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How do you properly channel your energy? That's a personal problem I have and I think a problem others have as well.

I’m answering this under the assumption that by “channelling” you mean “draw up energy to work with, to be put into objects or sent out into the world itself.” If that is not what you were looking for, please feel free to send another ask and clarify what you need help with.

There’s a lot I wanted to say in this post, and I don’t know that I said it all, but please bear with me, it’s long. If you don’t wanna read it all, and just want some techniques, there are a couple at the bottom, but I couldn’t find too many, so if still needed I can try to share what I do too. But this is important enough to me, at least, that I felt I should say it.

I can’t say there is a “proper” way. Like, there are common techniques that work for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean they work for all. And this doesn’t just apply to channelling, or any one particular branch or method of magic - this is all encompassing for witchcraft in general. I can only say what I know from my own experience, but that doesn’t guarantee it to be something that everyone else clicks with or can always do.

A lot of these things really take practice, and the skill doesn’t always come immediately. I feel I got lucky, it only took a few weeks before I started feeling energy, for example, but I have heard some people say it took them longer, if they ever did. I feel that is important to keep in mind as well - the progress isn’t always instant, or immediately recognizable as progress, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, and that what you’re doing isn’t necessarily failing or incorrect, it does take some time.

(On a crazy off to the side note, it’s also hard for me to tell you any way to do this right now, because I don’t know what you’ve already tried, and I may say “do this” when you already know it doesn’t work for you, but I didn’t know it didn’t work for you. Which is why I’m giving a very generalized answer.)

But, for example. Channelling my energy has a lot to do with sensing it, actually feeling the energy flow to know I am doing it. A lot of people can’t physically feel metaphysical energy when they use or work with it. And that is cool - you don’t need to actually feel it to work with it. But then my method won’t be of any use to them, because my method heavily revolves around that aspect. 

(It isn’t the right way, or the only way, and I acknowledge that - it’s just my way, and I know it won’t work for everyone, but as long as it works for me, that’s what I need for my craft, because it isn’t about anyone else. It’s by me, about me, for me. And it’s great if other people can use my stuff and it works for them, that’s why I share it, just in case it can; but I also know it won’t click with everyone, which is okay, it just means they need to find something else, which I can try to help with too.)

Or, another example, visualization - a lot of channelling methods say that is very important to do. Not everyone can do that either, though. Just because they can’t visualize, doesn’t mean they can’t channel energy. But that particular way to do it won’t cut it for them.

I have a lot I want to say on this, but my brain is scrambled. I’m sorry. I hope I do this justice, say it right, don’t come off as blunt or rude, because it isn’t my intention. I just wanna make something clear as I can.

In the end, there is no “proper” - at least, no universal “proper” - that applies to everyone and everything in witchcraft. If it works for you, it’s proper for you; what is proper for you in magic, may not be for other people, and that is okay. What works for you may also work for a lot of other people, but it is okay if you are one of the few it doesn’t work for  - it doewsn’t mean you can’;t do magic or witchcraft at all, it just means you need to do something different for the same results.

Like, think about how many people draw. And how many different styles you see of drawing. And how, looking at every person’s drawing technique, there may be similar aspects in  some, but everyone still does it kinda differently, but they’re all still drawing in the end - in the end it’s all still art, no matter how they got there. There’s even so many names for it, that may also depend on what you’re drawing or how you do it - sketching, doodling, drawing, penning; caricatures, cartoons, realism, abstract. So many different ways to get there, so many different titles and styles and whatever, but it’s all still art in the end. That is how I see witchcraft and magic.

And, like art, I believe it comes down to personal experimentation with various techniques to find what works for you. Each artist experiments with tutorials and stuff, or just wings it, to see what works for them, to get a style they like - same thing with witchcraft. 

Here are some tips that I have when trying to find out your way of doing things, that may be useful for other things too, but right now I’m just focused on witchcraft. Just tips, no strict rules or “have to”s, just things I think may help you. If you like it, try it; if you don’t give a fuck, don’t. Just thoughts, opinions, ideas.

◆ Find out where your problem is in that area. This is why recording what you do and how things play out with your spellwork can be so important - you can look back to try to pinpoint exactly what it is that didn’t work out, so you can either fix it or move past it. So: what aspects of channelling techniques have not worked for you in the past? Visualization? Feeling the energy?

