did she not dress up


Sombra didn’t know what she expected from a man clad in leather and an owl-like skull mask. (my own shitposting about sombra inspired this)

  • *a crime scene*
  • Greg: *shaking his head* This is wrong.
  • John: *shrugs* I know but what can we do?
  • Baby Holmes: *trots past, waving Sherlock's magnifying glass; giggling madly*
  • Sherlock: *following; rambling about soil samples*
  • Greg: *rubs the back of his neck* Molly's going to kill him.
  • John: *nods* She's knows what she got into, though.
  • Baby Holmes: *points at the corpse* Deaded!
  • Sherlock: *beaming with pride, scoops her up and gives her a big kiss* That's my clever girl!
  • Greg: *sighs* He's not even sorry, is he?
  • John: Nope.
  • Sherlock: *approaching, his daughter now strapped to his chest; proud af* She found the blood, the weapon and the missing wallet. My little detective. Brilliant, isn't she?
  • Greg & John: *exchange glances*

Salim was waiting for her when she came downstairs. He’d called when he first arrived but Ryleigh insisted on meeting him outside; she didn’t want him to see her tiny rundown apartment. He’d probably run screaming in the other direction the second he did.

“Wow,” Salim exclaimed appreciatively, looking her up and down as she made her way down the front steps.

“You like it?” Ryleigh glanced down at the dress she’d spent way too much money on.

“You look stunning!” he leaned in to brush a gentle kiss against her cheek before stepping back and grinning at her. “You always look beautiful not matter what you wear though.”

Ryleigh glanced down at the ground as she felt the heat rising in her neck and cheeks. “Well you told me to dress up,” she muttered.

“I did,” Salim chuckled and reached out to gently take her left hand. “And you certainly delivered. Ready to go?”

“Where are we going?” she looked back up at him curiously.

“It’s a surprise,” he grinned again and winked at her.

She narrowed her eyes at him; “Have I ever mentioned I hate surprises?”

Salim suddenly laughed loudly and Ryleigh almost forgot how to breath. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he tugged on her hand, encouraging her to follow him as he turned to walk down the street towards the train station. “I think you’ll like this one though.”

Chapter 10

Mark Tuan || frat boy au

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Reader (you) x Mark Tuan ft Jackson

Word Count: 2081

Genre: slight angst, fluff

Note: just before this series is going to end, i’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you. You guys gave this story so much love, I cannot express how thankful I am. Which is why i’d like to update early just for you. sadly no more Mark Tuan frat boy but soon (on Thursday) you’ll get to meet Jaebum in Rich. Happy reading and take care :) -admin 

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“What are you doing, (Y/N)?” I heard Alex ask from my bed as I rummage around the room. It was the day of the big band dinner dance and Alex came over to help me get ready. She perfectly dressed me up for the occasion and did everything she could to make me look good. It wasn’t until last minute that I realized I lost my rose gold ring.

“I can’t find my ring.” I stated, flipping books around and creating a mess in the dorm.

“You’re going to be late, (Y/N)! Screw the ring and leave.” Alex said as she grabbed my arm and pulled me away.

“No,” I fought back, “It was my mother’s ring she gave to me as a present.”

“Look (Y/N),” Alex exclaimed, holding me by the shoulders, “You don’t have time to look for the ring. I know you and you love this event. Jazz music, dancing, and the silent auction. This dance is for a good cause and you’re wasting it on finding a stupid ring.”

I sighed as I looked at Alex. She was right. Today was the day where I can relieve all the stress I had from my head and not worry about anything. Especially since I needed to get Mark out of my head. Yes, I still like him but I knew he was someone that would cause trouble. I wanted to go back to him, let him explain his side of his story and, maybe things could work out. At the same time, I wanted to avoid him as much as I can because my heart couldn’t take his trouble.

“Alright,” I sighed, “I’ll be back around midnight.”

“No drinking!” Alex pointed at me with her fingers as a warning. I chuckled under my breath and nodded my head. I was grateful to have a friend like Alex because she knew how to care for me. Waving her goodbye, I started to walk towards the event with my heels clicking on the pavement stone.

Soon, I started to hear the jazz music ringing throughout the area. The relaxing and soothing music rang through my ears as it almost made me sway to the beat. Once I entered the room, the magnificent set up with the band in the background made me smile. This was the place for me to forget about Mark.

