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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #23
  • Dan: Phil you left all the cupboard doors open again
  • Phil: godDANit
A Pearl In The Rocks III

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 958

Pairing: LokixReader

Summary: Another plotless drabble. This time involving banter between you, Bruce, Tony and Loki. Enjoy :)

A/N: If you guys have any particular suggestions or ideas that you want in this story then let me know. I can’t promise I’ll write up all ideas, but it would be nice to know what you guys are looking for :)

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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Request: Business call - Part 1

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism

Originally posted by sikanapanele

Tig’s POV

There was so much work to do; they had been in runs and countless meetings lately, doing everything to help SAMCRO’s president. Jax Teller had been trying to change the MC’s path, to make it right and at least close to what his father had devised for them. The club would be out of the gun business, but there were still many loose ends to tie up.

Tig absolutely hated the “I know a guy who knows a guy” talk and the last thing he wanted to do was that call. He was supposed to call a number Chibs had given to him and settle a meeting with a person, someone who was interested in doing business with the club. He just had a feeling this couldn’t turn out good. However, orders were orders and he dialed the number.

“Yeah?”, the person on the other side of the line answered. The voice was muffled and Tig couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but it seemed he had just awakened him or her.

“Hm…Who is this?”, he carefully asked.

“Who is this?”, the person repeated.

“What?”, Tig grimaced. He didn’t have time for jokes.

The person growled, “Are you the guy from last night?”, now he knew it was a woman talking. It was supposed to be a man, he was sure Chibs had said a man, “Shit! I thought I had given you the wrong number”

“Apparently, someone did that”, Tig sighed.

“What?”, the woman clearly had had a blast last night, sounded like she had a hangover, “Aren’t you sweet? Calling me on the next morning… Listen, it was great, it truly was, but it was one night thing, I’m not looking for a relationship okay”

“Good to know, but-“, Tig chuckled, “I’m not the guy from last night”

“What?”, she asked again.

“I was trying to call someone, a business call”, Tig didn’t even know why he was bothering to explain the situation to her, “They must have given me the wrong number”

“Oh sorry business man”, the woman sighed on the other side, “Have a good day”

“Thanks. Have a good day too”, he mumbled and was about to hang up when something caught his attention, “Wait… Girls really do this thing of giving the wrong number?”

“Hm…Yeah”, he could tell she was thinking he was weird and anxious to end that call.

“I wouldn’t know”, Tig admitted to the stranger, “I’ve never called back”

“Uh oh”, she mocked and giggled, “A business man and a heartbreaker”

“No, I’m not the one who gave a poor man the wrong number”, he laughed, thinking a wrong call had never been so nice.

“Ouch!”, the woman laughed.

“Sorry to bother you”, Tig apologized, “Sounds like you had a great night, go back to sleep”

“Yeah, I did”, she said but didn’t sound so happy anymore, “Have a nice day business man”

The line was silent and Tig stared at the phone for a minute. He should have told her he wasn’t a business man, but then, he had to reason to do so, she was just a stranger. He sighed and decided to find Chibs, complain about the wrong number and try to get the right one before Jax ask about the meeting.


My phone never rang, only my best friend and boss had that number. It was a burner phone that I would throw away in a few weeks, so I didn’t bother much when that man called me this morning. He had the wrong number and I tried to be as nice as I could with a headache killing me. When I hung up, I laid down and tried to sleep again in my hotel room. I smiled, remembering the confused man. Yes, we girls give guys the wrong number sometimes. No, he wasn’t bothered, he said he never had called back. Heartbreaker. Yes, I could say I was one. I would never stay or give the right number. I couldn’t get attached, ever again.

Tig’s POV

Chibs had finally found the right number; Tig called and settled the meeting for the next day. He had a beer with his brothers, let a crow eater give him a massage and went to bed. Sons would have to be up early and Jax wouldn’t tolerate people late. It was the middle of the night when Tig woke up with his phone ringing. He growled and grabbed it on the nightstand.  

“Hello”, he barked, not bothering to be nice to whoever was awakening him.