◇ Sometimes, focusing on those areas, and trying to improve them, can be enough. Like, people say “I can’t do this in magic,” and okay, that is fine. But how many times did you try it before you determined it wasn’t working for you? If a thing fails just once, I can’t say that is a guarantee that that particular technique doesn’t work for you, period - spell failure happens for a lot of different reasons, and doesn’t always have to do with lack of ability. I believe it is best to be sure that those things really don’t work for you at all before writing them off. So, if you find you’re having a hard time feeling energy, keep trying for a while, look up other ways you can do that, keep practicing those techniques, until you can really rule out it just isn’t working at all.

◆ Sometimes there may be more than one area that is causing a problem, or the first area you chose may not be what is actually causing the difficulty. I believe every possibility should be ruled out to figure out what isn’t working and why, as well, before determining something isn’t going to work for you at all. Again, this is when those spell notes come in handy: you have documentation of everything you did, so you can go through piece by piece to figure out what it was - or what it was in conjunction with something else - that didn’t play out as planned.

◇ If things still keep not working, do some more research and see if there is some other way you can do it. Look for alternative methods for the same technique, give those a shot - try to keep in mind remembering what you did so you can figure out what doesn’t work about it for you if that’s what ends up happening. So, if this one particular method focused around feeling energy doesn’t work, and you’re sure it’s the feeling energy part, try a method that focuses on visualization instead, and see if it shows any results.

(Rinse and repeat.)

◆ If you can’t find another way that works for you that already exists, even after all that, if you’ve tried all the methods that you can find already talked about, or from external sources… try to find one within yourself. By this, I mean try creating a unique way, different from what you’ve seen before - or maybe even just tweaked from methods you’ve already tried, keeping things that worked and discarding what didn’t. Honestly, if that is what needs to happen for you to be able to do it, there’s nothing wrong with going off on your own, away from the beaten path, and playing around with what you find there to get something magical to work for you. Just because it’s new, and just made by you right then and there, doesn’t make it “improper” or “invalid” or “less legitimate” than common or well-known methods - if it works for you, that’s really what matters. 

(And I know it can be hard to know where to start when creating something brand new, but knowing a lot of theory may help direct you where to go. If you know how the other things worked and why, you can figure out what else might work and how and why based off those. Idk, I’m kinda burning out, let me wrap this up real quick.)

◇ I have found that “starting over” in a various area or technique can help me see things I didn’t before, open new paths or ways of thinking on the subject that can make practicing it completely different than how I did the first time. Try taking a look at energy work in general, not just channelling techniques, and see if anything comes out at you. Look at “beginner” posts, see if anything has changed in your way of working things from those original points, or see if any new opinions or techniques present themselves. There are a lot of blogs making content on Witchblr, and they all have a unique sort of view, that can prove handy in this sort of thing.

Trial and error, and experimentation, are really the keys here, in my opinion.

I really don’t want to say “you HAVE to do all these” or “this is how you HAVE to do it to figure it it,” but these are my suggestions and tips. And again, Idek if these things will necessarily work for you either, but I feel this will be more beneficial than just telling you how I do things. And I can still do that, if you don’t think this answer is helpful. But this is how I would look at your situation, if I were stuck on figuring out a way to do a certain technique - this is how I’d go about trying to find something that works for me. I feel like telling you how to find your own answer may prove more beneficial than giving you one of mine that still might not suit you in the end anyway.

Anyway, long overdue, here are those links I promised (there are few resources on this, which is maybe why so many people have difficulties with this area?) :

I may still end up posting my way, or other ways I could think of, because it’s hard to find info on this. So probably what I just said was all made moot because of this lol.

Did it all make sense, anyway? I hope it does. I hope it helped in some way, for someone at least. Idk. I ran out of so much steam and energy by the end there, I hope it still makes sense and I got the point I wanted to across. (I guess you wouldn’t know if I got the point I wanted to across, lol, but let me know if this proved helpful to you in any way or anything, please.) And it kinda proved wasted in the end, I feel, but that’s how I feel about figuring out how to do things “proper” or getting things to work for you. Idk. Sorry. I’m done.


I know i am so late with this , i mean, when i saw the ,,meet the artist ,, on my dash i wasnt really interested in doing it, but some days ago i kinda regreted not doing it so i did it now, rip(better late than never :^). Well, i suppose it isnt a mistake since i did change a lot these past few weeks. Anyway, i hope this helps everyone get an idea of what kind of person or you know, just how i am in general. Love to all of you ^^ <3


“Let us begin, Ken Kaneki.”

