did the shadows for this all by my own self!

My Witchy Goals for 2017

Inspired by this post by @moonlightacademy

I did borrow a few from their list and changed the pronouns but I also added some of my own.

🌟Drink a cup of tea daily

🌟Start a Book of Shadows/Grimoire

🌟Make my own candles

🌟Write down everything I learn

🌟Do a deep self and room cleansing

🌟Create a space/box that is exclusively for practicing magick or to hold all my tools for practicing magick

🌟Take one night from my week to light candles, drink a cup of tea, and relax by reading or taking a bath

🌟Become pen pals with a witch from a different country or state

🌟Collect objects that speak to me from antique and craft shops

🌟Begin collecting materials for spells

🌟Gather spell ideas and adjust as necessary

🌟Define goals for my magick in my BOS/Grimoire and stick to them

🌟Gain further knowledge and control of my Ouija board

🌟Begin work with pendulum

🌟Continue to work on BOS/Grimoire daily

🌟Organize my crystal/rock collection

🌟Help others with their craft

🌟Work on being more active in Discord groups

🌟Make connections/friendships with other practitioners

After a small struggle regarding the end to this, I’ve left it somewhat open to interpretation. Hopefully it still fits his character and suits the story. This was requested by @im-a-motherfuckin-mermaid (which is a bloody brilliant url) and @animefreak808

Prompt: Can I pretty please get a part three to The Very Newlyweds ? I love each part!!!!

maybe part 3 of very newlyweds??

“The Very Newlyweds” (Part 3)

Part 2

The palace wasn’t often so silent. There was always noise to be found – the crackling of a torch, the gentle hum of conversation in a nearby room, or thunderous footsteps. However, as you slipped through the hallways, shadows suffocated the hallways and drowned them in silence. A familiar cloak and hood concealed your face from guards whom you ultimately did not pass and with a sigh of relief, you reached the entrance.

The grand doors beckoned you towards them and it was with gentle steps that you obliged. However, a smooth voice echoed against the walls, freezing your spine. He was everywhere and nowhere. He was here but you couldn’t see him. Hidden.

“The last time you were caught sneaking about the palace, you had the intention of leaving.” Loki said, stepping out from the shadows. “Somehow I fear that tonight your intentions are frighteningly similar.”

“I thought you were asleep.” You whispered, turning around to face him. He was still in his nightclothes.
“Yes, I think that you were banking on that.” He snapped. You bowed your head shamefully and hoped that the floor would open up and swallow you.

“My dearest,” Loki said softly, “where could you possibly be going at this time of night?”
“I think you know.”
“Perhaps. But I do not want to say it aloud lest it be true.”
“I can’t stay, Loki. I can’t… I can’t accept your proposal.”

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