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A Way to You Again: Part 6

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Drinking, Angst

Word Count:  2153

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Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. Steve to the rescue!  I always love hearing from you guys <3.

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I grumbled sleepily as I turned over in the bed. Another morning – another terrible hangover. It had been a few days since my phone conversation, or lack thereof, with Bucky – and he had been silent ever since. Today was the last day Nicole could stay with me as she needed to get back to her life, her family, and her job. She begged me to go with her, but I had politely declined. I needed to find my footing again and figure out what my next step was. There was no way I could go back to Stark Tower – not after everything that had happened. I sighed to myself as I stared at the ceiling. I could hear talking in the other room which I tried desperately to ignore until a knock at the bedroom door caused me to angrily huff, “What?”

“You have a visitor,” Nicole called through the door. My heart jumped as I shot up in the bed just in time for her to open the door. “Captain America?” Nicole asked jokingly.

“My friends call me Steve,” he responded as he looked at her with a grin before turning his gaze to me – the grin slipping from his face.

I smiled weakly at him – the sudden spike of adrenaline mixed with my hangover was making the room tilt in an odd way. “Hey Stevie,” I muttered before laying back down in the bed and ignoring the presence of both Steve and Nicole.

“And she’s just been like this?” Steve asked in the other room. It was a few hours later and I was fully awake, but unwilling to leave the room out of pure embarrassment.

“For days now. I’m honestly not sure when she’s been sober during the last week,” Nicole replied. I scoffed. That was a little overdramatic. I drank every night to help myself sleep – I had just always happened to drink enough to feel horrible the next day. “What about your friend? This Bucky?”

“He’s absolutely miserable. Shuts himself away from everyone else. Snaps every time someone tries to talk with him. He hasn’t been like this in a long time,” by the sound of his voice Steve was certainly concerned. I was too – I couldn’t help but feel a sudden urge to jump in my car and go to him.

“Do you know exactly what happened?” Nicole asked pointblank. I could always count on her to cut through the shit and get to the bottom of the problem.

“He won’t talk to me about it. He just tells me it’s his fault and that he’s miserable without her. Has… has Y/N said anything?” he asked uncertainly.

“It’s probably best that you talk to her about it… So you um… don’t really mind staying with her?” I bolted upright at this. I didn’t need to be passed off like a child – I was capable of taking care of myself. I pushed off the bed and stomped into the living room. As I opened my bedroom door Nicole was picking up her bags and already turned towards the front door. I stopped and awkwardly cleared my throat. I felt all the anger leave me in a rush; I really didn’t want her to go. She turned to face me and gave me a smile before dropping her bags and taking the remaining steps to close the distance between us before giving me a bone crushing hug.  “Take care of yourself, sis. I can try to come back soon,” she added nervously as she pulled away and looked at me.

“I’ll be fine,” I answered meekly.

“You always are,” she responded as she turned and grabbed her bags before making her way to the door.

An awkward silence fell on the room once she had left. Steve turned to look at me – his eyes already asking the questions that had been running on repeat in his brain. “So…”

“Are you hungry?” I interrupted. I knew I was in for an interrogation, but I wasn’t about to let it start without getting some food.

Steve shook his head in exasperation. “If I say no will it help me get the answers any faster?” He couldn’t help but let a grin tug at the corners of his lips.

“Nope,” I grinned back at him.

“Okay fine – you lead and I’ll follow,” he answered reluctantly.

“Why did you run off?” Steve asked as he set the plastic menu on the table. I sighed heavily –so it was straight to business then. I had hoped that maybe we could get through dinner with pleasant conversation and hold off on the heavier conversations until later. I motioned for the waitress to take our orders. Once she was gone I picked up my untouched glass of whiskey and swirled the ice inside it lazily.

I peeked up to see Steve staring at my intently. He wasn’t going to let me off the hook. “It… it doesn’t matter Steve,” I tried my best to be nonchalant but my attempt landed flat.

He scoffed – obviously annoyed. “It does matter and you damn well know it,” he replied impatiently.

I rolled my eyes at the severity of his tone before meeting his eyes and realizing the hurt that laid behind them. “I’m… I’m sorry Steve,” I muttered into my glass. “Everything just got so messed up.”

“Y/N, what happened? I can’t help fix it… if you won’t tell me,” he answered earnestly as he reached across the table and placed his hand reassuringly on mine.

I swallowed hard – it would be harder to tell Steve than it had been Nicole. I looked at him with a sad smile on my face. “I… I love him Steve,” I whispered sadly as I shrugged my shoulders.

This was obviously not what Steve was anticipating. His eyebrows shot up before he regained composure and a soft smile formed on his face. “Well that’s not so bad is it?” He asked shyly.

“Did you know he was sleeping with Nat?” I asked absentmindedly. Steve’s jaw dropped open – a slew of half-words falling out. “She said it stopped around the time he started spending time with me,” I added thickly.

“Oh that fucking idiot,” Steve whispered under his breath as he ran his hands through his hair. It was my turn to be shocked – Steve never swore.

“Steve?” I asked.

