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dicta do you have any larry fic recs? nothing specific but just any fic that you loved a lot? thank you, your opinion on fics means a lot to me, and i feel like you'd probably know the really good ones!

Oh my gosh anon I love the wording of this ask so much. I’ve been meaning to make a larry rec list for going on a year but it just feels so official/overwhelming? But this, fic I loved a lot??? I can absolutely do that!!! and aaaaah there are SO MANY!!! I am not as organized about larry fic as drarry fic so this is, basically, like, a list of fics that stuck in my brain and/or heart and that are all so so good. SO GOOD! (and tbh there’s a whole other list of stuff that i’d rec but would want to reread before attempting commentary, and I have so many things marked for later and like….yeah….there’s a lot of good fic out there) And really, what better rec is there than “this is a fic that stuck in my brain and/or heart”?? Everyone should read them all!!

an act of faith against the night by @elianefics- M, 65k - It’s a clear path, drawing itself in Harry’s mind – where they began, how they ended up here. It’s not hard to convey all the events that led them to this very moment, with all of their twists and turns, not when Harry has been going through them again and again every night, albeit searching for something else.  “Did you know?” When Harry replies, it’s a question, not an answer. “Did you know, that it would end like this?” [Harry and Louis had never imagined that, when they would finally go back to New York, it would be as spies.] (part two of the landscapes of war series)

  • The war from ‘a prayer for which no words exist’ (recced below!) is over, or at least as over as war can be for the people who were there, which is to say….not all that over, just taking different shape. I have endless love for the way this fic treats that aftermath, the way it shows how deeply and irreversibly harry and Louis were shaped by being fighters, and it is a stunning mix of beautiful prose and important ethical questions. It also does some really fascinating meta work with Simon Cowell, the Azoffs, and the Cordens taking on central roles in the post-war nation-building project. It’s a lot for one fic to do, and this one manages it beautifully, and throws in some more beautiful NYC cityscapes, heartaching and conflicted nostalgia, and taut but unwavering H/L love, you know, just for good measure.

another hazy may by deLILAh - M, 41k - louis is a terrible poet and harry lives in the now and they have six weeks to fall in love but, really, it only takes six seconds. bookshop meets military meets summer romance au ft. marlboros, the backstreet boys, and underrated literary devices.

  • It’s been over a year since I’ve properly read this all the way and I can still see parts of it as vividly as if it had been last night. Harry’s hair, cigarette smoke curling upwards, hardwood floors, the rhythm of Harry’s feet as he runs to stay in shape for the job that will take him away from Louis, the feeling of seconds slipping away, and each of them more precious for being so few in number. This is one of those fics that made me nostalgic for somewhere I’d never been - except who hasn’t felt as though time was moving simultaneously quickly and too slowly, as though there is something precious that could fall apart at any second? And that’s one of many things this fic does beautifully: gives us the universality of their story, and reminding us of our own.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart by @conscious–ramblings - M, 19k - Louis and Harry had been childhood best friends, but had been separated by evacuation as the city they grew up in was destroyed around them. Now, twelve years later, they are both back in London, and through chance they meet again. In a time when you can’t admit to being gay, for fear of arrest, admitting to your best friend that you love them seems like an insurmountable obstacle.Featuring boxer Harry and mechanic Louis, much pining, and a lot of post war Britain

  • There’s often a moment in fic where they’re trying to figure out if the other one is gay and/or available, that’s full of a certain kind of tentative hope because there’s some kind of attraction there and what if, what if it was everything they think it might be? This fic takes that to 11 in the most meaningful way, because it’s the 40s, and being gay is a crime, and it’s not a question of whether they’re reading the right signals - neither of them can afford to send any - but of trying to accept that it could never, can never be. Set against absolutely simmering chemistry (the moment Louis first sees Harry in the ring is a thing I’m still not over) and wonderful research and settings (loved the feel of it, the way it all came to life, how present the remnants of the war were as they went about their lives) and fab secondary characters (Niall is a gem, and Liam is so how I think of him, and really everyone was just perfect) and this incredible click where you can feel the ease and understanding between them, feel the sense that they are destined and absolutely belong together…it takes that tension and longing, already at an 11, to a 12, and the ending is cathartic and beautiful and means so much more for knowing how rare and lucky and precious that moment is, and how much they’re willing to risk, and how it’s kinds of risk that are sometimes very specific to being queer in a moment when it’s illegal and how many of them are universal, and how incredible and enormous and moving a thing it is when both kinds of risk pay off.

Don’t Look Down by zarah5 - M, 92k - AU. In which Louis is a solicitor at one of London’s most prestigious law firms and Harry happens to apply for the position as his trainee. And everyone else is around, too.

  • Harry is unbelievably charming here, and it makes total sense that Louis falls for him, and as the story unfolds the clarity and meaningfulness of their connection gets more and more apparent even as Louis is fighting it tooth and nail. But it’s not miscommunication and it’s not self-loathing, it’s that Louis’ reasons are genuinely thoughtful and important (professional ethics!!!!!! With real implications!!!!) and that they’re genuinely in a difficult position and can’t be together without betraying things that mean a lot to both of them, which made me love this version of him even more and root for them that much harder. And I was already rooting for them pretty damn hard. They fit together beautifully from the first, understand each other on so many levels, are drawn together just magically…and then there are these beautiful moments (Venice omg) and heart-wrenching moments (after that dinner and that one morning and then that other one omg) and hold-your-breath moments (what is Louis gonna dooooo) and heart-pounding momebts, and I could not put it down.

Fake you’re full and feel tomorrow by theglitterbee - NC-17, 21k - Louis is a high class prostitute and the best at what he does. Harry is a hard to please 17 year old who wants to give himself completely to another man. [It contains prostitution, d/s, daddy kink, silly banter and two idiots in love.](The one with the text messages.)

  • listen this is gonna sound like a weird rec but bear with me. this fic was one of the first 1d fics I read, and on face is almost entirely made of things i don’t like, and yet, here it is. It did that alchemical thing where it just worked and it did all these things really well - like daddy kink was 100% squick for me before this and it’s still like 80% squick but this fic explained it in such a way that i got it and could understand it and see why it worked for them and what it meant for them and that psychology made it work (and made me get why it was hot? which is pretty massive for something in the squick category). and i was hesitant about their ages but it wound up being (i think not unrealistically) part of a fundamental kind of self-discovery that was part of why things between them felt so critical and important. and i was v skeptical about social media stuff in fic but this one did it so well that i got it and felt like it really enriched the story and showed a particular kind of progress and dynamic in their interactions that needed to be done that way (and wound up being really cool and impressive). and i was nervous about the potential for the dynamics to not work but they are both full people who needed each other in this very specific way and fit together beautifully and it did some of the best stuff kink fics do imo, where the kink reveals something about who they are and what they need and why they work and who they are individually and together, and so here we are, a fic with tags i wouldn’t usually touch, reccing away and considering a reread. this kind of rec can be kind of ~, i know, but the tl;dr is that this fic is so good it overcame every hesitation and left me totally engaged and impressed and invested.

Hold Me Closer by balanceds - NC-17, 36.5k - Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending.

  • I was so surprised when I looked up the word count for this bc I would have sworn it was at least twice as longc there is so much story, and so much development, and so many moments that stick that. Watching Louis come to terms with who he was as a dancer and and person was this beautiful process that was so rewarding to read, and it was unusual and fresh in this way I really want to talk about but really don’t want to spoil. Along the way there is spectacular chemistry, zayn and Louis taking on gay swan lake, so much yearning and despair and happiness and reckoning and growth, an amazing and deeply satisfying Simon moment, and one of those h/l relationships where they make each other strong.

like a boomerang by @youwilll- M, 52k - AU in which Harry gets trapped in a lift, Louis gets stuck in a Wednesday, and it’s always February 2nd. Until it isn’t.

  • This fic is so so utterly charming in like nine different ways. Harry and Louis slot together so beautifully you can practically hear the click, and then they do it again and again and somehow every time feels fresh and important, and through it all the stakes get bigger as Louis contemplates the meaning of their repeated day and all of these deep questions sneak in, and a bit of a mystery, and a bunch of self-discovery, and a bunch of personal growth as Louis learns and thinks, really thinks, about what he needs to do, and realizes how willing he is to do it. It was so perfectly balanced between being gentle and exciting, between destiny and action, between grand gestures and quiet moments, and it settled like a warm blanket and I looked forward to every chapter so much.  And then, at the end…it was one of those stories that made me want to add and place to my travel list because the relevant moments are so well located and satisfying that you just want to be there, and it captured this particular instant - the way it wound sound and smell and how the air would feel and the electricity of it - so vividly. Lovely through and through.

Love Is A Human Right by @conscious–ramblings- M, 41k - The one where Louis has spent years getting over his ex, Harry Styles, and was almost successful. That is until Harry is elected as an MP, and Louis is given the task of getting him to support an Act of Parliament. Through tears and arguments and a heavy dose of LGBTQ+ politics, their lives finally line up. Will Louis be able to forgive? Will they still want the same thing? It’s difficult to let go of five years of hurt, but even more difficult to be close to the love of your life and let them walk away again.

  • This fic is basically everything I want in a fic, but together so amazingly well that I would never be able to put into a prompt because it’s the *how* that makes it so perfect. I mean, politics, check, LGBTQ politics, check, larry, check, vivid settings, check, emotional stakes, check, pining, check, everything, check. But the kicker is the beautiful complexity to all of it, that the story really truly understands the complexity of coming out and why people  do and why they don’t and what it mean and how it works and the ways it plays out in queer communities, and these gay leads aren’t incidentally gay, but engaged in identity and politics in a way that feels true and resonant, and that manages to both say really important things about queer communities and tell a beautiful love story about coming to terms with who you are and what you stand for and how love shapes (but doesn’t always determine, and I love that about this fic too) your priorities. Then add some simmering UST and simmering RST (hot damn i mean really) and viscerally, deliciously painful pining and hilarious side plots (SGIL!! Ziam!! Nick’s guessing games!!) and a background story that had my heart twisting for them from the first and settings that felt so real they were popping back into my head for weeks and just…superb. Superb.

a prayer for which no words exist by @elianefics - M, 65k - “Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.” (part one of the landscapes of war series)

  • War!AU in NYC! Another one that I will admit fit my interests beautifully but it’s the execution that makes it work so beautifully. From the second they meet, there’s an urgency and fragility to Harry and Louis’ relationship that is a perfect fit for the politics and the newness of it all. At the same time, their connection is so certain and solid, and whether they’re waking up in the Brooklyn penthouse loft that I am still not over or getting ready to run into battle, their love casts everything else into relief and brings out some of he human consequences to why people fight and what they have to gain or lose, and shows what all they’re risking. Left me breathless in the best ways, and so glad to have gone on this journey.

Pull Me Under by zarah5 - NC-17, 140k - AU. As the first British footballer to come out at the prime of his career,  it helps that Louis Tomlinson is in a long-term, committed  relationship. Even if that relationship is fake. (Featuring Niall as Louis’ favourite teammate, Liam as Louis’ agent, and Zayn as Liam’s boyfriend, who just happens to be good friends with one Harry Styles.)

  • This was the fic that tipped me right over the precipice and properly into the fandom; how could I not rec it? Even if I wasn’t personally attached, how could I not rec it? It’s so bloody beautiful, watching Louis come to terms with the idea of being out, and to take steps towards it, and to see how his interactions with Harry change that and what develops between them. The pacing is amazing, the depiction of internalized homophobia is chest-tightening in the good illustrative moving way, the world is so immersive (like I went to get the link and 20 minutes later I was still reading and totally entranced), and their relationship 100% made my heart sing, in both the big triumphant moments and the little ones.

things have gotten closer to the sun by starseas - M, 49k - it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.-when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.

  • I’m not even entirely sure what to say about this fic that won’t give it away or send people running because here’s the thing: it is heartbreaking. It is worth it. It is sad, yes. It is also exhilarating and beautiful and about why love, platonic and romantic, makes the risks worthwhile, and how we know, viscerally know what is important to us. Real talk pt. 1: read it because I had terrible pms and really needed to cry. Real talk pt. 2: it worked, in that very particular way thar also made me sit and think about who and what is really important and had me sobbing in the best, most cathartic way. That lasting, deep way that’s making my chest a little tight just thinking about it, but that also means that I can smell the snow and feel the frost and see the brilliance of the sun and feel the boys’ love as - more - constant than the sun, and what the heck else could you ask for?

These Inconvenient Fireworks by mdasch and everydayslike - NC-17, 190k - Future AU in which nobody tries out for X Factor but the boys end up finding one other eventually anyway. Louis is a jaded bastard who owns a cat named Duchess and teaches drama to teenagers, Harry is an idealistic aspiring photographer/part-time footy coach, Zayn teaches English lit and wears leather jackets, Liam saves people from burning buildings, and Niall is Niall.