“(Y/N)!” I heard someone called. Looking around I spotted Jackson, in his lovely suit, waving at me. He had a drink in hand and looked stunningly handsome. I was never interested in Jackson but I could say he was looking good tonight.

“Hey! I didn’t know you would be here.” I beamed at Jackson as he gave me a one armed hug.

“One of my friends is in the band so I came to support.” Jackson stated, as he took a sip of his drink.

“Who?” I asked, fully engaging into the conversation.

“Youngjae. The one on the trumpet.” Jackson said as he pointed towards the band. I tried to follow Jackson’s fingers and I made eye contact with a rather handsome guy. He flashed me a smile before continuing to play his instrument.

“Come sit with me, (Y/N). We can have dinner together.” Jackson smiled at me before leading me towards his table.

The whole night was full of laughter and joy, mainly because Jackson was the mood lifter. I got to meet Youngjae after he was finished playing in the band. He radiated happiness and was loud which was why I came to the conclusion that he was a trumpet player. Later on in the night, Jackson and I danced to some tunes that was played at the event. It was perfect. I never felt so happy and free after the incident with Mark. I wanted this mood to stay but, unfortunately, that was not how reality works.

Jackson continued to dance with people on the floor as I sat at our table. I observed on how happy people looked as they enjoyed their time at this event. Smiling to myself, I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of upbeat jazz.

“Hey.” A deep voice suddenly appeared out of nowhere, causing me to jump slightly. I turned to look at the man who I wanted to forget tonight. There he was, his blond hair swept to the side nicely as he wore a nicely tailored suit. His smile melted my knees as I started to fall for him, again, just like how I did when I first saw him.

“Hey.” I mumbled out of my mouth, grabbing a glass on a table and taking a sip of sparkling water. I needed to distract myself and make me look like I wasn’t interested in him. But that was a total lie.

“Didn’t know you would be here.” Mark simply stated as he pulled out a chair and sat down next to me. A whiff of cologne swept by my face making my legs go weak. He looked good, smelt good and, flirted well too. How more perfect can Mark be?

“Same goes to you.” I replied, keeping my sentences short. My heart started to beat fast as I tried to keep my emotions together. What was he doing to me?

“Would you like to dance? The music is great.” Mark smiled towards me, trying to make eye contact. I felt my heart leap as I so badly wanted to dance with him but, I really wanted to sort things out before I can’t handle my feelings anymore.

“Can we talk?” I asked him, hoping that he would get the message. His smile disappeared as he nodded his head and stood up. Leading me outside the building, the cold air hit my exposed skin as Mark and I stood in the middle of the sidewalk.

“I’m sorry.” Mark simply said as we stood there. A moment of silence passed by as I tried to think of different ways to approach him. I wanted to yell at him, scream at him for being a dickhead that he was. At the same time, I wanted to grab his face and makeout with him.

“You can’t just say sorry, Mark.” I finally spoke up. “It’s something you need to fix.”

“What? My sexual issues? Yeah, I know.” Mark sighed as he leaned back and ran his hands through the soft blond hair. “It’s been fixed, trust me, and I’m just looking for the right mom-”

“Well, well, well…” A voice called from behind. “Look who it is. Mark Tuan and his girl that he supposedly dump me with.”

I turned around to see a strikingly beautiful girl, looking like she was ready to kill someone. My head finally clicked as I realized the girl in front of me was Shae. I could see why Mark slept with her. She was drop dead gorgeous and someone whom was dangerous to mess with. I took a step back, crashing into Mark from behind as Shae started to spill nonsense about Mark.

“Asshole. You left me because of this ugly bitch?” She screeched at the top of her voice. “I could make you feel ten times better than her. I can treat you better than her.”

“Shut the fuck up, Shae.” Mark hissed as he grabbed my waist and pulled me behind him. “You can’t just talk shit about a girl you never met. (Y/N) is ten times better than you. She’s more beautiful, caring and, smart.”

At that moment, I decided that I couldn’t avoid Mark anymore. He respected me and loved me. When I told him he needed to prove his love to me, this was the moment I was looking for. I’ve never seen Mark protective over me before but I felt good. This was when I realized he did love me and so, I began to accept it.

