did they even say her last name idk

honestly mysticism and magic rituals and shit like that have always been super fascinating to me even though im not entirely sure how much reality there is to them…im not sure reality is the point of magic though. it’s not about it being “real” it’s about believing in something and believing that doing it will help you get what you want or need and that after you perform the ritual you believe that what you did has helped you reach your goal. then if you do reach your goal you can say it worked. if you don’t then you can just say you need to try again, or maybe you did the ritual wrong, or maybe you just need to believe more. idk i think magic can be powerful even if it doesn’t make chairs levitate or whatever.

im reminded of an israeli film i saw a few months ago (im blanking on the name it was called “the Wedding [Something]”) about a woman who was desperate to be married after her fiance pulled out at the last minute, so she visits a kabbalah practitioner who smears animal blood on her face and tells her she’ll soon find what she’s looking for. she’s so confident that she books a venue for her wedding two weeks in advance (the venue happens to be owner by the son of the kabbalah practitioner). She searches and searches, until she’s finally exhausted all of the local matchmakers (she’s super religious and refuses to marry someone who isn’t a breslov chasid). [SPOILERS BTW IF YOU PLAN ON WATCHING THIS FILM] finally it’s her wedding day and she has nobody, but she still shows up at the wedding saying the g-d will provide and her belief in the rituals of kabbalah are very sincere you can tell. but then, just before she’s about to give up and accept defeat, the owner of the venue and the practitioner’s son (who she’s been hanging out with a bit and who is honestly the only attractive man in the whole film) shows up and tells her hes in love with her, and that his divorce with his wife has finally gone through. the last scene is him singing a traditional jewish wedding song to her it’s really sweet.

but anyways my point in telling this story is that to me it really illustrates how magic works in real life. its not really about hocus pocuus or that kinda shit, what magic really is is the forces of the universe aligning together in obscure ways to move your life forward. if you truly believe in the magic then the magic will help you. if you don’t then it’s just coincidence

Don't touch her.

A/n: requested by @digicharr ‘I saw one of your recent imagines about brother/sister relationship with daryl, but it also said something about negan. Could you do one involving those two? Like they’re sitting in the line and negan shows special interest in y/n and it drives daryl crazy?’ So here it is, i hope you enjoy! It follows the story line a little so if you haven’t seen the last two episodes small spoiler alert. TW: i guess blood and violence and idk is crying a trigger warning? I even looked up the script for some scene’s so if i’m wrong about who said what I apologize since I didn’t use a script with names. I also changed some lines so that you the reader says them instead of that person. 




 "Watch the hell out, asshole.“ Rosita says as she looks at the arrow Daryl just shot in the tree right next to her head. 

 "I did.” Daryl said while grabbing his arrow and yanking it out of the tree. 

“Ya shouldn’t have come.”

“You shouldn’t have left.” Michone spits back.

 "When i split off from Sasha and Abraham, he was out there in the woods, in that burned down forest with them girls, put a gun to my head, tied me up, i even tried to help him!“ Daryl said, raising his voice 

 "So you think its you’re faulth?” Glenn speaks up.

 "Yeah i know it is.“ Daryl says with a scoff. 

"I’m gonna go do what i should’ve done before.” He finishes, trying to walk away but glenn stops him.  

“What, for her? She’s gone man! You’re doing this for you.” Glenn says.

 "Man, i dont give a shit!“ Daryl says, clearly irritated.

 "Daryl we need to go back there and figure this out from home. Our home.” Glenn says trying to convince him. 

Thats where i step in. I place my hand on Daryl his arm and looked him in the eye. 

 "We need you, everyone back there needs us right now. Its… Its gonna go wrong out here.“ I give out a loud sigh. 

"I need you Daryl we’ll squar it, I promise.” He looks at me and seem to be debating wether or not to come back home with us. Pulling his arm away from my grip he turns around and start walking away.

 "I can’t!“ He shouts 

 "I can’t either.” Rosita says as she follows Daryl.

 I look at Glenn and Michone and they both give me a nod, telling me it’s okay to follow them.

 We were walking for a while when we suddenly see Glenn and Michone tied up.

 Daryl, Rosita and I immediately draw our weapons. Glenn started viciously shaking his head, confusing us all.

 Until suddenly a whistling can be heard. The more whistles, the more men come from behind the trees. 

We are surrounded. Rosita is the first one to lower her gun, then me, then Daryl. 

 "Hi Daryl.“ Dwight says coming from behind us.

 He then shoots Daryl in his shoulder.

 "Daryl!” I scream. 

 "You’ll be alright.“ I hear Dwight say before everything turns black infront of my eyes.

 I wake up in a small space and i start to panic because i dont know what happend nor where i am.

 "Daryl?” I ask carefully.

 "I’m fine (y/n) it’s okay.“ He says and i scoot closer to him.

 "You’re still bleeding.” I say as i press my palm on his wound hoping to stop the bleeding.