  • this is one of the top ten most affecting things i have ever read in my life. i don’t know how. i don’t know why. i do know that i couldn’t put it down for days and wound up finishing it in a blanket fort on a friend’s couch at 4am, literally doing that feet-kicking thing where you’re so full of feelings you can’t actually physically contain it but have to be quiet and still because the rest of the world is asleep during your emotional revelation. it restored my faith in love and hope. i am still not recovered from the thing on the soccer field at night before the train or the star tattoo or harry taking picture after picture or basically anything about it. clear your calendar if you have to but read this fic and then pls come talk to me about it because like i said i am deeply affected and possibly forever changed.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner - M, 38.5k - Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.  or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

  • There’s this one moment in Cannes when they kiss and I both really want to talk about it bc it is amazing and really would not dream of talking about bc you have to go read it yourself. So like the summary suggests, they’re in a fake relationship, and they know that that’s what it’s supposed to be, but of course - of course - there’s more to it than that. Like instantly more in this way that you can feel rolling off the screen, that is about sexual chemistry but also a certain kind of very precious fitting together. Watching them see themselves through each others eyes is beautiful, as is seeing how much it means to them to have someone else who understands the pressured of this rarefied, panopticonic world of celebrity, and who loves and validates the ott celeb performer and the human underneath the facade. It’s interesting to read in the context of this fandom, and entirely universal at the same time - who doesn’t want a partner who can love them at their most extreme and most mundane, most accomplished and most afraid, right in the middle of a stadium or right in the middle of taking up the whole damn bed?

whispering of fields half-sown by @elianefics- PG-13, 7k - “And how ironic is it that even now, at the end of all things, Louis’ mere presence makes Harry want to believe that anything is possible again. That the earth isn’t close to collapsing on itself, that the tomorrows are bright and shining and full of promises. Harry hates Louis for giving him something to look forward to when the sky only keeps getting darker. Harry loves Louis for it. ”[All of his boys come back to him in the end, but it’s Louis, Harry has been waiting for all this time.]

  • heartbreaking, lush, moving apocalypse!fic wherein it is absolutely the case that through fire and water and earthquakes and ice, there is one person Harry needs by his side. There’s Liam and Niall and Zayn, too, and what it would mean for all of them to say goodbye, really goodbye, who they all are and what those friendships mean. And Louis. Oh, Louis. My eyes got mysteriously damp in the really good way, and it made me want to sit down and write just to make words like this. The conversation at the end of this stayed with me like whoa, and my chest is getting a little tight thinking about it again. That may make some people want to X it off the list; think twice before you do. This is worth it.

Young & Beautiful by velvetoscar - M, 227.5k - Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

  • absolutely beautiful. so vivid i dreamt about it and then went and got a whole bunch of flowers and spent a while wandering around in fancy clothes just because it felt as though i was already living in the story so why not? And how could you not want to be part of this world that is complex and nuanced and subtle and gorgeous (which is not a way i expected to feel about a fic about rich kids btw but this fic makes them so full and the story so engaging that it happened and not only a little). Dimensional characters, wonderful tension, simmering slow burn, complexity, believable and complex psychological motivations,  theme parties, a falcon named cleopatrick, long nights, loaded touches, meaningful subplots, love, resilience. The only possible complaint is it made me want a champagne fountain, and that is not any sort of complaint at all. (lmk if you have a champagne fountain though, it’s been a few weeks and i am really still about wanting to live inside this fic, and also champagne)

(As always, you can find all my fic recs in my FIC REC MASTERPOST) 

- you don’t have to play the part, by @lookslikefairytales : Louis knew that this should be the part where he admitted defeat. Told funny, adorable, gorgeous Harry Styles that he wasn’t actually exchanging flirty Twitter messages with three time Grammy winner Zayn Malik, that it was just Louis, ordinary guy, who was nothing more than the guy who handled Zayn’s social media. But Louis had never been someone who prided himself in making the best decisions, and there also was a tiny (very, very big) part of him, that couldn’t let Harry go just yet. or the one where Harry is Britain’s new pop sensation, Louis is R&B star Zayn’s sassy social media manager and things get confusing.

Larry famous/not famous AU (17k) : nicely done and angsty ! a lot of texting and songwriting, no smut .

- Check Please , by @zedi-omega : Louis has a shit date. Harry offers to cover the bill. They maybe fall in love.

Larry aU (2k) : this is so cute !! Also now I want the same with 20k thank you ! :p (no smut)

- Riptide , by FlyingAlwaysInColor : AU in which Louis loses his amazing mum, and is sent on a forced holiday to a luxury spa resort where he meets a green-eyed butterfly-angel and an adventurous Irishman who help him start to heal by administering equal doses of love and laughter.

Larry AU (91k) : OMG I love this fic so much. Like .. love at first sight, really. This is about grieving, a lot. And also amazing smut (mostly bottom Harry but not only). And it’s angsty too, a bit. and it’s awesome. That’s all. Read it.

- We’re Going Down Swinging  , by @hazandlouwho : Everyone knows that revenge plots never work. Liam, Zayn, and Niall have told them as much, but Hell hath no fury like Louis Tomlinson scorned. His new friend Harry takes a bit of convincing but, once he agrees to help, Louis is sure his ex will regret the day he decided to cheat. That is, if Louis can stick to the plan and stop falling for his co-conspirator. Or, the one where Louis and Harry fake it til they make it, so to speak.

Larry fake relationship AU (21k) : I love the plot !! It’s a very nice fic, perfect to cheer you up, with some pining, great smut (bottom Harry) and a awesome epilogue :))

- I Found A Love   , by @lululawrence : Louis adjusted his suspenders a bit and picked up the next book when someone cleared their throat behind him, making Louis jump.  He spun quickly around, hand on his chest and just barely remembered to not drop Diana Gabaldon’s newest thousand page hardback that would definitely have done damage to Louis’ feet.Standing in front of him was someone who looked like he had just walked out of a motorcycle commercial.  He had his hair pulled up in a bun, was wearing what looked to be an expensive as fuck leather jacket over a ratty Rolling Stones t-shirt, and were those sparkly boots?  Louis wasn’t quite sure how to take him, but he certainly had a presence.  He was also likely confused about his location and was clearly about to ask where the DVD section was.Or the one where Louis is a nerdy English major who may just run into his happily ever after while working his shift at the local library.

Larry Famous-not Famous AU (4k), aka yes, poetry discussion and nerdy Louis are my kink. (no smut)

- From My Heart Flow , by @adifferentkindofson  :  The crowd begins to murmur, and Harry wonders if he’s somehow stumbled into an open mic night. His eyes scan the room looking for instruments and musicians but there’s … well, not an acoustic guitar or keyboard in site. His question is answered when just a moment later, none other than the cute boy in the beanie with the blue eyes walks up to the mic, the journal he’d been scribbling in all afternoon clutched to his chest. And suddenly it clicks. Louis’ a poet, Harry’s failing Econ, and sometimes all it takes is one poorly timed boner to ruin everything.

Larry strangers to lovers and Uni AU (8k): what did I say about a poetry kink ? Yeah, that. :) It’s great ! A lot of songwriting, some misunderstandings , and no smut.

- Zero to Sixty in Three Point Five , by @realitybetterthanfiction : Harry bumbles himself out of a bind…and into a boyfriend. It’s Niall’s fault, of course. As it always is.

Larry AU (2k) : online dating and drunk Harry. That’s all, read it. :)) (no smut)

- Safe and Sound (You’ll Always Be) , by Rearviewdreamer  : When a failed case and a guilty conscience leaves Harry more than a little lost, his boss presents him with a new, less taxing assignment to help him cope. An escape from all the madness is just what Harry needs to get his life back on track. It’s just too bad his new client has a grin like the devil, a pair of electric eyes that Harry simply can’t get over, and no intention whatsoever of letting him catch a break.

Larry Bodyguard AU (58k) : just because it’s always a good time to read a good Bodyguard AU :) (famous Louis, and bottom Louis for the smut)

The Wicca/Sweep series by Cate Tiernan and why you should read it


I’ve just reread the Wicca books by Cate Tiernan (the series is called Sweep in the US). Mostly as something soothing (rereading is always soothing, it’s like reading with your eyes closed. kind of.) and because I’d been eyeing it for a while. And I’ve gotten a big rush of how much I like it, and I wish it had a bigger fandom (what is it with me and tiny fandoms lately, srsly). So here is the breakdown of what it is and why you should check it out. 

The Plot

So I’ve recced this to a few people irl, and unfortunately as we live in a post-twilight literary world, there are a few things I need to make clear straight away. First, though you could legit describe this series as “like twilight but good”, it actually predates Twilight easily. Second, I’m gonna spoil a plot twist because if you don’t know this is going to happen there is no reason to keep reading - or, like, there was when I was a teenager and didn’t make Twilight-ish assumptions about what was going on, but I can very easily see people junking the books without getting past this first bit. So here we go:

Meet Morgan! Morgan is our protagonist. She’s a tad stereotypical - she’s not traditionally pretty, kind of awkward, sixteen years old, and a maths nerd. Her family is catholic, and so is she, though she doesn’t seem particularly intense about it. Her best friend is Bree, and Bree is one of those automatically stunning girls. Morgan is cool with this, everything is fine. Except this year at school, there is a Hot New Mysterious Boy called Cal. Morgan gets a super crush on him, but assumes there is No Hope.

Cal organises a party, and it turns out he’s a witch. They do a circle, and Morgan basically feels like the whole world just opened up inside her brain. To cut a long story short, it turns out she’s actually got a super-awesome magical inheritance. Also, Cal kisses her and they start dating.

At this point, if you’re reading her and Cal with an eye on the relationship dynamics, it doesn’t look great. Cal never reaches Cullenish levels of unsettling behaviour (at least, not while they’re actually still dating), but there are a few red flags, particularly as Morgan becomes more isolated from her family and friends. But Morgan thinks everything is very romantic. Cal is her rock. And what did she do to deserve this? She is very lucky. Uh huh. Some of you are probably shaking your heads now, and thinking H, why are you telling me I should read fifteen books of this relationship?

But NO, dear reader. Because in BOOK THREE, Cal tries to kill Morgan (that escalated quickly) and then becomes, basically, a villain for the rest of the series. Because it turns out all those red flags were written in as red flags and not as “romance”. And then we get Morgan dealing with this and steadily becoming a stronger person and it is AWESOME.


Okay, it’s not the most perfect book series in the world. It gets kind of purple-prosey in places, and there are definitely places where I noticed that virtually every chapter ends with either a ^gasp^ cliffhanger or with “omg magic love hearts hearts my soul”. So there’s that. To be honest, to me it mostly reads fairly realistically - ie, “I am sixteen and I genuinely feel this intensely about this” - but I would totally get that as a stylistic thing that’s gonna put some people off. Also, it has the “Friends” problem - I enjoy all the relationship stuff, that’s done really well, but the logistics of how the fuck half of these people are actually paying rent (and international airfare) are kind of out the window. 



1. MORGAN. Morgan’s a great protagonist. She starts out a bit snippy, a little too keen to compare herself to other girls, and kind of insecure. Across the series she slowly develops her confidence - and although one of the last scenes involves her getting kind of dressed up, it’s not ever really made out to be about her appearance. It’s all about how she feels about herself. And she’s a great balance between scared-as-shit by everything that’s going on and confident enough to put her foot down when she needs to.

2. Hunter Niall. So Hunter is (spoiler) Morgan’s second and more-permanent boyfriend. Hunter’s great. The series is set in America, and Hunter is British, somewhat ambiguously (which I find mildly hilarious lol). My favourite thing about Hunter is probably that Morgan, externally, takes a while to warm up to him - he’s a bit reserved, a bit intense, and she’s not quite sure what he thinks about her to start with, but you get a lot of gush from Morgan about how she feels about him. And then, suddenly, in book ten, you get Hunter’s Po. And you are hit in the face with a page and a half of “so that’s morgan. she’s my girlfriend. she’s so great. she’s so badass. oh god I made my hair stick up funny. oh god. she’s smilling look at that smile isn’t she incredible wow. okay okay I’ve got this. I’m cool. hey morgan. hi. I love you. omg she’s so amazing” because Hunter is a GINORMOUS DORK and he just loves her SO MUCH. And idk, I found that really refreshing to read as a teen? Which brings me on to:

3. Morgan and Hunter’s relationship. They screw up a lot, they upset each other, but they always talk it out and figure it out. And I’m so convinced by their relationship? Like, because it’s such a slow burn, it feels more realistic to me. There’s no “our eyes met and BAM” even though this universe does include the concept of soulmates. They’re both absolutely smitten with each other, and it’s not subtle, and they have to do quite a lot of negotiation to get their dynamic the way they’re both happy with it, and idk you folks it just makes me so happy. Because it feels real, purple-prose and all.

4. Alisa! Alisa is one of the only other characters who gets narration. She’s a younger girl who finds out something about her own family, and she gets a whole book to herself (and splits one other book half and half with Morgan). She has a very similar story to Morgan’s in some ways, but she’s still great to read, and I really enjoy her books when I get to them. She’s also half-Latina, I think. 

5. CONSENT IS A THING IN THIS UNIVERSE. LIKE, PEOPLE TALK ABOUT IT AND IT’S A THING THAT IS DISCUSSED AND THAT IT CAN GET MESSY WHEN PEOPLE ARE CONFUSED AND FEEL PRESSURED AND PRESSURE IS BAD and also if you’re morgan’s little sister and someone is pressuring you to have sex she will literally hit them with a baseball bat so there’s that too

6. LGBT rep - it’s not central, there aren’t main characters who are LGBT. But Morgan has an aunt who has a girlfriend, and they feature fairly regularly; and another two female members of Morgan and Hunter’s coven end up dating at one point. Unfortunate incident of “the b-word” being clearly avoided, as it’s likely that Sky and Raven are both bisexual, but it’s never absolutely written on the page. It’s not a whole lot, but I really liked that this was actually in here, and it’s just a normal part of the world? Like, this is a het romance story, but that didn’t mean that EVERYTHING ELSE had to be het. Which I appreciate.

