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Dark Paradise

Rated M (for Violence and NSFW)
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When Octavia and Loki woke up, it took them several minutes to grasp, and remember what had happened the night before. Loki was the first to stir, and sat up to collect himself.
Everything was still kind of fuzzy.

“What happened last night?” she groaned, rolling over. Why was she so damn sore?

Loki rubbed his temple; he had a headache. “Not sure, give me a minute.” Think, Loki. What did you do yesterday?

Octavia rose up and realized she wasn’t wearing any clothes. “Uh, Loki. Why am I naked?” Loki looked at her and then raised the blankets to discover that he too, was nude. “Are you seriously naked too?!” she gasped.

“So it appears.” THINK, LOKI! Okay, there was the box. The box that had the seeds, and then there was-

“Oh, Norns.” Loki was remembering now; it was all coming back to him, all at once. His eyes grew wide and his heart dropped when he realized everything that he had said to her.
I told her I loved her!? LOKI, you idiot! She hates you!

“Oh, my god!” Apparently, Loki wasn’t the only one to realize what had happened between them last night. Octavia wanted to crawl into a hole right now. She had told Loki she loved him! She fucking told him SHE LOVED HIM! She felt like she was going to be sick.
Why? Everything was fine, why did she have to go and ruin it!?

Loki swallowed thickly. He wanted to get up. He wanted to run out of the room, but he couldn’t move; he was frozen in place. How much of what she said had been the truth? Was it the mushrooms, making her say all those things, or had she meant it? He wanted to ask her, but he was too scared. She wanted to ask him, but feared the worst.
What if he didn’t mean it? What if she was setting herself up for failure?

So they just sat there silently, for a long time.

“Where did you get those?” Octavia finally asked. She had been wanting to say something for over an hour, and had finally mustered the courage to at least ask where he got the damn drugs from!

“I found a box yesterday.” he began, a lot smoother than he had expected. “On the porch. There were seeds in it too.” he looked at her for a moment. “We can plant a garden.”

“Really?” She wrapped the blanket around her and crawled closer to him. He hasn’t run away yet…. “What kind of seeds?”

Loki forced himself to look away from her, staring straight ahead of him. She was so beautiful with her wild, ’I’ve clearly been fucked,’ hair. She was also naked under that blanket… “Carrots, potatoes, corn, lettuce.” he shrugged. “There are at least ten different types.” That’s it. Just avoid last night and talk about food instead….

Octavia nodded, then sighed. “So, the box was just sitting there, and you chose to feed me ‘magic mushrooms’ you found in it?” she declared, more surprised than angry.

“I knew what they were!” Loki stressed. “I would never give you something that would harm you.” That wasn’t a lie.
“I also ate some beforehand.” He still wanted to be sure; just in case…

“Obviously.” she giggled, remembering how silly Loki had been. If she hadn’t been so angry that the time, she may have even noticed that the mushrooms had already kicked in by the time he was shoving the rest of them into her mouth. It wasn’t like him to randomly shove things in her mouth.
Well, unless it was his cock.

“Did you really turn blue?”

Loki clenched his jaw and closed his eyes for a moment. “Apparently.” Wow, he really was fucked up last night.

“Is that what you really look like?” Octavia asked, not missing the way Loki tensed up at her question.

“Yes.” he muttered. “I’m aware I’m repulsive.” he spat, angry at himself now. Why did he do that? He had never willingly shown his true form to anyone; even if he claimed he would have, he really wouldn’t have.

“Well, I thought you were beautiful.” she proclaimed. “The markings on your body were pretty cool too.”

“Sigils.” he informed her, less tense now. She wasn’t repulsed by him?

“Are they…everywhere?” She eyed him up and down and Loki chuckled.

“Yes, even down there.” He knew what she was really asking.

“Cool.” she smirked, getting some naughty ideas.
“So, do you usually get high on mushrooms?” she questioned, raising a brow.

