (and Yoongi is letting him without any sign of discomfort or unfamiliarity) may show that he’s done this before. It isn’t anything new for them. See how Jungkook’s hand squeezes Yoongi’s shoulder? I like to think that he may have picked up that gesture from Yoongi who loves to hold Kook by his neck.

RUN ERA WAS A BLESSING. Jungkook is so comfortable laying down on Yoongi’s thighs. He even adjusted his position. While they’re filming a behind the scenes video, Kookie doesn’t get up, he just continues laying there. 

This glorious V Live nobody should ever forget. This is a prime example of them being comfortable together. They have no qualms about skinship at all and Kookie just leans on Yoongi which implies that he trusts Yoongi a lot now imagine them cuddling. In this video, Jungkook told Yoongi to wink with him. At first Yoongi resisted, but caved and did it just to satisfy the maknae and see him smile. If that’s not being whipped I don’t know what is.

Another huge thing is Yoongi defending Jungkook. In both of these cases, the other members are teasing Jungkook. Yoongi is always the odd one out that defends Jungkook. The moment in the second gif is particularly meaningful to me. In that situation, all the members were saying that they were scared of Jungkook hitting them because he has muscles. I think Kookie looked really uncomfortable and even a bit sad. He may have a felt a bit guilty but also a bit hurt that his members think of him that way even if it’s just for show. Yoongi is very observant and he probably noticed Jungkook acting a little off too (Kookie wears his emotions on his sleeve if you take the time to notice these things) so Yoongi calls him cute to soothe him. He wants Jungkook to understand that they don’t mean he’s a bad maknae and that they still love him and think he’s adorable. Plus, that look they shared and they both smiled right after. Look at Kookie’s nose scrunch. Then Yoongi defending Jungkook’s scent preference after Jimin said he liked women’s perfumes. He doesn’t want Kookie to be called a pervert even if it’s just teasing.

This, just this.

THIS IS LEGENDARY FOR SUGAKOOKIE SHIPPERS. I couldn’t stop screaming about this for days. The thing about this is that THEY BOTH reached for each other. THEY BOTH couldn’t stop smiling. Look at the tight hold they have on each other and then Kookie proceeds to nuzzle his hyung for a bit more. Yoongi doesn’t look like he minds the affection AT ALL. Jungkook can throw himself at Yoongi without hesitation because he knows Yoongi will catch him and hug him back. 

I thought this was really cute. When Jungkook said “Hyung!” without specifying which one he was talking to, Yoongi whips his head around SO QUICKLY. It’s like he expects Jungkook to be referring to him, that he doesn’t need to specify which hyung if it’s him. Again, I may be looking too into it, but let me live. I’m trash for Sugakookie. Anyways, this is another example of the more subtle sugakookie moments.

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PB&J Fic

Que Je Suis, Mon Amour

Chapter: 4/7 (start fic here)

Pairings: Kent/Jack, Kent/Jack/Bitty

Tags: AU, NHL AU, NHL Rookie Bitty, BPD Kent, get together, polyamory, fluff, hurt/comfort, bad therapy, happy ending

Summary:  When Falconers Captain, Jack Zimmermann, and his boyfriend Kent Parson are asked to billet the new NHL Rookie, Eric Bittle, they can’t possibly anticipate the change the small blonde is going to bring about.

Kent hadn’t felt this scared in a long time.  It was ridiculous, in hindsight.  He’d been a hockey player for more years than he hadn’t been one.  He’d seen more injuries than he could count.  He’d seen men retired over and over.

The hit Bittle took wasn’t out of the ordinary.  It was terrible, yes.  They were following protocol, yes.  But Kent’s fear was startling.  He was pacing the corridor, his fingers glued to his phone waiting to hear back from Jack who was still on the ice, still trying to win the game.  Bittle was back in his CT scan, and then…

Then they would see.  Either the concussion was bad enough it would leave him in hospital for a few days, or it was mild enough he could recover in the comfort of their home away from screens and the ice.  Kent bit his lip hard enough to hurt, then he let out a breath.  When he blinked, he envisioned the doctor coming out saying something like, “We’re sorry, he didn’t make it,” and he started to shake all over again.”

“This isn’t helping.  You’ll see him in a minute, and he’s going to be fine,” he told himself.  “Your fear isn’t reality-based.”  He opened up his screen and saw there were twelve minutes left in the third period.  Falcs were up by two.  They were going to take the game, and Jack could come home.

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shiro: my girlfriend called me at two in the morning crying because of the fight you guys had…. so yes. you could say that you did something. 

imani: that’s stupid. she need’s to realize that ben is making shit up and we can move on.

shiro: look. i don’t know who cheated on who or what the truth is. what i do know is that rhea wouldn’t get this upset over nothing, and i think you know that too.  