“He wouldn’t tell me… wouldn’t tell me why you had left or what was wrong.” He was shaking his head angrily as he spoke. “I didn’t know about Nat – I had no idea, but I did have an idea about you.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, my curiosity had peaked over my misery.

“He started to change about five months ago. At first it was subtle, but it started to become much more noticeable. No one else noticed, because no one else knows Bucky as well as I do. I’d catch him daydreaming… He’d smile for no reason… He was just lighter… happier. For the first time since the War I had that young kid from Brooklyn back as my best friend,” he explained as he shrugged sadly. I suddenly became acutely aware of the indention my teeth were making in the side of my cheek. Even as he spoke I felt the butterflies that I always had when I was around Bucky. When we were together there was an undercurrent of excitement like some sort of spastic electricity that I could never explain or reason out – even to myself.

“I miss him,” I answered quietly as I fidgeted with the food that the waitress had set in front of us.

“He misses you. Listen – I’m not telling you to forgive him. Hell, I still plan on getting the full story from him, but come home. Please?” Steve reached across the table once again to squeeze one of my anxious hands. I looked up and lost my resolve in his sad blue eyes. There was no way I could say no.

“I can’t get hurt again Steve. I promised myself.”

“I know – I promise I won’t let it happen, okay?” He smiled sweetly at me as I nodded. Of course Steve was right – I needed to hear Bucky out.

“Are you sure you don’t want to head back today?” Steve asked as he raised an eyebrow curiously.

I shook my head as I continued looking forward. “I agreed that I will hear him out, but I don’t want to go back today. The drive is too long and I need to pack.”

Steve rolled his eyes playfully. His mood had definitely improved since I had agreed to go back to Stark Tower, but he was going to have to wait one more day. I wasn’t mentally or emotionally prepared today after his surprised visit. “So what do you want to do today?” he asked as he spun on his heel and looked at me.

I shrugged. “We could go to the beach for awhile. The weather’s pretty nice. The ocean here is just so much better than what we have in New York,” I responded.

“Deal,” he responded as we continued our journey back to the cottage.

“I know you’re mad at Buck for not telling you everything, but maybe you should meet him halfway?” Steve said as he stared at me from across the little fire we had built in front of the cottage. The sun was starting to set as the evening waned into night. “I just mean,” he added as he raised both of his hands in response to the look I had given him. “Did he know you had a sister?”

I sat quietly as I diverted me eyes from him. He had a point. “No,” I mumbled back.

“And I’m assuming you didn’t tell him for a good reason?” he added.

“Yeah,” I responded as I chewed on my bottom lip. I had tried to keep my life before the Avengers separate from my new life. It was relatively easy. My parents had both died so it had just left Nicole, who had agreed with my reasoning for the safety of her own family.

“Well I think I’m going to head to bed since it will be an early morning,” Steve announced – breaking the awkward silence that had fallen between us.

“Yeah good idea. I think I will too,” I mumbled. We put the fire out and headed wearily to our rooms. I feared that it wouldn’t matter how tired I was – the amount of nervous energy running through my mind and body was sure to keep me awake.

I blinked wearily – trying to wake myself up as we weaved in and out of cars on the freeway. Just as I had predicted I didn’t sleep the night before, making for a very long drive back to New York City. We had had several close calls from my less than stellar reflexes that left Steve grumbling in the passenger seat.

“Y/N! Stop!” Steve yelled as I slammed on my brakes and veered off the road. Traffic had come to a sudden halt and my internal monologue had prevented me from noticing. I put the car in park and shakily placed my head on the steering wheel with a groan. “Okay – that’s it. I’m driving,” Steve announced sternly before unbuckling himself and exiting the car. I sighed in frustration. There was no reason to argue with him after I had almost killed both of us.

“Fine,” I muttered as he opened the door and I unbuckled myself before exiting the car. I stomped to the other side of the car and threw myself into the seat – slamming the door behind me.

“You done?” Steve asked through a chuckle.

“Yes,” I muttered as I shed my hoodie before buckling my seatbelt. I wadded the hoodie into a makeshift pillow and placed it between my head and the window before closing my eyes. Maybe I was tired enough to rest for awhile. “Steve?” I asked as I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

“Yeah?” he responded as we pulled back onto the highway. We had about four hours left before we reached the city and there had been something I had been meaning to ask Steve.

“Something has… er… well I’ve been wondering something ever since you showed up…. Why did you come instead of Bucky?” I didn’t immediately receive an answer from him so I peeked through my lashes to see him clutching my steering wheel with white knuckles. I had the sudden fear that he would snap it in two.

He chuckled nervously. “Well… I thought I was less likely to get punched than he would,” he responded before falling into an awkward silence.

“And?” I asked as I lifted my head and turned to look at him.

“Well Bucky doesn’t exactly know that I am with you,” he responded nervously as he turned to give me a wink.