And as a bonus to all of this stuff, you’ve got battles against the forces of evil, world-saving, and the logistical problems of trying to do those two things while keeping your grades up. A few bum notes, but all around a great little series that doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves, and is a lot funnier and takes itself less seriously than the tag for it on tumblr might suggest (sorry folks, but it’s literally two-thirds full of melodramatic quotes. bring out the humour!). 

So yeah. Magic, Actually Decent Relationships, Romance, Teen Angst, Fun. One of my favourite teen series. 


Why the NBC Special was so wonderful in so many ways

You knew it was going to be great the minute they stood like this:

A very long masterpost reliving some my favorite moments from this golden nugget of television :-D

First, there was that wonderful segment from the South American shows

Niall giving us his Spanish accents

Harry being stopped in his tracks by Niall, laying out across a ping pong table all gloriously shirtless

Hearing them warm up with DFWYB…I wish we got more of them singing this way…but then at the very end…Ziam just had to go all harmonizing and riff and just..wow. 

And of course, THIS :-D 

Next, was the good ol’ staple WMYB…and look at Narry (well really Harry) in the beginning!


Then there was the wonderfulness that was the roller coaster trivia

Oh, but wait, before that…we can’t forget this lovely moment ;) 

Wait..pause that…


That entire roller coaster segment was just fun and hilarious…and gave us this gem

And as if he couldn’t top that…

Yes, that hair LOLOL

P.S. How did Liam NOT get sick READING while riding a roller coaster (multiple times)! Mad props to him for that! 

Then time for another intro piece..but look!

Next, I thought the part where they surprised the fans was adorable.

But not as adorable as Niall dressed like this :) 

Louis dressed in Hogwarts gear (OMG fandom obsessions colliding!) (BONUS side…Harry speaking the intro to the little Louis segment)

Then in addition to performing SMG and Night Changes (as usual from “Four”) the other “NEW” song they performed from FOUR was “GIRL ALMIGHTY!!” 

I already made a gifset here

But here’s Zayn :) 

So the boys want to go out and see the sights…problem is the fans are so crazy outside they have to “sneak out” of the hotel. 

How do they do that, you ask? Well stick them in the back of a bread van of course! 

Yes, stick them in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS all squished together…being all OT5…in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS, squished TOGETHER…

(And the moment all OT5 fan fic writers died as their deepest fantasies were possibly about to come true)

Louis: “Can I come in and cuddle you Niall”

Harry: “The important thing is, is that we’re all in this together” 

And of course Harry just HAD to remind us

Oh wait…let’s look at that again…and slow it down a bit…

Who is that next to Harry?? In a tight, confined space, on PILLOWS? ;) 

Moving on…

Do you Zayn? Do you? I’m sure you do :-D

It was so awesome to see some OT5 time OFF stage too!


Next was “Night Changes” and did you notice this wonderful piece of editing?

Now I KNOW he wasn’t actually blowing that kiss to Louis…but it was still a nice edit :) 

Before I go to the ultimate crowning glory moment that I swear was the death of me that night…how amazing was it that we were able to see some of the recording process..and also get to hear the guys sing without any music or production? 

And now..without further ado…the BEST moment IMO of the ENTIRE special *breathes*

So Zayn is just recording

When out of nowhere…

Now of course Niall just HAD to come in, in only his underwear, while ZAYN was recording ;) 

And then…while Niall is in his underwear…they start to sing…TOGETHER

(Look at how Zayn points it “back” to Niall!!)

And then after watching that…this was me

So that, my friends, are my personal highlights, memorable moments, and favorite things from the NBC special. I’m so happy it turned out to be such a wonderful event, and I’m sure, like you, wish it was longer than just an hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this little (well actually long) post combining many of the great moments in one! :-D

One Direction Vine Masterpost

Idk if anyone has done this yet, but watching little snippets of them makes my day so I made a list of a bunch of vines, send me your favorites if they aren’t on it and I’ll keep adding to the list! 

Please share it around with others, because it took me 4eva to make this.

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clark kent or superman?

For @crazyprechaun because she told me : what about Harry crushing over that cute blonde boy in the library, wearing thick framed glasses and he doesn’t realise he’s the same boy he spent all night dancing with the day before…

Harry’s head feels like it’s about to explode with the force of his horrible headache. He shouldn’t have let Liam and Louis bring him to the club last night but when those two combine forces, it’s pretty much impossible to say no. 

But drinking as much as he did and ditching his friends to spend the night dancing with that cute blonde boy was his decision and his own only.

He thinks about him again, as he pushes his little tray full of big textbooks down the library aisles, as he tries to forget his killing headache and the fact that he could pretty much drink his own weight in water with how dry is mouth feels. 

He thinks about a blonde fringe peaking from under a bright red snap back and how the collar of his tank top was hanging low, showing a chest matted with light brown hair and his lovely collarbones. 

He remembers arms, just the right amount of muscles on them as they were holding on Harry’s waist. A smile, almost as bright as his eyes as he was looking up at Harry, his hips stitches to Harry’s own as they were grinding on the dance floor. 

It’s a blur really, of bright blonde hair, looking almost gold under the bright coloured lights of the club, of red lips and red snap back, of warm hands and warm lips. A blur of fumbled movements, filled with alcohol and want and he doesn’t even think he could recognize him if he sees him again on campus. 

Which makes him really, really sad because he was quite beautiful and his hands felt like heaven on Harry’s waist.

They didn’t talk, not at all. 

He didn’t even had the chance to ask for his name as Louis came rushing between them, pulling at Harry’s arms and telling him they were leaving. 

Harry learned once they were sitting in the taxi that Liam and Louis got into a fight. Again. Where Liam was Harry had no idea. He sent him a text asking if he was okay and all he got in return was a thumb up and an angry face.

He remembers again, feeling warm hands on his hips, and a chest moulding to his back. Remembers being turned around after a few songs to be faced with a beautiful blonde boy dressed like some frat boy with some mischievous light in his bright eyes and Harry just let himself dance with him and enjoy the moment. 

That until Louis made them part ways and he swear he saw a bit of disappointed in those beautiful eyes as he was walking backward, being pulled by a very angry looking Louis. The last thing he saw was his beautiful frat boy waving at him with a small smile on his lips but his eyes, his oh so expressive eyes were not smiling. 

So Harry is thinking about him now, as he is sporting a hangover the size of the moon, trying to work through is morning shift at the campus’ library. 

He gets distracted though, as he puts some books back on the shelves because just on the other side of it sits a boy and Harry’s breath catches in his throat with how beautiful he is.

He wears a black button up with the sleeves rolled all the way up to his elbows and too many buttons are undone, showing a chest reminding him of his frat boy’s from last night. His hair are blond too, completely messed up by the way he keeps running this fingers through it. 

On top of his nose are dark framed glasses and he looks like the cutest nerd Harry has ever seen and his cheeks are bright red with frustration as he keeps typing and deleting stuff on his laptop. 

He’s too far to be certain, but Harry thinks to boy’s skin is painted with a galaxy of freckles and Harry wants to taste them all with the tip of his tongue.

He looks like some artist, like a young James Dean mixed with a successful business man and Harry suddenly wants to discover every versions of him. 

Harry keeps pushing his little tray between the aisles and his eyes are still on the blond boy. He can’t stop starring at him, can’t get his eyes off of him because he is still a bit dizzy from last night and from that stupid frat boy he probably won’t see again and maybe he can forget him in the arms of that cute little nerd over here.

That’s where he is in his train of thoughts when of course, clumsy Harry decides to make an appearance and his foot get stuck somewhere in some imaginary crack on the floor and bam, he falls on his ass in the middle of the library. 

He does it quite loudly because his tray of books does the same, falling sideways and all of the books on it are now on the floor. Some of them are at some weird angles and Harry wishes he didn’t ruined any of them because his boss is going to  be mad. 

“You okay mate?”

Harry pushes his long hair away from his face and he knows he is bright red with embarrassment. Of course, when he looks up, it’s him, looking down with concern in his beautiful blue eyes.

“Physically I’m fine, emotionally, I’m bruised.”

He smiles at Harry’s joke and them something like recognition flashes behind those cute glasses, “Oh. Hello. You were pretty fast to run away last night…”

No! Is it… It can’t be him?

“You’re my cute frat boy?!”

His cheeks turns a shade of red so deep at those words and Harry realises what he just said, my frat boy. Fuck.

“Uh… I mean, you know, you’re not mine but we danced and then I had to leave because Louis was mad and –”

“Is Louis your boyfriend?”

“My what? No! He’s just my best friend.”

Harry then tries to sit up because it’s weird to have that kind of conversation sitting on the library floor surrounded by books and blond frat/nerd boy gives him a hand, helping him get up.

He keeps his hand into Harry’s even when he is up and steady on his feet. He looks up at Harry again, just the way he did the night before but now, he is doing it through those cute little glasses and Harry can feel his heart flutter with how bad he wants him.

“M’Niall,” he says, his thumb running circles on Harry’s hands “Was quite bummed about you leaving so fast last night.”

“My friends fought and we had to leave. I’m really sorry. And I’m Harry.”

“Well Harry, how about you tell me at what time you’re off from work so I can buy you a coffee and we can maybe talk about me being yours or summat.”

Harry can’t help but burst out laughing at those words, smacking a hand on his mouth afterwards because they are still in a library and some students are trying to work somewhere. Harry have no idea where they are though, because the only thing he can see is Niall standing in front of him. His smile is fond when he looks at Harry, biting at his bottom lip to keep his own laugh inside.

“I’d like that a lot. I’m off at one.”

“It’s a date then.”

"I found him, Ni"

So something very important happened to me the other day so I was offline for a little bit because of it, but  hey I got inspiration to write new imagine so here it is.  It’s little longer that I hoped it will be, but I hope you like it. Love you guys. x


Niall and I finally came to my hometown to spend little family time and Niall really wanted to see my mom and little sister, so he had to come with me.
After short flight we got home and of course Niall and mom rushed in each others arms.
“Okay, I know you love him, but I’m your daughter” I said pretending to be offended.
“Why didn’t you left her back in London?” mom whispered.
“I was asking myself the same question on the way here” Niall said winking at me.
“YOU GUYS ARE HORRIBLE PEOPLE” I yelled playfully punching Niall in the arm.
We got into the house and my sister ran to see us.
“Finally you’re hereeee” she said hugging us both.
“Damn you grew up so fast, you’re not little girl anymore” Niall said before kissing her on the cheek.
“ Yeop next week I’m turning 13” she said proudly.
“ Please don’t say that, you’re making me feel old” Niall whispered making her giggle before she went back to doing her homework.
“ She grew up a lot , didn’t she?” I said hugging him by the waist.
“ Can’t believe we’re together for 5 years, I remember her when she just started going to school. I feel so old” he laughed.
“ Time flies by fast hun. Time flies fast” I kissed him on the cheek.
“Guys are you coming to the kitchen? I’m making your favorite” mom yelled.
“ The last one doesn’t get nutella pancakes for dessert” Niall said and with that we raced to the kitchen.

We talked through out the dinner about Niall’s career and me trying to get into the Uni and work. We really had fun time.
“So when are you planning on getting married?” mom said jokingly, but Niall took it seriously.
“As soon as I get little more time off I planned on proposing (Y/N)” he said proudly.
“Niall, she’s joking” I said giggling.
“But I’m not. I was really thinking about it. But pretend you didn’t hear anything. Shh” he smiled.
“ Hear what? What did we talk about?” I laughed.
“You guys are adorable, I wish I can have a relationship like you guys” (Y/S/N) said.
Niall glared at her making her chuckle.
“One day Horan, one day.” she added.
“That’s what I wanted to hear” Niall glared at her one time before letting a giggle of his own.

After dinner, Niall went to my old bedroom to unpack our things, while I was catching up with my little family. At one point in the middle of our conversation I picked up my sister’s laptop to show my mom some pictures that I took while I was on tour with Niall when I saw my name in google search history when I  accidentally pressed the first letter of my name.
“Okay, who was stalking me?” I said glaring at my mom.
“I really didn’t this time, I swear” she laughed.
“Why don’t you search for your dad on google or facebook. Maybe you can find him.” (Y/S/N) said
“I tried hun couple years ago, but I didn’t find anything, I doubt that I’d find him now. And I lost my will to find him,so-”
“So what (Y/N)? You’re eventually have to see him. Don’t you need some sort of closure?” mom cut me off.
“I don’t even know. Can’t we just not talk about it? Please?” I said getting slightly uncomfortable.
You see, my parents divorced when I was 2 and since then I haven’t “seen” my dad. Just once on the picture and that’s it. Both my mom and dad remarried after, but deep down I wanted to see him, but yet again I’m totally fine with being him out of my life.