Case Study {Part IV}

Author: Zoe

(A/N: This chapter is being released before I go on vacation, so there will be a slight delay before I release chapter five! If anybody recognizes the reference in this chapter, I am going to love you forever.)

Detective! Bodhi x Reader

Plot Summary: John MacArthur was found dead in his home on March 3rd, 2017. His family, especially his wife and sister in law, are emotionally distressed. His neighbor is strangely nonchalant, a former prostitute has been demanding child support, and the weapon is nowhere to be found. New LAPD detective Bodhi Rook has been assigned to this murder, and has been paired up with you, one of the precinct’s finest. Try not to let your emotions hinder the case, detective.

Bodhi exited the conference room with a skip in his step when you had left to fill out a line-up for Jyn’s investigation. However, Cassian had stopped him.

“Bodhi… I heard what you said to Y/N in the conference room.” Cassian sighed, as Bodhi nodded.

“I know, my heart was just racing that whole time! I thought for sure she was going to say no!” Bodhi chuckled, until Cassian groaned. “What? Was that bad?”

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Dancing With Jealousy (Mark feat. Taeyong)

anonymous asked: hiii! i love this blog so much uhuhu <3 could I request a mark getting rly jealous bc you and taeyong are doing a dance duet performance for smtown? & he’s always like mesmerised by how well you dance and all ;;; I’m fine w any admin, thank you so much!!

author: admin yu!

genre: idk what this is

word count: 3,900+ (whOOPS SORRY not sorry)

a/n: oh man oh man why did this take me like 30 years to complete ???? also i got carried away and i really hope its not too long ://

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Marner - Part II

(1) (3)

Word Count: 1671

Player: Patrik Laine (Winnipeg Jets)

feat. Mitchell Marner (Toronto Maple Leafs)

Warning/s: mild language

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“Ok, now you gotta tell me. Did you really want to see this movie, or did you just tag along because you wanted to get to know us?”, Paulina asked, genuinely interested.

A grin spread across your face.

“Both. I really did want to see it.”

“Well, did you at least like it, Toronto Girl?”, Keira snickered.

“I liked it enough to be ready to murder the person who’s phone was buzzing the whole time.”, you laughed. 

The other two girls joined in as you stopped in the lobby.

You didn’t actually know them that well. You had met them at an orientation event and it turned out you were having the same classes. So why not get to know your classmates a little? Make some friends before school started? It sure wouldn’t hurt, since you basically knew no one in Winnipeg.
And it made you miss home a little less. Mitch, Chris, your dog Winston. All of that was kind off missing in the new surroundings, so you gladly accepted a distraction.

“I feel you.”, Keira smiled, rolling her eyes.

“But there’s something positive. Did you notice the group of guys a few seats behind us?”, Paulina grinned.

“No, why?”, you asked, furrowing your brows in confusion. You had a feeling the answer would be something you weren’t prepared for.

“Don’t look. But they stopped here too. And this one dude keeps looking over.”

“Who is he looking at?”, Keira questioned excitedly.

“I don’t know. But he’s whispering with this other guy that is laughing at him.”

You shook your head at your newfound friends, but you couldn’t help your curiousness. So you peaked through the corner of your eyes, and you could actually see them pretty well. To your surprise, you could make out a few vaguely familiar faces.

“Oh. You don’t know these guys do you?”, you muttered quietly.

“No? Do you?”

Paulina smiled at you, as she came a step closer. She wanted to hear that answer.

“Not personally. They play for the Jets.”, you explained.

From the look that Paulina gave you, she had no idea who the Jets were. At least Keira seemed to understand, as she nodded slightly. But not knowing who they were, didn’t seem to bother Paulina, as she gave you another smile.

“Well, you better act natural. Because this guy is coming over right now.”

You took a deep breath and drove your hand through your hair. He sure as hell wouldn’t talk to you, would he? It was a little weird that you knew him, but you couldn’t say you didn’t like what you saw. He would talk to Paulina for sure.
You looked up to be met with a pair of beautiful blue eyes and they were looking right back at you. Yeah, not talking to Paulina.

“Hey.”, he greeted you, a little shy.

“Hi.”, you replied as you didn’t know what to say. Gosh, why did you have to be so awkward?

“Uh, we’re gonna go find the car.”, Keira whispered. 

Paulina tried to protest, as she was dying to hear what was going on. But Keira determinedly lead her to the door, making you smile a little.

“I- uh just kind off noticed you during the movie… and I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go out with me sometime?”, he asked.

You almost missed your cue to answer, as you were too busy listening to his accent. It was kind of cute. And with kind of, you meant it was really really really cute.