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Stress Reliever (Jooheon smut)

Ask:  Jooheon fluff smut when he comes home tired from work and stressed so his gf tries to help him relieve stress by being on top bc of his tiredness? ( alot of people write smut where the girl is on top but eventually they switch, if you don’t mind I would prefer that not to be the case but if you feel like doing so then that’s good too!) Tysm. I love this blog btw 😊

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Space - Andre Burakovsky

in which andre realizes the extent of his mistakes

requested: yes | no

word count: 1413

warnings: the usual cursing, some Bad Behavior by Burky

a/n: i’m stuck on a seguin request, so i’ve been writing some unrequested ones to keep my mind on the writing track. this did not at all turn out as good as i wanted it to, and there’s a chance that i’ll delete it later on an impulse. if it sucks, come into my ask and drag me about it please

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andre needed a drink. he needed something to take his mind off his now half-empty house, and his now fully-empty bed. he needed to take his mind off how he wouldn’t wake up to you anymore, or hear your raspy morning voice, or see you do your makeup. how he wouldn’t have anyone to come home to anymore.

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Hi if you're still doing the blurbs, fuck I forgot the number.. 13 I thought? Smt like "did you really just ask me that?" With Alex please

13. “Did you really just ask me that?”

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A/N: I really actually tried this time okay, hope it’s at least somewhat good!
Word count: 671

They say that after the exciting spark of a new relationship, the so called “honeymoon phase”, is over you start to know how you actually feel about each other and your relationship is put to a test. The quirks they have and things they do, the ones you used to find charming, start to annoy the hell out of you. Like how they laugh at their own jokes, tell you random facts and how stubborn they can be.

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Joly and Jehan have some tea

(900 w, for @petalprouvaire, because I want their notifs to be full of nice things.)

Joly watches Jehan rummage through the communal kitchen drawer in their shared kitchen.

“I was sure I put a tea infuser in here,” they hum distractedly.

“The joys of student housing,” Joly smiles. He’s leaning against the rather battered kitchen table, glad that Jehan’s housemates aren’t home. It’s much nicer to hang out with them alone.

Jehan snorts and bends over to look in the back of the drawer. “Aha.” They take out the elusive tea infuser.

“You know I think we have four of those by now,” Joly laughs. “Bossuet keeps losing them and buying new ones and I keep finding them.”

“House sprites,” Jehan says decidedly.

“Maybe,” Joly smiles fondly. He quite likes the idea of spirits watching over a house, he just has a hard time imagining them doing it for a city apartment.

Jehan makes them both a cup of tea and Joly watches them potter around the kitchen.

“How’s the new semester?” he asks curiously. It’s always nice to hear Jehan talk about history.

“Pretty good!” Jehan says, nodding happily. “I made everyone uncomfortable by talking about platonic marriages in monasteries, but so far so good.”

Joly laughs and takes his cup from Jehan. “Good.”

Jehan talks about their new history classes a while and Joly follows them back to their room. He likes Jehan’s room. It’s small but they’ve dressed it up so nicely. It’s soft and colourful, just like them. It’s also full of unexpected things, just like them.

Joly’s eye falls on the window. “Oh, your herbs are doing well!” he exclaims delightedly.

“I know!” Jehan beams. They look lovingly at the row of potted herbs perched on their windowsill. “I like living in the city, but I must have a garden.” They lovingly stroke the silky leaves of a young sage plant.

While they are thus occupied, Joly quickly takes the present he’s smuggled in out of his pocket and places it quietly on their desk, next to the mug of tea they put down. When Jehan turns around and reaches for it, they see it and stop, hand hovering in the air. Their eyes dart to Joly, who puts on his most innocent face.

“Joly…” Jehan says chidingly.

“It’s just a small one this time, I promise!” Joly grins. It is not his fault his friends are so fun to buy presents for.

“We agreed to take turns,” Jehan protests, but they can’t help smiling.

“Yes, but I saw this and thought of you and-” Joly waves his hands around impatiently. “Just open it will you?”

Jehan takes the package and carefully unwraps the flowery paper. That is Joly’s Jehan-paper, he knows they like it. “Joly,” Jehan says slowly, taking up the small, flat box. “You didn’t-”

“Open it,” Joly grins. He has been hoarding this present for a while, he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Jehan takes the lid off the box and makes a frantic noise. It’s a circlet made from a silvery chain hanging in draped half circles, decorated with beads and a medallion-like relief as the front piece. “Joly no,” they protest, but they’ve already taken it out of the box and Joly is beaming. “Where did you find it?” they ask.

“Medieval fair,” Joly says, face all shining with gladness. “Come on I, had to take it. Grantaire was with me, he made me promise I’d take a picture of you wearing it.”

Grantaire knew you had this!” Jehan gapes.

“Yet another reason why I couldn’t wait my turn,” Joly says solemnly. “He has been complaining incessantly at me that keeping secrets is bad for the soul.” To be fair, that was almost a reason to not give the present earlier.

Jehan laughingly shakes their head and darts to their mirror to try the circlet on. They turn around with a flourish. The medallion rests elegantly against their forehead and the beads and chain shimmer amongst their red locks.

“You look like medieval gentry,” Joly grins approvingly. This is exactly what they hoped for. “Now, pose for Grantaire!”

He grabs his phone and Jehan blows a kiss at him while he takes a picture.

“Awesome,” Joly smiles. It’s a good picture. Grantaire will be stoked. He’ll probably want to draw them.

