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Requested by Anon: Could you please do one that Agent Whiskey and reader were both Statesman and they were a thing, but the reader has had a headshot and didn’t remember she was with Whiskey, and there is no way to bring her memory back, so Whiskey tries hard everyday to make her fall in love with him again?? Maybe go her through sth the same as what Whiskey has done in the past when they were dating?
Pairing: Agent Whiskey x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1941.
A/N: I’ve just realised that I misread this as Whiskey going through things they did in the past to try and bring her memory back, instead of him trying to make her fall in love with him again. But, still, it’s one of my favourite things I’ve written and I hope that it’s okay anyway, even though it isn’t exactly what you wanted.

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I Forgot // Park Jimin

Park Jimin Highschool AU

Summary: After your parents divorced and your last relationship didn’t work out, you decided that love was fake- as real as the tooth fairy. It was something created to make people feel for each other an emotion that they only believed was real. However, upon meeting the intriguing newbie in school; he slowly begins to change your mind. 


“Listen, Y/N. The new kids are arriving later, how are you not excited? They moved here from Korea, how cool is that?” Aspen squeals, squeezing your hands in her own.

You never really understood why people freak out when there are new kids, obviously it’s a bit exciting to see a few new faces for a couple days but then everyone gets used to them and they become the same as everyone else until the next batch of newbies appears. It’s like clockwork: arrive, everyone freaks out, have attention for 3 days, gets forgotten about. It’s the same thing every time yet nobody seems to get bored of it- well nobody but you of course. Aspen doesn’t, she sees them as fresh meat; these new kids being even fresher meat as it’s a whole new country for them. Fortunately, you’ve lived in Korea so it’s not really exciting for you.

You sigh, removing your hands from Aspen’s strong grip. “Aspen, I’ve told you many times before- it isn’t exciting after the 50th time we’ve had new kids and for god’s sake, Aspen, I’ve told you before that I’ve lived in Korea so the excitement isn’t here.” You roll your eyes, tapping your fingers on the dirty cafeteria table.

“Oh. Yeah. I forgot, sorry.” She chuckles sheepishly, turning to her phone which has just flashed with a text. “oooh, sorry, gotta take this- it’s Xiumin.” She grins like a Cheshire Cat, grabbing her phone and running out of the cafeteria before you could even respond to her. You smile to yourself, drawing shapes on the table with the top of your index finger. Xiumin and Aspen are adorable together, well as adorable as people who aren’t in a relationship can get. The difference between Aspen and Xiumin is that Aspen loves to flirt and isn’t ready for a committed relationship whereas Xiumin is shy and wants to settle down instead of dating many people. Sometimes it feels as if she’s leading Xiumin on, although that isn’t something Aspen would intentionally do. It’s sad to see Xiumin so sad when Aspen is so oblivious, you love your best friend but sometimes she’s a bit of an airhead.

Suddenly, you feel something hit the back of your head and you screw your eyes up in pain.

“TAEHYUNG.” You growl, turning around on your seat to face Taehyung- his box grin at full force.

“Hey I need money.” He says as if it’s the most casual thing to ask anyone ever, walking around the table and plopping himself on the seat that Aspen was previously sat on.

“Did you really need to slap me?” You glare, hand flying to the back of your head to soothe the stinging pain.

“Y/N, I am one of your best friends since you were just 3 years old. I have the right to lightly tap you on the back of the head when I request an income- now pay up, child.” He says, hand flying out in a giving motion.

“You require income for what service, may I ask? Because if I remember correctly, the last time I saw you, you had set my bin on fire and blamed it on the dog. What kind of dog tries to set off fireworks, Taehyung?” You say sassily, wafting his hand away and leaning your head on your palm.

“Listen, princess, I need money because I’m going on that date remember? Do you want me to have a relationship and stop being really annoying to you? If you think about it, you’d benefit more from my relationship because I’d stop bugging you for things and I’d stop being clingy and I’d stop showing up at your house all the time and blowing stuff up and-”

You slam a $50 note on his hand before he could finish his sentence-no- paragraph.

“I never have to deal with your bugging again? Deal. Now leave please you’re already annoying and it’s been 5 minutes, Tae.” You laugh at the surprised look on his face that slowly turned into a grin as he leaps up and kisses you on the cheek before hugging you.

“I love you so much, Y/N. I’ll come and see you after the da- oh wait I promised I wouldn’t bug you.” His smile suddenly drops as his head hangs low. Although he’s extremely annoying, you can’t stay mad at Tae- or ever actually be mad at him in the first place.

You smile, holding his hand. “The key will be in its usual place.” His face lightens up again.

“Under the flower pot?” He says hopefully.

“Under the flower pot.” You confirm with a nod of your head. Suddenly, he begins to giggle uncontrollably whilst walking backwards.

“Taehyung are you on drugs.”

“Hey- maybe ‘under the flower pot’ will be our always.” He says whilst making finger guns- still walking backwards. Unfortunately, Tae doesn’t have eyes at the back of his head- but you have eyes at the front of your head and can see as clear as day that there is about 3 possibilities that he will fall.