Loki sighed and shook his head. “I just wanted to have some fun.” he shrugged. “I didn’t know that-” He stopped, realizing he was starting a conversation he wasn’t sure he was ready to have.

“I don’t regret sleeping with you, if that’s what you’re worried about.” Octavia assured him. “It also isn’t like I haven’t fucked you plenty of times before.”

Loki chuckled. “True.” Maybe she didn’t hate him as much as he thought?

“I’ve also been trying to get you to fuck me for two weeks.” Well, she might as well just say it.

Loki snapped his head towards her, with a confused expression on his face. “What? When!”

“Well, there was that one time I asked you if we could do something else, and you thought I meant chase me around. If you would have just LOOKED at me, you would have figured it out, but you had your damn nose in a book.

And then there was that time I asked you to rub my shoulder that didn’t really hurt and I sat there moaning like a dumb ass, and then you ran away to the bathroom.”

“You were doing that on purpose?!” FUCK!

“Duh!” she exclaimed. Why are men so oblivious to everything? “I finally just gave up. Why do you think I’ve been so pissy lately? I’ve been horny and frustrated with your ass, because you notice every detail of everything, except for when I’m trying to get you to sleep with me!”

Loki’s mouth dropped open. He could have been having sex, this entire fucking time? “How-” Did he really want to go down this road? Fuck it. “What you said to me last night.” He saw her eyes widen. “Did you…I mean…did you mean it?” he choked.

Octavia started fidgeting around and twiddling her fingers. She broke eye contact and looked down at the bed, biting her bottom lip. Well, I guess she didn’t… Loki assumed her reaction right now was regret, not embarrassment.
“I see.” Loki felt his heart break. He’d allowed himself to be vulnerable. He’d allowed himself to fall in love with her. Even after he told himself he wouldn’t. He swore he wouldn’t let her get to him, that he wouldn’t fall for her-but he had failed.

Loki had fallen in love with a mortal, and now his chest ached. He had forgotten how painful heartbreak was. Octavia didn’t love him; she just loved to fuck him.
It shouldn’t have been a surprise that she was just like the rest of them. He was a fool to think anyone could actually love him.

“I meant it.” she muttered, almost in tears. She hadn’t noticed Loki’s face since she was too busy staring at her hands. Her heart was in her stomach now. She didn’t believe Loki actually meant it when he had said he loved her too. He was just high, in the moment. There was no way-

“What?” Loki gasped, and placed his hand on her chin, forcing her to look at him. “Did you just say you meant it?” She swallowed, nodding. Her tears were also falling freely now. Loki’s heart was racing. She…she loved him back?

“I know you didn’t mean it, so you don’t have to-” she started to say, but Loki had already broken her off with a kiss, wrapping his arms around her waist to pull her on top of him. Her arms went around his neck and she laced her hands into his hair as he kissed her hungrily. She couldn’t believe it; he had meant it. Loki loved her too. “Loki?” she gasped, when she had to break away for air. “Is this really happening?”

“Yes, my love. This is really happening.”

Heimdall was quite proud of himself. Though, he decided to keep an eye on Thor for a while since it looked like Loki and Octavia needed the privacy. He spied on them more often than not, but when it came to those moments he’d much rather not watch.

He wasn’t a pervert. Cupid maybe, but not a pervert.

Finally! He thought to himself. He had half expected Loki to bolt out the door the moment he realized what had happened, but he hadn’t. They had acted like adults and talked it out. Good. He really didn’t want to have to beat it into their skulls. He would have tied them in a room together if it would have come down to it; force them to talk about their feelings. Thankfully, the rope and plan B, was no longer necessary.

Although, now he had to inform the Alfather about this new development. Perhaps he would wait a few days; Odin didn’t need to know right away did he? It wasn’t like he planned to get them out, he was merely toying with them. Odin had been acting so odd. One moment, it was as if he cared, the next he was ranting about how much he really didn’t care.