“What’s wrong with you Cindy?”, it was a familiar voice, but it sounded distorted, weird. The woman calling laughed and Tig finally recognized her, “Cindy? Answer me!”

He didn’t know her name, so Tig called her the first thing it came to his mind, “Heartbreaker?”

“Who?”, she snorted and then cursed about something that had just happened with her.

She clearly was drunk and didn’t know his name either, “This is business man”, he used the nickname she had given him that morning.

“Oh man! I’m sorry”, she whined, “I was trying to call a friend”

“Are you drunk?”, Tig cut her off, suddenly getting worried. She was alone somewhere, drunk, confused. Besides, when he had called that morning she seemed to have a hangover and she had been drinking again. Something was wrong with that girl.

“I’m not sure”, the woman mumbled, her voice shaky, “How many shots you must have to be drunk? Shit! I can’t find my car keys”

“Okay, you are drunk”, he sat in bed, turning the lampshade on, “Tell me where you are, I can pick you up”

“I don’t know you!”, she scoffed, mumbling again about the car keys.

“I’m not a serial killer doll”, Tig sighed, already grabbing his jeans to put them on.

“No”, she laughed, “You’re a business man”

“No quite”, Tig smirked, “Now tell me where you are”. Suddenly, the line was silent just like that morning, “Damn girl hanging up on me again!”, Tig cursed and tried to call back, but she didn’t answer.

He got up and began to pace around the room. He wasn’t the regular Lancelot, not even close, but he was worried about the girl, he couldn’t tell why, he just had a feeling she would get hurt somehow. It was frustrating; he didn’t have a clue about her, no name, no address, just a phone number.

A phone number Juice could track, so Tig ran to the boy’s room and kicked him out of bed. Obviously, his brother wasn’t happy about being awaken in the middle of the night and Tig refused to explain why, just threw the laptop to Juice and told him to track a number. In minutes, Juice had a response that didn’t please Tig. She had a burner phone, he couldn’t track it. He thanked Juice and let his brother go back to sleep, telling himself to do the same and let the girl handle her problems alone. However, he couldn’t close his eyes.


Charming had a few bars where someone could hang out, some of them nice, some not. I worked in a nice one, earning enough money to pay for my hotel room, food and gasoline. My shift started by the end of the afternoon, when working men walked in to have a beer or two after a long day. I served drinks, I talked, I ignored the old and ridiculous lines and when I was off duty, I had a few shots. Okay, maybe I had a few more drinks than I should and left the bar tripping on my legs. I knew where I was, where my car was and how to get back to the hotel, but for some reason I thought it was a good time to call my friend, Cindy. That was a sign I had drunk too much.

The rest of the night was a blur and I woke up in my car, the morning sun hurting my eyes. I had a confused memory about finally find my car keys and pass out inside the vehicle, but what was bothering me was a conversation on the phone. I grabbed it from the passenger’s seat, searched through the calls I had made. Yep, I had called him. The mysterious man who had called me last morning. Why in the bloody hell I hadn’t erased his number?

“Idiot”, I said to myself as I dialed again.

Tig’s POV

The meeting had been good, SAMCRO had a new business partner and Jax’s plans were going well so far, but something still was bugging Tig. He knew what it was and he was feeling a bit stupid about it, but he couldn’t help it. He was still worried about the woman, Heartbreaker, and being grumpy, just minding his own business and not actually talking to anyone. His friends had no idea what was going on, but they knew it was better to leave him alone.

Tig noticed a missing call on his phone when they got back to the clubhouse, but before he could check it, the phone rang again. He recognized the number and walked outside to answer it.

“Business man?”, she yawned at the phone.

“Are you okay?”, Tig barked and then regret it, not only about how he had talked to her, but also for being worried to someone he didn’t know. It was surreal.

“Yeah?”, she yawned again, “I saw a hundred calls on my phone and decided to call back to ask what stupid thing I said to you, maybe apologize too”

“Yes, we talked last night, you hung up on me and I tried to call back, but you’ve never answered”, he admitted, sighing, “You don’t have to apologize for anything, but you were drunk and trying to drive. What happened?”