1. There is a person carrying food who is stood talking to their friend

2. There is a banana peel on the floor- which would be typical classic comedy if he fell over that one

3. There’s a bin

You sit staring, waiting for one of those 3 options to happen. He avoids 1, the person stood talking moving to go and sit down to finish their food much to your disappointment. It would’ve been great to see the food fly into the air and hit him, it would be even better to see happen in slow motion.

He also avoids 2, which really disappoints you. Before he had made it to the banana peel, someone came to pick it up and throw it away in the bin. Speaking of the bin, there was no way he could avoid that one unless he stopped walking backwards and you doubt that’s gonna happen. 

 "Bin.“ You simply say, he’s still looking straight at you and the confused look on his face confirmed that he certainly heard you.

“Bin? What’s that even supposed to mea-” Food covers the ground as Taehyung is sprawled across it. His back is bent against the bin and his arm is nicely positioned in some out of date yogurt. Nice. 

Everyone was looking. Tae usually loves attention, but by the glare on his face which is aimed directly at you, you can tell that he prefers it when the attention is praise; not erupting fits of giggles from everyone in the cafeteria. You try to stifle your own giggles but as Tae tries to stand up; falling over the banana peel that was previously thrown in the bin, you give up. Your hand flies to your mouth and you’re sure you actually start crying with laughter as you clutch your stomach along with the 2000 other people sat eating.

Your laughter, however, is cut short by a deep yet sweet voice coming from the direction Tae is laid on the floor.

“Taehyung-ah, are you okay?” 

You’d recognise that kind of accent anywhere, you did spend 10 years living in that country.

The guy was extremely attractive, he had plump lips that were way bigger than your own which isn’t fair at all- how come guys get the bigger lips; his black hair was parted in the middle and framed the delicate, slightly tanned skin of his face; his almost black eyes were beautiful, you’d never seen a man as perfect as that. And don’t even mention his body, although his clothing doesn’t give away much- the black button up with short sleeves shows off his biceps perfectly; and man his thighs, they strained against his tight black jeans as if they were going to burst. Whatta man.

“Ah, so you’re one of the new kids. May I ask how you know my precious Taehyung?” You ask after you finally stop gawking; in that time he had managed to help Taehyung up.

“We knew each other back in Korea, may I ask for your name?” He speaks softly, his Busan accent being present even in his English which is something you didn’t even know was possible. It wasn’t that he had a strong accent, a normal person wouldn’t be able to tell- but you could and it just made him even more attractive.

“Y/N, and you are?” You cock an eyebrow, Taehyung just standing to the side and watching the whole thing go down.

“Jimin.” He smiles.

And with that, he turns on his heel and walks out of the cafeteria; leaving you still dazed by his beauty and Taehyung trying to ignore whatever just happened.

“There was way too much sexual tension for a first encounter, are you sure you’ve never met before?” Taheyung asks as he returns himself to the seat in front of you.

“Yes Tae, I haven’t met him before and there was no sexual tension. Why does everything have to be sexual with you?” You scoff, collecting your rubbish and going to the bin to throw it away; chuckling at the memory of what happened moments ago.

“Well, you know how I am. When you get this much action it’s kinda hard to get your mind out of the gutter,” He smirks. Cocky bastard.

“Leave before I tip the bin on you.” At that, his eyes widen and he rushes out of the cafeteria.

Maybe you’ll stick around with Taehyung more often if you get to see Jimin again, something about him is intriguing and it makes you want to get to know him a lot more. 

Okay so I feel like this is terrible but I spent so long on it so I hope it’s okay, this was a request from @hope-is-hoping-for-some-jibooty so I hope you enjoyed this :)

Meet me in my room - Part 4 (Sirius x reader)

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Meet me in my room-    Part 1       Part 2       Part 3.     Part 5

“I am single Sirius”, you tell him and see the relief in his eyes and because you do not know what else to say you lean towards him and kiss him. You kissed as if there were only you on this planet. As if this was the last thing you were able to do before dying. His lips are incredibly soft and you can feel his beard rubbing against your skin. His hands wander towards you hips and he holds you tight as if someone was about to take you away from him.

Sirius then ends the kiss and looks you deeply in the eyes. And in exact this moment you knew you were lost, lost in the love for the man you just kissed. Lost in the your love towards Sirius black.

“I should go to my room now, to get some rest. The day was kind of stressful for me.”, you break the silence. Sirius’ eyes seem to look sad, but only for a second and then you can see the mask on his face again. The mask he puts on every time he does not want to show his real emotions. He often did this when he fought with his parents, to not show that he was hurt. 

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There had been so much Fugaku hate ever since his character was created. With him being a terrible father, a horrible selfish person and a douche. And I used to be in that group too, but after seeing this, my view changed.

Fugaku was the Uchiha clan leader, a once proud and mighty clan that became the villages scapegoat over the years. Understandingly, he wants the old glory days back, he wants their dignity back. And for this, he sacrificed the happiness of both his sons not for his own self-centered gain, but for the well-being and future for all Uchihas. He did everything looking towards a better future in which Uchihas could live with pride. He was willing to give up his own good name to be that strong leader during the last few years of his life. He made decisions that no one should make, his son or his clan. Fugaku may not have been a righteous man, but he was an excellent leader.