Heimdall sighed, knowing damn well he had to tell him, and now. If he found out otherwise it might not go over so well. He would definitely leave out the part where he sent the box of seeds and special mushrooms, and played matchmaker.

Odin didn’t need to know everything.

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“Loki, they’re asking for you again.” Thor spoke as he entered the library where he knew he could find his brother.

“What’s it they need this time?” Loki asked keeping his eyes on the words in his book.

“A bedtime story.”

“Their parents are a mortal and a god, and they ask me for the stories.”

“What can I say; they love their uncle Loki more than I.” Thor laughed slightly and waited for his brother.

“Let’s see what I can do.” Loki stood up and followed after Thor to his nieces’ and nephews’ room. As soon as he walked in the children sat up quickly in their beds and smiled tremendously.

“I’ve been told you wish to hear a story?” He walked in and sat down in the chair that was besides the window.

“Please Uncle, yours are full of adventure!”

“And mine aren’t?!” Thor yelled playfully.

“It’s just we’ve heard all yours father. If it’s ok with Uncle, we’d love to hear more of his.”

“What’s going on?” Jane asked walking into her children’s room.

“Uncle Loki was just about to tell us a bedtime story!”

“I was, was I?” He asked raising his eyebrows.

“Please Uncle, pleeease!” The children begged.

“Fine…” Loki answered defeated with a small smile on his face. “What is it you wish to hear?”

“Your fights on Earth!”


“How about we save the war stories for when you’re older, ok?” Jane stepped in.


“I don’t want to repeat myself… ”

“Don’t I get a say in this? Plus, I haven’t a love story to tell.” Loki said, trying to avoid the topic by all means.

“You know that’s not true, brother.” Thor’s voice was stern, but playful at the same time.

“You’ve been in love, Loki?” Jane asked.

“Thanks Jane, really.”

“You just never struck me for the type.” She defended herself.

“Well we eventually find the one person who we care passionately about, even if it doesn’t end with a happy ending.” Loki’s head had been hanging low when he finally decided to look up. When he did his family was all seated and at their full attention.

“It’s great so far, continue.” Jane said before giving her brother in law a smile. Loki drew in a breath and proceeded to tell the story of the first woman he had ever loved.


“Get your hands off me you fool! This is no way to handle a lady!” You yelled as the guards threw you in a cell.

“If you’re a lady, then I’m a fairy.” One laughed.

“I don’t know if your complementing me or insulting yourself.” You smirked. The other guards chuckled quietly at their fellow comrade and pushed him around jokingly.

“Take your bag, wench.” He threw it inside the cell and walked away.

“Buffoon…” You replied grabbing your belongings and putting it around your shoulder. You looked around a realized that there was only one other person beside yourself, compared to the overstuffed cells you had just walked by. It stroke you as odd, making you  stare longer then you should have.

“Will you be staring at me all the time or should I be alright?” A man with raven black hair asked.

“Why are you so special to get your own cell?” You asked carelessly.

“Well darling, surely the Prince should get some kind of special treatment.” He replied putting his book down and standing to look at you.

“Ha! If he’s committed some kind of treason then he should be treated just like all these other idiots.” You responded sharply.

“Watch your tongue, stupid girl…” He growled.

“Or what? Huh? I dare you to try something.”

“Don’t test me.”

“Don’t give me reason.” You both stared at one another until you looked away when a guard hit the wall.

“Loki, by the way.” He opened his book again and sat back down.


“Since, I figured we will both be in here for a while.”

“I’m Y/N, but I don’t plan on staying long.” You looked away and smiled.

“How do you plan on committing something of such stupidity?” Loki asked.

“Well my Prince, that’s not of your concern.” You kept your eyes forward; waiting.

“What if I wanted in?”

“I’m not stupid enough to help break out the All father’s son. I value my life.”

“He’s not my father!” He yelled. You got startled and looked over to Loki who had a look of anger on his face.