Here's my outside-of-the-tag "Ben's Letter From the Refuge" rant

-just based off of the audio okay

-It’s in a different key. They transposed it up like a whole step(?) for his squeaky lil voice.


-He was not stoner Race in the refuge. Far from, my friends. FAR FREAKING FROM.

-He’s so young. That’s the main thing I’m gonna say. You get like a babbling/chatty child thing off of him and he’s younger than Zachary.

-Okay, he tried to put on a bit of vocal flair where Zachary just kinda talks it. I feel like it’s written to be a talky, honest song. Just a letter. But maybe that’s just because that’s how Zachary sang it in the first boot. And Ben sounds AMAZING on it, vocally, but yeah, I expected just a liiiiittle more honest emotion? (I know it’s his first night these are opinions so fight me you’ll probably win)

-But like it might have worked in his favor a bit. His Crutchie reminds me of Andy’s, because Andy’s would be such brightly painted-on optimism because he seems like he’s physically not used to frowning. He sounds so optimistic, or at least in a hurry to make Jack think so (he might be nervous but he’s nervous and stuttering at the top of his lungs like “ITS GONNA BE OKAY I PROMISE IM DOING GREAT”).

-The moment where he breaks. THE MOMENT WHERE HE BREAKS. Can I please just listen to “Damn this place” on repeat for the rest of my life because it’ll slowly deprive me of all other emotions. LISTEN TO HOW DIFFERENT HIS VOICE GETS.

-Did they change/modify/add to the orchestrations because damn??? It sounds gorgeous good lord

-you can hear Ben breathing and at first I was like “isn’t that a liiiiitle overdramatic??” but then it started kinda working for me idk I guess I need the visual

-how many times do you think he’s sung that in the shower

-But yeah. Zachary is kinda more “tired” but keeps revving himself up to say something inspiring before going back down. More honest. More talky. Ben is a rambling child singing a song and the weight of everything doesn’t even hit us until almost the end of the song. My heart hurts so fucking bad and I haven’t even listened to Prologue yet.


I think if the clone shiro theory was real we would have been show a happy reunion!!!™ And then shiro explaining what happened in some kind of flashback.

The episode the long Journey follows Shiro through hardships and shows how he re-finds the team and we are there with him the whole time. I don’t believe the episode was just there to trick the audience I think it’s legitimately Shiro.

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in response to "why are u so weird" key paused for a few seconds before saying "i dont know - why are YOU so weird?" like it obviously caught him off guard?? and ppl on twitter are like "lol key is so savage i love him" blah blah but theyre obviously failing to realise that a comment like that could have and probably did hurt him? they all just see it as a joke and i'm getting so fed up with it

honestly like

bum himself embracing the whole “freak” thing is completely different from someone else straight up calling him weird - because ‘weird’ assumes a negative connotation in that context, most of the time. if it’s not coming from someone close to you, ‘weird’ will rarely ever mean something other than ‘different in the sense of unacceptable’ lmao. and there’s no way to know bum didn’t take that “why are you so weird?” for a “I don’t like your ways and you should change them” so idk it does make a bit :/

not to say that idols are made of glass - and maybe I’m even projecting my own feelings onto him - but can we all just agree to ask him why is he so beautiful and/or wonderful next time

Don’t ever let anyone tell you transformative work is a waste of time.

Honest to god I am so sick of hearing from people that “fanfiction isn’t real writing” and “headcanons are stupid; what’s canon is canon and you can’t change that” and “why are you looking so deep into it so what if there’s subtext it doesn’t mean anything” so I’m gonna tell a story:

When I did theatre in high school, one of the plays we did was Our Town by Thornton Wilder. It’s one of the great American classics; every high school theatre program has probably done it several times, every actor has been in it, read it, seen it, or at least heard of it at some point in their lives. It’s a pretty well known and established piece of literature. So. For those of you who are not familiar with the piece, there is a character called the Stage Manager who serves as a narrator, to provide background information about Grover’s Corners and its inhabitants and to keep the story moving. This character interacts very little with the other characters and speaks in long monologues, some taking up several pages of the script. When my director decided to produce the play, he figured that the Stage Manager had too many lines for a high school actor to memorize, so he split the role into two. The aim was to cast one boy and one girl and to divide the lines up evenly between them. Aside from the fact that there would now be two actors narrating instead of one, nothing would change.