Jehan is beaming, but they quickly pull their face into a warning expression. “You jumped your turn though, so in retaliation you’re getting an actual surprise.”

Joly grimaces. “Aw, no…” Surprises are one thing. Knowing he’s getting a surprise is something else.

“Serves you right!” Jehan teases.

“Fair enough,” Joly smiles. He sits down on Joly’s desk chair and Jehan sits down on the edge of their bed. “I am going to try to find out what the surprise is though,” he warns. “And R will probably help me in exchange for the picture.”

“Good thing I can keep a secret,” Jehan says meaningfully.

Joly sighs dramatically. “Tell me more about monasteries then.”

Jehan twinkles their eyes at him from behind their mug and happily begins to talk of the wonderful things they have found out about monastery life from the scribbles in the margins of copied works. Joly listens to them talk, sipping his tea slowly. He rarely drinks tea, but almost always does so with Jehan. It makes it part of visiting Jehan. Joly smiles. Everybody always says he’s so cheerful. Well, it’s a lot easier to be cheerful when you’ve got friends like Jehan.

BTS Reaction to You Having Hip Piercings

I have seen so many videos of hip piercings and pictures and they look cool but painful in my opinion. Props to people who have any. Anyways, I hope you like this reaction <3

I do not own these gifs

-Admin Kat

Jin: He reached out to grab your hips playfully, like he normally did when he felt the two small metal balls. He hesitantly lifted your shirt and gasped when he saw the piercings. “Oh my gosh, did that hurt? When did you get those? How painful was it?” He asked as he stared at them in shock.

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Suga: He stared at the piercings while you were getting them done. He had never seen something that looked as sexy and painful as that. He could feel your pain as you got it done, but he was more impressed with how cool you were while getting it.

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J-Hope: You showed him excitedly the moment they were healed enough to show off and touch without any pain. He almost fainted when he saw them, sure that they hurt really badly when you got them. After he came too, he insisted that he only fainted because it looked so sexy on you.

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Rapmon: He simply nodded his head, silently impressed by how sexy they looked on you and how brave you must have been to get them. “Damn girl, that’s sexy as hell. You may have to come a little closer so I can get a better look at it.”

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Jimin: “Girl, you don’t know how sexy that looks.” He said the moment you showed him the piercings. He stuck his tongue out and teased you a bit, saying that he would go out and get his own hips pierced so that you both could look sexy together.

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V: He let out a loud “Whoa” when he accidentally saw the piercing while you stretched to reach something. “Are those piercings? How were you hiding them from me. Come here, I want to see if you have any other hidden tattoos.”

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Jungkook: “When did you suddenly becoming a bad a**? You think you are cooler than me now?” He asked in a half teasing/ half serious voice as he stared at you. He tried to make a serious and intimidating, but it was easy to tell he was just turned on by the piercings.

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Ikons reaction to when some guy on the streets gets really violent towards you and tries to hurt you?


You and Chanwoo were in the grocery store buying a few things you needed and after getting everything you both went to the cashier. You choose one that apparently didn’t have any customer at and the cashier called the both of you forward. As you were doing that, some guy came and started shouting and at you, Chanwoo was helping the cashier packing the groceries because there was no one to help and instantly looked up when and he hears the man scream at you and by his body language Chanwoo could tell the man was ready to get more aggressive, so he stopped what he was doing and walked up to you pulling you back and away from the man, standing in front of you. Normally he wasn’t the one to get himself in trouble or anything like that, but he wouldn’t be standing there just watching all that happen and not do anything.

Chanwoo: Who do you think you’re talking to? Why are you being so aggressive? *he asks the man exasperated and looks briefly to the cashier* Call security. *the cashier soon does as he says as Chanwoo reaches behind him to push you further back just in case the man started to get any more aggressive and looks at you* You’re alright? He didn’t do anything to you, right?


You finally convinced Junhoe to take you to see the cherry trees blooming, he has been claiming it’s such a cliche and old fashion thing to do, but that was something that has been on your to do list for quite sometime and for one reason or another you never managed to do. Up ‘till now all you did was drag your boyfriend around, he was happy to see you this happy and excited for such a thing, but he wouldn’t admit it. You knew it and you kept bothering him to admit it, when he refused for the nth time you just turned around to walk ahead and leave him behind, but you didn’t saw that someone was walking your way and the moment you bumped you stepped back and tried to apologized the man before started to yell, mad at you he tried to push you, but Junhoe walked faster and pulled you away from the man before he could reach you.

Junhoe: Didn’t this person apologized already? What else do you want? Stop throwing a tantrum, you’re a not a kid. *he rolls his eyes and walks away pulling you along* How tiring! *he mutters to himself rolling his eyes and looks at you* Yah! You! Be careful, I’m your boyfriend, not your bodyguard. *he nags at you masquerading his worry, but he pulls you close to him and stop walking forcing you to stop walking as well.* You’re all right? He didn’t hurt you, did he?