Couple minutes later were spent in pleasant silence, mom was on her phone, while my sister was doing her homework. All of the sudden, mom jumped up grinning from ear to ear.
“I FOUND HIM!” mom yelled.
“ OMG OMG Let me see” (Y/S/N) jumped by her side.
“Found who?” I mindlessly asked.
“YOUR DAD!” They both yelled.
I stood there in shock not believing what I just heard.
“I found his wife on facebook. You have a little brother too. You wanna see them?” She smiled.
I gave them slight smile and took a sit next to them.
It was a picture of him and my little brother. It was an 2 year old summer picture, but yet it still meant something. They we’re in the sea, it looked like he was teaching him to swim. He had smile on his face, looking proudly at the young little blonde boy in his arms.
I could feel my eyes burning from unreleased salty tears, but I still had that weak smile on my face.
“That’s you dad sweety” my mom patted my shoulder.
I was quiet for couple moments before letting halfhearted laugh
“Well one thing is for sure, I look nothing like him, maybe just eye shape and that’s it. But this little fella is cute” I said still looking at the picture.
“You got a little brother you always wanted” (Y/S/N) said.
“I still love you more” I hugged her.
“I know, you kinda have too” she answered.
“You want me to write something to his wife?” mom asked looking at me with some kind of look I can’t explain.
“No, I don’t want to. They seem to be little happy family.” I said after thinking a little bit.

I went to the kitchen making myself a cup of tea, picking up my headphones ,played some relaxing music on my phone and went to the backyard to relax a little bit. Cold breeze brushed my skin, hot tea making me warm, making the perfect mix to calm my nerves down. If I said I wasn’t overwhelmed I’d be lying. I had this strange emotion. It was a mixture of some sort of discomfort, sadness, joy but yet satisfaction. I was so deep in my thoughts I haven’t heard Niall coming out and sitting next to me.
“Your mom told me you were here, I brought you your  fluffy blanket ” he said sweetly making me smile.
“Thanks baby” I pecked his lips leaning my head on his shoulder.
“ Why are you out here? It’s cold, you can get sick” he said worriedly, looking down on me.
I couldn’t hold my emotions any longer and I meltdown completely.
“I found him, Ni. I found my dad” I hugged him tight, shaking violently.
We didn’t speak, he just held me in his arm not letting for a second. He kissed my forehead now and then and rubbed my arms.
When I finally calmed down, he let go of me, wiped my tears from flamed cheeks, looking me in the eyes before giving me soft kiss letting me feel safe and loved.
When we broke apart, he moved my hair behind my ear kissing the tip of my nose making me giggle.
“There’s my princess.” he said smiling.
“You thought about meeting him?” he asked.
“Yeah, but I decided not to. Some doors should remain closed. But I feel more than happy just to see his picture. Now I know what he looks like.” I smiled.
“Well, if that’s what you decided, that means I don’t need his permission to do this.” he said standing up taking my phone and played Sam Smith - Make it to Me .
He took my hand making me stand up before him. With my hand still in his, he took slight step back and got down on his good knee with huge smile on his face.
“I didn’t prepare some speech that is good enough to describe everything I feel for you  and everything we’ve been through and still being together, stronger than ever. And I can’t believe how actually that rhymes, remind me to write that after this. And you know everything, from how I feel about you to all the possible things that remind me of you. And all I’m left with to say is to ask you, if you want to be my wife?” he finished his monologue smiling at me.
I didn’t even answered I just pulled him up to me giving him the most intense kiss, giving everything I had into that kiss, and he did the same.
“I love you so much (Y/N)  ” he said as we catch our breaths.
“I love you too Niall. Can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” I smiled giving him another kiss.
“You have no choice, you’re now officially stuck with me forever”

He compares you to his ex

Can you do a one direction preference when he compares you to his ex girlfriend

YES! OMG I WANTED TO DO THIS! But I didn’t think of this haha here ya go! xx



“But, she is so clingy recently. I need some space ya know?” you over heard Niall on the phone. He was on the phone in the living room, and you were in the kitchen just making food for each other. You went to the wall and secretly listened his conversation on the phone. “She’s always around me and wants to hang out all the time. I can’t do that. I need to keep myself distance. Barbara was never clingy to me. We hung out a lot, but she was never that clingy,” he said. You felt heart broken. Clingy? You stepped in the living room. “Well then go take your Barbara back since I’m sooo clingy!” you yelled. He turned around and put his phone in his pocket. “You-You weren’t supposed to hear that..” he panicked. “Well I did! Go get Barbara back since she isn’t clingy to you,” you yelled. You exited the house leaving.


“Her food taste absolutely horrible lads,” Liam said. “How? We love her food, it taste so amazing!” Niall smiled and the boys agreed. “I just don’t like it. It’s disgusting. I just make up stuff to get out of the house and go to the diner to get food. I just don’t like her food,” Liam said. “I really liked Sophia’s anyway,” “Sorry for being a bad cook Liam,” you sighed. “Y/N I-” you cut him off. “Bye Liam,” you said and slammed the door. 


“I mean like Eleanor, she doesn’t always spend money on stuff. But, Y/N she does, its so annoying. She’s spending all of her money and mine,” he said. “Sorry for spending all of my money for you. Since we are a couple, and I’m giving you the best gifts that you like,” you said. “Y/N Wait! I-”        "Go to Eleanor she probably won’t spend all of your money on you,“ you said and left the house.


"I don’t know I just feel like Perrie cuddles me better than Y/N,” Zayn said to Harry. “C'mon her cuddles are the best too,” Harry nudged. “Sometimes…” Zayn sighed. You heard everything. You cuddle him to bed, thats why in the morning he’s not even hugging you. Must be why. You wanted to keep yourself distance from him now.


“Kendall and me always go play outside or something, but Y/N she-she just rejects me when I wanna go outside with her. I hate it so much. I wanna hang out with her because shes my girlfriend, but I guess she doesn’t.” Harry said over the phone. You couldn’t believe it. You reject him a lot. Don’t really know why though. You’re gonna be silent treating him. You just don’t want to talk to him right now. You couldn’t believe that he said that to you. ~Kelly

I will do part 2 after I’m done with imagines. Its 5 left so don’t worry!


Love & Misadventures: Chapter 19

Love & Misadventures, a sequel to Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


This chapter is different than any chapter I’ve written. It’s going to be purely through social media & texts. I wanted to try something new. So hope you enjoy! Please let me know what you think!

This chapter is ALL dialogue so… it’s pretty long. Be prepared.

This chapter was co-written by iwanttonarryyou! So thank her too guys!

I love you so much iwanttonarryyou thanks for helping me write this chapter! You’re the bestest! Thanks for being MY NARRY! <3

overad made another vine clip for L&M of Harry in NYC! Check it out! Love you Valerie!

Chapter 19: Ask Harry

*You guys wonder why Y/N always come back to 50-100 text messages? You’ll see why in this chapter!

April 12th 2015

TWITTER [04.12.2015]

@1d_USAupdates: @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @GemmaAnneStyles @MaddyxParrish @Y/T/N were seen at lunch together with an unknown girl at Marea! #onedirection

@xoxotaia_reed: HOLY SHIT! @Y/T/N DUMPED WATER ALL OVER A GIRL WHILE SHE WAS AT LUNCH WITH @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @GemmaAnneStyles @MaddyxParrish #splash

@willyouNARRYme: HAHAHA OMG @Y/T/N DUMPED A GLASS OF WATER ALL OVER A GIRL WHEN SHE WAS WITH @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficiall! #whatislife #winning #splash


@danicaloves1D: HAHAHA that video of @Y/T/N throwing water all over that girl is the best thing that’s happened all year! @Harry_Styles your girlfriend is fucking awesome! #splash #marryherharry

@sugarscape: Did we really just see @Y/T/N throw water all over a girl? WOW @Harry_Styles your girlfriend is fierce! Wonder what happened! SOMEONE TELL US!  #splash

- - - - -

April 13th 2015


Harry Styles was seen having lunch with his sister Gemma, his girlfriend Y/N, Niall, and Niall’s rumored girlfriend Madeline and one other gal in famous New York restaurant, Marea.

Now we all know that if we ever get our hands on Harry (No, not like that, you dirty minded people), we would make sure that everyone knows to keep their hands off of him.  After all Harold von Styles is a rare, antic thing so we need to be careful with who’s touching him.

Y/N is like us and doesn’t want just about anybody to touch her boyfriend and she proved that she likes to have him for her hands only when she threw water on earlier mentioned gal and yelled, “Get your own boyfriend!” 

Now the reason behind it is unknown but we can only imagine that the mystery gal couldn’t keep her hands to herself.

You don’t believe us?! 

We’re shocked but we were a bit on edge until we saw a video that is really hilarious. So see it for yourself.

Do you support Y/N because we sure do. 

She made us laugh but we would do the same thing if we were dating Harry and someone touched him.

What do you reckon? Tweet us your opinion on this.

- - - - -

Your POV

[Group Conversation with You, Harry, Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis & Madeline]

Me: What did you expect? She was doing stuff to MY boyfriend!
Liam: What? What kinda stuff?
Louis: Do I need to have a talk with curly?
Harry: I didn’t do anything!
Louis: What the fuck did you do Harry? What did he do Y/N?
Zayn: ive watched it like 5 times, its hilarious!
Harry: I’m gonna kill you Niall! I told that bloody leprechaun to switch seats with me and he didn’t!
Me: She was trying to get him off under the fucking table! Rubbing his legs and shit with her filthy feet.
Madeline: Fucking hell guys, my phone won’t stop vibrating.
Me: Yes fucking way Zayn
Me: Really that’s what you called stopping her Harry?
Louis: AHAHAHA I jus watched the video! GOOD JOB Y/N!
Me: Thanks Louis :] I learned from the best.
Madeline: Me *hair flips*
Liam: Wait who is she? Why was she there with you guys?
Me: Ask Harry. She texts him.
Harry: She’s Gemma’s friend, who I told Gemma NOT to bring along!
Harry: Shut up Niall.
Me: What Niall Said.
Louis: HEY! Y/N Learned from me!
Harry: Babe, I did nothing wrong! I did try to stop her!
Me: Whatever Harry.
Liam: Wow guys. I put my phone down for 3 min and I come back to 10 messages
Louis: you know… I was feeling like shit, but now I’m jus gonna keep watching Y/N toss water on this bitch.
Niall: Hahaha! Y/N, the best cure for a broken heart.
Madeline: Where do broken hearts go? Watch Y/N toss water all over a basic bitch.
Me: Wow. Really? Really Madeline?
Niall: I have the best girlfriend evaaaa.
Me: Tell me Harry, how would you feel if someone was rubbing me under the damn table while you were sitting there, clueless across the table.
Madeline: He would probably get arrested.
Harry: I would be mad…. :(
Liam: Okay I’m going to go work out, I’m putting you guys on silent. I’ll read this all later.
Louis: Let’s blow up LEEYAM’s phone.
Me: I’m in.
Harry: Y/N Babe?
Me: What? I’m in class.
Niall: Harry, stop whining and grow a pair.
Harry: Shut up Niall. I have a pair, unlike you.
Madeline: Hey you curly headed shit, he does have a pair, and I know this personally ;]
Me: That’s fucking gross Madeline.
Zayn: okay TMI much?
Madeline: Oh shush, we’re all adults.
Me: Guys, I’m bored. This class is lame.
Louis: What class is it?
Harry: Madeline, where are all the clean towels?
Me: Music Psychology.
Madeline: Ask your girlfriend.
Me: Don’t feel like talking to my boyfriend.
Louis: sounds fuckin’ boring
Zayn: I wouldnt talk to his ass either if I were u Y/N.
Me: What have you guys been doing since break started Zayn? Louis? Liam?
Louis: drinkin, smokin, playing FIFA, more drinkin
Zayn: hangin’ out with perrie, drinkin and smokin with louis and friends
Me: I need a drink.
Harry: I still need a towel…
Louis: ditch your boyfriend Y/N and come drink with me :)
Madeline: For goodness sakes Harry, check the linen closet where the washing machine is.
Me: Great offer Louis, but too bad London is so far away…
Zayn: i need help Y/N. louis drinks like a damn fish
Me: I promise to drink with you guys all summer when you’re here for the North American leg!
Harry: Thanks Madeline.
Louis: hah u’re not even legal to drink there, i like you my little rebel
Me: Oh please, like you guys were legal when you started drinking. Plus when you have a black card, you don’t need an ID.
Louis: oh what ever do you mean? i’m a good boy, i didnt drink til i was legal. and i know, we allllll have one Y/N.
Me: I’ll be home soon.
Niall: Remember that time when we all got shitfaced at the BRITS? Harry wasn’t even of age.
Me: Madeline, Niall, what do you guys want for dinner?
Harry: What about me? :(
Me: Ask Hannah.
Zayn: u can always eat anything niall
Louis: guys what are some good horror files?
Zayn: NO. i swear to god if you get scared u’re not sleepin with me and perrie.
Louis: i’m a man, i dont get scared of stupid horror films
Me: Sorry, I don’t do scary movies
Harry: Everyone cries while watching The Notebook.
Me: Guys… Harry won’t leave me alone, he keeps following me and bothering me.
Zayn: bro give her a break
Me: Madeline, hurry home. Your boyfriend and my boyfriend are driving me crazy.
Liam: WHAT THE HELL GUYS? My battery went from 95% to 50% in just two hours!
Madeline: I’m stuck here for another couple hours.
Louis: serves you right for ditchin us LEEYAM
Liam: I needed to work out! Why the hell are u spellin my name like that?
Niall: isn’t it like midnight there?
Harry: Guys. She won’t let me in her room. She locked me out.
Liam: Wtf this conversation escalated to another level while I was gone.
Louis: shut up liam
Me: Louis, be nice.
Harry: No one is nice to me…
Louis: not even Nadine?
Me: Let’s NOT talk about her either.
Zayn: why… vas happening now? i saw pix of her at the club with you guys
Niall: OH MAN AHAHAHA she was kissing the guy Harry went crazy over bc he’s in love with Y/N
Louis: What? When was this?
Harry: Thank you so much Niall.
Me: I’ll tell you later Louis. I’m going to bed now. Night guys.

