did not use tripod


We often go with Kana to used books stores to find interesting materials. Last time I bought an old album about Japanese bridges and found in it one that I know pretty well - The Full Moon Bridge in the Koishikawa Korakuen Japanese garden. I go there to paint often because it’s one of the few gardens that don’t mind if you use a tripod (or two).

I did this picture during a pretty long session (about 5 hours). I first made a really basic sketch in 2H pencil and then painted with my Schmincke set. The foliage proved to be really difficult to paint in this style with just watercolours so I used some white poster colour paint (NIKKER brand) and mixing it with the watercolours added some details.

The light kept changing drastically because of fast moving clouds and I got rained upon halfway through the painting. I managed to finish it somehow just before a huge storm approached.  

Technical stuff:

  • Medium: HOLBEIN saunders WATER FORD natural 300g/m2 cold pressed F4
  • Sketch:  Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni pencil 2H
  • Colours: My Schmincke 48 colours watercolours set
  • White details: NICKER poster colour





  • 紙:ホルベイン工業(株)ウォーターフォード水彩紙 ナチュラルホワイト 300g 
  • 下描き:Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni 鉛筆  2H 
  • 着色:48色のシュミンケ水彩セット 
  • 白ディテール:ニッカー ポスターカラー

A lot of people tell me I take great pics and want to know how I get them by myself so I thought I’d give out my “secrets”…LOL…it’s easier than you might think. Shooting: My “camera” is my phone, a galaxy s4….its all I use….I mount it on a microphone stand using a holder that’s made specifically for using phones and tablets while your on stage. This is just what I happened to have…the important thing is to have some sort of tripod like device to hold your phone. Selfie sticks are not the answer…I don’t have one but would use one if I did to go along with the tripod. I take a lot of pics holding my phone in my hand or setting it down in a good spot too. I use the timer on a 2 sec delay and usually take about 150 pics…I often take 5 or 6 in the same pose with maybe a different smile in each and then I have several to pick from. Taking a lot of pics gives you the opportunity to sift through and delete the ones that aren’t good….although just because you don’t like the overall pic doesn’t mean you can’t still use it…more on that in a minute. The best tip I’ve ever got was to smile more…once I did I felt much more confident about showing face pics because it looks so much more natural than the bonfire stare we gurls get sometimes when we’re taking pics…Lol. Be creative…try different poses and facial expressions…you’ll find your center. Editing: After I’m done shooting I go through all the pics and delete the ones that suck… then I try to group them and I delete ones that are basically duplicates….you will end up with a lot of similar pics..if I have 10 that are basically the same I’ll save 3-4. I usually end up with around 100 pics after I’m done editing. Cropping: This is probably the most important part. Every device should have a cropping feature…you just have to find it. Cropping allows you to do three main things…frame the picture so it fills the screen with minimal background, it centers the pic, and also let’s you take small sections of a pic and basically make another, almost different pic. One of the great things about the cropping feature is that you can make a good pic out of one you don’t like. Let’s say you take a pic and you don’t like how your face looks….crop the pic so I doesn’t show…I do it all the time…most of my pics where you see me from the nose or mouth down are exactly that…another reason to practice smiles and o-faces and stuff…heehee. If you have a pic where you love how your cock or ass looks…use the cropper and zoom right the fuck in on it….if you look through this set you will see examples. In two pics, I cropped them down from a larger pic to just show my cock or ass…one was when I was ripping my pantyhose and the other was one of the sunny/sunlight ones of my ass. Both pics are there, the full shot plus the cropped shot….you can tell they are from the same pic if you look. The thing I like best about this particular aspect is that it focuses your attention to different points of the pic and unless you look closely you wouldn’t know they were from the same picture. Take a few pics and play around with this…crop one pic in several different ways and you’ll see what I mean. My phone also has a trimming feature for videos…most of my videos are trimmed sections from one or two master vids. I hope I’ve been able to help some of my gurlfriends out there…if you’ve been struggling to get good pics this might help Xoxo Love and Kisses Monica 💋💋💋

anonymous asked:

My friend let me borrow her 24-105 lens for a night and I was so excited to take pics from Griffith Park in the hills like Bex's pics she posted and they all came out blurry even though I used a tripod and a cable release. What did I do wrong?

Hi Anon! This is Bex!

I know EXACTLY what you did wrong, because I not only have that exact same lens but also I did the SAME thing when I was shooting LA from up there. Luckily I fixed it before I finished shooting and was able to come home with some usable images.

I am willing to bet all of my savings account that the little button next to “Stabilizer” was switched to ON - meaning that your camera was trying to stabilize the image. You might think, “Well, that doesn’t make sense, because they still came out blurry!” Here’s the thing - the stabilizer is working at all times when the button is turned on. So, when you have your camera secured on a tripod, it is still working trying to stabilize the photo by making small, micro movements to try to eliminate any kind of hand shake - meaning it does the exact opposite of what you want it to.

In order to get those images razor sharp and clear, you HAVE to remember to flip that button to OFF. It can be hard to remember, but I guarantee it’s the reason your images came out the way they did. See if you can borrow that lens again and go back up to Griffith. The view of LA from there is the BEST.