did our relationship mean nothing

Why? 1/? - BTS Jungkook x Reader

A/N Hellooooooo this is my first scenario so give me some feedback (LMAO ITS SO BAD IM CRI) And sorry if there are any mistakes bc I’m really lazy and quickly edited it (not well though I think) bUT IT’S OK

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Prompt: Jungkook cheats on you after an intense fight about him coming home late where he says some hurtful things to you and you leave the house. After a talk with your best friend you decide to come back only to find a strange woman and your husband (Jungkook) in bed together.

Genre: Angst, so much angst

Warnings: Cheating

1 | 2 (being re-written) | 3 (Coming soon)

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Lovelorn! Park Woojin

Requested! thank you for your request!

Part 1// Part 2

genre: angst…

prologue: never ever ♡

Park Woojin was introduced to you when you were at the hospital at age 8 after you broke your leg from falling off your bike. He was the son of your dad’s friends and he was also the same age as you. “Okay y/n, I’ll be going back to work now. Be nice to Woojin.” As soon as your dad left, Woojin would just sit on the sofa and would stare at the floor. ‘He’s quiet.’ “Woojin.” He looked up. “Can you help me get up? I want to go out to the yard.” You smiled as he got up and helped you onto the wheelchair. “Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” He said quietly as he pushed your wheelchair out the door and towards the yard.  

After that day Woojin would always be around you. Maybe because he was new to Seoul, hearing from your father that he was from Busan. You would show him different famous sites and would drag him to well-known restaurants. Which he always returned a tiny thank you and a small smile. You basically spent your childhood with him.

In middle school, you got a confession from a boy in another class. You rejected him however he didn’t let you go. Woojin was quick to tell the boy to stop, and the boy never approached you again.

One time at high school you got wet from the rain and Woojin rushed to you. He handed you a towel and even offered his jacket. “You have to be careful y/n.” He said as he helps you dry your hair. You smiled, “Okay.”

Another time in high school would be when the school decided to do a trip to Busan. You could tell by Woojin’s expression that he was really excited. As soon as your class bus reached Busan, Woojin grabbed your hand and pulled you to all the places he knew.
“Y/n, this is my most favorite place to eat!”
“Okay! Let’s go eat there.”
“Look y/n! That’s the place where I used to go to school.”
“Oh~ it looks nice!”
“Y/n! Y/n! Let’s get ice cream!”
Woojin sounded so happy, showing you all the places where he held memories of.

It was time to check in the hotel where your class will stay for 3 days. You were rooming with your friends, Minah, Yeri, and Hana. You guys were sitting in a circle, doing what they call a girl talk. They were talking about crushes and boyfriends. Yeri was dating Daehwi, he was friends with Woojin and came from the states. At the mention of Woojin, they turned to you and asked, “So, y/n do you like Woojin?”

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows. ‘Me like Woojin? What in the world-’ “No. He’s just a friend to me. Why do you ask?”

“Well, you guys are always together and remember when he told that guy who confessed to you off in middle school.” They were squealing.

You shook your head, “No, he’s just a good friend. Nothing else.”

The girls sighed in disappointment. “You guys look really cute together.”

You were unable to sleep that night. ‘Me like Woojin?’

After that trip, you seemed to be more varied with your feelings toward Woojin. All of his actions seemed to caught your eye, the way he smiled and was able to make your heart beat faster, the way he looked into your eyes and make you blush, the way he took your hand when he found something interesting, the faces he makes when he’s confused, the way his closeness just makes you want to melt into a puddle of goo. Your high school was just consisted of you crushing on Woojin.

Ever since Woojin suggested the cafe near the school, you guys went there every single day after school. Trying a new drink every time. Jinyoung worked in the cafe and posted a note under your drink.

‘Go confess already!’

You see, the night before you were studying with Jinyoung and Jihoon at the library when they brought up your crush on Woojin. “You should confess y/n.” Jihoon started as he pointed his pen at you. “But I don’t even know if he’ll like me back.” You frowned, looking back at the math homework. “You’ll never know y/n, you guys have been together since you guys were younger. You should go! Right, Jinyoung?” Jinyoung nodded before taking your white out and fixes his pen mistake.

Back to the cafe, you took the note and crumbled it in your hand as moral support.

“Woojin.” He looked up, “yeah?”
“I like you.”
“I like you … too?”
“N-no! I mean I like you more than a friend.”
“Oh so like bes-”
“No! I like you as a potential lover.”
“…so… do you want to go out with me?”
He hesitated as if he was taking in the sudden confrontation, “s-sure.”

Dating Woojin wasn’t any different from being best friend with him, just more outings with just the two of you. You were the one who initiated the first kiss, at the carnival when he got cotton candy and you leaned in and kissed his lips. He was taken aback and blushed a deep red before excusing him to the restroom. You giggle as you watch him run away. He came back later and brought you more food.

The first time he tried to kiss you was when you guys were at his house, watching a movie. He tried to play it cool and wanted to swiftly kiss your lips but back out last minute and kissed the tip of your nose instead.