Then, once the rehearsal process began, we started to play. The actors developed a dynamic together that couldn’t be ignored, and somewhere along the line we began to throw around the idea of the two of them being actual characters, rather than some unknown, omniscient being on the stage. We dug deep into the monologues–lines that Wilder had written for no purpose other than to provide information about a fictional town–and found moments that revealed who our stage managers were in the narrative. Eventually we decided on the two of them being a married couple who had lived in the town. We found opportunities for them to turn their narration into a banter, and for them to reveal the love they held for each other and for their town. When we got to the third act of the play, which is set in a graveyard where many of the characters from the previous two acts are buried, we decided to cement this idea with an action that was not written in the script. The play was done in an interpretive manner, so the graveyard was created by having actors sitting on the floor, representing their own gravestones. At the very end of the play, the two stage managers looked at each other, held hands, then sat down together on the stage floor. The narrative was complete; the stage managers were a married couple who had lived and died in Grover’s Corners, and were telling a story that had happened in the town.

The point is, we took a text written in 1938 and put our own unique spin on it based on the transformative thinking skills of everyone involved. We essentially took a headcanon and turned it into a story told entirely in subtext that fit within the canon of the play without changing a single word of the script. We analyzed the text for things that weren’t there, we created meta from those monologues and used it for our canon-compliant fanfic of the play, which we put on stage and called Our Town. The story we told about the stage managers wasn’t there until we pulled it from the text, put there unintentionally by Thornton Wilder and brought to life by a group of imaginative high schoolers.

So yeah, if you want to be a professional writer, you will eventually have to learn to create characters and settings and plots on your own; but aside from that, creating transformative work can give you a unique set of skills that you can use in any situation. Lots of people who try to accept transformative work as valid will treat it like a stepping stone to “real writing,” but they ignore the merits of transformative work alone. Whether you make fanart or fanfic or fanvid, whether you write detailed meta or short headcanons, you are learning to think analytically and creatively. Transformative work is defined as looking at something and imagining it a different way, and that mindset, that way of thinking is important pretty much anywhere you go in life.

So if anyone tells you transformative work is a waste of time, give them a play and ask them to tell a story that’s not in the script. They couldn’t do it, but I bet you could.

Thoughts from the Tony Awards

(that I forgot to post last night whoops)