 "Where are we anyway?“

 "No idea, some sort of van i guess.” Rosita tells me.

 Suddenly the van door goes open revealing a shit ton of people.

 "Chop chop, you got people to meet.“ Dwight says.

 We all go out of the van and get forced to sit on our knees.

 I dont want to leave Daryl his side so i sit right next to him, so close that im almost sitting on his lap. 

Keeping my hand on his wound i hear Glenn fall to the ground. "Maggie?” He says. The pain in his voice is horrible.

 "On your knees!“ Dwight demands

 "All right we’ve got a full boat, lets meet the man!” One of the saviors shout.

 The door from the rv knocks open revealing a man in a leather jacket.

 "Pissing our pants yet? Boy do i have a feeling we’re getting close. Yup!“

 He says with a grin on his face.

 "Wich one of you pricks is the leader?” The guy asks pointing at us. “This one.” The same savior says while pointing to Rick.

 "Hi, you’re Rick right? I’m Negan. And i do NOT appreciate you killing my man. Also when i sended my people to kill your people you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that is.“ Negan starts his speech. 

 I zoned out a little, making sure my hand stops the heavy bleeding. My hand is being drenched in blood and i’m starting to fear for not only his but also the rest of our lives.

 "Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I turn my head in the direction of the sound, only to see that Negan is making his way towards me and Daryl. 

I start to shake and Daryl notices so he puts his hand on my leg squezing it a bit telling me its okay. 

 "Aren’t you too all cozy togheter. Seperate them.“ 

 Before i can even protest a savior pushes my foreward away from Daryl.

 I land on my hands trying to protect my face.

 "Don’t touch her.” Daryl says weakly.

 "What? What did you say? Touch her? my pleasure.“ Negans laughs, walking up to me. 

He takes my hair and pulls it making me scream out in pain. 

Yanking me up by it i look him straight in the eye. 

 "Feisty one are ya? I like it.” The grin on his face getting bigger.

 Without warning i just spit right in his face. 

 "You shouldn’t have done that missy.“ He says sternly and slaps me right in my face.

 resulting into me loosing my balance and falling to the ground once again.

 My hand finding my stinging cheek

. "DON’T!” Daryl yells out.

 Tears threatening to go down my cheeks.

 "Let me guess boyfriend? Nahh you’re to old for her.“ Negan laughs at him.

 "So I’m guessing brother? Or just a brother figure. Not that it matters anyway to me.” He chuckles.

 He walks back over to me and grabs me by my neck forcing me to stand up.

 I can hardly breath and I’m gasping for air, he keeps tightening his hand around my throat.

 "I SAID DON’T TOUCH HER!“ Daryl yells as he leaps forward and starts to punch Negan.

 "Daryl don’t!” I scream as i try prying him off of Negan.

 Tears streaming over my face. A few saviors come and pull him off of him. While they do so they don’t hesitate to punch Daryl a few times.

 "Get them back in line!“ Negan shouts and the saviors push us back in place.

 "I might keep you around.” Negan says and gives my a little wink.

 That makes Daryl groan a little.

 Negan only laughs at his actions.

 He continues his speech until he starts to meeny miny mo

. “Anybody moves, anybody says something, cut out the boys other eye and feed it to his father, and then we’ll start. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell you’re all going to do that.” He raises his bad and swings it so hard a crack can be heard.

 Everyone panicks and start to scream.

 Some cry, trying to crawl forward to stop Negan.

 I’m panicking tears streaming down my face, it’s just horrible.

 "Ho ho, look at that, taking it like a champ!“ He chuckles.

 He continues to swing his baseball bat the sounds only getting worse.

 "Damn.” He says.

 He swings his baseball bat three or four more times and then silence. Are we safe now? Even though we lost someone? ______________________________________________________

Hope you enjoyed.

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CHARLOTTE’S KILLER plus Wren is Uber A.D

Okay I know i have no followers at all bc i just created this blog. This is just a brainstorming of my ideas/theories/logic/questions etc… Please if something doesn’t add up just be nice and tell me. Like I said is my first time doing it. OKAY SO this last month pll re activated my obsession. Part of my “theories” are inspired by many amazing theoriests (sorry if i can’t remember but credit to you all!) but is mostly things we all figured out and i connected it to my logic. Things that actually do make sense. I apologize for any spelling/grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language:)

QUESTIONS  Possibilities 

  • So in 7x06 in Jenna’s flashback Cece/Charlotte (OKAY I’m gonna call her Cece sorry) Cece, Rollins/Archer and her were talking like the best friends they were. Cece said that Alison will go later that day to meet the new doctor, Elliot Rollins, and the only way she can get out of Welby is by making Elliot convice Alison that she’s better now/seduce her and he did. ALSO Jenna told Emily that she introduced Archer and Cece. Basically she made him come to Rosewood for an unknown reason and she had contacts that gave him a fake passport etc. The real question here is why would Jenna introduce this 2 people? what’s the point? Why were Jenna and Cece suddenly friends if back in s4/5 she was scared of Cece? Bitch almost drown her, set fire to her house… I ain’t buying that shit that they became friends out of curiosity. Plus they did met before in Khan’s party (that truth game back in s3) #plothole1.  