“And how about you? You are complete trash, Mark Tuan. You are nowhere near caring, you heartless freak. I can’t believe I had sex with you because the only thing you were good at was making a girl feel good.” Shae spat out.

I looked at Shae with complete disbelief. Yes, I believed she was crazy but she didn’t need to bring down Mark when the problem was me. And so, I decided to step up and defend for Mark. Why? Because he deserved it.

“How could you say that when you don’t know Mark at all?” I stepped up from behind Mark. “He’s one of the sweetest guys you’ll meet. He can do more than make a girl feel good during sex. His kindness was one of the main reasons why I liked Mark in the first place.”

“(Y/N)…” Mark warned from behind, grabbing my arm and holding on to it. He was warning me that Shae could get out of hand but, I didn’t care. She’s a bitch and deserves to be taught a lesson.

“Kind or not, Mark is someone that plays with hearts. An rude asshole who doesn’t care about a girl’s feelings. That’s what he is and he knows it.” Shae yelled. To be honest, she was right. Mark was someone who played around but he was different my eyes.

“Get the fuck out of here, Shae.” Mark finally spoke up. Looking around, I tried to find something that would get rid of Shae. Finally, I spotted a man holding a glass full of water and started to get an idea. While Mark and Shae fought, I quickly ran away towards the man holding a glass full of water.

“Hey, can I borrow this?” I asked the man. I didn’t give him time to answer since I snatche it out of his hands and ran back to Mark. Stomping towards Shae, I quickly dumped the glass on top of her head as I watched her face turn into horror.

“What the fuck?” She screamed at the top of her lungs. I smirked at her as I grabbed Mark’s hands and grasped it tightly. I could hear Mark chuckle under his breath as we both watched Shae freak out.

“Fuck you and you,” She cried, pointing to Mark and I, “No wonder you both are perfect pair. You’re both crazy as hell.”

And with that, she stomped away from us as she continuously cursed at us. At some point, I did think that my night was ruined because Mark showed up out of nowhere. It was suppose to be the night where I should’ve forgotten him. But this was something I wanted to do for a long time. And I did it because Mark came into sight and proved his love.

“That was hot.” He stated as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer.

“That you will never see again.” I laughed as I felt my cheeks start to rise in color.

“So, how about we start over?” Mark smirked at me as we pulled away. I pursed my lips as I tried to hide the huge smile. Nodding my head, I watched as Mark bend down on one knee and reached for my hand.

“Tell me you’re not going to propose. You said you wanted to start over and this is not how we start over.” I exclaimed, suddenly getting hot. My heart started to race immensely fast as I felt Mark put something in my hand. He stood up and smiled at me as I opened my hand and gasped.

“My ring!” I beamed, putting on the rose gold ring I was looking for.

“You left it at my dorm after you stormed out. Just thought you’d like it back.” Mark chuckled under his breath.

“No duh. I was looking for it before I came here. Thanks!” I happily stated as I gave Mark a hug, cherishing the moment we just shared. As we pulled away, Mark quickly pressed his lips on my cheek, making my heart lurch. I beamed at him feeling glad that Alex pushed me to go to a party with her. Otherwise I wouldn’t have met Mark.

“How about we go back to my dorm?” Mark said as he grabbed my hand.

“Netflix and chill?” I raised my eyebrow at him, slightly joking but we both knew it was going to happen.

Mark winked at me as his hands made their way down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze. “I can do that all night, babe.”

It’s a Percy Jackson Halloween!