“I fell asleep on my car, woke up this morning and drove back home”, she explained, “God, I have the worst headache ever!”

“Jesus! Girl what were you doing?”, Tig growled.

“You’re too sweet business man”, she laughed, “Business man… What’s your name by the way? You can say a fake one if you want to”

“Alex”, he blurted, not actually noticing he had said his real name.

“Nice name”, the woman said, “You can call me Y/N”

“Nice name”, Tig repeated, making her laugh.

“I’m sorry for calling you in the middle of the night Alex, it won’t happen again”, Y/N promised, “It was a pleasure talk to you again, but now I need to go back to sleep”

“Take care”, he mumbled, but the line was silent again.


Y/N. Why did I say my real name to him? I was always someone else to everyone I met. However, this guy, Alex, not only knew my real name, but I also had called him back to apologize and say I was okay. I never did that. We didn’t know each other and he only had found me because someone had given him the wrong number. It didn’t matter, I would leave Charming soon. Another city, another phone and Alex would be just a nice memory, a nice stranger I once met.

To be continued…

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could i get 20.“Just admit I’m right.” for coldflash pls and thanks? :o

This is 50 million years late I’m so sorry?? But better late than never hopefully? Also this is over 6k & there’s gonna be a chapter 2 because I got carried away

20. “Just admit I’m right.” Coldflash (read on ao3)

Saying it had been a long day wouldn’t have just been an understatement; it would’ve been factually incorrect. Barry had been awake for nearly forty hours by the time he skidded through the doors of the Central City Stock Exchange, doing his best to look formidable despite the obvious wear and tear to his suit.

The Rogues, scattered at computers across the trading floor, largely ignored him. Hartley did glance up from where he was wiring his gloves into some kind of mainframe, but he only offered Barry a friendly wave before getting back to work.

A blast of cold came from behind Barry, off to the side of the doors, and struck the ground just to the right of his boots. While obviously a warning shot, Barry still had to skitter sideways a few feet to avoid being iced to the marble floor. The speed force came when he reached for it, but only with great effort, and he knew Snart wouldn’t miss the split-second delay in his response time.  

He wheeled on Snart. A cramp was beginning to stitch in his side, and he forced himself not to press a hand to it. Despite the furred hood and tinted goggles, Barry could clearly make out the amusement in Snart’s expression, and he scowled back.

“Can this wait?” he demanded. He sounded—well, he sounded cranky, but he was past the point of caring.

Snart swept the cold gun out in a lazy arcing gesture.

“What, the hero of Central City, not in the mood to play?” Snart asked.

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Gaster: ✋ ☟✌✞☜ ☠⚐ ✋👎☜✌ 🕈☟⚐ ✡⚐🕆🕯☼☜ ☼☜☞☜☼☼✋☠☝ ❄📫

Chara: busted.

The One That I Want

One-shot. 3,688 words.

James and Lily end up at the same costume party dressed up as two members of a famous fictional couple. Everyone makes them take pictures together and quote lines from the movie. It starts out really awkward but then Sirius, dressed as a pirate, finds them making out in the bathroom.


“Lily, come on,” coaxed Mary.


"You are getting out of this car in ten seconds or I’ll—”

“Curse me with that wand of yours? Mary…I can’t! This was a stupid idea. I cannot believe you talked me into this.”

"It was your bloody idea, love.”

"The party was, if you’ll recall. A party, actually … certainly not this one, in the richest bloody neighborhood in town. And this costume,” she complained, gesturing at herself, “was definitely not my idea.”

"It’s the party we were invited to, Evans, so we’ll take it. And you made me go to the cinema six times to watch that damned movie, and you’ve listened to the vinyl every day for two months…”

“Not every day—”defended Lily, but Mary cut across her.

"EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know every bleeding word on that record, Lil.”


“But nothing. C’mon, Lil,” said Mary, switching tactics. Threats hadn’t worked, but maybe flattery will. “You love that movie, and I had the wig, and we’re broke as fuck so we had to make due. And you look amazing. Have you seen yourself?”