 Okay the interesting part starts here, I read somewhere that why would Cece be mad at Ali if she was with Elliot when that was exactly what she wanted? I had to re-watched those 2 scenes: jenna’s flashback & ali’s flashback at welby. She [CeCe] pretended to be mad at Ali bc she was “hooking up with her/my doctor” when that was her plan since the beggining, according to Jenna. She acted all mad and dissapointed at Ali and went to the bell tower on purpose bc she knew that Alison will follow her. I believe that someone was waiting there to kill Alison in Cece’s orders but somehow got confuse and killed her instead. Or maybe Cece herself wanted to kill Alison bc let’s be honest, she never loved her. Why on the hell would she torture her & friends for years with the excuse that she didn’t “listen”? or maybe was really crazy prob. Anyway this is a possibillity. OR this person/killer wanted to kill both, Ali and  Cece. Either way Mary and Archer thought Ali did it but I’ll talk about this in other post. Cece died accidentally or on purpose idk but she’s dead.

Something that caught my attention this week was the line Mary said to Elliot at the end of 6x20 “That’s what Charlotte would’ve wanted” Okay, how would Mary know what the fuck Charlotte/Cece would’ve wanted if she said to Ali that they never met?#plothole2 (7x06). Jenna said that she was looking for her biological mother [Mary] and that she will find her. But WHY? What does Jenna gets from helping her? For me Charlotte and Mary did met and were close. That’s how she got the Drake last name for her alias Cece. There’s no way in life Drake is the maiden/dad’s last name of Jessica and Mary. If so, Jessica would’ve had forced Charlotte to call herself CeCe other lastname but Drake bc it would be too suspicious that Jason’s girlfriend has the same last name that her mother’s maiden one even if they never thought they could be related. Yes, Jessica didn’t knew it was Charlotte until that day the went on summer but still. Idk its just me. Like, did Jason, Kenneth and Alison never asked her what was her dad’s [jessica] last name? the one she was born with. Anyway i just find it really odd. So yes, basically Charlotte knew who was her mother all along and lied big time on 6x10. (its necessary to say that she is a transgender. I personally don’t believe it that much but this is a sensitive topic and the writters wouldn’t change it bc they will really get attack for faking all the trans story which will be even more bad representation for the lgbt community. They deserve respect too<3) 

NOW WHAT YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. CHARLOTTE’S/CECE KILLER. Back to Jenna and all the bennefits she would get by helping Cece is keeping her close. I’ll put it this way. She knew Archer idk how? and was looking for Mary so she made her come and join Archer to stole the Carassimi Group money and blah. Idk why but i found it funny “The blind leading the blond”. She was gaining both, Archer’s and Cece’s trust over the years so she could attack them and blame Alison like always. Jenna has always hated Alison. She+liars blind her, blackmailed her with the Toby sex tape etc etc etc… Also Jenna was afraid of Cece like i already said (S3/5 i think so)she almost killed her, and set her house on fire. Maybe she was the one who wanted to kill Alison and got confuse, or wanted to kill both blond’s that night. She’s one of the only characters that never reedem with Ali and like Aria once said “I don’t think Jenna is the kind of person that forgive easily” or something along those lines. But she did with Cece? why? to get close to both! you know what they say “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Maybe you’re saying “she’s blind” well BITCH CAN SEE. She did lied about having her sight back who knows if she wouldn’t do it again? There’s this theory that says that her stick match the murder weapon. here is the link http://tremolux.tumblr.com/post/147725190520/reconsidering-the-weapon creds to @tremolux yep that makes sense. And NO ONE will ever suspect of a blind girl bc you know, she’s blind even if she has a million reasons. Rosewood pd are idiots, remember. Plus nobody knew she was in town. She just came to Radley hotel out of nowhere and surprise the girls with her noisy stick. She was in town all this time and nobody noticed it. In my opinion Jenna had the perfect motive to kill Cece & Ali but only killed Cece bc Ali went home earlier and she had to stick to her plan bc then she could never do it. Was a now or never situation. Maybe Cece asked her to kill Alison and that’s why she went to the church on purpose but she betraded her and that was the end of Charlotte Drake. She has the perfect aliby. Not being in town. Being blind. She’s a geneous! She killed her, pushed her from the bell tower and make it look like a suicide, and put the flowers in her hand. Ran away only to come back and frame Melissa making her look like she did it go away again and come back when Elliot died. 

SORRY if its toooo long but just wanted to point that out. Just put half of my notes here. Like, real life logic not pll logic but hey, you never know! 

I think that AD >> IS THE SIBILING >>AD IS AVENGING CECE >> AD is the older/youngest/fraternal twin. AD IS #WREN (will post my master theory soon)





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to be continue… shh