  • Okay so the opening number was…cute, but I feel like it just went on for a little too long?? Idk idk
  • “Gee, Whoopi, how long have you been in the closet?”
  • I feel like Stephen Colbert emerging from a bed dressed as a groundhog is something that’s definitely happened before in my life
  • Honestly the best parts of the show was when the camera would cut to Ben Platt in the audience for some reason and he always looked vaguely afraid for his life
  • I’m just putting this out there but Josh Groban…is more powerful than he appears. I truly think Josh Groban is just a cover-story for an ancient deity that just wants to sing these days.
  • My mom, upon seeing Christian Borle with no hair: “He looks like that little animal from that Kim Possible show you used to watch!”
  • Listen Andrew Rannells and (goblin king of my heart)Mike Faist both deserved the Tony but…I truly forgot Gavin Creel existed for a bit and seeing him win had me so over come with emotion so like I can’t complain I’m proud of my man
  • I’ve never been a fan of Miss Saigon and I have no idea who that girl performing was but like…we’re getting married and she’s serenading me at our wedding reception this is cannon
  • Come From Away like…I’m sorry. I feel like it’s trying too hard to be #Edgy or something?
  • “Dicks out for Falsettos” - Andrew Scott Rannells, 2017, the Year Of Our Lord
  • It was a great performance though like 1) Put Tracie Thoms in anything and I’m a fan and 2) I never knew I needed to see Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells as Sporty Boyfriends™ but now I can’t imagine living in a world without it and 3) everyone was so talented don’t touch me
  • Lmao they finished their performance and my mom’s only comment was “That Andrew boy has great legs”
  • “We’re gonna announce this next performance as the cast of Dear Evan Hansen, but the gag is….it’s actually a solo performance by Ben Platt™”
  • I mean was I sobbing the whole time??? Yes. I still would have picked a different number idk. ‘Waving Through A Window’ is great but it’s getting overplayed at this point
  • Lmao the second he finished his performance and me, and the rest of the audience both live and watching elsewhere, were freaking the fuck out- my mom just calmly took a sip of her wine and said “Oh, he won the Tony.” 😂
  • Okay listen…I truly think Spacey gave it his best. He wasn’t awful. I did notice something that didn’t exactly help though- He really went for the impressions. Like, whatever, but most of the other Tony’s usually involve the hosts having some singing skits???? Why did none of that happen?
  • I don’t know who the hell the guy singing from Groundhog Day was but like…that was a VOICE.
  • Leslie Odom Jr. and Cynthia Erivo. Nice.
  • Ben’s reaction to the Hilary Clinton email jokes tho
  • “All award shows have to give out food these days!”
  • Hello Dolly’s weird one-man performance was apparently caused by Bette Middler refusing to perform in the theater where they host the Tonys??? Like she wanted it pretaped???? Wild.
  • My mom refused to accept it all night like for the rest of the show she was like “When’s the Hello Dolly number” and I kept telling her it already happened and she was like “No that was Kevin Spacey in a wig it was a bad joke when is Bette going to sing” omfg
  • “You’re not even Christian Borle, you’re the understudy!”
  • When Colbert came out to present an award he had more stage presence in two minutes than Spacey had all night so I’m not saying Colbert for Tony’s 2018 but like….#Colbert4Tonys2k18
  • “My edible nephews”
  • Honestly Ben Platt’s entire acceptance speech quite literally cleared my skin and healed my soul that beautiful boy is so gentle and pure and I do not understand how I can feel so proud of him when he’s never even graced me with his presence
  • Also- Ben Platt, barely holding back tears, declaring “I’ll fight you” on national television: Big Mood.
  • Bette Middler’s speech…what in the fuck
  • Like no???? You cannot just tell them to shut the music off???? If everyone else can keep their speeches short than you damn well can too??? Everyone in that room is talented???? You aren’t The Special One there???? There’s people trying to make a show run smoothly and there’s time constraints???? Just say thanks and get off the stage oh my GOD. Also what the fuck with the ‘Hello Dolly never went away because it’s always in our hearts’ bit like find me ONE person who can unironically say Hello Dolly is their favorite show??? It’s a lame show high schools perform a lot because the script is cheaper calm down.
  • My mom, who had finished her fourth glass of wine and fallen asleep 15 minutes ago: *jolts wide awake the second she hears Lin-Manuel Miranda’s voice* “Finally.”
  • When Spacey came out doing the president gag like…Lin truly looked like he hadn’t been warned about it beforehand lmao like I’m sure he was but the poor boy looked so confused 😂😂
  • I know there was a lot of debate but personally I was not shocked Dear Evan Hansen won best musical and I was pretty excited about it lmao
  • (The Great Comet had a cool performance though I hope I can see that show someday; Also, since I realize I forgot to type it earlier in this list- Falsettos was robbed)
  • The big finale number he did with Patti felt…too lowkey. Idk. Just a very mellow ending to the award show like I’ve already forgotten what they sang.
  • All in all: There have been worst award shows but this was not as lively as the Tony’s have been in recent years. For all the jokes about NPH and Corden not being there, like…it just calls attention to the fact that they did in fact host way more entertaining shows??? That kinda backfired on him. I’ll give it like a 5/10. Can’t wait to see what this upcoming season/next years awards will hold!

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I'm a little upset bc of what people are saying about Mikael. I'm not saying he's perfect and he did nothing wrong,but he was a kid who grew up in a religious environment and even if he didn't sometimes teenagers can do and say stupid things,that doesn't mean they're bad. Also, this was Yousef's POV,maybe things happened in a different way,but this is how Yousef understood the story? You know how sometimes you say,idk..u like coffee but people understand u like washing your face with it.

hey you! yeah, I think there’s a lot of sides to this story, definitely. on the one hand, I do think it’s fair that people are angry with Mikael now, especially since he was shown to be laughing when Even’s name was mentioned. he did something wrong and it’s okay for people to acknowledge this. on the other hand, this, at the very latest, went down last school year and so some time has definitely gone by. you can imagine Mikael now realizing that maybe he didn’t handle the best way and that’s okay to remember too! also, you’re absolutely right that this is just Yousef’s view on this story. it’s not complete, it’s not objective – and that’s important to remember as well!

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Okay so it might be just me, but I think Dan got a nose job... hear me out i was watching old videos of his and then i jumped to one that was from 2017 and his nose and face just look completely different to me... it seems like something hed do idk... he did say he was insecure about his nose

I’m sorry… what? 
You kind of made me chuckle for like a solid two minutes…

Dan and a nose job is probably highly unlikely. Although I agree he doesn’t look anything like his former younger self, but doesn’t everybody? 