  • It’s after the war with Gaia and Camp Half-Blood holds a Halloween party (costumes are mandatory)
  • Annabeth, as she does every year for Halloween, dresses up as Hermione Granger 
  • Although she did consider changing things up and going as a classic Sherlock Holmes, but decided to stick with tradition
  • Percy, being an awesome boyfriend, lets Annabeth talk him into going as Harry Potter (after all they both have dark hair and green eyes)
  • The characters might not be love interests, but they are best friends just like Percy and Annabeth
  • Piper goes as an almost grotesquely real looking zombie
  • The Aphrodite cabin is known for being extremely good make up artists, so Halloween was just another project for them
  • And by the looks Piper gets, her and her siblings did not fail
  • Jason, opposite to Piper, has a horrible Dracula costume
  • He wears fake plastic vampire teeth and a cheap black cape that looks hand sewn by a kindergartner 
  • Piper can’t stop laughing at him when he tries to look intimidating and says in an awful accent “I want to suck your blood”
  • Hazel, being a super fan of the show, goes as Opal from Steven Universe
  • Everyone tells her how she looks like a real gem tonight
  • Hazel can’t help but be proud of herself as her costume was all homemade, but looks almost perfect to Opal in the cartoon
  • When Frank was trying to figure out what he’d go as he suggested he’d just turn into an animal or something
  • The rest told him that was cheating and he needed an actual costume
  • So Frank shows up to the party as a cowboy
  • Hazel can’t help but blush because he looks so darn cute in his blue cowboy hat
  • Rachel and Grover team up together to wear one of those horse costumes
  • It ends up not working at all and they trip at least every five minutes
  • It makes a great story though
  • Reyna went, surprisingly, as a princess
  • But not a pink, poofy dress kind of princess
  • I’m talking like an actual Renaissance princess dress
  • Last, but not least is Nico
  • Nico goes to the party without a costume
  • Will, who’s dressed as a punk rock star, lectures Nico on how it’s a costume party
  • Needless to say, at the end of the party Nico’s begrudgingly wearing a set of blue and pink, sparkly fairy wings 
live through this

After Kurt died, Courtney’s name was on everyone’s lips. Some people felt sorry for Courtney, but most people hated her for it. They blamed her. People conspiracy-theorized that she’d killed him, or had him killed. Others blamed her in a more indirect way, blamed her for not getting him off drugs or for not getting him enough help with his depression (not understanding that you can’t always save someone from their own pain, no matter how much you love them), or claimed she had driven him so crazy that he’d killed himself. It was easy to hate Courtney, to make her into the scape-girl, because she was loud and angry, because she did drugs, because she had ratty bleached hair and wore ripped-up dresses and smeared red lipstick. She was easy to hate because she played balls-out heavy rock’n’roll, because she did whatever the fuck she wanted. Because she wasn’t some silent sweet thing. Because god forbid we blame a man for his own actions - if he screws up his life, or ends it, it’s because a woman drove him to it, some Yoko Nancy Courtney succubus who was hungry for money, for drugs, for fame, for love. And then Live Through This came out, a week after Kurt’s death, and that made the people who already hated her more furious: as though it were all a gruesome publicity stunt, as though she’d somehow planned the whole thing, planned to have her album drop right after the love of her life fucking killed himself.

I didn’t know much about Courtney, other than what the media and my peers said about her. I’d only heard a couple Hole songs. I did know that I found her intriguing. The things about her that other people hated, like her wild, punk rock Alice in Wonderland style and her brash attitude, I liked those. I thought they were glorious. In some unnamed part of me, I thought she was the sort of person I’d like to be. And then, about a month after Live Through This was released, this alterna-goth-punk grrrl befriended me. My school was a middle school and high school, combined. I was nearing the end of my 6th grade year, and this girl, she was finishing up 9th grade. I never could figure out why she was nice to me - she seemed light-years ahead of me in terms of coolness and experience. Maybe she felt sorry for me, since most of the kids in my grade made fun of the way I looked, the way I walked, the way I existed. Maybe she saw in me a younger version of herself. Whatever the reason, she was so nice to me. When she saw me in the hallway between classes or during lunch or free period, she complimented me on my clothes, or the book I was reading, or she asked me what I was writing in my hateful notebook. She told me it was rad that I kept a journal and wrote poetry. “You should write a zine,” she told me. “Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it,” I said. One day, we got to talking about music. I mentioned some of my favorites: Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Green Day, Operation Ivy. Later that week, she gave me a mix tape of some of her favorites, bands she thought I’d like based on the ones I’d mentioned. I shook with excitement when she handed me the cassette - no one had ever made me a tape before - and I put it in my boombox as soon as I got home. The whole tape was great: Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, 7 Year Bitch, Babes In Toyland, Mudhoney, Nine Inch Nails, Tori Amos, Pixies, Jawbreaker, Hole… I grew to love most of those bands in the coming months and years, but the songs that hit me upon first listen were the Hole songs she’d chosen: “Violet” and “Miss World.” And the sky was made of amethyst / I am the girl you know can’t look you in the eye. The next day, I told her how much I loved the Hole songs, and by the end of the week, she’d dubbed me a copy of Live Through This.