"Leather pants though? Why couldn’t I have been the sweet, wholesome version of her character…”

"Because, Lily Evans, it’s also the prude, stuck-up version of her character, and that isn’t you at all, is it?”

Lily nodded, conceding the point.

‘Sides,” shrugged Mary. “It’s Halloween…the one night when we can dress like slags without being called slags.”

“A complete and utter bullshit double standard, incidentally…”

"It is, indeed, my little feminist friend. Still true though.”

“LEATHER PANTS, MacDonald. And this wig is itchy and ridiculous.”

Mary reached out and tugged on a curl, “No, Lily Evans, that wig is amazing.”

Lily ignored her, frowning instead at her feet which already throbbed. “These shoes, then. Wherein the bloody hell did you get these shoes?”

“Discount shop. It’s four hours. Stop looking for a reason to complain, Lil, it’s just a party. Slip them off if you want; no one will notice.”

“Like hell I will,” countered Lily. “D’you know what’ll be on that floor by the end of the night?”

“I’d rather not think about it, honestly,” said Mary, her face scrunched in distaste. “Wear the damn shoes then, but stop complaining. Everyone wears painful heels to parties. Mine are an inch taller than yours.”

“Yes, darling, but you’re completely nutters…”

“I’m short,” snorted Mary.

"No one will even know who I am…” Lily was grasping at straws, she knew, but she had to try.

“Of course they’ll know who you are.”

"It’s a bloody American movie.”

"The most popular American movie of the year,” Mary reminded her, slapping her thigh. “You’re going to be brilliant. If anything, you’ve got to worry about there being four of you—”

“Really? Well I don’t want to go if there’ll be four of me. That’s worse.

"Evans, cut the bullshit, get out of the car, teeter yourself into that house, drink yourself pissed, snog a bloke, and dance your leather clad arse off.”

“That’s you, dear, not myself. One of us has to drive home.”

“At least I have a plan,” said Mary as she applied her lipstick in the rear view. “Look, Evans, if you’re miserable in two hours, we can leave, alright? But I really, really want to go out tonight…”

Guilt panged Lily. It’d been a solid month of moping on Mary’s part since she ditched her last bloke. Cheating wanker, yes, but it still hurt. She’d been so excited about this party, of course Lily said yes. She’d been filled with nothing but regret since they stepped in the car, though, and she had had two exams to study for, a group project to sort out, and a research project due in two weeks.

But Mary wanted to go out, Mary needed to go out, and that was more important than Lily feeling self-conscious in front of a bunch of strangers. She wouldn’t have spent the night studying, anyway, if she were honest with herself, so she sighed and relented. “You’re right, I’m sorry. I’m being a prat.”

"Yes, you are, but if you really don’t want to go—” said Mary. She really would turn ‘round and drive them home, if Lily demanded it, but Lily wasn’t the sort to do something like that.

“No, we’ll go. C’mon. It’ll be fun.”

Mary raised her eyes doubtfully. Lily couldn’t blame her: she had just spent the last ten minutes whinging, after all, and this was quite the reversal. Lily smiled cheerfully, but pointed a warning finger at her mate, “It will be fun, I promise. But I swear if I break my ankle or rip the arse of my pants out, Mary MacDonald, I’ll never forgive you.”

Mary laughed. “Yeah, yeah, Sandra D, I hear you. Let’s get going before all the good drinks vanish.”

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OKAY! ANOTHER ONE! RFA+V+SAERAN HC TO MC LOOKING NOTHING LIKE THEY IMAGINED, I AM AGAIN GOING FOR THE BADASS MC! like we all know how MC looks in the game, long brown straight hair in brown and those clothes. nah gurl.. Like two different things please: one for like badass buisnessclothes MC, like stilettos ripped jeans and a button up and at the party like superrr tight backless minidress with killer eyeliner and stuff like that. YAS GIRL WE GOTTA FUCK IT UP! sorry :) lots of love for your blog

a/n: i’m just sort of… disregarding routes and having them all meet for the first time at the party lmao (w/ the exception of Saeran).