I’m unsure of how far you went back but… 

Originally posted by phhann

Originally posted by peachou

His nose looks the same to me… it’s still cute and buttoney. 

I think he just got better haircuts and grew into his face more. 

Also I don’t think I recall a time where he said he was insecure about his nose… are you confusing him with the Gabbie show? (If I’m wrong please show me where he said he was insecure about his nose) 

This was… interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Never thought I’d be analyzing Dan Howell’s nose. 

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it DID take a long time but tbh I feel like i’m getting credits of something I didn’t make ? and I feel guilty because 
 I did use a picture and turned it into a drawing , I saw an artist  “ ross draws “ doing that as well and I was inspired 
but trust me when I say the drawing looks like a totally different person than the picture I started with 

I thought I should make that clear since I felt so guilty but thanks i’m glad you like it 

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Water 물

Text Message 메시지

이모는 일어날 때 거기서 크리스마스죠? (When you wake up it’ll be Christmas, right?)

Song 음악

Same Old Song and Dance by Aerosmith

Cried 눈물

Two nights ago bc I was angry cutting wee. 2일전에 (자해하고 있었으니까)

Have You Ever…/ …본 적 있습니다?

Dated Someone 사람이랑 사귀기

For all intents and purposes: no. 아닙니다.

Been Cheated On 누군가 바람을 피우기

Nope. 아닙니다.

Lost Someone Special 당신이 사랑스러운 사람을 죽기

I dunno. I didn’t know them well enough, but they were special. 그 사람을 잘 몰랐는데 특별한 사람이였습니다.

Been Depressed 우울하기

Refer to my answer for Last Time I Cried lmao 그럼요!

Been Drunk and Thrown Up 술 많이 마셔서 토하기

Underage and No. Although, I will be like this many a times in the future, no doubt. 아닌데 미래서 꼭 그렇게 될 것 같습니다. 

In The Past Year Have You…?/금년에…했습니까?

Made a New Friend 새 친구 만나기

Yup. 넵

Fallen Out Love 사랑에서 빠지기

Never fell in it to begin with. 처음에 사랑에 빠지지 않았잖아요 ㅋ

Laughed Until You Cried 웃어서 눈물이 나오기

Probably somewhere in there. 네

Met Someone Who Changed You 당신을 변경햬던 사람을 만나기

Naw. 아닙니다

Found Out Who Your True Friends Were 진실한 친구를 찾기

No. 아닙니다

Found Out Someone Was Talking About You 누군가는 당신에대해 얘기하고 있었던 개 찾아 내기

Apparently some guy thinks I’m attractive? But I’ve never talked to him?? And when I just tried to say hi he was too shy??? But according to my friends he’s not shy???? 어떤 남자는 제가 예쁘다고 했습니다…..

General/ 전반적으로

People On Tumblr You Know In Real Life 텀블러에서 아는 사람

Umm maybe 3-4-5? 3-4-5명?

Pets 애완동물

Pupper 강아지

Wanna change your name? 이름을 변경하고 싶습니까?

I dunno…I don’t know if my name is nice. It’s different. Strange? idk. Maybe. If so I’d want to be Violette. 아닌데 변경하고 싶다면 보라라고 하고 싶겠습니다.

What time did you wake up this morning? 오늘 아침에 언제 일어났습니까?

오전 7:30 A.M.

What did you do last night? 어젯밤에 뭐 했습니까?

Watched TV. TV를 봤습니다

Name Something You Cannot Wait For.. 뭔가를 기대하는중…
Finishing Highschool. Going to Galapgos and Ecuador and going to Korea. 고등학교서 졸업하기. ,한국에 가기. Galapagos & Ecaudor에 가기.