That album was a revelation. It was a horrific fairytale, images of purple skies and roses white and red butting up against kill-me-pills and pieces of a girl in a box by the bed. It was a huge, dark sound, a tale of disillusionment and sorrow and fear, and also desire (desire for sex, for love, for everything). It was my desire and darkness, like someone had yanked it up out of my guts and made it into this music that sounded like dried flower petals wrapped in broken glass. I ripped a couple of my old dresses to shreds, and I tried them on in front of my mirror. I smeared red lipstick on my lips and let my hair tangle. Shreds and smears and tatters, I stood in front of my mirror, and screamed along with Courtney. I want to be the girl with the most cake. (And someday, you will ache like I ache.)

-Jessie Lynn McMains, from Reckless Chants #22 (2015)


Frozen Charlotte is a name used to describe a specific form of china doll made from 1850 to 1920. The name comes from the American folk ballad Fair Charlotte, which tells of a young girl called Charlotte who refused to wrap up warmly to go on a sleigh ride because she did not want to cover up her pretty dress. She froze to death during the journey

(Ch 20- Teeter) 

“Doubting yourself?” Lila teased, jotting her hip out cockily as she smirked.

He tightened his grip on Marinette’s shoulder. “Your claims were a little far fetched.”

“Do they seem so now?” she spat, crossing her arms, glaring at him angrily.

“I would hope not,” Ladybug’s voice rang out from behind them. He felt Marinette shift, pressing her back against his as she faced the heroine. Ladybug made no move to attack, stalking around them to stand beside Lila. To her, she chortled, “He thought I wasn’t Ladybug.”

Lila shared her snicker.

“You’re not yourself,” he insisted, a growl lacing his tone. She got mad at him for just hissing at people. She had attacked a civilian. She had attacked him. His gaze flickered to Lila, dressed up as a bright orange fox. Did she have a power to take control of them? Did his Queen finally get hit by such a spell? His hands curled into fist, discomfort bubbling in his chest.

He was not looking forward to this.

This is a very important PSA that if you’re a Miraculous Ladybug fan and you’re not reading  imthepunchlord’s fic Grumpy Cat, then you are doing yourself a SERIOUS disservice. I am not ashamed to admit that I was completely impartial to the whole Felix debate in the fandom until this fic made me a die-hard Felinette fangirl for life. GO READ IT. GO READ IT NOW.

(Also, I am a complete SUCKER for battle couples who fight back-to-back. The rest of y’all can have your ansty ‘jump-in-front-of-one-another-to-take-a-hit’ pairings, but my heart will forever beat for the duos who have an unwavering faith in the other to guard their backs while they focus on the enemy in front of them). 

[FANACCS] 151103 TaeNy at Onstyle Live Daily Taeng9Cam Guerilla Concert
  • Today, Taeyeon used “Hwang Miyoung” a lot kekeke. Taeyeon was talking but Fany didn’t understand it so she said, “Our American friend Hwang Miyoung doesn’t seem to understand what I said” kekeke. I don’t remember exactly but I think the name “Hwang Miyoung” came out of Taeyeon’s lips about 3 times kekeke 
  •  Tiffany today was deadly She kept acting pretty/cute in front of Taeyeon and it was so cute kekeke. Taeyeon who saw it kept smiling and they were both so adorableㅠㅠ Fany kept laughing like eu-heu-heu while Taeyeon kept grinning, the two were just so heartwarming to see. <3
  • Fany kept saying that if she had a “Daily Fany Cam” program, Taeyeon would be a permanent guest on it.
  • Tiffany said she guessed which Kaonashi was Taeyeon based on the smell of her perfume.

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Almost as soon as Logan left her apartment that morning, Rosemary was on the move ready to go. She had a list of things she wanted to do today- check on Harvey if he was home, feed Beau, figure out what to do with the wedding dress in her closet. Her boss had told her to not bother with coming in to work today, but Rosemary didn’t think she’d be able to handle just sitting at home alone. So she showered and got herself ready for the day, really taking her time to prolong visiting June’s apartment. It would just make everything more real. 