  • this boy didn’t really know what to expect when he met you
  • he had a few ideas floating around but nothing concrete
  • but BOI when he finally saw you he just abt died
  • doesn’t even realize it’s you at first
  • ur so put together;; he thinks you’re a model tbh…
  • he sees you coming towards him and is like so convinced you’re going for someone behind him
  • “Hi, Yoosung!”
  • did she just say my name??????? “H-hi?” he doesn’t understand at all
  • “It’s me; MC!”
  • u done it now… he almost faints
  • the whole party he can barely put a sentence together and he’s just….. perpetually red


  • now Zen just knew you were going to be cute as hell
  • he was so sure he was gonna be able to pick you out of the crowd
  • so when he saw this drop dead gorgeous woman in this absolutely killer outfit walking towards him, he didn’t have a clue
  • like Yoosung, he thinks ur a model… just another guest at the party
  • didn’t find odd that you were coming to talk to him tho, beautiful people mingle together right?
  • “Hello, Zen!” again not surprised that you know his name i mean cmon why he like this
  • “A pleasure to meet you, Ms.?” he grabs ur hand and bows and just god Zen again why he like this
  • “Ms. MC…” you tell him and tbh ur laughing at him
  • he drops ur hand and his face is just !!?? :0 ?!
  • tbh u tease him the rest of the party and he’s still just so dumbfounded that he doesn’t even care


  • since she’s checking off guests as they come in, she meets u first
  • she’s so busy that she doesn’t lift her eyes from her clipboard
  • “Yes, hello. What’s your name?”
  • “Jaehee? It’s me; MC.”
  • she’s so excited and then she looks up and abt drops all her stuff
  • ur… breathtaking? she had expected you to be beautiful, but this??
  • she stares for a second but clears her throat quickly
  • “Of course! I’m so happy to meet you!”
  • she ushers u inside and once ur gone she just…. she’s gotta fan herself


  • he sees you before you see him and boi he is captivated
  • u radiated beauty to him, your outfit is elegant and he truly admires the fact that it isn’t even slightly revealing but somehow still downright sexy
  • he decides to go introduce himself out of sheer curiosity
  • “Hello, my name is Jumin Han. I’m one of the hosts. I hope you’re having a good time so far.” boiiiiiiiiiiii
  • you laugh a bit and he’s Confused of course
  • “Jumin… It’s me. MC.”
  • “Oh. Forgive me, MC. I didn’t realize.” he acts totally cool but… is that a pink tinge you see on his cheeks?
  • steals glances at you the rest of that party, lowkey upset with himself for making a fool of himself


  • he already knows what you look like ofc, but still he wasn’t prepared
  • pictures, and even the cctv, didn’t do you justice honestly
  • thankfully, he saw you first… he knew it was you but g o d
  • is it even legal to look like that??
  • he basically admired you from afar the majority of the party
  • u could say he was nervous but it wasn’t really for a reason you’d expect honestly he wanted you to have a good time at the party and thought he’d somehow fuck it up for u
  • meanwhile ur asking abt him like where is this boy is he avoiding you
  • u find him tho thinking he’s being sneaky and totally surprise him
  • “Seven! Have you been avoiding me??”
  • u scare him lmao like he jumps
  • cue nervous laughter while he’s trying to come up w an excuse
  • “H-ha.. Haha! You have won the game, MC. Congratulations!!” dork…..
  • u know this boy is lying but you’ll worry abt that later


  • didn’t have much of an idea of what you’d look like honestly
  • of course he knew he wouldn’t be able to see you very clearly
  • he saw someone coming up to meet him, had no idea who it was honestly
  • as you got close to him, he saw how stunning you were, if a little blurry
  • “V, it’s MC. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
  • honestly isn’t surprised that it’s you, bc of course you’re gorgeous… it suited you
  • he’s the only one who openly compliments you
  • “The pleasure is all mine. You look beautiful.”
  • honestly he’s such a gentleman throughout the party…. nd ofc he’ll eventually ask to take a picture of you