- - - - - 

TWITTER [04.13.2015]

@zaynmalik: ahahaha thats what you get for being thirsty xD

@Real_Liam_Payne: well THAT was interesting…

@Louis_Tomlinson: i think @Y/T/N is now my favorite person.

@MaddyxParrish: basic bitches doe.

- - - - -

April 14th 2015

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Harry.]

Harry: Baby? Are you still mad at me?
Me: Yes and no. More frustrated than anything and I feel like shit today.
Harry: I’m so sorry… I really am. I swear I tried to move away from her.
Harry: I was lonely this morning when I woke up to an empty bed. I miss you.

Me: You know I have class today.
Me: Can you stop bringing her up? I’m still trying to get that image out of my head.

Harry: Yes but I need you to know that I did try to get away, even at the club.
Me: Okay Harry, I believe you, i just don’t feel well today. My cramps are worst.
Harry: I’m so sorry baby, how can I make it better?
Me: You can’t.
Me: Oh, what did you and Nadine talk about Friday? I never asked.
Harry: We just talked… I asked her about why she started hanging out with Derek and didn’t tell me what was bothering her.
Me: What? You guys talked for a while though. What did she say?
Harry: She said he understands her. What did he say?
Me: He said that he turned to her for comfort since I shut him out. I was pissed that he tried to blame me for sleeping with her but ultimately he said it wasn’t any of my business and that he hopes to be friends again one day.
Harry: Well Nadeine said some other stuff but I don’t think I should tell you via text. When are you going to be home?
Me: Okay…? 
Me: In a few hours. Tuesdays are my short days.

Harry: Okay, I’ll tell you then. I’m bored.
Me: Go bother Niall.

Harry’s POV

[Conversation between Harry & Niall]

Me: Niall
Me: Niall
Me: Niall! WAKE UP!
Me: Wake up you bloody leprechaun!

Niall: What the fuck do you want? Leave me alone.
Me: What are you doing in Madeline’s room? I’m bored in Y/N’s room.
Niall: Well I WAS sleeping. Your boredom is my problem because…?
Me: It’s almost 11! Get up or I’ll go over there.
Me: It’s your problem because you’re my best mate, what’s my problem is your problem.

Niall: Piss off. If I see you in this room. I’ll whack you.
Me: Come on! I’ve already read through one of her books! Let’s go do something.
Niall: Like what?
Me: Idk, I feel like we should do something nice for our girlfriends for accommodating us.
Niall: You come up with something, my brain doesn’t function until noon.
Me: Oh get off your ass. Shit, why have you been sleeping in so late? You didn’t get up until noon yesterday! I was so bored waiting for Y/N to get home.
Niall: AND it’s not my fault your gf is pissed off at you that you didn’t get any and have to sleep early. I’m good to mine so I get some every night after she gets home, even when its late! HAH!

Me: Fuck. You. It’s been 3 days for me.
Niall: You’ve gone longer without any action.
Me: You bloody wanker! I got it every day when I got here until that Hannah fiasco.
Niall: So have I.
Me: Okay anyways, I still want to do something nice for Y/N. Let’s cook our girlfriends dinner!
Niall: I have a great recipe from Jamie Oliver.
Me: Then get out of bed and let’s go to the market.
Niall: Uhhh can’t you go alone? I’ll shower while you’re out.
Me: You’re the one with the recipe.
Niall: I’ll tell you what to buy. By the time you come back I’ll be ready to cook.
Me: Damn it Niall. Fine.

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Madeline.]

Me: When are you coming home? The boys cooked dinner for us… and Harry bought me roses :] Niall bought you something too!
Madeline: Aww that’s so sweet of them!
Me: Yeah, damn Harry, I was still pissed until I came home to them.
Madeline: So I’m guessing you’re not mad anymore?
Me: Sort of… I guess… I mean he got some lovin’ ;]
Madeline: Woohoo! Wait… where was my lucky charm at?
Me: I actually showed my him studio and he’s been in there messing around with my stuff and what not.
Madeline: Oh I thought you and Harry had sex. HAHA!
Me: We did. Why do you think I showed Niall my studio?
Madeline: OOHHHH! Oh my god.
Me: What?! We had to do it in the shower… cause you know.
Madeline: Oh Jesus Christ Y/N.
Me: What? Don’t act like you haven’t. Anyways, I have something to tell you.
Me: Holy fuck!
Madeline: What?
Me: You were right about Nadeine being in love with Harry.
Madeline: WHAT?!
Me: Yeah >_> She told him that night at the club.
Me: Well I mean I haven’t really been talking to him… I just go to school and come home and study a bit before I sleep cause my cramps are so bad.
Madeline: I’m surprised he told you!
Me: Oh and Nadeine and Derek have been sleeping together since Singapore.
Madeline: I KNEW IT.
Me: Why wouldn’t he? He knows if I heard it from someone else, I would kill him.
Madeline: What did you tell Harry?

Me: Yeah you guys were. I can’t fucking believe it. Remember how crazy you two sounded to us? 
Me: I told him he should still be friends with her, if he wants.
Madeline: Bitch, are you crazy? He basically forbid you from going out with Ollie when he found out about him and you gave him a green card to see that hoe?
Me: He trusts me with Ollie now! He didn’t say anything when I went to breakfast with him the other day. Plus after Singapore, things have been different between us. Better. 
Me: I trust Harry. Also, he knows if he cheats on me, I wouldn’t think twice to leave him. I’m not going to put him on a leash.
Madeline: Yeah Niall better not pull that jealousy/possessive shit on me, because I would strangle him.
Me: HAHA I BELIEVE THAT. I think Niall’s too scared of you to piss you off.
Madeline: If he cheated, I would make sure he won’t be able to reproduce.
Madeline: He damn sure is scared of me, but I love him.

Me: Yeah and he loves you. Wait til you tasted what he cooked!
Madeline: He cooked? DO I even WANT to know what our kitchen looks like? Bitch, you ate without me?
Me: Course not! I just tasted it to make sure it was edible. And it’s clean! Harry isn’t a messy or dirty person, he knows better than to let Niall destroy our kitchen.
Madeline: I was about to say, I was going to consider you my ex best friend if you ate without me.
Me: Bitch, it’s 7 have you left work yet?
Madeline: Yes, leaving now.
Me: See you soon!
Madeline: Bitch, I hate you. I just started my period. FUCK we synced again!

 April 15th 2015

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Louis.]

Louis: oh my god. i need to find my own place. i can’t hear zayn and perrie moaning anymore.
Me: LOLOL! Come to NY! Get away for a bit.
Louis: I would but I really need to get all my shit out of El’s place. I ended up giving her the apartment.
Me: Can’t you have people do that for you?
Louis: may i’ll come in a couple weeks… man, you know for a skinny guy, zayn can sure keep going.
Me: You did not just say that. 
Me: You’re welcome here anytime Louis.
Me: If I could come to London to make sure you’re fine, I would.
Me: Please don’t drink yourself into oblivion every night.
Louis: i’m fine. the answers to my problem have been found at the bottom of better bottles.
Me: You need a distraction but Lou, alcohol is not the answer.
Louis: Shit, i don’t know the first thing about choosing a place. i’m with my real estate agent and she’s just showin me a bunch of places.
Me: If you want you can send me pics and i’ll help.
Louis: Ehhh I’ll be alright. you know me. 
Louis: Shit. I think I found my perfect bachelor pad! four bedroom penthouse with a nice gaming room. min bar. movie room. and it has a balcony.
Louis: fuck yes. 

Me: Four bedrooms? What the hell are you going to do with four bedrooms? I want pictures.
Me: Of course you wouldn’t pick a place unless it had a game room.


Me: Alright, I’m moving in with you.
Louis: Your place is nice too! I have yet to see your studio! Niall told me he got to be in heartstrings official studio yesterday! WHAT THE FUCK!
Me: Well I needed to get rid of him so I distracted him with the studio. I promise you’ll get to see it when you come visit.
Louis: that boy can get annoying, i don’t blame you.
Louis: how big of a TV should I get?

Me: The biggest.
Louis: Fuck it, I’m getting one like Harry has at his house in L.A.
Me: Did you already buy the place?
Louis: My agent is getting the contract together now.
Louis: I want theatre chairs. I’m googling some now.

Me: Yep. I’m definitely staying with you when I come in June.
Louis: Oh yeah, you’re coming for the London Wimbledon right?
Louis: Fuck I miss Eleanor.

Me: Yeah we are.
Me: I’m sorry Louis…

Louis: I just got invited Top Shop Fashion show, made me miss her.
Me: Do you want to go? I’ll would be honored to be your date.
Louis: Hell yeah!! You’re the best Y/N!
Me: Yeah we can get drunk together. I’m going to stay with you.
Louis: What about your curly headed boyfriend? He said he’s flying home in a week.
Me: He’ll be fine for a day or two on his own.
Louis: yeah right, you know he’ll be sulking his way over to my place an hour after you’re gone.
Me: I know. But I want to spend time with his band mate.
Louis: You mean your best friend.
Me: You want me to bring Madeline?
Louis: I MEANT ME. I’M YOUR BEST FRIEND. RUDE! I rescind your invitation to the fashion show.
Me: Oh come on Louis, you know I love you. Plus, I do consider you one of my best friends, which is why I’m ready to ditch Harry for you in London.
Louis: Uhh huh, so you never told me what happened at the club the other night! Shit I cant believe Nadeine and Derek were making out! that’s shady as fuck!
Me: Right! Can you believe it’s been happening since Singapore? Madeline and Niall were right!
Louis: Wait what? Singapore? Madeline and Niall were right about what?
Me: Well you see my best friend, they’ve been sleeping together Singapore.
Louis: Bloody fucking hell! You’re joking!
Me: Nope.
Louis: Here I thought they just made out!
Me: Harry and I thought Madeline and Niall were crazy when they told us their “theory.”
Louis: what theory?
Me: That Nadine is in love with Harry.
Louis: Wait wait wait.
Louis: Hold the fuck up. Nadine is in love with Harry?!

Me: LOL I told you to come here.
Louis: Holy fuck, can I tell zayn? I need to tell zayn.
Louis: Holy shit I need to tell zayn.

Me: Uhhh ask Harry?
Louis: I’m telling you I wouldve been there if it wasn’t for this whole finding my own place shit!
Louis: WHY do i need to ask him?
Me: You know what? Tell Zayn.
Louis: HAHA is the still in the dog house?
Me: No… the man bought me roses and made me dinner so I gave in.
Louis: Oh come on! You give in too easily!
Me: How was I suppose to stay mad?!
Louis: Just throw the flowers back and say try harder!
Louis: Remind me to give you many high-fives for that thing you did… I’ve watched it 50 times and it cracks me up every time…
Louis: Get your own boyfriend… LOL

Me: Whatever. I was on my period and bitch had it coming.

Your POV

[Group Conversation between You, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis & Madeline]

