did she make your heart beat faster

Protective (Marauders + Lily)

Can you do a one shot when the reader is best friends with the marauders and some guy asks her out on a date. Since it’s her first time getting asked out she freaks out and tells the marauders and they get really overprotective. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense

* * *

‘Um…’ You stammered, your heart beating a lot faster than it usually did. ‘I’ll think about it.’ You ended up saying. The person standing in front of you looked to the ground, ‘If you don’t want to-’ They said. 
‘No no!’ You cried, smiling, ‘I do. There’s just some things I need to…figure out…first. Do you want to meet back here tomorrow morning?’ You asked. They grinned, ‘Sure.’ 

‘Help! Oh my goodness, FAMILY MEETING!’ You screamed as you entered the common room. James, Sirius, Peter, Remus and Lily all looked up and immediately followed you up the staircase into yours and Lily’s empty dorm. ‘What’s up?’ Lily asked, grabbing your arm. 
‘Okay everyone listen up. We’re in code Red here.’ Everyone looked at each other and then back to you. 
‘Y/n, what’s going on?’ Remus asked, his eyebrows furrowed. 
‘I got asked on a date.’ You said. Nearly everyone gasped, Peter looked to James who looked to Lily who looked to Remus who looked to Sirius. ‘Well? What did you say?’ Lily asked, on the edge of the bed. You sighed, 
‘I told them that I would think about it.’ You said. Lily bit her lip.
‘Who was it?’ Sirius asked. 
‘Charlie, from Ravenclaw.’ You said. Lily grinned, 
‘Well that’s great! You’ve fancied him/her for ages! How come you didn’t just say yes?’ 
‘Because,’ You said, getting up and pacing around, ‘I’ve never been in a relationship, let alone a date!’ You ran your hands through your hand in stress, ‘It’s just a bit scary.’
‘You should say yes.’ Remus said, ‘Yes it’s scary but it’s also new and exciting. A step, if you will.’ He said, the others nodded. 
‘Exactly.’ Sirius said, ‘It has to be done, and why wait? Besides, relationships are fun.’ Sirius smiled at Remus. 
‘Yeah.’ You said, nodding, ‘Yeah you guys are right. I just have to do it. Thanks!’ 
‘Wait, wait, wait.’ James said, walking over to you, ‘If he breaks your heart, or screws with you in any way, he better know who he’s dealing with here.’ 
‘Yeah.’ Sirius said, ‘You’re innocent and young-’ 
‘-We’re the same age.’ You said dryly. 
‘-We can’t have no stranger-’ 
‘-He isn’t a stranger-’ 
‘-Messing with our y/n!’ Sirius finished, getting an uproar of agreement from the other lads. ‘Oh for goodness sake!’ Lily cried, taking you by the arm and leading you out the room. ‘Boys.’ She said shaking her head as she shut the door. ‘For real though,’ She whispered, ‘If he puts a foot out of line I’ll beat his ass.’