  • like seven, he already knows what you look like, just not in person
  • so when he shows up at the apartment to take you to paradise, he is a bit shocked
  • normally he wouldn’t pay much attention to such a thing
  • but you were something special
  • finds himself forgetting everything he wanted to say
  • honestly gets mad at himself bc he’s letting you distract him
  • it doesn’t get any easier for him then on, he’s just perpetually confused and upset abt it lmao
Damn Good for a Bakkoush

They were just playing basketball outside of the Bakkoush´s house.
Sana had never really been alone with a boy before, except Elias maybe. And Isak, but that was something entirely different. Isak was her friend. Their relationship was primarily build on studying biology together and Isak was gay. Sana had never really been alone with a BOY before, one she didn´t want to be anything brother- or friend-like to her.
She wondered how Eva and the other girls did it, just casually talking to guys they were interested in. How did it seem so easy for them to get a boyfriend?

It had taken years for Sana to even make sure Yousef knew she existed. She´d always just been the little sister of Yousef´s best friend, Elias.
One time, maybe two years ago, Sana had bumped into Yousef on her way to the mosque and it took him a couple of seconds to realize he even knew her. He hadn´t remebered her name.
Sana could still feel the sheer pain of disappointment washing over her that day. She´d had a crush on Yousef ever since Elias had brought the squad home for the first time in their first week of high school. The squad also included Mikael, Mutasim and Adam, but none of them had ever been nearly as attracting as Yousef.
She´d been secretly staring at him, writing his name in her diary, blushing every time he´d entered the room for years and he hadn´t even recognised her for anyting else than being Elias´sister.

A lot had changed since then, but Sana still wasn´t sure how much exactly.
Yousef definitely knew her name now. Maybe he´d remembered it after that incident two years ago, because he´d had a bad conscience about it.
Maybe it had come naturally with both of them getting older, her starting to look like a woman instead of a child and him being less ignorant towards the opposite sex.

A couple of months ago, Sana and Yousef had had their first real conversation, since Yousef had come to see Elias who hadn´t been home yet. Very politely the boy had asked about how Sana had been doing, how school had been going and if she´d still been into basketball.
Sana had been more than a little surprised at that. “How do you know I like basketball?” she´d asked him.
“I think Elias said so,” he´d replied.
“I didn´t think you guys were talking about me,” she´d admitted.
“We talk about a lot of stuff,” he´d informed her, “we´ve basically spent all of high school together.”
Sana had wanted to ask Yousef something about him, too. She´d wanted to have a nice little chat about his favorite basketball team. She´d just wanted to keep this conversation going, but before she´d even had the time to think about what to say next, Elias had walked through the door. He´d given them a little confused looked before dragging Yousef to his room. That had been it. The chance had been gone.

But ever since that day, Yousef had friendly greeted Sana when they´d met. Sometimes they´d exchanged a couple of words, nothing special, just banalities.
The same circumstances as the first time they talked had led to their recent encounter.
When Sana had opened the door, Yousef had been standing there, half an hour before Elias could possibly make it home.
“How are you?” he´d wanted to know. He´d smiled at her brightly, his very handsome face shining in the warm sunlight in May.
“Great,” she´d answered, because now that she´d seen him, it had been true, “Elias is not here yet.”
“I know,” Yousef had said while stepping inside, “I thought I´d wait here for him. What are you doing?”
Sana had been utterly confused. If Yousef had know Elias hadn´t been home, then why had he come that early?
“I was just chilling outside, enjoying the weather,” she´d told him.
“How nice,” he´d found, “you still got that basketball hoop outside?”
“Yeah,” she´d replied, not entirely sure why he´d been asking.

Instead of an answer, Sana had gotten Yousef simply walking across their living room and stepping outside through the large glass door. He´d grabbed the ball sitting on a wooden chair where Sana had left it to get the door. He´d started shooting hoops so she´d joined him.

And here they were, playing basketball together. Sana and Yousef, without Elias or the rest of the squad. Just a girl and a boy.
Sana realized that she´d never done anything like this before. She decides she liked it.
It was no longer off-limits to watch Yousef. She had to, if she wanted to block his attempts to score. They laughed when one of them scored or didn´t score. Every now and then, their bodies brushed against each other, sending small shivers down Sana´s spine.