Have You Ever Talked To a Person Named Tom..Tom이라는 사람이랑 얘기해본 적 있습니까?
I know a couple Thomas..es? 아닙니다 ??? 모릅니다

What’s Getting On Your Nerves RN. 지금 뭔가 참을 수 없습니까?:
My past. 제 과거

Blood Type 혈액형
idk 모릅니다

Nicknames 별명
Chaz, Chazzy, Violet, Violette, Violeta, Minnie, 

Relationship Status 남자/여자 친구 있습니까?
Single af. 없습니다

Zodiac Sign 황도대:


Pronouns 성:
She/Her. 여자 

Fav TV Shows. 좋아하는 프로그램: 

Er… Sherlock! W, Turn(?), nvidrovmenio I love TV lol

High School 고등학교:
Shit. 똥

College 대학교:
Not there yet. 대학교를 아직 안 선택 했습니다

Hair Color 머리색 

Black 검색

Do You Have A Crush On Someone 좋아하는 남자/여자 있습니까?:
The person who tagged me said Lee Jong Suk and TBH same lmaooo이종석.. but Matt Lanter n his booty are quite nice. But anybody I know? Nah. 없습니다.

What Do You Like The Most About Yourself 당신 자신에 대해 뭘 좋아합니까?:
Nothing. 없습니다.

None. 없습니다.

Righty or Lefty 무슨 손과 씁니까?:
Righty. 오른.

Firsts 첫:

surgery 수술:
Never had one. Jkjk now I remember I had surgery on both my big toes. 발가락에서 .

Piercing 뚫기:
Ears 귀서

Best Friend 배프:
Christina!!! 크리스티나.

Sport You Joined 스포츠:
idk i did a whole bunh of stuff but soccer really stuck 축구

Vacations 여행:
Idk. But ive been to Jamaica (bc I’m Jamaican), 모릅니다. 자메이카?

Pair of Sneakers 신발:

Right Now 지금:

Eating 먹기:
Omg I just started eating Rum and Raisin Ice Cream to celebrate getting my license. 아이스크림

Drinking 마시기:
Nothing 아무것도 안 마시고 있습니다.

I’m About To 할 것:
Watch TV.. Supergirl, The Flash, W, the OA (someone from my school is in that show!) 티비를 볼 겁니다.

Listening To 듣고 있는 곡:
Nothing 아무것도

Waiting For 기다리는 것:
Chrysler 크리스마스

Do You Want/ 하고 싶은 것:

Kids 아이:
bruh. I have accidentally poisoned a cactus. All I want is a nice car. 절대 아닙니다 ㅋㅋ

Get Married 결혼:
yesss i want romance. 그럼요.

Career 직업:
 forensic scientist… interpreter…법의학자… 통역사

Which Is Better/ 더 좋아하는 것:

Lips or Eyes 입이나 눈:
Eyes. 눈

Taller or Shorter 키가 크거나 짧다:
taller. 키가 커ㅓㅓㅓㅓㅓ요 

Older or Younger 늙나 어리다:

What is this question? 무슨 질문이…..?

Romantic or Spontaneous 낭만적이나 자발적인:
romanti 낭만적인

Sensitive or Loud 신경질적이나 시끄럽다: 


Troublemaker or Hesitant 문제를 일으키는 사람이나 머뭇머뭇하는 사람: 


Have You Ever/ …본 적 있습니다? :

Lost Glasses or Contacts 안경이나 콘택트 렌즈를 잃기:
I guess. 네

Broken Someone’s Heart 누군가 마음을 아프게 되기:
No. 아닙니다

Been Arrested 경철은 당신을 체포해본 적 있습니까?:
Nope. 아닙니다.

Turned Someone Down 누군가를 거절하기:
No. 아닙니다

Cried When Someone Died 누군가 죽었을 때 울었습니까?:
Uh huh. 그럼요.

Fallen For a Friend 친구랑 사랑에 빠지기:
Too many times, but not in the past few years. 네   근데 오랫동안 사랑에 빠지지 않았습니다.

Do You Believe/ …을 믿습니까?:

In Yourself 당신 자신:
No lol 아닙니다

Miracles 기적:
sometimes 가끔

Love at First Sight 첫눈에 반하는 사랑:
I believe people fall in love with an idea or see beauty at first sight, but not real love. 아닙니다. 그게 사랑 아닙니다.

Heaven 천국:
Like the person that tagged me said: The Jesus thing ain’t exactly my thing. 아닙니다.

Santa Claus 산타 클라우스:
Never have never will. 아닙니다.

List Ten Characters/Biases 좋아하는 캐릭터 10명 쓰세요.:

  • Lee Jong Suk
  • Matt Lanter
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Leslie Odom Jr.
  • Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Daveed Diggs
  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Zendaya
  • @thatsthat24 (Thomas Sanders is a literal angel 천사. 만나고 싶다ㅏㅏ. I wanna meet him he’s so sweet and kind)
  • 왕자림 Wong Jarim from 연애혁명 (Love Revolution naver comic) She’s so savage

Okay I also love Jon Cozart (Paint on YouTube)

Since Carmilla is gonna air in three arcs and thus having big blocks of probably around an hour that not everyone can watch live, I feel like it’s a good idea to start tagging spoilers more consistently. 