In order to get some extra money you’ve been working part-time at a local café house and things were as usual, busy as always. The manager asks you to take away the announcement of today’s special because the place had ran out of it and as you were doing that you almost fell from the chair you were standing when someone pulled you down and the next thing you know is this man who use to be a regular at the café house was screaming at your face, you could barely discern what he was saying, something about the fact that he had already ordered the special and he should have prioritized since he comes by every day and how he pays your salary and stuff, you wanted to say something, but he was literally yelling on your face and you just wanted to cry trying to pull you arm away from him.

You: Please, sir. Let me go, you’re hurting me.

No matter how you try you’re not able to break free from the tight hold the man has on your arm and you’re sure it’ll leave a bruise. You see the man reaching for your other arm and you close your eyes, trying to distance yourself again when you feel the man being pulled away from you abruptly.

Donghyuk: Are you okay? *he asked politely and when you nodded to him he looked at the man* Who do you think you are to treat someone like that? *seeing the fierce look in Donghyuk’s eyes the man stepped back* What? You cannot keep up with your threats when I’m the one you’re talking to? Stop picking on other people.


You and some friends were just fooling around for no reason at all after school and seeing a game house you went in and decided to try as many as you had chance and the thing was, the one who got to win the most would get a prize from the others and you had in mind exactly what you wanted from them, your plan was set, you just needed to win most of those things and since there wasn’t many people you had a shot. Maybe?! You never played those kind of games.

You chose one randomly and started playing, it was surprisingly easy for you, but you didn’t won at your first try, you were about to try again when someone pushed you and heard the voice of some guy yelling at you, you looked at the man making a fuss because he’s been waiting for his turn and he wanted you to step aside, you refused and he got mad, starting to yell, he was about to push you again when a boy stepped between the two of you and held his hands up, telling the guy to step back, the man tried to push the boy aside, but the boy remained calm.

B.I: You can play when it’s your turn, if someone is paying for it, so that person has the right to play. Why are you making a fuss out of it? Ae you kid or something? Go play something else. *when the guy tried to be more aggressive the golden haired boy pushed the man and scoffed when the man stumbled on his own feet* Stop bothering other people, do you want me to call police or something?

The man still looked pissed off, but only tsked and walked away and for the first time the boy turned to look at you and half smiled.

B.I: Are you okay? Did he hurt you or something? *you shake your head in denial, you couldn’t really speak for some reason*


You had a bad day, so as soon asked you if you’d be up to something later that day you replied almost right away.

“Sure! As long as it means we’re going out to drink.”

Of course he was up for it and a few hours after that he picked you up and the two of you headed to a club he’s been talking to you about, to you it was okay as long as long as you could drink your worries away.
You spent the evening and the night only dancing, drinking and having fun, not even wanting to think about the next day, you just wanted to have fun and of course, Bobby was with you most of the time, as your friend, for some reason he felt responsible for you, but once in a while you went dancing with someone else, him too and everything were just as how supposed to be.

You finished danced with some guy and just walked off while he was distracted, you walked to where Bobby has been seated and plopped down beside him, it was obvious you were drunk, but you just refused to acknowledge that. You smiled and stole the drink from Bobby’s hand and took a long gulp from it, he looked at you a bit worried, he had already asked what was wrong, but you refused to say anything, he didn’t ask further and only focused on keeping his eyes on you for the night.

You: Why are you sulking sitting here in a corner? *you say, rolling your tongue clumsily to spell out the words, Bobby shrugged and sat more comfortably looking away from you*

You laugh and is about to drink another gulp on the beer when someone abruptly pulls you up, you recognize the guy you danced with before, you try to pull yourself away and tried to tell him to let go, but the words doesn’t come out right.
A pair of arms wraps themselves around you and easily pulls you away from the man, you look up to see Bobby with a dark, scary expression, deadly staring at the guy who had his hand holding the air after Bobby had pulled you away, the guy seems to be stuck as he look at the darken threatful expression Bobby has; you never saw that expression before and you’re stuck as well.

Bobby: That’s enough.*his voice is low. but you and the man before you can hear it clearly, his tone is heavy and seemingly as dangerous as his expression*  Let’s go home. *he speaks with you even though he’s still staring at the man.*

*You don’t even nod, just let him take you with him and despite his angry expression he’s careful with you.*


It has been a while since you last saw Yunhyeong and you’re anxious about it, but the universe wasn’t helping, everything was collaborating for you to be late and to make it worse, for some reason you couldn’t get any wifi signal on your phone to send him a text. When you finally got to the place where you supposed to meet him and saw him from afar checking his watch you ran straight to him, accidentally you stumbled on someone on your way there, but you apologized before going on your way, still in a hurry. When he saw you, he smiled and you smiled back at him as you recomposed yourself and walked to him, he stood up and pulled you into a hug when you’re close enough before taking your seat while you tell him about how difficult it was to get there.

Man: So you think you can just run to your boyfriend and you’ll be safe?

A very upset voice says and you look up to see the man you’ve bumped into ealier with coffee and ice cream all over his clothes behind him there was a woman and a little girl watching him, expectantly. You apologize again, he scoffs and starts to demand you to do something about it, telling you that you own him new clothes and some other mean things. He slams his hand on the table Yunhyeong was sited at before and starts to get more worked up over the fact that you wouldn’t do anything else but apologize.