Rosemary even took the time to braid her hair, which she never did normally. She took her time getting dressed, even though she ended up in her usual ensemble- a pair of black skinny jeans with giant rips on the thighs with fishnets underneath, with an old scarlet sweater with holes in the elbows. And of course, her boots. However, she didn’t pull on her own jacket this morning. Logan’s jacket still lay on the couch, and when she picked it up, his scent washed over her. She put it on immediately, smiling as she rolled up the sleeves and slid her hands into the spacious pockets. After grabbing her bag, she was on her way out of the apartment building, only to run right into… Logan? Rosemary barreled right into his chest, eyes a little wide as she looked up at him. It had only been about two hours or so since he left the first time, what was he doing back? … Oh. The jacket, that Rosemary was currently wearing. Rosemary gave him a somewhat sheepish smile. “Um… I think you forgot something?”

As always, the ballroom was pretty packed when she arrived, but she’d for once not been dragging her feet in getting there, rather trying to find someone she felt she could trust to take care of Jett. When she did arrive, she moved awkwardly through the crowd, the most dressed up she’d been in almost six months, the brunette surprised she hadn’t fallen over in her heels yet. Then again, they thankfully weren’t tall. Finally coming to settle on the balcony outside, tucked in the corner with a glass of whiskey in front of her she looked out towards the view of the Capitol with a small sigh, a half smile playing on her lips as she saw how the power outages were affecting the city. 

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Prompt: being Clint’s girlfriend and Clint calling you Tinkerbell because you can fly

Characters: Clint x Reader

It was one of Tony’s many parties. You weren’t really a fan of them, but Wanda convinced you to go. She even helped you pick a dress and did your hair and make-up and to be honest Wanda really did a good job.

You looked at yourself in the mirror while Wanda changed into her own dress. You were wearing a simple, flowy white dress, ending a few inches above your knees. Wanda had styled your hair in soft waves and left it open. Your make-up was simple, only a bit of mascara and a berry colored lipstick, but you preferred it that way.

You first wanted to wear heels, but thinking about all the standing you were going to do you decided against it and put on some cute flats that matched your lipstick.

A few minutes later Wanda called out to you.

“Let’s get going, (f/n). We’re already late.”

You turned around and let your gaze wander over her dress.

“You look great, Wanda,” you complimented.

Wanda grinned happily and held the door open for you. Chatting you both took the elevator to the floor where the party was held.

The party was in full swing when Wanda and you started to squeeze through the people. You scanned the mass, your eyes quickly landing on Clint who was leaning against the bar, a glass half filled with whiskey in his hand.

Pushing a drunk man to the side you made your way to the bar. Clint’s eyes were already on you and once you reached the bar he stood up. You let out a content sighed when Clint bent down to kiss your cheek, his warm lips brushing over your cheek.

“Hey, Tinker. You look cute, really fitting for a little fairy,” Clint said, casually wrapping his arm around your waist while you rolled your eyes at the stupid nickname, but still thanked him for the compliment.

Clint glanced over your shoulder, just now noticing Wanda.

“Hey Wanda.” looking from Wanda to you, Clint asked, “You want something to drink?”

You both nodded and after a few minutes Pietro joined your small group. Pietro and Clint soon fell into their usual bickering while Wanda and you exchanged exasperated looks until Wanda finally reached for your hand and pulled you towards the dance floor.

“Let’s dance. I can’t listen to their bickering any longer.”

You laughed at Wanda’s words and obediently followed her to the dance floor. Wanda and you danced for a few songs, but soon you grew tired of all the people pushing against you and excused yourself from Wanda.

First you wanted to go back to Clint, but you couldn’t spot him or Pietro anywhere so you walked towards a secluded area, stepping out on the balcony. The lights of the city twinkled underneath you and you breathed in the fresh air, feeling yourself relax – parties really weren’t your thing.

A sound behind you made you squeak in surprise and you could feel your wings protruding from your back. You swirled around, but immediately relaxed with a relieved sigh when you realized that it only was Clint.

“Damn, Clint. You know that happens when you scare me!” you grumbled a bit annoyed, glad that you wore a low-backed dress or else your wings would have ripped it.