“Well—still. I don’t have a death wish.” Just then the alarms began to sound, bringing a smile to your face again. “Here we go.” Your group of friends, who were also known as thieves in Asgard, were coming to bust you out.

“Please, take me with you!” Loki begged.

“I’m sorry my Prince, we didn’t plan for you.”

“I can hold my own. All I’m asking is to seek passage with however way you get out of here.” You had to think quick as your group got closer and closer.

“Damn!” You yelled. “You are to do exactly as I say until we get out of here, ok?”

“Yes, I swear…” Just then the energy shield of the cell blew up and you were free.

“Come on, my Prince!”

“Prince? Are you trying to get us killed?!” The leader of your group asked.

“We’re wasting time, let’s go now!”

“Halt! In the name of the All Father!” Guards yelled.

“Come on boys!” You yelled. Everyone began running to get away before things took a turn for the worst. As you all approached the Bifrost the men began mounting on their horses. As you hopped onto yours, Loki stood on the ground looking up at you.

“Well come on! We haven’t got all day!” You reached your arm down and grabbed his. Pulling him up, he pushed himself off the ground and seated behind you. You kicked the side of your horse and began riding down the long strip.

“Well that’s not something you see every day!” Kreid, the leader of your group, laughed when he saw Loki on the back of your horse.

“Let me not remind you of the time I had to save you and you were in the same predicament, Kreid!” You laughed along with him.

“So many people have sat here?” Loki asked leaning towards your ear.

“Just those who I want to help,” You turned your head best you could to look at him, “And by the look in your eyes back at the prison, you desperately needed it.” You turned back around and could see Heimdall standing in the middle of the road. Your eyes met and your true attentions were revealed to him.

“I will not allow this.” His voice echoed around your assembly.

“Please, I do not wish to return back to the dungeons.”

“What would your father say?” He asked.

“Run girl and do not stop… Please Heimdall they’re getting closer.” You pled.

“I will never do this again, understood?”

“Yes! Thank you!” You smiled. He turned around and ran to his station. He opened the Bifrost and your fellow comrade’s rode threw it.

“Just tell them we ambushed you.”

“I will.” He smiled.

“Tell the family I send my warmest hellos.” He nodded and the two of you rode through the Bifrost.
Once landed back in your own realm, you could finally breathe again.

“I’ll never get used to that.” You commented.

“As won’t I.” Loki agreed.

“So now that we made it out alive, what are we to do with Princey boy here?” Brym, another member, asked you. Turning around to look at look at Loki, you signaled for him to answer.

“I haven’t thought that through.”

“Well you better because as long as you’re with us, we’re all taking a risk to be sent back to that prison.” Vrun, you’re closest friend spoke up.

“I assure you, they will not know where I’m at.” Loki spoke aggressively.

“Ok boys… let’s make up camp and get food going, yes?” You spoke up when you noticed how much they all wanted to fight one another. Everyone turned away hesitantly and dismounted off their horses.

“Friendly fellows.” Loki said sarcastically walking along side you.

“Once you get to know them, yes.” You answered. “What do you plan on doing anyways?”

“I haven’t the slightest idea. I never planned on meeting you.” He responded, stumping himself.

“Nor did I.” You added, looking up to see him already gazing upon you.

TITLE: Caged “Animal”

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 4 Final (AO3)

AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi

ORIGINAL IMAGINE:Imagine Loki not being adopted by Odin, but being raised as a ‘specimen’ in a lab where Asgardian scientists used him to discover more about the Jotun race

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: Thank you to everyone who reblogged, liked, and sent me messages about this fic! It really keeps a girl going and gives me inspiration to keep writing!

Loki hadn’t moved a muscle and his hand remained around Amelia’s throat, “What?”

“I am getting you out of here. Now.”

“That’s impossible, there is no way you and I would make it out of the corridor.”

“It’s the middle of the night, no one is here except for those two outside.”

“It wouldn’t take long for them to realize it was you that let me escape. They would come looking for you.”

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