Yunhyeong: The apology were made whether you accept it or not is up to you, but no one is paying for your clothes. Look carefully behind you, you’re scaring your wife and daughter so stop acting like this, don’t even think about getting any closer. We’ll be leaving, take our table and try to calm yourself down a little bit. *he stands up and reaches out his hand for you to take and walks out with you* 


You agreed on going to the gym with Jinhwan after he insisted on it for the hundredth time because there was no one else to go with him and he didn’t like going by himself, but once you were there you mostly watched him working out more than you’d actually do something yourself, once he noticed that he was already dripping off sweat while you had barely any sweat at all, he went straight to you and tried to hug you while you tried to run away from him, at the end he agreed on not hugging you as long as you would exercise some more. You start exercising, but he sees you’re doing all wrong, he tries to help you when some guy starts to say a few things about people treating the gym as a place to date instead of really exercising, Jinhwan tells you to not mind and the man hears it and walks up to the both of you and try to take you off by force from where you were exercising and immediately Jinhwan stands between the two of you pushing the man from you.

Jinhwan: If you got a problem then move somewhere else.

You see the man getting even angrier and you try to pull Jinhwan away, but he doesn’t seem to move from his place.

You: Just let it go, Jinhwan. You finished, let’s just go home. *the man is really trying to pick a fight and Jinhwan is not that type to just pick a fight, so he listens to you and lets you drag him away*

it’s burgundy! not red!

Happy birthday to the amazing @matildajones!!! I wrote you a little something ^_^ because you’re awesome and I’m super happy we met! Hope you like the fic and that you have a really awesome and great birthday <3

A huggee thank you to @authorkurikuri for reading it over and to @lena221b for teaching me about Nutella and climate norms <3 <3 

If Derek were to calculate the percentage of Stiles’ conversations which featured Lydia Martin it would probably amount to nearly 75%. Not that he’d actually calculated it, because that would mean giving Lydia and her “gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair,” “perfect nails,” and “flawless smile” a definite, concrete fraction of Stiles’ attention. Which, subsequently, would force him to admit that Stiles was probably never going to stray away from his unachievable crush long enough to notice that Derek was kinda, maybe, hopelessly in love with him.

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Character: Jimin - BTS
Genre: Slight angsty/ fluff
Authors Note: Angry Jimin goes from 0 to 100 real quick. LOL.I hope you all like this one! :D Thank you to the anon that requested this, you’re awesome for being so patient! I don’t think it’s as intense as you wanted it, but I hope it’ll suffice. We are surely but slowly getting through all the asks we have! Thank you to everyone for sticking around and being awesome. <3

- Admin T

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anonymous asked:

could you please please write a tiny one shot for me. It doesn't have to be long, just a tiny really fluffy and sweet one shot. I would appreciate it so much.. please

Sure! I wasn’t quite sure what to write, so I settled on a silly interpretation of how they met, and then things just went from there. It’s really short though, and I’m sorry about that since it’s really late and I’m trying to churn out as much as possible before my mind conks out on me.

Hi Vanoss!

I just wanted to say that I watched a few of your videos and I really liked it! I think you’re really cool and you’re really funny. Your videos are also edited very well! :D

Look, I make gaming videos too, and I just wanted to say that if you want, I’m open to playing together some day. I know they announced BO2 not long ago and there isn’t long for MW3, but if you want, we can play MW3 together for a bit until BO2 comes out. Either way, in case you do want to play, I’m H2ODelirious on Xbox Live.

Or you can just ignore this as some random fan message XD

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efflorescence ; michael au

here’s a bit of tattoo artist!michael for you all. i started this months ago, but i finally got around to finishing it. it’s based off of this au

She never minded that her flower shop was situated beside a very popular tattoo shop. The people who would come and go from the doors – their arms stained with permanent ink and their hair dyed various different colors, always fascinated her. She loved that the people themselves were art.

She thought the same about her flowers. They were tiny masterpieces that would bloom every morning for people to admire them. But when their time was done, they would hide their beauty away from the world, until it was time to appreciate them again.

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The Mind Cage, Ch. 7

Title: The Mind Cage
Summary: In another world, Stanford Pines places a metal plate in his skull far too soon. In another world, Bill Cipher is in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Characters: Bill Cipher, Ford Pines, Stan Pines, Fiddleford McGucket
Rating: T
Click here for the first chapter, warnings and links to all chapters up so far

When Stanford opened his eyes, he could see nothing for several moments. Part of it was, of course, due to the fact he was not wearing his glasses; and then there was the fact his eyes were full of tears. Had it been him to shed them? Had it been Bill?

Did it even matter?

The alarm stopped blaring, and a clack followed, telling him that the time lock had opened. Normally, that would have been the moment he stood, however painfully, and stepped out of the cage - it was almost fascinating, how quickly that had become his own version of normality - to check the damage in the bathroom’s mirror. However, now he could do none of those things: unable to move, he could only wait for Stanley to come upstairs and free him.

The thought of his brother was like a stab in the gut. Was what Bill had told him true? Did Stanley truly believe him crazy?

He thinks you’re a wacko, my old friend, the kind they wheel off to the closest asylum! He doesn’t get it - doesn’t get you, like everyone else!