You only acquired your wings a few weeks ago and you still had trouble controlling this new power of yours. No one knew why you only started to show this ability recently, but Tony and Bruce were sure that something must have triggered it – well, with how things were there was nothing you could rule out completely.

You wings were fragile and multicolored – the colors ranging from a pale pink to a soft yellow. They strangely resembled fairy wings and soon Clint graced you with your nickname. You didn’t really mind it, finding it rather endearing when Clint called you it – and hey, who doesn’t love Disney?

“Hey, it isn’t my fault that you still have to learn how to be a good fairy,” Clint shrugged unapologetically.

“Don’t say that, I’ve been training!” you exclaimed and simultaneously moved your wings to emphasize your words.

It seemed like you moved them with too much power and you immediately shot up in the air, flailing ungraceful while doing so.

Floating in the air you glared down at Clint who had a hard time holding back his laughter.

“It isn’t that funny,” you crossed your arms in front of your chest and suddenly realized that you had no idea how you should get back down, you tone immediately changing to one of panic, “Help me down, Clint!”

With a sigh Clint walked further on the balcony and stretched both his hands up until you could grab them. Now you were almost diagonal in the air, your feet up in the air while you held on both of Clint’s hands.

“Let’s get you down, Tinker Bell. Don’t want you flying off to Neverland now,” he mused.

Clint pulled you down until he could grab your waist, your wings immediately losing power and you would have plopped down ungracefully if Clint hadn’t continued to hold you up by your waist.

With a soft smile Clint set you down on your feet, your wings slowly disappearing again.

“Thanks, Clint,” your voice was a bit higher than normal from the embarrassment and you were sure that your cheeks were red by now.

Wrapping one arm around your waist Clint pulled you closer to him.

“Don’t mention it, Tinker. I wasn’t about to let my own girlfriend float away, but I have to admit it was kind of amusing - a fairy who doesn’t know how to land.”

Groaning you hid your face in Clint’s neck, his arm holding you tighter to him, “You aren’t going to let this one go, right?”

You could feel Clint’s chest vibrate when he chuckled, “No. Sorry, Tinker Bell.”

“You can be such an ass, Clint. You know that?” you asked.

“You love it,” was his only reply.

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        “hello, jagi,” she purrs as she wraps her arms around the person’s neck, pulling them close before moving to kiss their neck. minseo was called to meet her client at this club, which she didn’t mind where they met, it could be in a dumpster for all she cared. “did i dress to your liking?” she asks up to them, smiling gently. 


Gif source:  Erica

Imagine being Derek’s girlfriend and after biting Erica, Derek introduced you, and you were the one who dressed her up to appear like she did on her first day back to school as a werewolf.

——— Request for anon ———

“I don’t know,” she begins, still discovering her newfound strength as she looks at the clothes you picked out for her. You smile gently, able to tell by the way she looks longingly at the new clothes that she wants to feel that confident.

You motion for her to stand up, and hand her the leather jacket to put on, “Erica, you’re a werewolf now. You’re a force of nature. You are strong. You are beautiful. And when you walk back into that school tomorrow, you’re going to be the most mysterious girl in the room. Rock it.”

She stands a little taller at your encouragement, observing with a small smile how the outfit accentuates her figure in ways she’d only ever dreamed about before, murmuring to herself more than you, “I am strong.”

Iris Throwing Henry a Dinner Party

Am I the only one still not over this beautiful, genuine gesture that Iris did for Henry because she cares for him just as much as Barry does? Because she loves him just on the account that he’s Barry’s father? He’s automatically family to her by extension. She went out of her way to invite people to her home and prepare a meal to celebrate his presence because having his father back makes Barry happy. It’s absolutely touching and a testament to how loving Iris is. The fact that she dressed up and did her hair also was so wife-like and motherly, and she seemed like a new daughter-in-law eager to please, which I think is so adorable. Again, no one asked her to do this: she completely volunteered to and wanted to make Barry smile. 

Iris West gave Henry Allen one final joyous memory before his death.

This isn’t even the first time she’s done something like this. When he was released from Iron Heights, she also threw him a welcome back party and took it upon herself to look into how he could practice as a physician again.

When will anyone ever love Barry as much as Iris does, judging solely by how she treats his father?