Louis: ZAYN! MATE!
Zayn: what now?
Liam: this is a group convo, wrong box Louis.
Louis: nope, not the wrong one.
Harry: I want to know! 
Zayn: wut?
Zayn: no. fucking. way. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Madeline: Tell me something I don’t know.
Liam: Oh rubbish! They’re just friends!
Harry: Oh come on! Who told you?
Liam: Wait. It’s true?
Harry: Why do we always talk about me on here?
Louis: who else are we going to talk about?
Zayn: sorry harry, youre the youngeest so ure going to get picked on the most
Liam: so it’s true? what the hell?
Louis: Are you calling me a liar Liam?
Zayn: and you didnt think of tellin us?
Liam: I’m not callin you a liar, I’m just shocked!
Niall: they bascially told us we were crazy when we told them
Harry: Can we please talk about something else? Anything else?
Harry: How’s the weather in London? How’s the traffic?
Louis: Weather is bloody awful and same goes for the traffic.
Zayn: im still laughing
Zayn: is it bad im still laughing?
Liam: but wait, Nadine is in love with Harry but made out with Derek?
Zayn: and now i’m laughing all over again
Harry: Can we please just drop this?
Madeline: Yep! They have both been comforting each other.
Louis: That’s a great way to find comfort, in between the sheets!
Zayn: wait… what? 
Liam: How can you know all of this and we don’t?
Niall: Cause you guys are not as smart as me.
Louis: I have my sources Liam.
Zayn: guyssss i’m still laughinnn. my stomach hurts from laughin so much!!
Harry: What sources?! What the fuck. I hate you lot.
Niall: I didn’t tell him, did you babe?
Zayn: guys i’m so high…
Liam: I think we all know who told Louis.
Me: Sorry guys, I was in class taking a test.
Me: Way to blow up my damn phone.
Me: What the FUCK Louis! I said you could tell Zayn! Not put Harry on blast!
Harry: You did this to me?
Me: Excuse you?
Harry: I thought you loved me.
Me: Excuse. You.
Louis: Uh. Oh.
Zayn: i just told Perrie, she doesn’t believe me.
Madeline: Someone’s going to die. Niall get out of the condo NOW.
Liam: Sophia doesn’t believe me either.
Me: He doesn’t have a right to be mad at me.
Zayn: he sure doesnt
Louis: Escape from him and come to me.
Harry: You guys are all against me again?!
Liam: Sorry mate, but it’s funny!
Harry: Yes, my life is just really funny alright.
Madeline: Niall, where are you?
Niall: About to go grab drinks with some friends.
Harry: Without me?
Niall: Madeline told me to get away, I can feel Y/N’s wrath coming.
Louis: Whipped.
Zayn: take the poor bastard with you niall before she kills him
Niall: are you even dressed harry? im about to walk out the door.
Harry: Just let me put on my boots.
Louis: again with the fucking boots!
Madeline: I swear to god, it better not be those silver ones.
Harry: Stop hating on my boots.
Me: I swear to god Harry, if you leave my building wearing those silver boots, I’m ending this.
Zayn: shit just got real
Louis: and that is why she’s my best friend.
Zayn: what the fuck louis! I thought I was your best mate.
Louis: she’s on the position as well.
Me: Well shit. I just got back and no one’s here… I think it’s time for a new cover. Any requests?
Liam: Reflections!
Zayn: something by Little Mix 
Louis: Zayn, not again mate.
Zayn: wut? come at me bro! I love my fiancee.
Niall: 5SOS
Louis: the 1975
Zayn: drake? starteedd from the bottomm now were hea!
Madeline: Cool Kids by Echosmith
Harry: Ed Sheeran
Me: Bingo. We have a winner.
Liam: Who is that exactly?
Louis: ME. DUH!
Niall: WHO!
Me: Ed Sheeran.
ME: I did a mash-up of Robbers and Chocolate already. I’ll send it to you Louis. Calm down.
Liam: OOH I can’t wait to hear it!
Louis: No Liam that is exclusively for me.
Me: Ermmmm… actually Louis, I recorded it for Harry for his birthday.
Louis: Harry, it’s always bloody Harry.
Me: I’m rolling my eyes Louis. I’m going to work on my cover now. Bye.
Harry: I’m her boyfriend, I’m special :]
Louis: Oh, you’re special alright.

- - - - - 

April 16th 2015

Madeline’s POV

[Coversation between Niall & Madeline.]

My Lucky Charm: Madeline
My Lucky Charm: Maddie
My Lucky Charm: Babe
My Lucky Charm: I miss you 
My Lucky Charm: I’m bored.
My Lucky Charm: When will you be home?
My Lucky Charm: Madelineeee I want a kiss.

Me: Niall! What the fuck is wrong with you?
Me: I’m at work and in the middle of a meeting, my phone just constantly vibrated! Everyone was staring at me!

My Lucky Charm: I’m sorry… But I miss you and I want a kiss.
Me: Go kiss Harry.
My Lucky Charm: Harry and Y/N went out together so I’m lonely…
My Lucky Charm: Just come home already Maddie

Me: I can’t just leave work because you want attention!
My Lucky Charm: Do I need to speak to someone so you can leave early? You know I can do that. I have that kinda power.
Me: Niall! Don’t you dare! If you do that I’ll kill you.
My Lucky Charm: But I want you home!
Madeline: You’re worst than a kid missing their mother.
My Lucky Charm: AM NOT!
My Lucky Charm: Seriously, when will you be home tonight?

Me: I don’t know.. but I might need to stay late.
My Lucky Charm: LATE? NOT AGAIN!
Me: I’m sorry Niall… you know that I want to spend time with you before you leave but I can’t really ditch work now.
My Lucky Charm: First you get your period and that fucks things up and now you have to stay late again?!
Me: Hey I’m a girl and have a uterus. Besides, would you like me to not get my period?
My Lucky Charm: Oh god, no! Don’t even joke about that. Do you want me to have a heart attack?
Me: Thought so. Now stop texting me and let me work. 
My Lucky Charm: BUT I want to talk to you :(
Me: If you stop texting me and let me work, I might come home sooner.
My Lucky Charm: FINE! I’ll let you work, but what do I do until you get home?
Me: I don’t know! Write a song? Pester Harry & Y/N when they get back? Cook dinner? Knit a damn scarf! JUST STOP TEXTING ME.
My Lucky Charm: You’re so mean, I’m not cooking dinner for you again! I’ll go call Louis or Deo or something else.
Me: Oh Niall.
My Lucky Charm: Alright, I love you, hurry home.
Me: I love you too. I’m putting my phone on Do Not Disturb now.
My Lucky Charm: NO!
My Lucky Charm: DOn’T do THAT!
My Lucky Charm: Madeline!
My Lucky Charm: MAdDie!!!
My Lucky Charm: NOOOOOOOOOO!
My Lucky Charm: God damn it! Who even invented Do Not Disturb mode?! Piece of shit!

 - - - - - 

Sugarscape [04.16.2015]

Few days ago the video of Harry Styles’ girlfriend, Y/N Y/L/N throwing water on a girl who couldn’t keep her hands off of Harry (most likely) emerged and we had a good laugh and supported Y/N. 

Earlier today, Harry and Y/N were seen out and about in New York.

One Direction lads have two months break from their On the Road Again tour and Harry and Niall flew to New York to spend time with their girlfriends. 

We were waiting for the pictures of the couples on the streets of New York but we didn’t expect them to be this adorable. 

Y/N and Harry were seen walking the streets of The Big Apple, holding hands and being all loved up. They also wore matching outfits: Raybans, black skinny jeans (no surprises on Harold’s side) and rocking sexy leather jackets.

The fans spotted them walking around Brookfield Place Mall, an upscale shopping center in Manhttan. The couple took a few selfies and exchanged a kiss or two as they walked hand-in-hand with quite a few bags. The fans that saw them posted on Twitter saying that they were really cute and willingly took pictures with a few fans. 

After that, the couple was spotted at Central Park, taking a romantic afternoon stroll and even fed the birds. Can they be more adorable?! 

- - - - - -

Your POV

[Conversation between You & Gemma]

Gemma: Oh god, I’m so sorry for Hannah. I feel awful.
Me: Gemma, you’re not the one that should be apologzing lol
Gemma: I know but Haz told me not to invite her and when she asked me where I was going, I caved.
Me: It’s okay, It’s fine. I was feeling extra annoyed that day anyways, so whoops.
Gemma: So what exactly did she do? Harry wouldn’t tell me. And she said she didn’t do anything.
Me: That’s a lie.
Gemma: I figured. Can you please tell me?
Me: She texted your brother that she can do him better than I can.
Gemma: What the fuck?
Me: Then at the restaurant… she was feeling on him under the table.
Gemma: And he just sat there? Did he think it was you?
Me: He told me tried to stop her and he asked Niall to switch seats with him.
Gemma: He tried to drag Niall into his mess? Typical harry.
Gemma: Is he sleeping on the couch?
Me: No… I couldn’t do that to him.
Gemma: I know he’s my brother but you should’ve done something.
Me: I didn’t let him touch me for three days, I made him sleep on the other side of the bed.
Gemma: I bet he followed you like a puppy in need for a cuddle.
Me: You are absolutely right.
Gemma: Well. He’s my brother and I have to love him but I can also see that he adores you and I’m sure he will do absolutely everything he can to make you happy. He doesn’t want to hurt you, but he might end up doing something stupid on accident. But just know that as his older sister, watching him be around you, I know that he loves you. He’s head over heels for you.
Me: Thanks Gemma! That really makes me happy to hear that, especially from you. I really love him too.
Me: So are you going back to London with Harry and Niall on the 20th?? Come over and have dinner with me and Madeline!
Gemma: Yeah I have to get back to work. 
Me: Yeah I want to get to know you more while you’re still here!
Gemma: That can be arranged.
Me: Yeah come over now!
Gemma: Let’s go to a bar, I don’t want to be pestered by my little brother.
Me: He’s out with Niall. 
Gemma: Okay I’ll be there soon!

- - - - - 

From: y/f/n_y/l/n39@columbia.edu

To: sarah_graceland@columbia.edu

Hello Sarah,

Since you are my academic counselor, I wanted to let you know that I have decided to official declare my major in International Business AND Music, Vocal.

I know that you’re going to say that double majoring is very difficult but I know I can do it. I entered this school with already all my freshman credits completed and started here at Columbia as a sophmore, I know I can do it.

I have attached a signed copy of my declaration of majors for you to print and keep in my records.

Email me back if you have any questions. Thank you.

Y/F/N Y/L/N.

- - - - - 


Uploaded Videos: 39 videos

Subscribers: 5,829,313

Views: 424,521,520

Uploaded Covers: 

  • One Direction: Story of My Life, What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, Up All Night, Stand Up. They Don’t Know About Us, Loved You First, Little Things, Kiss You, Last First Kiss, Little White Lies, Right Now, Something Great, You & I, Don’t Forget Where You Belong, Stockholm Syndrome, Steal My Girl, 18, Change Your Ticket, Night Changes
  • Alex & Sierra: Little Do You Know
  • Ed Sheeran: Kiss Me,  Lego House, Afire Love
  • Beyonce: If I Were A Boy
  • Maroon 5: She Will Be Loved, Love Somebody, Sugar, Unkiss me
  • Justin Bieber: Mistletoe
  • The Script: Breakeven, Nothing, I’m Yours
  • 5SOS: Amensia
  • John Legend: All of Me
  • Taylor Swift: Love Story, Sparks Fly, Last Kiss, Everything Has Changed

- - - - -

From: sincerely_heartstrings@youtube.com

To: EllenDegeneres@theellenshow.com


My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, also known as sincerely_heartstrings. I saw that a few weeks ago you invited to have me on your show. I would be honored. I think I’m ready to show the world who I really am and I thank you so much for featuring my videos on your show!  I would love nothing more than to give you the exclusive interview and have you reveal my identity to the nation. 

I am overwhelmed with happiness right now! You are an amazing person and I am one of your biggest fans!

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I just ask that you still keep my identity a secret if you could, I would greatly appreciate that.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

AGAIN! Thank you so much iwanttonarryyou​ for helping me write this chapter!

I know it was a bit crazy and long! I’m sorry if you hated it but I really wanted to try something new! I promise it will only be for this chapter!


<3 M

anonymous asked:

have you met harry styles? if you have whats he like??? Because i really wanna meet him but i feel too ugly lol aha

I met him and all of One Direction at the UAN m&g signing in 2012 :’)
I’ll just kinda tell you everything i guess because if i just say how i met harry people are going to ask my experience with all of them so yeah :)
I went to the Westfield signing in Long Island on March 11 2012. The line and stuff started at 7 am, and since i live 3-4 hours from Long Island, my friend and i had to wake up at 2:30 am (but we just stayed up) and leave by 3:30.
It worked like any other signing. The first 1,000 people who bought the album got wristbands. Unfortunately, my friend and i were not able to meet them because we weren’t anywhere near the first 1,000 people.
But we said, very determined, that we would NOT step a single foot outside of that mall until we met them.
Long story short, it was 10 minutes before the boys had to leave. It was 6:35 and they had to leave at 6:45, and my friend and i were crying and eating Mcdonalds when my dad said that this is the perfect time to sneak into the line. So what did we do? We SNUCK IN THAT DAMN LINE AND SOME GUY WHO WAS MANAGING THE LINE WAS LIKE “you guys are the last people allowed to meet them.”
So very starstruck and nervous, i went to the table where the boys were. Harry was first. I don’t really remember everything i said, but i do remember me rambling about how beautiful and wonderful he is and how he meant so much to me. He went up to give me a high five, and when i did, he held my hand in his and went “you too, beautiful. You too.” AND I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO OMG IM PRETTY SURE I LOOKED LIKE A CRAZED OGAR OR SOMETHING ANYWAY Zayn was next, and i hate Zayn because he didn’t even talk to me but he did that fucking amazingly beautiful smile with that tongue kinda poking out through the gaps of his teeth and he gave me those “whats up” head nods and i probably didn’t say anything because i remember that he was a lot hotter than i could ever imagine and ????????? Wow ???????? And then Liam was next and i was like “Hi Liam i absolutely love you” and he did that cute lil puppy dog smile and he was like “i love you too babe. Hope you like the album!” And then he went to talk to Louis. Now i am telling you, this was like my first and last opportunity to meet this band. I’m not wasting it. I was so rude but i tapped Louis (he didnt seem to care though) and i said that i really loved him and that he made me really really happy and THE LOOK ON HIS FACE WAS PRICELESS AND i remember thinking the entire time that he looked like a barbie doll. Anyway, he said he loved me and wished me happiness with the album.
Okay Niall’s story with me is going to take a while because we really connected on a spiritual level here. So i go up to Niall, and if there is one thing you should know about meeting Niall, it’s that PICTURES DO NOT DO HIM JUSTICE. HOLY SHIT HE LOOKS HONESTLY 95% BETTER IN PERSON. I USED TO THINK HE WASNT SO ATTRACTIVE BUT EVER SINCE I’VE MET HIM I NEVER SAY THAT ANYMORE I THINK HES ACTUALLY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ONE anyway i didn’t even say anything to Niall when i first saw him, because he looked nothing like him, (???) and he was like “oh my gosh you are so fuckin’ cute” and i was freaking out (internally) and responded with a very cool and swift “But you’re beautiful” and he blushed, and he only broke eye contact with me for a split second to look down to where to sign, but literally was looking straight into my eyes while he was signing my album. He said “i really hope you like this. i don’t want you to regret meeting me.” (I SHIT YOU KNSKSJK) and i pouted, shook my head and was like “i could never” and he smiled at me. I had to leave bc security is so far up their asses but when i looked back after meeting my friend WHO WAS A WRECK, Niall waved to me, blew me a kiss and mouthed “bye beautiful” PLEASE FUCK ME UP IM CRYING

Concert Report - Croke Park, May 23rd

Okay, so, it was an all around amazing experience. I got some videoes I thought were pretty fucking good and some that were meh. Didn’t get all songs because didn’t have any view of the boys, neither screen nor eye, for some of them. Also I wanted to enjoy a few without having to record. MY VIDEOS ARE HERE

Here goes:

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You Find Him Masturbating


(A/N- This is a smut so if you don’t feel comfortable reading this just dont)

×783 words


Taking off the heals that made your feet blister you went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

“Niall?! You home babe?” You yelled through out the house but got no response.