Yousef was tall, a lot taller than Sana, but his moves were incredibly smooth, his body clearly the body of the dancer he was, and his big strong hands handled the ball delicately. When he smiled, he did his with all his body, the movement of his lips reaching his dark brown eyes and his muscular shoulders leaning forward, making it look like the more he smiled, the closer he came to her. Sana didn´t think she´d ever seen something nearly as uniqely beautiful as this boy in front of her.

“You´re damn good,” he told her, “for a…”
She immediatley interrupted him. “For a girl?” she suggested, raising her eyebrows.
Yousef let out a laugh. “For a Bakkoush, I was gonna say,” he explained.
Sana couldn´t help but laugh at that. “I know why you´d think that,” she admitted, “Elias is total crap at basketball.”
“He is,” he confirmed.
Now they were both shaking with laughter, not being able to continue their game.

After a few moments, Sana caught her breath. She felt so at ease, she didn´t even hesitate to ask what she was dying to know.
“Why did you come here so early in the afternoon?”
Yousef swallowed. He looked her straight in the eyes now. She could feel him considering whether to say the truth or make a joke.
“To play a little basketball with someone worthier than Elias, I assume,” he finally said.
It was not an entirely serious answer, but at least he didn´t deny that he´d come for her, not for Elias.

“Did I hear someone say my name out here?” Elias asked as he stepped outside to join Sana and Yousef, who were both caught off guard by his sudden appearance.
After a suspiciously long moment of silence, Yousef replied, “Yeah man, we were just debating your lousy basketball skills.”
Elias obviously didn´t take this as a joke. “As long as that´s the only thing you´re debating with my little sister,” he said as he turned around to go back inside, expecting Yousef to follow him.
Yousef gave Sana one last smile, raising his shoulders as if to say sorry. “See you,” he offered as a sort of goodbye that implicated that they´d speak again.
She nodded. Yes, she wanted to. “See you,” she said quietly.
Yousef smiled at that before he went inside the house.

mihael-kheel-roleplay  asked:

"Did you hear that? I could've sworn I heard someone say my name?"

“I’ve not the slightest idea what you’re talking about Mello. The only person speaking is you.”
Of course, Near hadn’t actually been paying enough attention to hear if anyone had said anything.

Calling Exo daddy in your sleep

You my friend have been sent down from smutty heaven it’s self and I thank god for it! Anyways how would exo react to you calling them daddy in your sleep?

OMFG thank you so much! I actually giggled like a school girl ^v^ You’re so sweet x Let me repay your kindness with more daddy kink! xx 


Suho: *glaces at you* Damn I’m good… 

Baekhyun: *blinks awake* what? did someone say my name?

Chanyeol: Hell yeah! I’ll have no remind her when she wakes up… maybe I’ll just show her…

D.O: *wakes you up* Jagi? yeah we have a problem… *looks down at boxers*

Kai: *embarrassed*

Sehun: *starts to laugh* I’m too good ;)

Xiumin: *is way too proud of himself. applauds himself*

Lay: *smirks* baby knows my name even in her sleep ;)