No. No, it couldn’t be. Stanley had to believe him, someone had to believe him.

I mean, you’re all ‘trust no one, trust no one’, and now you’re surprised he doesn’t trust you? Why should he, anyway?

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Bts react to you getting a bad hair cut.

this is the 2nd part , the first part was them reacting when your hair cut is really good. (I will add it in a link below) I tried to incorprate the same settings kinda..


Taehyung: Your face turned pale , you make your way up to V who was standing outside the waiting for you. You just got your hair cut and you know you look really bad, the woman cut it to short and your bangs are uneven. You walk up to V and ask how it looks ,he smiles and looks away. He always does this when he wants to avoid a question. He pats your hair and opens the door to the car. 

Jimin: You storm up too jimin and give him a huge hug, making him smile. He looks at your hat then rips it off , his face goes blank. You grab the hat and put it back on your head covering up the horrible hair cut. “how does it look “ you ask , he scratches his head and tries to make up something.


Jhope: You see j hope on the street , and run up too him. “ I CUT MY HAIR!! AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO” you say half yelling. He turns around and looks at you , then laughs. He tries to style your hair in different ways , “How bad does it look??” you ask. He lets out a loud sigh.

“ugh,do i have too”

Rapmonster: You meet rap monster at his house to head out of town, he comes to give you a hug when he notices you hair. “omg , did you cut your hair ..let me see” you clench you hoodie, “I dont know ..it kinda looks bad” he drags you too the living room couch and sits across from you. You take down your hoodie “How does it look” , his shoulders slump . 

“well umm, not…not all hair cuts are going to looks good , JUST LOOK AT ME” he tries to laugh it off 

Jin: After meeting him at work you guys decide to get a bite. “come on honey,just show me your hair . I have been waiting for a long time, i dont get why you didn’t just show me in front of the guys.”   he says. You reach for you hat “ Before I take it off , dont laugh k” he lets out a giggle “sure”. You take off the hat, he smiles and starts eating his burger. “h-how does it look” you ask.

“Uh-Im-sorry-I-my-burger-LOOK-at-all-this cheese” he says in between eating.

Jungkook: You had shown him your hair earlier , he had said nothing about it. You guys were watching netflix (no not netflix and chill) , when you decided to ask him how it looks. He looks at you and clenches his teeth , then changed the subject to jins cooking.

Suga:  You sit down beside him  and rip off your hat. “look at this” he looks at you and sighs then smiles. After 15 minutes of watching him curl up in a ball and laugh you grow tired . “does it look that bad??”, he clears his throat 

“Your beautiful and all but what did they do to your hair”

Just like in the movies (Austin Carlile imagine)

Please do an Austin Carlile imagine where like you’re at the mall together (ur dating) and his ex runs over and he sorta ignores you for her. So you get super quiet the rest of the day and at home he asks you about it, you yell at him and then give him the silent treatment. He tries to get you to talk to him but you refuse so he yells at you. Then he leaves, spends the night at Alan’s place, and they come up with a plan and get Aaron to sing to you and you talk/work it out. Austin’s POV.

A/n: Sorry this took me so long to do, being busy and having an art block isn’t the best thing to have. Enjoy -G

*Austin’s POV*

“Alright have you FINALLY bought what you wanted?” I huffed, holding about 12 bags in my hands. I looked back at my girlfriend y/n that dragged me to the mall. I was exhausted.

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Journal Entry #7 Religious Rage

I am one of those people who needs eight hours of fairly uninterrupted sleep. I don’t like to be woken up for…well…anything. I can’t even eat when I first wake up. The idea of putting anything into my stomach before nine is a physically nauseating one.

Everyone who knows me, aside from Nicodemus of course,knows well enough to leave me alone when I crawl out of bed.

Morning Witch I am not.

Yes, this information is relevant to the story I am about to tell. I promise.

The Infusion Center that I take my partner to in the mornings is a place pleasant enough that I can deal with being awoken at 6:30 in the morning to make it to the eight o'clock appointments. There is a pool of koi outside, there is a fish tank inside, there is a quiet corner to do puzzles (I love puzzles) a piano sits opposite this corner and most mornings a kindly gentleman volunteer comes in to play anything from Back to Chicago to P!nk. He’s wonderful. There’s a little cafeteria in case I get peckish and have the funds to grab something. But there is free coffee, water, and juice. So it’s a win all around.

So I sit there for the seven to nine hour sessions while waiting for my partner. A few volunteers come and go. The nice lady with the cancer puppies. No, not puppies with cancer, but sweet heart canines who cheer up cancer patients. A pair of ladies who knit blankets and hats for free to patients.

It’s a relatively peaceful environment.

There is but one loose thread in this tapestry of tranquility. The preachers wife. I don’t know her name, I’ve never heard her use it. I have on many occasions heard her proudly state that she is a wife to a local preacher. I’m not sure which part of the christian denomination. I’m not certain that I care.

She comes in dressed in these very nice suits. Her make up done, her hair done, looking more like she is ready for the runway than to volunteer. Now, I have nothing against primping and looking your personal best…but coming into a place, looking like that, where people are loosing their hair and having weight and food issues leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It feels…sort of like showing off.

