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NYCFC unveiled their home kits and they look really familiar

NYCFC “unveiled” their home jerseys today. We put that in quotes because, well, we we’re pretty sure we’ve seen these kits before.

So in honor of NYCFC’s desire to be like their parent club Manchester City, we’ve put together a little game.

Can you spot the differences between the NYCFC kit and the Man City one?

And just to make it more complicated, can you figure out which team Frank Lampard is playing for?

This raises an interesting dilemma: you may not actually know what team you’re watching! So, we put together this handy guide. Just ask these simple questions: 

Who is Frank Lampard passing the ball to? a) A 22-year old rookie who just graduated from an NCAA division one school b) Sergio Aguero

Every player on the pitch looks like they’re suffering. How’s the weather?

a) 100F in the shade with with 100 percent humidity
b) 10 C and pouring.

What team’s jerseys are the fans around you wearing?

a) The Yankees
b) Manchester City

What are they serving at the concession stands?

a) Shake Shack all day
b) Pies, Bovril, more pies

What are they playing on?

a) Looks like … holy smokes, that’s a ball diamond! They didn’t even take the mound out!
b) Grass

A guy challenges you to a fight because of your choice of outfit. What are you wearing?

a) A Mets cap
b) A Manchester United jersey

Your seat-mate offers up a trenchant opinion on the game. You cannot understand a word he’s saying due to his:

a) thick Bronx honk, fogged by endless Bud Lights
b) thick Northern brogue, fogged by endless Boddington’s

Your team has just purchased a new player. Congrats! Where did you get him?

a) Chivas USA dispersal draft
b) Real Madrid

If you answered “A” to all these questions, you’re watching NYCFC! All right! And if you answered “B,” you’re not! All right!

(Images courtesy @MCFC and @NYCFC)