Groaning, you placed the bottle back into the refrigerator making your way to the steps. It had been a rough day at work and you wanted nothing more then to relax with Niall. You saw his car in the garage but just thought that one of his mates picked him up to go somewhere.

Once you got to the second floor you leisurely walked to the bedroom but that’s when you heard an odd noise come from the opposite side of the door. Pressing your ear to the wood you couldn’t help but bite back a small smile when you heard the undeniable sound of Niall’s breathy moans.

Holding in your giggles you slowly opened the door surprisingly still unnoticed by the Irish boy on the bed.

His hand was down his loose fitting basketball shorts, his head was laid back on the pillows with his mouth open and eyes screwed shut. The tent in his pants was obvious.

The scene infront of you turned you on greatly. As you watched you freed your hair from the tight bun and unbuttoned your blouse to reveal the white camisole underneath. “That’s very naughty, Niall.” You said walking over to the bed.

Niall jumped out of his skin and his cheeks burned red. “Oh my god. I-i didn’t hear you come in.” He said sitting up but his hard on still prominent.

“What were you thinking about baby?” You began, sitting down on the bed running a hand over his bicep.

“I-I, uh, was thinking about the thing you were wearing last night…” He confessed with the blush growing even more red.

He was referring to the very slutty lingerie set you wore for him the night before. It was black lace with red accents, you saw Niall looking at it when you took him bra shopping with you. So when Niall was at the studio one day you decided to go and get it and do something special for him.

You couldn’t help but giggle and put your hands on the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He pulled your blouse off the rest of the way and took the camosol off leaving you in just your bra.

His hands gripped your hips as he pulled you on him so you were straddling his waist.

Starting your hands at his shoulders you made them travel down Niall’s toned body till you were playing with the hem of the athletic shorts.

“Oi, stop teasing.” He grunted.

Biting back a smirk you helped him take the shorts and boxers off then quickly slipping off your skirt. The length of his member made you blush, it always did.

In one swift move Niall had you laying on your back on the bed with one hand by your head steadying himself and the other hand slowly moving down to your wet center.

Moving his long fingers in a circular motion you let out a sigh, your boyfriend always knew how to make you feel good.

You were now only in your bra and you wanted to be free from it and have Niall in you. “Feels good princess?” He murmured. 

“Yes please, Niall, hurry up.” You spoke breaths becoming uneven.

Chuckling he got off the bed going to the nightstand to get a condom while you took your bra off throwing it to the floor where the other clothes were.

You watched with dark eyes as Niall slipped the condom on, his hands moved fast and in no time was back hovering over you. Slipping a few fingers into you to help you prepare you closed you eyes and let your head fall back into the pillows.

“You ready (Y/N)?”

“Yes, hurry.”

With the okay Niall entered you, his head falling back with moans falling from his lips.

“Fuck Niall” you moaned running your nails down his freckled back. You knew you were leaving scratches but neither of you seemed to care in this moment.

“Shit, (Y/N) omg.” He said letting out grunts and moans. “God you’re so sexy.”

You couldn’t form words, too lost in the amazing feeling of Niall pounding into you.

Soon both of you were lost in your climaxes yelling out each others names and curse words. After you both released he fell on the bed next you out of breath pulling you into your sides.

“Do you think you could wear that lingerie thing again?” He asked flashing a cute smile making you laugh.


Requests open 💚 ~ S

Mine Niall *SMUT* imagine

Can you do a really dirty niall imagine? Just put y/n its okay. And can it be we go out to a fancy restraunt and he gets horny so we have to leave early?



You and the boys were going to a fancy restaurant. Its just for fun. You guys were hanging out and decided to go to the fancy restaurant. You were sitting next to Niall, while the 4 were in front of you.

“You guys are weird we never did that!” you laughed, from the joke the boys made about you and Niall having sex before.

“Ohhhh Niall! Ohh!” They said jokingly.

You and Niall groaned and laughed. The waiter came and he started to look at you. “What’d you guys like for today?” he asked. He took your guys order and the waiter winked at you. You felt a blush crept to your face. Niall groaned.

“Niall’s jealous..” Harry chuckled.

“No I’m not!” he denied. “Sure you are Niall!” Zayn said. You looked at Niall and giggled a bit. He was so cute when he was jealous. 

While the boys were off talking to each other, you felt a finger on your thigh. You looked at Niall and he smirked. He moved his finger inside your underwear. It was under the table, so the boys couldn’t see. He moved down and started to put his finger inside. “Niall..” you whispered. 

He just smirked at you then pumped his fingers. You looked down and bit your lip. He was clearly smirking and biting his lip because he can’t moan in front of the boys.

He pumped faster and you couldn’t help. “N-Niall… I’m going too..” you warned. You cummed before he answered. You quietly moaned and good thing nobody heard, but Niall. He got his fingers out and licked them while looking down. You blushed so hard. 

You moved your hand to your hard and squeezed it. He groaned. You quickly removed your hand. “Everything alright guys?” Liam asked. “We’re just text fighting,” you laughed.

They smiled and began talking again. Niall was hard and you could see it. He scooted closer to you. He grabbed your hand and whispered something in your ear. 

“I’m so horny for you Y/N… I need you please..” he begged. You bit your lip. You needed Niall too. “Hey guys…” you said. Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis looked at you.

“Me and Niall are gonna head back home,” you said. “Why?” Louis started to smirk. “We’re pretty stressed and tired okay?” you said. “Alright.. don’t have too much fun”! Zayn chuckled.

“Shut up Zayn,” you rolled your eyes. You guys walked and bumped into that waiter again. “Oh I’m sorry..” you said. “It’s alright,” he chuckled. He gave you a note and you opened it revealing his phone number. “Maybe call me sometime and you could ditch this guy,” he whispered. Niall heard it.

“Hey Mate!” Niall growled and was about to hit him. “Niall!” you yelled. He already punched him and you widened your eyes. “Niall James Horan!” you yelled. You helped the guy up. “I’m so sorry! Are you alright?” you asked. “Y-Yeah..” he said.

“I’m so sorry! But boyfriend is being a jerk,” you galred at Niall.

“Oh I’m sorry.. It’s fine alright..” he stood up and smiled, leaving. You glared at Niall and he growled.

You both left the restaurant and the car ride was really quiet.

When he parked the car in the driveway, he opened and slammed the car door. You jumped and got out of the car. “Niall!” you yelled and chased him. He stomped in the house, very fastly. You walked in the house. Seeing no Niall.

“Niall where the hell are you?! We need to talk!” you yelled. You hit the wall behind you and got pinned by Niall. He kissed your neck.

“I’m gonna fucking show you who you belong to and thats me,” he growled. He has never been this mad before.

He grabbed your legs and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He was still kissing on your neck and started to suck it. Making you moan as loud as you can. 

“Fuck NIALL!” you moaned. “You like that?” he chuckled. Feeling his hot breath on your skin. “N-Niall..” you stuttered. “Fuck.. Y/N. You are making me so damn hard from your moans,” He pushed you up a little, and you could already feel his hard on your butt. 

“I could already feel you babe,” you smirked. He put his hand in your underwear and rubbed your clit. “You’re already wet for me baby..” he smirked. “Fuck Niall please…” you begged. ‘Please what?“ 

"PLEASE JUST FUCK ME!” you yelled. “Thats what I thought," 

He walked upstairs with you still on him. He pushed you on the bed and crawled on you and kissed your lips. Moaning in his mouth, felt like he swallowed that moaned. He broke the kiss and struggled to take off his belt. "Need a little help there?” you giggled. He groaned. “Yes please..” he pouted.

You took his belt off and he got rid of his skinny jeans. Kissing you again and he took your shirt off. You took his and eventually he took your pants off. Both you guys were in your underwear. You saw his hard getting very noticeable through his boxers.

“You’re getting hard for me Ni,” you giggled. “Just seeing how sexy you are.. And plus that hickey I gave you is getting purple,” he smiled. “God damn it Horan!” you whined. “Now when every guy looks at you, he can know that you’re mine,” he said.

He moved down to your stomach, trailing his tongue on it. You arched your back. You tangled your fingers into his hair. He moved down more. Licking your slit all up. You moaned louder than ever. His tongue felt so good.

He kissed you again, passionately. You played with his waistband and removed his boxers. He did the same thing to you. Taking your underwear and bra off. He slid in and thrusted. “Fuck…” he moaned. He kissed your neck while thrusted, which made you go crazy. “Niall I-I’m gonna come..” you warned. “Not just yet Y/N…” he thrusted one more time.

“Now,” he ordered. You both cummed, feeling so good. He slid out and laid down next to you. “That was..” “Amazing,” Niall finished. “You are mine got it? Nobody elses,” he said. “You are so the jealous type Niall,” you giggled. “Whatever,” he blushed and kissed your cheek. 

omg okay I went too far. -Kelly :) xx


Prompt: Hi! So I’m really getting pumped for the Olympics and I was wondering if you could write some sort of fic where Zayn and niall go to the Olympics, zayn as a hockey player or snowboarder and niall as a figureskater and they watch each other and spend the night before (when they’re all nervous) together and start dating and zayn brings niall flowers and a stuffed animal after his performance because omg adorable, I would be SOOOO happy ily

Prompt: Um, can you do a cute Ziall one shot? based on Half A Heart? Idk just do whatever you want, I have major Ziall feels and i just im sorry omg. Idk if you’re taking prompts..

Summary: Once together, it’s difficult being apart. Or the one where Zayn and Niall meet at the Sochi Winter Olympics and they fall for each other really quickly but some people want to break them apart, but they don’t let them.

Word Count: 20.3k

Warnings: there’s some smut but it’s not full on smut (SORRY PIA) but it’s brief, and it happens twice, ziall flirt with each other, icehockey-player!zayn and figureskater!niall

A/N: I mashed two prompts together, hope you don’t mind! This turned into a monster, it was supposed to be like 5k, fuckin’ ‘ell.

— — —

They met at the opening ceremony. 

It’s cute because, well, there’s stuff everywhere. Confetti falling all over them, so many people from different countries, doing different events and they somehow manage to catch each other’s eyes.  

Zayn sees him first.

The boy’s wandering through the large crowds of people and grinning wide. His small frame wrapped up in a big, green coat with matching pants and shoes along with his cute green beanie that looks a bit too big for his head. 

Zayn forgets how to breathe for a few seconds because everything seemed to slow down, his heart pounding in his ears as he makes brief eye contact with the beautiful blond. 

They smile at each other, and then that’s it. 

Zayn’s snapped back to reality by an arm thrown over his shoulder. Liam patting his cheek and saying something to him but he couldn’t hear. He was a bit overwhelmed.

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One Direction Concert Report - WWA Tour Barcelona (08.07.14)

Hi everyone!

I wasn’t planning on writing a report but since some of you asked, here it goes.
Before I get into the good stuff, a few things first:

- I was a bit far from the stage, I could only see a small part of it so the screens were basically my main source of information. That means that I probably missed a lot of important things, if you want an accurate report of what happened yesterday, this won’t be it. Sorry.

- Also, no pictures or videos from me. I was too far away like I said and my phone battery died before the concert anyway because I kept talking with noechan. Not the best idea, obviously.

- English is not my first language so I might butcher it from time to time. I apologize.

- I met this really interesting guy yesterday, Albert, he shared his story with me and gave me permission to tell you so I will. I would appreciate it if you read what I have to say about him because the boy is a fighter.

- And finally: I’ve always been interested in the music industry so I took several courses and classes about it while I was studying journalism. I used to work for a rock music magazine so for a while going to concerts, writing reviews, interviewing bands and talking with their managers/PR team was my actual job. I tried really hard to enjoy the concert just as a regular fan but I guess old habits die hard, I couldn’t help watching from a music critic POV too. I’ll try to keep my snobby inner critic to myself during the report but I’ll add a point at the end with my “professional” opinion.

Let’s get this party started then!