“Sure. I’d love to.”

“I’m Patrik by the way.”, he introduced after he remembered that he didn’t tell you his name right away. He was giving you a smile that made you smile right back.

“Y/n.”, you replied.

“So?”, Mitch asked quietly. 

He had his arms crossed in front of his chest. His question pulled you out of your thoughts, that you had been lost in through the whole quiet dinner. After you managed to delay the conversation that was bound to happen, Mitch spent the whole time just glaring at you.

You were sure he didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but the frown on his face as he was watching you eat in silence… it did make you uncomfortable.
Mitch was obviously confused as to what he had witnessed in the lobby of the MTS Centre. And maybe he was even a little mad. Ever since he started playing in Juniors, Mitch had made it a priority to keep you away from fellow hockey players. 

Make friends like Dylan? That was okay for Mitch. But if one of his teammates even looked at you in a way Mitch considered wrong, there was no way you would be seen alone around them ever again. It was annoying. But you knew that he just tried to protect you, to keep you from getting hurt. He heard the stories about girls they told in the locker room, you didn’t. It was as simple as that. You trusted him.

It had been easy to keep you away from hockey players. After all, Mitch moved to London and you stayed back in Vaughn. But he didn’t imagine that he would have to keep you away from hockey players now, especially that you moved away - so you were out of reach for certain Leafs rookies.

“What do you want to know?”, you sighed.

“When did you become friends with them? Is it just Laine and Ehlers?”

“I know some of the others, but it’s Patrik and Nik that I’m friends with. I met them shortly after I moved here. At the movies. I was there with my friends and… that’s where it started.”, you replied.

“So, you watched the same movie and they thought hey let’s go over there and befriend her?”, Mitch scoffed with a raised eyebrow. It was obvious he didn’t believe you.

It was time to tell him the truth. Damn.

“No. I was asked out.”, you said clearly.

Mitch’s jaw dropped and he just stared at you, his eye starting to twitch lightly.

“What?”, he pressed out.

“Patrik is my boyfriend.”, you admitted quietly.

Mitch groaned in annoyance. His breathing got a little faster. He was mad. Really mad. And he was disappointed. It was written all over his face.

“Oh Y/n, you’re so bound to get hurt. How can you not see this coming?”, Mitch asked in disbelieve.

“Excuse me?”

“Do you know how many scenarios there are, that end up with you getting hurt? He’s using you. He’s playing games. That’s what rookies do, I thought you were aware of that!”, Mitch accused. 

Your breath got hitched in your throat as it was your jaw that dropped this time.

“It’s not like that, Mitch. He isn’t using me. Patrik is not like that, trust me.”

“He is! He’s using you to rile me up because we’re opponents. He’s using you, only to get rid of you when he loses interest.”, Mitch insisted.

You had never heard him talk to you like that. Why was he so sure that he knew Patrik better than you?

“You don’t know anything about my relationship, Mitchell. So be careful what you say. He’s not one of those rookies. Not everyone is like that, you should know considering you’re not one of those rookies either. And he didn’t even know who I was before I told him. I told him after we started dating and he was okay with it.”

Mitch stared you down, but you were having none of it.

“I trust him. And I know that you just want to protect me, but I’m not a child anymore. I can make my own decisions.”, you added.

“I know that it might seem like this right now, but you’re wrong. God, when did you become so stupid?”, Mitch scoffed. He didn’t get why you couldn’t understand him. You used to understand each other so well.

“Do not call me stupid, Mitchell.”, you warned.

“But it is stupid to blindly trust someone you don’t even know.”

“I don’t blindly trust him. But he has given me no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t! And I know him better than you! You have to trust me with this, Mitch.”, you tried.

Mitch fell silent, just looking at you for a little while.


A weight as heavy as a mountain fell from your shoulders. A small smile appeared on your face.

“So you’re good?”, you asked.

“No. I meant fine: You think you know everything better? Go ahead. But if you get your heart broken don’t come to me with it.”, he spat.

Your smile fell instantly. How could you be so stupid to believe Mitch would ever change his mind? Something you had in common was your ability to be stubborn as hell.

“Are you serious right now?”

“I am. I warned you. If you don’t want to listen that’s your fault. So if he hurts you don’t come to me, to tell me I was right all along.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t. Because you’re the last person that I want to talk to right now.”, you gave right back. 

Why the hell would he treat you like that? You were just trying to convince him to accept your relationship! It’s not like you started dating Patrik just to spite him. You were in love with him, why couldn’t Mitch accept that and just be happy for you?

A lump had formed in the back of your throat as you stood up from your chair. Mitch didn’t say anything as you grabbed your jacket and left, he just watched you disappear through the door.