To add on, contrary to popular belief, I believe that Fugaku was a good father. He may not be kind and supporting like most, but he did what was best for his son. It was possibly very hard to balance his leadership duties, police duties, and family duties all at once, not to mention the political uprising. While he may not be the type of parent to coddle his kids, he loves them both equally. Even in his last minutes, he thinks about Sasuke, he thinks about how hard his life was going to be alone and the pain he was to bear. He thinks about Itachi, his first born, his pride. They may have never seen things eye to eye, but he definitely cares for him. He sees the pain Itachi was going through, the suffering he must endure for the rest of his life, the hate from a brother he dearly loved. He sees all of this, and in those final moments, gives Itachi the strength to kill him and his wife.

Up till the end, Fugaku gave his life and soul to his family and his clan. There was never the word ‘me’ in his mind, only the word 'them’

lushatrocity  asked:

What about a Sleepless in Seattle au for Bellarke?

I was going to hold off on posting this until tomorrow morning, but fuck it: we all deserve some fluff, yeah? (Full disclosure: I don’t think I’ve seen Sleepless in Seattle in well over a decade.  But I googled the plot.)

“A survivor of a massacre, a man who lost a child, and a child who lost a mother.  I’m your host, Ira Glass, and this week on This American Life, we’re exploring the topic of grief.  We start with that last story, that of a child who lost his mother— or rather, how the loss of his mother has changed his life and the life of his father.”

“This is Augustus, or Gus, as he will cheerfully tell you he prefers to be called.  Gus lost his mother, Gina, in a car accident when he was only three.  Now nine, Gus and his father, Bellamy, live in Seattle.”

“I don’t really remember my mom,” a childlike voice proclaimed through the tinny speakers of her laptop.  Clarke smiled sadly to herself, remembering how Wells felt when they were little— like he wasn’t allowed to grieve his mother since he never remembered her.  She was a blank space in his life, a question mark, not a hole the way her father’s death became.  “My dad shows me pictures and tells me stories, but it’s weird not to remember her.  Sometimes I lie and tell him I do remember, but I think he knows.”

Clarke picked up her wine, her ring clinking against the glass, and took a sip.  She stirred the pasta on the stove and frowned, wondering why the noodles were taking so long to soften.

“Mostly, I want my dad to be happy instead of so sad, and I think he needs to find somebody.  He won’t date, and I think he thinks that’s what I want, but it’s not.  I want him to date someone like that doctor you had on a few weeks ago, the heart surgeon.”

Clarke’s eyes snapped to her laptop, disbelieving.  She was only a bit part of that episode— a short interview in a longer piece on one of her patients, a ten year old heart transplant recipient. Maybe he means someone else.  She didn’t listen to the podcast every week, after all.  They probably had several heart surgeons on.  Or something.

“You could tell she likes kids, so she’d like me,” Gus declared, and Clarke snorted at his confidence.  He was right— she did like him.  “And she’s smart, and my dad is a professor, so whoever he dates has to be at least as smart as him.”  She was about to call Finn into the kitchen and brag about having a nine year old fan when the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” Finn yelled.  She could hear him talking at the door, but whomever it was, he wasn’t inviting them in.  Clarke turned down the heat on the stove and made her way to the door, curious.

A beautiful woman with a long, dark ponytail stood in the doorway, looking furious.  Finn’s shoulders were slumped, his hand still on the door like he wanted to close it but couldn’t.  She caught Clarke’s eye and sighed.  “I’m Raven,” the woman called over his shoulder.  “Finn’s other fiancee.”


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Reality is Truly Marvelous- Chapter 3

TITLE: Reality is Truly Marvelous

AUTHOR: peanutbutter-and-oreos

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re home alone watching Thor and you whisper to yourself, “I wish he was real,” when you see Loki on the screen. All of the sudden you feel someone breathing on you from behind. “Oh, but I am,” Loki whispers in your ear with a smirk on his face.


NOTES/WARNINGS: This chapter is pretty long, hope that’s okay! There’s also a bit of violence towards the end, but nothing major. Just warning people about that. Here’s Chapter one and Chapter 2!

The castle was absolutely beautiful. All these gorgeous paintings covered the walls. It was hard not to stop and admire every single one. I did that for the first five or ten paintings, but I could tell Loki was getting annoyed.

“Woah, look at this one! And this one! And this one!” I exclaimed, running back and forth down the corridor. “These paintings are absolutely exquisite. How old are they?”

“The ones closer to my chambers are more recent, within the last 500 years. They get older as they get farther away. The paintings in front of the dining hall date back to Borr’s reign.” Loki said, gesturing behind and then in front of him. “Now please, may we go? I require sustenance.”

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Really old sketch from last year. I was going through old art from my internship last year, and this was a warm down sketch I did during the summer. (This isn’t from the internship it was a sketch I did after hours at home) I think the biggest thing now in terms of my work is just not freaking out and reflecting/remembering what my mentor/mentors taught me and just have fun. One of my old sequences I drew I was happy with looking back. It’s always good to learn from old work since you can see what you may have lost in the present and be confident in your skills.