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1D Preference 'Highschool'

Harry: “Y/N!” You turned to see your best friend running down the hall with a wide grin waving his hands like an idiot. “Oh dear,” Your friend snickered, starting to walk away, and you awaited for Harry’s death hug. “Y/N Y/N Y/N!” He cheered, trapping you in his arms and jumping up and down. “Harry, what the fuck?” You couldn’t stifle the giggles and he finally calmed down. “Sorry, I just have sUCH GREAT NEWS!!” His voice quickly escalated as all the excitement and energy in the world seemed to rush through his body. “What is it?” You were well-aware of the stares of the other students in the hallway, but it didn’t bother you too much. “I’m going to go sing… For Simon Cowell! I’m gonna achieve my dreams!” His dimples poked his cheeks as he looked to the ceiling dramatically, imagining being on stage with cheering fans. “That’s great!” It was your turn to be excited. You and Harry did a ‘happy dance’, hand in hand and jumping up and down. “Styles, Y/L/N, stop jumping in the hallway and to get to class,” One of the teachers scolded as he walked by, but there was a hint of amusement in his voice. Harry glanced at the teacher, then back at you. You found it a bit hard to stare into his eyes, feeling a bit shy under his gaze. “I’m so happy,” He whispered, “And when I’m famous I’ll make sure to take you with me everywhere!” You laughed, blushing slightly at his generosity. “C'mon, let’s go to class now, you’re sitting next to me!” He grabbed your hand, and you couldn’t help but smile slightly at the way your hand fit in his as he tugged you down the hallway.

Liam: You sat at the lunch table, laughing along at a funny story your friend told. “I can’t believe that actually happened to you!” Another friend managed to say in between his laughs. “What happened?” You heard a familiar voice and you turned to see Liam setting down his tray next to yours. “Liam! Yay!” You greeted, giving him a big bear hug. He chuckled, hugging you tightly back. He slightly pulled you towards him and you literally felt like you would fall into his lap or something. “Aww, you two would be such a cute couple,” Your friend cooed, earning a murmur of agreements from the others. A blush crept up on your face as you pulled away, you shot a glare at them, “Geez, thanks for ruining a moment, idiots.” They simply laughed, one of the girls pointing out you and Liam’s flushed cheeks. “I hate you guys,” You mumbled, crossing your arms. Liam let out a small, awkward laugh as he fixed his hair. “Liam likes Y/N!” A random boy shouted from another table. You felt the heat in your cheeks grow and you glanced at Liam to see a reaction. He was blushing furiously, too, staring at his shoes. “Sorry,” He muttered, finally meeting your gaze with a shy pout. “It’s okay… I kinda like you too…” You tried to sound reassuring but you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed by your friends who kept cheering. Liam’s eyes seemed to grow a bit brighter as a broad, toothy grin replaced his frown, “Really?”

Zayn: You walked into the half empty classroom, scanning the room for familiar faces. You had came really early to first period today because your mother dropped you off ten minutes early for some job thingy. You stopped searching when you saw Zayn at the back, nose first in some notebook. You and Zayn had talked before but you never truly felt like you were a friend to him, because he was always shying away from you. And also the fact that he never spoke to you unless he was with his friends didn’t help. Nobody else you cared to talk to was there so you strolled up and quietly took the seat next to him. It took him a moment but he eventually looked up. “May.. I help you?” He asked tentatively, and though he didn’t seem nervous or anything, you knew how he was quite shy. “Oh no… I just .. You know… Sitting…” You mentally slapped yourself for being so awkward, forcing a smile at him. He stared back at you, and you thought he probably was thinking you were the weirdest person ever. “You’re very…” He started but seemed to pause, hesitating to finish his sentence. He looked down at his unfinished drawing, avoiding your curious gaze, “Pretty. You’re very pretty.” You were taken back by this sudden compliment and something about it coming from him made it seem a bit more… Special. He said it like he meant it and that little shyness made it adorable. “Thanks.” Was all you could say, aware of your now pink cheeks. “Can I draw you?” He looked back up at you and you noticed that small spark of confidence in his expression, and you smiled at him. “Sure.”

Niall: “We’re having a new student,” Your teacher announced and almost immediately you heard girls whispering; hoping it was a cute boy. “His name is Niall Horan, he’s from Ireland.” People burst out in murmurs as Niall walked in. You paused your actions to glance up curiously at the new classmate, eyes widening when you saw him. Your attention was drawn to his beautiful blue eyes and you had to admit he was pretty cute. “Cute!” Your friend whispered from beside you but you ignored her, watching as he made his way to the empty seat on your left. He set down his stuff and awaited the teacher’s instructions. Halfway through the lesson, you were assigned partners and you got Niall. “Hey, I’m Y/N,” You attempted to be open and friendly. He seemed to appreciate your kindness, a smile spreading across his face, “I’m Niall.” You almost swooned at his accent and you couldn’t stop the large grin that grew. “What school you came from?” You asked. “I came from an all boys school… In Mullinger.” He informed you and you nodded. You and Niall talked and talked, and he had 6/7 periods with you. You knew that after the first day, you and Niall would be the best of friends :D

Louis: “Do you think I’m a good singer?” Louis asked out of the blue. “Yes I do. I love your voice,” You told him, looking up from the textbook. You and Louis were studying at your house for a big final. “Even when you aren’t singing,” You giggled, blushing slightly. He grinned at you, scooting closer and grabbed the book, “Thank you. It means a lot to me.” “You know, I think you’re gonna be famous one day,” You said matter of factly, leaning back on the bed. “Ya think so?” He chuckled, flipping through the pages. “Yes! And at your concerts I’ll be in the front row screaming the loudest: GO LOUIS GO LOUIS OMG YES YOU SING THOSE WORD THINGS GO!!” You exclaimed dramatically, and he burst out laughing. You started to laugh alongside him, admiring that smile that seemed to fuel your happiness. “They’re called lyrics, silly,” He said after recovering from his fit of laughter and you chuckled. “I know.” His expression suddenly grew a bit serious and you grew a bit concerned. Was he mad you didn’t say the word lyrics? “You know, it really means a lot to me,” He told you, “I really love you and knowing you believe in me really helps.” You said nothing, because honestly you didn’t know how to reply to that, should you just pretend you didn’t hear him say I love you? You and Louis were best friends, and you felt like he wouldn’t just say these things if he didn’t mean it. “You love me?”
He nodded. “As a friend? O-or more?” “More.”

aloopdaloop  asked:

omg prompts !!!! boyfriend niall? a little domestic? is it in your oyster? could be any ship :3

Boyfriend Niall! A little domestic! Did you mean: Authentic and true Niall? 

So I love Nouis a lot but I’ve never written Nouis so I wrote some Nouis for you. I have this enduring feeling that Niall and Louis go to uni in different towns and Louis sometimes rides the train down to stay with Niall on the weekends and they aren’t dating-dating but they’re more than friends and it basically started when Sika posted THIS terrible thing and here. Here is some of that: 

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My Mom's Thoughts On - Steal My Girl:
  • Alright, so my internet was out when the video originally came out so of coarse I was being very annoying. Thus when i finally did show her she was very... Judgmental to say the least.
  • *Video starts and there is a trailer sitting there*
  • Mom: Oh god what is this.
  • *Boys come out*
  • Mom: What the hell are they wearing?
  • *Harry asking where the director is*
  • Mom: You're in the middle of the desert, he probably got lost. GPS isn't a thing everywhere.
  • *Boys complaining he's late*
  • Mom: That's so scripted it's funny.
  • *Director shows up*
  • Mom: Danny Devito,I didn't know he was still alive. Oh well this is gonna be a train wreck.
  • Me: Stop don't be so mean
  • *Devito asking questions he doesn't want answered while showing the boys*
  • Mom: Can that man chew with his mouth closed please.
  • Mom: Alright, Harry's a pimp now I see, why do I let you listen to their music?
  • Me: Because you do, he's not a pimp.
  • Mom: Well he's certainly not dressed for the desert that's for sure.
  • Mom: Niall, once again the only one your allowed to marry, poor kid stuck with this guy.
  • Me: What do you have against him?
  • Mom: Nothing, but don't you think he'd have something more important to do rather than direct this video?
  • Mom: Liam, honey, you need to shave your face. And what the hell did that boy do to his arm?
  • Me: He don't need to shave, and he broke it leave him alone.
  • Mom: Did he break it on stage? OMG that must have been embarrassing, I hope someone told his mother, she'll need to know for insurance reasons.
  • Me: I don't think he has to worry about insurance.
  • Mom: Lewis looking normalish, rather sarcastic looking.
  • Me: Louis, how many times have we been over this.
  • Mom: You know I dated a Louis once, he was almost your father.
  • Me: Well I did not need to know that information, thank you.
  • Mom: Ahhh Zayn my least favorite, he looks good for being in the desert, with a girls headband on.
  • Me: *Mumbling* Dad liked him dressed as a girl.
  • Me: Well someones jealous.
  • Mom: *Evil mom glaring at me, so I shut up.*
  • * Dude giving them their things or whatever*
  • Devito: *To Harry* Love
  • Mom: He isn't going to get much love with that outfit on.
  • Devito: *To Niall* Light
  • Mom: Is it because he's got blond hair, that's mean.
  • Devito: *To Liam* Power
  • Mom: he cant have that much power, he is taking place in this music video.
  • Devito: *To Louis* Danger
  • Mom: *Bursts out laughing* The only thing he' even close to being, is a lost little boy in the middle of the desert.
  • Devito: *To Zayn* Mystery
  • Mom: He's not dangerous, and he stole my husband, not my daughter.
  • Me: Once again not my fault.
  • *Devito talking*
  • Mom: Can he not talk and spit apple pieces everywhere?
  • *Video actually starts and Liam's breaking stuff*
  • Mom: Liam Breaking things, with a broken arm, that's never gonna heal right if he keeps doing dumb things like that.
  • *Zayn with sumo wrestlers*
  • Mom: Why? What possessed a person to sit down and think of this. I feel bad now, get this child away from theses people.
  • *Shows Niall, Harry, and Louis*
  • Mom: Niall! My baby!
  • Mom: Harry you need to cut your hair, love.
  • Mom: Why does that one have have a monkey? Where are his parents? have these boys been kidnapped? Katie do who do I call and complain to?
  • *Zayn singing*
  • Mom: I'm sorry, but why is the toothpick holding back two SUMO WRESTLERS!
  • *Niall moving toward where he needs to stand*
  • Mom: The hell does that boy think he's doing?! Put on a shirt!
  • *Niall Singing*
  • Mom: Is that raciest?
  • Mom: Why do people think this is a good idea for a video?
  • *Boys singing on top of rocks*
  • Mom: This is why you young people need insurance, what if one of them fell off and snapped their neck?
  • *Niall dancing*
  • Mom: At least he seems happy to be outside without a shirt in the middle of the desert.
  • *Acrobats doing stuff*
  • Mom: How mach money did they spend on these people that have nothing to do with the song?
  • *Louis, with Devito and a monkey*
  • Mom: Someone get this child away from the creepy thing and the monkey.
  • Me: You are so mean.
  • Mom: Shut up I feed you.
  • *Zayn spilling saint on sumo wrestlers*
  • I hope they tested that paint on the skin before they threw it all over each other, someone might be allergic.
  • *Liam signing on a thingy*
  • Me: THEY WOULDN'T PUT IT ONLINE IF HE DIED! And NO! He was in Vegas and did something, calm down mother.
  • Mom: I remember when your father and I went to Vegas... I think that's about 9 months before your brother was born.
  • Me: I really didn't need to know that.
  • *Louis singing with a monkey*
  • Mom: I hope both the child and the monkey have had all their shots.
  • Mom: Maybe they are trying to knock them off one by one, Liam with the metal death trap, Niall dying of heat stroke in the desert, Zayn with the sumo wrestlers, and Louis is going to die of a monkey bite.
  • Me: Stop that-
  • Me: Alight! Adopt them! Yay!
  • *Balloons appear*
  • Mom: Now their littering balloons in the desert.
  • Mom: They are grounded, not allowed to leave their rooms.
  • *Random people in the desert doing things they are being paid for*
  • Mom: How much do you think they spent on this only for it to be as random and unorganized as this?
  • Mom: They got a marching band, acrobats, a monkey, a lion some dancers and all for what reason?
  • *harry appears to sing*
  • Mom: He, quite literally, just came out of no where.
  • Mom: I see no purpose in this, why can't he just sing in peace, why can't they all do that?
  • Mom: He needs a haircut.
  • *It starts raining in the desert*
  • Mom: They made it rain in the desert, how much did this cost? For it to rain in the desert? Do they not have a budget?
  • Mom: Now they are going to have sand stuck to them and they are not coming into my house all wet like that.
  • *Ending of video*
  • Mom: Spent all that money for nothing, I could of made a better video with a handheld camera.
  • Mom: There was no reason for me to watch that...
  • Mom: I'm leaving
  • *Mom Leaves, I hit Replay*
concert review 07.21.15
  • THEY DID FIREPROOF OMG. I flipped out because I really wanted to hear it and that was my last concert of the otra tour (I also went to Seattle and Vancouver)
  • There was a girl’s boyfriend in the row ahead of me who I think was really drunk who kept yelling for Niall and saying Niall was his fave and I was like bro same and then we bro-fisted

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Fan Report |OTRA Manila | Day 2


Okay I will try to be more coherent now! I’ve been waiting for them for 4 years and I cant believe it’s finished.  My seat were right in front of the end of the runway I’m just about in the fourth row so I was able to see their faces so so clearly it was unbelievable as you can see from my photos!!!! I DIEED. Also I’m probably gonna ramble a lot so bear with me.

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