Chen: *chuckles to himself* ahhh she’s so cute~

Tao: *you scared him awake because you yelled it so loud*

To the seven: Which minor god would you swap for a major god?
  • Hazel: Come on, Hecate should so be a major God!!
  • Frank: She's very passionate about this subject
  • Hazel: She literally has magic, is that not much cooler than starting wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Hey!
  • Hazel: or wine?
  • Bacchus/Dionysus: That's fair
  • Hazel: See!
  • Frank: But who would you swap?
  • Hazel: Ceres because she always tries to give me cereal
  • Ceres/Demeter: It's good for you
  • Hazel: I already eat Cheerios
  • Frank: Okay, calm down
  • Hazel: I AM CALM
  • Leo: Yeah, Frank, she is calm jeez
  • Frank: Zip it, Valdez
  • Leo: Just sayin'
  • Percy: Hazel can get angry?
  • Piper: Did not expect that
  • Leo: Anyway moving on. I think Iris should switch places with Little Miss Sunshine aka Apollo
  • Apollo: Dude, I'm way cooler than Rainbow girl
  • Iris: Uh-uh, I have better cupcakes
  • Apollo: Gurl, I'm a poet
  • Iris: You couldn't make a decent poem if you had a rhyming dictionary in front of you
  • Artemis: Ooooooooh
  • Apollo: You can't have a rainbow without sunshine
  • Iris: And...
  • Apollo: You'd be useless without me
  • Iris: Helios was the better sun god
  • Apollo: Not true, I'm way cooler than that douche
  • Iris: You keep telling yourself that
  • Apollo: See what you caused?!
  • Leo: #noregrets Helios was better
  • Apollo: Fine, your summer is gonna be crap from now on
  • Percy: The weather is always good at CHB
  • Apollo: And who do you think helps maintain that?
  • Percy: Hello, son of Poseidon. Rain is water and water is my turf
  • Apollo: *grumbling* I preferred Greece
  • Percy: *stick tongue out* I think Hestia should be a major God again and swap with Dionysus who caN'T EVEN LEARN PEOPLE'S NAMES
  • Dionysus: I know your name, it's Peter
  • Percy: See what I mean?
  • Dionysus: Patrick? Piers?
  • Percy: It's Percy, P-E-C- forget it I can't spell, it's Percy!!
  • Dionysus: That's what I said, Pierce
  • Annabeth: He's just messing with you, Seaweed Brain
  • Dionysus: See, Annabelle gets it
  • Annabeth: Don't push it. I think Nemesis should be more important, someone has to keep the balance - way more important than Hera
  • Hera: How dare you, my job is much more important!!
  • Annabeth: Oh, go back to you cows
  • Hera: Don't make me throw their waste at you again!!
  • Annabeth: Try it, see what happens
  • Jason: Okay, as much as I'd enjoy to see Hera get her ass kicked we need to calm it
  • Hera: She started it
  • Jason: I find that hard to believe with your reputation
  • Hera: What's that supposed to mean?
  • Jason: Nothing nothing
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Jason
  • Jason: What, I've not said anything
  • Jupiter/Zeus: Just make sure you don't
  • Jason: Fine, whatever. I think Fortuna and Mercury should swap. I mean good luck vs a mailman - it's a no-brainer
  • Mercury/Hermes: That's not my only job
  • Jason: Oh, yeah! I forgot the thief bit, Lord knows we need more thieves
  • Mercury/Hermes: Your next birthday presents may just get lost in the mail
  • Piper: I've never really thought about it. I suppose Harmonia because we all need a little Harmony. And I think she should replace Ares because who needs wars?
  • Mars/Ares: Wars aren't always a bad thing punk
  • Piper: How is war not bad
  • Athena: Without war think of all the dictators who would have power
  • Piper: I suppose
  • Frank: I think she means all the people who die...
  • Piper: Yeah...
  • Annabeth: Frank, you haven't answered
  • Frank: Hmm
  • Piper: Oh yeah
  • Frank: Well, I think everyone likes to sleep so I think Hypnos should have a higher status
  • Hypnos: *yawns* did someone say my name?
  • Frank: Yeah, I think you should be a major God
  • Hypnos: Too much work, I'd rather sleep
  • Frank: Meh, I still think you should be. I'd swap you with Hera tbh because everyone says she's mean
  • Hera: It was Annabeth wasn't it? I knew she talked about me behind my back
  • Annabeth: Oh yeah, that's right blame me straight away
  • Hera: It's an educated guess
  • Annabeth: Educated, you?
  • Percy: Okay okay, don't start another war
  • Hera: It was her
  • Percy: We were literally here whilst it happened, it was you
  • Hera: N-
  • Percy: Not bothered, just leave it
  • Annabeth: *sticks tongue out*
Conventions- Confession

Summary: Y/N and the rest of the Supernatural cast go to a convention and Jensen and Y/N fess up about their feelings.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Warnings: None
A/N: Oh my god! Ok so I’m really sorry this took like… a whole month to post. I just kinda lost touch with it and this will be the last part. So sit back and hopefully enjoy.

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