My suggestion is to use a tag like #carmilla spoilers for the first 24-48 hours so everybody who wants to avoid spoilers can watch the arc at their own pace! 

I feel it is my duty as the wacky Tom Paris blog that I am to remind you all that this Sunday is Threshold Day! @captaincrusher does an excellent job organizing/promoting the celebration so if anyone is curious about the specifics, check out this tag. It’s not a formal event but I for one have prepared some posts and I’m excited to see what else ends up floating around as well. :)

Whether you actually enjoy the episode (I do, no shame) or just like to joke about the… well… experience, I do hope you enjoy the flood of lizards/lizard babies. And if Threshold isn’t really your thing, I will tag everything both by the episode title and ‘Threshold Day’.

Catch you all at warp 10!!

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never can fill the void - listen

it’s time - imagine dragons | highway unicorn (road to love) - lady gaga | no promises - san fermin | ghost town - adam lambert | gypsy - lady gaga | I was me - imagine dragons | emily - san fermin | carry you - kaye | green light - lorde | no devil - san fermin | water under the bridge - adele | something just like this - the chainsmokers & coldplay | come on - a great big world | I lived - onerepublic | midnight city - m83

an alternate playlist for love is a polaroid - read

Little Plot Detail for my Overwatch Steampunk AU thing

While at a secret meeting of Daimyo and successors with the Shogun when Hanzo was 16, he recognized that the strange man-shaped machine purchased from a Dutch trade ship had a miniature calculation apparatus that took in a thing piece of tape that had holes punched in it seemingly at random but in actuality was a program.

By this I mean the original form of man-shaped machine purchased in Dejima in 1859 was an omnic that had 100 preset actions it could perform if you put in the correct binary-punched tape. Hanzo recognized it and tested his hypothesis (after getting approval from his father to test it out on the machine) by putting in a piece of tape that had the numbers “1,″ “5,″ “10,″ “12,″ and “16″ on it in binary and seeing how the machine reacted. 

When the machine did something different each time, Hanzo was commended for his sharp eye and astounding command of mathematics. However, Hanzo himself was tense, because if this machine built twenty years ago was able to do 100 things with thin pieces of tape, it’s possible that this technology had advanced since then and now even more complex man-shaped machines with more capabilities could exist. But it’s not his place to mention that so he just thanks his elders for their praise and stews on the information privately.

Have you ever been in a dressing room where you are surrounded by body-length mirrors, each mirror reflecting off another so you can see your own mundane body but from unusual angles, becoming entranced by the foreign movement of your familiar build?
Well every time I see you doing the most lack-lustre movement, I feel the same fascination as though I’m seeing something from a different perspective than I ever did before.
—  when i saw ur face, idk man

I was tagged by @glaspaladin thank you very much glaaaaas <3 and @introvertedbibliophile28 thank youuuuuuu!!!

NICKNAMES: Delfi, Del, For

STAR SIGN: Capricorn

GENDER: Female.

MBTI TYPE: ehhhh, I did it three times (i was bored) and every ingle time it gave me something different

HEIGHT: 5'8 or 5′9 idk


BIRTHDAY: 24th of December

FAVOURITE BANDS: P!ATD,  Imagine Dragons, Queen

SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD: Battle Cry by Havana Brown, Bebe Rexha and Savi



OTHER BLOGS: @attackonhogwarts and @leviinmodernland ARE THE CUTEST, @dystopiansushi blesses me with her brilliant you fics (1000/10 would recommend Stay The Night), EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE SKYPE GROUP CHAT 



LAST THING I GOOGLED: voltron legendary defender trailer season 3

FOLLOWING: I actually should check cause like I think most of the blogs I follow are dead since I only see the same three blogs on my dash

FOLLOWERS: lot more than I should

FAVOURITE COLOUR: dark blue and dark green!

AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: ehhh 5/6 during the week


INSTRUMENTS: ?? If  i play any instruments?? I can play the violin

WHAT I’M WEARING: school uniform


DREAM JOBS: I’d love to work at Pixar or Dreamworks! 



NATIONALITY: Argentinian

I tag whoever wants to do this!