There was once an event at the mall when you guys were shopping for Guanlin’s birthday present. The event invited all talented ones, and you suggested Woojin go and dance. He was reluctant at first but finally went up the stage. You got out your camera and started filming. The video went viral, and he got scouted.

“Woojin! I’m here with your food!” You opened the door to his apartment. “I’m in the living room.” You walked into the living room to find him laying on the sofa, eyes closed. “Oh, you must be really tired.” “Yea, sorry for canceling our d-date. I had to stay up at the studio until 3 am.” “No, it’s fine. I’m happy if you got some rest and stay healthy.” He got up and smiled before grabbing your hand and squeezing it a bit. This was usually his affection.

You and Woojin were now in college, he debuted about a year ago and was really popular. Due to his popularity, your relationship wasn’t exposed to the public.
“Hey Woojin, I’m free from class today. Let’s go hang out at our secret place.”
“I’m sorry y/n, I’m in the middle of practice right now.”
“Oh okay, see you next time then…”

The next day in class, “Y/n! Y/n!” Jinyoung ran out to you, showing his phone as you read the article headlines.
‘Park Woojin & Kim Ari Dating + Pictures of their date’
Your insides felt like they dropped as you scroll down to see the pictures. Woojin and Ari were holding hands and laughing as they walked down the streets. Even though he was wearing a mask covering half his face you could tell he was Woojin just by his eyes. You looked at the date of the pictures, ‘this was taken yesterday…’
Your body got cold when you saw the last picture, they were kissing.

“Park Woojin!” You rushed over to his apartment as soon as you gave Jinyoung back his phone. You searched your purse in a hurry to get out the backup key he gave you the day you guys graduated from high school. You opened the door to see him standing there like he was expecting you to come in.

“Y/n.” His eyes were no longer shining, rather they looked cold and emotionless as he stared you down.
“It’s not true- right?”


He was silent like always, even when you first meet he was silent, even when you confessed to him he was silent.

‘Did our relationship mean nothing to you? Were all those kisses and hugs just meaningless affection? How about all those times you were kind to me? What about all those smiles and giggles and laughter?’

That’s when you noticed.

You were always the one who suggested dates and the one who would set the place and time, you were the one who kissed and hug him, those times when he was kind were just normal people caring, heck you saw him give a towel to the next girl who was also in the rain that day, those times of giggles and laughter were normal happiness between two human beings.

…You were the only one putting an effort in this relationship.

Woojin must have known what was going in your mind as you grew silent.

“Y/n..” He softly whispered your name.

“I never loved you…” 

1503 words. requested! you ask for something to make you cry.. but i don’t know if this would ㅠㅠ
thank you for reading!  

Seventeen Reaction to You Cheating on Them

if they ever have a girlfriend and she cheats on them i will hunt her down. i took longer than i should have to make this reaction.. [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

S.Coups He’d walk in on you kissing another guy and he’d be absolutely heartbroken. He’d stand there speechless waiting for your explanation.

Jeonghan “Is this what you’ve been doing when I’m away?” He’d say as he sees you kissing someone else. He’d try his best to stay calm even.

Joshua He wouldn’t want to scream at you. He’d listen to whatever your excuse was but wouldn’t consider forgiving you at all.

Jun It was clear to him you chose the other guy over him. He’d simply tell you it’s over between you two and leave.

Hoshi “If I wasn’t good enough for you, you should’ve told me instead of going behind my back like that.”

Wonwoo (ignore Vernon) He’d have mixed emotions when he catches you kissing someone else. “Is this your way of breaking up with me?”

Woozi “Why would you do this to me? Did our relationship mean nothing to you?”

DK “So every time you told me I love you, that was just a lie? I thought what we had was special.” 

Mingyu “What you’re going to do right now is get out of my face before I do something I regret.”

The8 He’d see you being really clingy and flirty towards another guy, but it wouldn’t be the first time. He’d confront you and tell you he’s had enough.

Seungkwan “Thank you [Y/N] for wasting my time with a relationship didn’t mean anything. I wish you and him the best, goodbye.”

Vernon He’d be absolutely angry with you. He won’t listen to your excuses. “Congratulations on breaking my heart [Y/N], I hope you’re happy.”

Dino He’d come home early to see you making out with another guy. He’d want to know what made you want to go out and cheat on him when he’s done everything he can to make you happy.

square one

5871 words, because breakups are draggy and often leave more than just a broken heart, or two

rated a, for a tiring amount of angst & a lil bit of fluff

featuring a sprinkle of sugamon (can you imagine a producerau! between these two like i would totally read that ok) because i have too many ships in bts that i want to write about fight me


You don’t believe them when they tell you, love has an expiration date.

At least not until you’re sat opposite Jimin in your favourite bubble tea store, neither of you having touched your drinks or spoken more than two sentences, given this is the first time you’ve had the chance to see each other in a month, too absorbed in your respective schedules to find time to meet, though both Jimin and you know that’s a complete lie.

A lie Jimin decides he’s too tired to continue with, as of 2:15pm today.

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