Maybe that’s just me.

I ignored it because I also know that some people like looking their best no matter what they are doing. That’s their prerogative.

She brought in these gift bags today. A whole slew of them. Bright red ones with her churches name on the side filled with candles, a word search, pens and pencils, a little notebook. They were nice gift bags. But everyone she handed them out to had to hear about her church. It felt like she was pushing her belief systems on them.

When she walked up to me and asked if I was here for someone I said I was.

She started on her spiel and I listened politely. At the end of it she invited us to her church. Said she felt I could use some guidance.

I blinked at her and then smiled and said politely that I wasn’t interest, but thank you.

Then she reaches over and takes my hand and tells me, “Oh honey, you can’t get through this without God.”

I do not promote rage on behalf of the religion. I try my best to be both understanding and polite. I consider myself a diplomat of the Faith. I’ve had many conversations with many Christians, atheists, and on-the-fencers about my religion without ever getting angry or even raising my voice.

But it was 8 in the morning, and this woman was telling me that I couldn’t do something without her God. I got a little rude.

“Excuse me, but you have no right to say that to anyone, ever.” I said in my flattest tone. “You seriously have no damn right. Not everyone has to lean on your christian dogma to be strong.”

She just lifted her nose at me and said that she “Didn’t mean to offend me.”

“I don’t care what you meant. It’s what you did. You walk in here and hand things out to people who are at their weakest and will turn to anything and hope they’ll come to your church. Why? To pay for your hair?” I asked, “To tithe what little they’ve got left to themselves in the hopes that your divine father might give them a few more days? Fuck that. Why don’t you rethink your fucking charity and stay away from me and mine.”

I wish I could say that I wasn’t shaking so bad that half of those words were probably unintelligible. I wish I could say I made a difference to her. But she just looked at me like I was a bug and walked off. Maybe she took the higher ground here.Maybe she just couldn’t take that from a girl in thrift store jeans and a wonder woman shirt. Maybe I should have kept my mouth closed. But I hate mornings. I hate people who flaunt their wealth. And I hate people who push faith on people who are in pain. It feels like passive aggressive bullying.

Sorry for the rant. It hasn’t been my morning.

How to Ruin the Holidays, ch. 3 (3/4)

CS AU: Kids, this is the story of how Killian Jones ruined Christmas, Emma Swan ruined New Year’s Eve and how they fell in love in between.

Dedicated to the wonderful @blessed-but-distressed, a small little thing from me to her, so she could remember how cherished and treasured she is this holiday season.

This is unbeated, so please excuse all mistakes and terrible grammar that might come your way.

@msstarlight I tried… this is the closest I could come to what you wanted. Let me know what you think!

Ao3   FF.net  OnTumblr: Part 1 Part 2

Chapter 3

On December 30th, Killian found himself again at Ingrid’s house for dinner. They had insisted that he should come to dinner for New Year’s Eve but he’d excused himself, claiming he had other plans. Which was somewhat the truth. He had been invited to his coworker Tink’s party but he had yet to confirm his presence. Killian figured spending a couple of hours in a quiet corner in that party before heading back to his apartment and welcome the new year on his own was a better option than continue weaseling himself into a family he didn’t belong to. No matter how much he ached to be part of it.

Especially when every time he’d lift his head from his meal, he’d find Emma’s emerald green eyes fixated on him, a soft smile gracing her lips and something that looked remarkably like yearning in her expression.

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1) “fiction” eat shit and die sam i had screencaps and everything and owned up to all of my own ugly behavior. I’m not a fucking liar and you know it.
2) “i’m honestly not angry or anything” horseshit. thanks to you being a terrible friend, abusive, and a bad person i have numerous testimonies from various people about how vehemently you loathe me and how obsessed with me and blaming me you were. don’t fucking lie. you hate me and are furious and indignant. same as always.
3) “there’s a lot i want to apologize sincerely for” really? really? after the 8 years you’ve left me high and dry, privately blogged about me, told me to fuck off, blocked me in every way, and treated my requests for any kind of sympathy with venom and viciousness? you haven’t changed. you don’t have a breath of apology in your sorry sick body.
4) you had me blocked. I actually fucking did contact you after you posted this because it fucked w my head so bad. but turns out? not even half a second later i couldn’t reblog one of your posts.

“if they want to talk about this” my asshole. you had me blocked you fucking monster.

and the worst part is that this whole post made you seem so benign i fell into that trap again. i did want to talk to you.

you didn’t even fucking see it because your lying abusive ass had me blocked, but i asked you not to kill yourself and told you i didn’t think you were beyond forgiveness and healing.

finding out two seconds later this was all a lie wrecked me. you hadn’t changed. you said that just to make yourself look good. and it destroyed me.

the idea of contacting my abuser and having them say sorry seemed appealing when i was devastated, anxious, crying, and drinking to cope. and i tried. i tried to initiate conversation.

and they had me fucking blocked all along.

they’re a fucking liar who lives to fuck with me publicly while privately obsessing over me.

it fucked me up so bad. until now I haven’t even felt whole or sane. you have no idea.